We’re kicking off Cupid month with our opinions on romantic comedies! Listen with us as we tackle issues related to the lack of diversity in movies today, such as BIPOC casting, narrative accessibility, and gender norms. Grab some popcorn and settle in!

Show Notes

  • This was actually recorded a week and a half before Feb 1st, and we only recorded 9 days ahead of time. A lot has happened and we’re happy to catch up with you all! 
  • For all you Humanities majors who are given the option to take an “easy math class”, it’s a trap! *insert Admiral Ackbar meme here*
  • Jae and I set up 30 day challenges for each other that we participated in for January (So they actually became 31 day challenges). I gave up Instagram and Jae gave up coffee  
  • Our overall takeaways are: 
    • Angela: Leaving Instagram was refreshing and fun and the anxiety faded after the first week of not using it. Everyone I speak with regularly sent me memes and pictures from events that were going on so I could see and keep up, so I think it was a successful month overall. 
    • Jae: There have been no caffeine headaches, but being without coffee was an incredibly sad thing because there is cold brew waiting for her in her kitchen, as well as a new Nespresso. 
  • Fact Check #1: “Later Days!” was the episode sign off on the Disney cartoon The Weekenders
  • Fact Check #2: There are multiple incarnations of Sabrina cartoons, and I think Jae and I were each talking about different ones; however, as they all have the same main characters, this is technically still in debate
  • Plot Twist! We’re rebranding – Kind of! We’re still going to talk about Gilmore Girls, but we want to make the show a little more attainable for those who don’t know all the In’s and Out’s of Inn’s, and talk about the other shows, current events, and issues we talk about in our daily lives
  • We have our first 2 guests this month: Our friends Laura and Amanda are coming to the show to share their perspective on romantic comedies! 
  • During February we will be celebrating Cupid Month and Black History Month on podcast and on our Instagram, so be sure to follow @inomniapod on IG
  • Are you watching Bridgerton? Let us know what you think about that show!
  • We need more diversity in romantic comedies. Bring us the diversity we are asking for. Periodt.
  • Romantic Comedies are really a staple of this month, but we do acknowledge that there are so many problematic elements that we would like to see transitioned out
  • We were only able to find 3 romantic comedies with an Asian actor in a lead role and those are: Crazy Rich Asians, Always Be My Maybe, and To All the Boys I Loved Before (We count TATB 2 with 1 because it has the same lead character) 
  • What theater has Jae been going to? I think the most I pay for a movie, slurpee, and candy is $20.00
  • See Scarlet Johanssen shut down questions about her undergarments here
  • See Amy Poehler and Tina Fey rif on George Clooney here
  • Amal Clooney is Lebanese and George Clooney is from Kentucky and of Irish, German, and English ancestry 

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

Jae 0:01

I pledge myself to the pod loyal I'll always be happy to start a P a D at the end and an O sitting in between. Welcome back to In Omnia Paratus. I'm Jae like the letter.

Angela 0:17

And I'm Angela also known as avo

Jae 0:19

We are two friends diving into our past and present evaluating if we were ever truly ready for anything, we'll discuss all things from the definition of dating to all the things school didn't prepare us for listen as we talk career changers give plenty of unsolicited opinions and work on becoming the people we want to see in the world.

Angela 0:36

Hi, everyone. Welcome to February.

Jae 0:39

I know per Angeles requests. This episode is only filmed a few weeks before you're going to hear it.

Angela 0:45

I'm so excited. It's only it's only going to be 13 days.

Jae 0:51

Sure. No,

Angela 0:53

I think can I not read a calendar?

Jae 0:55

Alexa, how many days until February 1. Oh, right. February

Angela 0:58

is the good month. Okay. It's it's like nine days until you hear this episode.

Jae 1:02

That's weird. I'm used to ever and being like, Oh, so x episode, you just record. It's coming out? Like No, that's in three months. It's like a trimester away.

Angela 1:12

But at least now we can actually like talk about some current events like Jay catch us up what's been going on in your life since what I think we technically recorded our last January episode in mid December.

Jae 1:26

Oh shit.

Angela 1:27

Yeah. But what's been going on since then

Jae 1:29

a capital Riot and an augury inauguration. A photo where the Jonas Brothers were the look for the first ladies of the inauguration. Oh, I

Angela 1:40

love that so much.

Jae 1:41

And I have not had coffee in 23 days. That's the big change.

Angela 1:47

And how do you feel

Jae 1:49

like I missed the smell of coffee. I've liked coffee even before I could drink it at the age of seven. And so my get around was like smelling my mom's coffee even before I liked the taste of it. It just smells so good.

Angela 2:01

It really does. There's nothing more upsetting than when you get a coffee scented candle and it doesn't smell like an actual cup of coffee.

Jae 2:09

See, I'm a realist. I never expect coffee or chocolate candles to smell good. So I just don't even try or hand sanitizer or lip gloss. No one should make a chocolate scented to a gloss. I will say the closest a brand's gotten was L'Oreal. And that wasn't too gross, but like some of them need to work on it. Other than that, I've just been working on our website, which we'll talk a little bit more about which we will talk a little bit more later. As of January 23. Angela still has not received her amazing birthday Christmas gifts, which all of my sins have to be forgiven for

Angela 2:40

due to my COVID corrente. And that needed to happen from like December 23 through January 5, something like that. Yeah, yeah. So so it was 17 days. So I was potentially exposed by another family member who hadn't known that they were exposed when I saw them. And so I yeah, I spent Christmas in isolation. I had to wear a mask around my house. I couldn't leave. I couldn't go for walks. You turn 28 I did. I turned I took the mask off for that.

Jae 3:12

Repeat what I just said.

Angela 3:14

I turned 20 Oh, wait, no, no lies. I'm 27 Why do you guys do this to me? Oh my Lord. I don't I don't know how this happened. But starting a couple years ago, they all just started aging me up an extra year. Like next year when I when I can see you all in person. You'll probably present me with a cake that says Happy 30th birthday.

Jae 3:41

Oh, no, that's giving two years.

Angela 3:43

Yeah, that's probably the way we're headed.

Jae 3:45

Well, one clearly is just enough to confuse you enough that you start believing it.

Angela 3:48

Oh, it really is. Honestly, I had like the worst issue with this when I was a child I didn't I couldn't fully comprehend that like being born on the last day of the year for my birth year didn't actually meet me in that year counted towards my overall age. So I always added a year on

Jae 4:07

and that's why you are an English major.

Angela 4:09

Yeah, me and numbers never gonna happen.

Jae 4:12

I know you took some kind of a or golly math class in college I remember or something I

Angela 4:17

did. That was the biggest lie as well. It was like math for humanities majors of the easy math allegedly had all of these great math secrets in it that would teach you how to do like all of the equations super fast like you would you wouldn't actually have to understand anything that went into the process. Like just remember this formula. And I remembered the formulas when we when finals came around and they let us have cheat sheets I wrote down the formulas still totally failed the final.

Jae 4:51

It's okay, we balance each other out

Angela 4:53

that we do. And speaking of balance, as Jay alluded to, she had to give up coffee earlier this month. And this is part of a 30 day challenge exchange that we set up for each other. So Jay, you actually came up with it if you want to let everyone know more about it.

Jae 5:09

Okay, so as you can see, I've called Angela Boomer. I've aged her up mentally. And part of this whole thing is her constant battle being on Instagram, which she can elaborate more on, but kind of a summary of, I don't like social media, but society and social peers value social media. Oh, no, I can do it this way. I got this. I got this. Okay. Angela doesn't like social media. Angela also likes to people please. And people like social media. Therefore, Angela needs to be on social media to people please. Other people.

Angela 5:48

Yeah, basically, commutative property.

Jae 5:51

associative property. I don't know. One of those. transitive, transitive

Angela 5:55

no more math.

Jae 5:56

Oh, well, no, I

did it in a math formula. Just you'd have to fact check it.

Angela 6:00

We're we're not doing any more math things on this podcast ever. Like what I had to like attempt to look up the Vegas odds for the birthday episode. My friend who I asked to help me he wouldn't actually help me. He just tried to explain it to me so I could do it myself and feel empowered. And it didn't happen. So that's why it's not in the show notes.

Jae 6:17

What math Oh, I

Angela 6:18

when I said that, I wanted to know like what like the Vegas odds would have been on running into like multiple x's. Oh, one one night? Yeah,

Jae 6:28

funny. Angela is not a social media fan. But due to growing up in the generation with the friends and lovely humans, such as myself who she decides to associate with an R value and possible suitors value on social media. She disdainfully uses it how to do

Angela 6:44

pretty much that's that's an excellent way to summarize it.

Jae 6:47

So I had a genius plan based on something I've done. And a little video will be posted on the Instagram sometime this month about ways to break up with your phone ways to disassociate from social media ways to help your mental health, all those kind of things relating to all of those things kind of culminating for Angela to do with an experiment of not going on Instagram for 30 days. 31 days, we said January because I wanted her to see I wanted her to get whatever she got from it. I did something similar a few years ago. And what it affirmed for me is my friends who are genuinely my friends, I would reach out to and make efforts to still speak with so see what's going on their wives, they would send me pictures of what they were doing. Even when I didn't have Instagram, and everyone who I was missing on Instagram, prising Lee weren't really adding much value to my life, other than Christy teegan and Ryan Reynolds, I missed them on Twitter. But other than that, I really didn't miss seeing a lot of people from college. I know that might sound a bit harsh. And it's not that I don't like following others, but it affirmed the relationship I really had with those people was more of a virtual acquaintance one, which is fine. But when you're putting validity into the amount of likes equals to the social currency you have or the value that other people see in you, it can affect your mental health. And so going off it for a month, I wanted Angela to just see if she would be able to gain anything from it. And although you've a week left, any good findings,

Angela 8:15

so I think overall, it's been I feel like I've come to have a similar experience that you've had I know in this was proposed in mid December. So in the few weeks leading up to January, I did have a lot of anxiety, which is actually ironic, because even though I have Instagram, I barely use it. I use it. Honestly, as of December I was using it more for baking inspiration, cat videos, sports highlights, eat news updates, pilot Pete and like listening to the Oh yeah, keeping up with bachelor nation. And as Jay has alluded to begrudgingly responding to like direct messages, and like other communications from Instagram, which I wasn't really a huge fan of. And I'm still not because I would rather call or text someone to actually have the call have a conversation. So not looking at the app during this time has been great because I get to use my preferred forms of communication. And similarly, everyone who I'm close with and have like regular weekly interactions with still reaches out to me and I still reach out to them. And I don't feel like it's hurt our relationship in any way that we've lost the convenience of just being able to send posts within the app to each other. And also quick segue here. So on Instagram, there are DMS, or if you're confused as I once was, those are direct messages. And those are for sending Instagram posts or sliding into like, please don't try to hold real conversations there, especially with me. I will ask you to please text me or call me Just don't do it. It's on my list of pet peeves. Right above group messages. And just below people who claim the entire frosting edge of the cake When sharing a slice, so just don't go there.

Jae 10:02

I have a lot of questions. But where do where does facetiming? Go on that list?

Angela 10:07

Oh facetiming is okay, so facetiming is above both group messages and direct messages, but it's not as bad as when you try to call me through another app like Instagram or Facebook to hold a phone call. Oh,

Jae 10:27

I thought I was muted that whole time. My bed.

Angela 10:29

Oh, no, you're okay. I couldn't hear it.

Jae 10:32

I thought I was muted. I've been having issues with this. But now I'm paranoid if I was muted at all during this, I'm gonna hope I don't know. Have you been hearing everything I'm missing? Wow. Yeah. Okay, because if you weren't hearing things that meant I was wanting to

Angela 10:45

ya know, so far there has been no dead air on my end. Cool. But yeah, overall, I feel like I'm currently experiencing a similar lightness to when I revamped by Tick Tock experience over the summer. So there, I unfollowed and removed all of my followers from my account. And I've been using it more as a solo experience to just look at videos that I want to and not have to worry about messages that people are sending me or looking at the videos that they're sending. So it's it's been pretty great. And

Jae 11:15

as soon as you said solo experience and made it really sexual, or maybe that's just how it is and then everything you keep saying just like affirmed it.

Angela 11:22

You're welcome. Wow. So So are we gonna have to like move from like podcasting to only fans?

Jae 11:27

Oh, no, I just saw this tech talk like isn't only fans just like a pyramid scheme. And I was like, Huh, interesting. Oh, I don't know if like early days of the pandemic didn't get me on there. I don't think later days would.

Angela 11:39

Isn't there a cartoon where that was like the lead characters sign off? Like later days?

Jae 11:45

I don't do cartoon. Oh,

Angela 11:47

not not even as a child no Saturday morning cartoons for you know,

Jae 11:51

I used to watch the shows there was a show called line critter gators or something do bugs flight 29 down which was with Corbin blue from High School Musical obviously kind of like lost but for kids. And then they also had a show called endurance, which is like survivor. I can picture Are you watching any of these? Oh, and then they also had Darcy's wildlife with Sarah Paxton on and the same kind of lineup. And then they also had the ABC shows, which was where they would do like Disney Channel shows on Saturday morning.

Angela 12:19

Oh, yeah, those were great. But still, some of those were animated. Do like what he says several like a Teenage Witch.

Jae 12:27

Oh, I watched those. But I don't do class. Like I don't do a cartoon network. Anime.

Angela 12:32

I didn't like oh, yeah, no, no, no. This is like, this is definitely from a Disney one.

Jae 12:36

No, I like to recess. I like Sabrina the Teenage Witch. But that was like CBS or Fox that wasn't Disney.

Angela 12:41

Oh, okay. All right. All the fact checking for me later, huh? Well, yes.

Jae 12:45

Why did you pick coffee for me?

Angela 12:47

So when you proposed Instagram, to me, it was something that I didn't enjoy and wasn't necessarily adding value to my life. So I thought that that was coffee for you. Because I've noticed in the past year, like instead of referring to coffee as something that you want, you've been using the word need a lot.

Jae 13:06

Yes. When you deal with the public on a general basis, some sort of substance, it seems the appropriate course of action.

Angela 13:13

Okay. But you know, it just it it was getting to it was getting to a point where it didn't seem like you were enjoying the coffee. Like it wasn't like a fun coffee break. It was like, but it didn't seem like a fun coffee break anymore. It seems like some it seemed like a crutch that were you were using to get through the day. Interesting.

Jae 13:31

He that's much more of a thorough explanation than you. And our friend complained a lot in Paris that you wanted coffee, and I got annoyed. So you're giving up coffee for the month was the original explanation I got.

Angela 13:42

Okay, that yes, that's the original thing that I first thought of. But you have to admit, both of you got to the point where you were like, Do not talk to me until I've had my morning coffee. And I was like, Is it really that extreme? Have we

Jae 13:57

hit this level? And if so, maybe this is the perfect time to think about cutting back on the caffeine. So this is just conjecture. Neither of us have taken any sort of test. We both may or may have not had COVID I had bronchitis and we both may or may have not been exposed to COVID on that trip. So like our energy levels and our immune systems are already suppressed.

Angela 14:20

Okay, that's a fair point. You

Jae 14:21

broke your knee. Oh, God.

Angela 14:24

I yes, I dislocated my kneecap. The first night. I arrived in Paris. It's very sad. Yes. So yeah, we were we were an interesting bunch that trip

Jae 14:34

but 21 days and no caffeine headaches because that was the first thing I clarified is it no caffeine or no coffee? Because those are two difference. Yes. And

Angela 14:41

I wasn't nice. And I said you she could have caffeine but no coffee.

Jae 14:46

I would have preferred it the other way around personally, because half of it for me is just the taste of coffee wakes me up. Obviously the caffeine wakes you up as well. But if it was like I could have only had decaf or not On caffeinated coffee, but I could taste coffee. I would still have been better than I did because my mom is a religious coffee drinker. My family are just coffee drinker so I still had to smell it regularly

Angela 15:12

See, but I said that you could have coffee flavored coffee is

Jae 15:17

a one I was going to take the time to buy and make a coffee cake. And two, I wasn't going to take a pint of Ben and Jerry's out in the morning. Get my coffee fix from like ice cream.

Angela 15:28

I mean, I can tell you because I've done it because I've recently become addicted to the Trader Joe's coffee ice cream. Kind of worth it. Just a spoonful in the morning Jason and I can go full back to my lovely Nespresso. Oh, sadness. My aunt bought me cold brew, like in the middle of this. And my mom's like, did

Jae 15:46

you thank her? Yeah, I'm like, Oh, right. I forgot to text her because it was so sad. My mom didn't want to tell her I was like, Oh, yeah, she bought more cold brew because I was writing out it's fine. It doesn't go bad. It will by the time I drink it all. It won't go back. I will be burned myself a pitcher of cold air the night before. And like it'll be ready for me the next morning.

Angela 16:03

At 12 01 am, you're going to drink a cup of coffee. Now,

Jae 16:07

I can't even do coffee past like 330 anymore. Oh, really? I got used to doing it later when I would work closing shifts. But now I can coffeehouse like 334 I'm up to like 1am

Angela 16:21

Okay, yeah, maybe don't do that. Or you can do a 24 hour challenge and document it for the Instagram.

Jae 16:28

Oh, I have a lot planned for the Instagram for February. Thank you. I think we're good. Maybe we can go live on Twitch sometime. And do what 24 hours or something.

Angela 16:37

Okay, what is twitch?

Jae 16:39

It's a platform where you can live stream anything. Most people most it's mostly known for gamers but and it's for anyone to just live stream and talk to people. I think discord goes with it. I think that's the way people communicate on Twitch. Now I'm getting a little ahead of myself. So I'm not going to continue in this line of conversation, because my knowledge has already been expressed.

Angela 17:02

Okay, so just to round it out. For me in my Boomer ways, would this be equivalent to a chat room? No,

Jae 17:10

because you're not talking to anyone else. You're it's kind of like if you were going it live, but it's its own platform. You can I'm assuming share screens and play with multiple people and still communicate through it. Okay,

Angela 17:24

yeah, cuz our other friend was trying to explain this to me on New Year's Eve, and I didn't I didn't get it.

Jae 17:30

Speaking of it, that friend just got an iPhone frickin finally, my last friend or a second to last friend who still has who had green bubbles.

Angela 17:38

Oh my gosh, right. And the mind games that were involved in all of that.

Jae 17:41

I mean, yeah, I just was Yeah, I thought it was and then I was confused. I was like, Did you or did you not get one because like you I just told you in green bubbles, like, fuck it. I will. But

Angela 17:49

well, I just thought it was really funny that he thought he could hide it in some way.

Jae 17:53

Well, everything he was sending in the group chat was on Instagram.

Angela 17:57

Ah, okay.

Jae 17:58

Yeah. So I was seeing a double time. And I was like, just tell me what happened. Let me know what, what what the end of this situation was. And

Angela 18:06

thank heavens, it ended in an iPhone.

Jae 18:08

Honestly, I had

to explain the whole green bubble blue bubble thing because he was like, well, or how do you know when someone does an iPhone six. Because my bubbles are green. I'm an Apple users are very selfish, I will make that broad claim. We only care what color our bowls are. When we text someone, your bubbles will be great no matter who you text. But we know when we text a non iPhone user that your bubbles will be green, although I don't

Angela 18:32

know, I've heard that you can actually now change the color.

Jae 18:34

So here's something that most of the apps like this because I was 1617. When all of these cool apps where you could change the keyboards came out. Here's the thing, you have to really

Angela 18:43

Oh, so this isn't

Jae 18:44

new. The one they're kind of new. They come back and forth. The thing about these apps is when you use they're cool looking pretty aesthetic keyboards, they have access to all of your text messages. That's one of the privacy I don't know if they've changed. But that's one of the things you give up to get these cool pretty apps is like when you text in the pretty keyboard, you're giving up your gift letting them read your text messages, because they're formatting them and they would like to snoop obviously. So that's why I'm like, I'll stick with the dark mode. It's fine.

Angela 19:10

Yeah, dark dark mode is enough. We like privacy. Yes, we do. And speaking of privacy, we launched a podcast so we officially lost

Jae 19:19

all privacy

Angela 19:20

off the veil on ours.

Jae 19:23

lost all same thing. Yep. Yeah, we did. So it's now been we have nine I believe. As of right now on recording this nine episode nine episodes are alive. And we've gotten decent feedback from people and consistent leadership. So thank you, if you're in that group, if not, you're not a very supportive friend. And that's fine.

Angela 19:44

We get analytics we know. I know, which is how we know that like we have strangers listening to us too high people we don't know. Thanks for listening and finding it interesting.

Jae 19:54

We hope we can make your commute dishwashing laundry doing working out more entertaining.

Angela 20:01

Yeah. And we hope that overall like you start to feel a little more comfortable with us too, because I think of our listeners that we know our biggest feedback was that, like, occasionally we seem a little unrelatable with our Gilmore references,

Jae 20:16

I think is that the references? I thought, not just the Gilmore references, but any reference. That's more between us when we kind of go into our little language without mentioning full words, sentences, hand gestures. People's are totally a little bit

Angela 20:31

eyebrow raised. Yeah, blinks tabletops. Yeah.

Jae 20:35

So we're working on all of these things, and trying to make it more of an inclusive community. And in addition to that, I had a realization which Angela will be able to articulate a lot better than me. But I'm going to start by saying, I had this realization when we recorded our cabinets lead episode, which was a few years ago that Angela, and I don't have to talk about something fluffy and entertaining to banter and be funny. It's just naturally within me, I mean us to do so. No, I

Angela 21:05

mean, as you say, I can articulate it better. And my first words are, ya know, ya know,

Jae 21:11

the amount of likes, I've already heard that I'm going to be cutting out of this.

Angela 21:15

I think that we definitely went into this with an expectation of knowing what we wanted to do and what we wanted to say and where our boundaries were, and what we thought was interesting, and what we thought other people would like, and now that we're actually doing it, we've discovered that those boundaries that we put in place for ourselves don't really need to be there, we can pretty much talk about anything, like just like we do in our regular life. And we'll probably hit something that's going to resonate for someone, I didn't think in our fitness episode, that we'd really get a lot of feedback on that. But we ended up hearing from someone who really wanted to hear more about cosmetic procedures and elective surgeries. So now like that's something for us to think about. And we hit on that for what, like two minutes?

Jae 22:04

Yeah, probably around that. And also, we like to banter we have a lot of pop culture references, and those just live

Angela 22:11

within us. Those are always going to happen

Jae 22:13

exactly no matter what we're talking about whether it's something a little bit more serious or not. There are a bunch of lifestyles, how to be a millennial now how to live in a pandemic. And although we fall into that category, we'd also kind of like to bounce that with a more of a TED talk slash informational vibe slash Yes, we're finding we banter we have all the pop culture things you may or may not understand. But at the end of listening to us rant banter and give unsolicited opinions for hours, you get something that you didn't know before, whether it be about us about the way a system works about something. So going forward, we are not rebranding are just turning a little bit shifting a little bit to the right or the left arm, I would say right and left that's Tupelo, we're just shifting a little bit in the universe to come to speak about things that we find a little bit more important from a perspective that we don't really hear shared. So for example, February, what are things that happened in February Valentine's Day? And what do you think about when you think about Valentine's Day, obviously romantic comedies. So we are excited that we're gonna have our first two guests in February, and then there'll be a bit of a surprise episode, I'm not sure which week we're going to put it up. That's more about my dating history. That's kind of going to be the focus for our episode. But over on our Instagram, we are featuring eight black people who we really admire and identify with for various reasons to celebrate and elevate Black History Month, because although we should be celebrating it all year, this year, particularly with Madam Vice President Kamala D. Harris, it's even more important now to use whatever platform we have to speak about things we care about, and would like to encourage more of that was not grammatically correct, but I'm the business major. So it's okay, we're going with it. It works. So

Angela 24:06

we're definitely going to be highlighting Black History Month, and it's going to be our launch point for us to like continue talking. Wow. also likes

Jae 24:15

I had a teacher, my modern world teacher. If you used it too many times in a sentence, he would just start clapping every time you said

Angela 24:22

it. Oh, my family repeats it. Like if I say like then they say like over me. Oh gosh, yeah, it's really bad.

Jae 24:29


Angela 24:30

year of no more like so while we're highlighting Black History Month on the Instagram, we're also going to use it as our launching point to continue the conversation about diversity and inclusion and representation through the rest of the year for the rest of our time on it

Jae 24:46

Omnia paratus either make our time on earth or like, Wow, that's a big commitment. I mean, we should and we will, I mean, isn't that what like that just like sounds like a huge commitment.

Angela 24:55

It does. It's like marriage vows till death do us part.

Jae 24:59

We are ourselves are still I hate that this

phrase has been taken so performatively but we are learning and unlearning just like everyone else and encourage everyone to do the same. One of the reasons we love the name of our show so much being ready for anything is because it really has to do with just being willing to take a step and to start and starting to work on educating yourself about black history, native history, Asian American history, South Asian history, Latin history, history that's not really taught in the American school system is important and should be amplified, no matter the size of your platform.

Angela 25:37

So come learn with us grow with us, reach out to us, if you feel that we need to learn a little bit more ourselves. Or if you'd like to hear more from us, because as small as our platform is right now, we want to make sure that we're using it for good

Jae 25:51

here here. Speaking of equity, diversity, inclusion, something that I know we fell in love with, along with over 63 million other people from Christmas Day was a bridgerton. And there are a bunch of different perspectives on that in terms of inclusivity about the about the way in which I'm just saying the sexual assault scene that happens. I think that right now, our platform is not really the place to speak on that so much. But in terms there are plenty of resources and articles you can read if you'd like to read more about the perspective from the showrunner, the creator fans of the book, other people with opinions are opinions just aren't really about that. I wanted to kind of discuss more how you thought bridgerton handled diversity. I've heard some people, a lot of people are praising the diversity efforts. Some people had a bit of an issue with the one line that kind of seemed like a throwaway line to kind of say, hey, look, we solve racism. Another common is that a lot of the background actors are of Asian descent, but the main kind of focus on diversity is black and white.

Angela 27:02

Here's your Okay, so I have a lot of thoughts on this. So initially, when I started watching bridgerton, I didn't know what it was about, as Julie Andrews voiceovers rain down on you, you learned that you're in 18th century London, and my immediate thought was, oh, okay, so the

Jae 27:19

19th century Yeah, because you're It was 1800s. So you're the 19th century. Oh, that's

Angela 27:25

right, Terry on numbers again, guys. not my thing. So you learn you're in the 19th century. So my first thought was, oh, okay, 19th century rules will apply. Pretty much everyone here of importance will most likely be white. And this notion was settled upon for maybe the first couple minutes, just because the first few times that I noticed non white actors, they were in service positions that then everyone goes to court to meet the queen. And so all of a sudden, it's like, oh, no, wait, this is going to be a there will be a diverse cast, there will be this is going to turn all of my notions about what life was like in this time upside down, and they're trying to reflect a more inclusive vision of society. But then I had to think about me and the way that I thought about this and how I was going into it as a viewer. And was it right for me to initially hold these assumptions?

Jae 28:21

Are you asking me or the world

Angela 28:22

I'm asking you,

Jae 28:23

I think I mean, I honestly want to Intuit the opposite, knowing that this was the first production that Shonda Rhimes, the Shonda Rhimes of Grey's Anatomy scandal, How to Get Away with Murder was putting out on Netflix. I expected nothing less in terms of diversity inclusion, knowing how she personally advocates for equality and equity in her shows. I was going to be surprised I was surprised when I saw the trailer for this piece being so stereotypically classic, and a Eurocentric story,

Angela 28:58

agreed, like I really didn't know what to think like, especially when we see the Duke for the first time like honestly, like I he is very attractive. The my first view of him was on the little Netflix bridgerton tile of him and Daphne standing back to back and I thought that the biggest issue in their love story was going to be that they would be an interracial couple, and then you come to find out in this version of their society, nobody cares. So I really liked that in that in that respect. bridgerton completely flipped my view of what the story was going to be. They really presented the issues of the society and the time And granted, they were mainly reflective of only one class type, but they really did try to remove race from it.

Jae 29:47

I agree that I think that's what they tried to do, but I something just hasn't settled and I haven't fully ruminated even though I am on my second time. rewatching this I did like the show overall, on the one line where we did and various talking to Simon about the diversity and how the king made a choice to marry a black Queen and what that did and what it showed society because that was the only kind of mention of race in the entire series. And it was kind of like, Are you saying that there's no racial like you this one move, like in a snap, like, got rid of all racism, especially at these higher levels? I just wish they had either not set it and kind of pulled a shits Creek where like, of course, the city of shits Creek is diverse, why wouldn't they be diverse? Like they didn't really have to go through that kind of struggle? Or have at least I didn't, I don't think you would make any of the characters racist to do so I just think that there was no mention period. Other than that one comment. What is it like if White people wouldn't deign to say anything? Why, like, what did the king do? What was the motivation? And I've only seen the series, I haven't read the book. So maybe the more students go on, they'll either add things, or they'll take things away? I'm not sure. But I just think they could they made such a point of that scene between Simon and Laney, Dan Berry, and then it was kind of like, all racial issues. Were just a left after that.

Angela 31:14

So I feel like we have two different perspectives on this. Like what I think of that scene between the two of them, I look at it more as a reminder that this is not this perfect utopian society, that it almost presents us because everyone's everyone's beautiful, there are beautiful gardens, there's parties, most people are happy. And then they seem to at least surface Li focus on a lot of issues that don't seem to have as much importance, like who's going to marry who or who is going to marry whom. So I think that the way that it was placed was a nice call back that there's like such a deeper issue here at the heart of what's happening in their society, but they brush over it. And similarly, I feel like it's a commentary on the way that our current society is that we have such a deep issue here. But most times, we just tend to brush over it. So I think in a way it served its purpose. And it's making it's making people talk that is true.

Jae 32:19

Speaking of other places where diversity and inclusion seem to be lacking and or other things. Let's talk about romantic comedies, or movies in general, but it's February. So romantic comedies are what I go to in February.

Angela 32:35

Let's be real, we go to romantic comedies every day of the year romantic comedies,

Jae 32:40

thinking of how we love them so much. So many people have them so much thinking of the lack of let's just not even go with diverse casting, you're sure their casts made of they're not nearly as many made with Asian or Latin people or black people as there are white people. There aren't very many interracial ones, which to me is a more surprising thing.

Angela 33:04

That's true.

So I actually tried looking this up because when we started talking about the lack of diversity in ROM coms, I wanted to see like what what what the mainstream media had to say for themselves here and so this is what I've got. I have to all the Boys I've Loved before fools rush in who's in that one hour family wedding? That's Salma Hayek and Matthew Perry.

Jae 33:27

Okay, you know, I've

heard of it and

Bend It Like Beckham. David Beckham's not in that movie. Right? Okay. I don't know. I actually haven't seen that one. Neither have I. But I was always wondering if David Beckham was in the movie or like what I know it was based off of soccer, but I was like, Is that why?

Angela 33:43

No, I don't think he's actually in it, but we'll find out.

Jae 33:46

So those are all mixed couples would correct.

Angela 33:50

Okay. Oh, and think the last dance although actually I don't even truly put that in the category of a romantic comedy. Which brings me into a whole other issue of that. Most movies that feature a bipoc that's this term, right? bipoc a bipoc. caste or interracial couples are actually not called romantic comedies. They're called romance movies.

Jae 34:13

So okay, we can get those out depending on like how controversial it is. So would you not say made in Manhattan is an interracial couple. Oh,

Angela 34:22

yes, they are. I heard about them from my list. So okay, so actually, I have a whole other list for romantic comedies that feature Latin x casts because of those movies, the same 50 and came up consistently for the past 20 years. And half of more than half of them feature Jennifer Lopez or Cameron Diaz.

Jae 34:46

I always forget she's not white. Yes, Cameron Diaz

Angela 34:49

is half Cuban. And then I came across whole other articles that debate whether or not Cameron Diaz actually is a true reflection of a good interracial couple In a romantic comedy, because she's made a ton of them, but I don't think they've ever specifically cast her in a role where she plays someone who's not white. Well,

Jae 35:11

I'll take on your 15 with Jaylen Cameron Diaz and give you one crazy rich Asians in my lifetime. I have three you have three What else can I claim?

Angela 35:21

So technically yours are from Netflix to all the Boys I've Loved before. And ah, oh my god, I cannot always be my baby.

Jae 35:30

Oh, I feel bad. Okay, yeah, can you tell? I mean, I don't even have to Google it. To all the boys came out in 2017 crazy rich Asians. 20 1820 1620 No, I was graduating to all the boys 2017 2018 or no they 2018 and later what's yeah 2018 and frickin later, crazy rich Asians to all the boys and always be my baby. Or were 2018 to 2019 Yes, that's probably for this conversation. I am East Asian. Obviously all Asians to the east but to be a little bit more specific. Typically East Asian refers to Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and then South Asian and Southeast Asian are more India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesian. So I'm referring to East Asian representation even though in general, even if I combine it with the SE representation, there still isn't very much and of those three you named one is interracial.

Angela 36:27

Yes. problems. big problems.

Jae 36:29

I don't love these. Yeah. So overall, when I I don't love any of these movies any less because they don't have diversity in them. One of the big they're two realizations I got from crazy rotations. One. I don't think I've ever seen two Asians kiss on screen before in a actor setting obviously, in real life. Yes, but not on a movie screen or a TV screen as the main focus if ever, and to win the entire cast of a film represents one culture. You don't look at the culture, you just see the human element to them. Like I loved all of the plot lines. Because one of the scenes when they're all making, they're all wrapping the dumplings. And Eleanor goes off on Rachel. It's part of the Asian culture to make dumplings, but the conversations they were having of picking up your kids from school of one of the Auntie's getting Botox and not picking your kids up all of the things asked, you're dealing with her divorce, you could really look at the human element of it. And they weren't Oh, the Asian ones. The one having the problem. It's like no, all of these humans were just having their existence.

Angela 37:28

Exactly. Because even if you see something that's out of the norm of your everyday life, it's you're seeing it normalized on screen and their lives like they're not making a huge deal out of making the dumplings. It's just something that they do. It's a family tradition. Awesome. And we all have a family traditions so we understand what that's like to participate in

Jae 37:50

my 32nd hopefully rant about the dang Mahjong. Ladies, I have no clue if any of you have seen this art been on tik tok or have any clue what I'm about to talk about. There are three non Asian women who decided to come up with hundreds of dollar Mahjong sets with cuter characters. Because of this strong Mahjong American culture what they released a statement about how they thought the Mahjong characters weren't cute enough, and they wanted to put their own spin on the American module on culture and so charged 325 to 425 for these Mahjong sets, which completely disrespected the characters and the meaning behind Mahjong, the game to the Asian culture and the fact that they had the audacity to speak about American American mahjongg culture when the reason America has a Mahjong culture is because of the man who went to Asia and played and brought it back. Hmm. And you know, if you want a customizable board game, may I recommend

Angela 38:49

monopoly? Like there have to be hundreds of additions of Monopoly at this point from doctor who's a Golden Girls Harry Potter. There's cats. Yeah, go go pick up collect monopoly boards.

Jae 39:04

Yeah, here here.

Angela 39:05

But yeah, no, it's okay. So it's interesting that you touch on interracial couples in romantic comedies. Because I actually was thinking about that and wondering, Is this where we end up with some narrative diversity in this genre? I don't know. What is that? Because when like, in terms of the story being told within the romantic comedy like when you move away from those stereotypical tropes and cliches that have made up the genre historically and start bringing caste diversity in Do you feel like they then all revolve around interracial couples Lego all movies will involve interracial couples. No, like romantic comedies that feature diversity like the ones that we have. Now. I feel like a lot of them focus on interracial couples and like, does that does that undercut the story in a romantic comedy? It's like you're just saying Watching two people fall in love and try to navigate real or imagined issues. So

Jae 40:05

are you saying that they shouldn't put interracial couples in movies? Because it messes with the storyline? No, I

Angela 40:11

think that you should put interracial couples and movies. But I don't think that there needs to be like, I would love to see a movie, I should be able to America.

Jae 40:22

I should be able to marry regurge on page and any movie I please. Oh,

Angela 40:27

I agree. But I think that when that movie comes out, I don't want the main focus of it to be that you're an interracial couple trying to navigate your two cultures and two families, I want to see two cultures and two families that embrace you. And the biggest issue that you'll have to figure out is that when you go meet his family on your wedding weekend, you find out that his older brother was your college boyfriend and YouTube have never really gotten over each other. Like that's what I want to see as the larger issue. Like I want there to be an expansion in the genre where we're able to tell more stories, besides how to navigate the blending of two cultures.

Jae 41:11

Oh, I definitely got that. And I think companies and brands are working on that slowly. But I think movies are the other thing I have to say about that is two things of I don't go to the movies very often. I think movie tickets. Oh, I think between the price of movie tickets and popcorn. And I always like getting ACS and snacks and doing it up. Like you should go to a movie. If I don't go to movies, I can get tickets to a musical or to a play or to a concert. And I'd rather do that and then get the movie on TV. It's just so expensive to go to the movies. Now no one's going to the movies, but it was so expensive. But I saw crazy rich Asians in the theater twice, maybe three times no twice, because I knew similarly to how I'm watching this season of The Bachelor. I mean, don't get me wrong. I've watched other seasons but I thought particularly this season and Rachel Lindsay season, it's important to watch so the people who pulled the analytical hand pull the purse strings see that people are watching engaging and these seasons and series can be as successful as the way they normally do it. Unfortunately, Rachel Lindsay season was one of the lowest rated in bachelor history. And they only compare it to the other seasons of the bachelorette. They're not comparing it. They're bringing her in for diversity. But the one that I ever see doesn't hit the first time because the show has had 23 seasons of Caucasian women to grow with they say oh, well it doesn't work when a PEO sees the lead. Similarly to crazy rich Asians did very well. It was like the highest rated rom com, or highest grossing rom com excuse me, since 27 dresses, I believe, but it's because people showed up. I know everyone can have problems and there are problematic actors and people have various opinions of how to spread diversity. But I'm in the camp of if if there's a huge step for your culture or not even your whole trip and culture you believe in like the success of Black Panther was because everyone loved it. But particularly black people went to the movie theater and saw Black Panther and got the representation and then take those numbers can be taken back to Disney Marvel and been like black lead sell, rip, with Bozeman, a moment of silence.

Angela 43:24

Okay, moment over.

Jae 43:26

I never know, I never feel comfortable calling a moment of silence like ending one. So I just never start one.

Angela 43:32

It's incredibly frustrating. Because when you hear things like, oh, like the PLC lead didn't do very well, or only people of this culture are going to be invested in this movie. It just it doesn't make sense. Because human issues are human issues. I don't necessarily have to look like you to relate to the fact that you want career advancement, or you're looking for love or that your dream is to open a bakery. I feel similarly about those things, then yes, I completely want to watch and I want to root for you. And I want to see how it's going. So it just it's frustrating, because I think we all need more stories that feature diversity, but also just feature racial, ethnic, diverse diversity, but also have a diverse thinking

Jae 44:26

Most definitely. The other thing which I was going to say about interracial particularly is we as people on social media, not us as podcasters because it's not we're not there yet. But anyone wants a platform and if you have social media, you have a platform, sharing and communicating parts of a story that you like, like hypothetically, I forgot your list of ROM coms. What were they to all the boys, let's go with all the boys. If you watched all the boys and you bring up the interracial part, that's your choice to bring up But you can also go wow I love this movie and I love how Peter and Lara Jean related on the fact that they had a parent who was missing in one way or another and how that really brought them together and focus on the human element. When you write review speak of these films we have the right to choose what points we want to elevate and highlight and media outlets need to take more responsibility for the stories and narratives they tell about these movies and situations because when every headline you read from any article any algorithm you're given is so and so said what about their co star? How was it acting with blank person of blank race? How was it portraying this in a movie when those were the questions being asked? That's the narrative we're hearing when the movie could be not about that at all? Oh, exactly.

Angela 45:43

I like especially when movies have to female leads always like So what was it like? How was this scene? Was there any tension?

Jae 45:51

Are you guys Fred my favorite clips you can look up on YouTube are all senator paul Angela can look it up is when you see all of the women shut down like sexist questions like one of the best ones that I remember. It's some interviewing having the audacity to ask Scarlett Johansson. What underwear Do you wear? Or do you wear underwear under her Black Widow suit? Or for me? I think it was awkward. I don't know it was one of her movies. Boy versus when you hear questions. Reese Witherspoon was one of the first people I remember speaking about kind of the issues women are asked on the red carpet. They're asked about what they wear. They're asked about their makeup. They're asked about the kids at home when the husband's not there. What they thought of the movie. I don't know the last time I heard anyone ask George Clooney or Brad Pitt about the kids at home. They get asked about their roles, their character development, how did they prep the women get asked how long they sat in the hair and makeup. And

Angela 46:42

yes, on some level, we do find this fascinating. But we also want to know more. We're capable of absorbing more

Jae 46:51

definitely that's why I love The Hollywood Reporter who does the roundtables with the Tony Grammy Oscar Golden Globe nominees. And I love watching the panels of women just talk about their characters because these questions are about their craft. It's not about what they wore, and how they prepared and how they performed and what they did to get into their roles. How do they prep for them? How do they get out of them? And it's interesting. My other favorite scene which I'm going to have Angela into that I just saw, it's Amy Poehler and Tina Fey announcing some Humanitarian Award for George Clooney. Have you seen this clip? I haven't. So it's them. I don't know the award. But George queens game a Humanitarian Award. But they start off saying, and Amal Clooney is here who's done all these great, amazing humanitarian things. She's humanitarian lawyer, she's a badass, and they say, and her husband tonight is getting the Humanitarian Award at the end of listing all of the malls, accomplishments. Oh, you can laugh at it, which I think is a great sign.

Angela 47:49

It is like I think I don't remember

Jae 47:52

interracial couple. Right? I don't know what to say George Clooney is? I believe she's just I don't know, either. She's Israeli but oh, no,

Angela 48:02

we will look this up. But no, I think that overall they have they have a really wonderful relationship when you hear them speak in their interviews about how they work together, how they work, balancing, raising their kids who know.

Jae 48:15

Amal Clooney is Lebanese

My bad.

Angela 48:17

Oh, okay.

Jae 48:18

She is and she's a Lebanese born British barrister, specializing in international law and human rights go Amal Clooney, you may proceed.

Angela 48:27

No, but I just I really like the way that they, they speak about each other. They really respect each other, and they elevate each other. Like, I think I was listening to an interview where George Clooney was telling was it Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel? Like he had to give up his study to turn it into a playroom for the kids and the pandemic because a mall needed more space. And just like some quiet, like, get through some of like her work done. Exactly. That's how it should be like, he's like, Yeah, he's like, I go out. And he's like, I work on location. He's like, I don't necessarily need this space. When I get home. He's like, do I miss it? Sometimes? Yeah. But it's not the end of the world.

Jae 49:08

Here's just something else I just thought of which may or may not be controversial. I mean, I think we're getting more controversial this episode than we ever have. But this is just us. So deal or stop listening. A lot of these men are actually in interracial couples, George Clooney and Amal Clooney, Matthew McConaughey, and Camilla Meredith Grey and her husband. And of those three, I just named only one advocates very openly for the equity of all and I feel like I don't we love you lm on peyo we really do. And I'm not saying that it needs to be your whole job. But it's like if you can, doesn't your family story deserve to be told

Angela 49:44

that's very true. And I mean, believe us at this point, we definitely understand a lot more about privacy and wanting to keep some things wanting to keep some things to yourself. Sometimes it's it's worth taking that jump telling your story because you never know who it'll help poor,

Jae 50:05

not even if you had a hard story if you met the love of your life interracially and things just worked out that story deserves to be told we've a bunch of stories of one ethnic people getting together and it just working out, like in an interracial marriage doesn't need to have struggle and strife exactly like

Angela 50:25

Please show us how easy it is and then help us translate that into the media so that they can continue to have their own story evolution and give us new content. So I think on that note, thank you for listening to today's episode of insomnia Paradis grab your coffee bowl and don't forget to rate download and subscribe. And as always, where you lead will follow so head on over to @inomniapod on Instagram to let us know what you thought of today's episode. Bye

Jae 50:56