It’s our last episode of 2020!

Today Angela discusses the trials and triumphs of having a Holiday Birthday. We talk about New Year’s past and predictions for our Christmas selves. Spoiler alert: Jae got the Theragun.

Show Notes

  • Welcome to our last episode of the year! Merry Everything and thank you all for hanging out with us during the holidays. We hope you’re excited for what’s to come in 2021!
  • Angela’s This or That Answers: Basketball, outdoor malls, 5’ 6” and good teeth, & neither birthday’s nor New Years Eve. 
  • I really did think Jae said 6’ and good teeth – wishful thinking! Good teeth win though because I’m super intense about good dental hygiene
  • I actually watched the Euphoria bridge episode right before these show notes and OH MY GOD! Without giving it away, this episode really hits so much of what happens for people today. Watch here: 
  • Jason Bateman was the host of the Saturday Night Live my mom was watching. Link for the referenced skit with Pete Davidson here: 
  • Yes, we did record this pretty far in advance as we were worried about our schedules this month
  • Lol the global holiday vs. national holiday thing was very confusing, complicated, and  the internet provided me no clear answers here, so we’re just going with it!
  • Welcome to my first rant! Holiday birthdays are the absolute worst! If I sound a little salty, worry not. I’m fully aware that this falls into the category of princess problems, and I’ll return more grounded next week
  • A Holiday Birthday is when you are born on, or within 5 days, of a major holiday that involves specific rituals or celebrations 
  • Terrible holiday’s to have your birthday on: Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day
  • Not as terrible holidays to have your birthday on: Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving
  • Fact Check #1: I actually know 11 people born on NYE and 4 people (still all men) born on Valentine’s day
  • Fact Check #2: My mom reminded me that I did have one birthday party in elementary school, but everyone came late and it only lasted about an hour so does that really count?
  • Clarifying point: All friends referenced as ignoring or dismissing my birthday are all past friends.
  • My Sixteen Candles vs. Birthday Week Celebrations battle was in high school, and thankfully every year of college things got a little more normal
  • Also yes, the girl who told me my birthday was an inconvenience is no longer a part of my life
  • Yes, I know, gifts are my second princess problem
  • Sorry we ended up on bit of a tangent here, but I think the ex-boyfriends in the tiny bar takes the cake for strangest birthday event I’ve ever encountered
  • Oy, I was not great at being profound, but it’s ok because we can all collectively cringe here
  • Wow this is so classic, I threw Jae’s birthday and completely forgot what happened 
  • We’re just going to skirt on past my 21st birthday, but Jae did a really great job with all drinks and food creations
  • Alcoholism is not funny, we apologize for laughing
  • The past 4 years, I’ve had smaller celebrations with a few people over multiple days, and it has been amazing. It’s good quality time with the people I’m close too and that’s been great 
  • Seriously please tell us if you’ve had a great New Year’s! We’d love to live vicariously through you
  • I think Jae and I both have high expectations for events 
  • A small nod to our lovely party school – the concerts were awesome! 
  • I get super anxious when I actually do hang out with people wherever I initiate the invite for anything actually like I’m personally responsible for the fun 
  • We highly recommend arcade bars and mini golf! Post-pandemic when we can go back to our favorite places we’ll show them off
  • Jae’s new Year’s traditions: Carb loading! Pizza, garlic steak fries, and more potatoes! 
  • My plans are still undetermined for this year, but I’ll keep you posted!
  • Our Christmas Recaps
  • Jae: I was fortunate enough to watch my cousin open his Japanese Gyuto knife in person that I was really wanted to see him in person. I then got to see my family on Christmas Eve as we did a gift drop off before our Zoom that night. I did get my Theragun and by golly was it the best thing I asked for maybe ever. Honestly. Buy one. Just trust me. It beats out all of the anger, sadness, anxiety, depression, the frustration of 2020 that your body has been holding on to.
  • Angela: I actually watched A Teacher, The Mandalorian, and Wonder Woman 1984 on Christmas day. It was comfy, cozy, and very lowkey, but sadly there were no beans or rice. A few days before Christmas my family actually had to go into isolation because we were exposed to COVID-19. We’ve actually postponed our holiday celebrations until mid-January, when we can leave our bedrooms. 
  • Thanks to all of our friends who participated in the Great-ish Jae Bake Off! You can find pictures at 
  • My 2021 goal is to give myself more self-care time and learn how to unplug 
  • Jae’s 2021 goal is to be her own Terrance and to keep baking super fancy desserts 
  • Seriously you have to love that Jae has a type of favorite Southern accent for women 
  • Cromquembouche (n): a decorative dessert consisting of cream puff pastry and crystallized fruit or other confectionery items arranged in a cone and held together by a caramel sauce

Transcribed by

Jae 0:00

I pledge myself to the Pod. Loyal I'll always be. A P to start, a D at the end and an O sitting in between. Hello and welcome to In Omnia Paratus. I'm Jae like the letter.

Angela 0:00

and I'm Angela sometimes AVO

Jae 0:00

We are to Gilmore girl stans diving into our own past and present seeing if we were ever truly ready for anything. We discuss all things from problematic school dances and what no one prepares you for after college. We tell tales of elusive college boys and co workers more high strung than Paris Geller.

Angela 0:37

Hey everyone, welcome back. This is a pretty special episode for us because this is the last one that we are going to record in 2020

Jae 0:46

Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah. I know that ended a while ago but this is kind of like our seasonal wrap up. Not our like podcast season but like the holiday season wrap up Happy Kwanzaa merry Kwanzaa happy merry, happy happy and bright Marian I'm gonna go with Happy Kwanzaa happy winter so

Angela 1:06

merry everything. I really like when you get holiday cards now that they marry everything because I think it's nice and inclusive.

Jae 1:14

Okay, so we're throwing it back to who weeks ago where you gave me a little Gilmore girl this or that Holiday Edition and I'm just gonna give you a kind of a this or that for our listeners to get to know you a little bit better game. Okay, let's do it. football or basketball.

Angela 1:29

Oh, God watching AAU basketball,

Jae 1:32

indoor outdoor mall

Angela 1:34

outdoor, especially if the weather's nice

Jae 1:36

over six foot with bad 456 and perfectly symmetrical.

Angela 1:42

Maybe this makes me a little shallow but also just in terms of my size. We're going with six foot and perfectly symmetrical.

Jae 1:49

You mean? No. Done? No, you can't do that. You make one for each side. Wait, I

Angela 1:54

thought it was over six feet and bad teeth or six foot and perfectly symmetrical.

Jae 1:58

No, five, six and perfectly symmetrical. Oh,

Angela 2:03

you Wow. I totally. I totally heard what I wanted to hear they're

Jae 2:07

fairly those are two fine options for you. Why would it just be like very tall either way, but one or one has bad teeth and one's perfect. options are

Angela 2:18

those I was a little surprised. Like, wow, she's been very generous there. I'm still short. Let's go with five six and perfectly symmetrical.

Jae 2:27

Give up Netflix or Hulu Hulu

Angela 2:31

just because I feel like what I watch on Hulu, I I watch it on Hulu because I missed it live. So I

Jae 2:38

have other options to see it logical logical HBO or Disney plus HBO so now HBO or Netflix?

Angela 2:44

it? Is it? Is it playing HBO or do I get HBO Max? HBO Max? Okay, HBO Max,

Jae 2:50

did you watch euphoria?

Angela 2:51

I haven't yet but Okay, another friend of mine actually walked me through the entire first bridge episode last night.

Jae 2:58

I was being respectful on not sharing.

Angela 3:01

I know oh my god. So okay, so we were on the phone. And she asked me if I had seen it yet. And I told her No, I was going to watch it today. And then I guess she asked if I wanted to know what it was about. And my mom came in at the exact same time and asked me a question. And I said yes. So then they were both simultaneously talking to me. And my mom is describing what just happened on SNL. And my friend is telling me, like, walk me through the entire plot. Thank you for euphoria episode. And neither of them get that I'm trying to tell them to stop because I've got two conversations going on. They just go through the entire thing on both sides. I was like, Wow, that was a lot of information. And both of them sound really good.

Jae 3:53

Who was on SNL last night?

Angela 3:55

I think it was Jason Bateman was the host. But we know my partiality to Pete Davidson. And he did a sketch last night where he did a parody of an m&m wrap asking Santa for a PS five.

Jae 4:13

I'm gonna put a little Asterix right here. And I'm asking her about SNL, which is a show that is recorded live. This podcast over though is being recorded three weeks in advance. So go back and watch December 5 episode of SNL for any references made.

Angela 4:31

I mean, you you may need to do that. But also we could throw in a thing about how my mom technically watched it after it had aired.

Jae 4:38

So it may even out how would it even out?

Angela 4:41

Well no just because she could be she could have told me what she just watched on SNL but she didn't have to have watched it live.

Jae 4:49

But wasn't from last night's episode.

Angela 4:51

True. Okay. All right. Yeah, Asterix Asterix is needed.

Jae 4:54

Well, I know we are both confused. But in this context, was it not? Did I not do it right? No.

Angela 5:00

I think it could go I think it could go either way. Got it. Okay, so I I know most of what happens in euphoria I felt

Jae 5:09

very seen and also kind of depressed at the same time. Great episode. Great acting.

Angela 5:14

I know we we won't give any spoilers for this one just in case. There's anyone listening who hasn't seen it

Jae 5:21

yet. You'll have a month to see it.

Angela 5:23

But when I watch later there, when I watch later, there are a few things that I'm going to be looking out for that I think just encapsulate what life is like for young people right now. A little bit too well, Oh, definitely.

Jae 5:37

I felt very much like, Ooh, this is very timely and very accurate to some of the things I've been going to and isolation and quarantine and all that. So

Angela 5:45

now that it's been a few days since you've seen it. Do you still feel that it's better than the first season?

Jae 5:51

Yes. Well, okay, here. I really, really like the conversation. It was kind of like, I guess you could say a podcast or an interview a long form because of the social distancing requirements, the safety precautions taken. It was mostly just brew and her sponsor in the diner.

Angela 6:09


Jae 6:10

there weren't it's like you weren't following like four or five plotlines. You weren't doing all that. Now, my favorite episode of euphoria is the carnival. Where apparently I'm someone who likes to let carousel bowls.

Angela 6:21

Oh, my gosh. I wasn't thinking of that when I compared you to Cass. Of course.

Jae 6:27

Sure. Are you ready for your final question? I am, birthdays or New Year's Eve

Angela 6:35

neither. So for those of you that don't know, my birthday, actually is New Year's Eve, I have what is technically described as a holiday birthday. So for the past 26 and now almost 27 years, I have shared my day with a basically a global holiday. We consider it a national holiday here, but it's celebrated across the world. And I always get second billing, we

Jae 7:02

consider it a national holiday.

Angela 7:04

It is a national holiday. What if it's on calendars, national holidays are on calendars

Jae 7:10

like Christmas is on all calendars too. Now,

Angela 7:12

don't we technically recognize that as a national holiday? Because but like the global holiday banks are closed? Yes. So Christmas, too, is also a global holiday. It's very complicated. I know. I tried. I tried to look this up in figuring out how to describe this situation. And it's very confusing. Basically, when you have a holiday birthday, your birthday is always second to the greater holiday. So I've just I'm not into either one of them in that respect. I love other people's birthdays. And I love other holidays. So I think from a greater perspective, I like celebrating birthdays, just not my own.

Jae 7:50

And now for the crux of this episode. How does that make you feel? We've

Angela 7:54

talked a little bit about how we met Jay ranted. I rant, our relationship is filled with rants. And now this podcast will feature a little bit of my rant on birthdays first, can I just say holiday birthdays are the absolute worst. Actually, I'm going to go ahead and back up and say one, if you don't have a holiday birthday, I'm very envious of you and you're lucky and you don't know what it's like. Secondly, if you do have a holiday birthday and you like it, I don't believe you like are you getting kickbacks from like Santa's or Cupid on candy or card sales, toy sales or something? There's no good holiday to have your birthday fall on?

Jae 8:32

I have a question.

Angela 8:34


Jae 8:34

I think Veterans Day is the best birthday national and it's always you always get the actual day off rather than having to wait for the three day weekend. And it's during the school year,

Angela 8:45

this possibly may be the one amendment to holiday birthdays carry on. We'll create a little subsection here. Veterans Day may be a great day to have your birthday. But for the larger commercial holidays that are celebrated within this country and around the world, there are some that are not great New Year's Eve is one of them. Because technically, it's the pre holiday in a sense, because New Year's day is the day that everyone actually gets off. That's the day where everyone actually celebrates it's where you do the prep. You have the party, you have the dinner, you have some sort of event and then you spend the next day recovering from that event, Christmas, another terrible one, you're going to lose on Christmas, Christmas Eve second to Christmas. And then Valentine's Day, this is one that seems like it would be a little bit fun, maybe even Fourth of July as well. But I know people who also have their birthdays fall on these holidays, and they don't like it because again, you're always second to the actual greater holiday. I actually went ahead and counted and I've met nine people who are also born on New Year's Eve. And I've asked them about this, how they feel about sharing their birthday with a holiday and they're pretty split. Some of them love it because there's always something to do like they can walk into any party and there's a great app atmosphere, there's lots of people, there's good energy, but the other half of the people who don't like it don't like it because they don't actually get to choose what they're doing. There's no set birthday event that they've arranged their nine people for New Year's Eve. I know two people born on Valentine's Day, both men, which really sucks for them. So I know in general, I get to be a little bit more particular about my birthday. And honestly, I wish that I wasn't. I know, this is one of my more unattractive traits. And I'm working on it. But again, we're just going to indulge the rant for a couple minutes started when I was very young, New Year's Eve birthdays for children aren't fun, because you don't get to have birthday parties like everyone else, I would always try to invite my friends over for parties, but their families would rather that they stay and participate in the family event. And actually, I think a couple of my friends growing up, one of their parents actually had a New Year's Eve birthday. So that was another thing. I'm competing with other birthdays. So it's just it's one of those things where it's a little strange, because I'd go to my other friends and schoolmates birthday parties. But I never had anything like that. And it also grew to be a little point of contention, because when I was younger, even my friends would comment, like, you know, you come to my birthday party, but I've never been to your birthday party, I just I couldn't get enough people together to actually have a birthday party, then I thought as I got older, it'll, it'll get a little easier in high school and college will have more freedom, people will like be a little more interested in like going out trying something new. But most of my friends were interested in New Year's Eve centric events only if it had something related to a birthday celebration in it, they weren't down. So no matter how hard I try, like birthday brunches, or dinners or even a party, I'd get turned down for a more traditional offer like going to a club or a bar or like even someone's house party just because it was specifically within the center of New Year's Eve, which again, that's not really a big deal for some people. And it really shouldn't be that big of a deal to me because I know that whether or not my friends are with me on my birthday, like that's not a measure of how close we are. It just hurts a little bit. Because when you live out 16 candles every year, you know minus Jake Ryan, and whatever Anthony and Michael holds characters name was and your friends love to have week long birthday celebrations or they get offended when you don't wish them happy birthday on their actual birthday. Or maybe even tell you to your face that your birthday is just on an inconvenient day. So they're never going to remember or do anything with you. It gets a little bit frustrating. Sometimes you just want someone to build you the largest pizza in the Tri County area. And you know, it doesn't seem like it would be that much to ask for. But I don't know, Jay, I will come back and I will define the parameters of a holiday birthday. I think of it strictly as if your birthday falls on actual set holiday like Christmas or New year's Christmas, Christmas Eve New Year's Valentine's Day, Fourth of July, something like that. But I will also say that Thanksgiving can be an interesting one. And I consider that like the floating holiday because it's never on the same day. So your birthday might be at the end of November. And every four or five years your birthday falls on Thanksgiving. So then you take second billing to Thanksgiving. I will also include that maybe that like not for all of them. Oh, Halloween, I totally forgot about Halloween. Halloween is also a holiday birthday. I'm also going to say if you fall within the same week, as said holiday, you have a holiday birthday.

Jae 13:33

Yeah, because I feel like if you're born on December 23 or December 26, you're still in the boat.

Angela 13:39

I don't know, especially holidays where gifts are involved. Make your birthday that much more complicated. I know growing up, my parents had to like really advocate for me with some of our family members because they didn't want to give me Christmas and birthday presents. And I will say like no one needs to give a present for either of those events if they don't want to. But I was specifically being handed gifts. That said Merry Christmas and Happy birthday. And then my actual birthday was just being like completely glossed over. Yeah. So it's just it's one of those things that's a little bit awkward because you don't really want to say something but at the same time, it doesn't exactly feel good. Does that make any sense? Jay,

Jae 14:24

it makes sense. I don't have nearly the experience. I'm not trying to claim I'm a holiday birthday. My birthday is at the very end of October. It's about a week before Halloween. And the thing that always would drive me nuts is for a theme for my birthday. Everyone always tried to get me to do a costume party. It's like no one. You wouldn't buy me a second Halloween costume so I would have to re wear it. I would show it off a week early which would ruin Halloween and do it felt like a combining of holidays like no if people want to throw a Halloween party, they can do that and then they can come to my birthday party.

Angela 14:57

That's the closest I got it's a very weird place to be in.

Jae 15:01

I think that thing that's hard well not to speak for you. But like, if your birthday was June 15, they wouldn't combine your birthday with July 4 or the nearest holiday around it. It just happens to be right on a holiday. People combine it and it's a thing of like, think of it as her birthday is her half birthday or his quarter birthday and pick a different time.

Angela 15:26

I think for me, like it never really came down to like what I was getting, but it was more the fact that on my actual birthday, the only people who acknowledge it for the most part are my parents, him and j yesterday has been very good about always making sure that she texts me happy birthday, and she'll call or check in or she's even planned parties. But for the most part, maybe I hear from like five or six people in a day on my birthday. Even if I were to see people and do something new year's related. The whole day would pass without them acknowledging my birthday. People always seem to come back to it a day or two later. They're like, Oh, right. And you had a birthday. Happy birthday. You were literally with me on my birthday. But why? Why couldn't you say it? Why couldn't we do something then I don't understand. There's also just something about trying to celebrate your birthday. On a holiday. It's just a little bit weird, because it's not really set up for it like holidays or holidays when they really can't hold any other events because there's already so much else going on. As far as New Year's goes. I actually I went ahead and I compiled a list of the strangest things to ever happen on my birthday slash New Year's Eve. Are you ready? Let's hear it. Number one. Our gardener crashed my birthday dinner. I'm looking for some feedback. Jay.

Jae 16:46

I was waiting for a list.

Angela 16:49

Okay. All right. Do you just want to support the full explanation or more of an explanation?

Jae 16:53

Yeah, that was a bit confusing. I thought we were gonna go into more detail. Okay.

Angela 16:57

Yeah, that's a very click baiting thing. Like I need the information. Our gardener crashed my birthday dinner, he apparently left some sort of tool in our garage and needed to come over and pick it up. So he asked if he could come pick it up earlier that day. And he did. But then he ended up staying for two hours. And it was while my mom was cooking the dinner. So then she thought it was really rude. If she didn't ask him to stay, he didn't end up staying but like he stayed through appetizers. Sounds a little weird. Number two, the year we went out to that one super tiny little bar in the middle of nowhere, and we ran into all of my ex boyfriends at the time. Great times. fantastically awkward night. Also, what are the odds of that? Hi. Really,

Jae 17:42

apparently? Well, apparently for you.

Angela 17:45

Oh my god. Okay. Also, just to preface to so there, there were three of them. And this bar can maybe fit like 60 people. It was tiny. And all three of them. Were there. Like I don't know. I don't even think I'd love to see like the Vegas odds on that one.

Jae 18:01

Have fun with your fact check.

Angela 18:03

I know, I just set myself up to do math. Oh my god. It's okay, guys, I will have someone else do the math there. Thank you for listening to my rant about holiday birthdays. You're welcome promised Jay, I would try to find something profound to say about turning 27 because this is our first ever birthday episode. And Okay, first, I'm going to start with that it's a little surreal to think that we have birthday episodes. This is not something that would fall on the typical list of birthday activities. So you don't really think about it. And it's a little weird, but also cool. I really did try to find some more eloquent words there. But that's the only way I can describe it. It's weird and cool. Okay. Jay, you'll have to be he'll have to let me know how you feel when you do yours

Jae 18:49

next year, next year.

Angela 18:50

Yeah, it's not something you would ever expect to have. So I'm not completely sure how I feel about it yet. It's pretty fun so far. But as far as actually turning 27 that I'm really not sure how I feel about because the app, my actual date of birth is the last day of the calendar year, I measure my personal years in the same way as everyone else measures an ordinary year. So I have no real experience other than our great and terrible pandemic. So just like everyone else, everything in my life came crashing to a halt in mid March. So I was only two and a half months into 2016. And just to give you a little bit more perspective on that I've spent the last 290 days this year sheltering in place, working from home, not really seeing anyone not really doing anything. I think I've done social things, maybe a total of like three times this year, maybe a little more than that. Maybe six, but yeah, it doesn't feel as if I've done enough living to truly claim that I've lived out my 26th year do I feel a little cheated? Yes, but I've looked into it to see who I can petition for a do over and I haven't found anything yet. So we're just moving forward. Hear,

Jae 20:00

imagine if you were turning 21 Oh,

Angela 20:03

I have actually seen some pretty good tic tocs though, where families like created their own club in their backyard,

Jae 20:09

because that's what everyone wants when they turn 21 a club with their parents. Oh my god. Imagine if your parents threw you a club for your 21st

Angela 20:18

that might have been preferable. I don't know. How was how was 21 for you?

Jae 20:21

It was fine. It was small. I got brunch. That was fun. Was I there? you through it?

Angela 20:27

I don't I remember this

Jae 20:29

yard house. We met

Angela 20:30

Oh, okay. Not yard house. prohibition. I'm there.

Jae 20:34

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. We went to yard house for dinner and then prohibition the next day.

Angela 20:42

Oh, okay. And it was raining and I slipped and I got you cupcakes. Okay, I'm there.

Jae 20:49

I've got it.

Angela 20:50

Oh my god. You've literally planned it. I know. That's Oh my god. This is truly terrible. Everyone apparently at 27 things aren't as clear. No, I'm just kidding. That's just me. This is my quarantine fog in my brain. Angela. Her 21st Oh, God. I was hoping we could just move away from that. But yes, that's what happened. Apparently. There's actually a lot of 21 that I don't remember. Um, but yeah, there was there was glitter involved. So it wasn't great. And oh, J actually followed up 21 for me as well. And what was it it was adult candy shop themed? My party back at school?

Jae 21:26

Yes. Yes, it was at the time her favorite color was purple. So I DIY and glittered some purple cups, I made jello shots, I think. And I learned how to make three different drinks based off her favorite shows. There was like a doctor who drink and I think one other and then I did like a step and repeat and got some photobooth stuff. And like, the best part was that Angela is one of the older members of our friend group. So me and the other friend who were planning everything had to make Angela gone by the alcohol because we couldn't

Angela 21:58

Oh my God, I totally forgot about that. Yeah. So they went through this store filled up a cart. And then I actually had to take it to the cart and checkout and it was so funny. The lady at the register, like then referred me to Alcoholics Anonymous, which is not funny. It's it's not it's really not, but it was it's very sweet of her. It's just it was very funny that that was my first experience in buying alcohol. To be fair, we had like two to three handles in the cart. And since we couldn't even be seen with her in the store. It literally looked like I was buying it all for myself.

Jae 22:37

Yeah, because I think we bought like the marshmallows and the glitter and like solo cups, but like she had to be in a different aisle like the alcohol.

Angela 22:46

I will say that's like been the one good thing. So when Jay found out that I never really did a lot of the whole birthday party thing when I was younger. She stepped in and made sure that for my last two birthdays in college, I got more Did you did you did you? You gave me my largest pizza in the Tri County area.

Jae 23:07

I did pin the tail on the moose.

Angela 23:10

Oh my god. Yeah, that was definitely that was my first birthday. Adult candy shops. second birthday was all things British

Jae 23:16

where we had a visitor staying with us.

Angela 23:20

Oh, yeah. So we actually had a apparently a great big house party plan. And we could have had our very own keg max. But we'll never know because we actually ended up hosting a member of our sororities executive team. So we had to cancel the party.

Jae 23:36

Yes, Samantha. She was wonderful. We didn't cancel we just modified Yes, we had in and out we went to n and l and played Cards Against Humanity. That was a little scary. Because even though the advisory remember was only a year or two post grad, they're still coming as a reflection of the organization as a whole which we were representing.

Angela 23:57

Yeah, we probably could have picked a different game there. But we also didn't have that many games. She enjoyed

Jae 24:03


Angela 24:04

She did she enjoyed us. She did we bonded over a new girl. Well, he she and I did you still hadn't watched them.

Jae 24:10

I watched the first season. And then when Jess and Nick broke up spoiler alert. I got over it. Wait, so

Angela 24:15

you still haven't finished it? Well, no, I

Jae 24:16

have now Oh, we didn't then like, no, I watched it in real time when it first came out. But they broke up pretty early on. So I gave up then. Wait, wait. So

Angela 24:27

you watched the first season in real time? Yeah. Then why in high school? Oh my God, then you totally should know where Rebecca comes from the very first episode where she's in the cab. And she calls herself Rebecca Johnson.

Jae 24:42

I mean, I watched it one.

Angela 24:43

Oh my god,

Jae 24:44

Angela. And I could watch the same show. And you could ask us the same questions. And we'll remember different parts of the episode.

Angela 24:51

I know. It's weird what things stick overall. Both of those were great birthdays. And I'm definitely coming to terms more with my birthday now. So I think when I was younger, it was a lot about what I didn't get to experience. And now I'm definitely more thankful for the more low key celebrations that I get to have. Because I end up with good quality time with the people who do celebrate with me.

Jae 25:15

I also feel like because your birthday is a holiday, you had extra reason for it to be one to be celebrated on the exact day like, I know, I preferred but my birthday could be on my actual birthday. But like if my birthday was on a Tuesday, and we old school, we couldn't do it. So I was always used to my birthday not getting the full acknowledgement, either. It was acknowledged a few days before or a few days after, depending on where the weekend fell. I feel that that was also probably different for you like it's like, well, let's just celebrate the day before. No, because every year we celebrated the day before, like no one will do things on the day because there is always another activity already planned. Right?

Angela 25:51

I think that is what it really comes down to. It's just the acknowledgement, just knowing that like, even if you're not doing something that like this person's like thinking of me on my birthday, that's the best part.

Jae 26:03

I was gonna just say anyone who's had like a really good new years where they've gone out, please comment, dm us, send us a video send us a tick tock storytime or a full story time I've gone out with my friends multiple times, I've stayed in multiple times. And whether it's New Year's Eve, or just any kind of going out experience. I feel like it never meets the expectations and an excitement of the planning and of the getting ready for the actual going out.

Angela 26:32

Oh 100%. And I

Jae 26:34

don't know if that's because I have super high standards or because I'm easily ticked off, or whatever it may be, but like, it doesn't take much to very night or to have something switch for me, which I'm working on. I'm in therapy, but just the thing of like, I'm always so excited. It's like, Oh my god, like our college used to throw these big concerts once a quarter they went on throughout the whole state the whole school system. We were in the whole country and Okay, apparently the whole country. And

Angela 27:06

yeah, I've met people at the concerts who were from like Alabama, New York,

Jae 27:11


Yeah, so apparently people from all over the country knew about this concert. And typically everyone would come get ready wherever I lived. Because I like to host those kinds of things. I'd always have food, hydration, make sure everyone with sunscreen if they were during the day, everyone looked cute, we would always make sure to get our photos and all that good, basic college girl stuff. And then you get to the concert. And something would happen such as getting lost from the group getting kicked out, no cell reception, getting hit in the face, getting stomped on going to the med tent, not wanting to see the same arches as your friends not being able to find your friends waiting on long lines for the bathroom or the photobooth. Or for the food truck getting lost not finding the bottle of alcohol you hit earlier on campus, the immense amount of weed being smoked in the crowd, the cigarettes being smoked.

Angela 28:04

Anything that you can think of it probably happened at one of these concerts

Jae 28:09

having to sit down because your friend injured or got too drunk having to find water whenever one only has alcohol in there clear bottles, being offered alcohol when you're trying to find water, losing your water bottle and not being able to use the refill station. So having to wade in one of the food trucks. Everyone trying to meet up but no one really tried to meet up because everyone's drunk. So they're trying to do something very noble, but the follow through it's just never there. And it'd be better if ever, hey, let's hang out tomorrow,

Angela 28:41

right? Or just saying like, okay, let's all meet at this person's house after just like turn up here at night. The end. But yeah, it really is one of those things where there are so many different factors. And so many people involved that it's just a recipe for disaster. I don't think I've ever had plans to go out on New Year's that went exactly the way that they were supposed to like whether it's like try trying to meet people and like not actually being able to get to where you need to go to not having a reliable mode of transportation, whatever it may be. There's just always something that makes it so much more difficult than it needs to be. And then it's just not very fun. And I think that also kind of gets to me about my birthday. Because I feel like if I do get people to participate in an event, then I'm responsible for the fun and if it's not fun, I feel like I've let them down. Like I know last year's birthday. I was an anxious mess the entire night. Like I really wished that we just hadn't gone out at all like what was I thinking what was what we went to you were you were there for a little bit. So we went to the one bar and they wanted everyone to buy tickets before. But oh, everyone bought different levels of tickets and different pending upon the ticket that you bought that then yeah, so it didn't state this when you bought it but depending upon the type of ticket you bought that then dictated your entrance into the bar though I think like more than half of you had to sit outside until 1130 we got

Jae 30:17

a bomb and drink in like a swan

Angela 30:20

that didn't look very cool. We weren't complaining, things like that we didn't know that was gonna happen. Like, I think the only reason I didn't get locked out until 1130 was because I was afraid I wouldn't have time to eat before. So I just got the package that included dinner, and they just have a really good dinner at least not so good. Like, whenever I ask, I feel like if it if people don't have a good time, like I've personally let them down. And then at that point, it's like, I don't blame you if you don't want to hang out with me, like on my birthday, because I totally will just like I ruined your New Year's Eve,

Jae 30:54

as my therapist has taught me to break down words like responsibility, it's your ability to respond. And the only responsibility you have is to yourself. So if other people come and they moan, and they complain, they still made the choice to go and it's their choice of whether they want to be upset with you be upset with the situation, whatever else is going on. So I don't really feel like you need to take that on. Unless you didn't properly plan something.

Angela 31:21

I felt like to the best of my ability. I did. But it's it's just a complicated situation.

Jae 31:27

I think arcade bar. Oh, that

Angela 31:29

was a really fun one.

Jae 31:31

I think that went really well. The only thing that was like slightly difficult is like, like one friend was leaving for a flight. My friends were in town from New York. I was hosting a few of you guys for the night. So like a little of those logistics kind of were difficult. I feel like it was the best birthday you through for yourself. And we got Popeye's or No, we didn't get Popeyes. We got we got cake.

Angela 31:54

I think I got the ones that were holiday themed. So they had a ton of like crushed peppermint on top.

Jae 32:00

Yeah, I thought Ryan and I went to go get

Angela 32:02

the cake. Yeah, you did. You guys went out and got it. But I remember the crushed peppermint ones. Really good.

Jae 32:12

Yeah, and then I got one. You didn't?

Angela 32:16

I don't remember. Oh, my God. We'll have to get you one this year. It was good. And I think they come in the little two packs, too.

Jae 32:24

Oh, that's why we didn't buy enough for everyone. Hmm, we were cheap.

Angela 32:27

I know. I should have gotten more pizza too. I thought three was going to be enough. But we devoured that.

Jae 32:33

Well, when you tell our friends the dinners included.

Angela 32:36

I know I shouldn't have said anything. We don't hold that. I'm actually really gonna miss that place. I think it's closed down

Jae 32:43


Angela 32:43

I think our local one did. Yeah, we actually have three locally, I found out I didn't know that. Actually, I didn't know that the one where we had my birthday that's closed down now, I

Jae 32:52

think which is very sad. Have we tracked on the mini golf place recently? Oh, no.

Angela 32:57

They're actually national, too. I'm hoping that even if they did close down, they'd be able to reopen eventually. Because I have seen there one in Colorado is doing very well right now.

Jae 33:09

It shouldn't be.

Angela 33:11

That's true. It shouldn't be. I mean, from what I've seen, it looks like they're trying to social distance as best as they can. Fingers crossed. It's not just a show. Because I really like them.

Jae 33:22

My favorite in New Year's traditions are we have this pizza place I like to order from and I carb load I get pepperoni pizza, like cheese and a monster slice. I get their steak fries. And then I get their garlic bread and I eat them by myself. And then at 9pm my mom and I watched the ball drop and then we call her relative to the east coast, then I normally fall asleep before midnight, and wake up on the first. And I'm lovely. It was kind of unfortunate Angela's birthday, oh my god for her. But for me because I have my electrician where I like to be home by myself and like not do anything. And it's my preferable way to spend New Years. So we definitely like work on that which is one of the reasons why I was so well and Petro birthdays is because although you have birthday any other day, which I did just New Year's in it,

Angela 34:08

you know, and they've been lovely. And for the years that you have come out on New Year's, you've been a trooper. So thank you for that.

Jae 34:15

You know, you've gotten to see me in my element with my high school friends on New Year's God.

Angela 34:19

It's so interesting, young J. That's how I define it young j and current J.

Jae 34:24

So clearly I revert a bit is what she's saying.

Angela 34:27

It's okay, we all do it. I'm definitely looking forward to a more low key New Year's this year. And so maybe I'll have to come up with my own stay at home traditions,

Jae 34:35

french fries and carbs. You can't go wrong, and you're supporting small businesses.

Angela 34:40

I was actually considering lasagna.

Jae 34:43

So we'll see with this coming out in three weeks since we're very prepared. Kind of like the TIC Tock trend of like speaking to our future selves. So like how would your Christmas go? What would you get? How was the food Tell us what happened. And then we'll follow up in the show notes with how much of this came true.

Angela 35:06

Ooh, okay. Dearest future Angela. Your Christmas was quiet and uneventful. You woke up, got to watch home alone, and a miracle on 34th Street, then proceeded to eat a mountain of tamales, beans and rice and followed it up with what I'm hoping is going to be caramel cake with Italian buttercream icing.

Jae 35:34

You've got

Angela 35:35

the new Twilight book you've been asking for. Because apparently during there's a new Twilight book, yeah, Midnight Sun from Edwards perspective.

Jae 35:44

Oh, right. But it's like the first book.

Angela 35:46

Yeah. Because apparently during the pandemic, I've reverted back to my middle school reading habits, but it's okay. And yeah, it was comfy. It was cozy. And hopefully I also got a new pot and pan set because I'm a grandma and that's all I really want for Christmas.

Jae 36:03

I mean, or you're trying to be a functioning adult, but sure we can go What about you? Um, I am assuming in some capacity, whether it was just to drop off gifts or a socially distance masks on outside 12 million feet apart endeavor. My family does a gift exchange. Hopefully I get my oh my god, I also completely called it wrong when I was editing the therma gun. I called it something else. I don't remember what it was but I know I was wrong. I

Angela 36:33

called it You said therma gun to Thera gun Okay, like a therapy?

Jae 36:38

Yeah. Hopefully that and then normally Christmas morning Santa comes my stocking is full. Typically chips are involved chips of the chocolate and laser variety. And then I went up guess for my mom and Santa. And then a Christmas day I typically go to my grandfather's house, but I don't know what's gonna happen. I do know their gifts to exchange and we'll see what happens. I was gonna say what I got everyone but I forgot I sent the link out to this so people my family actually listened. One I got everyone for Christmas. I know I will slow like should I tell you what I got you in this episode. And like me you disconnect for a minute.

Angela 37:14

Oh my god, that'd be hilarious. Well, at this point, we'll see too if Jay actually got me a lightsaber, which is what I think it is. And I think she's just been disguising it really well.

Jae 37:24

I think you're gonna cry. Oh, yeah, if

Angela 37:25

you got me a lightsaber. 100% I'm gonna cry in terms

Jae 37:28

of like movies and things. What am I looking for? What what's coming out this month?

Angela 37:33

Oh, sorry. On Christmas Day. I also hope I watch Wonder Woman 1984 56540 Shonda

Jae 37:44

Rhimes new show on Netflix comes out on Christmas Day.

Angela 37:47

Which one is that?

Jae 37:48

I don't know. But it takes place in old England. Oh, or old UK somewhere? I don't know. Um, that comes out on the 25th there's another movie or something that comes out to Milan is now on Disney plus regular without the pay the extra payment so I will be watching that.

Angela 38:02

Oh, okay. I just looked it up. It is 1984

Jae 38:05

I'm definitely Eloise at Christmas time we'll be watching Oh yes, there are these really cool hot chocolate bombs that are in snowman shape that my mom got me at Trader Joe's which are lovely. They were more worldly before I saw the nutritional box on the back. It was more sugar than you should have in like three days. Oh no. gonna enjoy frosty. And then like that's it because we shouldn't have to punish our bodies after indulgence.

Angela 38:32

Like for example, will we get enough tamales to feed us for three weeks? Yes. Will I possibly finish them in one very possible but it's okay because we only tamales once a year there you

Jae 38:44

go and then ideally we will have had our Christmas New Year's Kwanzaa Hanukkah party with our friends by now. Where will have come see them see some cool recipe creations that we'll have on the Instagram because we are now content creators. For the internet. God isn't

Angela 39:02

that weird to think of.

Jae 39:04

I just wish there was a term that made it sound sounding arty doesn't sound bad. But like we're content, like, we're not solving world hunger and saying content creator I'm creating. So you are a creator of content. And I get that what I understand that's like the best term for it. It just still feels like a little bit of like, over indulgence for me.

Angela 39:21

I think we just need to come up with our own term.

Jae 39:23

Comment below if you have any ideas. With this being our last episode of the year. Do you have a goal resolution? Anything you would like to close out? 2020? Um,

Angela 39:37

let's see. I will be devoting my birthday wish to the COVID-19 vaccine working very well. Here here. And I think my new goal for 2021 is going to be a continuation of what I oof right? So it's going to be a continuation of what I started earlier this year. And just taking more time for myself and being more intentional with how I commit my time. So a little, a little less overtime at work and a little more self care time for me. Whether that means I get in an extra workout, I'm working on a new recipe, I do an extra facemask or I just take a nap. It's just a little something more that I'm doing for myself.

Jae 40:26

Love naps. I wish they didn't throw my sleep schedule so much right.

Angela 40:30

Also, and I'm expecting like a book shipment was like 10 new books. So I'm hoping to take a crack at those in January. Very exciting.

Jae 40:41

I have the two books I'm going to be finishing this month. And then I have my two prepped for the new year. Oh, nice graziers Asian series will be put on hold till I finished these two. Oh, no, but I will one of them as my therapist recommended and the other is like a guy who like was a monk for a bit and he gives insight on meditation and self awareness. Oh, that's very cool. I'm trying to be my own parents for 2020

Angela 41:06

I love that. Oh, you'll actually be really proud. My company gave everyone a Bernie brown book one our company gift. Dare to lead. Ooh, give it to me after Okay,

Jae 41:18

I will choose a podcast called that too. Oh, interesting.

I have a lesson that actually I shouldn't have thrown that I didn't trust it. She has like the Monica from cheer slash Leann Toohey, Sandra Bullock and The Blind Side kind of Southern noise. Or it's like that no nonsense, kind of, huh? She's Texas. I love that. And then I love the real Southern like sweet tea girls who sound like labelong on like a southern belle kind of space like Jamie King on part of mixing my two favorite Southern accents for women. See, I love that you're

Angela 41:49

the kind of person that just has to favorite Southern accents for women

Jae 41:52

think like Lucas tail and Hannah Montana movie. Okay, well, it's like not like a full thing, but like a little bit. And then what I was gonna say is my other big goal for 2021 is I'm a huge Baker my whole family has been baking and cooking since before me and I kind of found my niche and baking, my whole family bakes everything and will can and would do extraordinarily well. But my Nisha kind of like new techniques slash fancy things, like they take a lot of work, even if they're not that hard, or that do take a lot of work, but there's a big payoff from it. Like my next baking thing. My goal is a croquembouche, which is a tower full of harsh shoe pata shoe pastries with cream inside, and then you do spun sugar and it's like a tower very pretty, lots of hard work. That's like my new baking project. I've never really found my niche and cooking and because my family is just so good at cooking. I haven't really found my thing for it yet, but I think it's something I'd like to explore and see if I can get into because I know I can cook but I'd much rather bake. I think it's time that I explore cooking a little bit more. So we'll see how that goes and 2021

Angela 43:02

yay. And I'm very excited for your for your tower. I'm just going to refer to it as the tower because I don't know if I'll remember croquembouche but it is a fun word. So I might croquembouche and on that note, thank you for listening to this episode in Omnia paratus We're so happy that you've joined us for 2020 and we hope to see you again in 2021. Grab your coffee bowl and don't forget to rate download and subscribe on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts as always where you lead will follow. So head on over to @inomniapod and tell us about your New Year's Eve experiences. And anything else you might want to hear about in the new year.


Jae 43:45

Happy New Year. Bye