The holidays are looking a little different this year, but we’re still talking about gift lists, holiday traditions, Vlogmas, and the conception of The Great-ish Jae Bake Off.

Show Notes

  • Check out our This or That: Gilmore Girls Holiday edition in the Pod-Mas highlight on the Instagram
  • I think I personally like Kirk as a woman of questionable morals better, but I honored Jae’s hot chocolate
  • Help me with my campaign to get Jae to eat a hamburger
  • Also, help me with my campaign to get Santa Burger’s on restaurant menus during the holidays!
  • #1 item on Angela’s Christmas list: Link to harry potter wand remote – Living out the Hermione Granger dream
  • Ummmm I need Jae to explain how she is sci-fy-y because I’ve never got her on board to any of my fandoms
  • It’s actually called a theragun, not a thermagun – link here. And you can see Jae use it in the pod-mas highlight as well
  • Side note: did you know that the boot shaft was called the boot shaft or shaft?
  • As someone who formerly worked in a shoe department, if someone was scandalized if i asked for their shaft height preference I would not be able to hold in the laughter
  • Check out of 2020 gift wrap up for Jae’s homemade presents
  • The one influencer I follow, Alicia Tenise, or @Aliciatenise on Instagram – insert web link here.
  • Fact Check #1: I’m really great at picking out gifts, the execution is harder for me though, finding something that fits the vision of what I want it to look like or convey, or even getting it to arrive on time. For example, last year I bought most of my gifts all through the same website, and the package was first lost, then smashed in transit, and needed replacement. I finally got most people their gifts in late January/early February.
    I’m so into cards this year because there is far less chance of them getting lost or destroyed and people will actually know I thought of them
  • Jae’s been teasing my gift ALL YEAR – this has been so difficult for both of us
  • We are big fans of mindful effort and that is what makes the perfect gift at the end of the day
  • Jae’s virtual Thanksgiving video is adorable and so thoughtful.
  • Lol – can you hear my glee when she mentioned a glitter bomb card?
  • Apparently, my Thanksgiving texts fell a little flat all around, so I’m going to try a little harder for the
  • Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Winter Solstice season
  • 29 hours for Barack Obama’s book?! – Is this normal, neither of us really listen to audiobooks before this
  • Did you catch Jae’s photos at the Christmas Tree lot in Pod-Mas Week 1? Check-it out on Instagram at @inomniapod.
  • Just take a shot whenever Jae calls me boomer
  • Please enjoy our brief psych interlude!
  • So sad I’m missing tamales!
  • Lol you are a real one if you made it through 55 minutes of us retelling Christmas movies last episode
  • Happiest Season, Dan Levy, Kristen Stewart, Aubrey Plaza – 10/10 recommend
  • Fact Check #2: I found the full interview where President Obama is asked about Drake’s desire to play him in a biopic about his life, and he says, “ “I mean, that is a talented, talented brother. So, if the time comes and he’s ready …” So this isn’t officially happening, but wouldn’t it be great if it was?
  • Anyone who’s interested in co-hosting a drake episode with me, DM us!
  • I can’t even tell you how we got so into Degrassi: The Next Generation, but we’ve seen all the episodes multiple times. I think Jae’s last binge was in college and involved YouTube pre-You-Tube TV.
  • What’s your favorite Disney Channel Holiday Episode
  • Jae recently introduced me to Whitney Cummings podcast and I’m now obsessed
  • Wow, I will concede that I’m basically a boomer with my confusion over time-lapse videos
  • And here The Great Pod-Mas Baking Challenge was born! We’re all using White Chocolate, Peppermint, and Marshmallows. This is a real insight into our creative collaborative process. It’s actually changed even more since this discussion, so check it out on Instagram!
  • Here’s a link to chef’s baking from kids’ drawings. —
  • I’m so new to the Food network. I watched a lot more of the daytime cooking shows on PBS, ABC, etc. and I’m fascinated by the food network challenges.
  • Fact Check #3 – we didn’t get to put them in different rooms, but we did create a mini forest in the living room!
  • In respecting both our families privacy, we aren’t showing a lot of pictures, but
  • White elephant or secret Santa for you and your family?
  • The sustainable gift wrapping was so much fun to make! I highly recommend it! Check out our Pinterest for our sustainable gift wrapping article.
  • I promise Jae’s not overly materialistic. She was trying to say that sometimes it’s difficult when
  • Please see the links for all of our holiday candy choices below.
  • Apparently given our chocolate preferences, Jae and I would be perfect to share a candy box.
  • Fact Check #4: The coconut-pecan mixture that tops and fills German Chocolate Cakes is a frosting. I thought it had a special name, but it is just Coconut-Pecan Frosting.
  • We’ve been friends for more than 7 years, and on December 5th, 2020 was the first time I put together Jae’s gluten allergy and sandwich dislike
  • What Christmas song would you get rid of?
  • A Cheetahlicious Christmas, opened by Ali & AJ –
  • Backstreet Boys – Into the Millenium
  • Our per episode plea for everyone to be safe and considerate of others
    And please remember to consider organizations that donate toys to kids for the holidays
  • Fact Check #5 – Jae did not play with pentagrams as a child. These were actually called tangrams, blocks of various shapes and sizes to build with
  • Vlogmas – haha do you love my definition of vlogmas?
  • When I say rapping tutorials I actually mean wrapping
  • I really don’t know how Jae has not attempted her own vlog-mas before this. Also, can you tell that Pod-mas was her creation?
  • Do you enjoy what I got for Christmas videos?
  • Juicy Star 07? What?
  • For those of you like me who did not know, a lace cookie is —
  • Our Christmas recap is on Instagram!
  • Kyber Crystals – the things that power the Jedi’s lightsabers
  • Alisha Marie Vlogmas
  • Fact Check #6 The Nutcracker song is Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, and The Carol of the Bells
  • I checked, my Alicia does not do vlogmas, but she did do behind the scenes for all of her holiday campaign shoots
  • I always forget that influencing is actually a job.
  • Literally, Jae has introduced most of the social media and technology into my life
    AVO Toast #1: M7M’s in cereal is not great, it’s the texture. I stand by it, tried it again, and still not a fan

Transcribed by

Jae 0:00

I pledge myself to the Pod. Loyal I'll always be. A P to start, a D at the end and an O sitting in between. Hello and welcome to In Omnia Paratus. I'm Jae like the letter.

Angela 0:18

and I'm Angela sometimes AVO

Jae 0:21

We are to Gilmore girl stans diving into our own past and present seeing if we were ever truly ready for anything. We discuss all things from problematic school dances and what no one prepares you for after college. We tell tales of elusive college boys and co workers more high strung than Paris Geller.

Angela 0:37

Hello everyone and welcome back. We're actually going to kick off today's episode with a little bit of a holiday game. So Jay, are you ready?

Jae 0:46

of course what do I when I'm hot chocolate. Okay,

Angela 0:52

okay, so I've put together a little holiday this or that Gilmore Girls edition, though. I feel like here there are some pretty there there are some right answers in here. So if you get them we'll get we'll get you hot chocolate. Okay, so Santa burger or Apple tarts.

Jae 1:09

Apple hearts.

Angela 1:10

Very good Winter Carnival or bracebridge dinner. bracebridge dinner. Oh, okay. first snow walks or snow men making contests first. No locks. Okay, one holiday tree or multiple trees.

Jae 1:24

The limit does not exist.

Angela 1:27

Good job ice skating or breaking bells. You mean

Jae 1:31

like playing them? Or like when they broke the church bell like committing

Angela 1:35

a misdemeanor in a church?

Jae 1:37

Oh, misdemeanor.

Angela 1:39

Okay, cookies from scratching or cookies from a package

Jae 1:43

scratching? There is no other kind of

Angela 1:46

holidays at home or holidays abroad. Okay. And finally, Jackson as the Squire bracebridge or Kirk as a woman of questionable morals.

Jae 1:58

Neither what um, Taylor having to woo Kirk has a woman of questionable morals.

Angela 2:08

Okay, we will we will accept that answer. Congratulations. I will bring you hot chocolate To be fair, I

Jae 2:13

don't eat burgers. I don't have family abroad. My whole family bakes and cooks obscene Lee especially during the holidays. But if you go if you choose the Winter Carnival, like the only game you get to play is throwing like beanbags into the fire of hell.

Angela 2:31

They had a few others what what's the one that just completely like bombed that with the bottles? Okay, that one whatever that is? Yeah, I actually don't think I'd mind a Santa's burger though. I think that would be pretty cute. Just not all the mayonnaise, you know? Yeah, we need a good substitute there. But otherwise, fantastic idea. I think someone should come up with this.

Jae 2:55

I mean, Luke did

Angela 2:55

I know but I just need him to take it a step further. Like, I need it. I need a recipe for it. I need it out on a menu,

Jae 3:03

burger. Ketchup, hat. Mayonnaise beard. Pickle eyes, but without the mayonnaise. That's what I need. What do you want, like mashed potato beard?

Angela 3:13

Oh, that's interesting. I don't do burger. So I don't know these combinations. Maybe Maybe that'll be my next recipe.

Jae 3:21

More than me not doing burgers as I don't do condiments.

Angela 3:25

Yes, I am aware much to my incredible disappointment is one day. One day we'll find an American condiment that you really like? Um, salt, lots of seasoning.

Jae 3:37

Fine. I have a question.

Angela 3:39

I'm here for it.

Jae 3:40

Number one item on your Christmas list. And let me just say it has to be a thing. Not like an experience. Not something perishable. Like number one thing object Do you want

Angela 3:54

go? Oh, okay. Absolutely. Number one would have to be my god this is this is so dorky. I want the Harry Potter wand remote. I just discovered this on Thanksgiving, you swish and flick and wave and up and down to change channels for your TV, your radio like whatever has a Bluetooth connection you can use it on.

Jae 4:20

Okay, so I totally would agree and would get that kind of thing not because I like Harry Potter, but I've been very techie and magical and sci fi as long as the part to me that wasn't emphasized was the Harry Potter. I totally would have one one. That's really cool. Good job, right?

Angela 4:36

Yeah, like I think if you if you just found it and gave it to someone like without the packaging, it could literally be insert whatever magical fantasy story you would want it to belong to. And here's the lawn for it. Okay, what's on yours?

Jae 4:50

The number one thing that I've asked for this year. It's a thermo gun. I think that's what they're called the fitness things. Have you seen those?

Angela 4:59

Is that Like the massaging

Jae 5:01

one, yeah, oh, they have one, but they have a mini one. And I'm not some like Olympian athlete. person, I do work out six days a week, and I have a lot of back and shoulder pain from anxiety and not sleeping well. So I thought I would get the mini one to try or ask stand up for the mini one to try and see if it works well, and then get that before committing to the big one, especially because being in quarantine, I can't go to get a massage or see my uncle who's a chiropractor or anything, it will be something I can do on myself. And like it has a really good grip to it. And it has three different settings. So also, it's not as intense, like foam rolling for me can hurt. So I think getting the smaller one to try, hopefully will turn out well.

Angela 5:44

Okay, no, I've never used one before. But I've heard absolutely glowing recommendations from people that have used them. So I think that'd be really cool. And plus, if it's mini as well, I feel like it's better for like you and I with like the smaller hands to get a grip on. Because those things seem massive. When

Jae 6:05

you look at them. The base of the Mini is like a big triangle, kind of like a rock. And the other one is like, like a blow dryer or like a gun or something you can hold it like it's a smaller shaft. Okay, this is a side note for a minute, when you measure the boot, you can measure the height of the heel, and then you can measure the part that goes above your ankle. You know, that piece of fabric normally where the zipper would be or the ties or something right? What do you call that?

Angela 6:32

Isn't it the boot shaft?

Jae 6:33

Correct? I was trying to have this conversation with a friend recently who wanted some new shoes, and I was trying to see if I could find any good pair, maybe get her some for Christmas. Mm hmm. And I was asking her like, oh, like what shaft height you want. And she was like, What am I? Like how? And I'm assuming you can understand how that conversation? Yeah. And like, that's what it's called, though. It's called the shaft tight like when you go on Nordstrom or go on a site. Like that's how you measure it.

Angela 7:00

Oh, my God. That's so funny. I actually wonder like how many people who work in like shoe departments have run into this issue every day? Probably a lot. Probably. I know. I never did. But that would have been interesting. All right. So how are you overall with your Christmas shopping, or your holiday shopping? I should say

Jae 7:18

thank you for asking of the fact that I am unemployed. And I'm not leaving my house anytime soon. We're getting real sustainable in here. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Some people are still getting purchase gifts, whether it's because we need views and listens and downloads on our podcast or whether I already had the perfect gift to get them. But there's a lot of crafting and homemaking going on the i like that

Angela 7:47

i actually my favorite new influencer that I showed you, Alicia, she was going through like her holiday gift guide. And she actually like put in this like really nice thing at the bottom of all of her posts. And it's like all over her Instagram. And it says what like your budget is your budget, like whether you shop you want to make a gift or you just want to send a card, you do what you need to do for you this holiday season. And I feel like we just need to normalize that for every season. It's something happen.

Jae 8:20

No, I have my thinking face on.

Angela 8:21

Okay. All right, I'll keep going then, like I know in general, I'm, I feel like I'm pretty good at getting gifts for everyone. But I'm also one of those people who gets overwhelmed shopping towards the holidays. So if I haven't purchased a gift for you, before Thanksgiving, I'm most likely not going to go to a store and purchase I don't like to overwhelm the mail system with shipping during the holidays because I know like the few times that I've done that I've always received the package far after Christmas. So I think I don't know I'm gonna get a little bit more into cards this year. Just because I feel like it's a little bit more personal. And I'd rather I don't know I'd rather just like add a little bit more of like a personal touch then trying to figure out the perfect gift.

Jae 9:10

I love picking out gifts Angela's gift this year I heard about on a podcast in January and I've been waiting to buy and I'm very excited to give it to her everyone except her basically knows what it is

Angela 9:23

oh my god and it's literally killing me. I want to ask everyone what it is. But I also believe in the excitement of waiting for the gift. So it's very hard.

Jae 9:31

I think the biggest thing whether you're doing cards or gifts, or homemaking, gifts or baking or whatever you're choosing to do to acknowledge other people on the holidays mindful effort. I think for example, my family did a zoom Thanksgiving due to California restrictions and us all wanting to be a safe we now are back in the purple zone as some states have one in 1000 people with COVID the real virus going around which is distributed through droplets which can be prevented if everyone wears a mask. But I digress. So we did a virtual Thanksgiving. And for this I found clips through various Thanksgiving and my older cousin who normally makes the speech I put clips of various Thanksgivings to his speech. And that was my contribution. And everyone really liked it. And they saw the sentimental they saw how sentimental it was and how much the holiday means to me. And sure, I didn't buy anything. I did also bake cupcakes, but it was my contribution even though it wasn't monetary. I took my time. And I think everyone just wants to know you're putting your time in whether it is to a really cool homemade card with a glitter bomb, or you're baking, whatever you're doing, you're putting that effort for and people can see that you really thought about it, I think is more than whether it's a gift or a not a gift. Yeah,

Angela 10:54

no, I completely agree on that front. I think it all comes down to like also like how big your overall like pool is, in terms of gifts and or giving when it comes down to it like the anxiety of the shopping actually shrinks my pool quite a bit. So I feel like this year with cards, it's actually going to expand a lot. So hopefully that'll show people that I haven't historically gotten gifts for that. I really do think of them in that way. And that it's just it's it's something a little extra at this time, which I think we could all we could all use that right now. I know I like I never text people really on holidays to say like Happy Thanksgiving or Happy Christmas Hanukkah holiday season. But I actually did that this year for Thanksgiving. And it felt really weird, but it was it was kind of nice till

Jae 11:44

I didn't get a text.

Angela 11:45

Yeah, I did. I told you happy day.

Jae 11:49


Angela 11:50

my bad. That was not Who is your holiday text? I

Jae 11:54

feel like we're going into that's the kid territory.

Angela 11:58

Kind of, well, I knew you were a little anxious about how Thanksgiving would go this year. So I didn't want to use the word in case it was a trigger. And it didn't go well. So I just went with happy day. I hope you enjoy the pie.

Jae 12:11

I also don't eat pie, which is why I was like

Angela 12:14

oh my god, you literally talked about how you called the piece of

Jae 12:19

pecan pie. It's not like I think about like Thanksgiving meal and it's like pie it rolls and stuffing and potatoes. It's the beige food.

Angela 12:28

Okay, well i

Jae 12:30

i tried A for effort

Angela 12:32

since Christmas is going to look, I'm sorry, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa. Whatever holiday you will be celebrating this December or winter season. Winter Solstice. Yes. Since those are all going to look pretty different this year. I was actually wondering, is there anything new that you're going to be trying maybe setting up like a new tradition, like just something to like help you mark the season a little more,

Jae 13:01

it's more of a coincidence. But my mom and I are gonna get Barack Obama's new book on Audible and like, listen to it every day until the end of the year. It's 29 hours. So the goal is to like listen to a little every day

Angela 13:13

Oh my gosh,

Jae 13:14

that's not really a Christmas tradition. It's a coincidence and timing, but like it is winter.

Angela 13:20

I like it. I feel like whatever we do at this time of year now like it has the potential for a new tradition

Jae 13:27

that's very positive of you. I'm trying very hard I will be going to the Christmas tree lot on Tuesday like I normally do with my hair and makeup all done and do my little photo shoot I'm gonna try to bring my GoPro and like really milk every moment there and then all spring my santa hat just to get some other options for photos for things. Oh, that's

Angela 13:47

really cute. I

Jae 13:47

got a milk up this time. Yeah, every year the same place we get our pumpkins we get our Christmas tree we used to hold my birthday parties at the pumpkin patch due to my birthday being so close to Halloween and then we would always get our Christmas tree so we have a bunch of photos at the same place support small businesses at this time. And I started doing photo shoots with the trees and I have them all throughout college and a mask will not stop me this year. It might just stop the amount of foundation that goes on my face.

Angela 14:21

I actually do kind of like that about the mask like I don't need to put foundation on I just have to put on the tinted sunscreen and there you go but I like highlighting

Jae 14:30

and my lip color. I plan my lip color accordingly to my outfit

Angela 14:35

maybe we need to get you one of those masks

Jae 14:38

that's clear suggesting I get one of those masks that's like photo printed your bottom half of your face.

Angela 14:44

Oh my god, they make those

Jae 14:46

Yes, Boomer you just go online like import a photo when it's whatever photo you do. I thought it would be really funny if like I got you one with like some like really big lumberjack with like a deep beard. So I could be your friend. Oh my god big Santa's beard or something. Whoo I have a quiz for you. Well question quiz whatever we'll go with it Okay. Hey, did you this an AP psych and I got extra credit for it. Okay, name all of Santos reindeer.

Angela 15:11

Go Dasher dancer comet Blitz in vixen? Rudolph comet.

Jae 15:19

You're out seven. There's nine. Oh man.

Angela 15:23

Dasher, dancer. Comment, vixen something. Something something Blitz in.

Jae 15:30

Good job.

Angela 15:33

Oh, I was literally looking at a shirt on Etsy the other day it had all of the names of the reindeer on it.

Jae 15:39

Do you want to phone a friend?

Angela 15:40

Oh, yes, please. Donner.

Jae 15:42

Dasher, Prancer, Blitz and Vixen comet Cupid. Donna rudl.

Angela 15:49

We send Donner twice. Dasher, dancer, Donna. Okay, so I forgot Donner, Prancer and Cupid.

Jae 15:56


Angela 15:57

man. Yeah. How

could I forget Cupid?

Jae 15:59

I don't know. We had to name the Nyan reindeer and then Snow White Seven Dwarfs. Ooh.

Angela 16:07

Can you do the dwarfs?

Jae 16:08

bashful? Doc. dopey? Yes. Is one named happy? Yes. gloomy. grumpy. Yep. You got two more. Are they emotions?

Angela 16:17

No. Are you ready? Yeah, sneezy and sleepy. Oh,

Jae 16:21

dang it,

Angela 16:22

but pretty good. Thank you. I will say the one thing I'm really gonna miss this year, is making tamales with my family. So it looks like we're probably still going to have them and one of my aunts is going to just make all of them for everyone to pick up for Christmas dinner. I miss making them and we only make them once a year.

Jae 16:41

Why can't you do it? Like you did Thanksgiving? We

Angela 16:43

could in theory, but it's my dad's side that makes tamales for Christmas dinner, and they have more people who are in the essential worker category. Yeah, so it's just safer if we do a socially distanced Christmas on that side.

Jae 17:02

Sounds like a great movie

Angela 17:03

brought to you by lifetime.

Jae 17:06

Speaking of Christmas movies after our lovely Netflix review slash complete retelling of the two series brings us wish and a Christmas Prince last week, I started getting into the Christmas mood early. So I've watched for the first time I watched the Christmas brunch trilogy. Then I watched holiday date with Mr. Roberts. Oh, okay. Then I just watched happiest seasons with Kristen Stewart. Aubrey Plaza, Dan lovey and some other people. Oh my god, I

Angela 17:37

can't wait to watch that. Like, okay, set the scene for me. Do I need snacks? Like, is this something I should watch while I'm working?

Jae 17:46

I think it's like a good wrapping presence movie. Oh, that's like a good movie. You don't need to like sit and watch it very carefully. But like, you might miss some of the jokes and kind of the things. I'm just gonna describe my favorite scene of the movie, which is Aubrey Plaza, Kristen Stewart in a drag bar karaoking to must be Santa.

Angela 18:08

Oh my Lord. This is the best visual I've had all day. Like this is the best visual I've had all day. And today I also learned that apparently Barack Obama has okayed Drake to play him and a biopic about him.

Jae 18:21

That can't be real.

Angela 18:22

Apparently it is. I've found three different outlets that are reporting it.

Jae 18:27

Okay, I need you to explain to me I always thought Drake was kind of like the gentrified rapper, but apparently he's like, really respected in the rap community. Am I What did he like? earn his spot? Or was he always just looked at because I always thought everyone made fun of Drake. Not you personally. I thought immunity made fun of Drake

Angela 18:49

Got it? Okay. Um, I feel like we could do a whole deep dive into Drake, frankly.

Jae 18:55

And for that episode, we'll I will not partake in unless we'd like to speak about him as wheelchair Jimmy.

Angela 19:02

I mean, I think that's where we have to start because wheelchair Jimmy made the whole transition to rap because Aubrey wanted to be Drake. But I mean, I think overall, too, if you think about his come up within the world of hip hop, he was mentored and signed by Lil Wayne. So I think he's always had a good backing. It's just that he really needed to like, find himself and his sound. And I think he's done that over the years. God,

Jae 19:32

I don't think I'll be on that episode.

Angela 19:34

It's alright. I'll find a great guest host not sure who yet, but we'll we'll work on it

Jae 19:39

to Degrassi over to a Christmas movie.

Angela 19:41

I don't know. I mean, I think they have Christmas episodes.

Jae 19:44

Do they? Oh, yeah. When Craig is cheating on someone and gets Manny that ice skating bracelet. And Ashley finds out Oh,

Angela 19:57

that's a really deep dive right there.

Jae 20:00

I think that's how Ashley finds out. Because Craig buys this cute little bracelet and she finds it and then she sees Manny wearing it. That's all I got for Christmas on Degrassi.

Angela 20:11

So I vaguely remember that. And then I remember Emma and that one guy. Not Peter, but the guy who kind of looks like Peter. He brought a Christmas tree to her one year.

Jae 20:26

Can you tell me what season Warren I can tell? I'm sure all knows a character, right. I would see somewhere. I want to say that they were maybe in

Angela 20:33


Jae 20:34

Oh, the vegan?

Angela 20:36

Yeah. Ah, no,

Jae 20:39

no, I'm gonna get this. I'm gonna get this Hunter. Eli. It's a girl's name. Because that's the reason you got paired with them in the first place. mckaela mica. Oh my god, Manny. Oh, this is gonna bother me. I'm not Lucy.

Angela 20:56

I'm literally trying Kelly Kelly. Okay, that was really hard. I was trying to Google that. And it just kept telling me, Emma was involved in a love triangle with a roommate. Yes. When Kelly brought me the Christmas tree. I don't remember that.

Jae 21:09

But I mean, it was in Canada. It was always snowing. So you knew it was winter? What's your favorite? Like, original Disney Channel episode? I'll give you a few options. We have Lizzie McGuire x. Aaron Carter. We have Lizzie McGuire x. Steven Tyler. We have Raven in that one. We have Zach and Cody with the nativity scene. We have Even Stevens and Hanukkah. Oh,

Angela 21:41

I think honestly, I think it's Lizzie McGuire. Aaron Carter, just because I was such a big Backstreet Boys fan when I was younger, too. And he was just like the extension by association of his brother. Yeah, that was a great episode. And I would literally like go through the TV Guide as a kid trying to find that episode. That's so

Jae 22:01

funny. See, I like the Steven Tyler episode a lot. And I remember when I was listening to Whitney Cummings podcast with Hilary Duff, huh. She was saying how like, she now as a mom was trying to get on a show her kid really liked and she gets like when Steven Tyler was on was Maguire. He didn't want to be on the Lizzie McGuire but he had two young girls who love the show. So it was validate his favorite like all the Auto Show. My kids are gonna watch it like, Oh, that's why he did that. There's always like a weird mix. Right?

Angela 22:30

I think it's so cute. When celebrity parents try to do that though.

Jae 22:34

I love it because they'll show Hilary Duff tried to get on her son was like, canceled three years ago.

Angela 22:40

Oh no.

Jae 22:41

I also loved how Haylie Duff played Kate's cousin.

Angela 22:45

Oh, right. I totally forgot about that.

Jae 22:48

Okay, so I think it's about time now. We strategize. I want to do a gingerbread house kind of thing. And I'm trying to think of the best way to do it virtually. Like should we make a grocery list to send to people? Should we do it? Like everyone makes a gingerbread house and films and incense and sends it to me for a video? Like what? What kind of way can we do a Christmas party with our friends? Oh,

Angela 23:14

I do kind of like that. I think I like the idea of building it in. Do you call it a time lapse

Jae 23:21


Angela 23:22

when it like speeds up a double time? Video time lapse? Okay,

Jae 23:25

cool. I

Angela 23:26

was right. I do like the idea of everyone filming it. And then like you can time lapse it and compress it all together. I think also, you should just have everyone send a picture of their finished gingerbread house, or gingerbread sculpture town person. I've seen a lot of different ones lately. So I feel like we could all get really creative with this.

Jae 23:48

We could there is always that option.

Angela 23:51

I feel like we should make like some sort of criteria though. Like it should be like within the certain size, or like you must use like these types of toppings. Whoo. Okay, so

Jae 24:02

this isn't the real thing. But I'm a big Baker, British Bake Off person. I'm trying to get into Canada, Australia, Ireland, it's just harder to find online. So I've been taking full advantage of my VPN to do so. But I would think it'd be great to do like, a Bake Off or kind of like Secret Santa style, I assign a baked good or a Christmas dessert to everyone. And then they make it and then like a judge Oh,

Angela 24:27

okay. Or kind of like one of those Food Network challenges where like we all have to do like you say make this and then we have to do a variation of it. Or do you want us all to make different things

Jae 24:38

I would say all make different things because the whole point of making the same thing would be that I could compare them and I can't compare them. But I could do like oh let's do a challenge where you have to use white chocolate, peppermint and marshmallows in a desert and then everyone has a free for all

Angela 24:58


Jae 24:59

I like it. I like the idea because I'm like Ryan can go cocktail.

Angela 25:04

I'm making ice cream.

Jae 25:06

Someone else can go like ice cream toppings, yes, I'm gonna do like ice cream just like top their ice cream. But in a fancy way, if I was competing, which I can't, because I'm judging, of course, I would probably do some kind of caramelized white chocolate bark with peppermint bits, marshmallows on top of like, a cake, because I'm very extra. And I like to win. Ooh,

Angela 25:30

this is the third greatest visual I've had all day. No, I think that's a great idea. And then if whatever, like recipes really work out, and we can all trade them to no considering how my family doesn't want to share any of our family recipes with me, I'm all for an influx of new recipes.

Jae 25:48

Ooh, the other approach you could do is like a Belgian waffle, topped with like melted white chocolate and peppermint. And like, torched Marshmallow, ooh,

Angela 25:58

you could make it like one of those ice cream tacos,

Jae 26:01

you could do that, too. That just seems a little more work. Just fold the waffle.

Angela 26:06

And then when you dip it with the chocolate, and then you keep it in the little taco holder. When it dries, it'll help shape it,

Jae 26:14

I just thought of a new way we could do this and incorporate our other platforms for engagement. Because marketing major. So what we'll do is we'll tell Wilson, like four or five of our friends, this challenge. You'll collect the recipes that they write or the thing I will make them all and not know whose was whose, or whose was whose, whose was whose, whose who sues. I think I got combinations in there. Okay. And then we can have a zoom thing, and I can show everyone how they all turned out. And then Guess whose recipe was who? Whose thoughts. I like it. But when do we get to eat it? Well, you can make your own if you like, I just don't think I can convince all of our friends on the same day to bake something or show something and then want to show it off in a zoom call. So that's why it's like well, I'll take it on. And I'll make all

Angela 27:09

that probably is asking a much.

Jae 27:11

So that's why Mike everyone just makes a recipe or there's a concept like draws a picture kind of like that BuzzFeed thing, where they have kids draw pictures of desserts, and then like a chef makes them Oh my God, that's a thing.

Angela 27:22

Oh, okay, after we're finished here, I'm going to need to look that up. And I do like this idea. I would probably still make it on the day that you're going to show it and then that would be my reveal.

Jae 27:34

You're gonna go to all of our friends and give them like three ingredients. And say pick a recipe. A holiday thing. Mm hmm. And Jays gonna make?

Angela 27:44


Jae 27:45

So then you're gonna get those recipes and or photos unbeknownst to me who did what? Correct. Then on one day, I'm gonna make all of them and whatever, when see how they turned out and guess. Hmm.

Angela 27:57

Okay, why not? We have the time. Well, we mostly have the time I have the time you have the time work has been very busy for me. But I will find the time because I now have a recipe going in my head and it sounds delicious. Okay,

Jae 28:14

so do you want to participate in this game? Yes. Okay, so you'll have a recipe and this

Angela 28:18

is so great. Do you Okay, do you ever watch the Food Network?

Jae 28:21

No, I did when I was younger, but it's gone severely downhill. I used to love like $40 a day with Rachael Ray unwrapped was one of my favorite shows. It wasn't a very good like, show because I even then realize she didn't cook and made too much alcohol and her cocktails, my homemade with Sandra Lee. And, like my mom and of course, we're big Barefoot Contessa fans. I know. She's racist, but Paula Dean was always real fun deep frying everything.

Angela 28:51

Okay, so I've never seen any of those. But I do watch all of the baking challenges.

Jae 28:57

I've moved on to only the British Bake Off because there's just so much nicer over there. Like, they'll be like, Oh, can you help me or if things go wrong? Like they're not so competitive and catty in England as they are an American show? See, I

Angela 29:10

haven't really seen that between the contestants. But I think the judges can be incredibly harsh. And yes, I know they're there to judge. They're the experts. Their word is law. But sometimes I feel like they just take it a bit too far.

Jae 29:25

I stick to English ones. But yes, this will be a fun challenge. We can do a whole episode on my experience post photos to the Instagram. We should probably get on this like this weekend. Like get the recipes by next week.

Angela 29:38

I can like text everyone right now

Jae 29:40

then what do we only have those people on the zoom call? Or would we still invite like all of our friends

Angela 29:45

I think we can invite more people just because it's like a reveal kind of thing. But then we can just like, I mean, I don't think it's going to take more than like 20 minutes for you to guess everything. And then after that we can just hang out.

Jae 29:57

You can tell them food, beverage, whatever they Ideally with not too many odd ingredients and not something that makes like 600. Okay, as I will be, these won't be at my house,

Angela 30:10

you can give them out as Christmas gifts.

Jae 30:13

Ooh, another one that would be great as I would do, I would take like ruffles. And like pull offs, the peppermint testicle really fine mist. drizzle it in with the white chocolate and like put them on the chips. And then like melt marshmallows, again for texture, kind of like a rice crispy vibe. And like crunchy like a trail mix muddy buddy kind of thing. Ooh, this is making me ridiculously hungry right now Sharing is caring. Are there any holiday traditions you've seen on shows or with other people in your life that you'd like to take on either when you're in the matriarch or sooner? Well,

Angela 30:48

so there's one that I would read that we're going to take on this year, I've absolutely insisted on it. In college, I went to a friend's house a lot for the holidays. And her family had a different tree decorated for each of their children, grandchildren. And then just like in addition to their usual holiday tree, who What do you mean who

Jae 31:15

you said you would go to their house during college? Oh,

Angela 31:17

yeah. So it was one of my roommates. Okay, yeah, so literally in every single room, they would have one or more tree. So this year, we have so we're a fake tree family, actually, because my parents both have bad allergies. So we have our original fake tree, my mom got a new one to replace it last year, and I had one from college. So we're going to put up all three of those this year. So two in our living room and one in the dining room. And I'm really excited. I can't wait for that because it means we get to use every single ornament. So like all of my mom's historical ornaments, she got new ornaments for the new tree that she got. And then we have my ornaments from my tree that I've been adding to over the years. So every every corner is going to have a slightly different theme. And I think it's just it's a really great way to just make it a little more festive like I know some people they really only like decorate a tree or one room but in my house we decorate the entire first floor like living room dining room, kitchen, laundry room guest room like they

Jae 32:31

all have a ton of holiday decorations for you the kind of family that's which is the soap sent around the holidays.

Angela 32:38

No, we don't I kind of wish we did. Like we do switch candles. So like we'll swap out all of like the everyday candles for like cranberry evergreen, peppermint, orange spice like a pumpkin. I honestly think it's called pumpkin spice. Yeah, so we'll do that. And I mean, that's one of the things I'm also really excited to continue in my own Christmas traditions. So yeah, I think it's great. Like literally everything gets switched out almost like picture frames get switched out. tablecloths, table centerpieces, I don't know. It's pretty fun. And then also this year for Christmas, we usually do a really big Christmas breakfast, which I really enjoy because it's a lot more casual compared to the dinner that we have. Like everyone gets to show up in their pajamas. And we just eat together. And then we do our secret santa exchange. But since we'll be doing Christmas breakfast at home now, I actually get to create my own menu for it. Which means I'll be trying out a few different recipes for things so I'm looking probably waffles. I think Christmas waffles would be really good. It's like an apple spice syrup. That's where I'm leaning right now. We'll see where I actually land on Christmas Day. I don't know j in comparison to my Christmas. Is there anything new you want to try for Hanukkah?

Jae 34:04

No, as long as I get my log because that's pretty much my metric. My question was going to be white elephant or Secret Santa. Oh,

Angela 34:16

Secret Santa. Just because our family has done white elephant before and it gets incredibly competitive. So we do unlimited steals so it can literally go on for hours and then depending upon who gets what gift sometimes it gets it gets a little bit too tense. So for example one year my mom got like the what we all consider to be the absolute best gift of the bunch. It was an entire aroma therapy and hot stone set with this like really nice blanket and robe set. And everyone kept stealing it and then she would steal it back. And then finally they called no Steel's at the end of the game. See, I

Jae 35:02

feel like white elephant would have better quality gifts just because you don't know what you're gonna get. Everyone wants to get a better gift.

Angela 35:09

Hmm, yes and no, I really think it just kind of depends as well, like I know in the same year as the white elephant with unlimited steals. I got a I think it was like $100 Target gift card. And then another person got a purse. And he was not super into the purse. But no one stole from him. So he was just stuck with it. And he was he was a little sad. So I actually I traded with him at the end, because it was a cute purse. So why not? But yeah, I think that's nice.

Jae 35:45

You didn't have to do that.

Angela 35:47

Yeah, no, I know. I purse was really cute. I like had an idea of what I wanted with the Target gift card. But in in the in the interest of letting everyone have of letting everyone feel good about the gifts that they left with. I was fine with trading.

Jae 36:04

That's very nice. Yeah,

Angela 36:05

I really think it just depends on the people that you're playing with, as well. Like I know, there's one family who actually they do Secret Santa, but they do the gifts all together as one family to another family. So they actually have some really great gifts like one one year one family paid for another family to go to Hawaii for a week. And then another family gifted a home movie theater setup. So it was like an 80 inch flat screen surround sound. And a movie theater popcorn maker.

Jae 36:43

That's cool. Yeah, I don't know. How's your roster of gift silicon this year? I know you said you were doing cards a lot. But how's the gift roster looking?

Angela 36:50

It's pretty good. So I have yours was ordered yesterday. I got stuff from my mom and dad and then I got a few things or other people. So I think in total I've I have maybe like eight people I'm buying gifts for Nice. Yeah, no, it's good. I definitely I tried to shop small and I tried to make sure that like every gift not only felt like it suited the person, but it was also something that they could keep for a while.

Jae 37:21

That's very thoughtful.

Angela 37:22

Yeah. And also sustainable here, here.

Now I think also, it's gonna be interesting because I really want to get into sustainable gift wrapping this year. So it's gonna be a lot of like pulling from bags that I already have. Maybe like upcycling some boxes decorating them. I actually Oh, okay. I have a question for you. In terms of gift exchange with your family. Do they return bags and gift boxes

Jae 37:56

to the person who gave it to them? It depends, like my mom is a big Reverend persons typically take ribbon. And then wrapping paper depends. I always try to make it so you can rewrap and reuse the paper that I'm given, but sometimes you just can't save it. I think it's just if it's saveable. Typically, someone will take it either don't gifter or the gift he will take it. You know, we've been using Trader Joe's bags forever to wrap gifts. We've been using brown paper bags and excess bags. The most disappointing one once was my mom gave me a very pretty silver ornament j with three little crystals in it. And it was in a lovely Nordstrom box. And then those same ornaments were at my uncle's house on Christmas Day. And I was like, ooh, those are pretty easy. Yeah, like five bucks at Safeway. And I was like mom, is for Safeway. Yeah, but I'm like, but why are you putting an archer box? Like, because I know you think it's prettier. I'm like, but it was from Safeway. So now there's always preface when the gift box does not match the item inside the box. Oh my god. That's so funny.

Angela 38:59

I really love that.

Jae 39:00

Here's my thing. I might sound like a really selfish brat. I promise you I'm not take my word out. But it's not that I didn't like the ornament to begin with. But when you think it's more expensive than it is and you find out it's not it's a bit of a letdown. It doesn't mean it's any less pretty. It just isn't what you expected. Just like if you thought you were getting like a cubic zirconia ring and you found it it was a diamond. You'd be more excited. Okay, I do.

Angela 39:27

I do get that in theory. I agree. I think

Jae 39:30

why just in theory.

Angela 39:32

I mean in theory I get it. I'm just because with my family because we always return the boxes and everything you you never really know. So we've just I've just kind of gotten used to it. So like I know for example, take the Nordstrom packaging last year they did really beautiful boxes that had more of a colorful print tool,

Jae 39:53

so I'm totally going to be reusing those this year. The gifts may not be from Nordstrom, I think it's different when you use the box. And the bow like you literally make it look like the package was from there because like when you get a box from nordstroms they wrap they like tape it for you as well and they wrap it or they don't wrap it but normally

Angela 40:14

I don't know my family they have the little slider bow that like seals

Jae 40:18

Yeah, but like my family like sometimes would rewrap that. Okay, not always but sometimes.

Angela 40:24

No, I do agree especially if you're doing homemade gifts. Maybe if you're going to put it in a Nordstrom package or something else like it at you should you should definitely preface

Jae 40:34

I agree. What is your like guilty pleasure food around the holidays in which the calories don't exist. For me, it is the Carmel chocolates with sea salt on top from Trader Joe's and ghiradelli peppermint bark.

Angela 40:49

Oh my gosh. ghiradelli peppermint bark. I haven't had that in forever. But that's an excellent choice. No, I think for me, it's see's candy like any of them. Like we have family members that give out like the one pound two pound boxes of see's candy. Yeah, so we usually end up with like three or four of those there. They're gone in a week.

Jae 41:11

It's so bad. See those I like I'm the person to take a bite and if I don't like it, I'll put it back.

Angela 41:16

Oh my god. Okay, I'm, I'm the person I will study the candy sheet that it comes with and I'm like, Okay, which one is which 1am I getting? Exactly. I personally love the milk chocolate Bordeaux's the most so when we sometimes will give out the mini boxes as well with gifts. So if we go into a C's this year, I'll get like the giant milk Bordeaux bars as well. I'm a dark chocolate person and white around the holidays. But normally a dark chocolate person. And a dark chocolate is very good, especially with peanut butter cups.

Jae 41:51

Mm hmm.

Angela 41:52

I used to like it a lot as a kid. But now as I've grown, I've actually lost a taste for it, which is very interesting. I feel

Jae 41:59

like normally it's the opposite. Like people like more better chocolate when they get older.

Angela 42:03

Well, I also think I just went over to chocolate as a child as well. Like I had German chocolate cake for every single event. I requested it for birthday, Christmas Thanksgiving, anytime we were just randomly making a cake. I would ask for German chocolate.

Jae 42:18

I wouldn't pin you as a German chocolate person. Really? No,

Angela 42:25

it's the it's the coconut nut frosting mixture. I don't I don't know what it's called at this moment. I can't think of it. But that the layer that goes in the middle

Jae 42:41


Angela 42:43

Well, yes, like sometimes it's filling but like you can put it on top of the cake too. And it's so I just call it. I don't know what it's still be. It's not filling. It's an frosting if it's on top of the cake, right.

We'll have to look this up.

Jae 43:01

Thank God you fact check these.

Angela 43:06

Yeah, no, but it's just that that is my favorite part of it. And so then I would just eat the chocolate as the extra.

Jae 43:13

I was allergic to gluten as a child. So my family would always save me like littles that blocks just full of frosting to eat while everyone else had dessert. Oh,

Angela 43:22

God, I could not imagine being allergic to gluten

Jae 43:25

very inconvenient.

Angela 43:27

So like, did you did you just avoid bread? Or did you have to eat gluten free bread? Is this where the sandwich dislike comes from?

Jae 43:36


Angela 43:37


Jae 43:38

well back in my days before Whole Foods and before being gluten free was a trend. They didn't really have the options in which they have now for people who actually had gluten intolerances. So I would eat like sunflower bread and like seeded and grain free bread. But yeah, that's where the sandwich is stemmed from because there were very few things that you could

Angela 44:00

get gluten free. I feel like I've just unlocked like a whole new facet to your eating habits.

Jae 44:06

You've known I've was gluten free for eight years for like, a while. I know,

Angela 44:12

but I never put that together with the sandwiches before this. Okay, thinking it's a great thing, folks. Everyone should do it. As much as possible. Cheers to that.

Jae 44:25

Ooh, you can only listen to one Christmas song for the rest of your life. And you can get rid of what permanently What are those two songs? Oh, okay.

Angela 44:36

I am keeping the weight. Can Can I keep the whole album?

Jae 44:41

No, no. I said song. I know

Angela 44:45

but Okay, one song. All right, then I need to look up the name of it really fast

Jae 44:49

here. All right. What

Angela 44:51

song are you keeping?

Jae 44:52

That's Christmas to me by Pentatonix Alright,

Angela 44:55

What song are you getting rid of?

Jae 44:56

I think last Christmas. It's just a bummer. Like write a song. called next Christmas with a little happier.

Angela 45:04

There's this Christmas I think that's Chris Brown.

Jae 45:07

Didn't we cancel him?

Angela 45:08

We did.

Jae 45:09

Got it. Okay, so what's Are you cancel and will you look up the one year keep? Okay, well, I'm

Angela 45:13

keeping all holy night. The Celine Dion version.

Jae 45:21

Oh, you can keep all versions. Okay keeping all versions and get rid of a whole version.

Angela 45:25


All right. We're saving. Oh, holy night and we're getting rid of last Christmas

Jae 45:33

so same as me. Yes,

Angela 45:35

but I really want to get rid of the originals the most is that terrible? No, like I like some versions, but I don't like the original. And then there's an we'll keep the Ashley Tisdale version with my little Disney Channel Art.


Jae 45:51

no, get rid of all of them.

Angela 45:52

Okay, yeah, but if I could, I would keep the entire Celine Dion album, which I think it's called. These are special times. Yeah, these are special times. That was like the Christmas soundtrack of my childhood.

Jae 46:05

Oh, yeah. And then did she delicious Christmas songs or Bob? That was my first concert.

Angela 46:10

Oh my gosh, really?

Jae 46:11

The Cheadle wishes Christmas opened by Ali and AJ.

Angela 46:15


that's so cute. My first contract concert was the Backstreet Boys.

Jae 46:20

What album?

Angela 46:21


Jae 46:22

What songs are on that one? I

Angela 46:23

don't know. It's like literally like all of their popular songs. Hold on. it's larger than life. I want it that way. The one? No one else comes close.

Jae 46:36

Got it?

Angela 46:36

Who opened? Oh, that I don't remember

Jae 46:39

into the Millennium was actually the name of the tour. It does

Angela 46:42

not say that on my tour poster. Yes, I still have the tour poster. It's in my closet.

Jae 46:47

I might have not had an opener.

Angela 46:49

Okay, so when you saw the Cheetah Girls, was Raven Simone with them? Or was it just the three of them?

Jae 46:56

No. The other three okay. But that Christmas album is that bop? It really is five more days till Christmas. Christmas and California

Angela 47:05

should literally be our theme song. Hmm. Just for the month of December. Our theme song Christmas and California.

Jae 47:12

Sun is shining. COVID is thriving.

Angela 47:16

Oh God,

Jae 47:16

am I wrong? You are not wrong.

Angela 47:20

It's definitely saddening to hear how many more people have been getting sick. And how many people want to deny everything that's going on.

Jae 47:33

Also in the spirit of the season. This year, normally we give to our local fire station. But because of COVID they actually have a website set up or we can donate money and then they'll go buy the toys. Oh, there's a way to donate this year. So we're gonna do that. My uncle's company is giving away toys. He bought some Hot Wheels cars. And he was like, well, should I get toys for girls? I'm like, well, girls that car she was like, What would you have enjoyed Hot Wheels. I am the anomaly. I was raised as gender neutral and you can do what you want and you can be what you want. Girls are equal to boys as possible. My favorite color is pink dye like princesses, dolls and lots of glitter. But my family tried which shows the nature over nurture argument for me. But there are plenty of girls who would like cars. So I said I like spy kits like get like walkie talkies and I like science a lot to what I always loved. Rocket making things just like cars were not my stem area.

Angela 48:42

Yeah, no, I think walkie talkies would be great. Like those little like decoder notebooks to those were really cool. But you can totally tell your uncle I was so into Hot Wheels as a child like really? Yeah, I have you have the rage trap?

Jae 49:00

Uh huh.

Angela 49:02

Well, it is still so it's still actually in our basement where will most likely we were thinking of giving it away this year but we don't know exactly how donating toys looks like used toys.

Jae 49:18

Probably not very well. Yeah,

Angela 49:20

so I'll probably hold on to it a little bit longer. But I had a bunch of it I loved it.

Jae 49:26

I would have liked the motorized cars but not the like ones where you typically room room yourself huh?

Angela 49:34

Yeah, cars, dinosaurs and

Jae 49:37

books. Oh, I also was a big block kid like I loved not Legos But like any kind of like bricks or blocks or those Tinker toys oh

Angela 49:47

my god Tinker toys.

Jae 49:50

And then I looked at the pentagram ones, the different shapes on you would use in math class sometimes I really like to play with and make designs out of

Angela 49:59

them. I don't think I've ever seen those.

Jae 50:01

They exist, I promise.

Angela 50:04

It's alright, I'll look them up.

Jae 50:05

They're like rainbow colors. And they're like octagons and triangles and various shapes. You use them like in math class sometimes. But like you would make them make it look like a fox or make it look like a box or pick it look like other animals, I would do patterns. Kind of like a more geometric mendala kind of thing.

Angela 50:25

Very interesting. The only thing that I can really think of right now are those little like

Jae 50:31

spiky ball

Angela 50:32

things that you can like pull on the sides of and they would expand. which I know is not about but that's the closest visual I have right now.

Jae 50:43

I might have said pentagram which is like the which star? It is mean that

Angela 50:48

like, do you mean Pentagon?

Jae 50:51

No. Okay, on this website, they're called wooden pattern blocks. But it's fine. It's not pentagram or Pentagon, but like it's something similar. Oh, okay.

Angela 51:08

So I never had these. But neither did I. My cousin did. I've seen these like at like my dentist office and stuff.

Jae 51:23

What in pattern blocks? Not? I was not calling upon the spirit. Child. We do. Appreciate that.

Angela 51:33

Did you say I was calling on the spirits?

Got it?

Possibly unintentionally. I mean, again, I'm gonna go with unintentionally I don't think I ever purposely tried to.

Jae 51:46

Woo Do you know what also the holiday season means? And we'll see how much you can explain. When I get to just throw a word to you and see what you define it as. Okay. What's vlogmas

Angela 52:03

Oh, okay.

So Jay had to explain this to me a few years ago. I think I get it now. We'll see if I do. This is when various YouTubers do count downs to Christmas and

Jae 52:25

they feature

Angela 52:27

like gift guides items their own merchandise. Wrapping tutorials, decorating things Christmas cookie baking, and more.

Jae 52:41

Yes, good job. You're are giving the influencers a little bit more credit. It's literally vlogmas so vlogging so video blogging their day so yes, those activities you mentioned are sometimes in there okay. But they much are more free flowing up, wake up, make coffee. What am I going to do today I'm going to go to Target and buy decor. The now the big thing started by influencers is have really cool intros and Intro music. I will send you one later. The best one is the one that let me see if I can send it to you now. We're all going to hold while she does this. Or I can keep talking because I've already seen it. But yes, I watched vlogmas throwback to the years of Ingrid Miss glamour otzi when I thought she was the one who started vlogmas with her and her then boyfriend who we will not name and then Joey Graceffa and that whole crew or the ones who started vlogmas were the first I ever saw. And then the other big thing rip used to be the shade hearts Christmas special I would watch on Christmas morning. My family was always wanted to do three Christmases so we went to my aunt's on Christmas Eve my mom and I had Christmas Day by ourselves and then we would go to my uncle's for Christmas dinner and in between that time I would watch all of the various what I got for Christmas videos and other things around that morning including the shade hearts Christmas special which was one of my favorites to watch for like four years in a row quality quality Christmas family content. Especially for someone growing up in California seeing a real White Christmas seeing a big family kind of seeing how they did the gifts and everything was always really nice. And then the vloggers with their what I got for Christmas I always felt like they left out the bigger things because we all knew they were getting bigger things because it was kind of a chicken egg thing with the early influencers where you couldn't really become a big influencer if you already didn't have the makeup and the Mac and the things to become an influencer. But then you also got more when you became an influencer. So you knew influencers and we see oh Gog juicy star oh seven bubblegum makeup like x sparkpage like some of these big ones were either makeup artists or just had these vast many Makeup fashion collections prior to becoming the influencers. I recently made this lovely cookie from Claire soffits my x bone appetit queen. They were pecan brittle brown butter cookies. They were a mix between kind of a lace cookie and a oatmeal cookie. They were very good. And one of the things I was thinking of doing is breaking up just the bread hole because my goodness I've never made Carmel before this and afternoon once I don't really want to do it again but if you're going to do it, do it during the holidays. So I might do that and then maybe thrown off my carmelized white chocolate with it. Just give it a nice holiday feel. I've already made bark for people in the past I've done peppermint bark and other barks I have more gifts I plan on making and some have already made but I will not be sharing those due to the fact that at least Angela if not one other person listening to this might be receiving one of those gifts. But we'll be sure to talk about this and stuff when we have Christmas and or all other winter holiday festivities

Angela 56:12

post Christmas we'll do a nice little Christmas recap for you all and we can let you know what worked out what didn't work out and I can finally know what I got for Christmas. I'm still telling you all it's a lightsaber.

Jae 56:27

Literally I am the best friend however I had to. I had to go on Ilan. I had to go on Ilan musk says SpaceX to go get the kyron coupon

Angela 56:41

Khyber Chris iro

Jae 56:43

Yeah, those Yeah, I know.

Angela 56:46

That's a long ways away. And you had to go back in time as well. So

Jae 56:51

Oh, yeah. Woof. Hmm.

Angela 56:57

Okay. All right. So I just watched the vlogmas intro.

Jae 57:01

Would you like to kind of explain what it was for the people who obviously couldn't see so I watched

Angela 57:09

Alicia Murray's 2019 vlogmas intro and it kind of gives me a little bit of Keeping Up With The Kardashians vibes how they have their new intro with all of them like together and it looks like they're like being filmed with a really old video camera. And Alicia's there in what I'm presuming to be her house or if not a set made up to look like her house in her vlogmas gear and then a pajama onesy in front of the tree. Kind of just like grooving to a nice little is it Carol of the Bells. Is that the song?

Jae 57:55

I thought no, it's the Nutcracker one. Yeah,

Angela 57:59

but isn't it called Carol of the Bells.

Jae 58:01

Okay, all the balls is the dead.

Angela 58:04

Okay, just kidding. Yeah, she's like, hanging out, like vibing with the Nutcracker song. But it's the Nutcracker song if it had a bit of a hip hop spin to it. Okay, and this is my first intro to vlogmas. Guys, I've never actually watched any of this. I'll probably finish this after we're done recording. And I can let you all know what I think maybe I'll watch some of Vlogmas this year. I wonder if my Alicia does vlogmas I'll have to look into that.

Jae 58:35

Okay, so yes, the thing about this, this isn't actually the one I wanted you to watch. She did a different intro for each of the 30 days of will excuse me Sorry, the 25 days of law. Wow. I was trying to find you the one where she had the naked men fanning her and her like a queen outfit. But she did a different variation from her house to that set. She did 25 variations. Oh

Angela 58:57

my god,

Jae 58:58

that's so much. And 10s of 1000s of dollars.

Angela 59:02

Where do you find the time to do that? It's her job.

Jae 59:06

ad revenue goes way up during the holidays. Because all the brands are advertising their sales. Oh

Angela 59:12

my lord, like see, I love the events portion of my job because I get to do a lot of fun and creative things. But that's just like the ultimate fun and creative thing. I feel like I've been missing out. I'm now suddenly contemplating every life choice I've made up until this moment.

Jae 59:31

I've literally told you about influencers since the day I met you in 2013 because I got sucked in in 2009 during my freshman year of high school,

Angela 59:42

okay, you have to remember college was a very interesting time for me because like pre college, I didn't have Wi Fi. I didn't spend a lot of time on the computer. YouTube was not really a part of my life. I didn't have an Instagram until you made me one

Jae 1:00:01

How did you think you were gonna make it? Three years in a sorority? Without an Instagram?

Angela 1:00:07

I didn't, I really didn't know what I was signing up for when we joined a sorority like that summer pre recruitment was quite a shock. With the big social media push. We'll have to do a whole episode on that, too. And you guys can hear all about how naive I was going into this. But that's a story for another time. Jay, are you maybe ready for some other toast? Yes.

Jae 1:00:31

And as we know, your stomach was growling at the beginning of this. So you are

Angela 1:00:35

definitely and today's although toast is food related. So I actually had to, but I'm going to save another one for our show notes, and everyone can weigh in on that for the current one. I actually tried putting red and green m&ms in my cereal this morning, like Lorelei and Rory claim to do in season sevens Christmas episode.

Jae 1:01:02

Secret Santa? Yes. Yeah, I can tell you.

Angela 1:01:06

It's not great.

I feel a little bamboozled.

Why have it? Okay, so

when you put the m&ms into cold milk in your cereal, they don't melt or anything. They just proceed to get colder and a little uncomfortable to chew. Hmm.

Jae 1:01:25

Like it's the overall what cereal did you choose?

Angela 1:01:29

I have Cheerios. That's the current cereal that we have. Yeah, so overall, flavor wise. Flavor wise. It was nice. With the milk and the chocolate and the Honey Nut Cheerios. Texture wise.

Jae 1:01:42

I don't think I'm a fan. I feel like you would need a different texture of cereal kind of almost not like a soggy Frosted Flakes or a soggy kind of like corn puff. But like a cereal that sat for a few minutes so that it's kind of more of a milk absorber with the m&m. Okay, like I feel like it the texture thing because like, I know what it's like when you put chocolate chips on ice cream and then the chocolate chip harden more. So I feel that this is like a textural thing you would need the right kind of cereal like a frosted flakes. Something that can hold a lot of milk, but still keep its flavor. Okay,

Angela 1:02:17

so maybe I should try like a You're like a Rory Paris dorm cereal layers and see what works best with them. And um,

Jae 1:02:26

yeah, like if it were me, I would try like Chex corn puffs and frosted flakes. I really like corn puffs. I know they were like okay,

Angela 1:02:35

not really a huge fan of checks.

Jae 1:02:37

The frosted ones make them frosted they do and like chex mix. Oh,

Angela 1:02:43

okay, what were you saying about corn puffs

Jae 1:02:46

as like, I know they're not like everyone's favorite like they're always in the bundle. I always liked corn pot. I don't think I've ever had them and pull more reason to get them to try with your cereal compilation. All right, well,

Angela 1:02:55

I will try this and I will let everyone know but I can just tell you initially Not a fan.

Jae 1:03:02

negative points for the Gilmore's but it is season seven so we give them a little bit of true that I was gonna say though the one thing I definitely would be down for is attaching mistletoe to the ceiling blade. I think that's a very fun game. And if we had our friends here

Angela 1:03:19

oh my god. No, no, I think that would be really fun that

Jae 1:03:22

someone's getting injured though. Well, yeah, cuz also everyone would be drunk and spell. Yeah. Which is why I would want to play Yeah.

Angela 1:03:28

And we're 1,000% going to collide multiple times,

Jae 1:03:32

but no, no kissing.

Angela 1:03:34

Sorry. You just you have to air hug. When you reach everyone.

Jae 1:03:37

That's lame. Well, would

Angela 1:03:39

you rather be lame or sick?

Jae 1:03:41

I'd rather just perfect this game. So next Christmas, we can have all our friends play it and fall on top of each other. All right,

Angela 1:03:49

we'll see what we can do. Maybe we'll do some test runs with face shields.

Jae 1:03:53

That sounds great.

Angela 1:03:54

And on that note, thank you for listening to this week's episode of insomnia Paradis. Be sure to join us next week when we dang it. I did it again.

Okay, hold on. I

need to just take this out.

Jae 1:04:08

wing it, just wing it this time and see how it goes. And on that note,

Angela 1:04:11


you for listening to this episode of in Omnia Paratus. Be sure to join us next week. But right now grab your coffee bowl. And don't forget to rate download and subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. As always where you leave will follow. So head on over to at @inomniapod on Instagram and let us know what you want to hear about in the comments. And also tell us a little bit more about your holiday traditions. Bye

Jae 1:04:39