Welcome to Season 2 of In Omnia Paratus! It’s been a minute, but Jae and Angela took some much-needed vocal rest the past couple of months and are ready to get back into it! Are you? 

If you’re familiar with the pod, welcome back! But if you’re new to the pod, this episode is for you! There’s no better way to start off a new season than with introductions, and after a retro movie night screening of Back to the Future, Jae and Angela decided to turn the clock waaaaay back, and this intro covers everything from preschool to prom to promenading (AKA dating in the post Netflix’s Bridgerton era). Hopefully, you enjoy this intro to the girls and tune in for more In Omnia Paratus this season! 

Show Notes

 We’re still working out this season 2 intro start

  •  Note: Angela did not have covid during this recording – tests confirmed a few days after
  • Today we’re here to introduce ourselves in a way that we only can – through the major pop culture events that occurred during our lives growing up!
  • Note: Jae is adopted, so she has an assigned birth date that she and her family recognize
  •  Fact Check 1: Yes, Sandra Day O’Conner is a Republican, and we so support her breaking glass ceilings
  •    Fact Check 2: A Montessori method of education is a system of education for children that seeks to develop natural interests and activities rather than use formal teaching methods and was created by Maria Montessori
  • We’re still not sure what Toy Story 4 is about, but here’s the trailer if you’re interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmiIUN-7qhE
  •   *Queue the intrigue* Yes, Jae and Angela fight! Sometimes you might catch some of our spirited disagreements here on the pod!
  •  Providing a trigger warning for Euphoria Season 2 – Eric Dane as Cal Jacobs goes for it. A lot. You have been warned. Now go watch: https://www.hbomax.com/grw-eu?utm_id=sa%7c71700000066890816%7c58700007037716147%7cp63348628251&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxKH3ucTv9QIV9BvUAR1giQUEEAAYASAAEgIr3vD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

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Jae 0:00

Am I still doing the intro?

Angela 0:01

I thought we were gonna trade off maybe you do one I do one

Jae 0:04

okay so am I doing the intro today? Go for it

Hello lovely listeners Welcome back to these into of in Omnia paratus I'm Jae with my co host, Angela. Hi, we are back the way we started recording remotely as Angela probably has COVID

Angela 0:28

I really hope that I don't have COVID

Jae 0:29

and kill Betty White.

Angela 0:30

Oh my god,

Jae 0:31

gotta start off. strong. We're in separate places again physically, mentally and spiritually.

Angela 0:37

But you know, just to set the record straight here. I did not kill Betty White putting that out there. She did die on my birthday.

Jae 0:43

Another reason to not like Angela's birthday.

Angela 0:45

I did feel a little weird celebrating this year because of it.

Jae 0:48

As we all should. I

Angela 0:49

did see a great meme though that said Betty White ensured she will have the most toasts to her life than any other person has ever had fair.

Jae 0:56

Starting out with season tail, we thought it would be a good idea to formally introduce ourselves. Y'all met us? Well, frankly, most of you are either friends or family of us. So you met us before this, but we're going to pretend you're not we met all of our lovely listeners in December of 2020. So we thought we will take you back to the beginning the very beginning going back to how Angela and I are spiritually mentally and physically on different planes when I talked about like, oh yeah, like we're starting from like the beginning. Well, I thought I talked about where I am now. And I'm like the listeners have known you for two years. They know where you are now other than killing Betty White. They're pretty updated on where you stand in life.

Angela 1:33

I mean fair, but honestly when I think about what is a good intro to who we are like I do think about the last two years because pandemic life has changed us

Jae 1:42

feel like it's kind of the way drugs change you you're not different you're just enhanced and more inhibited to things you already felt believe thought hmm you didn't recover Republican

Angela 1:53

on me did you know I did not pandemic life has taught me that you know, there are some things I just won't put up with anymore. So

Jae 1:59

maybe because there are things you didn't know before they're just things like your I will no longer put up with that I used to put up with so if they were already things you were putting up with in life true.

Angela 2:09

I don't know what would your number one enhancement be other than

Jae 2:11

the Dyson air wrap? I would say working on owning the correct amount of responsibility in my relationships.

Angela 2:21

Very nice. I like that. What about you? I think mine would be trying to share more of my thoughts without the Miss America filter,

Jae 2:29

no nuance Nov every day.

Angela 2:33

Or as we talked about last season to shutting down the toxic positivity

Jae 2:37

that too, as they say in The Sound of Music Darren at the very beginning, my favorite probably part of this 1993 Angela, tell us about your first two years,

Angela 2:47

the time when Jay did not exist. Well, everyone, as you know, maybe you don't know I was born on the last day of the year, December 31. While technically I have a claim to 1993 It's not a true claim. I can only tell you some general things that happened. I will always love you. The Whitney Houston cover was the number one song of the year Bill Clinton was sworn in as the 42nd President of the United States Jurassic Park, A Bronx Tale Mrs. Doubtfire and poetic justice were all released some of my favorite movies, the Chicago Bulls won their third consecutive NBA championship. And then finally on the last day of the year I was born because let's see who else was born in 1993. I looked this up 1993 also gave us Miranda cause Grove, Kelsea Ballerini, Meghan Trainor and AnnaSophia Robb and most of the members of One Direction Oh, I did not know that. They were not on my births list. Were right 1994. Again, I still existed, but technically I have no memories here. So I looked through a photo album. I have the cutest baptismal Photos Ever where I'm wearing this adorable lacy white bonnet. I spent a lot of time in my backyard swing and I celebrated my very first Halloween as a little witch costume that my

Jae 3:57

mom made me add on to Angeles fun facts in 1994 Seinfeld, or the best TV show apparently and design by Ace of Base was the number one song I remember a distinct memory about that song re popularized in pitch perfect and for your big complaining like no one knows who the artist is. I knew who the artist was a sub base, but that's only because they referenced it in the full House episode. So like I still don't know what authentically but I did know when she was like going on her little thing of young people don't know these things.

Angela 4:24

Oh my god, I love it so much. Honestly, when you said the sign I was like the who? What is that? And I thought of the movie signs. So yeah, I would disappoint my bag.

Jae 4:33

What do you remember of January of 1995 to October

Angela 4:38

no whole year memories. So again, consulting the photo album. There are a lot of little pictures of me playing with my doll house and little tea sets and cooking with my grandma. I think that year's Halloween costume was a pumpkin

Jae 4:53

sounds fitting.

Angela 4:54

Yeah, just to get us into October.

Jae 4:55

See the saddest thing about this is although you don't remember much from it. ages zero to around two are the times where the most neurons are connecting for how you view see and attach for the rest of your life

Angela 5:07

right I don't know what was actually being felt there actually, I may know what was being felt there because I did make a considerable amount of panic face

Jae 5:15

you might not remember on this plane but you're unconscious in your body. Remember, as all therapists and Prince Harry say the Body Keeps the Score. That is just so heavy. Now the highlight of 1995 Late October I'm similar to a tree as realizing we don't actually have a firm date on my birthday. So we went the 22nd which I'm fine with because that means my like birthday spirit number chart thingy is an 11 which is one of like the extra powerful numbers by someone I saw on tick tock well, you add up like the day in the year the month you were born and you get a number from one to nine but then if you get like 11 or 22 or 33 You're like extra special

Angela 5:55

numerology is fun. We should look into that

Jae 5:58

my other YouTube videos like three hours long on my assigned birthday, October 22 The Libra Scorpio CUSP day I was brought into this world similar to Angela I didn't have much of 95 to claim er was the number one show and Gangster's paradise was the number one song

Angela 6:15

I love that song so much. Oh my lord also and a claim to your birth year Sandra Day O'Connor became the first woman on the Supreme Court and one of your favorite movies The Brady Bunch movie came out isn't share Republican. I really hope not because I was taught all of childhood to look up to her as the first woman on the Supreme Court first fact check of season two guys is Sandra Day O'Connor, a Republican political party Republican from El Paso, Texas. Oh, no more. You

Jae 6:43

know, women breaking glass ceilings, break glass ceilings for all of us. I was just clarifying that point. Yes, definitely. The Brady Bunch is not one of my favorite movies. I like the Christmas movie. And I do like the movies. They were one of the ones I would frequently rent from blockbusters. But I wouldn't say favorite movies. Thank

Angela 7:00

God. We're gonna do our later trivia episode My way otherwise, I would fail J trivia stay

Jae 7:05

tuned. So now that we are both gracefully alive, we're going to kind of group these into like five year increments. The next portion will be from 96 to 2000. Some highlights of this time period where the Maka Raina Titanic Who Wants to Be a Millionaire was number one show Angela stick Star Wars Episode One was released and survivor was the number one show in 2000.

Angela 7:29

Was that kind of like at the very beginning of the rise of reality television,

Jae 7:33

maybe because they were real people. They weren't famous people. Oh, look into that. 96 to 2000. Tell us about your life.

Angela 7:38

My life. Again. This was mainly the time before I started school. I think I started preschool in like their 98 or 90 990. I have to look into that when I was starting school. The big thing was that there was a December 1 cutoff date anyone born after that had to wait to start school? Oh, no, it wasn't even December 1. I think it was September 1, there was me and like maybe a handful of other students who all were like on the older end because our school made

Jae 8:10

us wait. It's very subjective. I know kids who were born when you were who are my age in my grade, and I know people who got passed away. It really

Angela 8:18

is. And I know like there are some kids that their parents will look into like multiple different schools to see who will let them start first, just about starting school time I started preschool. So I was still spending a lot of time going between my mom's house and my grandma's house. My mom and I were just talking about this a few days ago. And she was asking me what I remembered about that time and the most distinct memory I have is cooking with my grandma and making biscuits from scratch. And she would always let me cut the biscuit shapes out. So it's like we'd take like the juice glass and like put it in the dough which apparently I found out horrifies most people today because they're afraid that glass will end up in the biscuit too sensitive. Yeah, that's what I say. How hard are you pushing on this glass? That's generally what was going on with me.

Jae 9:06

Did you go to pre K?

Angela 9:07

Yeah, I did go to pre K. Thank you. Because I only did three months of preschool. So then I did pre K and then kindergarten.

Jae 9:14

Why did you only do three months of preschool.

Angela 9:16

I started going to school when my grandpa died because I was staying a lot with my grandma and grandpa while my mom was working and then after he died kind of a way to start getting me socialized with other people and also like sure that my grandma had the time that she needed to grieve.

Jae 9:34

Does that mean you didn't know kids your age existed until you went to preschool? No,

Angela 9:38

I knew they existed. I just because like my mom had friends who had kids who well they were a little older than me like maybe three to four years older than me and like I had cousins and everything I knew about kids in the world, but I didn't really have a lot of like Kid friend play time, which I think is very interesting because I was just raised with so many other Doulton people who were older than me, I didn't have necessarily a hard time connecting with kids, I didn't understand a lot of things that kids did. That's

Jae 10:08

typically the case for only children. Which is why I want to get an episode on here where we have siblings come talk to us. Because when you're an only child, typically, your parents don't have friends that are children, because you you're hanging out with adults or any kids that your parent has. And without you and I having older parents, some of their friends, kids were anywhere from like five to 10 years older.

Angela 10:31

Very interesting. And I've actually I've never thought about it like that before. The fact that I was an only child would inform on the way that I was raised beyond how my parents made decisions and their situations influenced how I would be raised. Jay, what do you remember from this time

Jae 10:47

I started preschool in I believe I went 9899 and I was right on that lovely cusp, Andrew and I were talking about about being held back a year going forward and I'm pretty sure I didn't make the cut to go forward. But my teachers all thought I should as well as my mom was like, okay, so she and we I had a very close family friend who I was adopted with and her mom worked for the school system so they fought for me to go ahead and as we can see now I excelled. I was fine going for wonderful Grade A student in that timeframe. I went to preschool I went for two years was a very nice preschool only or a teenager that I also went to a private preschool which was the only private school I've ever attended. During this time I had a wheat allergy so sweets desserts were things and this comes from my dislike of sandwiches because Erawan Whole Foods Sprouse did not exist for all their gluten free alternatives back then. So I grew up not eating bread. I love my teachers and they loved me we have video evidence of this. I love the structure. My preschool there was a plum tree and a lemon tree and I think one other thing and there was a rock climbing wall and I remember we used to climb under the school to look for to collect like the green rocks, kind of like in fish tanks. I don't know why they had them under there, but we treated them as currency and would go like hunting for them.

Angela 12:09

Oh my god.

Jae 12:10

This is officially where some claim I had my first boyfriend. I don't remember what his name was. But he was a little kid who wouldn't stop following me around who I had no time for so early on. I was pretty sad My ways around men. Oh, I love it. Other than that typical kids stuff preschool across from a firehouse so we would go visit them. The firefighters cousin went to the preschool my friend went to that preschool. I remember everyone wanting to play Power Rangers and me not knowing what Power Rangers were because I wasn't allowed to watch.

Angela 12:35

Why not violence. Okay, fair. I really don't remember Power Rangers that much.

Jae 12:40

And then I started kindergarten in 2000. And I had the most wonderful kindergarten teacher she loved me she still asks about me to say my mom right into her way like the main highlights of kindergarten we're learning ASL echolocation and bats. We had a camping trip. And I think that's mostly it for that chunky years.

Angela 12:58

Wait, wait, I'm sorry. Did you say basketball camp? No. Oh, okay.

Jae 13:02

I did do that though.

Angela 13:03

Yeah, I'm gonna need some pictures.

Jae 13:04

There aren't any I cried every day. My mom made me go to basketball camp and soccer camp and I think we will camp. I cried every time I did do the sports one. Oh, no, I think this was brought up in the episode with grace or this is just brought up when I was talking to Grace once we were talking about physical like PE and physical activity. And she brought up an amazing point, which is Pe is the only class where your grades and your abilities and your ranking are publicly known. I don't know about you in private school. But like when you get to do the physical fitness exam, like everyone knew your mile time everyone saw how many pushups you could or could not do. Everyone knew all of that stuff, BMI and all that stuff was like really out in the open. And in our next block of time me getting diagnosed with a thyroid condition and having pretty bad asthma impacted my ability to do such physical activities that were undiagnosed. Well, the asthma was diagnosed desira thing was not

Angela 13:54

as far as general physical education classes go, there could be a way better way to structure them. Because like there are some students who are very athletically inclined, and I don't think it's necessarily fair to judge others based on like an overall metric. Like I always flashed back to The Princess Diaries, Mia like needed to make a home run to pass triggering. And like she told her gym teacher like there were other things that she could do a lot better than play softball, or soccer or whatever it was that she had to do anytime going

Jae 14:27

into more of these fun, Lord of the fly's childhood games moments 2001 to 2005, where I was in I started first grade and ended fourth grade in 2005, I believe,

Angela 14:44

yep. And it'll be second to sixth grade for me and I forget

Jae 14:46

so we definitely had different experiences not during this time, but after this because you went to a K through eight.

Angela 14:52

Yes. So I did preschool through second grade at a Montessori school and then third through eighth grade at private Catholic school

Jae 15:01

that is so weird to me that like in second grade, you just get shifted. It's such an odd concept. Did a lot of people do that, like in the second grade, like just shift schools?

Angela 15:09

Generally, yes, my Montessori School was preschool through third or fourth grade at the time. And typically a lot of kids in the area who went to other private schools in that city, they did preschool or like some combination of like preschool, kindergarten or first grade at the school. And then they went to like one of or other schools in the area at some point. So when I transferred schools, I knew maybe a good third of the class that I was joining, because we've either been in preschool together, or they done summer school there or daycare with me or like part of kindergarten. So we're just because with private schools testing that you have to do to get in and waitlisting it's almost skull waystation, for where your parents want you to end up because at that point, you really don't care about where you're going to school. And for those who don't know, what does it mean that you had a Montessori education? I actually I didn't realize that there was anything different about this until a few years ago. But essentially, in layman's terms, Montessori schools don't follow traditional educational plans. It's more of a self guided learning process. I had teachers and teachers aides and blocks of time during the day, which were like my learning or task time, and you had to complete a certain number of tasks every day. But there were different stations set up around all of my classrooms. And I could pick what I wanted to do. And what was the interaction like

Jae 16:39

for reasons preschool was only ages two to five, we were all just like combining and doing the same thing during that time. How did they distinguish because what you need a three year old, a seven year old are not the same. So did you have classes by the year the age you were

Angela 16:54

so it was classes by the age and then preschool had their own room pre K had their own room kindergarten and so on. I think the only time you would ever really overlap is if their lunch recess or some kind of like special day, like if we'd go for like the park or swim lessons or something like that. So yeah, so it's like, overall, it's like you're still generally like in your class. And I think each class had between like 20 to 30 students. Yeah, so it was still like a lot of kids. Lots of sharing circles. I remember lots of show and tells we had Spanish classes. That was like the one class I really remember like everyone doing things together. I don't really remember like a ton from back then I remember individual blocks that I really liked doing honestly, like I think it was the best introduction to school for me, because it really worked to the things that I enjoyed doing. I'd always front load reading stuff my day, like if I really wanted to put off math, or if I was feeling like I needed if I wanted to try something new is like if not necessarily the best way to think of it. But if it wasn't really working out for me, it was like, Oh, I know that like I can switch directions at any point that I want and go back to something that I feel more comfortable with and then like come back to this later when I feel ready for it.

Jae 18:05

That was pretty cool. In terms of greater world during these years friends was the number one show Angelo, if you could explain this to me when I looked at some of the top grossing movies, it was Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is sorcerers canceled?

Angela 18:18

No. So because this book originally published in England Philosopher's Stone was the original print for it but universally sourced or made more sense when it started getting widely distributed. If you go to buy the book in the UK, you'll still most likely find it Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone,

Jae 18:35

some shows of the moment where CSI American Idol, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, launched some songs. We're hanging by a moment in the club and we belong together. And yeah, sure, all still regularly in our rotation, speak for yourself. So these years for me were first to fourth grade highlights where my school was very heavy on field trips. Some of the ones I remember in this period, we would walk around and look at the Victorian houses there's one where they did like an open house for the kids where you could come in and they give you an identity like from the time period and you kind of could see from room to room what you would do and it was really fun learning about the architecture I think like a lot of schools I don't know how educational versus appropriate of problematic this was we learned being in California about the Spanish in colonization and the Native American so like we went to an Adobe ranch and like we built like bricks with our feet and we like not pedaled corn like when you grade it like pesto and mortal and pestle thing for a day and stuff that was fun again don't know where we fall in terms of like appropriative this versus like colonization and stuff now but that was fun being in California like we learned a lot about the missions.

Angela 19:45

Oh yeah, okay, but yes, field trips.

Jae 19:48

We also got to go see the Nutcracker. We had access to going to the Chinese New Year festivals put on by a symphony. We had people coming from the opera to our school, which I really liked and then Our school had an art teacher, poetry teacher, a dance teacher, a theater teacher music teacher will only for the fourth and fifth graders at the time. And then we had parents come read to us and do activities like I remember one of them. We like the art where you do the nails and then you put the string on to make a design there was like a vintage sewing machine brought in by one of the kids like grandmas who would do projects with us every Friday they brought in ice cream, but the fourth and fifth graders got better ice cream choices. I do remember that there was one choice for K through three and then fourth and fifth got better options. And then when I became a fourth and fifth grader, my school went all communist and everyone could get every flavor of ice cream and I got really bitter about that. Additionally, when I was in fifth grade, they let the fifth graders always take the chairs and for some reason the time I gone to fifth grade they decided to score me kindergarteners should get the chairs so I had to sit on the floor all six years. Oh that's so lame. Especially with my hip things and not being able to sit crisscross applesauce was not ideal for me.

Angela 20:56

Oh my god, we went through something very similar because we had hot lunch like three times a month it used to be that you had to be like fifth grade and up to about your like regular hot lunch option or nachos. And then when I got to fifth grade, suddenly everyone could get nachos if they wanted just if you were under I think nothing was like third grade and under you had to get hot lunch and nachos to make sure that like you were eating enough and getting enough nutrient we did the chair thing too when I got to eighth grade that's when at like weekly assembly you got to sit in the chairs and then once I was there no one got chairs

Jae 21:29

unfair system seriously, I being the very what now would be called like a stem child I my school would host math and science night where you could go in the teachers would set up like little things like I remember one of the things where they would measure the length of your body is like four times around your neck, your wingspan is the same as like your height on some people. So you would do stuff like that's like where I first got to start playing with dry ice. There's something in third grade one of my favorite favorite teachers ever. We did this thing for our math segment, which every day we would count the amount of pockets everyone would wear. And I remember one day like kids would wear like military pants or fishing vests like to see who would have the most and like that is where my math and science like Star Trek really come out. And I was told my mom told me that my teacher told me I was above average. And like that kind of stuff. So we continued to like encourage me on that route. It's also where I was told like just because I can do math and science doesn't mean I like don't have to show work all I do it was around this time. Nice. But I love my elementary school and I didn't realize how lucky and experience I had until I left had the best principal I met Gavin Newsom with a phone another episode I did we did this thing. I don't know if it's my school, like you can search it up or not. But basically, I guess like in general terms, it was like a science fair. And there was a thing where you either do like a Rube Goldberg kind of machine or you kind of created an invention and I won one year because I saw the problem of see animals getting stuck in like the six pack soda can plastics so I made it into a purse which frankly going with some of the trends now is not too far off like I definitely would see it on euphoria now oh for sure. Yes, because I have like a metallic belt that I tied around it as like the handle that was fun every year like you do something I remembered this is where my psychic power started to come in. We did the guest the pumpkin every year and I got within like an ounce of a pumpkin and like it's where I started being a little did a guest the jar things but then like very close proximity to either end like so much so that my mom's that I was cheating. Ooh, you

Angela 23:21

will rule a baby shower games one day get on it. Oh my god, no. One of our other friends can get on it.

Jae 23:28

Do you get to play your own baby shower games? Or do you have to administer them

Angela 23:32

so you don't administer them? But you're not allowed to? I don't know if you're not like allowed to play but I've never seen anyone play. I have seen expectant mothers go around and like help people play but then how do I win? Well, no, you win at someone else's baby shower. Wasn't everyone get on it so I can win if apparently I don't get to win at my own, which

Jae 23:53

I think is bullshit.

Angela 23:54

Oh, yeah. Well here at least like you don't have as many cousins as I do. I've won so many of the games at baby showers, wedding showers, all of that. But because I'm family, I don't qualify to win.

Jae 24:08

That's like when ever one of those clown from us would come out to animals like the people who got to meet Zach and Cody are the people who got the limo to come but they're the school pizza party. And they were like if you're paying like employees of XYZ companies, relatives may not apply.

Angela 24:22

Oh my god, kind of I remember at one baby shower, I won all five games and then they didn't let me take any of the prizes because they were like you have to share Angela give them to other people. So I literally just like held out the bags and I was like take one I was so Yeah,

Jae 24:37

Absolutely not. Absolutely not. So that's K through four jump into 2006 to 2010 would be the year I started middle school to my sophomore no freshmen to ending my freshman year of high school

Angela 24:50

and that's seventh grade to sophomore year of high school for me.

Jae 24:54

So you also had two schools during this time. Yes, bill

Angela 24:58

basically felt like one school because my third through eighth grade school year was spent on a shared campus with the high school that I ended up going

Jae 25:08

to but it wasn't a given that you were going to get into that high school

Angela 25:11

it was probably more stressful than my college application process yeah

Jae 25:16

private high schools were a lot too let's start off with some pop culture we have the office was a popular show the wire madmen Parks and Rec for movies higher to the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest irreplaceable by Beyonce, boom boom pow Harry Potter I wrote HP death part one came out or was the most not movie Alice in Wonderland and Toy Story three were the top movies of 2010 So that's kind of the era we're looking at. Okay, middle schools always fun and always rough like only reflecting on it. I always love kids and I always thought about being a teacher but I'm like I could never teach middle school anytime someone teacher tells me they teach middle school I'm like you should just go to heaven some middle school teachers I'm sure suck going in like without knowing that hormonal corny racist mean girl phase and like choosing to put yourself in that like you had some good and you at some point here Here God anyone in this age range you work on literally the worst. I don't care what gender you identify as you are literally the worst for me. These were ages 10 to 14 So Angela would be 12 to 16 right do your younger two years. Yeah, so even Angela was still the worst Angela still on her the worst face?

Angela 26:31

Oh my god. Do you know what was the worst about this phase my hair technically invigorated that's when my curly hair set in. But I like middle school still had zero control over it.

Jae 26:43

What do you mean set it like what was your hair like over then

Angela 26:46

I had stick straight hair until second grade if you don't put a real with these pictures. I do not believe you all will set out for you. But I had the straightest hair. And then in like second grade, it started getting a lot of body and it was like super voluminous in fourth grade. All of a sudden I got really really tight ringlets. Interesting, huh. Yeah. And then in eighth grade, I discovered flat irons.

Jae 27:10

I'm sure your personality was also still the worst, probably more than your hair. Yeah, probably Goodness gracious. This is the era personally where I'm re parenting a lot of my inner child right now. Everything is just such a big deal. Oh, God, I remember we were like the Queen's of like the petty text messages. And this is where aim was really big. Like setting your away message was like a really big thing. This is the Club Penguin era. I remember two of my friends wouldn't talk to me because my mom would pay for the club penguin extra pack or whatever. And there's wouldn't the grounds to do without us not fair. And like just stupid stuff like that.

Angela 27:46

Oh my god, seriously.

Jae 27:47

Another thing they got mad at me about was that I didn't use my own money to buy them birthday gifts. My mom would give me money as I was a child. And they were like, we use our own money to buy gifts. Like you don't use your own money. It's like, where did their money come from? I'm assuming like they either had birthday money or they were babysitting because like one of them lived in a neighborhood with a lot of other kids.

Angela 28:08

Alright, babysitting. Yes, birthday money is still not necessarily your own money that has been gifted to you.

Jae 28:13

And this is also where I learned friendships of three are not good. Threes just don't work out it's always going to be a two against one even if the two against one can rotate and who's the two and who's the one to get someone's will always happen. This is also the year I got a cell phone and during this period I also think is when I went over my texting plan because I had the same phone as Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl to be fair, I don't remember seeing a text that I was close to my limit but I also assumed as a child your phone would just like stop having the ability to text when you went over. So I was like, well it didn't tell me I went over so like I must have not and I went over like 900 messages I think or something.

Angela 28:51

Oh my gosh. See I feel like they should be able to like put limits like that. For Kids will they

Jae 28:57

do like things my phone didn't get notified. I remember I got a flip phone. I still have it to this day. And there's a camera on the front like a very very blurry camera so I could take selfies with like a child. It's also the phone during this period is when I got to see the High School Musical live cast tour with Drew Seeley probably in here was my first time seeing wicked Annie Fiddler was probably younger but this was kind of my like live theater van era coming about I saw hairspray. I liked the movie War. Sorry, not sorry. Out of close group of friends in middle school, and we were all really petty everything was the biggest thing me and another girl from my perspective, both were fighting for like a leader of the group and both are very opinionated and very bossy. We I know bosses canceled but we both wanted to have control and be center of the friend group in seventh grade. We had a huge blowout the impact on some of the other friends I was in the middle of it like two of them were like we're not going to go to her birthday and if you don't stand with us then like none of us can go and so like the one friend had to disinvite a girl from her birthday party because the other like two wouldn't come Oh my Lord. We played poker with gift cards because like this is also the gift card era wherever just buying you gift cards left and right probably also where some of my body dysmorphia comes from real fun time in my life because all of my friends grid at the time they were just skinny most of my friends at this time of my life now are 510 and above and have bodies comparable to supermodels Angela usno a few of those friends so you can attest yes I was there before they were as tall and as thin as they were and I remember at that time loving Abercrombie and what seal being the two stores most people shop at we were too young for that shine but what seal oh I totally forgot about what seal I remember like going with friends and I would not shop with my friends I think this is one of the reasons why I have such a defined good style now is because like I would never shop with my friends because I just like knew internally like I couldn't share clothes with them I was developing faster than they were I just heard too many conversations of when girls because this is the time where puberty is hitting what it comes from double zeros to zeros like the world was on fire. Oh my god. These friends also told me like we're like why do you wear sneakers outside of gym class which is where my boot and sandal obsession now probably still stems from even though now sneakers are what's trendy like there you can't wear sneakers with every outfit like you need to wear different shoes, which is where I was like okay, so I have to go get boots and flats and like other shoes. Oh like my sneakers were more like they were more like New Balance like real shoes because I have some relatively joint and feet issues. So like I wore shoes that like would help with that. But like there you can't throw in athletic shoes like you can wear like converse and vans. But you can't wear like sneakers sneakers so I had to go buy like boots and flats and other shoes that were more acceptable to my outfits.

Angela 31:35

I'm not a fan of this let people wear the shoes they want to as that's the only item of clothing. Accessory wise, I'm relatively interested in

Jae 31:45

this was also the materialistic phase of watching my super sweet 16 and wanting a Tiffany key and needing designer things and putting value on designer things like a heavy heavy desire on designer things and the value and the worth of oneself in those things. And that was mostly middle school and going into high school right at the end of eighth grade. Our group was about five of us at that time. And somehow I don't remember exactly the queen bee got dethroned. I remember mornings in middle school where we would all show up and this depending on who was on the hour. This is so petty. This is so toxic when they didn't want to talk to the person who was like getting exiled. Everyone would just text each other separately in front of them. Oh, no. And everyone you know, thanks for being so discreet. Oh, my gosh, phones, dinging left and right in the schoolyard. Oh, that gets me then I started high school and need a fresh start fresh friends or have a few friends from the time but one who I talked to more regularly and I met my new friend group and did high school but like freshman year was on the rougher side. My high school was like a magnet school. So the standard of it was fast and quick. And you there's no real way to prepare for it. Yeah. And then just kind of like understanding High School and bull dances and hanging out with friends without parents so much as only having parents in kind of the transportation role rather than as like the having parents around role was kicking in around here.

Angela 33:09

Do you remember your first experience on the bus? Yeah, like put like taking public transportation by yourself?

Jae 33:14

I think it was probably like half to freshmen orientation for high school. I had to do it. Okay. I mean, it was fine. Because I take I only took like one of like four bus routes total and I'd done them with friends before.

Angela 33:25

Alright, that's good. I know. I don't think I took a bus until sophomore or junior year of high school. And it was totally like this terrifying thing to me because I'd been on BART like plenty of times, but I'd never been on a bus before. So I didn't know what to expect. Interesting. Okay, my mom was finally in remission from breast cancer. So that was good. And that started to our live started to get back into the daily normal rhythm. Yeah, I can't think of anything really big that happened in seventh grade bias. The biggest thing that happened to us in seventh grade is that our teacher quit after a month of school and it was this really awkward thing because I guess he like came in one Tuesday morning quit and then our class just had a recess for the whole day because they didn't know what to do with us and there was no teacher so while they were trying to figure that out, we just literally were like outside on the playground for eight hours. And then we ended up with the year long sub and she was the literal worst. Oh my god. Nobody liked her and I don't think she taught us science at all. I just ended up reading the textbook on my own then comes eighth grade and literally the school year starts with wait Actually no. So that in seventh grade. Then I went to Europe for the first time and I spent a month there with my mom and cousins who lived in Germany and we traveled around we went to Paris and they took me all over Germany and then into Switzerland as well. I think come back to eighth grade started that out literally on the first day of school. Well, you get the entire lecture about what the high school admissions process is going to be like. And then you have to start signing up for your high school placement test to see what scores you get to qualify you for different private high schools in the area. And then you actually get into your application process. And during that time, like representatives from other high schools in the area would come and basically pitch themselves to you on why you should go to their school and then sign you up for these shadow days. So either for a half day or a full day, two different high schools sit in on their classes with a student ambassador, they'll take you around to different clubs, introduce you to their friends, and all of this stuff, to kind of show you what life would be like. And then you actually start the application process, which was various different essays like on what extracurriculars you want to join, why you want to go to that school, what you have to offer the school, what their tenants and values mean to you, you have to get different letters of recommendations from your teachers, Principal, people, you volunteer from alumni, if you can, so that was just a really big year in that way. Because it's basically like applying to college, but you're 13

Jae 36:10

I also think that's like vastly inappropriate.

Angela 36:13

How so? I agree with you. But why do you think so

Jae 36:17

during that age, especially like credit, I think even colleges a bit too early for this, but it's like, I'm sorry, is me like playing with my friends doing things not qualify me enough to get into high school, I have to be doing volunteer work. And it's like, I'm not anti volunteer work, like letters of recommendation, like these people are recommending a child like it adults devise people so quickly. And I'm sure like what people would say in your letters of rec and things, especially at such a formidable age, but sit with you. And like Angela is good at English. Angela likes reading and when although you did like those things, knowing that that's what you were being praised and marketed as at that age probably became part of your personality trait for sure.

Angela 36:55

But I mean, like didn't even start then that started way earlier. Do you remember how in school every year like you take like your standardized placement tests every year, basically, we would go through the scores. And then they would always announce like who the top scores were for different categories. So like, it was always like, oh, Angela got like, scored in like the 97th percentile for reading and writing

Jae 37:22

one thing to praise a child for such achievements. It's another thing that those achievements are there for determining the quality of education they get for the next four years or eight years, depending if people go to college or not,

Angela 37:34

in a way as well, I think it totally gave me a pass because I always did really well, with anything language related. But I was terrible at math and misses something even my mom has like, pointed out to me like now that I'm older, she's like, You got a really big pass in school, because she's like, You didn't do well in math at all. She's like, but you got to like you, you got passed along, because you did so well in other things.

Jae 38:02

And what where do we use for such things? In modern times?

Angela 38:07

The word that is sitting at the forefront of my mind right now is nepotism. And it's not nepotism privilege.

Ah, well, is it? Oh, I don't know. It might be privilege, I think well, we'll have to think about that one, though. whole first part of my eighth grade year. And then you actually have to like sit around and wait for the decisions to come through from different high schools. And then luckily, I got into the high school that I wanted to go to, I ended up going there. And so did a good majority of the people from like my eighth grade graduating class, so I knew a fair amount of people going into it. And then yeah, high school was a lot. I went to a school that really prided themselves on being a college prep school. So everything that they push on you for your schedule was very intense and rigorous and with the intent of getting you into the best college possible. And there was a really heavy emphasis on extracurriculars. So I ended up on the tennis team while on my way to cheerleading tryouts, and I actually found out I was like, pretty good at it. So I stuck with it for four years. And then I joined so many different clubs, poetry club, musical theater club, all of these different things I'll have to pull up from my LinkedIn because I'm now blanking on them, but there's just a lot going on. And then that takes us to 2011 11 to

Jae 39:24

2015 16 to 2018 to 22, Junior year to sophomore year of college for me. Yeah,

Angela 39:34

and so the senior year to third year of college for

Jae 39:36

me pop culture breakdown is Game of Thrones Harry Potter to the first Avengers movie, Frozen empire, Jurassic World and Uptown Funk was one of those hardcore songs or if we're going chronologically goes from Rolling in the deep to Uptown Funk, or whatever you put in between those two. So tell us about your senior year of high school into your college

Angela 39:59

honestly. See In your year of high school was pretty rough for me, one of my aunts who I was really close to died at the beginning of the year, and I really didn't handle it. Well, essentially, I was going through a lot. And then, as I've talked about in previous episodes, it was my senior year. And it was really hard for my friends to understand the grief that I was going through. So it just it kind of created a little bit of a divide between us and I spent a lot of time on my own. And it was also this really weird thing because all of a sudden, one of my best friends who had been really close to for a eight or nine years at the time, we suddenly got into this weird thing where I'm gonna say she felt very competitive, but I honestly I don't know exactly how she was feeling but I didn't necessarily feel it. But a lot of the phrases that were tossed around were things like, I'm going to beat you or I'm going to do better than you or I finished first. So it was really strange. And then not long after that we just basically weren't friends anymore. Though I graduated I got ready to go to college, I wasn't super excited to go to our college because as we've talked about, it's also the place where a lot of people feel like they're kind of settling and I'd really wanted to go to another school that I got a deferred admission from so I had to do another year at another school and then apply to transfer. If I wanted to go there

Jae 41:19

a quick introduction about having a lot of like friend distancing and like breaking of friendships, but this is your first time mentioning you had friends at all. Maybe like elaborate on like how when who these friendships like when you made them how long they were for like

Angela 41:38

yeah, sorry, it just it feels so weird to talk about because it's not that I'm not necessarily on friendly with these people. Now it would it's like we just we didn't remain close, kind of weird to think about but like I said a lot of people who went to my preschool kindergarten filtered into the school that I ended up going to so I knew basically all of the same people from kindergarten through high school and all of my friends were from my school so I had essentially been friends with people for like 12 years get a lot lots of really good times before that. And I mean even after that too because we tried to keep in contact once we all went to college and stuff but I think we just found that we just we didn't have a lot in common anymore freshman

Jae 42:18

year of college she di Angela freshman

Angela 42:21

year of college Angela she went through it a little bit because senior year was so rough I actually had a really awkward thing where I ended up getting really sick during my AP tests so I didn't have AP scores going into college and in my major your AP scores kind of defined you for your incoming English so they tried to get me to declare a new major which I refuse to do

Jae 42:46

don't you also have to test into English you have to like AP test help but you still have to take like the standard placement test.

Angela 42:52

Yeah, so I did I took the standard placement test and I did place out of freshman year English Yeah, but they wouldn't let me they tried to put me in English for foreign language speakers. It was very very strange. I stuck with it. I kept my head down. I just really tried to focus on all of my classes I took the most amazing class it was an elective the history of Katherine and great and I still read a lot of those books are just reread them because I think like her story is so amazing. I made some fun friends in my dorm we had like a little bit of weird drama there but it's okay we got through it and killed people. Oh my Lord. Yes. Jay calls them like cult friends just because of I don't know I feel like you've you've heard stories but you've only met one of them to Jay it's essentially like they don't exist and they just exist in like this weird nether world.

Jae 43:41

Yeah, because all of the story no one ever like finishes they kind of do that, you know when Yeah, and then and then

Angela 43:47

because they're really weird story that happened and then second year comes around and I decided to go through sorority recruitment again because I dropped out the first time and this time I actually ended up joining our sorority and I started making more friends Pleasure to meet me yes and I met Jay catalyst for all that is good that exists in your life catalyst for all of my vulnerability hangovers.

Jae 44:13

Your loved one who trauma bonded first.

Angela 44:17

I know and we're now learning how to not trauma bond with people.

Jae 44:21

Yeah, it started by telling me why you loved and hated Thanksgiving because I was telling you why I love Thanksgiving. And then you told me why you loved and hated it. And then loved and hated Christmas and like oh, this is sad.

Angela 44:31

I will say though I was not trying to actively trauma bond with you or anyone else. It's just unfortunately a lot of my history pre 22 years old is like not necessarily super fun and fluffy her

Jae 44:46

Yeah. Okay, my turn. Yeah. 2011 Two. I graduated high school in 2013. That was a junior and senior year my friend group was pretty solidified and we were kind of just like getting to more things independently. I easy li spring break trip the infamous one that will never die. We also three of us were on the dance team we got to like go to Camp Bring It On style. Yes the campus they're not making too much fun of how those camps actually work. We went down to LA for a dance competition. I only did it one year they did it wanted three years one to two years. Yeah, we were just pretty solid friends this year, like One Direction became a band. So like all the fanatic things surrounding that Tumblr era. The YouTuber influencers particularly the British YouTubers were very popular junior prom was this year junior and senior prom I didn't have a date to either me and my friend group went and our school rd being a ratio of like 60% female to 40% Male made it hard and then the lack of attraction to the boys at my school made it even harder. I was a very good student I didn't go to parties I did not drink alcohol I'd never smoked weed I'd never been around a party environment annual one was your first party

Angela 45:53

a freshman year of high school. Yes,

Jae 45:57

yes Angela and her all the rumors are true about Catholic school girl Oh

Angela 46:03

my goodness. Not all but it is really funny because apparently for some reason I've never thought of this but most people think of me as a party girl I would not think of myself that way.

Jae 46:13

Do you need to go through the archives? No for you? Nope, it's good. Similarly to Angela not thrilled to go to college thrilled to get out of my house do something new but it wasn't the school ideally I want to go to the school I wanted to go to we thought would have been more expensive due to like the little financial aid because unfortunately, FAFSA sucks but it doesn't consider local wages at all. Seriously being in the Bay Area which we understand is a privilege and we're excited all that great stuff. No nuance November in it, it just sucks because it's so much more expensive here so it's not taken into account the cost of living here so how much money you have compared to like someone in like a rural area in Kansas is not the same amount of money so yes, I went to the school I wanted to join a sorority there were a few influencers I knew who were certain sororities at my school I was very excited to go through recruitment I wanted to other ones we already kind of went over this didn't really love them then I met my big desire that's sort of I want colors for my favorite colors anyway, I like the kind of retro kind of themes we get to do based on our symbol right? Oh yeah, they gave me a cute mason jar I was sold their freshman year was me just really like getting to know everyone living in like the stupid naive bliss that oh my god we're all friends and like this is what I always wanted graded for like a while. That's how it was being like a freshman in college. I remember moving date was September 22. And my birthday is October 22. So I was like I have a month to make friends celebrate birthday with my whole mates took me out to I hop because they're home near campus. So that was really sweet. And they made me a card that I still have and I remember nothing happened with our sorority that year because like no one really knew me and that was fine. Mom sent me a cake down which was very thoughtful right around the time of sorority initiation which I'm surprised we didn't talk about any of those upsets were like you go from kind of being like a pre member to like an official member your name goes in like the yearbook you sign unlike your member for life unless you decide to stop paying annual and I started becoming friends and then for valid personal reasons over Christmas break, she ghosted me come back in 2014 and we started to talking and hanging out more and 2015 Our last bracket 2016 to 2021. The show Atlanta Zootopia Captain America Civil War Rogue One The Big Bang Theory ended Black Panther came out the Incredibles two the Mandalorian Captain Marvel, Disney really crushed this last bracket. They really did Toy Story four, there's a fourth one. Oh, yeah. I

Angela 48:36

don't know what it's about.

Jae 48:37

Or it was in two and then most recently, no way home 2015 to 2016 where Antoine and I had our big fight disagreement as roommates. So that was super fun. Some of like our funnest times, and then also some of like the hardest but like, Hey, we're here. We made it better,

Angela 48:55

stronger, faster.

Jae 48:56

I don't remember how's the con you work go Harder, Better,

Angela 48:58

Faster, Stronger, but we are not harder because we did not let them take our hearts

Jae 49:03

like it's h e a r t er I thought like work harder like more like Shell

Angela 49:09

Yeah, harder like Shell. Oh, you know how in Black Widow. When Molina tells the girl she's like Don't ever let them take your heart.

Jae 49:15

Got it? Yeah, so we had our fight Angele graduated and moved home. I had another year. This year's Angela and I both got littles ate a lot of tacos. So many crispy tacos. Finally, food delivery services and Ubers were like very common at such time periods.

Angela 49:32

Oh, yes. I remember when I drunk ordered the pizza and the Chick fil A was amazing. That was a great day.

Jae 49:39

I highly enjoyed myself.

Angela 49:41

We settled into the general abyss of life after college.

Jae 49:46

That's mostly what this is. Yeah, we hit on most of it honestly about like post grad life in various episodes such as our experience in retail r1 With owlie our episode with Heather anyone else? Um, we talked about alum life particularly in terms of sorority with Megan Yeah, no,

Angela 50:03

I feel like we've done a pretty comprehensive job at some of summing up our life in the past five years boiler it's been rough. But hopefully soon we're approaching the light at the end of the tunnel. And that brings us now here to the beginning of 2022.

Jae 50:16

With you all feels like it should still be the beginning of 2020. Seriously, though,

Angela 50:21

I can't believe we're going into the third year of our pandemic.

Jae 50:24

And here's my first PSA get boosted get vaccinated yourselves. For those around you.

Angela 50:31

Please wear your masks and respect others. They would like to wear masks

Jae 50:36

vote in local elections. I know in my city, we currently have one coming up and stay on top of the supreme court situation.

Angela 50:45

And overall just be kind humans to one another. You never know what someone's going through. To wrap us up. Jay, do you have anything you're particularly looking forward to for season two that you would like to share?

Jae 50:56

No. All right, well

Angela 50:59

keep it all under wraps then we don't we don't have anything you're looking forward to.

Jae 51:04

Well, we don't really have anything plan. We have the like episodes like for this month planned. But we have like general ideas but like, we haven't really talked about execution of them. Yeah, like if all things go well, and Hulan I have a pretty busy April where we'll be going to see a comedy show and a live immersive dinner experience. But like if y'all aren't getting vaccinated, where your masks we might not get that and we might just do another year of at home but gradually discussing people doing more on this podcast.

Angela 51:31

Fair enough. I personally am looking forward to our euphoria episode if the people are excited for it, and even if they're not excited for it, I still think we need it. Because I've done so much research you guys get ready to learn about euphoria and here are in depth

Jae 51:47

thoughts on Eric Jane eating house.

Angela 51:50

Oh my god. Seriously, they need warnings on some scenes.

Jae 51:54

I don't know if you're watching the show. I feel like you know what you're in for and on

Angela 51:57

that note thank you for listening to this episode of In Omnia paratus grab your coffee bowls and don't forget to rate download and follow on Apple Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts as always where you lead will follow so head on over to @inomniapod on Instagram and let us know what you'd like to hear about. Bye

Jae 52:16


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