It’s the first episode of 2021, so of course, we’re talking about fitness! The exercises we love and hate, and how we’ve had to adjust our mindsets to work on becoming our healthiest selves. Spoiler Alert: The answer is 0 push-ups, because you never need to earn food.

Show Notes

Hi Everyone! This is one of the first episodes Jae and I ever recorded in the Fall of 2020. We hope you enjoy, have a great laugh, and let us know what you think!

  • What do you all think of Jess and Paris? I still stand by the position that their kids would have amazing hair, but Jae doesn’t think they would work out
  • Today we are talking about fitness! Jae and I have always had different views of fitness, and today we’re just trying to work through our feelings and our fitness journeys
  • I still haven’t seen the pics of this spirit stick, so I’m very sad
  • The IT Band runs from the outside of the thigh, down to the knee
  • Changing your expectations is something we all should normalize, but especially when it comes to fitness goals, because being kind to your body is important
  • Jae’s fitness routines: dance videos, pilates, and strength training
  • This family member who told me to stop running is a PTA, Physical Therapist Assistant
  • “The workout you do is the workout for you” – Jae’s Pinterest
  • I just tried Jae’s interval dance videos and these are pretty fun:
  • The video above actually felt pretty Zumba like to me, so I think Jae should come with me post quarantine
  • Fit, flat, curvy, muscle-y, post-enhancement, or reduction – whatever your fittest self is, is your best self and we support you!
  • As you’ve heard, Jae had a reduction in 2020 and I wanted an enhancement, but it was put off until we are in a better place post-pandemic
  • We’ve since found out that the neck “shake weight” is a terrible idea, so the trial did not happen
  • Stranger from the bar who grabbed a fistfull of pants, remember to drop a comment and let us know if you were grabbing ass or trying to steal my wallet/phone!
  • I’m just going to leave this here:
  • Chronic illness and IBS are 2 of my least favorite terms and I’m still learning to speak about them openly, but hopefully this has been a little informative
  • Fact Check #1: IBS is not a catch all term, but it does have a wide array of symptoms that can affect all or only one part of your digestive system. The digestive system is actually made up of 5 parts, starting from the top at your esophagus and going down to your large intestine
  • Should we do a yoga series? Jae’s Edit: No. No we shouldn’t, but I’ll be your videographer. 
  • Also, should we bring back AVO Toast?
    Fact Check #2: Mindy Kaling actually has 6 short essays out as a part of her Nothing Like I Imagined (Except for Sometimes) release

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Jae 0:00

I pledge myself to the pod loyal always be a p to start a D at the end and an O sitting in between Hello and welcome to and Omnia products. I'm Jay

Angela 0:18

like the letter and I'm Angela also known as a vo

Jae 0:21

we are to Gilmore Stan's diving into our own past and present evaluating if we were ever truly ready for anything we discuss all things from problematic school dances to a no one prepares you for after college listen or tales of elusive college boys and co workers more high strung than Paris color.

Angela 0:37

Hello, everyone and welcome back.

Jae 0:39

I have a question.

Angela 0:41

I'm ready for it.

Jae 0:42

Jessen, Paris. I just rewatched the episode where Lorelei and Emily are at the spa vicious trollop at all. And there's the scene where Paris and dress are fighting over Jane Austen and that other author, and I'm like, they could work well together and I see a lot of things similar. I feel like they kind of like Rory for similar reasons. And I feel like they could have explored it. It could have been like the Rory Tristen kind of thing.

Angela 1:09

Interesting. I mean, honestly, the first thing that comes to mind is that their kids are going to have amazing hair. Like, let's just think back to Paris seasons, one through three with her super long shining fantastic hair, and then just his volume, their kids would be super angsty, but they would have amazing hair.

Jae 1:26

But how about the actual relationship part?

Angela 1:29

I mean, I think that it's sort of undeniable that they have a solid connection in terms of common interests, just as interested in smart people. And Paris is interested in smart people, I think that they do well, just from that standpoint, alone. Also, they're both super straightforward. They would either have a fantastic relationship, or they would completely burn each other to the ground.

Jae 1:55

I feel like their verticals wouldn't have overlapped because she was very much traditional business law, med school and he was always very creative writing. Neither of them were great at expressing their feelings, and I feel like that would have been their demise rather than their ambition. Maybe you know how sometimes when you put two people together who seem like polar opposites, who seem like they're both extraordinarily bad at communicating, but all it takes is for them to just push each other and then they find something good in that.

Angela 2:27

I think that could have been them. I think we also forget it Paris has like a sort of creative side with a Yale daily news reporting facts, but I think

Jae 2:36

like how she didn't put a photo because she didn't like the ones that were submitted, or the time she fired everyone.

Angela 2:44

I think both of those have a little bit of a creative flair there. She's a temperamental artist.

Jae 2:49

I don't know about that one. I think it was a couple that was never explored enough.

Angela 2:54

Maybe something for the second part of the revival.

Jae 2:56

It's all because they wanted to do just as dang spin off which didn't go I feel like if they weren't focused on him doing that they could have explored him and other things. I would have liked to see him more interact with the children kids. Oh yeah, I

Angela 3:07

really wonder how that would have gone to see Rory tried to bring just to a children dance.

Jae 3:12

I mean, he already didn't do very well with the school Carnival when our games thing

Angela 3:17

that is true. I think definitely revival Part Two when Rory is a teacher at Chilton, and she chaperones she needs to bring Jess along as her date.

Jae 3:27

That's so depressing. You have Rory as a teacher, I have nothing against teachers. I don't see that as rorish journey.

Angela 3:33

I didn't necessarily either, but she has a good setup there. She's been offered a job and everything.

Jae 3:39

I honestly blocked the revival out. I like completely forgot about the musical until I saw it on Tick Tock recently, so yeah, I'm

Angela 3:46

not gonna lie. I skip over the musical section. That's like 20 minutes that Simon Foster. But I don't understand the musical someone helped me understand the musical. It's like

Jae 3:58

the founding of Stars Hollow.

Angela 4:00

It is the Stars Hollow History Museum, with songs and dance that I don't quite understand.

Jae 4:09

Everything is better with songs and dance. I mean, that's true,

Angela 4:13

but it's also a little bit harder to understand sometimes

Jae 4:16

says the person who still hasn't seen Hamilton

Angela 4:19

Okay, yes, this is true. Thank you gonna get some hate for that.

Jae 4:23

Because so many people are gonna listen to this. Other than the three people we know who already know you have not seen Hamilton. This is true. Well,

Angela 4:31

I did actually add a couple more people to our listen list. So we'll see. I don't want to know Okay, yeah.

Jae 4:37

Today I thought we could talk about our fitness journeys and being ready to start them although it's not very Gilmore of us. We don't have their vertical privilege. being tall is another way of phrasing that or their caffeine during metabolism. If only because they're tall as we hear in the first episode, Richard, you're tall. I only did she know she's tall. five, seven.

Angela 4:59

That's tall. His tall that's five inches taller than you. I know that's terrifying to think about. I couldn't even imagine fitness in terms of a journey. Like if you think about it, we're in our mid 20s. This is possibly the best physical like peak of our life in terms of working out a little terrifying. I need my mid 20s a bit longer. Thanks.

Jae 5:20

Oh, you've officially have two months. Congrats. Oh, thank

Angela 5:23

you. Thank you. So fitness, I think. I don't know everyone's fitness journey starts a little bit differently. I know mine, I felt started more in college when I took an active interest in exercising to be more fit to be healthier. Up until that point, I sort of just looked at it as like a given like, Oh, I move I'm fit fitness as a whole is a very interesting journey, I think for everyone because there's like the time where you differentiate like being active from actual exercising.

Jae 5:57

Something about me is my hips are very strange. I have the joints of someone who should be at a senior center. At least that's the way it feels like Babette, they can tell the weather they start to hurt when it gets colder and starts to get more rainy season. You're in California, though for me to morally to a lot of kids, you have to do physical fitness, you do PE you do sports and things. And I hated running. I hated running with a passion. And that my middle school every Monday we had to run laps around the school. It was like the activity and I always hated it. And I hated it more than other kids. Not only was I just slow, and obviously you don't want to be slow. I'd also felt like it took more out of me physically. My junior year of high school, I joined the dance team with my friends. And one of the things we did was go to you see, no, sorry, you do a dance camp which is connected to UCLA cheer camp. If you've seen any of the bring it on movies, it was exactly like that literally exactly what you think that was like they really didn't exaggerate much other than the amount of male cheerleaders at the camp.

Angela 7:01

Oh my god,

Jae 7:01

did you come home with a spirit that no, but we did share spirits. Like I think I have photos somewhere. Oh, I know. I have all the girls on Facebook. And most of them are pregnant or with multiple kids. And they're of our age, which is super scary point being I was at this cheer camp. And one of the coaches had us all get into our turning positions. But on the floor. When I got into mind, she realized my hips weren't aligned. So we finally got me to the right kind of Doctor Who told me my hips were I don't exactly know it. But the point is my something with my it bands, I have more flexibility on my stomach than on my back. I can frog leg really easily but I can't cross my legs. And I never thought I was thought of it much as a problem. Until I went to the camp. I went to the doctor and then like oh no, no wonder running, walking, hiking hurts so much. Because there's like a real physical thing. And now I get sneakers, I get all the like old people inserts. orthopedic shoes are a must because of these things. And for me, especially as a young child grew up with that era of like, Nickelodeon takes two hours out of their day, once a summer to like, encourage kids to go outside. And we're magazines were pushing not fit like they do now but skinny, and then not being able to move my body in those sorts of ways. And it always just feeling like I could control and wasn't able to do I got that redemption. High School was like, Oh, no, you have a physical thing to change. It really started to change the way I saw fitness knowing that these barriers I thought I could control I really couldn't and that I had to learn to accommodate them. And it wasn't something that I needed to fix something I needed to learn to work within.

Angela 8:34

I don't know, I didn't realize that like you had only started physical therapy. In high school.

Jae 8:38

I did physical therapy three different times. They were all from like senior year of high school, once in college ones after college or no once right after college, and then ones recently, how do you think that's helped you, like redefine fitness in your life. I judge other people I know it's not good. But I think it's better when we just admit it. I'm a judgy person. But the other thing that comes being a judgy person means you judge yourself harder than you really judge anyone else. With that being said, and not being able to have the physical mobility everyone else has and certain things the way for me it manifests most frequently. I always look like I have weird pigeon feet and photos. I don't look good sitting, I can't cross my legs and do the nice photo on top of a bar or in Vegas where you're sitting at the booth. Like I just could never do those photos. And if I try I have to make sure I have good feet. The thing that sucks I really hired you. So I would have been a great ballerina.

Angela 9:31

I mean, never say never.

Jae 9:32

And it's another it's an effort. I think the big thing came to terms with fitnesses. I had not lower I don't think it was a lower of expectation, but it was a changing of expectations of what I could and could not do. I'm not someone who liked running and I'm not someone who's going to like running nor should I be someone who runs because it literally deteriorates me. So instead I stick to things like dance videos or drink training. Or Pilates or things that I can accommodate and work for what I need as opposed to being like, oh, all my friends go on runs, I'm going to go on run, or all my friends like to hike, I'm going to go hike, it's just about finding what works. And the two kind of things that pushed me through to start working out. One, it has to be for me and only me for physical benefits, but also for the mental benefits. And now I'm honestly failing, especially in quarantine, I'm really seeing the mental benefits even more than the physical one. And then the second is the quote, you'll never regret a workout after you've done it, which really, I don't know why, but like, because I'm stubborn. It's really true. And once I kind of just got myself on that bandwagon, you're not gonna like it, and then you're gonna make I worked out, I let myself lounge in bed all day, I eat the extra piece of cake, or I do another workout because my friends want to go for a walk. And it's the only way I can see them. It makes me feel like I check something off my to do list that was only for me. And that was something that was worth doing. And I don't regret it. But the thing that really bothers me about physical fitness, it's one of those things you're worried about, because you're deteriorating either way, because either a you're sitting there and being a potato and not doing anything in which you lose muscle mass, you've loosened bone density, you just kind of decay. But also when you look at the bones of dancers, or athletes or anything, they also have a bunch of problems like soccer players and their ACL football players and concussions. So it's also a thing of like, if you really put too much strain on your body, you also decay faster.

Angela 11:27

That's true. I know. In college, when I tried to get into running one of my family members told me like that is the absolute worst thing you can do to your joints, you will absolutely ruin them. By the time you're in your early 40s. You're gonna need like a knee replaced or something though I stopped doing that. I actually still say I go on runs, I do walks. Now for some reason, whenever you tell people you're going on a walk, you get judged for it. Even in quarantine, even in quarantine, if I tell people I'm going on a walk. They're like, Oh, that's not doing anything for you. You need to run you need to do cardio. Yes, I do cardio.

Jae 12:02

But are you running or jogging?

Angela 12:04

Neither anymore, or you're walking, I'm actually walking? Well, I

Jae 12:08

saw this tech talk. And again, Tech Talk is not a reliable source. But like I heard this from different people that if you're not going to run walking is better than jogging. I think it has to do with a pacing thing or mobility. I don't know. But I heard jogging is worse than running and walking. So it's like if you're not gonna run, don't jog, walk.

Angela 12:25

Interesting. I mean, I have heard that jogging is not good for you. But I assumed it was just for the same reasons as running just the way that you were moving and maybe the stress that you're putting on your joints. I know at the beginning of quarantine, just sitting at home and trying to adjust to my new workstation, I had crazy joint pain. And so I was looking into arthritis and all of this different stuff, and you need to move your joints to keep them in good shape. But also if you move them too much, they're going to wear down so much faster. So it's this crazy balance that you have to put together. And then I think the whole thing about trying to readjust your expectations about what you can do in terms of exercise, I feel like that just needs to be normalized. Across the board. There are so many different fitness programs now and personal training. And now there's YouTube fitness and tik tok fitness. And all of the people who do these things like it works for them. It works for their body type, it works for what they have. When you have underlying conditions, you need to adjust your workout and not be afraid to adjust your workout.

Jae 13:32

I mean, I think for most people, the two most important things are the first thing I said which is you'll never regret doing a workout and kind of something that goes with that is the workout you do is the workout you should do. I can't imagine myself ever going to a spin class mostly because I have a very sensitive tailbone. I've sprained it twice, and I went rock climbing somehow the belay went on wrong. And I couldn't sit for like a month. So I can't ever imagine myself going to a spin class competitor sounds like miserable for me. But I found this person who does dance videos on YouTube and they looked easy. And now I tried them. They're not easy. I do them almost every single day. And they're great because they're in a interval format. So it's like 20 seconds on 10 seconds off, but it's just songs from various things. She does Broadway, she does hip hop, she does a lot. And she does boybands High School Musical. She did all three and I can get myself to do those daily. Oh, I love that the best workout you can get is the one you'll actually stick to.

Angela 14:24

Definitely I know in college, the big thing that I stuck with was Zumba. I would do that three days a week when I first got into fitness my first year and part of my second year in college. That was my main form of cardio.

Jae 14:39

My problem with dance classes in general is I feel like they set up dance classes for ways where you need to be able to pick up really fast and I think the more classes you go to the better you'll be able to do it. The reason I like the dance videos I do is because you're taught to eight counts per song and you just repeat them as opposed to zooming out. Okay. 5678 Left, left, left, right, left Left turn salsa and that's like, Wait, what? And then they're like Okay, moving on. You don't know if you're going to continue and repeat until like you're at the last move and then like, oh q or p. And that's like, I don't remember what I'm repeating.

Angela 15:10

Yeah, basically, but that's definitely a

Jae 15:13

thing. Well, I

Angela 15:14

mean, as far as I go, like either way, if it's a Zumba class, or if it's a dance video, or if it is just you trying to teach me like four moves, when we're together,

Jae 15:26

or fighting. Yeah,

Angela 15:27

it's all really difficult for me because I have a zero rhythm. But I try. I don't know like, that's fun for me like in Zumba, I would definitely hide in the corner. And now even at home if I attempt a dance video workout and make sure that no one else is here. So they can't see me. It's fun.

Jae 15:44

I try there's working out because it's good for your mental health. It's good for your physical health, just so you should be moving and then there's working out for a physical goal. And I think if you're working out for a physical goal, you have to be conscious because I think it's very easily especially for women to kind of slippery slope down that into their body image issues, eating disorders and things which aren't great. The one big change which I've seen in media and I don't necessarily just account to social media, but I think the Kardashians really changed this as much as I don't want to give them credit. I grew up on magazine covers you want to be skinny It doesn't matter how strong you are doesn't matter your muscles. It doesn't matter if you're an hourglass You seem to be as bony and skinny as possible. And now I feel like it's about how strong you are how fit you are because a girl who's super lean but is very bony versus a fitness model who might be slightly thicker but is all muscle is going to be the one everyone's attracted to now and that's kind of more of the standard of beauty which still is unrealistic but I think it's more realistic for everyone to get to their fittest six pack muscle kind of bodybuilder shape then to be pencil slim and bony.

Angela 16:51

I mean, very true. I think it is all about that balance. And however whatever your healthiest is is your healthiest my thought is like all over the spectrum. Do I want to be a little bit curvy? Or do I want to be a little bit ladder here? I go back and forth all the time. We are the same height as Kim Kardashian. Could we pull off those curves? Me? Okay. Also

Jae 17:12

just make it clear the Kardashians have a lot of plastic surgery, whether they'll admit it or not. Those curves are not 100% natural. Oh, yeah.

Angela 17:21

Yeah, 100%. But sometimes to being your fittest self is maybe working towards the point where you want something done

Jae 17:30

through I mean, that's exactly I had a breast reduction. And in part of doing that, for the physical benefit, I wasn't my fitness self. And so one of the things going in to get the surgery was I wanted to get to a much fitter point in my life, I got kind of depressed after college, we're still not completely over that but we're managing it better we're back in therapy and part of doing the thing for the surgery was getting into a place where maybe if I lost weight, my chest would get smaller naturally and I lost a significant amount of weight and what happened was my band size shrunk but my cup size didn't meaning I ended up actually having to go up to bra sizes which was not ideal for being five to five three on a good day. So I ended up getting surgery to fix that but I wouldn't have gotten the surgery without or trying to do it on my own.

Angela 18:21

I think that's just like the best way that you can approach it. I'm very upfront with everyone I currently hate my jaw line and so that's the goal of 2020 maybe to come out of quarantine with a new jaw line that'd be fantastic.

Jae 18:35

Do you want one of those devices you put under your chin and you just like not all day

Angela 18:39

oh my god may seen those maybe I haven't seen them but I'll try anything to shake away for your chain

Jae 18:45

you just not a bunch and it's supposed to healthy I

Angela 18:48

feel like that's gonna be murder on my neck. I mean maybe I don't know maybe we'll do a try episode. Maybe I'll try it.

Jae 18:54

I mean I think with fitness and health everything in general there's the twofold of wanting to look a certain way and then kind of asking yourself why do I want to live this way if it's to be a Kardashian to be more attractive to get boys girls whoever you're into to think you're more appealing or worthy or oh god every guy like I mean, this will be true for me every guy likes more of an ask guy but I don't have enough time to do something in that role.

Angela 19:17

Oh my god same. Okay, this is like definitely like more of a just like stranger story. One time I was out at a bar and this guy tried to pinch my ass but there was nothing there. You just like grabbed my jeans and he got so confused.

Jae 19:35

Did you know this man?

Angela 19:37

I did not know this man. So it's that's why I call it a stranger story. A stranger did this. It's not okay. But it was just sort of like joke was on. I was in a bar. I was over 21 joke was on him. He attempted to grab me but he just got a fistful of pant because I am completely flat back there.

Jae 19:55

I'm sure he wasn't sure trying to like steal your phone or see if he had any cash back there. Oh, friend's phone got stolen twice. Always you thought he was grabbing us he thought he was grabbing a phone. He was adorable. I don't know

Angela 20:06

stranger who grabbed my jeans. If you ever hear this, drop a comment and let me know what was happening. I

Jae 20:13

think there are certain people, whether it be influencers or model. I remember my freshman year, my homemade order pizza and watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and I literally wanted to throw up and I couldn't eat the pizza. Because, for me, it wasn't like, Oh my god, I want to look like Kendall Jenner. ggt. Like because I'm never gonna be that tall. I'm never I'm not even frickin tall enough to be a Disney Princess. Their bodies are 80% genetics, but 20% work they do a lot in terms of their diet leading up to the day of the show, and just general fitness year round to look that way. And if I want to even just look at the best version of myself to do anything similar eating that pizza, while watching them was not positive towards that goal. kind of think of it in terms of Oh, no, I'm gonna get there. I'm gonna get that moment of silence. It's kind of like Bruce, what are you doing for the baby? Kind of like, what are you doing for your body? Hmm. So is and it depends like some people need to eat the pizza, because they're restricting themselves too much. Some people need to say no to the pizza, everyone kind of is on their own journey with what they want. I just think we need to be more accepting of all body types and whatever part of the journey anyone's on. But I think the part where I feel like society kind of tried to overcorrect was a thing of like, You're beautiful. You have great like work it like yes, Queen like you do you body positivity. At the same time. If I'm not happy with my body, I don't want you to be like God, like your body. So great. Like, you look so good.

Angela 21:30

I appreciate the point. But I think it's a thing of like, you're validating the feelings that someone's having. And that's still not Right, right. It's so hard. Some people to like they may not outwardly show you like the struggles that they're having with their body. Like some people are a lot more private about that. And I think we just we need to be cognizant of it. Of course, we always want to support people, like we want to support our friends. Like if we see someone on the street who like we think is cute. Like, we want to let them know that I love your top like that dress looks great on you. This is amazing, but I feel like they're showing support. And then there's almost overselling it.

Jae 22:07

There's that and then the other thing, which I think it's a two fold, I think one everyone's like, why do we comprehend the way women look. And that's the whole patriarchy thing, which I also get. I like being told when someone likes what I'm wearing. I know it's superficial, but I like it. And it's so it's hard when I'm like, I don't know, you have a globing personality or you have a nice brain or you're funny walking down the street. I do know if I want to know where your shoes are from. This is true. So I think that's just like in general, I think we need to rebalance on but I think Angela, people may or may not know you have very curly hair, sometimes you like it, sometimes you don't depending on the season, your mood and the water you happen to be around at the moment hold true hard versus soft water. Hard versus non hard water. The opposite of hard water is I just know hard as bad are a lot of different hair types. And a lot of different skin types depends on the type of water. But if someone came up to you when you felt you weren't having a good hair day and just kept trying to tell you oh my gosh, your hair so great. I wish I could have that volume. I wish I could have those curls as much as you know it's coming from a good place. If you told them. Thank you, I appreciate it. But I'm not loving it right now. And they were just like No, but I want your hair like I want to wig out of it. I understand you're trying to help but you're just telling me I can't feel and I don't have a right to feel this way. Because you aspire for this.

Angela 23:19

I honestly think it's just such a fine line. And not to say that we're all bad at this, but I think we just need to like hear each other a little bit. I feel again, people you may or may not know this about me, but I actually have a chronic illness and it impacts my relationship with food. I have IBS and what basically happens with me is it's called irritable bowel syndrome. And it's basically this catch all term for a illness that affects your digestive system. So for me when I eat food, sometimes my body doesn't digest it properly and it's just in my stomach. I'm not absorbing nutrients so my weight fluctuates a lot and also I get like really bad bloating and heartburn and nausea. And so you have all of these different symptoms that impact your daily life and if I'm not having like such a great day and I have to put on like my size, my big jeans and my oversized sweatshirt because I can't zip my big jeans because I'm having like such a bad bloating day and I'm in terrible stomach pain and someone's like oh my god You look amazing. I look like I put in I put in zero effort. I feel terrible. Please don't tell me I look amazing because I really like I'm terrified of what you think I look like on a day where I think I look good and you don't say anything.

Jae 24:44

See I understand where you're coming from but I also feel like that has to do with not like that's a you problem because you can you should feel however you want but I also think the fact that you use the term like when I'm in bigger jeans or in my sweater and like the jeans don't button that's something that dinner with you so that if Someone compliments you. You're not like I'm not trying to mansplain you. But like when you feel a certain way about it, the person like, you can't give credit to the reason the person said it. And just because they compliment you one day and not the next doesn't mean they thought you looked better or worse, they might have just seen you that day. And like acknowledged that maybe they were in a good mood, maybe they got laid, maybe they got a bonus, like whatever put them in that mood to tell you that didn't necessarily mean they thought you were great. The other days are shut the other day. Like that's something you tell yourself.

Angela 25:30

I mean, that is true. Like I'm definitely a lot more sensitive on those days.

Jae 25:34

I also feel like IBS is the new like thing. Not like it's trendy. But similar to jaw surgery. I feel like a lot of people I know have IBS Now, like I almost got diagnosed with IBS was able to work on my adrenals just my digestion system, but you're one of three friends who have it. And then two of my friends got jaw surgery and no, neither one of them was cosmetic. There is a difference between getting a procedure for cosmetic reasons or getting a cosmetic outcome out of a life saving needed surgery.

Angela 26:06

Yes, I know when I was diagnosed with it, it was definitely gaining more media attention. Like there were a lot of articles out about it like oh, like have you heard about IBS? Like maybe you have it like you should talk to your doctor guy. No. Now I see all sorts of commercials about different IBS drugs, or sometimes IBD, which is another term under IBS. It's so weird, because it's so common, but it also still feels so unique to people. Because I know definitely when I try to explain it. One of the things that happened to me when mine got really bad is that I can no longer have alcohol. I'm not supposed to drink about what was it two months before my 21st birthday? Doctors told me Yeah, you really shouldn't drink. It's just not for you still tried it. I think probably about two years ago, I cut it out completely. And now when I have like one glass of wine, stomach pain within hours,

Jae 27:03

I feel like the other thing with IBS and correct me if I'm wrong is it's a catch all term. But because it's a more general term, you can have different symptoms and different reactions to different things and be told you have IBS, right?

Angela 27:17

Yeah, so it's like you have IBS, but then you could have something like a little bit more niche disorder within

Jae 27:23

the IBS family.

Angela 27:25

If that makes sense. My niche disorder has not been figured out yet. They have determined that I definitely fall into this family.

Jae 27:33

Because when my doctor told me like, like I was having digestive issues, and my doctor was like, Oh, you might have IBS, but it was like, it wasn't like you have digestion issues because of acidity or because I also have hypothyroidism like it wasn't pinpointed it was IBS was the symptom, not the cause, if that makes sense.

Angela 27:51


Jae 27:52

So that's why I feel like everyone's doing because I have friends who have IBS and they drink. And they that doesn't affect them.

Angela 27:56

Yeah. So like the way it's explained to me, because actually, what's really fun too is when you're diagnosed with IBS, they send you to IBS class, part of the chronic illness team family at my lovely provider, health care provider. So that's really fun. They're like everyone's different. They're like you need to identify what you can do and what you can't do. Actually, for me, exercise actually turned out to be a huge trigger. For me, if I'm not careful about how I introduce exercise into my life, I just like decided I wanted to immediately like springboard into something the stress on my body causes symptoms flare ups. So I know a big one for me was actually yoga. When I got into yoga, that was a huge game changer. It was the best form of exercise that I could do when I had symptoms flare ups. And so actually, during the quarantine, too, I've been using this app because I can't go to a yoga class anymore. So I just do yoga on my work breaks 1015 minutes I'm getting my movement in. But also I know like I can set it and specifically say I want something that's going to aid with digestion, I want something that's going to help open up the muscles in my abdominal area. And I feel like it's a good way opened up like a great new form of exercise to me that honestly, I didn't consider before pre IBS. I was just like, I do not have the patience for yoga. I can't stand here I'm not holding this position for a minute not into the silence like I want music I want movement. I want to go

Jae 29:28

with Yoga has always been a thing have I started out and I feel like a lot of young women start out for exercise in terms of your physical shape, whether that's losing weight, whether that's gaining muscle and yoga never seem to really contribute to either one of those goals. So I feel like it's hard to consider doing yoga exercise, but it's also a thing of like it does have benefits in terms of mental one similarly to exercise but then also it can help more specifically I think with like joints and pains and it helps to alleviate that stuff, which when you're able bodied. have normal health, you don't really consider those things as important until you're 80. And in a wheelchair, yeah,

Angela 30:05

no, I mean, I definitely, I've always looked at yoga more of like, pre IBS was okay, I'm going to do my cardio and then I'm going to do yoga like that's the way that I'm going to, like, keep my muscles lean. And it definitely helped with that, though. It's like I look at yoga more as like the second part of my exercise routine.

Jae 30:26

The and kudos to you because I can't have more than one part of an exercise routine. One part is enough.

Angela 30:32

See, and if it works, it works.

Jae 30:34

So I think similarly to the way We interrupt this, and our podcasts in general, you're never ready to start one. Or you're always ready to start one. It just depends how open you are to fitness and your own goals and being honest with yourself, because just there's no right time to start. I mean, as cliche as it sounds like there's no right time to change your life or to start a new habit. There's no right time. There's

Angela 31:00

just time. And on that note, I think you should all let us know where you are in your current fitness journey. Because we'd like to hear maybe you'll give us some new inspiration. I know I'm almost out of routines on my yoga app. So I'll be looking for something new. Actually, if anyone's tried bar, let me know lots of little movements. Okay, and before we go, are you ready for some avo toast aka some of my shower thoughts?

Jae 31:28

That sounds dirty? Well, this

Angela 31:30

one is not today's avo toast is I think that audiobooks should be voiced, recorded, read transcribed into audio format by their author. If I'm reading one of Mindy Keeling's new essays, I want to hear it from Mindy Keeling. And I know she voices one of them. But I want to hear all I think it's seven. I think it's seven. I want to hear

Jae 31:58

all seven from her. I feel like that's not a very unpopular opinion.

Angela 32:02

Do shower thoughts have to be unpopular opinions?

Jae 32:04

I don't know. I thought photos were more your controversial statements.

Angela 32:07


I mean, I don't have one of those today.

Jae 32:10

I mean, I agree with that. Why would I listen to any book read? No, just No.

Angela 32:15

But I feel like so many of them out there are read by different people.

Jae 32:20

Maybe that's because I only listen to celebrity books that the celebrity voices that I am unaware of this. But yeah, I wouldn't listen to a book like I don't know, simple like some random person read becoming by Michelle Obama. Oh, yeah. Or someone else do Warren Graham's biography. Like I wouldn't have read that or heard that. Yeah,

Angela 32:35

no, but if you would love a really great one voiced by the author, Tiffany haddish. The last black unicorn. It's a great one. And yeah, thank you all for listening today. Our six friends that we let Listen to this. We hope you really enjoyed it. Be sure to join us next week. But right now grab your coffee bowl. And don't forget to rate download and subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. As always where you lead will follow. So head on over to add in on the pod on Instagram. And let us know what you want to hear about in the comments.

Jae 33:11

Bye bye