It’s the first episode of 2021, so of course, we’re talking about fitness! The exercises we love and hate, and how we’ve had to adjust our mindsets to work on becoming our healthiest selves. Spoiler Alert: The answer is 0 push-ups, because you never need to earn food.

Show Notes

Hi Everyone! This is one of the first episodes Jae and I ever recorded in the Fall of 2020. We hope you enjoy, have a great laugh, and let us know what you think!

  • What do you all think of Jess and Paris? I still stand by the position that their kids would have amazing hair, but Jae doesn’t think they would work out
  • Today we are talking about fitness! Jae and I have always had different views of fitness, and today we’re just trying to work through our feelings and our fitness journeys
  • I still haven’t seen the pics of this spirit stick, so I’m very sad
  • The IT Band runs from the outside of the thigh, down to the knee
  • Changing your expectations is something we all should normalize, but especially when it comes to fitness goals, because being kind to your body is important
  • Jae’s fitness routines: dance videos, pilates, and strength training
  • This family member who told me to stop running is a PTA, Physical Therapist Assistant
  • “The workout you do is the workout for you” – Jae’s Pinterest
  • I just tried Jae’s interval dance videos and these are pretty fun:
  • The video above actually felt pretty Zumba like to me, so I think Jae should come with me post quarantine
  • Fit, flat, curvy, muscle-y, post-enhancement, or reduction – whatever your fittest self is, is your best self and we support you!
  • As you’ve heard, Jae had a reduction in 2020 and I wanted an enhancement, but it was put off until we are in a better place post-pandemic
  • We’ve since found out that the neck “shake weight” is a terrible idea, so the trial did not happen
  • Stranger from the bar who grabbed a fistfull of pants, remember to drop a comment and let us know if you were grabbing ass or trying to steal my wallet/phone!
  • I’m just going to leave this here:
  • Chronic illness and IBS are 2 of my least favorite terms and I’m still learning to speak about them openly, but hopefully this has been a little informative
  • Fact Check #1: IBS is not a catch all term, but it does have a wide array of symptoms that can affect all or only one part of your digestive system. The digestive system is actually made up of 5 parts, starting from the top at your esophagus and going down to your large intestine
  • Should we do a yoga series? Jae’s Edit: No. No we shouldn’t, but I’ll be your videographer. 
  • Also, should we bring back AVO Toast?
    Fact Check #2: Mindy Kaling actually has 6 short essays out as a part of her Nothing Like I Imagined (Except for Sometimes) release