Welcome to our Halloween episode! We’re taking a look back at how costumes, trick-or-treating, and parties have shaped our outlook of this holiday over the years to figure out our Halloween vibe. Jae defends the basic costumes, Angela has a strange love for candy corn, and neither can agree on what the perfect Halloween outing looks like. We’re going over the top forecasted costumes for this year, as well as recounting some of our childhood favorites. 

Show Notes

  • Fact Check 1: As a follow up for our Do Not Disturb updates for texting notifications it seems that there is a notification option that you will have to disable to not alert others when you choose to mute their message notifications
  • PSA: If you are Mormon and listening we are not trying to make light of your religion and respect your choices
  • If you want to see The Battle for Notre Dame you find it to rent here: https://www.amazon.com/Battle-Notre-Dame-Emilie-Lan%C3%A7on/dp/B082QM117B
  • Honestly, just like last Covid-Halloween, it really is a toss-up as to what will be the most popular Halloween costumes, but here are our guesses:
  • Jae: Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch
  • Angela: Cruella de Vil
  • Fact Check 2: In this most recent article, it seems that Rege-Jean Page may not be a shoe-in to be the next James Bond. While still in the running, it seems that Tom Hopper is the most recent front runner, and it also lists the odds of other alleged contenders: https://www.cinemablend.com/movies/james-bond-odds-rege-jean-page-finds-himself-unseated-again-as-a-fellow-netflix-star-is-the-latest-007-favorite
  • Note: Angela definitely isn’t a prude, but still definitely holds a chip on her shoulder about the inequality in detentions served for uniform violations. From middle school detentions for ankle socks that were only given to girls (because as boys ankle socks were hidden by pant legs) to skirt length detentions that were only given to some girls and not others, Halloween costumes were a huge boiling point
  • Update: Angela and her boyfriend did not dress up as Wanda and Vision, but they did entertain a Sylvie and Loki match up
  • Fact Check 3: You can see a variety of studies conducted by various university students about how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie pop. All reported different results, so take up the challenge for yourself and see which one you agree with! https://tootsie.com/howmanylick-experiments#:~:text=A%20group%20of%20engineering%20students,licks%20each%20to%20the%20center.
  • Update: We did dress up as aliens/space-related creatures, things, people for our Outside Lands group costume day

Jae 0:00

I pledge myself to the pod loyal I'll always be a P to start a d at the end and an O sitting in between

Welcome back to the 11 day countdown before Jae's birthday. I'm Jae like the letter.

Angela 0:20

And I'm Angela also known as AVO that's it that's all I have. Okay, wait. So I know first of all, you're dying to tell this story because I've been hearing about it all morning. But first Can I tell you something that I've recently learned? Okay, so apparently per some update that Apple has put out in the past few weeks people will now be notified when you put them on Do Not Disturb I haven't heard that but damn I feel like whatever programmer engineer think tank or whatever thought this up they woke up one morning and they chose violence and put us all on blast.

Jae 0:55

Yeah, that doesn't make sense. Are you sure this is a fact Are you like hurt it?

Angela 0:58

So I heard this on my morning radio show because you know, Boomer me wakes up to the radio and they were talking about it so one of the announcers host posts there we go was talking about how over the weekend she had put some people on Do Not Disturb and they all called her out on it because they got a notification through text message. So like she muted their text conversations and they got notifications that said like X has put this conversation on Do Not Disturb will

Jae 1:31

they know if I had them on Do Not Disturb before the update?

Angela 1:34

I don't know. But now I'm terrified to update my phone because I always run a couple updates behind but now Should I just put everyone on Do Not Disturb and like you can put your phone on Do Not Disturb? Yeah, yeah.

Jae 1:46

I mean, I might do that. Okay, my story is much more pleasant. One of my favorite tech talks to be on is x fundamentalism X religion tick tock, a particularly of the Mormon type, there are a lot of one tick tock. And now that I know this information, I think the world should know. Angela, do you know what soaking is?

Angela 2:05

Oh, my God. Yes, yes. I have heard of this

Jae 2:09

that would you like to explain to people since you're already educated

Angela 2:12

on it? How PG do

Jae 2:13

I need to be? I don't know we're in California. It's a common law state. Half of this is yours.

Angela 2:18

So within the Mormon community, as we've I've been told through tick tock soaking is the practice of not having sex but having sexual penetration. So there's one movement in and then it just stays there, you know, hence

Jae 2:38

soaking so I've heard there's a new level of this. Oh, God, which is where other brothers and sisters of Jesus jump on the bed to simulate but not actually have sex because you're not having sex if other people are jumping? The motion of the ocean? Oh my god.

Angela 2:59

Okay. I'm sorry. So two people are soaking as they have now invited more people into the room to jump on the bed that they are on, allegedly. Oh my God. Are they closed? Do they have to be blindfolded?

Jae 3:13

I don't know.

Angela 3:14

Is it like 16th century divergent icings? Is there like a sheet involved? So it's like they're jumping outside of the sheet. Can they see over if they jump? Hi. I have so many questions that I shouldn't have. But

Jae 3:27

obviously not from any personal experience. I feel one would benefit more dry humping than this. Because then you're really still leaving room for Jesus and not getting unclothed.

Angela 3:39

Yeah, I would think so. Like the only thing that would occur to me. I don't know like if you've seen this on tick tock, but like there are certain colleges that most of them Mormons go to BYU. Also, yeah, BYU and they actually have people who are on the lookout for these kinds of things. And I remember from high school dances girls would complain about guys zippers, leaving track marks on their jeans from like continued friction from like when they were like grinding on the dance floor. And so like that's even that's like not very long. So I could kind of imagine there might be people tapped somewhere at BYU to look for friction marks on jeans

Jae 4:14

or something. Got it. So soaking is all is the alternate.

Angela 4:18

I would imagine there has to be something in between that. But as we've kind of learned from tick tock, you just go from one extreme to another.

Jae 4:26

What I just don't understand is like Angela, you are a follower of Jesus. Yes. How would Jesus not consider that basically having sex? I feel like that's so nuanced that like, I'm not I'm clear. I'm no Jesus. But if you're going that far, I would still call it a sin.

Angela 4:46

I just love how I love how this train of questioning just started with. I'm not Jesus, but correct. I honestly don't know. I really do have some questions there too, because I feel like whatever. We're just we're just breaking down some bounds Today, like the two pump, guys, so it's like wouldn't just like a little bit of the motion in the ocean set him off and so then Don't you still have some stuff to worry about there?

Jae 5:10

Well my thing is, I mean like this is that but also like very PG, even if you are kissing horizontally like middle school kissing, like not even on top but like next to each other your body's kind of moving like you're not like a static board like just using your mouth. Yeah, so like while you're soaking, you're not kissing you can't do anything other than like plank on one another.

Angela 5:30

Oh God, that just sounds so uncomfortable.

Jae 5:33

Because like, what can you what can happen? Because it's like, any movement happens she's no longer pure for her wedding day for

Angela 5:40

like this just like now brings into like a really like creepy thing. Is it just that the woman can't move? Or the man can't move either? Like, are there degrees to like, where he needs to stop? What can he touch? What can he not touch? What can they not touch? Usually this is it's very complicated. So honestly, it's like at that point, frankly, we're just bringing BYU back into this like from that point, though. It's like it would seem easier to leave your clothes on. But at the same time, have you ever seen the girls that post the text messages they get from guys the next day that are like, Oh, I'm sorry. Like, we can't go out on another date. Because you let me like touch your breasts over your shirt. So obviously like you're not the future mother of my children. Oh, yeah, it's just it's such a awful male double standard we can't make out but I can stick it in you for can't even imagine that can be that long. Because then it's just gonna deflate and like stick it in you for five minutes. And like we can still like date. Yeah,

Jae 6:36

I don't know. There's this great tic toc or I don't know just something like pepper muffin. Her name is Kristen something she's from Hawaii, but she's half Mormon. And she was explaining how like people aren't you like hook up or something? People should just so you guys remember. I go to BYU. So like, and she's one of the ones who gets the sensitive messages and like, it's really funny about it. And she's like, you know, like other things happen. So her top comment was like, I just learned soaking Is that what you mean? She's like, Absolutely not like absolutely not. But yeah, I heard I saw someone jumping on the bed and they were like POV like when you're trying to help your friend like, Oh my God, and I just bought for my birth month. I wanted to share that knowledge with everyone that apparently this is a thing for young Mormons.

Angela 7:16

What a lovely gift you have given us all. Thank you, Jay. Of course. Thank you. Thank you Mormon community

Jae 7:22

Book of Mormon 10 out of 10 the musical not the actual

Angela 7:25

I'm never getting over the fact that they were coming for one month in 2020 and that was the month that we had to shut everything down. You

Jae 7:33

should have gone when I went my second time and I told her you would like in your I won't see it

Angela 7:38

I know I shouldn't have I was down for the amount of Star Wars jokes I found out that were in there

Jae 7:42

I literally told you I'm very dumb. I told you this I literally told you the first time I saw or maybe the second I don't know if I

Angela 7:48

know you the first time I saw I think I think I met you right before you are going not like right before but then you went the second time taking on Mormons really quickly Did I ever tell you about the time my mom and I actually accidentally wandered into a Mormon temple on vacation?

Jae 8:01

No, but I really want to go into a Mormon temple. So the thing that I heard about Mormon temples and also no disrespect to Mormons people who believe in the faith all for it just something as ridiculous as this I hope even Mormons can understand but just like everything like you can hear joke about Catholics and like laugh along for some of the more like things like so like you acknowledge that and like Catholics self like it's all good just like no offense to more inches this practice is one

Angela 8:25

that our mind yes, okay, but one day you would like to go to a Mormon temple.

Jae 8:30

Right? Thank you. So the Mormon temples you can only go in for the first two weeks after their belt after you have to only be people who like gets sealed in the temple can go in Oh, you're not supposed to go in after like the first two weeks so they open it to the public when they first build a new temple and then you kind of know what to get Okay, that's why I wanted to go into one

Angela 8:46

okay, I guess that makes sense. Because there were a lot of people walking around and we were like, Oh, what is this it has to be something good and so he's all like Oh really big church and then was once we were inside that we realized oh we we are in a Mormon temple.

Jae 9:00

Yeah, but for those first two weeks they're open to the public so it wouldn't go in and I think old churches are some of the like the beautiful architectural things oh for sure. Rip notre DOM.

Angela 9:08

Did you have you seen the documentary? Oh, we

Jae 9:10

saw them burn church

Angela 9:12

we didn't see the burnt church but you should watch the documentary I think I like almost cried like five or six times some just because they interviewed all the firefighters and everyone who like first sounded the alarm and like went in and tried to like save things.

Jae 9:28

So what are you talking about today? And

Angela 9:30

today we are talking about spooky season PSL land fall Halloween the basic bitch holiday of the season basic bitch holiday of the season. That's what I'm going with because that's what it really is like the amount of Disney Princesses Minnie Mouse's Ariana Grande days Britney Spears all really great fun people to dress up as but just like you see all of these costumes and masks together. Yes,

Jae 9:57

but calling out your patriarchy for a second. Someone was saying like why not let girls all dress up like Ariana Grande and Britney Spears rather than doing blackface refer to our episode from last week like what is the basic girls do the basic things to stop them from like trying to be original and like do things that they shouldn't be doing because we make fun of them for the basic thing

Angela 10:17

well yeah no okay I will I will check my inner patriarchy my What did what did I call it mile 6656 to six to cisgender white male energy I will I will check that but at the same time where my Princess Leia is where our

Jae 10:36

knots it you just like more prints of justice?

Angela 10:40

Really? It really is justice for Princess Leia but it's like where am i Princess layers? Where are my was trying to think of Emma Roberts character's names and like American Horror Story. Where am I Scream Queens? Where are my Neve Campbell's my, my Sydney Prescott's. Where are they? All I see are Ariana Grande days, Britney's and Disney princesses. There are a ton of characters out there like I just want to see I want to see some more costume variation.

Jae 11:07

I think that's because you only follow people who follow it as the basic bitch holiday of the season and

Angela 11:13

pizza. That may be too I will acknowledge that

Jae 11:16

I also think though like this year, we all know the costume my bet the costs of this year will be one of maximal Oh, see? I

Angela 11:23

don't think so. You said

Jae 11:24

Corolla and a few episodes go i There's no way.

Angela 11:26

I don't think it's going to be Krewella. But I also don't think it's going to be Wanda Maximoff. Who

Jae 11:31

are you putting I even researching trend forecaster? What are we saying?

Angela 11:34

Okay, so in terms of the research, I'm actually pretty split there because it seems like a lot of the costume ideas that are floating around are 2020 and 2021. So it's like everything from 2020 that people didn't get to put forth. So I've seen a lot of a promising young woman

Jae 11:51

I never saw the movie but the blonde who like didn't she kill rapey men.

Angela 11:55

She didn't kill them. She just really tried to scare them. God this is the one thing where I was like, maybe I'll need my laptop for this list.

Jae 12:00

I don't understand people's joy of dressing up as Coronavirus. Like Haven't we all suffered enough?

Angela 12:05

Yeah. Oh my god in the PRL bottles. There was a lot of that last year. Let's leave well still keep using your PRL. carry that with you carry the actual Purell. But maybe leave the PRL costumes at home this year?

Jae 12:17

Okay, so what do you what do you remember the top ones being or you don't remember? I don't remember laptop or for pausing for a brief moment.

Angela 12:26

As more I feel like we should do an ASMR episode one time. Oh, okay. So this year's most popular Halloween costume is forecasted as Olivia Rodrigo. Oh, yeah. And any music video.

Jae 12:37

Oh, yeah, the stickers will be super easy. Oh, yeah. I thought about doing her from the good video with a little blue skirt. Slash Princess Diaries inspired so most

Angela 12:46

popular are Olivia rodrygo Ariana Grande as Ariana Grande getting married or from some other

Jae 12:53

probably the 3435 video or POV note not POV positions where she's in the White House and then the one where she's in the little lady with the robot hair is 3435 Yes, but

Angela 13:03

everyone just remember her 3435 Inspiration comes from is it Austin Powers the FEM bots think it's Austin Powers. Yes. Let's see other most popular I didn't separate these out by gender or anything. Simone Biles from the Olympics but instead of giving her a gold medal, give her the mental health metal Amanda Gorman Kamala Harris Selena Gomez, Mabel Mora from only murders in the building. That's new, but she's still in top 10 And then there's alley love who is a peloton person? I don't know if she's an instructor or an influencer for peloton probably an Instructor Okay, yeah, so those those are the top ones forecasted for this year.

Jae 13:46

I still think we're gonna see a bunch of one does because all you need are devil ears in the red swimsuit.

Angela 13:50

We're not placing a big bet on this but I don't know what do you think I'm going Olivia? rodrygo

Jae 13:55

Oh, well it's also depending on like the demographic like okay, if we're if we're going by who we're seeing on Tik Tok then yeah, Olivia Are you going to win by a landslide? If we're going by who we see at like the festival it could be one it could be something like

Angela 14:06

that's true we all we also have to think is Festival is in October. I feel like people might trend more towards warmer things. Alright, this this one might be too close to call. Everyone

Jae 14:17

will follow up on our Instagram after Halloween. How will weekend?

Angela 14:21

Oh, but I did actually like some of the couple's costumes that are forecasted for this year. Tom Holland and Zendaya allegedly allegedly but they are on the list. Tara Davis and Hunter Woodhall. They're an Olympian and para Olympian couple in real life and won gold medals wonder

Jae 14:38

them if she blocked Yeah, I have seen them on tick tock

Angela 14:41

Simon and Daphne from bridgerton

Jae 14:43

If all right speaking of bridgerton though,

Angela 14:47

oh my gosh guys, we just got tickets or the No not that. Yes that I just got J just got us the ticket. J just got us tickets for the bridgerton experience in LA coming in 2022 So season two we will have an episode all for you guys devoted to what it was like living our best Regency Regency life. So Simon and Daphne from bridgerton, but then also as far as same sex couples go people were projecting Penelope, and Eloise also sweetie and dosa cat. Oh, that's a great shot and yeah, Elena, but they're siblings. So that seems a little awkward.

Jae 15:24

I mean, I think probably do a coffee.


the only thing I would say about Penelope and Eloise which I also was like, okay, they're going to be a couple like, I'm waiting for the snap and not like, oh, it's the exact same thing, but it's like also like letting people who aren't a couple like not like deciding that they should be couples. That's all I'm saying on

Angela 15:42

that. It'll be interesting to see where it goes from there because obviously the entire bridgerton series is already well established. All of the books have been written. As far as we know, there are no more to come, but it'll be interesting to see if Shonda Rhimes then is influenced by public opinion and then steers

Jae 16:01

when Shonda Rhimes ever been influenced by public opinion on anything,

Angela 16:04

never ever, but she has teamed up with Netflix now and Netflix caters to the people

Jae 16:10

there. I'd love to stand next to reggae. Shawn

Angela 16:12

page, right. Oh my god. Do do we know as has a new bond been tapped? Or could he still be in play?

Jae 16:19

I believe he could still be in play.

Angela 16:21

That would be amazing. I'll watch the bond. Oh, yeah. And no time to die is officially out now coming out the movie. Yeah. Daniel Craig's last Lawrence's bond. Oh, no. We

Jae 16:32

saw a trailer for it. So soonish Yeah. Oh,

Angela 16:34

and then last on my list Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde. Yeah, they're they're a new couple apparently. Like spring. Oh, okay. Well, J i don't know you're you've ever really been that into Halloween, but you do like dressing up?

Jae 16:45

Yes. I love costumes. One of the things that made me always a little bit salty about Halloween is people will try to combine my birthday with like Halloween parties. Like oh, like, let's make it a costume party. But my thing is, I wouldn't get two costumes. Like I couldn't get a separate costume for each one. Some would tell me it was excessive, but in my mind, there's two occasions so I need to costume that makes perfect sense. I know. Therefore, I like and also I'm not going to debut my costume early. So everyone knows.

Angela 17:11

Yeah, it's it's weird because your birthday is just like right in line where like maybe it's like leading into Halloween. Yeah, but again, back to our holiday birthday episode. Just don't do it. Guys. Don't try to get people to combine their birthdays with a holiday. They are separate occasions.

Jae 17:26

I agree. But I always did love dressing up for Halloween. Some of my great costumes. I remember I was Dorothy one year. Oh, that's cute. And then my very Godfather made me a poodle skirt. Felt poodle skirt by hand like with no sofas. I have an extra dog to college because I can it's elastics I can still wear it. Um, what else did we do? There were a bunch of other ones in between that I can represent in eighth grade me and my two best friends were all Disney princesses. And I got to be Cinderella and they were both able to have their dress one was Belle. I think one was sleeping beauty the at the last minute there used to be this designer outlet in the city I live in and he my fairy godmother found a perfectly Cinderella blue like strap was a ball gown and we got a petticoat like I love not the best but I look the most realistic I tear on the gloves and all the things I still have the dress and it still fits actually. So that was a really fun year where we had like the big dresses and like we did like ball gowns and everything we originally got me a wedding dress and we're gonna try to dye it blue that didn't work out and then in high school I don't know if everyone else actually got the Mean Girls memo or Mean Girls was the only way that I found apparently starting in ninth grade your study anything and everything. Oh my

Angela 18:31

god. Yeah, honestly, high school Halloween costumes were the absolute worst. So like similarly to you. I just love dressing up but like we touched on this in our last episode, I always had a little bit of a chip on my shoulder around Halloween because I was more often than not prompted or asked like oh, you know, like do you want to be like Pocahontas or Esmerelda or someone just because I'm a little bit more in line with my hair and skin tone even though I want it to be like Cinderella and Barbie and Britney Spears so I love dressing up but I never really got to dress up the way that I wanted to. So in high school what I liked about it as my friends and I we all volunteered for our local parks and recs Halloween haunted house. So for like the whole month we were there and like we worked on building sets and creating our own costumes as part of that set. And then it was something that we did like all the way up until Halloween so I didn't have to worry a lot about the costume but of course I also went to private school so I wanted to wear a costume just for the free dress day. However my my family isn't really into Halloween so they didn't see the big deal or my like getting an elaborate costume the way that I wanted it to be to feel like I was like only portraying the character that I wanted to so I had very minimal costumes like I think in oh well my freshman year actually I was going to be Tinkerbell and I actually like talked to my mom until like getting like the true Tinkerbell costume but then I broke my ankle though I was on crutches. It totally didn't work out with the wings and everything so I ended up wearing just like black jeans and a white shirt and a cat Mahat hat you Yeah, so just like whatever but then yeah, it was like the same thing was like all of a sudden like you had to be like a slutty something but I went to private school so that was always a little hard. And what I found infuriating about the school that I went to is that they had a complete double standard or costumes for people so like some girls showed up in like costumes like I swear like straight from like d&d dot com like, I don't know if you're familiar with that, but they do like rave, exotic dancer wear and they do like very, very skimpy Halloween costumes. So like they would show up like you could see like the little like ruffled underwear of like fur of their costume, like under their dress just when they were walking, but it was fine for them to walk around like that. But I got detention for my Cat in the Hat costume, because I didn't look like I was wearing a true costume. And they made me put my school uniform back on like, because it wasn't dressed up enough. Yeah, they said that I was just taking advantage of the free dress day and I didn't come in a costume. But like other girls were like showing their underwear wearing thigh highs and like six inch heels and that was fine. And they didn't have to change but whatever. Whatever. It's fine. Yeah, were you ever study anything in high school

Jae 21:13

technically, like I had to buy the slutty costumes like I was the study sailor one year, but I like made it longer. Like I pulled a skirt down and I wore a shirt under it. And I wore like, I made it. So it was like appropriate for school. It wasn't I never did the thing. And it was like it was hard though because you couldn't buy premade costume when you either had to make it yourself. Or like thrifted or something because like after the after, like eighth grade when you go out of use sizing everything is like short and cropped and small.

Angela 21:43

Yeah, I think seventh grade was actually my favorite costume. And in honor of the podcast, I was Stephanie from the life and death brigade. I got like a red, like bridesmaid dress from a thrift store and I had like a red sparkly cardigan and had a gorilla mask and no one knew who I was.

Jae 22:01

See that was always like a thing for me of like people not figuring out who I was like I had to be. Oh, one of my years. I think it was my senior year of high school. I was Eloise at the Plaza. I had suspenders and a skirt and a little bow. I know it was very cute throwback but it was a thing of like if you're an artist study buddy or a cat you basically are everyone is just Lindsay Lohan and the bride uniform who didn't get the bub.

Angela 22:21

Okay, and I guess I will check myself that is probably where some of my like basic Halloween costume like annoyance comes from because I always put a lot of thought into the characters that I want to portray. And oftentimes a lot of them are from deep cuts. I see I can't even really say that because I feel like they are a part of pop culture. They're just not a part of necessarily what's considered like the pretty part of pop culture. Yeah, so like people know who they are. But it's like they but it's like it's not considered like the cute look for Halloween.

Jae 22:53

Yeah, I get that. What's your stance on candy bar?

Angela 22:55

Oh, I love candy corn. Answer Yeah, it has the weirdest taste in the world. But it's also addictive. No actually recently just had some was pretty great. Although I was very sad because the person I was sharing it with proceeded to eat the whole bag.

Jae 23:09

Well, you gave him the whole back.

Angela 23:11

No, it was between us mutual community to community community community candy. Yeah, I was gonna get into candy corn. You know, you

Jae 23:20

just ate it too slow. You snooze, you lose. So he says You snooze you lose. What is your thought on couples costume? I feel like those to me are what can we like a little basic and maybe I'm salty. I've never done a couples costume but I love when they did like Bob Ross and the painting but like the girl was Bob Ross cuz she had bigger hair.

Angela 23:36

Oh yeah. I love when people flip couples costumes on their heads. I actually one that was not on any of the lists that I looked at, but I feel like was totally overlooked Loki and Sylvie

Jae 23:47

I still never finished Loki. I give it I don't think anyone who doesn't like it.

Angela 23:51

I give it the lowest rating out of the three series so far. Wow. Yep. And it was still good. I think it could have been better.

Jae 23:58

Did you watch the Hawkeye trailer? No, I only watched it because it's to the it's the background. It's like it's I'll be home for Christmas but some Christmas and it's Christmas in New York going to watch it because there's a clip of Rogers the musical Oh

Angela 24:10

my god. Um, I actually I just had a dinner with separate club the other night and one of the members She actually doesn't like Hawkeye slash Jeremy Renner as much as you do. And I told her that you guys should meet and chat about it.

Jae 24:22

No one likes Hawkeye.

Angela 24:24

I feel like some people like him a little more than you don't like him.

Jae 24:29

I mean, that's possible. I just use no talent. But like not like the actor. I just think like Hawkeye has no purpose in the MCU like, it was funny because there's like all these jokes that like, whenever he signs Hello characters, and it was gonna be it being Hawkeyes biggest fan and I was like, Well, we already know the series is a lie, because like who would be Hawkeye? Like at least they're my tick tock or maybe it's an echo chamber, but it's a known fact like coffee is useless.

Angela 24:51

Like I mean, it even was established that like Natasha had some kind of power but Shang Qi for the Oh yeah. So far. He's definitely the best and he He's like true skill with enhancement not he's an enhanced human like he's magical yeah which actually I think all of these for right now they've set up as magical because Dr. Strange Wanda Loki and Fung Shui all deal in magic and the eternal and the internals. Yeah.

Jae 25:15

Okay now that my nerd quotient is filtered, um, couple of costumes I like when they expended on their head like, I think it was funny like when they did like Tiger King and a tiger but like, or Carole Baskin, but the guy was Carole Baskin. And like, the girl was like, Yeah, Joe exotic.

Angela 25:29

No, I think it's fun when couples have complementary costumes, but I don't think that couples costumes like necessarily need to happen as in like a true coupling of costumes because I feel like most couples anyway generally start to meld as one not meld as one but they start to begin complementing each other in the day to day like I was scrolling through Tik Tok and this article, not Tik Tok Instagram and this article like popped up

Jae 25:55

well yeah, like how Jacob dresses like all of his girlfriend.

Angela 25:57

Yeah, this one was Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, but they're both they were always both more like fluid in there. Yeah, but like this one was like specifically about how like they were they always kind of match but don't match

Jae 26:07

we span but also you're not telling me if like a guy you were seeing was like I want to be on page and Daphne from Virginia. We're like no like that's a couple costume like I don't do couple costumes like those are lame and basic.

Angela 26:22

Oh no, no, I completely completely all for it. Like I think I've said on the podcast multiple times. All I wanted this year is to dress up like Wanda Maximoff and have someone else be vision. Like that's all I want.

Jae 26:33

No, you should be white vision and vision vision.

Angela 26:38

And then we can have like the Battle of the minds. Was it the Ship of Theseus or something like that? But yeah, no, I am I am for couples costumes. I just think like if you are that I don't think like it needs to be like a couples costume every year but that said though, if I could find someone who wanted to complementary costume me every year where it's like if I was the bubble bath and I really want to be a bubble bath one year those costumes just look so cute with like the little rubber ducky headband and all the white little balloons totally afraid someone's gonna try to pop me though and then I'm going to panic and correct Yep. If I was the bubble bath and someone wanted to be not the rubber ducky because that's that's to match he

Jae 27:14

I don't know go I'd say a woofer but like I don't want him to be

Angela 27:18

That's weird. Yeah, like like the towel or something.

Jae 27:22

Could be Betty and not Snake Eyes

Angela 27:25

serpents. Oh, yeah, the the serpents. Betty and Jughead. Riddles gotten weird though. I

Jae 27:30

stopped after season one.

Angela 27:31

Oh, I think they did. I haven't seen any of season five. But they were supposed to do like a really big time job. Weird.

Jae 27:38

Just general fall things in high school. My friends and I would go to corn mazes every year. They always wanted to go to Haunted Ones. And I would always say no,

Angela 27:45

I I still need to see pictures of you with these chord mazes. I cannot believe this.

Jae 27:50

Yeah, we'd go the moms would drive we'd get Carmel apples and like walk around and like honestly, the

Angela 27:55

first time I ever heard of a Halloween Corn Maze was when I started working with Midwesterners, but we would

Jae 28:00

do that we did that two or three times. I

Angela 28:02

don't know. Did you ever do pumpkin carving

Jae 28:04

like at school and like at friends and in the sorority? We did it. It wasn't my favorite activity. Yeah,

Angela 28:10

I don't like it.

Jae 28:11

I also really don't understand the point of like a Halloween themed party not on Halloween. I mean, again, maybe I'm just salty because it would always near overlap with my birthday. But it's like what's the point? It's like we don't have like pre Christmas parties or pre Valentine's Day so I don't know sure the point of like a Halloween party.

Angela 28:28

Yeah, at that point. Just

Jae 28:29

call it a costume party. Yeah, I like dressing up and the thing is like no one just like will dress up as elaborately as me which is another reason why I kind of like cut back because like I will like fully dress up if I dress up.

Angela 28:39

We'll see Halloween is the one day of the year I will fully dress up for what I want to dress up as but you and I have never been in alignment about what to do slash what to be slash where we are going for these things to work out. Which is why I say like you if you like Halloween or you like a certain aspect Halloween, you need to find your Halloween crew, someone who wants to Halloween the way that you do

Jae 29:01

because it was always like an after work thing. And then like sweaty bars and like that effort and like in college, I would say this we said this on our episode with frat parties with our friend style. Everything would get shut down within five minutes. I'm not putting two hours into getting ready to be shut down for five minutes to try to go to another house party or to try to go to a club and have it fail. Like when Angela finally buys her house and I can throw a Halloween party there. I will dress up I have

Angela 29:26

all my Pinterest decorations down. I am so ready for this future Halloween party one year

Jae 29:31

we'll finally do the Kardashian kids Penelope and the other one north. Yeah, we'll finally do that one. Yes,

Angela 29:38

they may be as old as us when we finally do it, but

Jae 29:41

Well, I mean, we're just going to get older as they get older. And a few years you can do Jennifer Garner's 13 going on 30

Angela 29:47

Oh God well I almost bought I just bought a tarp that kind of looks like that dress so

Jae 29:52

and like whoever would have to be more buffalo could just kind of stay in there guys are

Angela 29:55

so lucky when it comes to Halloween. They can kind of just like wear anything And then put on a mask and it's acceptable.

Jae 30:03

I mean, or they could be shirtless and do the sunscreen and be a lifeguard that to simple bar for men on the floor. Always speaking of men and Halloween, there's one of my favorite stories of Angela's I think she should get into Oh god, you said you were gonna say it. I'm just reminding you.

Angela 30:18

Okay, um, alright guys, we are just going to put it out there though. If you are really getting into your Halloween costume, be very cognizant of where you decide to wear it. So like I said earlier in high school, my friends and I work on a Halloween haunted house, our local community center and one year we did like the the haunted medical ward was our thing. So I've heard horror stories in a season like that. Yes, they have. So that year, I was also acting in it. So my costume like my costume was pretty simple. I was just wearing jeans and I have this like baggy white shirt that was kind of like my, my dressing gown. And then I did really, really elaborate makeup and I had this huge blackout like blood coming down off the side of my mouth. And then all of this like blood on like one of my arms, like something had happened to it. So at the end of the night, I cleaned up most of it because I didn't want to get a lot of it in the car. So like I'd have makeup wipes and stuff, I clean up my arm clean up the blood off the side of my mouth, because I'd start picking out it eventually. But especially for all the makeup around my black eye. I wouldn't want to touch any of that until I was home because there was a lot that went into it. And I didn't want to start pushing it into my eye and then not be able to see so one night probably around 1030 after one of the weekend shows. My mom picked me up and she's like, oh, you know, we ran out of milk. Do you mind running into the grocery store and getting some it was like Sure, no problem because it was going into the weekend. I needed cereal. For some reason. I was like very adamant about eating cereal in high school. What kind of cereal Cheerios and basic that way I ran into the supermarket. And of course walking back with a mill to the register. I hear someone call up. Hey, Angela, and I turn around and lo and behold, who was it? My lovely longtime, super adorable crush, so I turned on like, Oh my God. Hi. You're talking to me all super excited. And he just looks freaked the fuck out. He looks terrified to start stammering and says, Great. Great to see you. Hi. See you later and walks away. I couldn't figure out why that had like gone so strangely. Because like he kind of like chased me down like a herd like hey, hey, Angela. And like someone like coming up behind me. It was like, Alright, it was like you stopped me just to be weird. Okay, whatever. I get into the car. And that's when I remember I have this giant, very realistic looking black eye.

Jae 32:45

And how did that make you feel?

Angela 32:46

I was mortified. I mean, you know, I still went out the next night and I put all the makeup on and I did it again. It was just like, whatever. But I was like of course like that's like the one time my crush decides he wants to talk to me. And I look like I've just gotten some kind of fight. So PSA, ladies and gentlemen, if you're ever like working a haunted house or something, take all the makeup off. Take it all

Jae 33:09

off. Have you ever done like prosthetics are the things that like No, I

Angela 33:13

haven't wanted to get that elaborate and frankly, I'm like kind of afraid to now because you know in my disaster driven mind after watching that Grey's Anatomy episode where Dr. Webber is trying to treat the zombie girl after the comic book opening every laceration just turns out to be like an applique I'm like really afraid that if something like that ever happened to me like I was in like a car accident or something like they would just miss something because they're too busy looking at like the giant fake stitches on another part of me there I don't know if you could have like one Halloween wish like what would you want only king size candy bar that is a good one did you what was trick or treating like growing up for you?

Jae 33:56

So I normally with my cousin except the one year old my friends and he's a few years younger so we know with his classmates decent candy some bigger houses some smaller house but a lot areas with like lots of kids. Like I didn't realize that not all neighborhoods had a bunch of kids so like I didn't know you could really like Miss neighborhoods or people wouldn't come to certain neighborhoods. So I would always go with that bookstore near my friends. Some would give bigger candy bars than others only one year did my friends go back for a second and I was too scared to go with them so I just say that the house. Oh no, that's fine. I had enough candy. I always like I would always sort my Halloween candy after and I would trade my cousin for the good ones and I would like I mean if this is this shouldn't surprise anyone like the ones that were his favorite? I would do like a two to one trade. Oh. Like I also do my uncle at the arm enjoys hated those Tootsie Rolls are scum of the earth if anyone likes Tootsie Rolls, no my mother does but other everyone else like oh my god, they just glue your teeth together. People who do raisins I know something else that I wasn't as cognizant of but my family was is the people who would give like not like unwrapped candy but like not like Clearly store bought packaged candy they'd always just been handed over and toss it. I'm like, Oh, I get why and then there's one kid when I was a camp counselor whose mom would pay him a quarter per piece of candy he'd give up Oh, wow. Cuz you're trying to not get cavities and stuff, which is kind of funny. I was always a chocolate person. So Twixtor at my top I like Reese's Starburst, only the pink and red ones. Midnight like Snickers or Milky Way is my favorite.

Angela 35:23

Oh yeah,

Jae 35:24

I used to really like Three Musketeers, but I kind of faded out the

Angela 35:27

three musketeers were actually really big for me and trick or treating. And so I would always go with my friends in a big group and her parents like they were they were just like the designated Halloween parents like they would go out with us they take us all over and so we'd get like these really big bags but we also staged like, like we would decorate her house and kind of like put on like a little like scare act for kids like while we handed out candy. So we did like haunted statues. Yeah, so like we pay attention to like the no scare lights and stuff like that. Like take it easy on like the little kids but like we really really enjoyed scaring like older kids and stuff. And that was actually pretty cool. Because occasionally like sometimes like they'd give up some of their candy to us and be like, Oh my god, like you totally got us. That was amazing. Like here. Take a lollipop

Jae 36:08

went all the way left the Blow Pop stew.

Angela 36:11

Oh, yeah. Oh my God. Have you ever tried like to see how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

Jae 36:17

I gave up. I think I have one of those calendars once though. Oh, yeah. Bad. No,

Angela 36:21

no, I was I was gonna say I was like the half the counters but it only goes to like 10,000 likes or something Jesus to take more than that. Apparently, it might

Jae 36:30

obviously since all of you listening to this are such avid fans of us. You know where we stand on costumes and ones that are and are inappropriate by our last episode. So refer to that if you have any questions about themes or things we will wear would wear.

Angela 36:42

Like we mentioned last episode two, we're going to be aliens this year. You guys can let us know what you think of our alien costumes. Yes,

Jae 36:49

I don't care how basic Angele fine. I'm leaning towards Ariana Grande. Because I like the costumes. And even better. Angela is planning on doing a 70s day for one of these so we can share the white boots. Exactly. And she is slightly I have slightly wider feet but shorter and Angela's feet are slightly longer. So if we get the boots and my size shall stretch them out for me for the next day.

Angela 37:12

Wait, this actually might work out in your favor this time. Because I remember when we used to do about for recruitment, I wouldn't actually walk around in them. I just wear them do they mold into my foot but they weren't actually stretched? Yes. Well, this might actually work this

Jae 37:24

time. Did you have a skirt that you bought that would work really well.

Angela 37:27

I do really like the skirt. I just need to find a good talk to go with it.

Jae 37:30

Since this is the first Halloween in two years where people can kind of go out and do more and it'll be crazy. Halloween weekend didn't become a thing for me until college. I hadn't even heard of Halloween weekend. Same and I was like, oh, okay, but then again, I would need three costumes. Yeah, and I didn't participate in college

Angela 37:48

fee and that's why I always liked the idea of halloweekends Like is there always so many costume ideas I come up with every year like this would be the perfect opportunity to stage all of them because I actually like for Outside Lands. I went through my costume board on Pinterest from everything I've just saved over the years and just there are so many I don't know how I'm going to get through them and I still like like 70% of them

Jae 38:10

are no I still want us to do one year the Miss Congeniality one. Oh, that would be amazing. I'm Miss Rhode Island.

Angela 38:17

I'm good with being Miss Congeniality. Can we get your baton on fire?

Jae 38:21

I don't trust you with fire. Well, that's

Angela 38:22

why you're gonna hold I mean, maybe yes, I mean, better than that. I get the gun holster with the donut in it. So that's awesome. Are we could we Regina King? Oh, okay. I actually really liked that one.

Jae 38:36

I liked it.

I felt that one before I saw the original so I really liked it.

Angela 38:39

Oh, also for anyone listening who maybe doesn't have a Halloween costume set yet and is looking for one. Particularly if you might happen to be of the bipoc persuasion maybe as we talked about in our cultural appropriation episode Regina King and watchmen very good costumes are the costumes she does actually wear a costume cool. I think she wears two costumes and it actually

Jae 39:01

and just like to quickly go into like costumes if you want to be specifically Pocahontas or Whitney Houston or someone for all for that appreciate people Diana Ross but if you want to be like an NBA player, and there are NBA players of all colors, but you decide to look like one that is not your natural melanin level

Angela 39:20

don't yeah, if you want to be LeBron James wear his jersey don't try to wear his skin tone.

Jae 39:27

You're here and then at some point maybe depending on how long we podcast we can talk about the best costumes the favorite is costumes baby

Angela 39:34

costumes. Oh my god. Okay it really really love when parents make the baby cat costume calendars.

Jae 39:41

Oh, like okay with the Little Walter White babies Breaking Bad Yeah, well crack baby for mess. Oh, excuse

Angela 39:49

me. Oh, I don't remember what they made now. But yeah, they put they put them in like little little the little yellow coats

Jae 39:55

me over here like I like when they do like the little avocado pay. Oh, that's cute

Angela 39:59

tail. It's cue you guys. You can even put anything on a baby and it's cute. So you put anything on a onesie and it's cute

Jae 40:05

firetrucks Snoopy cookies, anything. It's super cute, you know, and pregnant costumes are also fun.

I mean, sure. I don't want to be pregnant on Halloween. That sounds kind of inconvenient or very pregnant on Halloween. That sounds kind of inconvenient

Angela 40:17

like a medium amount of pregnant

Jae 40:21

sadly for ordering a pizza can I be a medium amount of friends? Around the 18 week mark

Angela 40:26

oh my god okay. But honestly, one of the things I do miss about going out on Halloween is just coming back and like I used to do this thing where I would time that pizza order to be delivered right as I was arriving home

Jae 40:37

various that was before delivery like apps and things

Angela 40:41

Yeah, what I had to call the pizza. Nuts. Although I do have the Domino's app on my phone now

Jae 40:47

reminders. Stay safe. Stay with the group. Don't go into random people's homes alone. Have Eyes on an adult if you are a child have eyes on your friend buddy system. Don't take unpackaged goods.

Angela 40:59

Don't take rides from strangers unless

Jae 41:03

Uber and or Lyft have confirmed that you are getting into the car assigned to you that you paid for that will cause them getting into a new force getting into a stranger's car. That's true. That's true. Don't drink and drive charge your phone

Angela 41:15

and wear your mask not just your your costume. Please wear your CDC sanctioned two layer cloth or medical nine or 95 masks,

Jae 41:25

wash your hands say thank you if you are getting candy hydrate,

Angela 41:29

maybe don't trust the PRL that appears well dressed up person is offering you just a thought or maybe do who knows. And on that note, thank you for listening to this episode of In Omnia paratus grab your coffee bowls and don't forget to rate download and follow on Apple Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts as always where you lead will follow so head on over to @inomniapod on Instagram and let us know what you'd like to hear about in the comments. Bye.

Jae 41:57


We talk about scary stories.

Angela 42:00

I know

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