This week’s episode for you is as close to live as you’ll hear from us now. This past weekend we went to see the latest in the MCU, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and we can’t wait for more. This episode is more of a gushing rant of praise and emotions for Simu Liu, Awkwafina, and the rest of Marvel’s newest additions, but hopefully you enjoy! 

Show Notes

  • Listeners, what should we call ourselves? Jae Like the Letter, and Angela, Also AVO just aren’t doing it anymore…
  • WARNING: Major spoilers for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the 10 Rings ahead! Listen at your own caution – or maybe just after you’ve seen the movie
  • Fact Check 1: Simu Liu’s character, Shang-Chi, is in hiding, so he changed his name to Shaun, but this may still be a commentary on Americanizing names of non-English language origins
  • PSA: If you can pronounce the names of Game of Thrones characters, you can pronounce names on non-English language origins. Please see Daenerys Targaryen, Khal Drogo, and Dario Naharis as your first example (The fact that Spellcheck was able to correct these for me is my second example)
  • Fact Check 2: Sebastian Stan is 38 years old.
  • Yep, Shang-Chi is younger than Angela (Everyone is younger than Angela at this point)
  • Fact Check 3: So while, we haven’t been able to find an article that completely substantiates Brie Larson as the sole reason that The Marvels, as a female forward (all-female cast, writer, and director) film in the Captain Marvel Series, there is a significant portion of evidence that supports her involvement in pushing for diverse casting. Larson is an actor in Hollywood who is known for attaching diversity and inclusion riders to her contracts and has been very outspoken about highlighting more wone in this story line
  • See Simu Liu’s “Hey Marvel” tweet here:
  • Shang-Chi debuted in Marvel comics in the 1970’s and has had popular crossovers with Spider-man, Captain America, and Wolverine. You can find a little about the character origin here:
  • Fact Check 4: Thor: Love & Thunder’s release date has been moved back to November 2022
  • Both Kit Harrington and Richard Madden are both in The Eternals (Angela got both confused, but we don’t remember who she thought Kit Harrington was before)
  • Update: We did make it to Avengers Campus and on the Spider-Man: Webslingers when we went to Disneyland: California Adventure. We saw the Black Panther and Dora Milaje, Ant-Man, Shang-Chi, and Spider-Man (Angela chased Spider-man, but didn’t catch him)
  • Fact Check 5: Angela’s mom went to Disneyland 6 years after it first opened

Jae 0:00

I pledge myself to the pod loyal I'll always be appear to start a d at the end and an O sitting in between

Angela 0:09

I believe in you

Jae 0:14

Do you though? Yes,

Angela 0:16

you are. You're building on your love of the Marvel franchise superheroes. Super humans, super aliens,

Jae 0:23

dragons. There you go. Welcome back to an Omnia Paratus. I'm Jae like the letter.

Angela 0:29

And I'm Angela, also known as AVO.

Jae 0:31

nicknames are just like not what they weren't in college honestly,

Angela 0:34

should we just drop them

Jae 0:35

but like then it's like Jae and then Angela. Like,

Angela 0:39

I know, I really don't like how my name flows with that. And

Jae 0:42

then or Angela and Jae

Angela 0:44

still not good?

Jae 0:45

Yeah, the mine went first because originally, hey, J because the Ryan that was it. And then Angela, if you if you were okay with just go by a via we had the three letter thing going. But like you needed Angela and a vo in there because you wouldn't just go buy a vo

Angela 1:01

that's true. I feel like some context was needed for a vo but then

Jae 1:05

why don't you want to give the context for a real? Well, yeah,

Angela 1:08

see there? There we go. So it's just out? I don't know. Well, well, we'll come back to that. If you had to come up with your own kind of like pseudonym moniker stage name.

Jae 1:19

I mean, people will call me like Jane or Jade my whole life because I'm Asian. Oh, yeah, that's just kind of racist. Yeah. Whenever my godfather would take me to the park, and he would like, introduce me there. Oh, like he would say j and then oh, Jade and like, look at me like Asian baby. So it's like, yeah,

Angela 1:34

see, that's just not even creative on their part. Well, I

Jae 1:37

don't think it's creative. I think it's just a microaggression. Starting Young.

Angela 1:41

Well, moving right into what we're actually going to talk about. And one of my first points here for this listeners, just to give you a little insight into our day to day, j and i saw Shang chi and the legend of the 10 rings tonight. It's not Seven Rings, right? It's 10

Jae 1:57

can confer Jesus, off to a strong start. Might as well call him Shawn while you're at it.

Angela 2:04

Well, that's my first point there for the first 20 minutes of the movie when awkwafina His character is calling him Sean. I thought that she was just having issues pronouncing Shang

Jae 2:14

Oh, God.

Angela 2:16

Like I wanted to say something to you. But I was like, Am I just miss hearing her? Do I not understand? Did they have some sort of issue? Like is she like, upset with him? And that's the best take that they could get out of this. But no, everyone in Shang Chi legend of the 10 rings Shang Chi is actually in hiding when we first find him in the movie. And he has called himself Shawn instead of Shawn.

Jae 2:41

Oh, yeah, we're going to spoil things. I mean, that shouldn't be a surprise. At this point. You should notice we are coming live ish, because I have a very tight turnaround time with this. Or maybe Angela does. Maybe this will be your first one she edits. Who knows? Because we are together in human form for multiple

Angela 2:57

days in a row. And I actually don't work tomorrow. So we'll see. Yeah, but yes,

Jae 3:02

he goes by Sean. I assumed it was because he in the film works at a fancy San Francisco Hotel. And typically, the clientele tends to be white and rich. So I assumed people got it wrong. So he just said, Shawn, because they think it'll be easier for the guests to understand.

Angela 3:24

We'll see. I don't know if I'd noticed any other characters, also calling him Shawn. I just particularly noted it through awkwafina Because she was yelling at him so often that it really stood out to me. So I got very confused there until it was finally like clarified like 20 minutes in that he hadn't given her his real name to begin with.

Jae 3:44

Oh, yeah. But that's like, my point with that is it's very common. I mean, it is a very common thing growing up, at least where I did in the Bay Area and stuff for particularly, I can only speak for Asian kids to get like a Western name or Western sounding name to correspond with it. So I just assumed in this context, he or his management did it because he was tired of people mispronouncing it. Which I think another thing maybe we'll transition into now, if you can learn the names on Game of Thrones, Shang Chi you can pronounce names of cultures different than one's own. And it is always respectful to try your hardest to pronounce names of other cultures correctly, because if you can say, I mean, the first one that popped into me wasn't even a Game of Thrones named seer. chaperonin Have you seen how that spelled? Oh, yeah.

Angela 4:34

What does it it looks like sorts like stories, but it's there. Yeah.

Jae 4:39

And then going to Game of Thrones, if you can pronounce dinero Targaryen. Yes,

Angela 4:43

good job. Or Cal. Drogo Khaleesi. If you are one of those people out there who can speak Dothraki or elvish, Lord of the Rings and you can pronounce some of those names. Oh,

Jae 4:56

you're far too nerd for me right now.

Angela 4:58

They're there. They're not that far. Part Yeah, so

Jae 5:00

if you have a passion for those Please pronounce other cultures names correctly and do your part to emphasize this. Angela, where's the Game of Thrones transition? You know where I was bringing it Game of Thrones.

Angela 5:13

Oh, okay, so I completely have to own this one she loses

Jae 5:16

her nerd card today.

Angela 5:17

So in the opening keynote opening credits it's fairly opening trailers before Shang Chi one of the ones that popped up was for the Eternals and I full disclosure, I've never seen any of the trailers or teasers for the Eternals before so I just like kind of glanced at the screen because I was digging through the popcorn and I thought that it was Sebastian Stan and some other woman and they were having this very brief exchange.

Jae 5:44

Can Astrid Wait, Gemma chan Why did you not wear your glasses to this movie?

Angela 5:50

I thought that it was going to be okay, but apparently it wasn't. Yes, it

Jae 5:54

was Jabba chan Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie. The person who she thought was smashing his Kit Harrington from Game of Thrones, okay, and

Angela 6:02

as soon as he said a full sentence that I knew that I was dealing with the king of the north however with him just sitting on the porch in the Midwest staring at some sky moodily He looked very Sebastian Stan like

Jae 6:13

I know and the reason that came up is because when I saw him I leaned over to Andrew and I was like, I for the longest time I thought he was Sebastian Stan, especially with all the Marvel trailers for coming out. And Angela being the nerd she is I assumed would laugh at me and make fun of me. But instead when she was like that's not Sebastian said I was like, No, it's Kit

Angela 6:31

Harrington well see, because before you leaned over the first thought that I had was wow for being over 50 Sebastian Stan looks really good in this trailer kid Harrington fans are gonna come for you. Are Are they though? Are there any real kid Harrington fans like outside of Game of Thrones, because I'm one of you. And I understand and I knew his voice just you know, your first image without my glasses.

Jae 6:55

You're going to get like the die jerk treatment from some kid Harrington fan.

Angela 6:59

I'm going to get that from everyone. I'm going to get it from the beehive. I'm going to get it from the Drake fans. What is it? Didn't I say something about like Emma Watson or Taylor Swift at one point too? I don't know. I don't know. All right, you know what moving on back factor Shang chi. I got some of my nerd card back. Okay, so for some of you that don't know Shang Chi is the second movie in Marvel's official phase four release. What was the first black widow? Oh, I mean, she she's she's technically tagged as part of it.

Jae 7:29

No, I know. But like she should have ended in phase three like it would have made more sense for her to be in phase three like endgame was so final that it felt like it was very clear that this movie was part of Phase four Marvel's future in black widow was part of their past even though it was made in 2019 had a different really state. It was very clear. This was Marvel, like investing in their future phases.

Angela 7:53

Oh, yeah, definitely. But second movie of the year, Shang Chi is officially out Get your tickets, everyone. It was amazing. I told Jay in the car coming back. He might be my new favorite as everything has been set up so far. And Wanda Maximoff been blown out of the water for me rip Elizabeth. It's okay, that one's one division comes back from season two. Like I'm sure she'll be back on top are they getting a season two they have to have a season

Jae 8:16

two but they ran as an Emmy as a limited series and that implies like limited

Angela 8:21

however the watchmen on HBO also ran as a limited series but they are potentially coming back for season two if they get enough fan backing Hmm Okay,

Jae 8:30

wait so then are Loki Wanda and Captain America The Winter Soldier face for two are those the end of Phase Three their Phase four. Okay, so everything after endgame is phase four. What about that Spider Man movie?

Angela 8:42

So Spider Man? Yes is part of Phase four.

Jae 8:46

Not one but the one that came out that had Robert Downey Jr. In it the second one far from home. I don't know them by name. I just know that the second Spider Man movie happened after one

Angela 8:57

division. Yes. So that's that's a little weird because Spider Man is technically it's Marvel but almost exists outside of their universe that they've created.

Jae 9:07

Okay, we're getting to nerd heavy even for me, a very important fact that I would like to point out is Shan Chi is three years younger than Angela. Oh my god. Yes. Because the scene where you see the parents coming together it says a 1996 and it's very clear. It's a very beautiful fight dance scene. It kind of reminded me of like Brazilian like Capoeira or the way like they were moving on the actual Look, obviously, I think they were doing some kind of like Asian martial art, but like the way they were filming it and kind of the pauses in the looks felt very dance like and choreographed, obviously, but that was a 1996 and he said he left when he was 14. It had been 10 years later, henceforth, meaning he is 24 years old.

Angela 9:48

That like really hurts my soul right there and

Jae 9:51

it means the sisters even younger,

Angela 9:53

okay, I know we're jumping all over the place but can we talk about his sister for a minute because she's such a badass

Jae 9:58

here here the actor the was 32 Angela so perfectly in your age range? Okay, there we go and Canadian who would not love dual citizenship very

Angela 10:06


Jae 10:07

great abs.

Angela 10:08

Mm hmm okay, but back to his sister. I am completely going to butcher Her name is usually gelatin

Jae 10:15

shouting shop like It's like SHA I think like okay,

Angela 10:19

okay everyone I'm really sorry if I'm pronouncing this incorrectly I believe it's Shao Ling but she was a badass basically ignored by her father told that she couldn't train with his army or her brother and then he completely ignored her until she ran away when she was 16 and opened up her own club. Yeah, her own Fight Club.

Jae 10:40

I've never seen the movie Fight Club but like I feel like it would be like that though. This

Angela 10:44

was definitely like a weight better version of Fight Club.

Jae 10:46

It kind of reminded me of the atmosphere of Emily van camps place in Falcon in the Winter Soldier when they first go to find her.

Angela 10:56

Yes, in that but also started with an M module for Yeah, I really I wonder if that's your nerd heads heard? No, but I know it is. I'm gonna drop it for now. But yeah, she was amazing. Like, I kind of wonder so you know, I'm jumping all over the place. So she was amazing. But to bring some structure to this best three moments of Shang Ji

Jae 11:17

Oh, God, um, I love when the mother and father met

Angela 11:21

that was really great. I think they they did a really great job of kind of melding their two stories together where like, he was like the fierce warrior conqueror, who was just like, bent on destruction and greed. And she was a part of people who thrived in enlightenment, essentially, and they met and changed each other. Yeah, I like how they both willingly gave up their immortality was an actual immortality. So he had immortality from the rings and or people had immortality.

Jae 11:53

Oh, so when he called the old man young, like young child wasn't necessarily being facetious. Oh, yeah, I didn't know that. Um, my next moment I don't I feel like it's cheating. But it's like the thing about this that like Marvel does so well. And like the fantasy universe like the big fight?

Angela 12:09

No. And I think as far as they go some Marvel movies they haven't had really great big fights like Dr. Strange his first movie, I think he could have had a better one. I don't remember. I think like ultimately, like where were they? So they were in I think it was one of their like, safe houses in Hong Kong. And then he was also in

Jae 12:29

Oh, they end up in the street and he goes into the sky and fights

Angela 12:33

Yeah, like he goes into the multiverse to like, meet Dormammu and and

Jae 12:37

yeah, and even I don't think like Black Widow had like a great big battle because for them it was like the structure was falling. So just like getting out of it rather than like a big like one big like cast fight and that's something I think that like not all movies also like allow for Black Panther you had like was more about the one on one. It's Michael B. Jordan, right? Yes. Michael B. Jordan, but going back to Michael Jordan. Shang she rocked during his large fight. Yes. Okay. I wonder how much Nike paid for the sponsorship because you know, any brand would have killed fat

Angela 13:10

and BMW Oh, yeah, for sure. Okay, but can I just say though, why did they fight in jeans? This was like like I feel like that greatly limits your range of motion

Jae 13:18

it could I sleep in jeans which people are always like attack me for so I'm not the person to ask this question to

Angela 13:25

my god. Well, I mean, I don't know I did martial arts for a while and like yeah, you can like kick around in jeans. But you know, it's a lot more comfortable. And it feels easier in looser pants.

Jae 13:36

Yeah, okay, my third moment was I'm gonna be respectful on this one I was like I like where the ending credit seed went but out of respect because it's not what I thought it was going I will just say I assumed it was going to lead into the Eternals and it didn't and I think a lot of could still Oh no, I definitely think it could lead into the eternal but the scene was not as clear of a direction to the internals as I thought I assumed I was gonna see Kit Harrington Gemma chan Salma Hayek, someone in the Eternals in it and no one in the eternal is within it. I just would like to get all of that. Oh, I

Angela 14:07

know completely. Yeah, no, I I have to admit, I was sort of waiting for someone to like dropped down at the very end and be like, I've been looking for these Thanks for finding them. I now need to like annihilate you because you can now wield the same power that I can.

Jae 14:22

Yeah, like how at the end of long division, like a Cree person comes down talk to Monica. How's the like? That's why I assume there's gonna be something like that to lead into it. Just how we know in the now movie, the movie, which salary instead of Captain Marvel two or whatever. It's like the Marvel I think is what Brie Larson had it renamed because like Brie Larson and after respect to her not Brie Larson really is in Hollywood walking the walk of inclusivity and dei without really needing to be asked like they change their movie ever thought they changed it for like the fans but like no Brie Larson had it changed to represent

Angela 14:54

all the Captain Marvel's that came before her and will come after her. Well, because I mean again I don't know if we touched about this a little bit in our previous Marvel episode, but there have been like five different incarnations of Captain Marvel's including Brie Larson and the Marvel Universe is now kind of bringing those all in though

Jae 15:14

ending credits very nice and for being what I was still considered a Neil a new person to this whole Marvel Universe hearing what clearly was a packed theater of Marvel fans like gasp and kind of reactive design currency and like made me feel good because I was surprised but like knowing like people who would really nerd out for this like also were shocked was very fun to hear like thinking about the reaction people had for endgame or some of like the other one of the huge movies and seeing like videos of people in theaters recording the end of endgame seems very cathartic completely.

Angela 15:43

No, I think okay, just getting into like some of my favorite moments first big spoiler for you all, they did do a little bit of a Doctor Strange crossover. And we did get Wong briefly in this movie. And I think that was pretty great to see because Wong has always been very much like a steadfast like keeper of like a knowledge the old ways trying to keep Stephen Strange in line and then you see him here in this movie biting in Shandling's club, and that's very much like a deviation from who he is in his other movies. So it's really great to see him kind of let loose like that. Oh, and then burst off the scene that really hooked me and I think it's just it's meant to hug you but they did such a great job with it. But Shang Chi fighting the members of the 10 rings in the bus driving down hill or San Francisco when awkwafina needs to take the wheel from the driver who's now passed out it just it felt very much like old fashioned like speed with Keanu Reeves. But also, as you roll your eyes at me, I feel like the 90s movie.

Jae 16:44

I know. I've just never seen it. Never seen it because I haven't seen it.

Angela 16:49

Oh, okay. All right. Well, we'll need to add that into movie night or something for you. Okay, but yeah, speed speed is pretty good. Um, but yeah, no, it was just it was amazing.

Jae 16:57

It was a great scene and then also knowing the area of where that hotel is because as you know, listeners know, our friend Brian has a particular bar in that area. Frequent with us. It was very fun getting to see it in film form. Maybe that was also the movie they were filming or so before 29. This was made in 2019.

Angela 17:16

Like they were filming here in 2019. You got cast in 2019. Okay, because I thought they were filming here during the pandemic. And you didn't want tell me? Well, I didn't find out until afterwards when I was looking up Shang chia and was like, oh, yeah, they were filming here in October through November of 2020.

Jae 17:32

So I could have been an extra in it for my birthday and you didn't let me know.

Angela 17:36

I didn't know that they were filming until afterwards when I was trying to look up filming for the matrix because I wanted to see where they were

Jae 17:44

almost got caught on the Bay Bridge because they were filming oh my god we made it but traffic was like horrendous around it. I remember

Angela 17:50

there were a few nights I got all the way to the Embarcadero but then I couldn't get to BART and I had to backtrack to like Powell Street because everything was every street was shut down.

Jae 18:02

Okay, number two,

Angela 18:04

that was number two. Number three number three. Um, oh,

Jae 18:07

I think when I have a number three for you, if you don't have one.

Angela 18:11

Oh, no, I was gonna say the moment when Sean cheese and shellings on mother's sister there aren't like embraces traveling and tells her like you know, we all train as equals here. You don't have to live in the shadows anymore. And she really gets to like try out like her own expertise and like learn their fighting style played

Jae 18:29

by the wonderful Michelle Yeoh who has a long history within film and Asian representation. I first saw her in Crazy Rich Asians, but she was in some other very famous Asian lead film in the 80s.

Angela 18:42

She's Auntie L Right? Yes. Oh, yeah. And then we got the awesome little nugget of cousin Eddie from Crazy Rich Asian. Yeah, as Charlene is bouncer. Announcer sure whatever. We're gonna call him MC Yeah.

Jae 18:55

Which I love a little Crazy Rich Asians reunion with awkwafina. Michel, yo, God, I'm not trying to be racist, but his last name is Chen in real life. Ronald Donald Ronnie.

Angela 19:04

Yeah. Ronnie ching ching. I think that's how you pronounce it.

Jae 19:08

Sure. No, no, you're right. Okay. I don't know. I can't pronounce that. But if I hear him in an interview, I will learn and correct it. Um, but I loved seeing them because it was a great nod. But it was also a reminder that like any movie that has a dominant Asian presence, you'll probably recognize the same actors from multiple movies because they need some sort of star power which I get to carry these movies but at the same time, there are also many Asian actors like one of the great things that Angela I don't know if you were in the bathroom or you were watching the screen where they were doing this but I'm sure I've want to say I'm sure you've seen but I don't know I'm similarly the lead Did you like have you heard his whole story with like entering the MCU?

Angela 19:44

So I might be wrong, but I think when they announced that they were going to do the movie he like tweeted at them and was like cast me

Jae 19:52

close. So in 2014 after Captain America and Thor came out he tweeted something like, Hey, Marvel, how about an Asian suit? We're here Oh, and it was July 17 of 2014 and in 2019 on July 24, he said the sort of Kelly Clarkson interview today which is the only reason I saw he had retweeted himself lol the day he got cast oh my god so manifest people maybe we need to Twitter maybe that's our issue if we're not on Twitter

Angela 20:16

enough maybe Oh yeah, Twitter's just the reason the universe isn't hearing us we'll try Twitter guys. Yeah, but that well, Oh God no,

Jae 20:23

I think is great. And also just PSA. I haven't heard this yet. But I would like to clarify. He is a wonderful Asian Canadian, Canadian Asian. I don't know what he prefers. But let's not if I hear anyone talk about Asian American representation and they are not referring to awkwafina I will have word because yes it is Asian representation in Asian representation means Asian whether you are from if you have Asian in you whether you are from America, from South America from Europe, you are Asian is Asian representation, but it is not Asian American if the person is not also American.

Angela 20:58

Here Here it's complex guys, and we believe in you you can grasp it

Jae 21:02

not so optimistic of you. I'm surprised your favorite scene wasn't with another big spoiler, but I think it was a great call back to Iron Man When during the big fight scene, Trevor Travis travelin.

Angela 21:13

Trevor Slattery come on early slaps,

Jae 21:16

when Trevor Slattery makes a reappearance but during the big battle, his like Neo pet of a friend he made in kind of this like dungeon thing comes over because the thing thinks he died during the battle, but he's acting dead during the big fight.

Angela 21:33

So loving all come after him. No, I actually that was like a part of like my next lead in here. I loved all of the different magical elements, and especially Morris aka Trevor Slattery, aka the mandarins little magical pet from this hidden land in the jungle that Shang cheese mother came from which called which is called Tolo so for all of you out there as well. Shang Chi has like some really amazing like fight scenes great like city setup as well but it's also very much based in like Legend and myth and brings in like this whole other magical world and we get they had some really crazy animals there. So when I called them Neopets, but yeah, I mean, Neopets little animals, magical creatures, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, whatever you want to call them.

Jae 22:26

I like the horses with the fishscale right? Oh, and then the

Angela 22:30

the foxes with the white one image. Yeah,

Jae 22:33

but the one I asked Angela for my birthday. It was kind of a few mixed I've Ciao ciao with a Chinese New Year's dragon kind of being

Angela 22:43

and the lion, right?

Jae 22:45

I mean, that's where the Chouteau came in from O'Hare. Okay, but I would like one of them. They're very large and you look like you can ride them, but they also play fetch.

Angela 22:53

I'll see what I can do. I don't know how great I would be at importing exotic animals though. Just saying you have a month and 20 days. Oh, your birthday is really coming up. Yes. birth month birth month.

Jae 23:05

We have a lot planned for my birth month.

Angela 23:07

Oh my god that's gonna be a really crazy episode.

Jae 23:09

What's gonna be a crazy month we'll see. There's an episode.

Angela 23:13

Okay, but yes, going back to the Neopets as you call them. Morris was absolutely adorable. So Trevor Slattery aka the Mandarin, who we saw from Ironman to was actually kidnapped by Shang cheese father because we didn't know this but the Mandarin was actually a character created based off of Shang cheese father and he was like created to be like the global terrorist who would like to scare everyone and so he was putting up he was put in prison after his involvement with the true Mandarin scary guy and no, that's Iron Man three. Oh my gosh, I'm sorry. You can take my nerd card.

Jae 23:50

You can just take it it's totally one thing too.

Angela 23:52

I have been saying to it is 30 It is three because it's

Jae 23:54

I said to in the movie theater, but I meant sorry because for me, I saw them out. I saw Iron Man three second, which is how I was going to but yes, it's Iron Man three words for them. Jay, the thing I loved was when Sean cheese father was talking about what happened he was like they couldn't find me but they heard of the thing called the 10 rings and because of coming up so this American group wanted to do it so they call themselves that and the they didn't know Shang cheese father's name. So the only thing they could come up with that sounded Asian was the Mandarin the fruit which I think as much of sometimes comedy is the way we learn things. And I think it was a great note to appropriations of cultures, even though Shang cheese that is evil and bad and runs like oh, like Black Ops ninja group. Mm hmm. The appropriation portion from people like oh, we don't know what it is to work. I'm just gonna call it the big bad leader. The mandarin after an orange was very eye opening and I hope gave people kind of like a subtle insight into like preparation versus appreciation.

Angela 25:01

Yeah, like, I almost wonder if that's a little bit of Disney slash Marvel's way of pulling back on some of the things that they've maybe not exactly represented well in the past. Hmm, I could see that. Yeah. Or if it this really has just all been a part of the plan because I think which Oh, no, because I think so going through here. Apparently in Marvel, we also have references to the 10 rings in Thor The Dark World.

Jae 25:31

And in Ant Man will Yeah, Angela, everyone knows that.

Angela 25:35

Well, you know, I was just I was on my search for the source material, because I was very interested in where Shang Chi came from like, whether it was something that like Marvel had created on their own or if it was like rooted in comics, or if Marvel did up from another place, but never rooted in comics is not well, yeah, most of it is, but I wanted to know if it was rooted in a Marvel comic, or if they were borrowing it from another place. But it is actually an original Marvel comic that they came out with in the 1970s love that we're

Jae 26:04

getting into this 35 minutes since.

Angela 26:07

Oh, yeah. You know,

Jae 26:09

if anyone cared about the history, whoops. This is

Angela 26:12

what happens when we decided to record after eating insane amounts of sugar and coming straight home from the theater.

Jae 26:19

This was a new movie theater and misfire. And now that I know that I have margaritas, I will only be going and having a margarita.

Angela 26:25

Well imagine the next time we go and then have margaritas with the movie and then come back and record.

Jae 26:31

I don't know, it depends on what movie it is like, I need to be focused for the MCU movies. But apparently, I at least I can tell the actors apart. So maybe I could do with the margarita to counter your level.

Angela 26:44

I'm really good. I need to bring my glasses to the next one

Jae 26:46

other thing that this theater has, which my friend told me about movie theaters and four D so during certain driving scenes, they would like move your seats to the right and to the left. I personally would do that. Like if I went to go see it again. And I frankly would go see this movie again. If someone wanted to go I would definitely go again. But I wouldn't. I'm glad I saw it once where my seat didn't move and it just kind of reclined.

Angela 27:07

Oh, yeah. No, I think this would actually be a really great one in 4d Because it seems like they have a lot of elements that are actually well suited. Yeah, up to that. Like, oh, like imagine when he's like riding the dragon. And then like, you're kind of like spiraling with him.

Jae 27:22

Yeah, but from what she told me at least when she went to see black widow, they like made scenes move so like it would fit with it. And I was like, I think it was also in 3d. I don't know 40 Because like that's just a lot like I until like have you all the I think the some of the scenes would be beautiful, especially the ones like more natural like the ones like in the nature scenes like imagine like all those creatures in 4d, like coming at you.

Angela 27:46

Oh, yeah, that would definitely be scary though. With the soul snatchers. Ooh, yeah. That I wouldn't enjoy or the big one. Yeah, that that actually almost got a little too intense for me.

Jae 27:57

Yeah, that's when I started hating you. Yeah, it was I tried to talk to you just like it got into them. It's gonna get them and so I was tapping.

Angela 28:03

Oh, yeah, no, I got that. Eventually. I thought you were hitting me like, oh, something's happening. Like you're not seeing it. Oh, no. Like I thought awkwafina was in trouble or something. Oh, quick penis. Fine. Oh, but also, can we talk about her little like her little journey through the movie? Like she found her calling Hawkeye. I mean, maybe not necessarily. Maybe they're gonna train her in some other weapons. But she like savingly universe is her calling.

Jae 28:27

I think her bigger calling is karaoke.

Angela 28:31

I think that's every Hotel California. We're calling and driving.

Jae 28:35

She drove the bus. She drove the car through the maze in the forest.

Angela 28:39

Yeah. Oh, see, I don't think anyone's really left in the Avengers. That's like a really great pilot. Who

Jae 28:47

was it before? Well, didn't didn't Scarlett Johansson drive a lot. You're asking me I think she did. I thought it was Robert Downey Jr. Because like in Thor three when the thing has to be programmed. And he's like, like the passwords like greatest Avenger or whatever. Or Did Mark Ruffalo do that

Angela 29:03

I think they all made their passwords like greatest Avenger or something like like the

Jae 29:07

person who did the plane for Thor to get off of the what I call like the Spy Kids. Candyland playing it. The one

Angela 29:14

is the whole Yeah, I think I think it was I think it was start. Wow, I have so much Spy Kids. Candyland. Play.

Jae 29:20

What's it called?

Angela 29:21

I like it. Oh, nowhere,

Jae 29:23

right? That was a shit show. Once thunder downunder come out February

Angela 29:27

12 2022 Valentine's Day right before Valentine's Day.

Jae 29:33

I mean, I guess we'll need it since all the voice is over. We need something

Angela 29:36

new. Although I don't know I'm a little I'm a little concerned for myself for how we'll do with that movie.

Jae 29:43

Because do you know the premise is Chris pregnant? No. Okay, then I can go see it.

Angela 29:46

So Natalie Portman aka J Yeah, Lady don't take Yeah, she's gonna take up the mantle and be lady Thor. But her character is also going to be undergoing chemotherapy. She has cancer. And so every time that she picks up The hammer and takes in like becomes lady Thor she underused all of her chemo treatments. It looks like that's that's the story from the source material. So it's like you're in comics. Yeah. So you're gonna see her like pretty sick in theory, so I don't know how I'm gonna deal with that. Well, that's

Jae 30:17

rude after Ragnarok was like so funny. I Ragnarok didn't feel like it fit when I was watching the Marvel movies because I watched that during my marathon. I was like, this like feels like

Angela 30:28

a really comedic so that's actually why Thor is getting more movies. They're essentially like resetting his storyline so they're not like resetting it but like they're taking the story and like telling it through a different lens like one and two, like both very serious like particularly dark world but then like you said, like Ragnarok was really funny and so they want to build on that by chemo treatments. Don't know what to tell you. They've got a dark and twisty sense of humor, apparently. Yeah,

Jae 30:57

but back to Shang chief. So

Angela 30:58

okay, I have a question for you. Did you understand that like from his mother's people, the Tolo basically what they were teaching him was to tap into his tree

Jae 31:08

every No, but like, it makes sense. No, because like,

Angela 31:11

I think so too. So what I'm reading here when I'm going through like the history of Shang Chi, everyone's like, of course, you should know that.

Jae 31:18

I mean, not with that, but like it felt very rude. And I mean, I think speaking more generally, I felt like the way I phrased this to Angeles, it felt like we definitely had Asians working on this movie, which sounds like something stupid to say in a movie. So based in Asian culture and Asian traditions, but like, we know the movies that we know movies back at me, we know which movies get socially cancelled. Not everyone does. And so for me, like his mother's like the connection with nature, when you see Michelle Yeoh and the mom fight in their style and stuff like it's very graceful, it is very much like that kind of like softer, but like, like softer fighting style. I'm saying soften air pose, because it's not like you're not fighting, but it's a more peaceful fighting than aggressive from the Father side. So it doesn't surprise me both like what you're supposed to get from it. But I also like that kind of if people don't get it, because I don't know what movie I was watching. It might have been an interview with in the heights cast. I'm wanting more and just first musical that he did about Washington Heights. It was some movie I think it was interview that but someone was saying how they love that they didn't automatically dub when they would have small conversations in Spanish because not everything needs to be done in Chiang tree they do dub the Mandarin, I believe it is Mandarin because I understood it. A little bit of it. Not all of it. I'm trying to teach myself Mandarin slowly, very hard language to learn. And I'm not even learning how to write it when they don't express that it's tai chi or express the dark kind of martial arts it is it's because it's like those who get it, we'll get it those who want to know we'll look into it. But like nothing, everything doesn't need to be handed to the audience for the appreciation and to understand the film, I guess. And it's like those that do understand the exact types of martial arts or the culture or the traditions but the dragons or why the seat for awkwafina His grandfather was left at the table or bringing the Funyuns to the grave for those who do understand the traditions understand them and have a special connection with the film and those who don't don't. And that doesn't mean the movie can't be viewed and enjoyed by everyone. But it's a special nod of showing off our differences. But also at the same time at the end of the movie. The father's army in the mother's army of people had to fight together against the flying deathbird Octopus things.

Angela 33:32

I'm still going with soul snatchers. I mean yeah, yeah, no, but that that feeds perfectly into like, my overall topic here because I was having an interesting conversation with a friend the other day when she was explaining to me how, because she works in production. How like a lot of times, like when they're making trailers and things now like they have to like put the entire movie into the trailer. Like even how it's going to end any little thing that might like be considered like shocking or out of sorts, because most people nowadays want everything hand fed to them that way like they want to know what they're getting from a movie before they're going in. You're

Jae 34:09

talking quiet or who who even conversational. You said you had a conversation with a friend.

Angela 34:14

Oh my god. Okay, I don't know why at first when you said who I thought you said boo. And I was like, are really going into a scary movie now what's happening?

Jae 34:24

No, I said who? And then you want to be like, I was nuts. I was like, like, is this? Like I'm like, Isn't it like isn't Amanda is it someone? I know? Is it someone from work? I mean, I know you know anyone who worked in production that's why I was like, Oh

Angela 34:35

my God. Yeah, no, I thought you said boo. And that completely freaked me out because I just watched one of the standalones and American horror stories and there's this little kid who's kidnapped nope, nope. Okay,

Jae 34:47

I don't know us you should have stopped as soon as you heard the words American horror coming out of your mouth. Okay, just because kind of Gerber isn't it does not mean I have any more interest in it. She was good. Well, yeah, she's dating Jacob. As soon as they get Jacob they get really far in their acting careers.

Angela 35:00

Well we'll see what happens in the next and we dominated exactly

Jae 35:04

what do you think that everyone meant and what do you think his revelation was like embracing both his mother and his father like what do you think the point was because he was obviously realized as it comes out of the water with the dragon like wakes the good the good dragon like what do you think of him he like found own validated whatever for him to come out in the water as

Angela 35:26

far as like owning both parts of yourself, I think particularly for Shang Chi that was really like unpacking what happened with his mother's death and with his father immediately after that, and then with a lot of his childhood that he ran away from and essentially just tried to erase from his person and it's about acknowledging that whoever you are, everything that happens to you goes into making you and it's not about highlighting it or putting it on a pedestal but it's about accepting it and working through it and still finding ways to move forward and be your own person.

Jae 36:03

Yeah, this one would wait this movie would rate very highly on the Marvel therapeutic scale some range higher than a grafter all could be like closer to the bottom and then we have like I think like Captain America The First Avenger would like go closer to the top banquet it would be closer to the top all Iron Man's would be on the fucking ground level

Angela 36:22

I think like particularly like in Shang Chi they hit on a lot of different things like there's losing a parent is essentially childhood trauma. There's notes of abuse in their notes of notes okay, there's there's definitely abuse like but without without going into too much detail so that we have to add a trigger warning here. Like there's there's definitely like they definitely lived in a very abusive household.

Jae 36:46

What do you think of now I'm just asking questions in general about it. The one I have one point to make at the end, which I will save because it's like pro con probing it. What do you think of the fact that like when his dad didn't meet his mom, he was also so easily willing to give up the 10 rings.

Angela 37:01

We'll see. I think that also goes along the same vein of like, acknowledging like all parts of yourself because for so long, it seemed that like his father had led had intended to lean more towards his darker proclivities. Like he was this like infamous warlord that had been alive for 1000s of years. And then it took finding someone who could show him a little bit more of what his life could be like for him to like, open himself back up to another to another side of himself. And I think that's I think most of the characters seem to go through something like that, like even awkwafina Like her character, she was very much I don't want to say like hiding from her power but like she stated a couple times as soon as she like started to embrace something or find a particular talent for it, she would just move on to something else it wasn't worth pursuing.

Jae 37:54

Yeah, I agree. I think I think everyone I think had a very good arc to them, which you don't always get in like I obviously it wasn't an ensemble cast but for being pretty close to an ensemble cast I think everyone got a pretty good arc from the sister to the mother to the Father to the on to like the communities.

Angela 38:13

I think just also to your point earlier about the cast I think that Marvel like really does tend more towards just like larger names in general because I think they really just try to like pack as much star power in as they can.

Jae 38:28

They are now but I think going forward like I don't know if it was you or Tik Tok told me this but Marvel's no longer offering like multi movie contracts like we used to do. Because that's true Marvel now. I don't know maybe after phase four going forward how many phase how Marvel no longer needs the Robert Downey Jr. Still, like build it like Marvel? Like they don't need and frankly even they had Brie Larson Oscar winner and like not didn't do much shit for Captain Marvel. So it's like they don't need the names like the eternal is a star pack cast like this was a pretty star pack cast but it they don't even need it because like more people will now come because it's a Marvel movie. That's what they were able to do with like phases one through three.

Angela 39:12

See, I can see that but at the same time, it's like, I wonder it's like how much they'll really be able to get away from that because now like it very much seems like kind of like one of those rites of passages like a lot of actors will want to be in a Marvel movie just to say that like they've been in a Marvel movie.

Jae 39:27

Oh, yeah. I think as long as Marvel can get big celebrities and not like be charged for stupid Robert Downey Jr. Wants Money, they'll do it. But I'm also saying Marvel also now is its standalone entity and can take certain risks that they couldn't before establishing the first three phases like we're getting a lot of younger ones like we're getting like Ms. Marvel who's that

Angela 39:48

Kamala Khan Oh, that's not the actress but that's the smart Yes.

Jae 39:51

Yeah, like so we're getting like Edlin gets I know it's the comics, but it's like Monica Rambo and we're expanding on diversity with like, I didn't know who the character who Gladewater Rambo. I didn't know who's gonna miss Marvel before. But like they're able to do that. And yes, they're not leading roles. So I think it is something too so no, but it is something that like all of the original Avengers were white, if I recall. Yes. And like it hasn't been that long since I you know, besides

Angela 40:19

the whole who's green, but

Jae 40:20

yes, first banner is white. Yes.

Angela 40:25

Yes, Bruce Banner. Good job.

Jae 40:26

Thank you. All the people that are 9 trillion names. Like this phase is a lot more colorful, a lot more diverse in power and thought and things like the big one we got was like, the other one was like Black Panther,

Angela 40:40

right? Yes. Yeah. Black Panther first real huge, diverse moment within the MCU rip Chadwick. Boseman. I know have you actually started what if? No,

Jae 40:50

I didn't even finish Loki.

Angela 40:52

Okay, well, so he

Jae 40:53

he is also a comic like it's illustrated animated. It is

Angela 40:58

animated Yeah,

Jae 40:59

I don't do animation my lead into

Angela 41:01

this was that Chadwick Boseman actually recorded his parts for what if I'm not mistaken so you actually do get voice for it? Okay,

Jae 41:09

fine. Oh, no, I all the actors What do you mean? Like should all the actors record their own parts for this thing?

Angela 41:14

I believe they did. Wow. Yeah, I'll have I'll have to double check that for sure. But I think they did because they're all like 30 Minutes or Less segments because it just like it I think the premise of what if is that a play on the storylines that we've already seen, but if one thing had changed, and I do believe you get your first you'll get your first look at the Dark Avengers there as well. You

Jae 41:33

Elena and Kate Hudson's half brother, not Captain America Yeah, what his new name is

Angela 41:42

I still just call him not Captain America

Jae 41:44

I know us agent I think it's what Sam's gonna be. And remember people we still have the Hawkeye series to look forward to can't even say what the strap

Angela 41:52

that's gonna be very interesting with what surface Hailee Steinfeld Yeah,

Jae 41:57

I mean I think everyone's gonna watch out because I'm that's for its pews next appearance in the MCU support for that. And then the Eternals which has

Angela 42:06

not Sebastian Stan kid Harrington

Jae 42:09

Jemma chan Zama Hyah, Angelina Jolie some other people for those whose I know directed by Academy Award winning believe the first Asian or Asian American woman, I don't know for it is also the first woman period Chloe Zhao will be directing that which comes out in November, we may or may not do an episode on it, depending on how our other episodes fit slide in and out with. But I'm excited for that one. And I'm curious because now that I've seen so many of them, I'm finally able to understand certain contexts for them like seeing wall in this one and seeing getting the jokes of like Trevor Slattery, Travis Slattery, Trevor. Yeah, Trevor solder. bootstrapper. Like getting the context of these things. Like it makes it nice. And I get why people are so in love with the franchise with the movies and why people like go back to them because they're just like, the one that was very interesting, though, this time around. It's like, it's interesting, because it's like, I knew nothing bad was gonna happen. Like, even during all the fight scenes, like, you know, like Sean cheese, like boiler alert, which isn't gonna make it to the end, like, you know, he's gonna make it through all of these fight scenes. So like, there aren't the stakes. And I feel like at some point, Marvel fans have to realize until like, Infinity Wars an end game. There weren't real stakes for the main people like for you being someone who watched it in real time. Like you had to know that like, what after the first Avenger movie came out, well, there was going to be an Iron Man three. So you knew like nothing could happen an Iron Man, or like the Thor like or Captain America, things couldn't happen for the things to keep happening in the other movies to build. Like, I feel like the first real risk would have been Civil War, maybe I don't know, like, like, when did it ever occur to you that any of this characters could be gone?

Angela 43:51

So honestly, not really. But I think also just especially when Marvel started with these movies, like they weren't kept like as heavily under wraps as they are now. So there was a lot of lead into the others that you already knew about, like, oh, yeah, like coming like next year, this time, there's going to be this movie. And like, all of these characters are like set to be in it. So you don't have to worry about any one of them dying. But at the same time, it's like, you know that these are just very enduring characters, and they're always going to get out of whatever scrape that they're in, so you're not necessarily worried about them dying. You're just worried about them not having not wanting to tell the story anymore.

Jae 44:29

Oh, we're getting into diversity. They have to tell the stories for a while now until that stuff trending upward until it's no longer you have to be capitalized on.

Angela 44:37

Well see, I think just heading back to Shawn cheeks that's what we're supposed to be talking about. It's gonna be interesting to see where they take this because for his comic, it actually ran as a limited series, but he has some very interesting crossovers between Captain America Spider Man and The Wolverine. So are we potentially see Yeah, Shang Chi in either the upcoming Spider Man or in Doctor Strange or I believe in think they hinted that in Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness Wanda Maximoff is going to fight somebody from the X Men so is that like when we're gonna be Deadpool can Ryan Reynolds come see Deadpool is another interesting one because in the Deadpool movies we get a few X Men characters, but we don't have a true X Men connection yet and that hurts my head, right?

Jae 45:28

I didn't even know that Deadpool is part of the MCU and it's not technically is Deadpool also owned by Sony?

Angela 45:33

Um, yeah, I think Deadpool was another one that was done outside because I don't think like it necessarily fit into like their like, quote, unquote, like wholesome image that they were projecting like, not exactly, but in terms of making it like family friendly and good getting as much as they could out of people. Like Deadpool just didn't fit that image for them.

Jae 45:52

I wonder why.

Angela 45:54

But Deadpool is amazing. And we do need more Ryan

Jae 45:55

Reynolds I still need to go see free guy. I've heard it's really good.

Angela 45:59

I just I really liked that one part in the commercial where he's eating the strawberry ice cream. It's like my tongue made a baby with a rainbow.

Jae 46:05

I don't watch live TV anymore. So I have not seen this commercial you speak of wrapping up soon and exactly one month and 22 days from now no one month and 20 days 19 Whatever. In under two months. We will be out Avengers campus in Avengers campus I guess we will be I really hope that people get their shit together with vaccines, but no on the recall in California people remember please submit your vote, it is trending upward for dems, but we're more likely to do Malan versus the other side who will vote in person and more than like 42 of the ballots received are from people like over 65 Young people please vote please vote to keep our lovely Governor

Angela 46:43

remember that it's not just about how you feel about COVID policies but there are a lot of other things at stake here as well. Particularly

Jae 46:51

a possible Centaur nominee that governors have the right to choose climate change women's reproductive rights tax is do some doing anything about that particularly Are you just naming issues

Angela 47:03

oh well no but he so he hasn't abolished our pink tax but he did write in a bill that basically like government is taking care of our pink tax for the next six years.

Jae 47:14

Oh, I don't know that. And all of that should not be discounted because of one dinner at the French Laundry where he

Angela 47:21

was one person over outside like come on guys. You've never been one person over outside.

Jae 47:27

We don't Yeah, but we don't condone it you see, so he shouldn't have done it but you should have done it but like he shouldn't lose his governorship over it. Yes, but being that if all is trending upward or trending downward upward for my personal for my personal personal professional all opinions and manifestations right here and right now at this point we will be in Disneyland

Angela 47:48

on Avengers campus watching hope man swing around

Jae 47:53

and hopefully I send you a check talk out of sob but because of Halloween they might be bringing out Agatha

Angela 47:58

Yes. Oh my god. Oh my god. Yes, everyone please just like if you're sick, stay home. If you can wear mandated please get vaccinated. Please wear your masks. I really want to beat Agatha

Jae 48:11

Agatha Harkness. Oh my god. Yes, we need a picture with Captain America's ass America's ass. Yes, we need to try all the beverages we need

Angela 48:21

to try lifting the hammer Maduro maturi mentor, Mal, I butcher this mole mole near meal normal near Sure. I'm going with Monier. Okay, final answer.

Jae 48:33

Yes, I want to lift the hammer. Yes, all the things we need to do in Avengers campus. We also need to make sure like it's we get tickets I swear. And then because I am such a generous and giving person and my ripe age of 26 that I'm will be closer to 30 Unfortunately, I can give to my friends as a nice gracious offer who are still a few years older than me, the gift of going to Star Wars Land and drinking at the cantina they don't get to build their lightsabers because it's like two hours of my time that like is going to be wasted but we can ride Rise of the resistance and I'll take all the pictures with stormtroopers and other weird things that they would like

Angela 49:08

okay, also, I don't know if I've sent you any of the ones from Tik Tok either, probably not because you haven't been able to view Tik Tok but the stormtroopers have actually been ad libbing their own like one liners to each other when they're like standing at their posts like complimenting each other on wearing their masks or complimenting other people on it or like using the force when they like stop someone from falling or something like that. So it's really great. I have to meet the storm strip Stormtroopers.

Jae 49:39

Yeah, so get vaccinated wear masks will solve we'll still probably be wearing masks Disneyland, even if they're not required will probably still be wearing them.

Angela 49:47

We'll just match them to our outfit.

Jae 49:49

And your outfit

Angela 49:50

our singular outfit. Yes. It'll be interesting to see what our friends think when I float this out there but because you just taught me what it means to be Disneybound or dress Disneybound

Jae 50:01

or carry on and then I have some comments.

Angela 50:03

I agree we show up in costume ish or No, you look so offended right now

Jae 50:10

because I asked you to respectfully ask all of our friends to dress simple so photos can be simple because I wasn't going to have everyone Disney bound because I think no one would go for it. We had this conversation.

Angela 50:22

Well, yeah, it's like so if we're dressed super simply like doesn't that mean like we can like throw something on? That's like likely like Disney, but I don't know our what isn't wearing ears being Disney bound?

Jae 50:34

No. Being Disney bound means your outfit is reminiscent of a character. So if I'm Disneybounding a Snow White. I'm wearing like a red skirt, a blue cardigan. Or like, or like tangled. I have like a big braid and like flowers in my hair like a purple dress, but like you're not wearing a costume.

Angela 50:48

I thought like if you had on like tangled ears. No, you okay?

Jae 50:52

Then you're entangled. Nevermind.

Angela 50:54

I don't know what I'm talking about guys.

Jae 50:56

No, but I have a really fun game that I think it's kind of a virgin. Like how old are your friends know me. So I think all of my friends should go into the Disney store and buy me a pair of ears they think is most like me, but the trick of it is if any of them buy me the same two pair they lose.

Angela 51:12

You're gonna have so many pairs of ears. Yes. Oh my god, I can rotate every hour. Oh, that would actually be really cute. I still say that you should go for the scavenger hunt idea. And you should let us like break into groups. For the first like

Jae 51:26

three I have three friends. How many groups are there gonna be? There's gonna be more than three people there. I cannot confirm or deny that as of today.

Angela 51:35

I'm like 85% Sure there are gonna be more than three people there and we could scavenger hunt and it could be cute. So you can think about it. No, I'm

Jae 51:43

not but then we're all separate. I want to see people okay, fine. We're flying down there. I don't want people to celebrate me from afar. If that was the case, we could resume birthday.

Angela 51:51

Okay, well, that's true. But I mean, I think like two hours would be a big deal online for summarizes two hours. Oh, I think I've blocked that part out of my Disney memory. Yeah. And like

Jae 52:01

now the Fastpass system is training to Genie passes, where some of them like for the big ride you can't eat you have to like by the action of getting the Fastpass and then you have to rebuy on top of that for some of the more popular rides. So I'm assuming like Space Mountain you have to like buy the fast path output gives you access to some of them. But then like probably rise the resistance webslinger other ride you have to buy on top of that.

Angela 52:24

Oh, that is so ridiculous. That like goes back to the days when Okay, so my mom actually went to Disney. Really sorry, mom. My mom actually went to Disneyland two years after it first opened. And so she explained their ticketing system to me back then. And so literally when you went in, you would purchase like blocks of tickets for what you want it to go on. So all of the rides were priced out differently. So

Jae 52:47

it was like carnival style, where it's like, oh, this ride was six tickets and destroy everything eight tickets.

Angela 52:51

Kind of Yeah. Oh, so it was like you bought like the tickets specifically for what you wanted to go on. And so like, depending like on that, like there were some like the more expensive rides they didn't have as long lines. Now it just see Yeah, and now it just seems like going to Disneyland is getting more expensive. And now you need to purchase something to get fast passes into rides. In which case you still might not be guaranteed a space.

Jae 53:15

No you are but it's like if you buy the fast path, it's eligible for like hon mansion pirates. It's a Small World Little Mermaid in credit coaster. But then to get a fast pass for Space Mountain, or Splash Mountain or the popular rides that you have to buy. It's an in app purchase. Additionally, a lot of system is not out yet.

Angela 53:38

Oh, like like,

Jae 53:39

they're it's it's coming out. They're rolling it out in fall because they're getting rid of Fastpasses they're in the process of eliminating them

Angela 53:46

out of deference to you. I will not protest when we go for your birthday, but I will protest the next time I go to Disneyland after

Jae 53:54

that. Okay, Karen.

Angela 53:56

Okay. But yes, wrapping up thoughts on

Jae 54:00

Shang Chi. Um, I love how even though it is like Shang Chi and the 10, the 10 rings, the 10 rings, they did focus a lot until they that I know is very important, within like a lot of cultures, but I know including Asian culture is like family and community in ancestry. Like there's a lot of like respect and value in the culture. And I think they did a really great job of not like being like, you have to respect your elders, you have to like have like, again, like they showed the respect and they showed the value and how precious knowing your heritage and your ancestry is without like screaming at you like or shaming which is another thing like Asians are known for like Asian guilt of like parents guilt and like no, it was all coming from love and from respect and from like wanting to enrich and support.

Angela 54:55

They did a great job of showing and not telling Yes, I particularly liked And then I also liked how they brought it full circle. And it started out with

Jae 55:04

karaoke. And

Angela 55:08

yes, that was really great. And I think that we should totally karaoke. But I also like how it started with Shang and awkwafina, whose character her character name is Katie, by the way, so I can stop saying awkwafina At the very end of this episode, so how Shawn and Katie started out essentially, like, happy with what they were doing because they were living their lives for themselves. But they were also avoiding, they were also avoiding, but they were, they were living their lives for themselves, like they weren't, like, actively, like trying to push themselves in a way that was unhealthy. They needed to push themselves to get to a healthier place, but they weren't like beating themselves up for not fitting the certain standards. And then at the end, it's like they have like, achieved that growth and they're still kind of like in that same place where like they're living their life how they want but they are in a healthier place.

Jae 56:05

I agree.

Angela 56:06

Five out of five stars for Shan Ji go see it. Let us know what you think. Let us know if you want to hear any more of our movie rants. I know this is definitely more of a rant but we hope that you guys enjoyed it. So thank you very much for listening to this episode of In Omnia paratus don't forget to rate follow or subscribe on our

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not do all three or

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just do one of those or do you all have them completely up to you and subscribe. Rate download and follow so don't forget to rate download and follow us on Apple Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. And as always where you leave we'll follow up so head on over to @inomniapod on Instagram and let us know what you would like to hear about in the comments. Bye

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