Angela 0:00

Welcome back to In Omnia paratus I'm Angela here with my hook here with my co host Jae, are we going with co host or host second host? No, we're still figuring it out. But welcome back to episode three of season two and I had one intro but Jae considering how we just saw each other earlier this morning but there's been an adventure between when we parted and now maybe we should just start with that.

Jae 0:26

Okay, shoot

Angela 0:35

so, as you know, about three hours ago, you left me at the Palace of Fine Arts, not like you left me as in you left me but as in we parted ways. Jay got in her Uber and I was waiting for mine, which was about a minute away and confirm and in that minute my Uber arrived called me so they couldn't find me even though they were just across the street from me canceled the ride. I then got rerouted to two other Ubers who then also canceled then my phone died then I had to get on the bus because I couldn't figure out any better form of transportation from they're in an area of the city that I've never really been before. I think I've only been there once then asked a stranger to borrow their phone call Jay left her a voicemail got on a bus was supposed to transfer to another bus missed the transfer point by like 10 blocks had to take another bus to go back to where I needed to transfer then got there right as the bus I needed left. Then I was waiting at a coffee shop where a very nice stranger reminded me that chivalry and kindness are not dead. He let me charge my phone and gave me a free coffee

Jae 1:47

now did like you look into stress. Did you like ask him? Um, how did I need to know like, I need a recreation of this interaction.

Angela 1:55

So basically, when I got the bus that I needed to get to, it was pulling away right as I was trying to get on I chased it for half a block didn't catch up with it, then walked back to the bus stop. And then this one didn't have any benches or like a timetable. So I didn't know when the next one was coming. So right behind it was a coffee shop. So I walked up and asked the guy at the window. It was really cute little coffee bodega. I think they called themselves and asked him if he knew when the bus was coming. He said he didn't. He asked if my phone was dead. And I said yes. I asked him if there was a phone there that I could use or borrow and he said yes, handed me his phone and then offered to charge my phone while I was waiting. Then he heard me call you and go through the mini explanation of what happened. And then he asked me if I wanted anything to drink. I asked for lemonade. They didn't have any so he gave me free coffee.

Jae 2:47

Angela and the food service industry ladies and gentlemen, really,

Angela 2:51

if you're you're looking for a food hookup look for me and I've got you

Jae 2:55

know, we just need to get you to like ones that restaurants I actually want to go to like Nobu, or I think the standard has food. There's like a cool Japanese place in LA in San Francisco. There's this Japanese steakhouse called niku. I really want to go to Oh, okay, so like, let's like upgrade the hookup from like coffee and Taco Bell to like, places that have a mood boost Chiz which are like ridiculous for less than they're meant to be a bite. But like nobody is satisfied from a bite

Angela 3:23

seriously. But while I'm waiting on the Michelin star hookah I did almost have an Oscar in for a while because I took a candy making class at a little boutique chocolate shop in the North Bay that actually made chocolate boxes for the Oscar gift bags. Cool. Mm hmm. They made them every year for like 20 years. I think the woman who owned it retired and she closed up shop but every year they went to the Oscars. So whenever you took a candy making class, they would actually show you like a little video of them at the Oscar parties. Very cool. Yeah.

Jae 3:57

So we don't normally do segments and they don't really last long. This is a segment we normally do but like I have a name for it, which is what did you learn on tick tock today? Oh, I love it. So the fun fact. Did you know with the creation of the iPhone, chewing gum sales went down 15%

Angela 4:14

Wait, seriously? What's the correlation there?

Jae 4:16

Most chewing gum sales comes from people twiddling their thumbs and checkout lines. But when people started going on their phones and weren't as aware of their surroundings, I guess people bought Gunless Wow.

Angela 4:27

So what does that mean? Like is chewing gum and endangered food species candy?

Jae 4:33

Oh, because breath is always stinking on kids like to blow bubbles. Speaking of breath sinking Have you seen call Lindros and Scarlett Johansson Superbowl commercial?

Angela 4:43

No, I haven't. Okay, so I have a really really firm opinion on this. Again, listeners we're recording this about a week in advance the Superbowl is about to happen. I am a really firm believer that you should not see Superbowl commercials before the Superbowl. I don't like that a lot of the commercials that I'm seeing right now are the same ones that I have in theory been waiting for to see tomorrow.

Jae 5:07

Have you seen the one for Nissan here? I'll tell you who's in it and you can tell you'll know. Okay, Eugene Levy. Brie Larson, John Matisse. No, I said Jon Batiste Dave Battista whoever plays a koi a and someone else

Angela 5:22

Oh, no, I haven't seen that one. So far. I've been pretty good. I've seen the beam Akunis do me more one for at&t. Wait, they're

Jae 5:29

both in it. Yeah. Oh, I haven't seen that. I'm excited for that. It's pretty

Angela 5:32

good. I just I was I was a little disappointed because I've already seen it for about three weeks now. So unless they're gonna do some kind of little extra tidbit or they're gonna release another new one with both of them in it for the Superbowl. I'm disappointed.

Jae 5:46

See, I love Superbowl commercials not because I watch the Superbowl but I love that. It's a way that we get certain glimpses of things we wouldn't normally like how I think it was last year or two years ago. It was a Superbowl commercial where Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis did it for Cheetos or Doritos. Oh, yeah, it's

Angela 6:04

the Cheetos one. I love that. And

Jae 6:06

then so but like, they're not very they're kind of more publicly coupled, but they're still not they're like more than Beyonce and Jay Z, but less than Christian and x. And then like, Colin and Scarlett have been like very private. So to watch them do like a two minute commercials. Like it's a way for them to like feed the fan shipping and the loving of their relationship and get paid like so much money. It's It's funny, I liked it.

Angela 6:29

And they're gonna need it because apparently Colin just wants to quit SNL.

Jae 6:32

I thought you said they were both getting fired. Good. Michael Trey.

Angela 6:35

Is that why No, Michael Che repeatedly comes under like controversy. And so they're always talking about firing him. But then he's also like the CO head writer with Collin Joseph of SNL. So like, how can they do that?

Jae 6:49

I have a lot of jokes that are SNL appropriate, but not appropriate for our podcast, so I'm just gonna keep them to myself. Oh, yes. The other thing is, if you tuned into last week's episode, which you should have, we had the whole Annie Halley debate. Similarly, this is one that wasn't formatted in the same way but I was fascinated so I'm curious Angela, like what your process was on this. Um, it was a millennial woman getting ready and she's like, growing up is realizing that you're an Ashley and not a Mary Kate. And for me, I always wanted to be actually like I always liked actually better. So I was really confused. And so I texted it to one of my friends and I was like, Wait, is she Oh, I'm a Mary Kay. Like I always like Mary Kate more. I thought I was just assume that Ash we all knew she was prettier and like the better one.

Angela 7:36

Wait, as in urine. Ashley, are they trying to say like you're more type A than type B?

Jae 7:42

Yeah, you're more Matt Ashley or Mary Kate. Like who you identified more with like when watching the movies. I always picked Ashley. I always wanted to be Ashley. Mary Kate had the short hair. Mary Kay did have some of the cuter boys. I will admit that but like Ashley was always the one in pink, which for me, her hair was always longer. She was like fashion. She was a little girlier

Angela 8:01

gassy. I always liked Ashley but I definitely saw more of myself and Mary Kate,

Jae 8:05

that's so weird. Like I I thought it was like just a universal thing that like we all work. Oh, yeah, actually. And then so for that I personally went like, Okay, well let me go through other people. So I started with T and Tamara, and I stand by this. I liked T better on the show. And I like to better off the show.

Angela 8:21

Oh yeah. Do you watch the reality series? Or have you ever seen an episode?

Jae 8:25

I did. Tia. I don't know if it was a bad edit, edit. But like Tia didn't look so great on the show. I will admit that.

Angela 8:33

In my opinion. I wasn't a big viewer but in the few episodes that I did see, I was just like, how much influence do Tia and Tamera have over this? Because I feel like neither of them are looking that great.

Jae 8:44

But are you a sister Sister? Were you a tear Tamera

Angela 8:48

I feel like I definitely was more Tia. Like in terms of Ashley or Mary Kate. I feel like Ashley Mary Kate and Ashley were kind of similarly on par in terms of general like aptitude but it was like where they personally leaned that was different and for Tia and Tamera in Sister sister I feel like I leaned more Tia because I was a little bit more like academically inclined and studious. So I didn't always identify with some of the escapades that tomorrow would get them into

Jae 9:19

interesting I see that but the thing is like in college I feel it the size I see pulled more tomorrow and I don't know if that's like a college versus high school thing. I feel like you and I had a similar experience where high school is harder than college Mm hmm so like in high school I can't vouch for you because as you heard in our first episode I had no Angela then but in college you definitely I felt like pulled more of like the Tamara goofy dance party like tripping fall in front of boys like you had that kind of like goofier side

Angela 9:47

I think in college it was also kind of my just learning to let go or not even learning to let go but just having to let go. So I didn't get to be as in control and like perfectly curated as I would like to be, as I am still not today, but here we are. But speaking of twins Jay, I was reading a very interesting article that segues us into today. That segues us into today's topic. Did you know that they're actually doing research studies right now involving identical and fraternal twins to see whether there is a genetic component to the frequency of your nightmares?

Jae 10:24

I mean, I didn't know that one. But I know we've been testing like nurture versus nature things on twins since like, forever.

Angela 10:30

So in this study, they're essentially studying the sleep patterns of twins and trying to they'll interview them about whether they remember their dreams and what the content is. And then they're trying to see like how often they have nightmares, whether they're dreaming about the same things and then comparing that to their greater family's experiences as well.

Jae 10:55

Speaking of sleeping, my foot fell asleep again.

Angela 10:58

Oh my god weight minded to left or right, right. Okay, mine still left.

Jae 11:03

I always sit on my right foot though. So I'm not surprised.

Angela 11:07

I have both feet on the ground right now. And my left one fell asleep like quick right as we were starting to record I don't know what's up. I used

Jae 11:15

to have all my dreams recorded in my notes app. Can't find it.

Angela 11:18

Oh, no, no. But today, ladies and gentlemen, gals gazing days, we are talking about dreams. And this is very self serving topic of mine because I have a dream that J very heavily influenced about two months ago that I have specifically been waiting to pull out for season two because everyone needs to know what Jay did to cause me such emotional distress in dreamland.

Jae 11:43

Okay, this isn't the first time I've done this. Okay, yes, we're gonna go with the first so the first two I remember the first one in college. I mean, these aren't in order but I have a more vivid memory of the second one Angela started dating a boy or not even started dating. We started talking because she was set up for insert sorority event here. And they met like I think I met him because we would put the parties and stuff and I was like yeah, like nice dude. Whatever. The next day I get exponential like hey, and they started talking like not like just like communicating but like in the stupid like Millennials millennial dating from like, talking and quotes like, Hey, do you like like him? It's completely okay. If you like and like, I just need you to let me know. And I was like, No, and this is like, Okay, I had a dream. I don't recall the rest of it. But it was something like my dream was telling me you like you liked him too. And that's okay. I just need to know it's like yeah, no, I'm good. Thanks for checking in.

Angela 12:36

I have super super intense realistic dreams and sometimes after I wake up I either think I'm still in the dream or that I haven't slept at all and I was just reliving the last days events. Can you recall more of the dream I'm speaking of? Yes. i Qian and so we were like sitting in his apartment and like our friends. Were there. Okay, in renderer they're in the dream. Yes. Okay. And everyone was talking about how cute you guys look together and when you were going to go out and all of this stuff like I wasn't there at all. So I woke up and I literally, they're

Jae 13:12

like, You mean like like you weren't there like people were ignoring you or you weren't there and you were like Big Brother's watching it like they were ignoring that I

Angela 13:20

was there. Got it. Yeah. And so I woke up the next day and I seriously couldn't remember did this happen? Did I just dream this? Is this an omen of what's going to come? No, nothing like that happened at all. But you know, sometimes I just have to check but now this one this one is actually kind of funny. It took me like maybe 30 minutes or so to like snap out of it when I woke up

Jae 13:42

all I know is that I get to be on The Bachelor in Paradise Beach in Mexico.

Angela 13:46

Yes. As you all know about a year ago or two years ago now because we are in year 2.5 of the pandemic I started watching The Bachelor and last J heavily advocated for me to watch The Bachelor when it was good before 2.5 years ago. And then I finally started watching on an ill fated trip to New Orleans where there was nothing for me to eat so I just laid in the hotel room hungry watching Peter Weber

Jae 14:12

see I want to do to start with Hannah BCWS and is the one I was like, Okay, I've watched enough in an Alabama canopy after her stint in the windmill like oh, this would be a good one for me to start on. She didn't do that. She didn't start on windmill guy but she didn't start with that and her basketball experience has gone downhill since then. Speaking of Did you ever finish Rachel season? No I didn't I'm midway through because I finished Rachel's in it's very good. So you need to finish her season

Angela 14:36

all right, I'll finish the season and then I'll read it and then you get to finish Clayton season. Oh my god I seriously if things do not turn around in the next episode, I will be one of those people then mowing him for emotional damages.

Jae 14:49

I would like to point out that before season started and people were asking me if I was gonna watch I was like, No, this is gonna be a bad season and everyone who's watching has confirmed and is very distressed text To me, this is a bad season.

Angela 15:01

It's horrible. My mom actually after the last episode approached me and asked me to make her a Twitter because she needs to voice her opinion on this. Oh we stand right so I told her it's gonna be the reverse of North and Kim's Tik Tok. It's gonna be it's gonna be Angela and Lucy and the bio is gonna read this is a daughter run account. Oh, I love that. Yeah, so I'm gonna have to tweet or her Oh, you're gonna Karen up the internet. But back to your dream. Okay, so yes, this is a Bachelor in Paradise themed dream and this was during the Piper brand. Brendon Brandon really dropped. Yes, this has influenced on the last season so it involves Serena P grocery store Joe lovestory in a grocery store. Joe Demi Noah Abigail iPhone. I'm a Senya like all of these people were there. Also, you need to fact check this. Yes.

Jae 15:53

I've been was like arrested for potential murder. And he's still on cameo. And he's going on like the Bachelor on tour. So like, I don't know how that got resolved.

Unknown Speaker 16:03

So I'm like that backtracked. Oh, my. Okay. Anyway,

Jae 16:06

I'm honored to be on the beach with everyone.

Angela 16:07

You were there. A couple of our other friends were there. And I didn't tell you this. But Nick Jonas and Kendall Jenner. Were also there.

Jae 16:16

Oh my god, I love I love the people I get to hang out with don't mean we get there.

Angela 16:21

It's day one. We're all hanging out on the beach in Mexico at the bar, and I hit it off with Nick Jonas.

Jae 16:28

If I steal him, I

Angela 16:29

have no regrets. Yeah, so like, it's great. We're vibing like, we're the couple everyone wants to be like, no one's looking at Serena in grocery store. Joe, it's all about us. And I'm with pleasure Brown. Oh my god. Okay, so like I'm feeling it. He's feeling it. Everyone's feeling it. We're adorable. Where the camera darlings and then like, what is it like every few days they drop in someone new a couple days later, Kendall Jenner shows up. And she picks Nick to go on her one on one date with Dan, a tall girl who loves the short King. So they go out. They go wind surfing, they come back. They've had a great time. She wants to keep hanging out with him. He tells her he's not sure he comes back to me. He tells me that he totally wants to be with me. And obviously like we're the ones who should be together. But then he ends every statement with but I'm just not sure. So it's like affirmation. And then I'm just not sure. And then all of a sudden my dreamscape shifts and I am in the campground for my sixth grade girl scout camping trip where all of the buildings looked like they were part of an old fashioned asylum, there are these wire rusted like camp beds with like plastic covered cot mattresses. We're in the middle of the woods now and it's all dark and misty in all of this stuff. And then all of a sudden, I'm in a field and it's just me in the field. And then Kendall Jenner goes riding by on a white horse. And she's wearing this whole white outfit and her hair's blowing through the wind, as she just keeps like galloping around the field. She's just like, keeps glowing, brighter and brighter. And then all of a sudden, like the stable master standing next to me, and he's talking about how rare the horse that she's on is and how it costs $10 trillion. And how it Kendall is like the most majestic horse woman he's ever seen. And they're a perfect pair together. Why shouldn't they be together? And like all of a sudden, then Kendall starts galloping up into the air on this horse and ends up riding through the clouds. Does the horse have wings? No, she's just galloping through the clouds. And then I just like burst into tears because apparently in my dream like match of Kendall. And the horse is like some signifier that like Nick is going to pick her because why else wouldn't he want some supermodel galloping through the clouds. And then I'm like in my sleeping bag back on the court crying my eyes out. And then Nick Jonas comes in. And he's like, of course, I want to be with you. But I'm just confused. Of course, you're the one for me. I'm not interested in Kendall, but I'm just confused. And on and on and on until I wake up and I'm crying. And I'm trying to figure out like where I am because my bed doesn't match the Kamkar that I was just on in the sleeping bag. And where did Nick Jonas go? Oh my god, I've been abandoned.

Jae 19:07

So how did I cause you emotional distress.

Angela 19:10

You had me start watching The Bachelor. No,

Jae 19:13

I don't take credit for that.

Angela 19:15

I don't know. But yeah, that was my super crazy dream, which the only thing I could think about is that around the time it was happening, I was super super into the aloe yoga sale. And Kendall was a model and she was wearing the skirt that I really wanted that I could never wear because my hips just aren't flattered by it. Or you just love the Kardashians or I love the Kardashians true but I was really confused by the narrowness aspects because I never really been a job rose girl. I mean, he does have that one song I really like about Rowan bacon on it, but I've never been into him like that. He's still taller than you. Oh, really?

Jae 19:48

Yes. Well, I

Angela 19:49

don't know tall.

Jae 19:50

He's like Tom Hollander slightly taller. I'd say probably a little slightly taller because movies coming

Angela 19:55

out soon. I'm so excited.

Jae 19:56

I've sent you a bunch of press for it. One of them was Tom thought my Mark Wahlberg gave him a sex toy and was driving him back to his hotel to Harvey Weinstein him oh my god I saw that one and the other was on Capital One they play this game which we can play one day called sit down stand up, which is where you call people but like you make a bet like are they do you think they're sitting down or standing up and then you call them and ask them are you sitting down or standing up?

Angela 20:19

Oh my god that's great.

Jae 20:20

Oh boiler or two people they call are Tom not Tom hot. Andrew Garfield and Timothy shallow bay.

Angela 20:26

Yes. I love that Andrew is getting the recognition that he deserves for his spider man never saw him. I seriously think you would like them. What's he still in high school because like Andrew Garfield like does not like he's a nice he was a senior in high school. That's more triggering than like the Pretty Little Liars roles being 30 something when the show ended seriously, that show also went on way longer than it needed to. But back to dreams. As you guys have heard I have super realistic dreams. You just heard one of them. And now I think Jay you and I think we should go back and forth from some of our dreams greatest and worst hits List and we can try to do our own little interpretation of it because I did some dream research and there are apparently a variety of things that can actually influence whether or not you have good or bad dreams.

Jae 21:09

Um, the first one that comes to mind is people for the longest time I said I was afraid of horror movies. And rule cannot confirm I've seen one and a half horror movies. Technically too if you're going by genre to fine but when we would both consider our horror movie correct and one half horror movie. Yes. So now I know that I don't prefer the horror genre, but it was kind of like in the therapy sense. I was more afraid. I told myself I was afraid of horror movies versus actually knowing if I was afraid. So but this all stems back to childhood as everything does. I'm in the eighth grade. My friends really wanted us to watch Sweeney toss the musical and I was like, Ah, it's scary because I know it was Johnny not dried up. Yeah, Johnny Depp. Oh yeah. Johnny Depp, but it was a musical and we all watched it in the morning because I was too afraid to watch it at night. And after that I had no vision Sweeney Todd, I have not okay. Um, spoiler alert Johnny that finds out that his BFF once he comes back for redemption knew his wife was the homeless woman on the street didn't tell her because Helena Bonham Carter who plays the best friend was in love with him. So he goes dance with her at the bottom of the pie shop where they're killing people and throws her into the incinerator and you watch her and then after that the little like boy who's helping in the pie shop who's who like sees how the bottom Carter's mother figure to let Johnny Depp throat as Johnny Depp is mourning his dead wife now that he knows it says like, oh, so for J doesn't watch horror movies. I had three dreams where that scene of him spinning her into like the oven played for what felt like hours. The second dream that was very similar was after I've seen Ole Miss and I've only seen a ms once you've seen a Ms. Right? Yes, this has nothing to do with musicals also. I mean, it has to do with like a time period because I got some more creepy vibes from fandom but but just typically like musicals were like my vessel for this particular time period. Anyway, Ms. You know, when they go to the prostitute lane, yeah, and like they're pulling out the teeth and shaving her head and like they're all the women are dirty and like scraggly looking. Yes, I had a dream like one of those women that kept following me like in an old kind of city environment. Like I couldn't get away. Crying. I've never watched les missins i tempt myself like every few years. So more to eggnog. I'll like watch like Phantom. So can I do it? It's like, I'll start by listening to the soundtrack. Like okay, I did that I start watching the movie. I'm like, Okay, I may or I made it through that. I know. It's like Les Mis I'll watch like the first act which is I think like until Hugh Jackman like the pastor lets him steal all the golden whatever Mother pastor Holy Ghost whoever and then I just give it a second part which is the Anne Hathaway dying part and then I can watch like the third part on but yes, I've never fully watched him as again because I'm like, and obviously I've never watched when he taught again. No, I

Angela 23:45

don't blame you. I think I haven't had any really bad or movie related dreams but if I watch too much Law and Order SVU all of a sudden Benson and Stabler are in my house trying to protect me from some kind of predator.

Jae 24:00

Oh my god. Speaking of that, though, when I first started getting into bones, I had just dreams of like dirty corpses everywhere.

Angela 24:06

Oh my god. No,

Jae 24:08

I just stopped watching bones like after rate and like passion. I was watching for the creepiest one which fortunately never had to dream about you watch all of bones, right? No, I've

Angela 24:17

only seen I've only seen episodes. I don't even think I've seen a full season.

Jae 24:21

God, I think you would like it towards the end, we get the marionette serial killer.

Angela 24:26

That just sounds awful. And

Jae 24:28

I'm like, Yeah, we're like their legal lifting. Like that was oh, I had some dreams about psych from the Yin Yang episode. Oh, okay. Yeah,

Angela 24:36

I think actually like more than Billman television I have a lot more nightmares related to books because I feel like when I'm reading, I have to do a lot more mental work where I'm like constructing the world so I've already built a visual in my mind easier for me to slip into when I'm

Jae 24:52

asleep. That's why I don't like reading fiction. That's why I tried a section on I am reading my first not like my first ever fiction book because Hello. I love the click And the hunger games but like my first like adult fiction but oh what does it not look adult like it's adult material like as, as I am an adult it's called Florida and the sun I think it's about like an artificial light right like aI like Kade who like to my knowledge so far it's like an artificial toy who's like supposed to be afraid and decayed who get like taken home from the kid and like she's super hopeful about the world and humans and things but like is going to learn I think or owner like a girl who adopted her or who bought her Josie has cancer. But like these artificial friends are kind of like Siri or like an Alexa kind of thing where they like give you a timer and they're very observant because they're like artificially intelligent. See, I

Angela 25:34

don't know how I feel about that. I feel like if I think too much about the direction in which artificial intelligence is going like that just scares me because then I start thinking about movies like iRobot and X Mokena. And what's the new one that just came out? Is it Kimmy with Zoe Kravitz?

Jae 25:51

You think? I don't know. Maybe? I

Angela 25:52

don't know. Yeah, I think it's Kimmy. But yeah, it's just they're creepy. Yeah. So

Jae 25:56

let's think of the benefits of artificial intelligence. I took a machine learning class even though I have no coding experience over the pandemic because like mine likes to learn and like is curious about all of this stuff. So that one of the things that they were able to do is like in what's the proper word for developing nation now is developing nation the most PC term no third world

Angela 26:14

developing nation, I think is okay, but I do know, there's another term, I'll look it up, backtracking. Got

Jae 26:19

it? Well, they were able they were showing how in one of these countries they were able to use like aI like binary intelligence to like sort out like good fruit versus like bruised fruit to help like automate the process like AI is really good for automating repetitive actions. So they were able to put all the fruit on a conveyor belt and not let pre sorted it for them.

Angela 26:38

Yeah, that would come in handy. Wait, sorry, is that on your end? Or my end Birdman. Okay,

Jae 26:42

just check. Um, yeah, so my dreams are very either they're either or they're very No, sometimes they're mixed. I don't know. I do get a mix of dreams the first time Angela had me go through our all the Marvel movies which you can hear an episode I believe, number 23. Or there's one in the 40s about Shang Qi that didn't get much love because clearly y'all don't love our opinions on movies, which is why we did not talk about adrenals or spider man. If you had to like more of that you can feel free to request it or we will just keep giving you information that you did not ask. During my process of watching the first round of Marvel movies. I had a dream I was in like an airport and like a battle scene was going on and I got stuck with Hawkeye and I was like this is useless. I'm going to die. Wait, it was a Canadian what else comes to me like anyone else in here? Like Hulk Wanda? Someone get me out of the guy with the arrows who like flame wasn't

Angela 27:26

working. Was this after you saw Civil War? Um, let me see. Let me see if I have the note. You talk for a minute. For the most part. I feel like my dreams are pretty evenly split as well. Although when I think back on it, I do tend to remember my nightmares far more than anything else. So when I was looking through this to try to figure out maybe why I found out that some doctors will leave with that there's a correlation between migraine and people who have more frequent nightmares and I have chronic migraines. So I checked out

Jae 27:56

I found the Marvel one. Okay, this was on March 13th 2021 at 830 in the morning, okay. Oh, this might not even be the right one cuz this is Oh my gosh, another Avenger dream. I go in.

Angela 28:07

I'm Wait, do you record your dreams often?

Jae 28:09

Um, I like try to like write them down when I remember them. Oh, okay, there we go. Oh, I don't remember this at all. But like, apparently I had a dream. I took like the affinity stones. And like then I really had to transform into an Avenger. But like sub Oh, I kinda remember this. This might have been around the time of Falcon and the Winter Soldier because I was like, and then like during the process. Oh, I remember this now. I like God. You know how they're always like breaking windows and like entering people's houses. So I got into like Asian household I'm assuming Japanese like performing a tea ceremony. And like I had to stay through the tea ceremony like while I was trying to collect all of the nav stones. Oh my god. And then I ended up in like a huge department store. It's not like America like Bloomingdale's, like Harrods where there's food and everything and I had to like run throughout this hotel slash department store trying to find like the little doors to find Infinity Stones because it was kind of like Pokemon GO where like I had like a tracker to catch them all but I had to just do it through realms and public places like Dr. Strange style like entering and exiting and I kept going in and out of a different section of a department store and it was very fun. Well not fun because I was trying to like you know, save the world But other than that very fun.

Angela 29:13

You have some cool dreams Yeah, I

Jae 29:15

have those but then I also have dreams like Oh, apparently I had a dream like no one wanted to hang out with me on my birthday too. So like, then they Evan flow?

Angela 29:24

Oh no. Well, apparently most of the population has good dreams more than bad dreams. Only 5% of people report having nightmares more than once a week so that's actually pretty good. If

Jae 29:36

you think about it. What those two things don't sound like comparable though I found out that there's actually

Angela 29:41

a degree for bad dreams that goes bad dreams which are just unpleasant nightmares, which disturb you to the point that you cannot or do not want to go back to sleep and then there are night terrors in which you are filled with like an intense fear that usually in which you are filled with an intense fear that usually keeps you from going back to sleep at all or you don't want to because you're afraid that a dream is going to happen again though just on the basis of like good dreams versus bad dreams there are different ways of characterizing the bad dreams but like night nightmares are where veer slash anxiety actually come into play.

Jae 30:16

Yeah, but well I learned this the fun way I didn't I had to Google this. Um, sometimes I go in and out of like how well I'm able to sleep so I started taking melatonin because it's one of the more natural things you're taught to take and I take it for the first night nothing really happens they say it takes about like three to four nights for it to start kicking in. I took it from a four night straight after like so I took a day one and day two and I was kind of working kind of novel I wake up drowsy and like this isn't bad days like three through seven or three through five because there's only three days I think I had some like the most vivid nightmares that I could not wake myself out of and so I google like what's melatonin and battery melatonin dreams are completely a thing and I warn people before they start taking it like I like stop taking melatonin completely I found a new like CBD CBN tincture that I really like but like I will never take melatonin again. Because like I'm very susceptible to nightmares with melatonin I got like it's a very real thing

Angela 31:06

I've had the same thing happened to me where if I take it more than one night in a row I have very intense dreams I usually have crashed dreams in which I'm like in a car going off a bridge on the bar train that's like being derailed crashing into the car in front of me like on a plane and that's crashing just like all the crashes. So I try not to take it either. I started taking a another like stress and anxiety thing that's like not melatonin. But yeah, they are totally real. Actually, just as far as like the effectiveness of melatonin, another friend told me that you should actually get at least 20 to 30 minutes of like natural light while you're taking it in order for it to be most effective. So like, I don't know, I think it's something about just making sure that like your natural circadian rhythm is kind of like in play so that you're not just working through artificial light. So she was telling me like, go outside, sit in a window, like do something so that you're like in the sun. Like right before you take it. No, just like in general, like any day that you're going to take it. She's like, get some sunlight. Oh, interesting. But yeah, so we talked a little bit about recurring dreams for you. Like, do you feel like you have recurring dreams more when you're stressed? Because apparently that's a really big thing, like any sort of recurring dream that you have is an indicator of psychological distress, particularly if the content is negative, harmful or threatening.

Jae 32:26

Marco? Oh, shoot, I was muted that hold on. Oh, no, you're okay. Great. So I was saying, How I swear I heard this and I'm sure you might have had this backtrack, that you only dream for three to seven minutes or five to 10 minutes at a time. So uh, you might feel like you're dreaming like all night, but like, everything is in a smaller segment. Like you're not actually dreaming for like, as long as a dream feels and I felt very, like offended with that news.

Angela 32:52

Yeah, so apparently, when you have vivid dreams, those they say occur during your REM sleep and REM cycles lasts between like 60 to 90 minutes. You're not dreaming that long, like write a dream, which is annoying, right? And then they say it's far less common to dream outside of a REM cycle. But those dreams are far more abstract. So you can remember kind of like feelings and things that are happening but way less detail. So anything like your Avengers dream that probably happened during REM sleep. Yeah, but yeah, have you noticed a correlation between stress and recurring dreams?

Jae 33:26

Um, some Yes. I'm not a big recurring dream person.

Angela 33:29

Oh, lucky you.

Jae 33:30

I've had it a few times. Well, I don't think it's more that but also something that's like, I guess, not offensive, but is really annoying about my dreams. They're never like, sometimes they're deep, but they're not real. Really. Like they're very like, this just happened to me why? Oh my god, like I Okay, like for Andrew, I accidentally stole a pair of sunglasses from Target. I was wearing them on my head of trying them on I brought them back like I didn't actually steal them. But like, I definitely walked out of them with on my head with the cameras and did not pay for them. But it's like, I'll have dreams, the more like I'll have a dream that night about like being at Target. Like they're not very like subconscious things that like I need to reconnect. Like it's pretty clear. Like I recently went on a series of dreams about like some unfortunate dating escapades. And it was very clear. There's only one thing reoccurring from real life and from the dreams. So like, my dreams aren't giving me these, like deep psychological meshes there. Oh, you watched Marvel last night? Here you go.

Angela 34:25

Well, I mean, that's actually I don't know, depending upon who you talk to. That's actually considered okay, because psychologists tend to think more that your dreams hold latent meaning but then there are other researchers who believe that just the act of dreaming at all is your brain's way of trying to work through storing knowledge and memories that you've made that day. So either way, your brains still doing something. And there's actually a really cool article that I just read. It was published in late 2020. So it's still fairly recent, where these two neuroscientists from Stanford were postulating that dreaming about anything at all. Is your visual cortex is way of protecting its territory in your brain and so by being active at night and you're still technically seeing is your brain's way of of defending the space that it needs for sight and it not being taken over by another set

Jae 35:15

interesting well I don't know where in your little agenda research bubble this is but Angela I've now had you watch PSI for everyone in con todo con not can con. I hear one more person say they've washed in canto like I'm going to scream Oh, actually, this isn't me just being This isn't me trying to be like the woke I am currently speaking over someone of like Latinx heritage I'm aware of this but like I started talking first. Like if I or one more person in Kanto. Like I can't can't

Angela 35:45

can't not count. Exactly. Well, no, I was just going to say I really think that some people are trying to make that switch but it might be translating a little bit too much. I went to a restaurant yesterday to pick up takeout and I asked for the order or Angela and the girl at the register said oh the order for an Hila I'm like no no Angela She's like an Hilah on when we on hola yes it is on Hila so she she was trying for J Yes What yes more points for J but it was just really funny because it threw me for a second because I was like wait Why are you pronouncing My name like that and it's like oh she's probably seen in condo is someone's named Angela and cuando no but I feel like she either like might have just seen it and so it was like sparking some recent Spanish or like latent Spanish from Spanish class in her brain or maybe

Jae 36:40

she they're not like Latin people named Angela is Angela like a particularly like you prefer the term la na I like a lot I like Latin a yes. Okay, like a particular with Latin a name is it um,

Angela 36:52

I think it's still fairly common just because it does exist. My name doesn't typically change much in spelling depending upon the language. It's just the pronunciation so like Spanish Anila Italian Angela Hawaiian. It's really pretty as Anila I feel a lot of Angela's I know are black. I know in Film and Literature at least there are a lot of Maria's and Angela's.

Jae 37:15

Oh well there are a lot of Marie's Marie's like the most common middle, middle and or first name, I think what internationally? Oh, yeah, for sure. Oh, yes. But the whole reason I brought up in Kondo it affirmed Angela's reinvigorating into the mysticism witchiness of the Latin a people um,

Angela 37:33

yes and no, I don't know I need to I need to speak with someone about it because I don't want to present it in the wrong way particularly because there's been a rise in Wicca and I'm sorry, I'm going to be not PC for a second but white girl magic. Okay. Yeah, so the

Jae 37:47

point of the whole the whole point of me trying to sagoo is in condo as a point that everyone knows and Angela has previously spoken of such things. So my question was in terms of your dreaming and this magical mysticism stuff occurring, can you explain to us is that if that's something that's happened to you, like you drew about a snow day and then it snows Oh, yeah,

Angela 38:08

I talk about this all the time with my family. Because they're I don't know they they have a lot of dreams about death, and then someone dies? Well, no, they actually have a lot of dreams about birth, and then someone dies. Yeah, really creepy. But I have always been really good at predicting when new relationships are gonna happen. So you're

Jae 38:27

no but like, in your remember, we're talking about dreams like you've dreamed about?

Angela 38:31

Yeah, like I've dreamed about people in my life getting into relationships. Like I can pick out names too. And so I don't know whether it's like I'm shot and censoring it and I'm picking up on a lot of little clues and then they're all coming together subconsciously and then on it my love life more just think about me in a happy, healthy, thriving relationship every night before you go to bed. Okay, but see, then, am I there's like I feel like there's a fine line between like letting something come to me. I'm pushing myself into a lucid dreaming situation where I'm controlling what's happening.

Jae 39:03

Have you ever lucid dreamt partially, I'm

Angela 39:05

not sure if you would consider this like a full lucid dream. So I've had a recurring dream where I was in size school, and it was kind of like a combination of Black Widow meets divergent meets that old TV show Burn Notice where or notices about spies. I haven't seen it in a long time. I've only watched like a verse season but I think he was like a CIA agent who got burned. And then he was trying to figure out like, who got him kicked out physically or emotionally if my understanding is like, like, when you get a burn, notice you're out like you're cut off like no one's gonna speak to you anymore. Your identity no longer exists. God basically I was in spy school, and then I found out that I didn't make I didn't so like you had to pass a test every week, physical, educational, whatever, and I didn't pass and I was in like a bottom like 10% You weren't meant that I was going to get a mid Yeah. Which meant that I was going to get burned. So I was like, okay, whatever. They're just gonna kick me out and then I overheard some people talking in the bathroom that the people who got burned were just kicked out. They were killed. So good games. Yeah. So then I was on the run for my life and I was using all of my different spy school training like using burner phones hopping in and out windows. Like I jumped off of a building at one point I stole a car, all of this stuff was happening. But then in the end, they found me they killed me. I will not so the next night I went to bed, I had the same dream again, but then everything was happening the same way that it did. So it's because I already knew it was gonna happen. I was trying to get like 10 steps ahead of them to get away Groundhog Day. Yeah. So it's like, I feel like I recognized I didn't I don't know so much that I recognized that I was in a dream, but I recognized that the same things were happening, so I knew how to get around them. Interesting.

Jae 40:38

Yeah, I haven't lucid dreamed or I mean, I guess like maybe I've like had segments like I've had sometimes I've been in dreams or nightmares where I like I'm like, No, I don't want this to happen. And I'll like change it. So I guess that's a lucid dream. Oh, but it's more like my

Angela 40:51

J hold on riff for a second my computer came on hugs actually go look at it. Again.

Jae 40:55

It's not that I've had lucid dreams, per se. It's more like I've had times where I changed or altered what was happening a dream. So maybe that is lucid dreaming. When I hear lucid dreaming, I think of someone who could control like everything about it. Versus I can like segment and swerve and like pivot things going on. But yeah, the other thing I've never had thank God is sleep paralysis. I've heard of it. And I've been terrified about it. It's kind of the same terrified feeling I have when I'm afraid I'm not gonna be able to scream. I've also had bad dreams about that where I've been in an emergency and I can scream. And that's like one of my worst fears is not being able to scream when I need to scream but not that I practice very often. But I do check in on myself every once in a while to make sure what my family has deemed my horror movie screen is still very functional and can be used if needed, just for like good measure, just like you always carry pepper spray, hold your keys, Give someone your location, all that good stuff, I check on my screen every once in a while because if I lost it, it'd be good to know. So I can start carrying a whistle around that was one of the things they gave us a freshman orientation, they gave everyone a whistle, but it was like one of those plastic whistles that everyone's going to just chop they shouldn't give you like a whistle. Or we should invent some kind of whistle that's like kind of like a car clicker where you can like click it in and out. But like it's small and contained because like whistle is just like not geometry or physics. I guess it's like engineering because it just has to be like I don't know, Angele often checking. It just has to be a hole to make like a sound out of an instrument. But I don't think there are very many specifications on it. So like, I don't know, read the show notes on and Omnia or an AMI backslash EP 59 for the answer.

Angela 42:27

Oh, I'm gonna have so much fun.

Jae 42:29

How much of that did you get?

Angela 42:30

I heard sound coming out of a hole. Angela will fact check.

Jae 42:34

Got it. So I was talking about how I haven't lucid dreamt. But like I've pivoted and changed my dreams. I mean, you're going to edit so you'll hear all that but then I went on to sleep paralysis and how I've never had sleep paralysis. What I've heard about it, and it terrifies me almost as much as like dreaming like I can't or I've had some dreams and then like I've worried about real life that you can't scream when you need to scream.

Angela 42:51

Oh my god. Okay, I don't think I've ever had sleep paralysis. But I've been in that like weird nether world where you're like kind of sleeping kind of a way but it's like really hard to control your thoughts. My mom used to have sleep paralysis. And I know like a couple other people in my family have and it sounds terrifying.

Jae 43:08

Yeah, not good. The point being my scream and I was telling our audience how I practice my scream everyone somehow make sure I still have it in me. But if not, we should get whistles but like our campus gave us whistles. They weren't very convenient. They were plastic and small. So they should figure well, one like I can fit into like a car key with the button. And I was like, I don't know exactly how to engineer whistle, but I'm sure it's just about like the amount of air getting blown in and out. And it'll factcheck how small we can make a whistle to attach so people can have it if they're unable to scream.

Angela 43:35

Ah, gotcha. Okay, yeah, there are actually some really cool self defense items that I can link as well. And I believe they have some whistles, but it's cute. I'll have to see if I can still find it. But I know for a while there was this company that was making whistles into jewelry. So it would be like on your bracelet or on your necklace.

Jae 43:53

I have a necklace that has a whistle on it.

Angela 43:55

I feel like we should wear those more often.

Jae 43:57

Yeah. Have you had any of like the basic dreams where it's like your teeth falling out? And like where do you stand on the whole if you're dreaming of someone they're thinking about you or if someone's in your dream? They're you're thinking about that? Well, obviously if they're in your dream, you're thinking about it. Like if you dream about someone they're thinking about you is how it's supposed to go

Angela 44:15

yes. I don't know how I feel about that. But also like I very rarely dream about people that I know. Okay, so,

Jae 44:22

okay, wait, so are you telling me that's fiction? This is fiction, I heard like you can drew out people you've never like seen or come into contact with is all a lie.

Angela 44:31

So I don't think it's quite that strict. But generally, I think they've proven that about 60% of the people who you see in your dreams, whether their main characters or background characters you've at least seen in real life could be people from the bus, your school office ways restaurants, whatever.

Jae 44:48

I mean, I've had numerous dreams just like Ashley Tisdale. So like, I've seen her I haven't seen her in real life, but I've seen her on my TV enough times. Yeah,

Angela 44:56

I feel like I'm far more likely to have celebrity dreams. It's maybe Like maybe 10 times a year I dream very I dream with main characters who are people who are in my everyday life but no, I think as far as the basic dreams go i I've had the tea falling out one a couple times usually when I'm really stressed, it's supposed to be like an indicator of what is it is it's like personal anxiety. I thought you did research I did. I just didn't do the teeth. One.

Jae 45:22

I often have like a high school slash college dreams, which I know are very basic, where it's like, like J like, I'm like, You didn't go to discussion for a whole quarter like oh my god, you're building the class or like you didn't turn in your final or like, I have those. When I get stressed. I have school dreams. Like I'm back in school. And it's like, Jay, you didn't attend this course all semester. It's like we're all quarter. It's like, what do you mean? Like, what do you mean, I didn't attend there. You just I forgot. It was like I was supposed to go it was like a Tuesday Thursday class and I forgot to go every Tuesday and Thursday. And I was like, kind of turning in assignments somehow it was very I have those when I get stressed

Angela 45:54

I have those two and for a while I was having them every night. It was terrifying. Me and I already have I can't think of I can't think of the word right now. It's my my type of insomnia. I'll put it I'll put it in the show notes. But other types of insomnia there are two types of insomnia there's Oh is it sleep onset insomnia, it's where I'm I basically I get freaked out to go to sleep. So I'll try to stay awake until I pass out so so much so that I didn't want to go to sleep and literally like I went through college like I was failing classes like never went to class never did the assignments or went all the way through but then didn't make it to the final and was getting kicked out or I was retroactively failing High School. Yeah, or something like that. And my mom looks those up for me because she could just like hear me like every night waking up and apparently it has to do with personal distant dissatisfaction in your career. That fix out Yeah, so that was that was quite a thing. But the one that I have to all the time curring is dreams about spiders and jet you know how much spiders freak me out too much. Seriously, I turned into Schmidt and the spider hunt episode of New Girl anytime I'm within 20 feet of a spider and like my family even tells me that I have my very own spidey sense or Peter tingle as we now call it. Because even in the dark, I can see the smallest spider and I'm just on it calling for someone to get

Jae 47:14

it. I know I now just like if I see a spider in like a five foot radius. I shouldn't don't like don't move and I don't tell her where it is. Um, because if you don't it'll and don't look and she was the first person like what, like spin her head all the way around?

Angela 47:28

That makes me so mad because I didn't used to be like,

Jae 47:31

I don't believe it.

Angela 47:32

I used to be far more self contained. And if you told me not to lie, I wouldn't look I don't know what happened. I don't believe that. But yeah, my reoccurring. One is the spider one. And so if you're like me and you're not into spiders, like skip over this a little bit, but when I get really stressed now I have dreams that I'm somewhere in my house. I'm alone doing something really casual,

Jae 47:52

like ant laundry like a giant spider comes in

Angela 47:55

kind of I'm doing the most innocuous little thing and see a tiny spider outside of the corner of my eye and after like a million dream minute I work up the courage to go over and swish it and it's always in an area where I can't use the vacuum or the Swiffer and I have to get close to it or your hairspray or my hairs right? Yes that is a really big one and right as I get within swishing distance all of a sudden it lunges at me and grows it's terrifying. Oh my god,

Jae 48:22

I'm sure people who are afraid of spiders that is really scary but also like the visual image of anvil like cutting a spider one Jenner is really funny.

Angela 48:30

Oh my god and then I tried to do like some matrix move and bend over backwards but I don't get there in time and then always like right as it's almost on my face that I wake up but I have those like before I have big meetings, my annual reviews anytime I have a big test to the doctor or something like that I have those and I have the worst night's sleep and I wake up and my face is all puffy. It's terrible. Do

Jae 48:54

you also know if it's fact or fiction that you can't die in your own dream? I've heard that

Angela 48:58

I think it's fiction because I'm pretty sure I've died in my dreams. Like in my crash dreams some of them there has been impact so I'm pretty sure like that's the moment of my death

Jae 49:09

I've been like not like this exact stream but it's like I've been Alexi under the plane but like Well she's still talking like it's never I've never finished dying in a dream like I've been like stabbed and shot but like you don't see yourself stopping breathing and stop being

Angela 49:24

I've never had a moment where I'm looking over myself it's usually like me experiences so it's like I like jolt in my there's like impact in my dream and then I jolt awake.

Jae 49:34

Well yeah, that's the point. So you've never actually died then because you've jolted awake,

Angela 49:37

I guess so I will look that up. But I have heard that pretty often that you can't actually die in your own dream

Jae 49:43

as this episode is one to self serve as is episode one to self serve and indulge Angela and this Angela, I would like you to share with the class one of the dreams that involves the most people who have been on our podcast that you've had. Oh, okay, I haven't had one. So Angela, come with the content. Okay, so

Angela 50:01

I had a dream that one of my friends, she has not been on the podcast, but I had a dream that she was getting married and eloping in Vegas. And so she literally like drove up and parked Kiana Sahar. Yeah, so she drove up in the coolest white car came out in this super awesome white Sue and told me like, get in, bitch. We're going to Vegas. I'm getting married. And I was with you, Amanda, and my big your big, just like everyone from our little college group. We were like hanging out. And so she was like, get in, like, I'm going to get married. And I was like, oh, no, like, Yes, I'm totally coming with you. I was like, I just I have to go tell my friends. She's like, just tell them to meet us there. We're all going. So we all go to Vegas. And like I was with her. Some of her other friends and family and the car. We drove there. We all went to the cosmopolitan we were all in this gigantic suite together. And then it ended with us like going to an Elvis chapel for her to get married.

Jae 50:58

Oh, how Diplo Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner of us.

Angela 51:01

Right? Okay, I have I seriously wanted someone to do that over the pandemic. Like I was kind of really, really hoping that Kiana would have to elope in Vegas.

Jae 51:11

Why have someone else do something you can do for yourself? Well, I'm not there yet.

Angela 51:14

And according to the Instagram real filter that I was using, I'm not getting married for another five years. Well, I would totally do it though. I would have my civil wedding in Vegas. Well, hey, at least you can play now. I mean, yeah, but there's so many things in between then like a dope licking say and you're waiting birthday. Yeah. Golden birthday. Oh, gee, is okay. Maybe I have to knock out the trip or 29. Maybe I just do dope. Oh, no, but then they're still back to back. I don't know, man.

Jae 51:41

You you thought 29 to 30 better or be easier than 30 to 31.

Angela 51:46

Apparently for some reason, but either way the doublet kinsei is sticking on the books, guys. It's gonna be amazing. I have so many ideas. Oh, but Jay. Okay. I have a question for you. Okay, what is your sleeping position?

Jae 51:57

Um, I think mostly I feel like I'm a sigh I think I'm a side sleeper. Okay, normally rotate. So so like, I don't I don't know. Cuz like, as soon as I wake up, I roll to my side. So I guess I'm not on my side. If I feel like roll to my side. I think I'm on my back. I'm like, not fully on my back. Like I'm on like, like a hip but like I'm like more flat but like I'm not like completely flat.

Angela 52:23

Okay, do you do like to do like a yoga stretch where like your legs are on the side or hips or flex but your back is straight?

Jae 52:30

I don't know what that looks like. Okay, I kind of think of it like a question mark that I have. I have fallen asleep though for like a full night with my legs like ankle over ankle and I woke up with the worst

Angela 52:39

pain. Ah, that sounds bad. Yeah, don't feel like Oh, I feel like one of your legs would have fallen asleep no proof. But I asked because apparently the position in which you sleep most frequently can influence your dreams as well. So if you're a side sleeper, you are more likely to dream about your day to day life. Okay, and if you if you sleep on your stomach, apparently you are more likely to have a as one of our friends as a spicy dream, really. So I'm not sure if this is actually correct. But I did go through several articles to try to fact check this and all of them have said the same thing about sleeping on your stomach, but one article equated it to compressing your lungs and you're being short of breath, which would like increase your breathing activity so you're actually more likely to have a spicy dream or to have a dream where you are bound or like held captive. Interesting.

Jae 53:32

Mm hmm. Okay, well, similarly to that and on a good note to end on. I was listening to another podcast Did you know that a certain percentage of people when they sneeze it is an eighth of an orgasm.

Angela 53:44

Oh my god what?

Jae 53:46

Also some women can orgasm from certain moves at the gym. It's called like,

Angela 53:51

oh yeah,

Jae 53:52

yes, apparently some percentage of the humanoid think it's the female I don't know if it's the entire human population they on their podcast I said 40 I don't know if it's that's the true that's the number they threw out like 40% of people when they sneeze have an eighth of a no and then they continue to ask well if you sneeze eight times is it a full one? So I don't know everyone go to our show notes for Angela to hear the answer.

Angela 54:16

It makes me think of it as friends with benefits with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. Yes. Where he sneezes every time I don't know maybe there's maybe there's some truth to it. I will let you all know Right? Hey.

Jae 54:33

No, oh, yeah. We're not continue all while the EDM party starts next door.

Angela 54:41

And on that note, thank you for listening to today's episode of In Omnia paratus grab your coffee bowls. And don't forget to rate download and follow on Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts as always where you lead will follow. So head on over to @inomniapod on Instagram and let us know what you'd like to hear about in the comments. Bye

Jae 55:01

Sweet Dreams

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