Month: February 2022

Episode 59: Sweet Dreams, Nick Jonas

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Description Show Notes Fact Check #1: The Standard Hotel in Hollywood does have restaurants/ food options. Fact Check #2 Nick Jonas is 5ft 6in. The Japanese Restaurant Jae would like to visit in LA is called Yamashiro. (Pretty sure. I will update if Jae was thinking of a different one.) Tiktok Fact Check:    Chewing […]

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Episode 57: The HERstory of Jae & Angela

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Welcome to Season 2 of In Omnia Paratus! It’s been a minute, but Jae and Angela took some much-needed vocal rest the past couple of months and are ready to get back into it! Are you?  If you’re familiar with the pod, welcome back! But if you’re new to the pod, this episode is for […]

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