Season 2 Update

Welcome to In Omnia Paratus, a podcast hosted by twenty-something friends Jae and Angela, where they serve up the comical, joyful, and sometimes cringe-y moments of their lives along with a heaping dose of pop culture knowledge. Sorority date parties, spontaneous beach trips, and final exams have turned into job interviews, weddings, and setting up automatic bill payments. Every day, new experiences and perspectives remind them that learning is a life-long journey, and the curriculum includes: mental health awareness, building adult relationships, finding a career you love, and working to be a better human who can support others. Here is where the girls strive to accept that being “ready for anything” means living in the present, taking accountability for their mistakes, and trusting their instincts. Are you ready?

Season 1

Navigating life as a millennial can be lonely. Join friends Jae, like the letter, and Angela, also known as AVO, as they recall tales of growing up in the Bay Area, attending a Southern California “Party School”, and the dreaded abyss of everything that comes after the tassel gets turned. Quarter-life crises are real and they want to be with you SIA (stumbling in action) as well as give council wherever possible. Here is where they reluctantly accept that being “ready for anything” means welcoming change and living each moment. Oy with the poodles and come along!