You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream in it’s many forms, from sorbet, to gelato, to mochi, to non-dairy, and everything else in between. The temperature’s rising and we’ll take any form of this frozen treat if it will help us cool off. And if we’re being 100% honest, Jae was also curious about how long we could speak about about a seemingly simple topic. We’ll take you through our can’t miss flavors, some popular Bay Area locations, and of course tell you some fun stories along the way. Also, we’re spilling the ice cream on some of our upcoming episodes for the summer and a couple personal updates for ourselves. 

Show Notes

Jae 0:00

I pledge myself to the pod loyal I'll always be a p to start a D at the end, and an O sitting in between. Welcome back to In Omnia products where we still don't have a new intro. I'm Jae, like the letter.

Angela 0:18

And Angela, also known as AVO. One day we'll have a new intro. Maybe? Who knows, maybe we'll just be stuck with this forever.

Jae 0:26

I like winging it. Some things, you can wing it, not restaurants. But some other things. I think going in is fine.

Angela 0:33

Some days you don't need a zagat.

Jae 0:35

Does that still exist?

Angela 0:36

I think so. I haven't seen a physical one. But I feel like it has migrated into an online presence.

Jae 0:43

Do you think Yelp has like out done as a gut? Because? Or would it just be a different audience?

Angela 0:50

I feel like it's a different audience. I feel like Yelp has almost gotten a little too close to social media where people are more interested in what others have to say in terms of an entertainment value, rather than actually seeking out their opinions as experts.

Jae 1:08

I'm more just go to see what time restaurants open. And if they take reservations.

Angela 1:13

And if they potentially have a faster delivery option, then what I don't know say a restaurant has like their own delivery service. But you can only order their delivery through Yelp versus having to order on doordash or grubhub. Uber Eats Well, why

Jae 1:27

does that have you doing it faster?

Angela 1:29

Oh, well ordering directly from the restaurant. Like they have their own courier who they have employed to take the food out to the people versus like an Uber Eats. I don't use it very often. But yesterday, I found out that you actually have to like pay a priority fee to have your food brought directly to you. Otherwise, you sort of like get in a line. And your driver might have picked up your food. But then it might sit in the car for three or four deliveries before it gets to. Oh, you

Jae 1:55

didn't know that? I didn't know that. Yeah, they used to show you how many stops your driver had before your food got dropped off?

Angela 2:01

Oh, yeah, not sure if I'm a fan of it. It said that. So I paid for priority yesterday, and it said it was going to be $1 extra and then the price jumped $10.

Jae 2:11

The price of the meal.

Angela 2:12

Yeah, the price of the overall delivery. I was expecting it to go up by $1. And it went up 10.

Jae 2:18

Can you like ride into Uber customer service?

Angela 2:20

I think I'm going to like I just want to know like, Is there something that I didn't understand? Like it's $1 extra for priority delivery plus a $9? tax or fee? For sure. It wasn't the tip? No, I don't think so. Because usually it's like you verify the price and then you add in the tip.

Jae 2:37

I don't use Uber Eats doordash has you do it before you submit.

Angela 2:40

Right. Something to look into for a later day. But Jae, How hot is it today?

Jae 2:46

No, Very Actually, it's the first day it's been really foggy over here.

Angela 2:50

Oh, nice. Well,

Jae 2:53

sun's coming out.

Angela 2:54

It's still technically early.

Jae 2:56

Is it?

Angela 2:56

I mean, in terms of weather temperature or time of day? Yes. It's still technically early. Okay, fine. But yes, for those of you who don't live near us and don't know we went through quite a heat storm heat wave heat. I don't know apocalypse. It got really hot.

Jae 3:14

I heard that happened.

Angela 3:15

Did you not experience it? I felt like we experienced it.

Jae 3:18

No, this place gets a pretty good breeze. Oh, I have all the windows open. It's fine. We took a walk with me it didn't get bad till the end of the walk. But

Angela 3:26

wasn't bad. Okay, well, post walk I came home and it was like 85 degrees in my house with the air on all in shade. It was awful. Oh,

Jae 3:36

did you hear what Texas is doing rolling blackouts? No. Oh, so I guess it could be a similar concept to what happened in winter, certain Wi Fi enabled thermostats, due to it being the power grid was not prepared for it to be as cold as it was in winter, they were not prepared for how hot it was being in summer. And for those of you who don't know, I didn't know this. Texas is the only state who runs on an individual state basis gas and electric grid. Whatever controls it. So basically parently allegedly, and follow up on this. Y'all do your own research. Texas is auto setting certain thermostats because everyone can't use AC they don't have enough power because they don't share with any other state. They're just screwed. So they're changing people's temperatures. I'm like leaving it at like a solid 80 degrees.

Angela 4:26

Oh, Texas, see. And I think the whole idea of Texas operating on their own power grid and everything was because they had their legislators on behalf of the people decided that, you know, we we can control ourselves. We can do what's right, we can use the power when we need it. And when we don't, we won't use it. We know how to self regulate ourselves. But I think they've proven that they can't and now they're in this giant mess. Ted

Jae 4:52

Cruz and climate change. It's fine. He can just go back to Cabo. Oh, I

Angela 4:57

forget. I forget who it was. Maybe it was Steven Cole bear, he was making the joke about how Texas is currently trying to fund their own border wall just for their state. And he's like, oh, Texas, he's like, I feel bad for you that you have to build a wall to keep your senator out of Mexico. But yeah, it's been really hot. I've been eating a ton of ice cream. And that's what we're going to talk about today. I did it. I got there in seven minutes. Thank you.

Jae 5:26

Yes, we were brainstorming topics for the summer and I wrote ice cream down. And when I told people everyone was kind of confused and curious. One, I have a lot to say on anything and everything. But to this is also kind of a challenge to see how long we can keep this conversation interesting about ice cream. I think we can go on quite a while. The first thing we'll start off with is I remember there used to be a Baskin Robbins near my school and on their 31 cent scoop days. The line was hours long. Oh,

Angela 5:57

I totally forgot about that. So I haven't made many trips into a Baskin Robbins, but that sounds fantastic. And what was the payout? Like? Did you get like it? Was it 31 cents her scoop like 31 cents? got you one scoop and that was it? No, you could do as many scoops for 30 with us. I

Jae 6:13

think my mom got it. My mom kept me at three.

Angela 6:16

Oh my gosh. Okay, that's pretty awesome.

Jae 6:18

So as a child like what were the ice cream shops like they're the big ones like Baskin Robbins Cold Stone phenols spindles, spindles centers wheel. Is that what it's called in his mind? overbalance? Yeah, yes. Okay. Yeah, I wasn't sure I was getting that one confused with the one year college.

Angela 6:35

Oh, no, that was farrells farrells. Yes, what would be

Jae 6:39


Angela 6:40

I don't know. And they all go for that like yield fashion soda shop theme Oh, which I actually found out from a Tiktok video. So this is not a substantiated source. But this is very interesting. Apparently everything that we see from Old English where it says ye old ye anything though why sound is actually supposed to be a th they just didn't have enough room on the printing press. So they subbed it out for the next letter that it looks like with the two written together. And so apparently the th in the form of print looked similar to a y so they substituted it for the Y knowing that people then wouldn't know what it was but we read it with a Y and have now completely destroyed language

Jae 7:25

Americans not very surprising. Also when you say yield soda shop and like you're not even confusing like Victorian and Regency for bridgerton you're mixing up like universes there. Oh, yeah, completely. Yes. And I forget anyone's from childhood. Other than that I can only name local ones which will give neighborhoods and I'm not ready to be murdered yet.

Angela 7:45

Fair. very fair, I think. Oh my gosh. Yes, McDonald's SOPs are make flurries their Sundays. But I think the big one locally, at least but also within California would be Lourdes

Jae 8:01

never been

Angela 8:02

so good. I'm taking you they do ice cream sherbert sorbet, so you have a good mix.

Jae 8:08

I don't know why I'm stopping. I mean, one where I live, it's typically colder. So going out for ice cream isn't as ideal. However, as the Gilmore Girls do teach us it's better to eat ice from the cold because then it does not melt.

Angela 8:24

Unless you're someone who likes melted ice cream like me. Yep. I'm the weirdo. Do you

Jae 8:30

like your soda flat to pens on the soda?

Angela 8:36

But of course in true Angela fashion, when I found out that we were talking about ice cream, I had to look into some of the history of it. So Jay, would you like to take a guess as to when the earliest account of ice cream was in the world? Like the Ice Age? Like as long as there's been a fair but maybe you know when there were actual like people around to record eating it, enjoying it,

Jae 9:00

serving it. 1462 ad bc now whatever, whatever letters we have

Angela 9:07

now. Okay, ad i think i think that's what we're still using. But no, the first account of ice cream and its first form was actually in the second century BC enjoyed by the kingdom of Alexander the Great.

Jae 9:20

So England, Greece, Rome, the Soviet Union.

Angela 9:25

Um, a very wide expansive area, but in the summers, apparently he would call it for runners to go to the mountains. And what was he? Like?

Jae 9:35

What was like, was he the Russians? Like what? What what Empire like the Ottoman Empire? The Roman Empire? Like

Angela 9:45

I thought it was Roman. I could be wrong. Okay. I thought you were trying to like roll them all together, because at some point, they did have a very expansive reach, but I'm pretty sure it's Roman, mate. No, not Ottoman. Maybe. I don't know. I Don't know. Well, we'll fact check that. But yes, that is the first written account of it. So it was really more of a slushie. So it would be snow with honey and different, like fruit flavors poured on top of it. But in six in 600 ad the rulers of the Tang Dynasty actually have the first records of eating ice cream as we know it today with a milk base. Hmm, yeah, they actually have an entire freezing process as well where they would put it mixed they would add everything together mix it up, and then it would still be in liquid form. They'd put it in these giant metal pots and then lower it into an ice pool to let it freeze.

Jae 10:39

Can you give me like Lizzie McGuire slash Pee Wee Herman like many anecdote let the the the the Turkmen house the twin Coleman house the the mannequin, like walk me through a family who like did this ice cream journey? Okay,

Angela 10:55

um, we'll say Toy House. Okay. Do you have to give them names? Yes. Okay. Once upon a time in 600 ad, there was a family that once upon a time in 600 ad there was a family that lived in the Tang Dynasty at the base of the great palace, and they were known to have some of the best horse milk in the kingdom. So one day the Emperor reached out to them and asked for a new dessert their their horse milk was already like richly flavored with camphor and cardamom and other savory spices but he was looking for something new. He didn't want something that he could drink anymore. He wanted a food he wanted something delicious. So they went out to the mountains one day looking for some inspiration for their food desert. This new concoction and their youngest son stumbled and rolled through the snow and fell into and I know this is getting really weird. Okay, I

Unknown Speaker 11:59

I almost ended up with a freezing popsicle kid where

Jae 12:03

he fell into a cow like I don't know how we're getting.

Angela 12:06

No, I was gonna say he ended up like frozen in the pool. And then they had to like thawed revive him out like Meredith Grey style, but then Well, no, not cannibalism. They just they had to thaw him and bring him back to life. And then when he was brought back to life, he would say that the almighty food Gods had spoken to him and they instructed him that they should put their milk in the ice in the pool and let it freeze and pull it back out.

Jae 12:33

So you guys we can write our religious book too.

Angela 12:37

Yes, just with maybe a little more like coffee in the morning.

Jae 12:40

Speaking of concoctions one of my special treats and Li before they went super mainstream was to go to coldstone my uncle lives near Venice Beach and there was one right there and it was a treat I could get similarly to AAA I didn't know AAA was a chain because I don't want to get I discovered because I didn't discover AAA but there weren't any. There was only this one on the Santa Monica promenade that I would always go to where my mom and I would go shopping down there and they weren't anywhere else. And I heard it was a chain I think started in Seattle. I don't know really it could I could be wrong. Could be LA I don't know. The point was I thought it wasn't like a local place but I didn't think it was national either. You know how you set a glorious isn't there's not one location but they're all in California? Yes, I thought to pull I was centered in LA. So I would go to AAA and I would get cold stone I remember my first time in cold sun I was very confused because they show you all of the options that are premix or you could do it yourself and the Do It Yourself option always scared me. I also love the paddle and the ASMR of it.

Angela 13:44

Oh no, I was gonna say there's definitely a degree of anxiety that comes with building your own because what if you mess it up? I

Jae 13:50

mean, I don't have that fear. But like, I can appreciate your vulnerability. Ah,

Angela 13:56

got it. Okay, yeah, I'm the person when I go into coldstone I usually have to get two different mixtures because I'm particular about what flavors consistencies go together.

Jae 14:07

And you're also the batch monster ice cream melted like make it make sense.

Angela 14:10

Well, exactly. That's why if you end up with two different bowls of mix ins and ice cream flavors, you can decide like exactly how you want it to be like maybe you save one for later. Maybe you let one set out a little bit and then you enjoy it.

Jae 14:24

How do you mess up a cold stone mix?

Angela 14:26

Okay, say you put in Oreos and Reese's Pieces and butter finger that's just that's a lot of flavor and consistency happening. And then you have to pick the proper base that goes with all of those like for example, I don't like Reese's Pieces in vanilla, but I'm more likely to put an Oreo with a vanilla a coffee or a sometimes they have that Oreo cream flavor where it's like Oreo, just the cream and like you can't just put anything with those like you need your flavors to complement one another.

Jae 14:58

No, I get that but it's customizable, so

Angela 15:00

you know what you like. So how are you messing up if you know what you like, because what if I walk in and I know I think I know what I want, but then I see something and I have a craving or I have a flash of inspiration. So flash of inspiration like I'm not just going to like whip out my phone and be like, Oh, hold on, I need to make a note of this. So I can order it the next time. I'm in coldstone like three months later, like, No, I'm gonna get it at the same time.

Jae 15:24

I know. But I mean, I'm not saying My head is like an Excel sheet. But like, I know if I'm getting certain flavors, what I what flavors would complement them.

Angela 15:34

Oh, yeah, for sure. But you always have to account for the flash of inspiration. But you know, I was already going like, I'm interested in trying out this flavor. So I'm gonna just top it off, like onto this mixture that I've already made. No, it needs to be in a separate place.

Jae 15:52

I don't understand about this is like you know, you wouldn't order like Mountain Dew ice cream with chocolate fudge because it doesn't make sense. Other than that it's just a personal balance of sweet and savory and texture. But what about you go to fro yo shops or I mean Frankly, I think Froyo was harder than ice cream to do this with ice cream is easier because Frodo has the Tang that ice cream is don't that's why surveys are also more difficult. But I don't understand like what kind of weird inspiration is coming to your head like a pickle like a pregnancy craving.

Angela 16:25

Have you never been to ice cream shops that says like will specifically do that.

Jae 16:29

I've been to ice cream shops they do but I would never be inspired to get a pickle ice cream. And if I were I would think well what flavors Joyner when you eat a pickle I don't like pickles. So I don't know why I picked that as an example. But I would think of flavors that I would eat in real life that would compliment a pickle like so savory so like if they had like a chip like a crunchy chip chip pieces, or I would pick flavors I know are complimentary already. I wouldn't be like Oh, you know what I think could be weird peanut butter, which I do often it was a pregnancy craving but like is your inspiration like your inspiration? So trying to think of the word so not indulgent but so overpowering. You can't stop to think for a minute. Oh wait, maybe I don't want Oreos, and sprinkles and harmel in a lemon sherbert.

Angela 17:19

No, like, that's, that's fine. That's fair. But what I'm saying is that you get to separate bowls because I'm a bowl person, not a coding person. So that way, when you have like your inspiration flash, you don't have to alter what you've already set out to get walking into coldstone

Jae 17:36

No, I get that whole thing. But when you're like I'm nervous that things will go together. I'm like, Oh, well, no,

Angela 17:42

even though I'm out and I'm like, Huh, like Oreos, gummy worms. That was great. When I was six. Do I still like it now? Oh, no. What if it doesn't go? Well? What do I do? Then?

Jae 17:52

Take the gummy worms out and eat them separately. Let them thaw because they've been a little cold in the bed over your ice cream. I feel like we're trying to defuse the bomb with like the way you decide what to put in your cold stone topic.

Angela 18:03

Sometimes that's what it feels like sometimes I walk out of cold storage and I only have the ice cream because I can't decide about what I want to mix in. Oh, you're like Demi Lovato? Does does she also have similar ice cream anxiety.

Jae 18:14

Now, Demi Lovato was on the news. I don't really want this to like be the focal point. So I'll say basically, Demi Lovato went into a Photoshop which is one of our trigger foods for eating disorder, and which countries a whole bunch of things that said gluten free, vegan sugar free, all of the stuff got triggered and walked out yet Rovio tried to conduct a small business. And they were what we want to accommodate for other people and like, but it wasn't obvious to me that the food was meant for people with these special but like dietary restrictions. And so I'm more than willing to help the store and kind of what the general consensus is with everyone is got mad, put a small business on blast for triggers. And if it's not the business is roughly to accommodate our eating disorder. Because what if I don't have celiac, but I just want the gluten free option, right? I don't need move making people like actually break HIPAA to like buy ice cream or fremea, which is ridiculous. I understand as a trigger food that well, they should put the labels on there, but it's like people want you to have to disclose their medical conditions. And to you're not actually getting over your trigger of going into the Froyo shop if it's organized the way you would do it because then you're just controlling something out of your control.

Angela 19:22

Okay, I don't think I'm like that though. Because I mean, I don't put it on the person making my coldstone like, Oh my gosh, like if this is not

Jae 19:29

I met your whole like, what was the like sometimes I'll just walk out without any toppings because I couldn't decide not your mentality.

Angela 19:36

Oh, yeah, no, but that's that's my personal choice. If I can't make the decision, then it's just like, I am just going to get the ice cream because I know that I enjoy the ice cream on its own.

Jae 19:45

Yes, this is what we call a joke, Boomer. Oh, gotcha. I

Angela 19:51

don't know. I think my my humors broken. Yeah, basically, I can't tell if it's still like the post concussion or what girl at some I'm not concussion is like no longer an excuse actually post concussion syndrome can linger for six months

Jae 20:06

so what till my birthday?

Angela 20:08

No I think like maybe like September Okay, yeah, August maybe August. Yes I can count properly but yeah, well okay, well interesting enough you've provided a segue How do you feel about like the non dairy ice cream options because I know that that's something that we've both been exploring recently. I love them sometimes I really like them more than the regular ice cream which makes me feel really bad because I love ice cream so much unpopular opinion Halo top is crap. Oh, it's disgusting it's disgusting.

Jae 20:38

I was so disappointed because every every influencer in their mother liked it said it was so great. It's terrible in terms of nondairy the closest base I've found is oat milk and I like it better than coconut milk has coconut oil or coconut cream is a very similar consistency but I don't you can't get rid of the coconut flavor no matter what you do and that's fine if you were consistency but oh bases you can it's still similarly creamy almonds are to AC they're more of like a slushy icy kind of consistency it was one I've had it if you want to go healthier the Ben and Jerry's have like this line that are like half the calories is still milk still everything and just like a little bit healthier. Which is what I would go for rather than non dairy the non dairy are fine and like a bar or chocolate or when you mix it but on their own. I have not tried one that compares to real ice cream, but apparently there are these high protein ice creams which are milk dairy everything that I want to try.

Angela 21:36

Isn't that essentially what Halo top is? No Hey, let's just well calorie. Oh, okay, so when I first tried Halo top, it was marketed as like a protein ice cream.

Jae 21:45

When I looked it was like 210 for a pint. It was a willpower thing. Maybe they have both but either way. Halo top is a lie though. Were those giant protein cookies that everyone eats also a lie

Angela 21:57

Oh yeah. Like the Jerry's or the Dave's or something like that.

Jae 22:00

Whatever it is. I got one because I got suckered in and it's the nastiest. Sure. So Oh, God. No, absolutely not eat the calories

Angela 22:07

and take a walk and definitely see it. But I'm really curious too, because so I've had I've tried oatly now I like it. It fulfilled my ice cream craving which flavor the oat But no, I know like the one that's like just oats like just oat milk flavor,

Jae 22:25

so not vanilla or no fee or anything. Oh, interesting. Okay, yeah,

Angela 22:29

no, and I liked it. And it just it didn't have anything that really wanted to keep me coming back. So I guess that would be great if I was trying to like wean myself off of dessert

Jae 22:38

or just be healthier. Yeah, dessert is not bad.

Angela 22:41

Yeah, no, does dessert is not bad. I however just have a really prevalent sweet tooth and eat dessert daily in copious portions which I should not do. But ya know, overall, I thought it was interesting but then when I was last traveling in Denver, I think I had an oat milk based blueberry cheese cake vegan ice cream so good but completely different consistency

Jae 23:05

well yeah when you add in all the mix ins and the fruit and the texture I'm sure

Angela 23:09

say it but I always find it fascinating how just like the slightest thing can just like change it a little bit so like apparently like the difference between sorbet and sherbert is that sorbet has like a significantly higher amount of sugar and then the sherbert has the milk and so like the milk makes the sherbert creamier and then the sorbet like retains its ice Enos but also becomes far denser because of the sugar quantity

Jae 23:34

because they add sugar or because they're using more fruit because all this sort of I have is normal just like fruit I don't think they add sugar.

Angela 23:41

Well I guess in its original conception large amounts of sugar were added. I think now we found ways to harness sugars in different ways.

Jae 23:49

Are you saying the sugar from the fruit are they add sugar to make sorbet add sugar? Oh, huh.

Angela 23:56

Yeah. So when you actually when you get a very, like melty or soft sorbet, that's actually because it has less sugar, so that's when it's more that's

Jae 24:04

how I've always had sorbet. It's always been like maltier and like a little more. I see. Okay, have you ever tried frozen custard? I didn't try one of those. So I went to the east coast and then Ah, let me see if I get the name right. It's near the mall. Is it redoes the thing No, okay, you do the thing where you get the shaved ice on top of the frozen custard. This is a place where we went to college.

Angela 24:25

Oh the big mall icicles Ice Cube no creamsicle I don't think that's it. I know and it to me It keeps coming out like icicles but yes, I have had frozen custard. We do have.

Unknown Speaker 24:37

There we go.

Jae 24:38

I have not tried to travel to the east coast. I don't see a big difference between frozen custard and ice cream. I do like it though.

Angela 24:45

So frozen custard

Jae 24:47

has egg yolks in it. Sometimes ice cream does too though. So

Angela 24:49

it wasn't more than technically within how ice cream is categorized. If it has egg yolks, it is a frozen custard then a lot of people interesting To intertwine them yes so ice cream as currently defined is based upon its milk content and milk fat but custard is defined as having the presence of egg yolks on it.

Jae 25:13

Did you ever DIY ice cream as a child?

Angela 25:16

Oh yeah, I think we did it at day camp a few times where you didn't so you put the milk and the vanilla and maybe a couple other things in like a big plastic ziplock bag and then you put that in a brown paper bag and then they poured salt and something else in it and then you like shook it around

Jae 25:37

ice yes

Angela 25:39

ice we're blaming that on the concussion tail. Okay.

Jae 25:44

Am I can do you mean like they did baking soda or something else cuz I know that it's not baking so but besides the rock salt and the ice or something else that helped crystallize that people do wasn't sure if you just like forgot that or you forgot ice. I've done I've done the twos of blocks within each other. I've done can one which is the same process you just do two cans, but when I was younger I got one of the plastic balls kick around and stuff. Oh yeah, that's cool. It's never the same and ice cream maker is the closest you'll get to home. Oh wait going back to non dairy options though for me if I wanting something ice cream like to me the frozen bananas consistency is pretty damn close. It's enough that I will it will solve my milkshake mcflurry ice cream hankering especially I'll add a little bit of Nutella typically wait like you'll just put a banana in the freezer and then eat it frozen. No when you blend it Have you not seen this? No, you're not heard of like, if you take a banana and you freeze it will multiple chop it up freeze it and then you either do it in a food processor or blender at first it's gonna get really kind of small like a dippin dots or like a pie crust and then it's gonna come together and be the consistency of ice cream.

Angela 26:48

Oh, interesting.

Jae 26:51


Angela 26:51

I will have to try this. Yeah,

Jae 26:53

it's very similar in terms of texture do one of the closest you can get obviously does taste like bananas, which is why I do like a Nutella or a nut butter to balance it out. I know some people like chocolate but it helps just to

Angela 27:04

Okay, I'll have to add that to the list because I'm trying out different homemade ice cream options to see what I like maybe save myself on some calories and some sugar but I was going more of the coconut milk route to go with all the different summer fruits

Jae 27:20

crude creamer milk, milk, try cream.

Angela 27:23

Okay, I've been reading and it sounds to me like they're the same thing. And I know that there must be a difference, but I just grabbed a couple cans of coconut milk because it said that it's almost basically the same thing. What happens is just like they separate out

Jae 27:36

coconut cream has I believe it's sweeter and you know, coconut milk. There's like the water and then there's every thirst like the white solid do your part. Yes, I believe that's what the cream is. But they sweeten it or something. Okay, but coconut cream and coconut milk for those who cook and bake are not the same thing. If it says one or the other. I'm sure you can swap them out in recipes. But you might need to either reduce the liquid or increase the sugar or something. Don't just treat it like a one to one swap for a recipe.

Angela 28:04

Oh yeah, for sure. But it just like they were like showing these diagrams of like down here. This is the coconut cream up here. This is the coconut milk. So I was like if I get the same thing and one can, why not just get the one can because the coconut cream

Jae 28:18

has none of that water solid. It's just but if I pour out the water then don't I just have the coconut cream you do but you don't have the same quantity because if it's an eight ounce jar of coconut milk, they account for the water if it's a no sharp coconut cream, it's just the solid. Ah, got it.

Angela 28:33

I think I'm still fine with that. Because then I can use like the coconut milk, water, whatever for something else. Oh yeah,

Jae 28:38

it's good in terms of like DIY and you're kind of like, like sciency Kitchen thing, but like in terms of like I was saying in terms of like people use it for substitutes, like frosting and stuff. And oh, eggs and milk and all of this kind of stuff.

Angela 28:52

I would be in for those things. Yeah, okay. What's your what's your flavor of the week?

Jae 28:58

Um, oh gosh, after talking about all of these things, I'm feeling like I think it's called like stretchy jelly. It's like a chocolatey swirly kind of thing gelato we didn't even cover gelato my first time in Italy during my study abroad program. I accomplished what I consider is an amazing goal of two gelatos a day the morning wondering the hot hot July summer I would get like a citrusy one. And then at night I would always go for like a chocolate or a hazelnut or Nutella or a coffee

Angela 29:26

I think I organize myself very well. Oh, that sounds so good. Hmm. Interestingly enough, did you know that gelato was introduced to the world through a cafe in Paris run by an Italian man but it did not gain its prominence in Italy

Jae 29:40

but we still give Italy credit look at us finally appreciate understanding and respecting culture.

Angela 29:46

Yes, and the Italian and it was created by an Italian man it the recipe was perfected by the Italians. Currently

Jae 29:52

I'm in the mood for like he's ever said she's the Oreo cream that sounds really good. Or there's this place that I love To go that does like the dipped cones with like a dark dark chocolate and sea salt. So that would be really nice right now

Angela 30:06

I know I had actually had strawberry coconut ice cream a couple days ago and I usually have beef or coconut just flavor a coconut dairy, I believe it was listed as the vegan option. So I'm going with coconut bass, okay, but I'm usually not one for strawberry flavor things I usually like strawberries in their entirety, not into like strawberry ice cream, milk, frosting cake, nothing like that. Just strawberries. But this was actually really good. And I tried it off of her recommendation. So I was very happy about that, because I hate when recommendations are bad. But of course not just for or it was at a Oregon ice cream parlor. It was an ice cream parlor. It was at Salt and straw, if any of you have a salt and straw near you. And then of course, I had to pair it with my favorite the honey lavender, which is wonderful. I was super sad though, because I was originally thinking it was so hot. I was like, I'm going to get the honey lavender coke float. But they didn't have that. Oh, you know, which I guess is kind of okay for the time because I know sometimes it's all installed. Like they'll give you the bottle. But it was really funny because I've been to this location before and we ate outside. And then when I finished I brought the bottle back inside. And I asked them if they wanted it back to recycle it. And they looked at me like I was crazy. Oh, what

Jae 31:16

a good barrier person you are.

Angela 31:17

I know I was so surprised. It was like recycling, return it and they refill it for you like in Europe, they do that here they do. So actually, when you go to a restaurant and you order a coke and they give you the bottle, you're not supposed to take the bottle, the restaurant actually takes it and they ship it back to the distributor and they'll return it to the to the bottle or and that's how they'll get there. That's how they like keep the chain going. So if you actually want to keep the bottle, I think you pay like an extra dollar euro pound. Oh, yeah. So I have a couple I think I have a couple coke bottles from like Morocco and Italy and Germany. And I actually I turned them into kitchen decor and I got IKEA fish like aquarium tank rocks. So they're really tiny, and they're like a dark brown, black and they're glittery. So it looks kind of like Coke, and I filled them with that.

Jae 32:06

How crafty. Have you.

Angela 32:07

Thank you.

Jae 32:08

I just remember when I studied abroad, there were girls who were getting a Starbucks mug from every country and to and when we went to Italy and they found out that Starbucks is banned in Italy. They were so distraught of like, what how do I get my aesthetic and my feet. These were the girls who on the last day of every place would go back and like heels and outfits and like take pictures. Oh my God because frankly, I think that's a smart way to do it. Because then you can appreciate everything in the moment and go back to where you want to take photos and just like knock it out. But it was really funny when they learned that they couldn't get an Italian Starbucks mug. Oh, I know when I did one of my first trips. There were girls that were Connect collecting h&m receipts,

Angela 32:49

okay, right? So yeah, so from every every country we went to they bought something from h&m like a dress or a T shirt or like sunglasses and they collected the receipts and the different languages.

Jae 33:01

That's an interesting thing to do. Right? I just tried to buy something that my parents something got stolen, but I digress. We will get you another one. Well, I know we get another one but it was my first thing for my first parish trip but I got stolen I you know luckily like honestly, I'm consider myself agnostic. Is there something greater than humans? Yes. Do we know what it is? Or how it exactly works? Or how many of them they them deserves is there are no In my opinion, but this very much felt like a divine thing because I'd been separating all of my credit cards on this trip. And this was the day I had taken it out. When we found I realized that when we went to go get my garage, I was like Oh shoot, I have to pay the exchange rate because I forgot the good credit card. And that's what I'd been holding it in my head a little leave it on a coin pouch, and that's what got stolen and all of a sudden there was my health insurance card. So it was like okay, like it felt like nothing else got stolen my passport, my GoPro I had some very fun things in my personal ugly none of that I've taken and the wallet with the money had fallen onto the floor and someone told me I picked it up. Right. So I think it was a weird thing. I don't know when it happened. But anyway, it felt like some kind of divine intervention that my very expensive credit card was not in there when that happened. Thank the heavens. We did pretty well. I bet I'm gonna have to cut about half of it. We did pretty well. Any more thoughts on ice cream before we do our update? Um, no, I would like some ice cream. I know. God knows 10 out of 10 Oh, they really are. I did that as a K just because I liked ice cream and I liked coffee and I didn't know what had a name until recently. I also don't know Baked Alaska was an ice cream thing. I remember I was shocked when I learned that,

Angela 34:40

huh? Do you know big Oscars? I do. But I didn't realize it was ice cream based

Jae 34:44

like I've seen one. Yeah, well, it's a the the amount of ice cream and merengue on top

Angela 34:50

and I didn't know that. Well, very interesting. No, I think just I'm I don't know I'm a sucker for all of like the really weird ice cream flavor. Sometimes like I'll try the garlic I eat the peppermint stick year round if the flavor cravings call for it and that like awful like Pepto bismol like pink itself go conventional versus weird. Okay, unconventional, unconventional The reason I'm going with this Have you heard the drama with James Corden recently?

Jae 35:19

Oh, no, no. So basically because of everything people are I don't know why it took them this long to realize but I realize a lot of the food and the spill your guts or fill your gut segment, which I love is Asian cultured based. So people are like, do you get where I'm going with or no, yeah, I

Angela 35:35

just I'm really confused as to how people didn't know this.

Jae 35:39

I don't know. But now because of everything media attention picking up and people aren't getting offended now by it. Got it. So it's like unconventional foods from all cultures. Just because typically when we say weird or achy or something, garlic is an odd flavor of ice cream. Like I don't know any culture that would do that. But people like oh my god, I got an exotic ice cream flavor. I had like, ooh, bay or Taro. It's like, no, that's

Angela 35:59

actually pretty common for some places.

Jae 36:01

Oh my God, we didn't talk about afters.

Angela 36:05

afters. Oh, Cookie Monster ice cream.

Jae 36:08

I had a friend her son try it and she didn't buy the hype. And what I didn't buy the hype either. What you really need to do when you go to afters is get it in the donut. It is a heart attack waiting to happen. And you do it once and then you just either go ice cream or donut but like it's an experience to have the

Angela 36:23

Cookie Monster ice cream and then whatever the green one is the minty one. Love that one mint chip, or as they call it like, monster it's something probably Yeah, it's so good. Um, yeah, I think ice cream in general. We should just do an ice cream tour this summer. Oh, I'm down. Let's do it.

Jae 36:40

Well, I think this is the perfect way to transition. Angela. You said you were at Salt and straw recently.

Angela 36:45

I was. I was Yes. Why are you making us uncomfortable?

Unknown Speaker 36:50

Because that's just who I am.

Jae 36:52

Who were you with? Um,

Angela 36:54

I was on a date new person. It was fun.

Jae 36:56

Would you say you're a casual?

Angela 37:00

I think I am. It's it's very weird. Um, yeah, I guess I had a had a casual Wednesday. And then I had a casual Friday and I'm about to have a casual Tuesday. His name is not Paulo and a Tom Holland is the casual Tuesday. Okay. Yeah. So I don't know they. They all have really fun nicknames already. Like this is great. Yes, we

Jae 37:20

have spy and Tom Holland. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 37:23

Unless there's some wealth. I

Jae 37:24

don't know about you. Those were the two I know.

Angela 37:25

Oh, yeah. Then there's Florida ma'am. Which you know about the things kind of like, fizzled out, but then they like came back. I should probably stop referring to him as Florida man. But no, this guy's actually from Florida.

Jae 37:39

But okay, so it's not the disco dance man. No,

Angela 37:41

not him. I didn't know it gives them all.

Jae 37:45

He didn't tell me about the Florida one.

Angela 37:47

Oh, I didn't know. Okay,

Jae 37:48

so Angela, after years of procrastinating got back on dating apps and dating. Hopefully she doesn't do what she did last time she started dating but like,

Angela 37:56

I know, I started casually dating and then didn't I saw one person and that was it for a year. Yeah. This time. I'm actually committed to casually dating through the summer. I want to see what's out there. Put on my sandwich board. Although actually Jay Have you seen on Tick Tock where women are printing out like the on like the little business card format, like their photo with some facts about them and call me

Jae 38:22

I'm not surprised. I'm I'm really in favor of the airdrop method, where people like have a picture a note of like, hey, well, you look cute. And like airdrop it to like everyone in the bar.

Angela 38:32

Oh, my God. See, I would do that. But now I'm now terrified because of the whole air tag thing. So I have everything turned off.

Jae 38:39

I don't have an air tag. So I have no problems with that.

Angela 38:42

Well, apparently, like even if you don't have an air tag, but if someone attaches the air tag through you, that's one of the ways that they will get notifications about you and they can get notifications. Oh, right. I don't like

Jae 38:53

them. Yeah, I don't like I like how simultaneously Apple is taking away everyone else's right to our data. They're just taking it all. Mm hmm. But yeah, casual dating Angela. This episode is planned to go out the first week in July.

Angela 39:10

Which actually, yes, we are a month ahead. But actually it's very fitting because July is National ice cream month. Oh, wow. Full Circle.

Jae 39:19

It's June 20. Not next month. It's in 10 days. Oh my god.

Angela 39:23

It's the 20th already. 20.

Jae 39:25

Yesterday was June 18. Right? Yes. Oh my gosh. What is time? Okay, anyway, so casual dating Angela. The three episodes after this one that you'll be hearing in July all happened to have lovely guests. I don't want to say they're all serious. I don't think they're like super serious. But I think it's nice for you guys. And as for us to switch it up instead of just us talking back and forth having conversations with other people about various topics that was the end of a sentence.

Angela 39:52

So they're they're all a little bit informative, and I think give you a little bit more of an insight to who we are where we're at in life and some other perspectives on people who have gone through similar things to us anything else for your casual summer? I feel like I'm gonna have to go shopping for example for my casual Wednesday I dripped makeup onto three different shirts. Nice. Yeah, so I've since learned I need to have not only a backup outfit, but a backup backup backup outfit.

Jae 40:22

Oh, like l backup. Pants rotten cleaners.

Angela 40:27

Okay, that's totally what it felt like because Okay, so it was my shirt. So the shirts just kept getting progressively shorter until I was in a crop top because that was the last one left. I'm sure he appreciated it. You probably did, hopefully. But yeah, I don't know. Should we should we give anyone an insight into August or have they been? Have they been taken? Enough? We can wait on August Okay,

Jae 40:47

stay tuned for August and after Tyler Oakley Angela want to understand this reference. Some of you may or may not he was a very large youtuber back circa 2010 to 2014 he did this very fun thing called all guests so it actually happens that you're not going to hear just me and Angela talk until September which is nuts. Oh no, we wouldn't August Just kidding. Sorry. One in August of just us but then for more guests all based on around a certain topic when we say it without saying it in three words. And if your word I'll go with Ooh, I have my three words. It's a phrase and you know you obviously can't use words like I'll give you my three and see if it helps you Okay, okay. feet on wall

Angela 41:29

Oh, I was going with tea with grandma. Not work Yeah,

Jae 41:34

but pretty descriptive. So that's your hint for August with our lovely

Angela 41:37

all guests. And on that note, thank you for listening to this episode of in Omnia paratus as always where you lead will follow so head on over to the comments and let us know what you would like to hear about by No, no, I shortened it. No. Okay.

Jae 41:52

No, people need to follow and subscribe. The important part for you check out the CTA.

Angela 41:59

Okay, okay. And on that note, thank you for listening to this episode of in Omnia paratus Don't forget to like and follow on Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts as always where you lead will follow. So head on over to @inomniapod on Instagram and let us know what you'd like to hear about in our comments. Bye.

Jae 42:18

Have a vaxxed and waxxed summer!

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