What states make up the Four Corners? Which actress shares a name with Shakespeare’s wife? How many bones are in an adult human body?

You’ll find out today in our very own Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? challenge trivia episode that was inspired by our (kinda) hometown Jeopardy! winner Amy Schnieder. So today, Angela is quizzing Jae through fifth grade English, Science, Geography, and History, with some good old-fashioned pop culture mixed in for good measure. Listen up, and get ready to join our pub trivia team: Quizteama Aguilera!


Show Notes

Are you an Annie or a Hailey?

  • Jae’s an Annie

  • Angela is a Hailey

*Jae here fact-checking the fact checker. It is Hallie 

  • Fact Check 1: Charles and Camilla have actually been married since 2005 and William and Kate got married in 2011

  • Note: We were trying to play Jeopardy, but it’s kind of turned into a mix of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? – We did clues and used all of the Millionaire standard lifelines

  • We’re dedicating this episode to Amy Schnieder, the most recent Jeopardy big winner who won 40 consecutive days in a row and is from Oakland, CA. All questions have a $5.00 value

  • All questions and their answers are in the table below, if you would like to moderate your own IOP inspired game night!

  • Fact Check 2: Cleopatra’s father was Greek and her mother was African. While difficult to trace her racial background, most historians regard her of mixed race

  • Fact Check 3: 6 babies conceived and born together are sextuplets

  • Fact Check 4: An ouroboros is an ancient symbol of a snake eating its own tail, not a specific type of snake

  • Bonus: We’ll keep adding to our Trevor Project donation if DM us at @inomniapod and show us a book passage that mentions this symbol!

  • Fact Check 5: Yes, Pluto is a planet again as of February 2021: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jamiecartereurope/2021/02/15/yes-pluto-is-a-planet-says-nasa-scientist-at-the-site-of-its-discovery-91-years-ago-this-week/

  • So, because Angela didn’t originally assign the questions the same values Jae was calling out, the questions did come out of order

  • Note: The episode was recorded right before Kylie’s birth announcement. Her son’s name is Wolfe

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

Pop Culture

Culinary Arts & Ideas

Books! Books! Books!

Bleh (Also, known as Science and Math)

World Events (loosely)

What type of sentence ends in a question mark? 

Answer: Interrogative sentence

This actor voiced the older Ted Mosby from the present in How I Met Your Mother. 

Answer: Bob Saget

When you bake a pie crust without filling, this is called? 

Answer: Blind Baking

This 19th century American poet has an AppleTV series inspired by her early life. 

Answer: Emily Dickenson

Which element, commonly found in a gaseous form, is the most abundant in the universe ? 

Answer: Hydrogen

How many years did the 100 Years War last? 

Answer: 116 years

Name the states that make up the Four Corners. 

Answer: Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah

Which iconic singer spent the early years of her life on her father’s Christmas tree farm? 

Answer: Taylor Swift

What baking technique is used to break up clumps in flour to get more accurate measurements? 

Answer: Sifting

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was originally published in what language? 

Answer: Swedish

How much of the earth’s oxygen is produced by the Amazon Rainforest? 

Answer: 20%

In what year did the Titanic sink?

Answer: 1912

On what planet does 1 year equate to 88 days on Earth?

Answer: Mercury

The actor who plays Troy Bolton’s father in High School Musical, is the real life brother-in-law to this actress? 

Answer: Blake Lively 

What essential baking ingredient is Cuba predominant export? 

Answer: Sugar

William Shakespeare’s wife shares her name with this popular actress? 

Answer: Anne Hathaway

How many bones are in the adult human body?

Answer: 206 / baby 300

This Greek goddess of Victory shares a name with a popular shoe company founded in 1964?

Answer: Nike

How many sides does a heptagon have? 

Answer: 7

In what year did The Lion King have its first musical performance?

Answer: 1997

Which burger joint was the origin of fast food as we know it today? 

Answer: White Castle

Author Zora Neale Hurston was a part of what literary movement?

Answer: The Harlem Renaissance 

What flat picture may also be shown in 3 dimensions?

Answer: Hologram

The Ptolemy Dynasty ruled this ancient kingdom from, from 300 AD to 30 BC? 

Answer: Egypt

In what state is Mount Rushmore located?


South Dakota

Name Angelina Jolie’s kids from oldest to youngest. 

Answer: Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox & Vivienne

What originally gave red velvet cake its signature crimson color?

Answer: A chemical reaction between cocoa powder, buttermilk, and vinegar 

From what book does the popular TikTok sound chastising Ronald Weasley come from? 

Answer: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

What is the name of the symbol used in division? 

Answer: Obelous

Name this famous conqueror who was once attacked by a horde of rabbits? 

Answer: Napoleon Bonaparte 

Angela 0:00

Welcome back

Jae 0:01

I literally said I'm doing the intro. Oh my man 20 minutes for your child's posing

Angela 0:06

I mean I still thought I was doing the welcome but go for it

Jae 0:09

well fine you can welcome everyone

Angela 0:20

welcome back to this episode of In Omnia paratus I'm Angela here with my host Jay and welcome back to episode two. Yeah, I did realize just now that I didn't count myself as I to also just any regular part of this podcast, and yet somehow still seem to forget that every time we start recording, no, Jae, are you just gonna let me flail in my doom? Yes. Okay, fair enough.

Jae 0:46

Thanks for listening to this episode. I hope you enjoyed

Angela 0:50

okay, but no, seriously, you had something you wanted us to start out with today, which I'm very interested about and how it may potentially end our friendship

Jae 1:00

Correct. There's always a thing like the Serena and Blair the chair and Dion based on which side of pictures you like there's always a way to know like who are like the real ones or as Neo said it Outside Lands who's been there since day one. There's certain tests you and your friends can partake in. This one is on tick tock. No. Like this is how you know if you and someone are meant to be best friends.

Angela 1:22

Oh, okay. I'm ready for it. Or good friends.

Jae 1:24

I'm not a best friend person. I'm a friendship fluid person as of 2021.

Angela 1:29

I love that. I love that

Jae 1:31

in the Parent Trap. The 1999 1990 Winslow hand version? Yes. Would you have chosen and your Halley's life Holly's life? Congratulations, we can still be friends. Yes.

Angela 1:44

See, Annie's life was cool and all but I feel like there probably would have been too many rules and structures there for me, and that totally would have fed into the anxiety.

Jae 1:54

Well, I was thinking if I took myself back to like child me, Annie 100%. And then I was thinking a little bit current me and my inner child me what would I say? And I was like, leaning towards Hollywood. I'm like, no bridal shop. And then also someone made a great point, which I also did this and still do sometimes I always get Princess Diana and Natasha shirts and confused, like I've seen and like you can't beat that.

Angela 2:19

Oh, that's amazing. Now looking back, I think I totally would have loved taking on a potential evil step mom, because that is something that I really thought about as a kid having divorced parents. Oh, geez. Yeah, the Parent Trap prepared me for that. I was like, Alright, when Meredith Blake shows up, I know what to do. Well, congratulations,

Jae 2:40

we can still be friends.

Angela 2:41

Great to hear that.

Jae 2:43

I was a little worried because like Harry Potter and your thing with weddings and like other things like I don't know. I don't know if Angela can stay I might need to find a new I don't know if Zentral didn't call herself a host I might need to find a new someone with me on this platform. I

Angela 2:57

totally would love Amy's life now in her world. But I think I would need to grow up as a holly. That is a nice little fun fact you had there. I'd never would have thought about Natasha Richards with Princess Diana like that. Yeah. And

Jae 3:11

then also the stresses in the movie very Diana. Mm hmm. But yeah, the scene in the bridal shop to me every time with the big hat. Right.

Angela 3:17

And to have a Martin who wouldn't want to have a Martin course speaking of the British Royals. Jay, can you answer this question for me in 19? No, no. Can I? I don't know. Can you in 1981 The world watched as this pair were married at St. Paul's Cathedral.

Jae 3:34

I'm assuming who is Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Angela 3:38

Ding ding ding Very good. That just fits so well. Because I was literally just scrolling through the Jeopardy Instagram before we started this. And that was one of the questions.

Jae 3:46

I got scared for a second. Because I was like, what year did Diana die? Was it afternoon? Was this when he married Camilla? I don't know. I'm agree with the timeline wasn't born yet.

Angela 3:54

Oh, no. What Camilla is just within like the last five years. 10 years? I don't even think 10 years.

Jae 4:00

So they're less than Will and Kate. Yeah. Oh,

Angela 4:04

Mm hmm. I will have to fact check that but I'm 90% Sure.

Jae 4:08

I'm not touching that one. Today, listeners,

Angela 4:10

we are actually going to host a very special Game Show episode for you all. Hence why I was scrolling through Jeopardy before this because as this is our podcast, and sometimes we can use it in a self serving manner. This is my last ditch desperate plea to get J to join my pub trivia team. And finally, just have someone to go out and do trivia nights with I have wanted

Jae 4:30

you trivia for years and I don't know know like what this is with. You know,

Angela 4:35

I have asked so many people to do trivia with me and all the time. It's just like, if you've never asked me, I have totally asked you. You've never asked me. I maintain that I have asked you multiple times at least twice.

Jae 4:47

This is where you and Brian are so similar where you'll talk about plans in my vicinity. And according to the etiquette rules of Angela, if you're not specifically included in the plan, you're not invited to the plan even if you're in In the vicinity until you are directed eye contact and called by name.

Angela 5:04

Yes. And I feel like there have been two. I'm going to go through our text messages because I feel like I have probably texted you about this at some point new phone. I do have a new phone. Dang it. Okay,

Jae 5:14

well, also Charles and Camilla were married in 2005.

Angela 5:18

Oh, wow. So before Will and Kate. Yes. Because that was high school for me. Wow. Okay, well, apparently I need to brush up on my British Royal Family trivia. And in the spirit of potentially being wrong about asking you about pub trivia, which I don't think I am. We will call tonight a practice round.

Jae 5:35

Is that it? Are you are you taking a pause?

Angela 5:39

I was taking a pause Yes, for you to say something. And then I was going to explain the game to our listeners

Jae 5:45

got it. It was like one of your pauses where it sounded like you were like taking a breath. And you have more to say you didn't do a full valley girl at the end. But you did a half. So I was leaving.

Angela 5:54

I'm trying really hard to stick with the definitive statements this year. Fun. We'll see what happens. All right. So for you all today, I am a huge fan of jeopardy. But I know for a lot of people, it can sometimes lean a little bit on the drier side. So I combined Jeopardy with Are You Smarter Than a fifth grader and that I attached questions to different categories and assign a monetary value to them. But most of the questions are picked out from a fifth grade curriculum. So Jay, today, you're going to be playing for $5 a question. And your categories are, are you smarter than a fifth grader? Kind of recent pop culture, Culinary Arts and ideas, books, books, books blend, also known as math and science and world events, sort of. So the reason that all of our questions are assigned the same value is because the proceeds of Jays winnings today are going to be donated to charity. And I thought maybe j if you're okay with this, we would donate to know where to go. The charity that I blanked out on was the Trevor Project.

Jae 6:59

And why did you pick the Trevor Project? Well, also Why did you voluntarily decide you would like to this to be real money. When I did not ask for such things.

Angela 7:09

Yes. Jay did not ask that we actually that we play for real money or a few days ago, if maybe if we did play for real money, we would then turn it into a charitable donation because

Jae 7:19

Angela could use some for her tax write offs to finish out 2021. Totally,

Angela 7:23

no, but actually, we have a local Jeopardy celebrity who has just returned to the Bay Area. Amy Schneider, she had 40 consecutive wins recently on Jeopardy. She just finished this out at the end of January. And let's see overall women right. So overall, she in the history of the show, she is in second place for most consecutive wins ever in a regular season. And in fourth place for highest total regular season winnings. And I'm not going to say how much because Amy's already been robbed here in the Bay Area. But she cleaned up pretty well.

Jae 7:58

low to mid or mid to high six figures. Hi, ooh, Yep, got all of the capital gains tax.

Angela 8:04

Right. Amy is an engineer from the Bay Area. And she is the show's first openly transgender woman. And a lot of people in the bay area here are super happy to see her win. And she has been honored by various different LGBTQ local organizations. So I thought this might be nice to do for Amy as well. big fans of pride over here. Oh, yeah. All right. So Jay, are you ready to play? Yes, because we are not actually in the same place as we spoiled for you earlier. I'm going to go through our questions. And I'm going to go from easiest to hardest one from each category moving down the list. How does that sound? I remember the categories are I will I will give you the categories before

Jae 8:45

No, I do remember what they are. Okay. I should know how much they're worth and I can make a list.

Angela 8:50

Oh, okay. Well, I mean, there's 123

Jae 8:53

Where did they go? One? How what do they do Jeopardy? 2468135 is Mean Girls?

Angela 8:58

Yeah, go to 468 There's five questions in each category.

Jae 9:02

So 2468 1000 Yes, let's start off hopefully not too humbling. Are You Smarter for a fifth grader one? 200

Angela 9:10

Okay, what type of sentence ends in a question mark? Is that not a question? Yes. But so yes, it's a question but its sentence type has a specific name.

Jae 9:23

Oh my god. I don't know how this is gonna work out because I English is like not my grammar. I don't know if I'm going to also listen to this grammar is a goal utterly I could do without it. I have all of the grammar plugins. I don't even remember the types of sentences is one

Angela 9:38

assertive? No, you're close to a type of sentence if you were at a police station, and you are questioning someone you would be interrogating. So it's a

Jae 9:51


Angela 9:52

interrogative Yes. Oh, no. You got this. I believe in you. Oh, Okay, I believe in you. I promise that's the only that's the only chromatic question I have

Jae 10:06

Jesus, I feel offended that you like put that first personally offended.

Angela 10:10

Well, it's not necessarily first it's just the first question you chose,

Jae 10:14

but it was for 200 points. It should have been the easiest question it like all the other questions should be

Angela 10:20

harder than that. Okay, officially routing, no more questions categories. There are six categories.

Jae 10:26

Fifth Grader black cooking pop culture, world history books. Okay. Well, since I did so well, there was just like, Oh, it's just like, go for it. Hop culture for 600.

Angela 10:36

In what year did the Lion King habits first musical performance?

Jae 10:42

Was I born? I'm going with no yes, you were born? I mean, if you were crying, the correct answer should be 9095. The year I was born, but I don't feel like that's the correct answer. When did the movie come out?

Angela 10:57

That is a question. I do not have the answer to.

Jae 11:01

Um, like I said, if you were being kind, the correct answer should be 9095. But I don't feel like that is the answer like that. It's not what's calling to me. If the Disney Channel circle of life I think was in 2002 ish. I feel like Broadway for that. Yes, you are correct. Well, no, you can't give me the answers because then like, are we really giving good money to charity? No, the correct answer is no.

Angela 11:24

I'm hazard a guess. Take a gamble.

Jae 11:27


Angela 11:31

So close 1997 question. Yeah.

Jae 11:36

How many of these would you have known the answer of without looking them up?

Angela 11:40

Um, I knew three quarters.

Jae 11:43

Okay, are you keeping track? I am keeping track Yeah, why would you know what year the Lion King came to Broadway?

Angela 11:50

I don't know why just did

Jae 11:51

you were an English major. So I get the grammar one. I don't know at this point. If I'm ready for another question.

Angela 11:57

I believe in you. You got this at any time you want to call an audible we can completely convert to pop culture trivia because I have a ton of those too.

Jae 12:05

Oh my god, maybe maybe we'll do like a bonus round like the amount I get wrong will like make up for in pop culture. We can do that world history for 400.

Angela 12:14

Okay, told me Dynasty, which included this popular Queen of the Nile ruled this ancient kingdom from 380 to 30 BC.

Jae 12:25

The two names coming to my head are Cleopatra or Nefertiti? He were corrected to Cleopatra. Okay, but that is deceiving because Cleopatra is white coming in. Like, isn't that a thing? Like Cleopatra is not African.

Angela 12:40

Cleopatra's mother was Greek I think so she was a lot more fair skinned. Got it. Okay. All right, Jay, you are on the board. Great.

Jae 12:49

Let's try books for 200 Okay.

Angela 12:53

This 19th century American poet has an Apple TV series inspired by her early life

Jae 13:00

isn't the one Hailee Steinfeld? Yes, it is. Emily Dickinson.

Angela 13:06

Yes. Awesome. Next, Next category. Next question. Let's go cooking for 800 Okay, which burger joint was the origin of fast food as we know it today, globally or nationally?

Jae 13:20

I think nationally, like which is the first burger in America.

Angela 13:24

No like which fast food burger gave us the drive thru. Think of it that way gave us the drive thru. Mm hmm. Harold and Kumar was it heralding McDonald's? Wait, hold on, hold your hold your guests. I'm gonna give you another clue. I'm giving you the question again. Okay. Okay. All right. Which burger joint was the origin of fast food as we know it today? It is also featured in the title of a Veronica Mars episode.

Jae 13:52

Neptune final answer

Angela 13:55

Neptun burger.

Jae 13:57

Okay, well, it's not McDonald's. I don't think it's Sonic in and outs too young. So we're down to like Burger King and Jack in the Box.

Angela 14:05

There are a few others. What's not Taco Bell?

Jae 14:09

That way or schnitzel? Obviously not Chick fil A Papa papa. Listen to burgers, princesses. My

Angela 14:15

visit here town Harold and Kumar visited here in a movie. It's in the title. I don't watch her white castle. It's white castle.

Jae 14:26

They have those here.

Angela 14:30

I don't think they actually have one in the Bay Area. But you can find them in the freezer section of your local Safeway.

Jae 14:36

The closest one is in Vegas. Seriously?

Angela 14:40

I like having one in LA.

Jae 14:42

No, the closest I object to this question. The closest one is in Vegas.

Angela 14:46

Fine. We will throw this question out. All right, that does not impact your score.

Jae 14:50

I've been watching Legally Blonde auditions on tick tock so I object.

Angela 14:56

So stay in.

Jae 14:57

Let's go with Bleh for 400

Angela 14:58

Okay, This type of flat picture can also be seen in three dimensions. Like it was at Coachella. When Tupac made a guest appearance. You took my joke. I was gonna say what is Tupac

Jae 15:14

a hologram?

Angela 15:15


Jae 15:16

let's go. Are You Smarter Than a fifth grader for 600? Let's not be parts of speech next for fun.

Angela 15:22

What state is Mount Rushmore located in?

Jae 15:25

Isn't it in multiple? Or does it only span one state? It's the actual

Angela 15:29

mountain mountain Rushmore not the mountain series. It's a part of

Jae 15:34

South Dakota. Yes. Yeah, I think I learned that in Richy rich Nice. Let's go cooking for 400 Okay. Oh, no, you

Angela 15:42

already did. 400 that was White Castle. Oh, I said 800. Oh, 400 My bad. Okay, well, I know I've got it. I don't know what I'm doing. Okay. What baking technique is used to break up clumps and flower to get more accurate measurements.

Jae 15:58

Sifting? Yes,

Angela 15:59

I don't agree with that. But we can carry off. Okay, um, pop culture for 200 This actor voiced the older Ted Mosby from the present and How I Met Your Mother. Please tell me that question was written before he passed. It was yes. Rip Bob Saget. You will be missed world history for no actually books for 600. Okay, William Shakespeare's wife shares her name with this popular actress of present day

Jae 16:29

who is in Hathaway? Yes. Great. Love that for me. Oral history for 800 Love Anne Hathaway.

Angela 16:35

Wait, you said World History? Yes. For 800 Yes. You already did that one. No, I

Jae 16:40

did. 400 last time Jesus Christ. Oh,

Angela 16:42

you did? 800

Jae 16:45

I literally have it on recording.

Angela 16:47

Oh my god. Okay.

Jae 16:48

Do I need to start typing to you? No, it's

Angela 16:50

fine. It's fine. Okay, here's here's the 400 question.

Jae 16:54

Okay, great.

Angela 16:58

This Greek goddess of victory shares a name with a popular shoe company founded in the US in 1964.

Jae 17:06

Nike Yes. was like oh, there's no way Adi Das is like scrapped, but who was Panther so like process of elimination? Next cooking for 600 s

Angela 17:20

i x. Okay, what essential baking ingredient is Cuba's predominant export.

Jae 17:28

I was gonna say cinnamon but I question again. What

Angela 17:32

essential baking ingredient is sugar? Yes. Are you also thinking about Consuela in the sugarcane field? No. Oh, okay. I thought of the Gilmore Girls reference

Jae 17:44

pop culture for 400 f o u r 100.

Angela 17:49

Which iconic singer spent the early years of her life on her father's Christmas Tree Farm.

Jae 17:55

Taylor Swift. Yes. Are You Smarter Than a fifth grader for eight times? 100

Angela 18:03

Okay, how many sides does it have to go out and have

Jae 18:07

oh she Okay. An octagon is eight I have to do this is like when I sing the 12 days of crystals. I have to do them all 10 Is DECA gone nine Islamic on why am I going backwards? I don't hexagon to seven. I was I was gonna have to go on and hexagon confused Pentagon is five. Pentagon. Hexagon. Hexagon. Hexagon. Hexagon. Hexagon hexagon I'm getting there. Now. I'm on Hexagon hexagon I think it's seven but I'm not. quintuplets. Yeah. Isn't it a seven because it said it septuplets for seven kids.

Angela 18:39

You are correct. It is seven. Yeah,

Jae 18:41

I was like I had to I had to do it. And I tried to do in shape to the night to go to humans. Except couple of her seven I think was Quint or five. Nice. Were six in hex. It's all hex chocolates. Oh,

Angela 18:52

I missed that part of the question.

Jae 18:54

Blessed for 1000.

Angela 18:56

What is the name of the symbol used in Division? The slash final answer?

Jae 19:03

No. Are you like what is like what is what is the official name for the slash?

Angela 19:07

No for the little the line with the dot above and below old school

Jae 19:14

division symbol. Okay, well, since we're doing a combination of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire or each part of the fifth grader, all the fun trivia shows give me a 5050 narrowed it down to two options for me.

Angela 19:25

Okay, is it an Ovilus or an oberus?

Jae 19:30

Can you say this boat again with a little more gumption?

Angela 19:33

Is it an Ovilus or an oral Burress?

Jae 19:37

I feel I wanted to be the second because it sounds funnier. But I feel like it's the first. You're correct. I want it to be this. Oh, no. I said it's the first but I want it to be the second.

Angela 19:48

Yes, it's an odorless and oral is a I don't know if it's a snake that actually eats its own tail but it is commonly a symbol used As a snake eating its own tail. Fun. Yeah,

Jae 20:03

world history for 600 I realized I have no way to judge how long this episode is because we both keep pausing so much. I know

Angela 20:10

it's all right. In what year did the Titanic sink? 1912? Yes, Leo and Claire would be very proud of you right now. I'm sorry, who? Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes.

Jae 20:23

You're gonna just keep saying it until you get it right Claire and Leo. Keep saying it. Jack and Rose. There we go. You're still wrong.

Angela 20:31

I'm google it right now.

Jae 20:33

Why? factchecking everyone, I mean, I can just backtrack her, but I prefer her to do it on our own.

Angela 20:38

I don't even know what I'm necessarily fact checking right now. The actors in Titanic. Oh, wait, wait. Claire Claire Danes is Juliet Kate Winslet.

Jae 20:48

You should lose points for that.

Angela 20:53

I have to donate an additional $5 There you go. All right. There we go. Angela plus five.

Jae 20:59

For Kate Winslet boob. It should be 10 $10 books, books, books for

Angela 21:03

400. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was originally published in what

Jae 21:09

language? I want to say it's Japanese, Korean. Is it Asian? No, Russian.

Angela 21:15

I know you get one more guess.

Jae 21:18

Not French, Dutch German, Belgian Gaelic, so I think too far out there. Allien. Cranium. Check. I do know the answer to this. And I'm no I can't think of it. I heard this. I think I heard this before. I don't know. Would you like to phone a friend? Sure.

Angela 21:34

Do I actually have to call someone? Yes, I guess I guess in this day and age you can text someone you don't necessarily have to call them unless you think they'll answer. Hey,

Jae 21:43

I'm your audio is on my podcast right now. I need to phone a friend for a Jeopardy question. Okay. Well, hopefully, you know, because we're giving the money to charity. Sorry, we're giving Angela's money to charity. What language was The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo originally published in it's not English, and it's not Asian. Can

Sharyn 22:04

I have a second think about it?

Yeah, sure. If those were weren't those the

Jae 22:08

game really own? Who Wants to Be a Millionaire right now? Suspense

Sharyn 22:12

wasn't that a series of books was one of them in a series was this is gonna sound really nutty. I think of it is like, some kind of Asian language but I have this vague memory of reading it. Maybe it was Scandinavian. Originally. The title of the book was Scandinavian. I want to say either Swedish or Danish. Do I need to pick one?

Jae 22:35

Oh, Angela, can you hear?

Angela 22:36

I can? Yes.

Jae 22:37

Does she need to pick one?

Angela 22:38

Yes, you can pick between those two.

Jae 22:42


Sharyn 22:43

I'm just gonna say Swedish.

Jae 22:45

That's what I was gonna go with because Angela Swedish and she tends to send your questions around herself.

Angela 22:51

You are correct. Thanks for this.

Sharyn 22:56

I was shocked. Okay.

Angela 22:57

Is Swedish I did not take it because I am part Swedish. But it just happened to work out that way. You're just like,

Jae 23:04

whatever you need to tell yourself subconsciously, Angela. I'm a big Freud person. Remember? Let's go Are You Smarter Than a fifth grader for 1000 Let's try knocking out some of these categories

Angela 23:14

On what planet does one year equate to 88 days on earth?

Jae 23:19

I didn't know this at some point. I don't anymore but I didn't know this like my guts telling me like Saturn or Jupiter for some reason. Mm hmm. But I don't I don't feel like that's right. But like that's like where my head went? I don't think it's Venus and the closer to the sun. Okay, wait, can you repeat the question

Angela 23:35

on what planet does one year equate to 88 days on earth?

Jae 23:41

Okay, well it has to then either be okay I don't know if this is incorrect so Angel half at Bhatinda they split like planets move around the sun so therefore if it's taking the less time to move around the sign that it has to be either Mercury or Venus because they're closer than we are I like your thought process. I don't know how much closer either of those are to make their rotation go faster. Oh shoot. No. Oh no. Please bear my dear at Sally's pebble shoot something. I think we're at the third planet and then it goes Mars. I thought what Mercury Venus Earth Mars. I can name all nine planets because I still I still call it play as a planet. Oh god. I feel like it's mercury. But I'm gonna say Venus.

Angela 24:21

It's mercury. I know. Or would you like to try to win that money back by naming all nine planets?

Jae 24:29

Sure. Why not? Mercury Venus or I just saw them actually do this on the on a nother podcast. They did. They didn't do it an order. I can do ish in order give or take the end ones like I can meet in the middle I think Mercury Venus Earth Mars. And then from the outside Pluto Uranus Neptune Saturn, Jupiter, Jupiter, Saturn. Jupiter, Saturn Uranus. Neptune Pluto. Yeah, so it would go Mercury Venus, Earth Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto mercury. Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto are all nine. Did I get them in the right order?

Angela 25:07

Yes, you did get them in the right order. It's Mercury, Venus, Earth. Mars. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune,

Jae 25:16

Pluto. Pluto planet again. Wait, seriously? Allegedly. Yay for Ludo.

Angela 25:22

I didn't like that he got kicked out.

Jae 25:24

I agree. Let's crush this category. Are You Smarter Than a fifth grader for

Angela 25:28

400? Name the states that make up the four corners?

Jae 25:31

New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada. And I'll throw Arizona in there because I think I got four or five. I think I named all four. Right?

Angela 25:42

You did? Can you tell me which one doesn't belong? I'm sure

Jae 25:45

it's Utah. I'm pretty sure it's Colorado, which states today say

Angela 25:49

you said Colorado, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona.

Jae 25:55

I think I'd keep making. I think I'm picking out New Mexico. Final answer. I don't know. I don't know. I'm trying to envision a map. Can I look up a blank map of the United States? I'll allow it. Um, final answer is Nevada is not part of it. Awesome. My question to you though is which state lines does Shane West take Mandy Moore to in A Walk to Remember? Returning into the returning into the Diebenkorn family.

Angela 26:25

Oh my god.

Jae 26:26

Oh my god, I should have actually just have to follow up solve your question.

Angela 26:31

Next time we play next time we play. Okay, what state are they even in there somewhere on the eastern southern part of the United States? A Walk to Remember it's a Nicholas Sparks book. Her father has a very thick accent that I can't pin down or okay. I want to say the state that she the extra state is Virginia.

Jae 26:55

Okay. Okay. I live in what state? So let's do it. Are we in

Angela 27:06

Virginia, the care Okay, the Carolinas are there? I don't know which Carolina touches it. We're just gonna say North Carolina. I'm gonna I know. It's definitely he takes her who? Virginia and I'm gonna say it's from North Carolina. Correct? Yes. I wasn't keeping total track here. But I'm gonna say we're just about over the half and j right now. You have totaled up $75 to three for the Trevor Project. And then I've tossed it in 10. So 85 Total right now.

Jae 27:40

We've done 19 Out of the 30 questions are almost two thirds done. Let's do pop culture for 1000.

Angela 27:48

Okay, name Angelina Jolie's kids from oldest to youngest.

Jae 27:53

I can't even name one of her kids serious. There's I feel no, there's there's the one who was in Maleficent because no other cake could be around her without crying. There's the one who I believe is either transitioned or gender fluid. I think those are actually the same one. The one the baby. No, I thought it was like one of the adopted ones. Oh, I

Angela 28:15

thought it was her first biological one. Her first biological

Jae 28:17

one was not the one in Maleficent the Melissa isn't one was a baby. She didn't start having kids in like 2014

Angela 28:24

I'll fact check it here. Okay, we're tossing this one out. Jay named the Duggars.

Jae 28:28

Oh my god. And apparently two of her kids were in three of her six were in Maleficent. So therefore we were both could be right. Do you have the lists to have the names pulled up? Are you going to

Angela 28:40

just trust I know that I'm pulling it up right now but I do trust that you know them. Would you like

Jae 28:45

me to wait? Yes, please. Two seconds. I'm going to go fast because it's as fast as I can do the States be repressed? All right, go Josh. Jana, John, David yellow dresses ginger, Joseph Josiah, Joanna Jedediah Jeremiah, Jason, James, Justin Jackson, Johanna, Jennifer Jordan and Josie.

Angela 29:00

All right. Very good. Very good. I got a little thrown off at the end because it gave me another name that was not a j. And apparently it's a family member. They've now adopted.

Jae 29:11

Oh, yes. I heard about that. Oh, God. Let's go books, books, books for 800.

Angela 29:17

Okay, I'm gonna warn you. This is a self serving question, but I felt that you would know it.

Jae 29:22

Author JK Rowling. No.

Angela 29:26

Author, Zora Neale Hurston was a part of what literary movement? The black one? Yes, technically, she was a part of the rise in black literature, but it had a name

Jae 29:38

black women's literature. I studied this in

Angela 29:41

college. There's

Jae 29:43

Mary's around it. Is it what the professor who didn't like you know, that Professor liked me. Okay. I'm African American, something.

Angela 29:52

It's a neighborhood in New York City. And the Italians also had one of these. Most people actually had one of But we reference the Italian one of these a lot for their artistic movement, two words, Renaissance. And, oh, the Harlem Renaissance. There you go, left for 200. Okay, which element commonly found in its gaseous form is the most abundant element in the universe,

Jae 30:19

carbon or nitrogen or greenhouse gases because we're polluting the Earth.

Angela 30:27

I'm off to double check it, but this might actually be one of the greenhouse gases,

Jae 30:31

carbon dioxide as a carbon. I said nitrogen. It's not helium. Hydrogen is hydrogen gas. Oh, I guess I'll almost meet gas. Repeat the question.

Angela 30:42

Which element commonly found in its gaseous form is the most abundant in the universe. And you did say earlier?

Jae 30:51

When I said carbon and nitrogen you you listed?

Angela 30:53

There are

Jae 30:55

hydrogen? Yes. Um, world history for 200. Okay.

Angela 31:01

How many years did the 100 Years War last?

Jae 31:05

This feels like a misnomer. Question. Right? What is the same answer that would be similar to when was the War of 1812?

Angela 31:15

Yes, it's very similar to that. 100 years. Oh, no, no, wait, hold on.

Jae 31:22

It's literally called the 100 year war. I don't feel like these questions are too hard. I just feel like you have no scale for how you should be like giving value to each of these questions.

Angela 31:33

Well, I figured because each question was like $5 Like, I didn't necessarily had to do have to do that. But I tried really hard to put them from easiest to hardest but

Jae 31:42

for 200 Why would the 100 years war not be 100? I don't know. It's just beginning. I don't know what like 123 years.

Angela 31:50

You're very close. I will I will take an over an over under

Jae 31:53

of five here. 127 years.

Angela 31:58

I will take I'll take an over under of 10 I need you to go down

Jae 32:02

112 years. Yes. It's 116

Got it. Kill it. World History for 1000.

Angela 32:10

Right. You're gonna hate me because this one is legitimately weird and hard. Great. Name this famous conqueror who was once attacked by a horde of rabbits.

Jae 32:20

Napoleon. Yes.

Angela 32:22

I feel that should have been a double jeopardy question. write books for 1000. From what book does the popular tick tock sound chastising? Ronald Weasley come from a lame one written by a turf. The book is not lame. The book is wonderful. The writer is highly suspect.

Jae 32:40

I'm Henry Potter.

Angela 32:42

The questionnaire will recognize that the contestant is trying to bait her are looking for the full book name though.

Jae 32:51

Well, you just said which I don't know what the quote is going around tick tock you know tick tock is highly personalized to the person watching it.

Angela 32:58

Fine. I will take Harry Potter dang tic tock in their algorithms.

Jae 33:02

Yeah, like the ones that are more like universal. You get like two months after they're done. What Ron Weasley quote is currently going around Harry Potter tick tock.

Angela 33:11

I mean, you don't know Harry Potter, so this won't mean much to you. But people decided to like put like his mother yelling at him to like song and dance. It's very it's very strange.

Jae 33:22

Wait, is Emma Watson dating the guy Tom Felton? Or do they just like you know, or do they just love each other? platonically they like love

Angela 33:29

each other platonically but I totally think that they should just be together from the way that they talk about each other like me they're like the Drake and Rihanna of England. Oh, well

Jae 33:39

now is pregnant with ASAP Rocky's baby. Oh

Angela 33:42

my god. But did you see when she announced it? Then all of a sudden Drake also started trending and all of the Drake memes are awesome. Well, Drake unfollowed her and ASAP

Jae 33:51

Rocky. Yeah, I can imagine but that's okay. Math and Science for 600 We have three questions left.

Angela 33:59

How many bones are in the adult human body?

Jae 34:01

206 And you're born with more and they fuse together as you become more human from a yellow blob?

Angela 34:11

Yes, you're correct. 800 tell me how many you're born with? Is a baby

Jae 34:14

300 something?

Angela 34:16

300? Yes, we'll take it we're adding in another $5

Jae 34:19

Okay, math and science. I haven't gotten a single math question except what? Whatever the division sign is

Angela 34:27

the opolis Yes, that is that is your math question. As I warned you before this, I don't do math. So I have no way to check your answers.

Jae 34:34

Really not a math question. Okay, fine. Last question.

Angela 34:37

Is math adjacent.

Jae 34:38

What's 800 names of qualities and how to diamond is expensive cut clarity, color and carat?

Angela 34:44

That's I have one wait. I have four questions that are unanswered.

Jae 34:49

I'm sure you do.

Angela 34:52

We but you like these other ones better ask the pop culture

Jae 34:55

one. No, I have one more math and science and two more cooking questions. Oh, okay.

Angela 34:59

But you went you had one more total. Okay.

Jae 35:02

All right now and then I'll redeem the ones I have next to

Angela 35:05

how much of the Earth's oxygen is produced by the Amazon rainforest. I mean, less now that we cut the trees, generally in the fifth grade, how much what is the value you're given for Amazon rainforest? oxygen production?

Jae 35:19

I don't know. But it's gonna make me sad. If it's like 50. And then it's like we're killing at all, or the majority is coming from there. 32 is the number I'm comfortable with. I want to say it's probably something closer to like 68 but 32 is what I'm comfortable

Angela 35:32

with. Okay, final answer. Yes, it's actually 20

Jae 35:37

I'm much happier with that. See? No expectations. No disappointments. Okay, two more cooking questions. Go.

Angela 35:45

Um, for 200 when you bake a pie crust without filling, what is this call bind baking? Yes. Next. Um, what originally gave red velvet cake. Its signature crimson color would Are we in a Victorian Gothic novel?

Jae 36:04

I mean, I wouldn't say it's not fru is that what a flavor in it but I'm more context off the origin

Angela 36:09

so there is as far as I know, because you are a resident Baker. There was an ingredient added that caused a chemical reaction with

Jae 36:21

shit I just saw this on and I just saw this on a baking show like oh my god shit. We saw this like a week ago on one of the big Oh, he's gonna kill me. Oh shit. It's a thing in a lab. What's the third thing on millionaire 5050 A phone a friend and what's the other one ask the audience

Angela 36:37

we adopt that one to the poll on Instagram

Jae 36:44

real quick. Shoe we talk oh my god, we literally I saw them do this on one of the baking shows. We were watching they were talking about it. Oh, this is gonna bother me.

Angela 36:55

You okay, I need you to call a duo. This this. This is our compromise on the audience. I need you to I need you to call someone who will be with more than one person right now. And they are your audience.

Jae 37:07

Who do you think we know? That's with two or more people right now?

Angela 37:10

Do we not know anyone who has roommates?

Jae 37:13

Name one. She doesn't like them. Oh, and I kept calling but like fuck if they know I still don't have your location by the way. Oh, like if you get murdered on your way in an Uber like can't help you.

Angela 37:25

No one in your family. No cousins together. aunts uncles. Oh,

Jae 37:30

I come up with no, I don't know. Is it too late? I don't think it's too late. Hopefully it's not too late. I mean, so we'll be there. But she won't know the answer.

Angela 37:36

They just they need to come to a group can they just your audience needs to have two opinions. That's my minimum two opinion. Okay,

Jae 37:42

we'll call him and see if he gets it. I got notes to it for Donna. Hi, are you busy right now? I'm currently recording a podcast and we're doing like a Who Wants to Be a Millionaire type game. And I need to ask the audience for this last question. What originally gave red velvet cupcakes. They're coloring? What are my options?

Angela 38:06

Your options are option a cocoa powder, butter, milk and vinegar. Option B cocoa powder, flour and oil options. See cocoa powder, sugar and vinegar.

Jae 38:22

Okay, so the options are either cocoa powder, cocoa butter and vinegar. Cocoa powder, sugar and vinegar or cocoa powder flour and water.

The second was sugar and vinegar.

Sam 38:33

Yeah. I mean because acid what is

Jae 38:38

it? Yeah, that's it. Talk to you later.

Sam 38:41

Bye. Good luck.

Jae 38:42

Thank you. Bye. So was there so sugar and vinegar because it can't be flour.

Angela 38:46

I have no idea I don't bake like you do it is vinegar, but it's cocoa powder, butter milk and vinegar reacting together.

Jae 38:54

Butter Milk. I heard you say cocoa butter so

Angela 38:56

no butter milk.

Jae 38:57

Okay, I mean I knew vinegar. I knew it was gonna go according to my chart.

Angela 39:02

Wait, you have one more question and pop culture. The actor who plays Troy Bolton's father in high school musical is the real life brother in law to which Hollywood actress? Okay, yes,

Jae 39:14

I have 123456 To me, I have seven pop culture ones where you can redeem do we want to go with that? Or do you have a different number?

Angela 39:23

No, let's go with that.

Jae 39:24

Currently, we're sitting at 23 times five. We're sitting at 115 125 Because Vangelis $10 for charity. I feel like for these we should do follow up style. We're like asked the question, and you kind of like a riff off but for like us.

Angela 39:41

Alright, I'm down. You start? What is the highest grossing film of all time?

Jae 39:47

It was Titanic. Is it still Titanic?

Angela 39:50

It is not still Titanic.

Jae 39:51

I feel like it's a Star Wars movie.

Angela 39:54

Frozen did not outdo Titanic, but it is on the list of top 10s

Jae 39:57

Can I know how much Titanic made

Angela 40:00

$2.2 billion.

Jae 40:03

That makes no sense because didn't No way home make a billion opening weekend?

Angela 40:07

I don't think so.

Jae 40:09

Is it a Marvel movie?

Angela 40:10

It is not.

Jae 40:11

I said Star Wars. So I'm assuming it's not a Star Wars movie.

Angela 40:14

It's not Star Wars.

Jae 40:16

Do I care about this movie? No. Lord of the Rings. Finally answer. Mortar the rings and all of its subsidiaries. Yes. Final answer.

Angela 40:27

It's actually avatar. Oh, yes. And no way home brought in 260 million and it's opening weekend, which is the second largest domestic opening of all time, so no more

Jae 40:39

money for people. So I guess we have to do until we can get seven. It's like when we were playing like racquetball. Exactly. Since this was in last week's recording. What was the top grossing movie in 1995? The year I was born. Ah,

Angela 40:56

1995. Disney related? Yes. Okay, we established the Lion King was in 1994. We talked about toy stories. Is it Toy Story?

Jae 41:08

His Toy Story?

Angela 41:09

Yes. Your turn. All right. $5. For me, it's all for

Jae 41:13

charity enrolled. We are on the same team. Yes, I'm like the creepy brother and sister. Yes,

Angela 41:20

I'm putting in another $5 Okay, um, remember, it has to relate to the previous question. It has to relate to the previous question. It's like how they played

Jae 41:30

the thing like what like it has to relate to the thing before?

Angela 41:34

Oh, who voiced Woody in Toy Story.

Jae 41:38

Oh, shoot. I was gonna say tomorrow on but didn't he do buzz?

Angela 41:41

I think so. Yeah.

Jae 41:42

Is it a well known actor? Yes. I don't know. I didn't watch Toy Story The toy scared me.

Angela 41:47

Dude, say him. Ah, would you like one other movies?

Jae 41:51

No, I'm on the IMDB page. Can you ask another question? Because I know who it is. Okay. The answer is Tommy. I saw the answer because I that's how I found the list and it was still open.

Angela 42:04

Okay, well, okay, if you haven't seen Toy Story, I'm trying to think about how to follow this up. You have

Jae 42:09

all of Disney and Pixar at your disposal?

Angela 42:12

I know. But you don't do animated. And that's my wheelhouse. Okay, hold on. You can still ask an animated one. Where does Lightning McQueen and when he gets lost in cars one I've never seen cars there's a whole land named about it in California Adventure

Jae 42:29

Cars Land. Oh motor something motor springs.

Angela 42:34

Close radiator? My forgetting a word.

Jae 42:37

Oh, what was the name of the in credit coaster before it was the in credit coaster?

Angela 42:42

California. screamin. Okay, do what are the sisters names in double teamed?

Jae 42:49

Oh my god. Did you see that? I sent you that they did a live podcast the other week?

Angela 42:53

I did. Yeah. I'm gonna listen

Jae 42:54

to it tomorrow. Oh, Heather and Heidi? Yes, for we're not transitioning this to sports. So we're gonna go the DICOM route. What did Kevin Jonas want from Camp Rock one. There was a project he wanted Joe to. Oh, gift him. Oh,

Angela 43:13

okay. Um, um. Oh my god. What's the word? What's the word? birdhouse? Let's

Jae 43:19

use that for? Yes. Um, no.

Angela 43:24

Question. I was gonna say, What is the name of the yogurt shop? We're just trigger. I'm sorry. I'm a horrible person. Their eyes. Their yogurt is really good, though.

Jae 43:35

Do you want me to answer?

Angela 43:37

You can.

Jae 43:38

The Big Chill. Yes. Okay, this isn't trivia but this is just like a well, and we have we each have one question left if we get it right. So we'll do it like newlywed style. Okay, I have two questions. So we'll try this one first, and we'll see if you get it. Which episode is one of my Hannah Montana scripts from? Oh, anecdote. My aunt used to be a studio teacher in Los Angeles. She was friends with Miley studio teacher. I got my friends and I got a bunch of autographs. And I even got a few copies of the script. One of them was the blue copy, which meant it wasn't even the final one that went to TV.

Angela 44:13

Is Drake. Ryan involve? No. Dang.

Jae 44:16

If you figure it out, like you'll know why. I know. You know the story.

Angela 44:20

Oh, oh. Um, um, is it when Corbin Blue was still on the show? No. Dang it. Okay, I can't remember.

Jae 44:29

It was the episode. We're Jesse McCartney.

Angela 44:32

Dang it. I told you fingery. Singer free. Sync Perfect.

Jae 44:42

Okay, hear your turn. What's my get to know Angela question.

Angela 44:46

What are the names of Kris Jenner's grandchildren? That is my get to know Angela question.

Jae 44:55

Okay, well, let's start at the top. Courtney is Penelope Mason. And there's Third, right? Yes, we'll come back to it. Okay, then we have kin so we have I've like watched one episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians in my entire life. So the fact that I know this just shows how much they've infiltrated every aspect of everyone's life. We have North St. Som Chicago. Then from Chloe, we have true from Rob and black China. We have a girl. Yes. And then Kylie, we have stormy and people are go, the internet's going with like cloudy or something.

Angela 45:32

Oh my god, that would be really great. Honestly, I would support that Cloudy with like an eye. So I'm missing.

Jae 45:39

Courtney's youngest, right? Yeah, Courtney's youngest and Robin China's kid. I know what her name is. I've heard it before. I can't think of it though. I've all the rest of that right?

Angela 45:50

Yes, you did.

Jae 45:51

Penelope Mason and is it a boy or girl?

Angela 45:56

I believe they have another son

Jae 45:57

you know the name but you don't know what what gender it is.

Angela 46:01

I haven't kept up very closely with their youngest child was someone's name dream. Yes, that's Robin China's daughter. Cuz I'm like trying

Jae 46:10

to like scroll through and what I've seen on social media like dream and stormy Northen Penelope playing

Angela 46:18

God no with Courtney because she always kept her children's hair so long, like just so hard to tell based on that because she doesn't show her kids very often.

Jae 46:26

Can I have a hand? I bought like 9 million of those grandchildren.

Angela 46:31

500 told this last one the Queen of England does this

Jae 46:35

bow drink tea rule wave

Angela 46:39

another nap rule another name? Or another word for rule would be law decree? Note like the act of ruling boss.

Jae 46:50

Leader, sir No, that's Beyonce.

Angela 46:54

When like people do like the punny Halloween costumes, and they're blank. Cats and dogs and their cats and dogs no blank cats and dogs raining. Yes, they're their son's name is rain.

Jae 47:09

I feel like I should still get credit for that one.

Angela 47:11

I did give you credit for that one.

Jae 47:13

One more question for Angela to make it the entire amount we can possibly give to charity. What should I ask Angela and her vast knowledge base? Oh, this is a fun question. Just Oh, it's a cultural aid. Name. All of Mary's boyfriend's on Seventh Heaven.

Angela 47:31

Oh my god. Okay, I don't know if he was ever her boyfriend. But I remember Michael Towner ran around. Are you started? The one doctor with his car. Michael Towner did Dave Wilson Okay. Lucy's husband's boyfriend was

Jae 47:57

okay. Sees husband boyfriend?

Angela 48:00

Lucy's husband for brother who was also a firefighter whose name give me a last name. Um, oh, I can. Oh my god. I can see his face and they looked so much alike. Okay, we're coming back to him. There was Robbie Palmer.

Jae 48:17

Okay, to my knowledge you're missing.

Angela 48:19

Oh my god. Okay. I keep coming back to firefighter guy. She married Carlos.

Jae 48:26

So now you're just missing two. You're missing firefighter guy and one more. Okay. You want me to give you a hint about firefighter guy are rough. The other one other one. Lucy shared him.

Angela 48:36

Oh, Jordan. There you go. Jordan and Lucy married Kevin and Kevin's brother. his

Jae 48:47

half brother stepbrother, but yes, they were half brothers. I don't think they were full brothers. But they look so much alike. I

Angela 48:53

thought they were real life brothers to

Jae 48:55

know that's white people. You

Angela 48:57

know, they had the same last name. Are you sure? I think they did. I don't want to look it up cuz I don't want to see

Jae 49:04

you're on the right track. Dave.

Angela 49:05

No, it's not date. Kevin and heaven. And if your brothers Kevin and Steve. Nope. Call. Oh, I

Jae 49:16

do have the same last name. Kevin and Brandon. No, Brendan. No. Okay.

Angela 49:21

I might have to call it.

Jae 49:23

Oh, my Oh brothers from real life. Yes. Lucy's husband, Kevin King Kirk King Kirk is the last day. Really?

Angela 49:34

I couldn't remember their last name either. Okay, Kevin King Kirk and blank King Kirk.

Jae 49:40

The firefighter there Jeff. Jeff and George Stoltz. In real life.

Angela 49:44

It is Jeff with a G right.

Jae 49:45

They both with G's. Yes. He just 44 and 36. Now you're so close. You're like dancing around the knee.

Angela 49:53

Are you ready? Yes, Ben. Dang it. Kevin and Ben.

Jae 49:58

I know you're so close. We get Dan. And then we said, Nick, I'm like you're in the you're on the basic train. Just got to keep going a little farther.

Angela 50:05

Oh, man. Okay. All righty. I don't know. I say we each got all except for one. I think we should count those right.

Jae 50:11

Oh, yeah, no, I did it till we got to seven.

Angela 50:14

Okay, cool. All righty. So pulling out my handy dandy calculator here.

Jae 50:19

Since we got credit for all the questions plus your 10. It's 160. Because 30 times five is 150 plus 10. would be 160. Already congratulate you. This is why they should have been math questions on this.

Angela 50:29

No, there should not have math questions on this because you could have objected to all of them and I would have just given them to you. Okay, so in total, we're donating $160 to the Trevor Project. In honor of today's trivia episode. I don't know Jay, what do you think? Are we going to be on a trivia team now?

Jae 50:47

I mean, I think would be good on a team you could get all the grammar ones and I could make sure that you're getting the entire part of the question correct.

Angela 50:55

True. Yeah, I think we got this friends if you're listening if you want to join our team, we're thank God there's no sports see sports I would have gotten in Thank you for listening to today's episode of In Omnia paratus grab your coffee bowls and don't forget to rate download and follow on Apple Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts as always where you lead will follow so head on over to at and Omnia pod on Instagram and let us know what you'd like to hear about in the comments.

Jae 51:21

Especially if you have any interest or Tory questions intercom

Angela 51:28

what is it? interrogative

Jae 51:30

especially hit us up if you have any interragotive sentences.

Angela 51:34

We love those. Bye

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