Welcome to the Euphoria episode! Angela and Jae are recapping Season 2 after watching the penultimate episode in preparation for the finale, highlighting favorite scenes from Cassie hiding in the shower, Lexie’s sweet moments with Fezco, and Nate playing life and death games with anyone within 3 degrees. After a (very) brief intermission, the girls get into their thoughts and reactions directly after watching the finale episode. There will be major spoilers, but as Our Life closes, the next chapter is only beginning.

Welcome to the Euphoria episode!

Show Notes

Jae 0:00

Welcome back to In Omnia Paratus.

I'm Jae, one of your co hosts

Angela 0:04

and I'm Angela, your other co host and welcome to our life was too good to resist.

Jae 0:13

Oh good lord.

Well Angela continues on her laughing break if that did not allude to what this episode is going to be about. We're talking about everyone's favorite Sunday night ritual euphoria. You are not on Tik Tok. You are of good mental health or stable person. You may or may not have heard of the show, but if you're in our

Angela 0:35

camp, loving we we were late to you for you. Okay. Yeah. So March of 2020, everyone. I first watched euphoria. And then Jay washed a little bit after that. We were in fact, a year late on it. I believe.

Jae 0:49

I had no access to HBO prior to this.

Angela 0:53

And I was pitched euphoria as a show about parents worrying about their children. So I wasn't as interested as I was when I first saw the trailer. It was one of those instances where the trailer didn't match the content, kind of like how Marvel used to do when they would put deleted scenes in the trailer loving.

Jae 1:13

We still cut things out and one of the things that made me peek to watch is Angela, as we all know, Boomer Angela was like Jay is this what the teens are really like now? So I was curious to see what her Angela's now perception of Gen Z and younger was like, Yeah, I

Angela 1:29

was a little concerned because I what they are in season one, they're sophomores and juniors, yes, boiler in season two, they are still sophomores and juniors. Not sure. Yeah, it was just so different from my experience and the like the previously depicted shenanigans that I could relate to. I had very little relation to this. So I was I was very curious.

Jae 1:54

So this will be full of spoilers. We are actually doing a two parter. You won't be experienced a two parter, but we are doing part one today, February 26. Tomorrow, February 27, at 6pm PST 9pm et the season finale will be coming out and we will be wrapping up and finishing this episode up. So obviously spoilers for season two and one if you haven't seen it yet, and we'll make predictions and then tomorrow in real time for us and still future pass time travel time for you. You'll see what we got right.

Angela 2:27

We should just change out the bio for our podcast and put the smart Hulk quote I

Jae 2:33

have it somewhere.

Angela 2:35

But for those of you who are just out there completely unfamiliar with euphoria, it is an HBO series that was created by Sam Levinson and adopted from an Israeli television show of the same name euphoria and it premiered in 2019. Drake is one of its executive producers and it stars Zendaya Sydney Sweeney, Jacob elordi mod Appa Tao, Alexa Demi and Hunter Thompson, not Thompson, Hunter Shaffer. Shaffer Just kidding, we'll have to hunt that. Well. We'll have to forget

Jae 3:18

Eric Dane.

Angela 3:19

I did forget Eric Dane. Yes, make steamy. I know.

Jae 3:23

Also, for all of us privileged enough to have HBO slash, HBO Max. I love the meme where they're like, I love how in an alternate universe cow and KDs had a baby together for those Grey's Anatomy fans.

Angela 3:37

Oh, also, if you have seen and just like that, please let us know. We might talk about that. Another point? No. Okay.

Jae 3:45

We're gonna give it a second season. They might just have needed a good start. Maybe we'll find out. But yes. What about Hunter S? Thompson? Hunter Shaffer,

Angela 3:54

right? Yes. Hunter Schaefer not Hunter Thompson. So yeah, they are oh and Barbie B arrow B area P era when we look that up really quick.

Jae 4:04

You literally have it Oh, the IMDB open? No, I don't guess but you had the list of all the episodes and if you go to the tablet were cast just tells you if one of the cast oh, let's we're gonna do this one more time

three to one cast reading part 5 trillion.

Angela 4:28

All right. So first up on the cast list, we have Zendaya

Jae 4:33

Zendaya plays our anti hero hero resilient main character. Rooby Roo is a sophomore in high school. When we meet her she is recently out of rehab. She went to rehab for the summer for overdosing her freshman year. her backstory is kind of her father passed away to numb her feelings of things. She would take his drugs which started her opiate addiction. And before that even as a child she just was a very anxious kid Rue was with her mom and a Little Sister Jia.

Angela 5:08

Alright, next up Hunter, Hunter Schaefer

Jae 5:12

Hunter Shafer, who plays that character of jewels she is the new kid on the block starts out with kind of a precarious beginning she prostitutes herself to the father of Nate Jacobs who you'll hear about in a little bit doesn't know he doesn't know she's a minor. She is a no He is a father of a student that she has school with has definitely a tougher exterior but her and Ruth seem to connect it's weird because I really feel it like I know your posts feel it but they were just kind of off and season one leaves off with Jules asking ru to follow her to New York and Rue jumping off the train because she's scared so Jules goes by herself and they haven't seen each other since there were also two filler extra episodes to elaborate a little bit more into Jules and her challenges, struggles thoughts as a trans woman and Ruth is about talking with her sponsor about addiction.

Angela 6:04

Right next up we have Sydney Sweeney and Sydney plays hassy Howard the older blonde bombshell sister to Lexi Howard who is Roos best friend and Cassie is the golden girl like most beautiful sought after all American all American Girl Next Door of East Highland high school all the guys want her Cassie looking for love is totally available to all the guys but she's also a total girls girl and she generally always has her best friend Maddie is back and is always open to her little sister Lexi and roo and their friends hanging out with them. And in season two,

Jae 6:44

we see the one thing I was going to add up Kathy is as Angela said her desire for love. I would call it abandonment issues from a absent father.

Angela 6:53

Yep, definitely that which we explore more in season two. Right and next up we've got Angus cloud who plays

Jae 7:02

fez co fun fact I think I am only two degrees away from knowing and or meeting him. That would be really cool. Fez co plays the drug dealer of East Thailand Eastern high high East island of East Taiwan. He's kind of the the one you want to root for. Even though he's a drug dealer. He lives with his grandmother who is ailing grandmother and a younger brother figure who was collateral from a drug deal. He's doing his best with the car he's been dealt. It's very clear you want to fight and feel for his kind heart while he also was the school's drug dealer in guns and sketchy shit gets involved. He wants the best for Ruth and is always trying to limit and like have her do better for herself but also is like a good big brother when she inevitably

Angela 7:51

messes up and then we have Alexa Demi who plays Maddie Perez she's Cassie Howard's best friend. Also on the dance team. She is the resident bad bitch of East Highland High School. Maddie has really strong opinions about everything and will let you know at any time she's the on again off again girlfriend of Nate Jacobs, the quarterback of the football team as it shouldn't be and what I guess mad Matty's main motivation is to have a great life with all the nice things with as little work as possible as explored in season one. And two. Yeah. All right. And now we have mod Appa Tao,

Jae 8:34

who yes, for those who are surprised to find out is the biological daughter of director Judd Apatow and actress Leslie Mann.

Angela 8:42

What a shock. So modd plays Lexi Howard Cassie Howard's younger sister. They're a year apart so she's a sophomore and as we mentioned, she's Rue Bennett's best friend Lexi childhood best friend childhood best friend. Well, Cassie may look the part of what we call the All American girl Girl Next Door Lexi kind of actually is like she's the little sweetheart who doesn't stray too far from the path she really plays the good girl and doesn't try to get into much trouble like she's always a tag along to her sister and her friends. But Lexi definitely is more what blanket? Oh, I was gonna say more the color inside the lines type? Sure. Yeah. In the Halloween episode. She is Bob Ross and everyone else is a seletti something and in season two, Lexi kind of starts coming into her own when she develops a romantic relationship with fesko Yes. Oh, Hail King of a kissing booth.

Jae 9:40

I was like no. I was like, No, I'm not Centenario. Noah Angley Oh my god. Do I forget the last name? Am I dissolved? I don't remember Ella's last name either. Do they have

Angela 9:49

last name? See Do you have last names here that goes by last name?

Jae 9:53

Oh my God. It's not Oh my God. His name was that Jake was on the show. And then Noah Ah shit. Oh, oh my god, this is gonna be insane. you're pausing this episode. Flynn.

Angela 10:09


Jae 10:10

and l Rochelle Evans. I said, Oh, my God had like a panic attack. And this is what I was calling the Jacobs cheese. This is what Jacob LRD would consider his first real acting role. And he doesn't like to acknowledge his humble roots.

Angela 10:27

Hmm But yep, Nate Jacobs star quarterback of the school in all of his six five hotness is played by Jacob. Oh lordy. Nate Jacobs has also hands down the most toxic scary character we have in the entire series.

Jae 10:45

And since you're recording give us our trigger warning trigger warning for suicide, relationship abuse, drug abuse, human trafficking, gun violence, self alcohol abuse, general violence, sexual material and violence as the warning gives us mature audience mature themes

Angela 11:04

nc 17 rating all the things yes, yes. So in season one, we could see Jake explore his super toxic relationship and Jake for what we get to see Nate Jacob. It's really hard. His name is Jacob elordi and his character is Nate Jacobs. Oh my lord. Okay, we have seen Nate Jacobs explore his super toxic relationship with Maddie and then in season two, we get to see him explore his relationship with her best friend Cassie and also the super toxic power struggle he has with his father cow right and now we have storm

Jae 11:36

read storm read got her acting start at least where I know in A Wrinkle in Time she plays Jia Bennett Roos younger sister who is suffering immensely as her father also died and just now watching her older sister be a drug addict hot mess, yelling and abusing their mother Dominic Fike, a newbie on the block he comes in and season two. He is also I believe, of at least half Filipino descent. I know people were commenting on Asian representation and I recently learned that Dominic is part Filipino and allegedly dating Hunter Schafer in real life. Dominic plays Elliot, a fellow drug connoisseur who does not know Rue is in recovery and becomes her drug buddy Season Two and her jewels and Elliot kind of get into a Jules and Jim situation.

Angela 12:21

Yep. All right. And then we have Barbie for Riparia who plays cat Hernandez cat is a part of Cassie and Maddie girl group. And in season one we see cat explore a sexual awakening and it ends with her kind of getting into what we think is going to be the nicest most stable relationship of the entire group with this super sweet guy, Ethan but then in season two, it opens up and we find out that she is severely unhappy and yeah, and that's not okay. I'm algae Smith. He is in season two very briefly, but he was more of a prominent character in season one. Chris McKay. He is in older graduate of East Highland friends with Nate from the football team. And he was Cassie Howard's boyfriend for a time until they had an unplanned pregnancy and she wanted to keep it and he did not boiler she did not end up keeping the baby though. And then we have Austin Abrams, another newbie or not a newbie to the block but a more prominent character. He plays Ethan cats boyfriend and we kind of see him as just the super nice sweet guy.

Jae 13:35

He's she's male. What Yeah,

Angela 13:37

she really wants to be into him. But it's just not working until they break up in season two in season two and yeah, and he reemerge is in a new

Jae 13:46

light. And last but not least for our main cast.

Angela 13:50

We have Eric Dane make steamy? Yes, Dr. Mark Sloane returns as

Jae 14:00

I would say returns returns

Angela 14:03

no, it definitely does not return now plays Cal Jacobs Nate Jacob's father a closeted gay man who plays the role of upstanding figure in the town that kind of upstanding Christian father upstanding Yes. And businessman. Yeah, he does. Kelly making Yeah, he checks all of the boxes and all of them are lies and he

Jae 14:29

sleeps with jewels thinking she is of age you 17 Yep. And season two is all about him coming to terms with the fact that now people know and he will be ruined or he thinks that people know Yeah, and thinks that he'll be ruined so as this was very overwhelming, we are going to kind of like divide and conquer per episode we're going to review a few highlights. My team consists of Zendaya Hunter Schaefer, Dominic Fike, Angus cloud and Ashley. whose biological name I do not whose real name I do not remember Javan Jeevan. And character wise that will be through Jules Elliot who I might call Eli just know if I fit you I mean, ashtray Fez and some of their friends we meet in the first episode.

Angela 15:18

And my team is Sydney Sweeney Alexa demie mod appetize Jacob elordi Barbie for area I'll do Smith Austin Abrams and Eric Dane known to you as Cassie, Maddie Lexi, Nate Pat Chris or McKay, Ethan and cow.

Jae 15:38

I know it sounds like I gave Angela a lot more work, but we're splitting among plotline. So we can't it'd be weird to split it another direction. So season two, episode one trying to get to heaven before they close the door, which is a reference to trying to get to heaven by Bob Dylan.

Angela 15:55

Oh, that's cool.

Jae 15:56

So from my my side of the table we learn about fez Ko, our drug dealer with the Heart of Gold backstory. It starts with his grandma taken him and placing them in the car and having him wait while she goes into a strip club to tell fez COEs father he will no longer have any contact with him as she's informing him of this he is getting blown and once the female removes herself grandma shoots the dad her son in law in the penis then walks right out and express go home with our best CO is learning the family business of drug dealing learning about how everything works and one day as collateral a little baby is left in their care who we then get to know and love as ashtray so Season Two starts with that and it starts with a new supplier of drugs due to an incident last season that was takes ashtray Unruh to the new supplier to check her out her name is Laurie and kind of see what kind of deals I can do once that negotiation and situation is complete. They head to the main New Year's Eve party

Angela 17:03

where Maddie Lexie cat and Jules are already hanging out but we find out that no one knows where Cassie is and that she and Lexi had to fight on the way to the party and Cassie made Lexi stop the car so that she could get out so while they're all looking for her we flash to Cassie who is sitting in the parking lot of a mini mart on the side of the road and who finds her but Nate Jacobs who has recently again broken up with Maddie and he offers to give Cassie a ride to the party. How generous on the car ride there, Nate and Cassie engage in a very steamy flirtation shift and when we flashed back to the party where Lexie and Maddie are looking for her Maddie decides to check the bathroom and who is on the other side of the door having sex Nate and Cassie Nathan makes Cassie hide in the shower so that he can leave so that Maddie won't find out about them. Do they succeed they do succeed Cassie ends up laying in the shower for the longest time. Well Maddie hangs out with another guy we then get to see Lexi sit on the couch and just decompress about the entire situation with fesko after he's now arrived at the party and

Jae 18:17

room MAKES A NEW FRIEND which is where I will set Ethan shoot. Elliot comes in Elliot does not know Rue or her past so when he offers her drugs and they're in the laundry room together he knows nothing about it Meanwhile, as Angela said Jules is trying to find room for them to make up reconcile better than they are and they do by the end of the night. And this episode ends with ready for the battle Yup fesko Go into the bar she get a drink with Nate Jacobs they cheers they all have branch they say like next date kind of being surprised that Fez is being so cordial. And it goes Happy New Year everyone kisses and fez grabs a bottle and bashes it overnight Jacob's head he gets all bloody before punching him to no end.

Angela 19:08

And that's how our episode ends. We start Episode Two

Jae 19:12

out of touch which is a reference to the 1984 Hall notes single out of touch.

Angela 19:19

We start Episode Two with Mattie, Cassie and Mackay dragging Nate from the party to get him to the hospital. It's during this time that Nate decides feels he falls in love with Cassie watching her beautiful face over him as he sits in the back as he lays in the back of Mandy's car as she rushes him to the hospital. And then we see Nate in the hospital recovering Cowell comes in his father and demands to know who did this but obviously Nate isn't going to say anything.

Jae 19:53

niches get sticky. And Nate's already getting stitches. So what is calendar

Angela 19:58

though cow goes to visit Cassie and Lexi to ask them what they know about what happened that night and neither one of them want to say anything but then Cal threatens them and Cassie bills on fesko which then prompts Lexi to run out to the mini mart that he runs to warn him and

Jae 20:21

over here on Team Love Triangle, Jules meets Elliot for the first time at schools and starts to get a not so great feeling about his relationship with through she's in the right place as he is now doing drugs with her but she thinks it's more of a romantic thing. They just got really coupled not really sure how to feel about that. And that's about well my team is doing this episode. Oh, and also roo while she's on one of her late night bike rides, living high off drugs and life. She sees Cassie getting into Nate's car.

Angela 20:49

Yes. So over on my team we've finished things out with Pat are attempting to go on a date with Ethan but she's really going through it with what would you call it like social media burnout. Online overload Yeah, like content overload just it really draining her and reinforcing some negative self image and then this episode, and that's actually a really great scene. We'll link that for you guys. They did it really well.

Jae 21:17

I liked it a lot. Which takes us into Episode number three rumination, Big and Little bullies, which is a reference to Robert Rauschenberg aren't work of the same name. I'm not in this episode. Angela, take it away.

Angela 21:33

So this episode starts. So this episode actually starts out with the origin story of Cal Jacobs and focuses on his time in high school with his best friend, Derek and how he always kind of felt an attraction to him, but didn't really know how to express that and then channeled his romantic proclivities into his high school girlfriend, Marsha, who spoiler becomes his wife,

Jae 22:04

that was like a very homoerotic montage. Like every Oh, yeah, one there on the wrestling team. Like can you get more more erotic than like men groping each other, like, on the floor, and then the dancing scene at the bar? Like, yeah,

Angela 22:18

it was very intense. And it's one of those things where not even just cows behavior, but everyone around him kind of signifies that like, they know that he is not straight. Yeah, but he feels a lot of really deep shame that comes from his father's judgment. And finally, in the culmination after graduation, he finally expresses his feelings for his best friend Derek. Derek reciprocates and he is so happy. But the night after that happens, he finds out that his high school girlfriend Marsha is pregnant with their oldest son and that is how we get the cow Jacobs of today

Jae 22:54

episode then cuts to roo gaslighting her younger sister about her alleged drug use grew then just one of her famous roux school kind of segments where she explains how she had been preparing to start this lie and manipulate everyone around her and gaslight, her sister into letting her think she's just smoking weed even though she's doing hard drugs again. And meanwhile, they run out so roo and Elliot come up with a business plan to get more drugs and bez as we said, the drug deal or the harder goal says Ah, so Rue goes around him to his supplier, his new supplier Laurie, who is a creepy ex teacher. Then roo goes to a talk to her sponsor, and once again completely insults and creates a space where he cuts ties with her again,

Angela 23:47

she just burned it to the ground and that episode, yup. Oh, yeah. And then meanwhile, on my team, Cassie has started a secret relationship with Nate. And he's put a lot of restrictions on when and where they can see each other how and when they can talk or text and Lexi has noticed that something is up and she's getting really frustrated with her sister and her behavior and she decides to channel her energy into writing a play about everything that she's been observing. Lexi asked for permission to get the play performed at school and because of like her model, student status, the principal just says no without like a second thought and apparently zero oversight. And then well, this is going on, Nate then decides that he okay, we don't exactly know this at the time, but Nate is essentially playing a long game where he decides that he wants to be with Cassie, but to be with Cassie. He has to go about it completely covertly break up with her and then channel his energy into getting back together with Maddie because Maddie has the tape of his father having sex with jewels and he knows that that can ruin his entire family's life and therefore ruin his life. So he has to get that back from her before he can move. with Cassie out in the open

Jae 25:01

which leads us to episode number four who you cannot see think of those who can based on phrase often reproduced on the leaflets distributed by French surrealist this episode starts with Jules who has been very jealous and insecure and resistant to Elliot kissing him.

Angela 25:20

Well roo is in the shower is I think this is the this is the her reflection on love so it's all her and Jules and all the different situations love that

Jae 25:30

episode. Well, yeah, so that starts and Jules Ellie you can kind of feel the tension building different than in the other episodes. Like how many guys have you slept with? Oh, I don't sleep with guys. Like why not like oh, like do you like having sex with through? Like, um, no. Do you think about having sex with her like it's going there? Mm hmm. Meanwhile, at the Howard Angela, your favorite scene of the sea of the season.

Angela 25:52

Oh my god. So Cassie hosts a birthday party for her best friend Maddie and the whole girl group is there to celebrate. And while Nate is playing this long game to get together with Cassie, he is temporarily back together with Maddie. Cassie,

Jae 26:08

how don't back together, remember? Oh, yeah,

Angela 26:10

they're they're talking about getting back together. Cassie has a full on meltdown. Because while all of this has been going on, Cassie has basically been trying to transform herself into Mati 2.0, to get as much of Nate's attention in public as she can. So she progressively gets drunker and drunker as the night goes on. And also brief segue cat is also having a pretty bad night and she confesses to Maddie that she as much as she wants to. She just doesn't love Ethan and doesn't know what to do about it and feels like there's something wrong with herself. Basically, this party culminates in a shit show Cassie throws up and silently invite like very squarely in the hot tub and

Jae 26:53

everybody freaks out and speaking of a hot mess Jules ruin Eliot start to play Truth or Dare and very quickly turns to dirty Truth or Dare and meanwhile they run out alcohol so what do they do? Go rob a bodega and get some white claws or what look like white claws.

Angela 27:10

I think they're white claws.

Jae 27:11

And then unfortunately, Jewel sees Rue started to drink again which makes her uncomfortable as root and to this point, Jules thought was sober completely sober hence stopping the case. Jules then gets very sad and it's like why is he doing this what's happening? Elliot confesses that Rue had been doing drugs he didn't know her past and Jules Nellie have sex.

Angela 27:36

And then that takes us to Episode Five Dan still like the hummingbird so which is

Jae 27:40

a reference to a book by the same name by Henry Miller.

Angela 27:44

So in this episode, it's it's mainly your team

Jae 27:49

and my favorite labyrinth song.

Angela 27:51


Jae 27:52

I want to know what I think I know the words but it is very inappropriate. I want to make sure I'm gonna quote it right before I just say this is titled Yeah, I fucking did it from before it and original HBO series which is basically the way I would describe this episode is run Rue run room has now been caught doing drugs again. She fights with her mom fights with her sisters runs away from home when they're trying to get into rehab. She runs into traffic cars and a whole bunch of scene she steals from a family she's going completely nuts and frankly watching the episode I felt like I was running a marathon like you're just running with her for a good 45 minutes of this episode. are wrapping back when she finds out or her mother finds out it's from Jules and Ellie who are there to help obviously doesn't really help and runs away and ends up at her dealers house after trying to pay up for the drugs through objects and metals and Kashi stolen her dealers like yeah, no I needed all in cash, which is where Rue was like I need a fix. I need something and this is where the things of the drug dealer get real sketchy because first red flag which we all were kind of anticipating she says the great thing about being a woman is that even we don't have money, you still have something men won't take that for what you will and being that she had no more drugs. I do not know drugs very well. So pardon me for the inaccuracy and this being that she had no drugs for route to snort she gave her ones through needles which go directly into your bloodstream. During that process though she poked extra holes which kind of confused me but apparently someone said she was doing it like to prep other areas.

Angela 29:32

I didn't notice that part. She

Jae 29:33

went in then out and poked another hole and then mixed in with the blood and then put it in Oh, I did not notice

Angela 29:39

that. I don't do well with the needles. I was not watching very closely.

Jae 29:43

So she gives through drugs and then Rue wakes up the next morning. Well Rue wakes up we don't know if it's the next morning. It's kind of alluded to it might not be in that she's been passed out there and obviously there's the drug dealer and bodyguards and her loud parrot and roosters Do escape eventually does and runs up yeah I

Angela 30:02

think the only note from my team in this episode is that When Rue was running around she does run to the Howard's house where her mother thought that she would be and she had all of his friends there ready to stage an intervention however in true addict fashion rude to flex and turns the situation upside down and outs Cassie his secret relationship with mate to Maddie and the rest of their friends.

Jae 30:27

Oh my god, wait You You forgot the most important part of your last episode. I did air gains fake peeing penis.

Angela 30:34

Oh, that wasn't I was wondering where that was because that wasn't in my summary. Right? Okay, well, well, we'll touch on that.

Jae 30:40

Eric Dane fake penis the season actually pees because he pees on the floor of his house

Angela 30:45

as his way to apparently mark his territory and also burn it down. And we are episode six

Jae 30:50

1000 A little trees of blood, which is the title episode reference is aligned to Frederick Garcia orcas poem, the martyrdom of St. Lucia

Angela 31:00

we're gonna go with Eulalia you all sounds right. Oh, we'll check we'll check the pronunciation but we're going with you Alia

Jae 31:06

in this episode Re is restart her 12 steps of asking for forgiveness and apologizing her sponsor comes over to cook dinner with the younger sister as roux is going through withdrawal. Take it away.

Angela 31:19

Yeah. Oh, what happens here with my team. So cat has kind of been operating a little bit outside of the group for most of the season. And some say that that's because the director and Barbie Barbie did not get along very well. Yeah, so and this season, she again has one of the best scenes of the season though, when she attempts to break up with Ethan by gaslighting the hell out of should we reenact it? Oh my god. Yes. Okay. I'm Cat. You're Ethan. Okay. Okay. Oh my god, talk to you later. Bye. Hi. Sorry, I was on the phone so long. No problem. Like,

Unknown Speaker 31:53

why'd you call me? Oh, why?

Angela 31:55

You know, just to hang out? Okay. You just seem busy lately. Oh, well, I didn't want to worry or anything. But I actually I have a brain disorder and I'm going to die. So yeah,

Jae 32:06

well, what is it?

Angela 32:07

I trust me, you don't want to know it's okay. You're just going to get caught up googling it. And then when I die, it's going to be really sad because you're going to know everything and you're not going to be able to get over me so it's just better if you don't know are you breaking up with me? What God no, like, I mean, I have to like it's you. I'm gonna use don't want to know it's okay. It's better off if we're not together. So

Jae 32:28

you want to break up? Do you want to break up? And that continues for about five minutes.

Angela 32:33

Amazing scene again. We will link that one. So while that's happening, Maddie now knows that her best friend and ex boyfriend who she wants to get back together with have secretly been carrying on behind her back the whole time. And she's plotting her revenge on what to do. However, what she does not know is that they are both equally prepared to match her crazy for crazy and because now Nate is seriously afraid because he knows that Maddie will do something. Oh, the gun. Yeah, because he knows that Matty's like number one thing is that she's super loyal, and she hates if people are disloyal, so he decides to act crazier than she will and plays a game of Russian Roulette in her bedroom with his head because he knows that she doesn't want to see anything bad happened to him. So he gets she gives up the tape of his father and jewels so that there's no collateral out there that can hurt him and then he heads over to Kathy's house and asked her to move in with

Jae 33:31

him. Fay the friend of vezes go and take the trash out and her boyfriend coming to say hey, I ratted buzz and ashtray to the cops helped me to get a good deal. And then the episode ends with Nate drive and Jules house and oh yeah, given her the tape that he got from it,

Angela 33:52

because he knows that she'll destroy it and won't do anything with it. Which leads us

Jae 33:57

into episodes seven and eight seven named the theater and it's double which is a reference to a book by the same name French playwright Anton R. Todd, but the most important thing is tomorrow night's episode all my life My heart has yearn for a thing I cannot name is a reference to Madla by Andre Burton As quoted by Hunter S. Thompson. His Hells Angels motorcycle gay

Angela 34:22

Oh, Hunter S. Thompson lived amongst the Hells Angels Gilmore Girls, Logan said that to Rory to get her to jump during the life and death brigade stuff. That's where that came from

Jae 34:32

full circle. But season seven. Episode Seven is part of the two part finale which will lead us into our part two of our podcast and the rest. But Lexi's play titled our life gets put on which is obviously art imitating life very directly, very clearly. Filming of it is great. You kind of go back to see everything through Lexi's perspective from Ruth's father dying to Cassie and her father leaving too Maddie and Nate getting together to Lexi and ruwan roof preparing for high school.

Angela 35:08

Yeah, you get a lot of events that have only been alluded to or described then put on through Lexi's perspective and I think what's really great about this episode as it starts out with Lexi asking fesko what he thinks people are going to think of it because she's starting to get scared because she hasn't told anyone in her life that she's writing a play on them and she's hoping that they're all going to know that it's coming from good intentions and that she's not trying to be cruel but I don't know what do you think rule good,

Jae 35:38

I think fine as this is leading into the finale, the other big plotline is she saved a seat for fez fez CO has been helping through best CO has not shown up as in we think something with the police and ashtray are gonna start to happen that's kind of going on as far as running super late to the production and obviously as everyone's saying this we love the fact that Rue is having a ball walking lift.

Angela 35:59

She is completely in love with it. I was really afraid when she was Lexi was talking about her dad dying but it's it's all seems sweet.

Jae 36:07

I don't think it's cool that she put it in there that's not her story to tell. I understand why the dynamics but this the way the episode ends is with a scene representing Nate Jacob played by Ethan who is a jack of all trades he plays parents mothers fathers teachers photographer everyone wages was everyone every he's a great swing in this play him representing Nate on the football team working out in the gym together similarly into the style of the intro to episode three and cows Homer aka this is Nate they do a montage to the song holding out for hero by Bonnie Tyler

Angela 36:44

so it Ethan as mate with the rest of the football team in the weight room slash locker room just completely getting it on to the song

Jae 36:54

Nate obviously is not pleased storms off. Cassie follows him he

Angela 36:58

kicks her out of his house and tells her she needs to leave because that's her sister

Jae 37:03

and the episode ends with Kathy's steam and big eyes glaring through the glass pane looking back into the theater.

Angela 37:11

So what we can tell from the previews for the next episode. I think Cassie is gonna storm the stage

Jae 37:16

and Maddie is going to fight Cassie on stage in front of the entire school for each team we each get one prediction for team and I'm really waiting for Maddie to kick Cassie that's I think we all are that's like my big curtain for I cannot

Angela 37:30

wait for it like anyone who was like Team gassy and like euphoria, Super Bowl why? I don't get it. Okay, what's your one? I think ashtrays going to jail.

Jae 37:41

No on your team.

Angela 37:42

Oh on my team. Okay. Oh my god. I just think like Maddie is going to be at Cassie. Cassie is going to get a good few good hits in for Lexi and I think when Nate gets home from this owl is going to be there. Yeah, I don't think we've seen the last of

Jae 37:56

Cal Jacobs I think you'll probably haven't seen the last cow Jacob. Yeah, I

Angela 38:00

think he's popping back up.

Jae 38:02

Okay, and then for my team my own prediction is one of my lovely team members for today will be killed.

Angela 38:09

Like I don't know which one but one of them.

Jae 38:12

Yes. And like you said you think Ashley's going to jail? Yeah, so you won't hear a gap we're going to take a gap and see after the finale. Bye guys

we're back scary movie that's from but it's from one and I was like mid like gargle so it actually got like the high Elmo pitch I wasn't aiming for but you're welcome listeners are predictions for pretty spot on. Yeah,

Angela 38:39

we weren't wrong, but we weren't fully right either. I said someone on my team was gonna die. Okay, that's true. Yours is fully correct. were you screaming during that whole scene? And I could assume so from the text that you sent me but oh, we're starting at the beginning. Yeah,

Jae 38:54

we're starting at the beginning. soon as that happened, like I knew it was going to happen. But like Sam Levenson, I have like a big bone to pick with him some scenes like doesn't day running every few seconds moving to the camera turning running in the trash can out of the trash can running away from the dawn and then some scenes like the spoilers but we'll try to do spoilers light first murder of the night just to lingered on that scene too long I almost fast forward it cuz I'm like I can't handle this right like, Oh, I was gonna warn you more but then use it to stop playing anything so I was like, Okay, I won't say anything to you scenes let it's not a quick thing.

Angela 39:30

Honestly, it sounds really bad. But I was pretty much fine with it. The thing that really got me was just ash why buddy? That was really dumb. That was so dumb. I don't And here's the thing. Have we even covered? Do we know how old Ash is in the series? Is he 1110?

Jae 39:48

I said 12 But you said 10 or 11?

Angela 39:51

Okay what whatever age he is get it but come on, man. You run the security for the entire operation and you didn't think to check if There

Jae 40:00

was a wire involved ashtrays 14 In the first season of euphoria Oh, he was okay just kind of terrifying because it's an actor is six years old. Let me just see what they mean by that maybe he started acting when he was six mm hmm Okay, he's 40 plays a 14 year old though which is the important in season one he's 11 So season two would be 12 which would make controller 13 Most were in the range. Okay, my first few notes from this part started with going back to the positives in the suit is fire fitted black tie perfection chef's kiss and then I said my left column was a WTF using your hands because everyone is cited in the scene like why are you signaling with your hands then my next notice says the farmer and Little House on the Prairie got it? Okay. I'm Lexie and Jackson Belleville similar three and at 34 and four

Angela 40:54

they would be they would be a perfect cross series pair before before we get into that my big note is I wrote down I don't want to Google the scraps I want to peel back the layers all the men take note when he's when he's talking Alexi through their little montage and they're talking about getting to know people and he

Jae 41:10

says I'm literally Lexie Fuck my life other than the writing thing that Angela how so? Okay, what

Angela 41:15

makes you think you're Lexi?

Jae 41:17

I mean, I think the whole episode shows the whole like storyteller versus story participant very into changing people let things happen versus making things happen until the play obviously.

Angela 41:30

And how does that make you feel?

Jae 41:32

I mean, I've been working on it since college so Lexi has a few more years to get her shit together. But it was very like I could see myself in Lexie,

Angela 41:39

I could see myself a little bit in Lexie too, but mine came later in the episode

Jae 41:44

now back to the moment we've all been waiting for our life starts off with Cassie dragon breathing on the door. She had her I'm gonna throw up like in the hot tub face again kinda like you she has like one kind of face that you can't really read but you know it's not good.

Angela 42:02

Okay, one I don't like Cassie with stick straight hair. That is not a good look on her.

Jae 42:07

I think it's also the middle part. Yeah, too. I

Angela 42:09

am not liking her with Nate Jacobs hairstyle. I love how they decided to like have her whole walk down the aisle up to the stage like essentially announced through like Godzilla stomps

Jae 42:22

and the best part is the scene she interrupted the carnival from season one.

Angela 42:28

So meta Cassie fighting Cassie

Jae 42:29

when I saw fake Maddie in the I don't know if it's the real img outfit or the and inspired by one I was like oh my god they're doing the carnival. Cassie is interrupting the carnival scene.

Angela 42:40

Mm hmm. I know I love of all the things that Lexi decided to put in there she put that in there is no way even if she and Lexi were on the best of terms they were best friends and sisters. That would not be okay to put in.

Jae 42:54

And then I said I liked what Cassie bringing up the underprivileged females of Afghanistan and then bringing that other girl who brought up like the 325 for the other fruit. I believe it was or for something.

Angela 43:10

Oh yeah, for the orange. I wonder is that actually I'm going to have to go back and see if that's actually in season one.

Jae 43:16

I love the guy who said what I think Angela would hopefully say which is is this part of the play?

Angela 43:21

Maybe I don't know I could see myself more just sitting there being like okay, this is it. I don't think I didn't or I could see myself far more being the I forget the stage directors name is really bad. I've just been calling her squeaky all season, but I could see myself just sitting there and being like, Yes, this is part of the play. This is the genius of Lexi Howard. Just let it play. We'll do a poll on our Instagram and huge shout out to Sue's I loved her up there trying to defuse the situation. Keyword drying played by Ethan Yes. And actual Sue's who came on stage.

Jae 43:52

Well, yeah, but when she comes on stage She's like and me played by Ethan and then brings him out. Yes, Holly steals martyrs boyfriend.

Angela 43:59

Okay, that is the truth. That is truly the greatest audience participation right there. When whoever that girl was, was like wait, Holly steals Marta's boyfriend and then Maddie starts answering her from her seat, which then takes us into the greatest event that we have all been waiting for. Since Maddie found out the beatdown of Cassie Howard, which I loved. And I'm also disappointed by we do not support violence against women. There we go. That's the word but Maddie and Cassie have not had this argument and we have been waiting for it. Did they argue or did they just fight? So that's where I'm a little torn on this. So okay, first of all, I love that Maddie just decided that she needed to go up on stage and insert herself into the situation. I then love Kathy's response where she's totally willing to take on her sister, the other girl that's playing her and her mother but not Maddie. And then she decides to run away. Cassie is smart. She knows who she can date. Yeah, pretty much but then as we see Maddie chasing her like she's not giving it her all so Did you know she kind of really doesn't want to catch Cassie and hurt her

Jae 45:03

she smashes Cassie into a wall. That was a light

Angela 45:06

smash though it wasn't like a true Hulk Smash. It was like, I want to make you feel it. But I'm also like pulling my punches Smash. We saw the montage earlier in the season where Maddie was like really going hard on like girls that she was like slamming their heads into walls. Like she was pulling back with Cassie, which is part of what I like as well because she's like, you can tell like she's still recognizing like, this is my best friend. Like, I'm so insanely mad at her but I don't want to hurt her. No. Do you have other thoughts?

Jae 45:36

I mean, I felt vindicated. But we can continue. Well, I

Angela 45:39

mean, how were How did you interpret it?

Jae 45:42

I thought Maddie kicked your butt. She could have picked her up more and I think Maddie took it easy because also Maddie knows that like she didn't want to be arrested for manslaughter.

Angela 45:51

I mean, I still think there's like a few lines before manslaughter but I think where Maddie is like true justification feelings of indication might have come in where like with Cassie realizing that she was no better than Maddie later on in the episode and we could talk about that when that comes

Jae 46:08

then ru goes or there's a flashback where ru goes to see Elliot and thanks him for saving her life and giving him credit and then he sings a song to her which is kind of a downer mid fight well kind of ends provide is the transition out of the fight. And once again I think he got to sing the full song I was very good and did not skip through it. It was a nice song I get the point I get where they want it to lead to but like I was on a high with Maddie and Cassie and this just was like we get it Roos crying she's embracing her feelings I want to go watch Cassie get more injured

Angela 46:43

I just I don't understand the point of Elliot at this point I get what he was trying to say through his song and everything but I just I don't see him he's not giving main character energy anymore. He came in hot at the beginning of the season and now I'm just like your time has ended he's the stage Yeah, he was Roos new friends. He was making a very like clear space for himself in her life a clear space not as big but also a space in his life and after everything that's happened there just I don't see that connection anymore.

Jae 47:17

Oh, well yeah, I get that friendship but I don't think that was main character energy. I think this season was like Cassie main character energy. And free was

Angela 47:25

definitely the observer this season. She needed

Jae 47:28

a break. But yay, in women supporting women through rallied and cheered for Lexi to continue the play after the short little incident. And she dedicated it to fesko Even though he couldn't be there because now flashing back to his apartment, he has to deal with cleaning up his little brother's mess and definitely going Is it too much of a spoiler if I say going to jail? No. Yeah, I could definitely go into jail. Yeah, but they intertwine this with the scene with our first spotting of the six five Ozzie with a bad American accent Nate Jacobs truck driving to cows building where he is with a bunch of sex workers one could presume and tries to work out all of his daddy trauma issues. I went

Angela 48:15

through so many not emotions, but just so many different thoughts. They're like first in the car. Oh my god is Nate Jacobs gonna kill himself then getting out of the car. Oh no. Who is Nate Jacobs gonna kill oh god is Nate Jacobs gonna kill his father and then finally again is Nate Jacobs gonna kill himself it was a roller coaster. I thought

Jae 48:33

it was gonna shoot off his penis at one point at the position of the gun and I got kind of connected to them when he saw the USB turns in his father and then my comment to wrap this scene up as Nate is bad native bad Nate is bad but great jawline

Angela 48:46

and I also think again given the fact that we have him and Eric Dane standing next to each other I think that is enough to fully support the fact that Jacob elordi is actually six seven and not six five

Jae 48:58

that would be on account that Eric Danes height is correctly reported as well. Yes, of which I'm going to believe our Lord and Savior Google is all knowing there. I've had Google three times in the past month tell me people with the same last names who were siblings are not and it almost got me to give a very incorrect start a fake news scandal on this podcast. The climax of the episode this is like the spoiler for the episode it's not really a spoiler if you've been watching but like the confirmed like kapow moment so you have 321 Andrew will put a timestamp in the description the police come because phone that was recording the confession was no longer in service because it was put in a seven-up cup and the police are there to rain and Lesko decides that

Angela 49:42

he is going to take the rap for this Pels ash to get out run out surrender himself say that he had nothing to do with it. He's absolutely going to take the fall. And then ashtray young dumb kid that he is decides that he wants to go out in a gunfight with the police and locks himself in the bathroom. With an automatic weapon,

Jae 50:01

multiple automatic weapons all the guns and bullets in the vicinity. He takes everything

Angela 50:07

Yep. And I mean okay here here's my first point ashtray you know the layout of your apartment you know from where does go was outside of the door there are not many places that he could go and you still decide to shoot directly at him. Well, my

Jae 50:22

question is going to be do we know who shot this ashtray? That's what I thought. Yeah,

Angela 50:27

dude, you know, you're he's in the hallway, there's nowhere to go. What were you thinking, You dummy, and then you continue to shoot? Well, like

Jae 50:34

winding it back for a minute when the cop walks in. And like the gun, the laser is pointed at the first murder victim. And he like checks the pulse like really the blood and the open neck. We're going to check a pulse now.

Angela 50:50

I mean, there have been real life stories about people who have survived injuries like that for days. So like, not completely inaccurate, but I think inaccurate to the scene because I don't think that they actually like would have cared that much to check. Yeah, I don't think they would have cared

Jae 51:06

and then I wrote much worse than I expected. Not that we didn't all know how the scene was gonna end or what was gonna happen but like the amount of automatic bullets they just like let go through the bathroom wall or ASHRAE was having the shootout was like it was too much for me personally, like I started to feel like my nervous system. Like I felt like I was too close to that situation. Visceral

Angela 51:28

completely forgot about their grandmother in the bedroom. How has she not hit is she hit?

Jae 51:32

Are we ever gonna find out? Well, no, the quick little thing of we don't have in the grandma. And also Laurie was nowhere to be seen which all the spoilers told me something was gonna happen. So like a whole plotline is just like a gaping hole.

Angela 51:44

Wait like Laurie was in the preview for this episode. And a lot of the spoilers I read. Oh, I don't trust any of those.

Jae 51:51

I mean, they said that as we are getting to now rip ashtray. Yeah,

Angela 51:55

I mean, that one I don't think is so much of a stretch but particularly like where Laurie is concerned. I wasn't necessarily expecting to see her again. I think she is going to be a major player in the next season though

Jae 52:07

time will tell shootout obviously turns very south at one last insane attempt on our streets part plays dead, shoots the cop in front of him and then just knows it's over.

Angela 52:20

Because at that point, he has nowhere to go. And I don't know I haven't gotten back to that in my rewatch yet. But I am a little interested to see if he dropped the gun if he made a move to shoot again, or what was going on before he was shot.

Jae 52:37

No, the laser was just on his head. He was just sitting there. And then it went to Fez, yelling and crying. I really

Angela 52:41

don't like not knowing what's happened to fesko because as we've said he's been shot now arrested. I shot my ashtray laid on the ground for a very long time before the police picked him up. We know he's still alive. But are we going to see him in the hospital? Like what's going to happen?

Jae 52:59

Well, we'll round out Lexi's trips to the hospital in a lovely montage we got going back to the play.

Angela 53:05

I really thought that's where it was gonna end up.

Jae 53:08

I did not think it was fair for Alexi to use the real eulogy similarly to kind of like center this around ruse dad to death, who also thought it was okay to let her go to play alone. Lexi I know y'all aren't on the best terms right now. But like, did you think about giving her a heads up?

Angela 53:25

No, Lexi didn't think about giving anyone a heads up because she was incredibly naive concerning the reactions that the people portrayed would have.

Jae 53:35

But it's not even the reaction like it's not her story. But Lexi thinks it is her story. Yeah, no. And when she ends the play using the real photo of them, it's like, well, if you didn't already know that the story was actually about my life. And my friend group. Here's a photo of us cross the stage for you to know who the real people are in our life. aka my life.

Angela 53:56

Oh my god. Seriously? Also, I totally felt for Alexi in that moment because I have definitely been at funerals where people have brought cameras to take pictures because they're like, Oh, well the whole family is together. Let's get some updated pictures of everyone the Christmas card

Jae 54:12


Angela 54:14

no boy No, just don't do that guys.

Jae 54:16

I think the true queen moment was back in the bathroom with the girls of Cassie cat and Maddie. Maddie is icing her foot with no free fee content HBO but Maddie like looks over at Cassie and Cassie is trying to garner sympathy rebuild their friendship olive branch or something and Maddie just says it's only the beginning I believe is the line and then walks away

Angela 54:38

true mic drop moment Maddie all the way but seriously, like I think she's able to do that because you can see it set in in Cassius face that no matter what she thinks or feels like she is on this rollercoaster ride with Nate until he is done with her. Her time with Nate is not going to be any better than what she saw with Maddie because it's not an issue of her being better than Maddie her loving him more than Maddie being a better person anticipating more of his needs like nothing like that. It's just about how Nate wants to use her. And I think that's finally set again. You're stuck now girl with a really bad hairstyle and like the clothing is not flattering.

Jae 55:21

And that's saying a lot because Sidney Sweeney really can wear anything. She really

Angela 55:25

can. And the thing is, too, it's like some of the stuff that Nate Maddie in also didn't look good. It's just like, It's Nate. It's not them. It's Nate.

Jae 55:35

Nate doesn't pick out clothes correctly for women's bodies. What a shocker. Jules and Rue got a lovely little reunion at the end of the play. And they really liked that. Yeah, I thought it was good. And this season ends with rude bidding. She stayed clean through the school year, which I was like, oh my god, yay. And then I realized, oh my god, this is like spring semester. So like, what do we got, like two months? Like not as big of an accomplishment as I originally thought it was gonna be but still, progress is progress. I just thought like, I was like, Oh my gosh, like I made it through the next school year or something. I was like, oh my god, like that's a year what good for ruin. I was like, oh, no, the end of the school year. So like, we're in like, what? April? May? It may in June.

Angela 56:15

Yeah, it's I don't know. My prediction is that's where Lori's gonna come in. There's too much heat at the moment between the whole fesko Mouse her potentially kidnapping a teenager kind of thing. So I think she's probably going to scoop roo up during the summertime. See,

Jae 56:32

the sad thing is I don't even think she's going to need to do it. Maybe not.

Angela 56:36

I think I like to think that roo takes some time and really works on herself and then there's some kind of outside influence that happens to really pull her back in but you never know.

Jae 56:50

My thing is I don't think Laurie is good like you said a glorious gonna have to approach through I think Rue is going to be the one to approach I don't think it's going to be because she's like drugs again. But I do think like Ruth is going to talk to Lori not the other way around.

Angela 57:03

Do we think Cassie and Maddie are going to be friends in the next season? I

Jae 57:07

feel that euphoria has kind of kept their plot lines to the groups as in our first part of this episode. So for like Maddie and Cassie to not be at least in the same plotline I can't see happening. But like I don't necessarily think they'll be like good friends.

Angela 57:26

I could see at least another season before they're on regular speaking terms. I can see them like still floating around in the same way. I think Cassie is probably going to have to make some new friends that could possibly bring in some interesting additions but I think Maddie cat and is it BB? Yes, they're very squarely going to do their own thing. I would like to see Jules with them. I would like to see Jules spend more time with them just because I feel like otherwise. Who Who does she hang out with Elliot? I see. I didn't even get the impression that they were hanging out together. Eric Dane is

Jae 58:03

not dead Thank goodness he is arrested but as a good Christian father and builder upper of I don't know the school is East Highland. So maybe Highland city or wherever they live. I can't see him lasting in jail very long. Mm hmm.

Angela 58:18

I just Okay, so he's been arrested for solicit solicitation sex with a minor child pornography. Yeah, making and distributing pornography, which I don't think is necessarily prime. I think you just have to do it in a certain way. Like, I don't think is there a license or something? I don't know. Not looking that up because I don't want that on my computer. So sorry, guys. That's just not gonna make it into the show notes.

Jae 58:45

I mean, at nonetheless, all of those things with a minor would be a yes. Yes.

Angela 58:51

So I don't interesting. That's just that's so dark. Literally an episode ago, or two episodes ago. Nate just promised Jules that she was the only one to have that video. Then he's like, just kidding. There's a copy handing it over to the police. Well, we

Jae 59:05

don't know that Jules is on the team. But as far as we know, she was the only minor Yes, but statistically, I

Angela 59:12

would say no, I mean, possibly, like if we eliminate like known facts, Cal Jacobs has been arrested or so if it doesn't involve a minor solicitation. How long can he actually be in jail? So it's like did Nate and Nate has always been so calculated. So did he decide that blowing up his entire family's reputation was worth his father's unhappiness, because a few episodes ago, he highly valued that reputation and would do anything that he could to protect it, I guess, kind of like understanding that motivation is where I'm still at.

Jae 59:44

I mean, I think he says that but I don't think that's really true. His actions don't show that I don't think he gives a crap about his family's reputation. So then

Angela 59:51

Wi Fi, it's so hard to get that tape back from Maddie is it just because he had it so Maddie couldn't have it because she would cook To him,

Jae 1:00:00

I mean, read it. And the internet's theory is that Nate's in love with

Angela 1:00:04

tools. Oh, yeah, he totally is. He wants them all to be jewels. So

Jae 1:00:08

how would that not be enough to get the tape back? Like that's not worth it enough for you to think what he would do? You did? He would do what he did. I mean it

Angela 1:00:16

is but just the way that He's so bold the way that he boldly pursued the avenue that he did to get the tape back made me feel like it was more about his father and his family at the time, but it could all relate back to Jules,

Jae 1:00:30

I mean, are you putting his father and his father issues in the same category? Yes. Do you think they belong in separate categories? Well, like you would put your problems with dad and the way daddy issues affect the rest of the world in the same category? Yes,

Angela 1:00:43

I don't know because I feel that if it was mainly about joules, it would have been far easier for him to just step away from the Cassie of it all play a longer game with Maddie and then get that tape back

Jae 1:00:58

but Jules wants nothing to do with him. At least Cassie is blonde. Yeah. And you could also think he's mattifying Maddie firing her but like also the colors was Jules thing Maddie were darker colors and more traditional, like bad bitch things. And that's not what Cassie is wearing.

Angela 1:01:14

I don't know I didn't necessarily think of him so much as trying to make Cassie into Maddie so much as just getting to play with a living doll and liking the different forms that he had. And he's just not that good at dress up. I'm sorry.

Jae 1:01:27

I don't know. But we can all be great. Everyone in the Jacobs family survived for season three.

Angela 1:01:31

Okay, you know what I'm really curious about though. So you know in the Jacobs family house when you in like that very first pilot episode when Nate walks upstairs and he walks by the family photo. They have three sons. We've only met two. Where's the third? Yeah,

Jae 1:01:46

he's never been mentioned fan theories wanted to be Elliot

Angela 1:01:49

interesting. Why Elliot?

Jae 1:01:51

I don't know. But in his interview on Jimmy Fallon, where he also confirmed Tom data he talked about that being one of the theories and biblica right it has a point how so? What what is the point? I don't know. He didn't say you can put it in the show notes. What you think read what you think. Right? It has to say

Angela 1:02:06

okay, I'll check it out. But also just really quickly on Tom data, HBO, you missed such an opportunity. You should have put Tom Holland in the first half of our life he belonged on that football team

Jae 1:02:20

that wouldn't do anything though to progress his career I'm just surprised no one on tick tock has taken that and montage it with the umbrella of Lip Sync Battle yet

Angela 1:02:30

I hope someone does like I really I really hope they're able to do that. Maybe find a way to get him out of the lingerie and into the football pants

Jae 1:02:38

objectifying Tom Holland 2022 Ladies and gentlemen all day

Angela 1:02:43

every day over here also just putting it out there Tom Do you can call me both of you to triple why not? Yeah, all sign NDAs whatever. What is it that was the thing right from call her daddy? Like the girl who went home with Leonardo DiCaprio. She had to sign an NDA before she got in the house. I'll look it up for the show notes. I'll go back and listen to some call her daddy. There you go. That would have been fantastic. I'm trying to decide if there was anything that I that was missing from this season. Hot take I need Jules to apologize to rule for sleeping with Elliot.

Jae 1:03:13

I need them to admit they slept together first.

Angela 1:03:15

I think ru knows. I agree they need to admit to it, but I think she knows and I need Jules to admit that she fucked up because she was in a committed monogamous relationship and she completely called ru out for having a crush on Elliot at the beginning of the season, which I also don't think was ruse crush. I think that was Jules having a crush and pushing that externally onto real and making her work through her feelings for her

Jae 1:03:43

better to be Lexi and work it out on stage. Seriously though,

Angela 1:03:47

should we do some predictions for season three or maybe do like a quick thing on where we would like to see the season go I'm

Jae 1:03:54

breaking news Season Three will not be out until 2024

Angela 1:03:59

I'm sorry what I'm trying to fact check

Jae 1:04:01

this app as we speak but I'm not confirming it that is so short euphoria season early stay Thailand blah blah blah Season Three however there's no news on whether or season three will be released.

Angela 1:04:14

I would like to speak to the manager of euphoria Drake what's going on buddy apparently

Jae 1:04:20

I have a source coming in right now breaking news to prove this is true. I'm I'm not okay. It is still not sent so we can move on until I can confirm such facts.

Angela 1:04:30

Alright, so one starting out, obviously from the way that this story is being told either Ru is going to die at some point or she is told gonna die at some point or she is telling the story from the future to someone else possibly sharing her story in a rehab telling her story to another person. Maybe she's sponsoring something like that. That is the full way that we're looking at this or Rue is telling the story like from the dead. Do we think that might happen in season three? cuz the way

Jae 1:05:00

they want to like wrap up season three then yeah, they want the show to be over I mean possibly

Angela 1:05:04

just okay just looking at them though looking at mod appetite I feel like she has possibly changed the most since the first season to now so how much longer can these

Jae 1:05:14

guys play highschoolers like physically changed.

Angela 1:05:17

I thought she looked a lot older than she did in the first season, not like not to shade Maude Apatow and say she looks old. I think she just she no longer looks sophomore like to me. Oh, I

Jae 1:05:29

very much disagree. I don't think she looks any different. My question is like, did she change or did he? Did she just get a lot more screentime?

Angela 1:05:35

I don't know. I'm about to go back and watch season one and two together and I will let you all know but yeah, particularly if they are going to wait another two.

Jae 1:05:44

Okay, that told me nothing except that euphoria got renewed for season three. It didn't give me a date. Got it. Okay, but say we're okay. It's maybe the rivers are more likely to get a new season. We are unlikely to get a new season until 2024. Okay, remember this feeling now streaming? I'm hoping that the song because I'd rather not remembered the pain just made me under higher note. I always wear that. Actually this time as I go no tie. I know. It's a tie. But on first I didn't. Ain't need one fez doesn't look like he's in high school anymore

Angela 1:06:13

for being honest. No, he does not was never old enough to be in high school think why he was always like what he's got to be 20 in the series. 21

Jae 1:06:23

How old is Fresco and euphoria? Just 20s

Angela 1:06:26

I still kind of hoping not much older than 2122 though because Lexi's still 16. This is television. And we're not supposed to think about such things. But here we are. But do you do you have like one big prediction for season three,

Jae 1:06:42

I don't have a prediction. But I want Zendaya to stay sober.

Angela 1:06:46

I want that as well. I also want to see her have more time with GF in school. That could be cute. They could be sister BFF.

Jae 1:06:54

You can either have them go to school together, or you can have resold where you don't get both on euphoria. You don't get both at East Islander.

Angela 1:07:02

You don't get both. And on that note, thank you for listening to this.

Jae 1:07:05

What's your prediction? Oh,

Angela 1:07:07

my prediction is that Nate Jacobs will make a play for jewels in season three again, and I can see her being more open to it this time. Okay, and on that note, thank you for listening to this episode of In Omnia Paratus. Grab your coffee bowls. And don't forget to rate download and follow on Apple Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. As always where you lead will follow. So head on over to @inomniapod on Instagram and let us know what you'd like to hear about in the comments. Bye.

Jae 1:07:40

Oh, this was kind of dark. I just was like I'm gonna try to quote a character say something sassy. But I just pulled up the trailer for season one and right where it's like serious. We're June 16 is the day with the metallic tear. It just is feel something.

Angela 1:07:56

I mean, you could just go with bitch you're my soulmate.

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