‘Twas a few days before Christmas…and we couldn’t end Podmas without a bonus episode! It’s open season on all things holiday, and holiday adjacent, as we discuss making hot cocoa bombs, the Chanel Advent Calendar, Santa’s under-appreciated female reindeer, The Nutcracker ballet, and unconventional holiday movie marathons (Santa Jaws, anyone?). This is our actual last episode of 2021, so grab your hot chocolate bowls and laugh with us as we wrap up this year – Without Angela’s Spotify Wrapped. 

Show Notes

  • “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” This philosophical thought question has sparked debates back into the 1700s. Essentially, depending upon how the question is phrased the answer will change, but generally, if the area is uninhabited the correct answer is considered to be no. See examples here:
  • Note: Angela is not a flat earth proponent, but was trying to convey that similarly to the people who thought the earth was round when it was an unpopular opinion long ago, these was a head of their time
  • Fact Check 1: So Darwin-ing as a dating term did not catch on, but was briefly proposed in reaction Darwin Dating, a new dating site
  • Fact Check 2: Yes, female reindeer do keep their antlers in Winter while the males drop theirs, so Santa’s sleigh is pulled by 9 of the hardest working, and underappreciated, females out their
  • Also, please consider this Angela’s official petition for Santa’s reindeer to be renamed!
  • This is the Bonne Maman Advent Calendar we got: https://www.bonnemaman.us/2021-advent-calendar.html
  • WARNING! This deleted scene from The Princess Switched: Romancing the Star does give potential 4th movie spoilers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJen5hJ9h_E&ab_channel=NetflixFilmClub
  • So the fun thing we’re doing in January is Movie Night at the SF Symphony (or technically, Film with Live Orchestra). We’re seeing Back to the Future: https://www.sfsymphony.org/Buy-Tickets/2021-22/BACK-TO-THE-FUTURE
  • After seeing Stephen Spielberg’s West Side Story, Jae’s a fan
  • Fact Check 3: Not all Jaw’s films take place during the summer. Jaws: The Revenge does have Christmas scene so it’s not completely out of place and Santa Jaws can have a seat at the table. And yes, Iron Man 3 is also a Christmas movie
  • According to Google, Angela didn’t get a Spotify Wrapped this year because she did not listen to at least 30 songs from 5 unique artists (She did verify that she listens to 1 playlist that have 1 artist, The Weeknd)
  • Fact Check 4: Brill Pop is actually a sub-genre or Pop music from the 60’s that got its name from recording location in which it was made, the Brill Building in New York City https://www.liveabout.com/overview-of-brill-building-music-2522601
  • Fact Check 5: Every version of The Nutcracker is different and there are actually 2 different stories that serve as source material, so depending up the production you see Clara and the Princess may be the same person or may be different characters
  • Fact Check 6: Rihanna is not pregnant and would like everyone to stop speculating
  • PSA: Again, thank you to all of the postal service workers who made our holiday shopping possible, and all of the pandemic shopping we have done in the past 2 years

Jae 0:00

I pledge myself to the pod loyal I'll always be a P to start at d at the end and an O sitting in between

Welcome back to this holiday episode of In Omnia Paratus. Unless you are Gretchen wieners who did not receive a candy gram this year

Angela 0:19

and then for Gretchen leaders Bye, Happy holiday episode everyone, as Jay said in an outtake, which you guys will never hear, so I'm just going to have to repeat and sound really awkward. Welcome all you Ho, Ho, Ho's. I thought that's what you're going with again. I was ready for it this time.

Jae 0:36

Well, no, it's kind of like when you tell a joke. And then you have to explain the joke. There's no more joke. I still laugh. Like are you internally laughing is what you're trying to express?

Angela 0:44

Well, no, I laughed the first I laughed the first time even though you had to explain it.

Jae 0:49

No, but you laughed before I explained it. So in this situation you just said I'm going to say it again. And then you didn't laugh at yourself saying it because no one's going to get

Angela 0:57

oh, we are getting very very into the woods with death if a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?

Jae 1:03

The correct answer is no.

Angela 1:05

The correct answer is yes.

Jae 1:07

Did you ever take psych there's like a natural answer for this and I think it's wrong.

Angela 1:11

I did take psych I don't remember covering this. I believe you but I just don't think it logically makes sense to me.

Jae 1:19

I mean, I don't remember I know that there's a definitive answer because it has to do with like what defines sound like they're like four three to five things I don't know come when you'll be know after this will be after you hear this Angeles fact checks will be all up for these episodes, you'll see the correct answer.

Angela 1:35

I think that metaphorically there can be a way that you define sound. But literally, I also think there's a way that you can define sound and literally yes, if a tree falls in the forest, it will literally make a sound regardless of whether you were there or not see my flat Earth example again, which I will post in the show notes because your flat earther No, I'm no this was in my defense of all the people who were ahead of their time. And we're like, hey, the Earth is round. So this might be the last episode of this podcast ever.

Jae 2:06

Discovered that Angela has questionable beliefs in science. I thought I just had to check my dating profiles. I didn't realize I had to like recheck everyone in my life do an annual checking like, hey, science, where do we stand this year on this?

Angela 2:18

There is actually a term for that when it comes to dating. I think it's called Darwin NG. It's the act of separating ways with someone who you are dating, because they do not believe in science. It's new as of 2021. I feel like that's just called having common sense. It definitely is. But apparently it's been happening so often recently that people have felt the need to create a term for it. Darwin ng will be the new ghosting if you're Darwin and you deserve to get ghosted Trodat beaking of get your boosters get your flu shot. Several of my friends in the season are sick with various things from breakthrough cases of COVID to just getting sick, don't ruin my 2022. Everyone. Thank you. I know they have been saying that there is a surge of people getting their first and second shocks because they're afraid of omachron. Because if the last two variants didn't scare you, but now that we're in the Greek alphabet, Delta, Delta, no omachron All the great jokes, lambda IQ really kind of fizzled out. We never heard about lambda again, kind of like the frats with the name in it as well. So we did this last year pre concussion, so I think it'll be more fun this year.

Jae 3:30

Santa is nine reindeer we're going to do this every year until we can get all of them also fun fact thank God for tic tock website design reindeer I'm pretty sure the fact goes that male reindeer lose their antlers come spring which means if Sanchez Rangers are all female

Angela 3:47

I thought it was they lost their antlers in winter.

Jae 3:49

Maybe that's it. The point is these reindeer are all female because they have antlers and every depiction of Santa sleigh getting pulled Yep,

Angela 3:58

underrepresented women out there.

Jae 4:00

Okay night Angela, go

Angela 4:01

Rudolph Donner Blitzen Cupid.


No. Dasher dancer Donner Blitzen something something Cupid you're switching in and out. I know okay, this is really bad. Okay, I have the nine pulled up okay, go Dasher, Dancer daughter vixen something something Cupid blitz in Rudolph a missing one. It's probably the same one I missed last year. Okay,

Jae 4:30

so according to this list, Prancer I think you got it okay Dasher, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid Donner Blitz and Rudolf dancer.

Angela 4:41

I don't think I said comet. I think I subbed out comet for Neptune because I thought it was a planet and I was between Neptune and Venus. Well,

Jae 4:49

reindeer they are not well in the song sir. Okay, the South Park ones we ignore those.

Angela 4:54

Okay. Okay, but South Park holiday episodes truly amazing. Never seen one we You might have to

Jae 5:00

fix that. The closest I've seen South Park is the Book of Mormon twice.

Angela 5:04

We'll have to do a fair trade when I see Book of Mormon you can watch a couple South Park

Jae 5:08

episodes. That sort of meal coolness, right? Oh no, that's Family Guy. Ooh, she

Angela 5:11

might have made of South Park appearance though. I feel like everyone's been on South Park at this point. Jay, how's your potamus going?

Jae 5:17

I mean, as we've been posting every day on the Instagram Stories, it's going Angela so graciously got me my advent calendar, because apparently the Trader Joe's ones that we normally get that chocolate work really weird. And they only had like animal themed ones. Oh, animal themed, like calendars for animals. Also PSA if you got the Irish something advent calendar for your dog from Costco. Apparently they're getting recalled.

Angela 5:39

Oh, no. Oh, that's so sad. Now I actually looked for your Trader Joe's chocolate one but they only had the beauty advent calendars. My Trader Joe's

Jae 5:49

chocolate. Just fill it with chocolate and give me a little piece of shitty milk chocolate. Like I don't know why that's so much to ask. Did you see the big hubbub over the Chanel advent calendar? No. shallaki was an advent calendar that was about $900 and it had like an empty desk bag of mini lipstick some stickers some things that weren't even like gift with purchase probably approve. But here's the one thing I have to say everyone tick tock in the internet was exploding over Saturday calendar. One you have to be reached out to by your essay before they listen public. So they knew the price and to the items were listed on the website. So if you were getting it, you knew what you were getting. And you knew you were getting more for the aesthetic of having V Chanel Number Five advent calendar and the crap inside does then go be an ISO $900. And it's like, oh, well, you knew it was inside, you easily could have seen what was inside it.

Angela 6:38

I agree about that. Because I think it's the same with beauty boxes, especially the ones that only do the travel sized samples, they generally will email you the list of what you're going to get. And then you have the option to like opt in or out. Yeah, I agree with that.

Jae 6:52

I love the gym when you got this here. They're very pretty. They are in behind opening clearly because I'm actually trying to use them.

Angela 6:59

I'm behind as well. I think I stopped opening at day nine but that's because I opened all of them so they're all halfway used. So I'm telling myself I have to finish them they are in the refrigerator though they're not going to spoil

Jae 7:12

you and Laura both opening when the entire calendar. She's like, Oh, I open my November. It's like why do you get an advent calendar if you open it before the season?

Angela 7:19

Well, I didn't open it before the season I opened the jars. So like I've sampled all of the jams up through day nine. Oh, will you want to put it all up today? 25 I

Jae 7:28

said well, what's the point? It's Oh no.

Angela 7:29

Okay, I almost did that just because I was super excited. But then I saw at the top of the box that they're all listed there so I know what I'm going to get so I feel a little bit better about that. Now I do have to admit though, for the office advent calendar, I have been cheating just because I know people who also have it and their little pop figures seemed way cuter than mine. So I was like, am I going to get these or do I have the calendar? I am going to get them I just apparently have to wait for the week before Christmas. And guess again disclaimer just like we had on the Instagram the office advent calendar is purely mine. It is in no way associated with J

Jae 8:02

Yeah. And for those of you who are like me, she doesn't mean office like a work calendar. She means like

Angela 8:06

the TV show Dwight Jim Pam prison Mike,

Jae 8:09

all that jazz Angeles favorite show in the entire planet. So if anyone knows or needs to get Angela a Christmas gift or a birthday gift as both will be coming up eminently anything from the office from merch to figure. That's all she wants this year is things from the office.

Angela 8:26

Yes, please add to my fish collection frog collection frog girl welcomes fish girl to the club. In case you've forgotten. We were inspired by Gilmore Girls. So if you don't get that just watch Gilmore Girls

Jae 8:37

and the office apparently, Angeles a favorite show?

Angela 8:40

No. The reason I ask is because I feel like I had so much like behind the scenes for like some of my pod miss, like making hot chocolate bombs was no joke. They stole a little bit of my soul. And I mean, granted that's being super dramatic. But I seriously feel like there's a piece of me that I'm never going to get back.

Jae 8:57

This is why you should have done it on Instagram live so we could have all participated in this experience.

Angela 9:02

Oh my god I should have especially just because I didn't get to film as much of it as I wanted to because I was constantly running back and forth between like the melting chocolate, putting it in the mold, getting it to the refrigerator just long enough to set and then bringing it back out for the second coat putting it back and letting it fully dry heating up the edges, stuffing it fusing it together rolling it through all the sprinkles, Instagram makes it look so easy. And I mean granted, I probably make it look a lot harder than it is but it was rough.

Jae 9:31

See, I'm conflicted because I too made hot chocolate bombs. I did like a tester pancake round and there were some definite things that after hearing Angela's horror stories that I went on like okay, maybe this isn't as easy as they make it look on Instagram. But also I don't know if this is a thing of like you normally don't work with chocolate because chocolate is like different than baking chocolates different than candy making chocolate is different. So it's like a not anticipatory of how chocolate works. Or like your molds were too big or what because there are a lot of things because we just recently found out the ones that we used I'll show you after we have the ones that they use on Instagram but my mom got smaller ones because before this doesn't fit in a mug and they're too sweet. So we have like, right go size down to one that's the one I made and those were much better. We didn't get the big ones so I might make a few like for funsies like for like a real or something but like I'm not gonna like give those out because to rich

Angela 10:20

we can stitch your reel to my reel

Jae 10:23

that would be called RE mixing on Instagram or dueting on Tik Tok

Angela 10:27

was stitch a correct term I said stitch but is it a correct term

Jae 10:31

for Tik Tok or? Well you can also stitch on Tik Tok Yes, do wedding is where you're no you want to do it because on tick tock you if you stitch it it like shows part of one and part of the other and do it side by side.

Angela 10:44

Oh, okay. Do I get halfway points for that?

Jae 10:46

Not since you use the term real if you would have been talking about tick tock, then. Yes.

Angela 10:49

Okay. I tried. Have you watched any good Christmas movies this year?

Jae 10:53

The princess which three obviously. And spoiler alert, if you see the canceled scene, the deleted scene, it's where Margaret and Stacy both announced they're freakin pregnant with twins, and they cut it out. And then they put it on YouTube, which I'm sure is a marketing thing to see how much buzz that gets the fact that they cut it out to whether or not when they'll do a fourth, but like frickin finally, right? And I think only Stacy and Edward should have gotten the twin because I feel like Stacy and Edward were vastly like cut out of the second two movies. And like Kevin has great abs but like not the most character driven person

Angela 11:25

seriously. And he got a major arc in the second movie. So it's like back to Edward and Stacy. Just in terms of that. I feel like they've progressively made Edward more and more awkward. Yeah, it's like I felt as if the first movie was supposed to be like, awkward guy didn't really know where he stood kind of going through the motions one day going to be king. And then like when he met Stacy, it was kind of opening him up to a new life. And instead he's Oh, wait, he's me. He's the boomer that his cool life drags around.

Jae 11:56

That would require the personality to also not be a boomer. Like you're the state like you picked out a relationship where you get to be the Stacy even though you're a boomer,

Angela 12:05

I don't know, that makes me feel good. And then I'm also kind of evaluating how I personally view myself.

Jae 12:11

Well, in this segment of boomers, they're just like us. What have you recently taught your boyfriend?

Angela 12:16

Um, I don't even know if there's been anything recently. I finally got him to watch one division.

Jae 12:21

That's so early 2021.

Angela 12:24

I know. Oh, I taught him how to make the cinnamon rolls in the tube that everyone in my life seems date hit break. Yeah, he was so confused. He was like, do I have to like pry this end off? And I'm like, No, you don't do that. It's going to explode out you need to pull the tab and you unroll it.

Jae 12:40

I think one time ever, because it's like a sleepover thing that like my friends and I would do one time ever have we not had to pop off in it. And like it's definitely twisted. Well,

Angela 12:48

for me, I feel like every time I twist like barely pull the tab and it's exploding. Nope. Wow. Okay. Yeah, we did that recently. Which I mean, granted is so 90s Anyway, like, I feel like that really doesn't get me any kind of points.

Jae 13:02

I mean, it wouldn't like he's not fully a navy skin. Or he was a

90s kid was a 90 skin rather than

a 2000. Kid. Does he listen to our podcast?

Angela 13:11

He does not listen to our podcast. Great.

Jae 13:13

So we could talk about the fun thing I get to do in January.

Angela 13:18

Oh my god, go for it.

Jae 13:19

So there is something that Angela brought up to me that I really wanted to do for a different same event, but different exact thing. But we ended up getting we weren't able to get tickets. So I was like, Oh, I'll go to this one. And then she's like, oh, and I was gonna give it as a Christmas gift. But then some boundaries were placed on set Christmas gifts that this does not fall within range of so I got told last night at the Nutcracker I get to attend.

Angela 13:43

You do and it's gonna be really fun. Like, honestly, I think you might you might even like it a little better. I

Jae 13:48

didn't know it was a Spielberg movie. I understand that. Yeah, sorry for all you film buffs and people I know. I like movies. I appreciate movies. I appreciate our I appreciate acting, but like when it comes to directors and all that stuff. I was like Spielberg, I ever I always hear like, what's the such great things about this film and people go just because his name's attached and like so I went through the Spielberg movies I watched and I saw more than I thought I did. Like, the only one I knew was et phone home for a while, but then I'm like, Oh, I have seen Jurassic Park. I've heard of

Angela 14:15

jaws. Wait, wait, you haven't seen jaws? Never. We can totally fix that right now. Because I don't know why but apparently they are now marketing Jaws as a Christmas movie. Even though it takes place in the summer all of them take place in the summer.

Jae 14:30

Do you know it was on a list of Christmas movies? What Iron Man three? Well, yeah, cuz it takes place at Christmas time. I know. But I asked her Is it a Christmas movie and you laughed at me and I can tell you you know someone awful leaner to add the time and decided to write an article and put it in front than Ironman three is a Christmas movie.

Angela 14:44

Okay. Yes. But I think that I was more referencing in terms of what I think a Christmas movie is because to me it can't just take like here's the It can't just have a Christmas scene. They need to do some sort of Christmas activity

Jae 14:57

then talk about It's A Wonderful Life because that is not it. Your definition that is not a Christmas movie. Yeah, I

Angela 15:02

don't think it's a Christmas movie. It's a based on Christmas movie because it follows Oh, I almost said A Christmas Story, the same storyline of A Christmas Carol. Well, he's not like visited by the ghost of like Christmas like past or future or whatever. But it kind of like takes him through his life as like what it would have been if things had changed. So it's kind of like early Home Alone edge

Jae 15:24

Season Two logic by Angela. Do you make sound? Force the earth is still flat. Science is questionable and Christmas movies are subjective. Whether they have Christmas in them or not Angeles creating her own multiverse of logic here and it's unraveling right before our very eyes everyone.

Angela 15:44

Oh my goodness. I feel like I've been halfway misquoted in that, but we will get to that in season two. But yeah, we can correct Jaws right now. They're having marathons every other weekend and calling it Santa's jaws. No, right. But I love jaws so I'm totally for it. They also had a twilight marathon and they were like, ooh, Twilight Christmas because it's foggy and they're hot vampires don't think about it too much.

Jae 16:08

They don't even run through a holiday in any of those.

Angela 16:11

Right? Oh, wait, they do Christmas in Breaking Dawn Part Two.

Jae 16:15

Oh, yeah. That like Twilight movie.

Angela 16:17

It's Oh my god. So amazing. But that scene is super brief. But yeah, I post my booster. I had a Santa Claus marathon. So I watched 123 And then the next day I did Twilight. And then the day after that I did the jaws one. I don't know. I don't have one. But would you like to share your Spotify wrapped with the listeners?

Jae 16:37

Would you like to elaborate on that fact? There's a little bit of bitterness.

Angela 16:40

So apparently, Spotify didn't think that my data was worth tracking. It wasn't good enough to record because I listened to less than 30 songs with five unique artists this year, allegedly according to Google, although I'm pretty sure I did. I mean I can't I can't say that because I wasn't keeping track because I thought Spotify was going to but yeah, I didn't end up with a wrapped this year. That's what Google told me. That's why allegedly and apparently my podcast count didn't contribute to that either. I got to watch everyone else's and they seemed really fun. And I got to partake in the memes which I guess is the best part anyway. I don't know what was your aura

Jae 17:23

with Fullan I don't only find the group chat Amanda and her sugar Nope. Angela and her Sugar Babies

Angela 17:30

2020 22 energy be your own sugar daddy wistful and

Jae 17:35

empowering was by aura

Angela 17:36

oh okay, what was your your movie soundtrack?

Jae 17:40

Oh, I didn't know that was screenshot but I will say my top genres were dance pop Broadway pop post teen pop which I'm curious what quantified into that boy band and Brill Building pop Brill

Angela 17:51

B ri ll interesting is Brill like a musical term. But I don't know.

Jae 17:56

I don't know either. But that's what Spotify told me. I listened to him. Hmm. Well, I

Angela 18:00

have to figure out what BrainPOP is. And my

Jae 18:03

number one podcast of course, armchair expert, exclusively to Spotify podcast on Apple Music, which does give us a raft so

Angela 18:11

did Apple try to get in on it and make something I don't know. Maybe you need to

Jae 18:15

subscribe to Apple Music since clearly Spotify lost you as a fan.

Angela 18:18

I know I even just re signed up for premium who knows if I'll use it next year. I'm offended Spotify. But last night we went to the Nutcracker a quintessential J holiday activity and I haven't been since third grade but it was fantastic. I thought I was really good this year. I did you feel like it was a little bit minimalist? No like in no way a slight I just felt like it was a little bit more contained than I had previously seen. Granted, that was a while ago, but between like YouTube clips and things like that, I really liked it. I loved the way that it was put on.

Jae 18:54

I liked it this year a lot. It's so funny. Like I know we're getting older but the children felt tinier this year. Like in the opening scene. I was like you will get all between five to nine like under like 11 years old and normally I see like you're going from like eight to 13 and then the adults and then I think that what I really liked this year which I wasn't sure if it was intentional or not when the when they go to the castle of the ferry butterfly like I kind of like the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco I thought they were trying I think it looked like that in the background. Like I thought school that they're doing it and they was more spread out I think like they did more I guess like it didn't feel more minimalist but I feel like they like did parse it out like that when they go through. They're like around the world. Normally I feel like all of them are on stage at the same time versus this time like they were in and out probably that's all to do. COVID But I think you also could appreciate each section more because they did it that way. I thought

Angela 19:53

the costumes were beautiful that sets were fantastic. Like I always love when they make that first trends. addition from Claire's house into her dream and just like everything like grows and becomes a little bit more sparkly and whimsical and that the way that they did that was amazing. I

Jae 20:11

still hate the Rat King. I've always hated the rat scene My God his

Angela 20:14

face just seemed Ultra creepy this year. So those are

Jae 20:18

not properly the ginger like it was like Chucky orange you can do a ginger Nutcracker about like mumbling Chucky Cheese

Angela 20:24

Seriously though, and especially because they just came out with that Chucky series. So like you've literally seen the Chucky face everywhere. So it's really hard not to associate the two,

Jae 20:35

you know, pass but yeah, it was really good. I thought the snow scene was one of the better ones I've seen. I like the way they did it. I like sometimes I feel like they lean more blue sometimes like visually more white in it. And I like how the situation they leaned like an ice or blue and white. It was my favorite as they say invalid as I like to be pretentious with my vector. The potter during this during the snowflake scene was one of the better ones I've seen. I felt like they had the best chemistry out of all of them, I think Oh, for sure. I like them better than the Prince and Princess at the end.

Angela 21:06

Okay, I'm really glad that you said that because I also felt like they weren't very connected. I was like waiting for them to have their moment. But I was like, no, they're just two people dancing together. It was like they do not seem into each other. But I was like you need to be into each other to like put the

Jae 21:19

Snow Queen and was like the Snow Queen and the prints were

Angela 21:23

I though Yeah, they were absolutely amazing together.

Jae 21:26

And you've issues with the Prince and Clara just because

Angela 21:29

it's like she's a tiny little chick. She's a little girl. And then all of a sudden she has this fully grown adult Prince showing her around her like Wonderland Dreamland, then all of a sudden they age her up for the prince.

Jae 21:44

No, they don't age her up like the different person. Yeah, they

Angela 21:47

bring out a different person. But essentially, I feel like that's what you're supposed to get from it. Like they give her the crown. She goes away and then comes back. And then there's the princess, same crown.

Jae 21:58

I always took it as a different person. Oh, I like she dreamed of a princess? I don't know.

Angela 22:03

We'll see. Because then you don't see her again. You just see

Jae 22:06

the princess until she wakes up from her dream.

Angela 22:09

Yeah, so like in her dream. were rebuilding her for the prince,

Jae 22:14

I guess. I do think that was like my only issue was like not to get all like politically correct and political as I always loved to do but like whenever I was like watching the different culture scenes and like, it's interesting how like, the cultures that like the people when they were in Spain, Mexico and didn't need to be or the Russians jumping out of the thing. Like, there's a really cool Asian guy who could do all the turns necessary. And I think not to go too much in here. I feel like what something like the ballet, everyone needs more exposure, the potential to to come down, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But like also for certain people and certain roles, they need to have certain abilities to perform in that role. And we can all use our ad spend for I would say imagination, and 10 is what it is. And the other thing is like, think about when you were like eight to 10 where your celebrity crushes like eight to 10 Or were they like Jesse okay? I remember just McCartney's were my first ones. And he was like, He's not that much older than me. But like when I'm 10 And he's like, 18 that's like, are 16 That's like a bit of a jump.

Angela 23:09

Okay, that's true. I wasn't a super huge celebrity crush person

Jae 23:14

because you just had so many eligible bachelor range in your life.

Angela 23:17

Well, no, I think I think just I was kind of conscious of the fact that I'm like, Oh, you're not my age. You're an adult.

Jae 23:23

Yeah, just McCartney's 34 And I remember I admitted I had a crush on him in sixth grade twins. I would have been 10 You were

Angela 23:28

10 in sixth grade. I feel like you had to be like 1112

Jae 23:31

I turned 11 Okay,

Angela 23:32

I think it is weird because you don't necessarily have like a lot of children are like people your age to crush on

Jae 23:39

women and that's my only thing like why flower like imagined a prince because like you also don't think of like print like a little prince you think of like a prince being like a Ken doll a Prince Eric like that's what you imagine even when you're a little kid Alright, I

Angela 23:51

guess I guess not as problematic as I thought I know it was really funny though. Did you hear the people behind us they had a running commentary going

Jae 23:58

I heard like various commentary I don't like she cried for like the first part of it and then like I couldn't I was trying to not fully hear but they got louder as I believe they drank more. Yeah, though. What was their commentary? Which part were you referencing?

Angela 24:11

Oh, no, just like the whole part. They had something to say about like every seat they were like Oh, like this was more dramatic last year like the Bella was closed last year was like maybe like I don't know maybe they went somewhere else or something. But

Jae 24:24

I got scared because I saw some productions like practicing in masks. I find them going and all these actors are in masks and when we would so

Angela 24:30

I kind of wish that they hadn't forced Oh,

Jae 24:34

dancer. See? I thought about the dance. Oh, I saw math dancers in math like clear masks or surgical masks either or, oh, you know, audiences should be enough to your indoor you should be mask. I was more referencing dancers wearing math like that I would have not been okay with.

Angela 24:50

And then in the gift shop, they had some of the most beautiful nutcrackers I've seen in a while and duck spaces duck fat Oh my god. Yeah, the weirdest like pre order menu. For the snack bar, intermission intermission valet bar whatever we're gonna call it. I'm looking to see if it's still on my phone. Oh no it closed okay. Yeah, but they had spiced duck fat. Five Spice duck fat in there. Caesars savory treats. Yes, Caesar salad. Comparison sandwich. Yeah, it was like Who wants to eat any of those things at 8pm at night? Yeah, no, but overall 10 for 10 experience and our sales are fantastic. See,

Jae 25:28

so here's my thing about Angela, you picked up great seats. The one thing I would say though, is I feel like in this situation, so we were in like the center front of the center middle of the orchestra. And I think if we had sat back a little farther, it would have been darker. I think the reason it was lighter is because of like

Angela 25:44

we were out from under the second tier. Yeah, yeah. And I feel that like it didn't ruin the experience that I was like, Can

Jae 25:51

we turn more lights off? I wonder if also

Angela 25:53

they're just not making it as dark as they usually do. So that way people feel more comfortable like if they if they feel like they need to like move or something they don't have to like signal to an usher and like wait, they can just get out sounds like a personal problem possibly just because I feel like at this point like any I hope everyone who's going to theater is being very safe how's our vaccinations has our masks or like negative COVID test whatever you're requiring just meet those requirements and then just kind of know what you're getting into most theater spaces are pretty small and cramped in the seat area you are like sitting in very close proximity to everyone so keep your mask on and like if you feel like you need to move like maybe like let the people near you know for like oh like I feel like I might get uncomfortable fair warning.

Jae 26:42

I don't know like fair example they weren't passing out programs this year apparently like to make it more COVID friendly like reach if you want one and so Angela back to get our programs and I saw where our seats were and there were three women to like we needed to pass to get through I waited for Angela to come back so they don't have to get up once it's the little things exactly. I think we should pro con con pro our hog miss so far. Okay, so I'll start with a Pro which is getting to see my family in person for the various holidays. I don't remember the last time we bought it. Oh, that was a fun day for the last time we recorded smasher.

Angela 27:14

Oh yeah.

Jae 27:15

My tooth and the Coffee Festival. Yeah, sorry, that wasn't the Pro. I was trying, bro. Wasn't that that was more just to recall the last time Angela and I recorded one of these set the scene had a rough few weeks, but we're in better. But yes, I got to see my family in person for Thanksgiving, for Hanukkah. And if all goes well, I will be seeing people in person for Christmas this year. Something I didn't get to do at all last year was so thank you vaccines and vaccines alone and vaccinated people. That's the reason because my family and I have various health and science believing reasons to do this so we can see each other. So I think the first pro would be getting to actually spend the holidays with people in person. Like we didn't record a podcast in person until like, what may? Was it like the one one we

Angela 28:00

did? It was oh, it was what was that was like yes, because it was once we were both vaccinated.

Jae 28:06

Yeah. So half of our podcast was recorded remotely go us. Okay, yeah. So first pro human connection.

Angela 28:13

My first pod Miss pro would be my time off, I've actually had time to go through start our show notes, prep content for pod miss and get us through so that way we can start afresh in 2022. So that's been really nice. It's been like I had about two and a half weeks off starting at Thanksgiving. So that's that's been absolutely amazing. I've been lounging a lot though. I do have to admit like a lot. A lot of my pod Miss prep and everything has happened in bed.

Jae 28:43

First con of the season. Oh, Olivia Rodrigo, sour tickets, the absolute mess that that was, it was just nuts. I think it was a combination of on her end wanting to make sure she could sell out not necessarily knowing if she wanted to or was ready to do an arena tour. So as much as it could have been a marketing capital thing. I'm not putting them on an 18 year old to make that final decision. But that kind of on that side. But the thing that was sucky was on ticketmasters end, they only took off the availability for GA the night before. So you assume you didn't need to be a verified fan and in at least some of the auditory she's only remembering once in NorCal. And I went on the resellers. i The other day tickets were originally 4950. There were over 200 tickets for resale starting at 700 to 2300, various venues went up to 5000. And it's just a thing of like for artists who so many want to see it's so unfortunate that people take advantage of this time of year to just go

Angela 29:40

well, it's like I don't even think it's this time of year. I just think it's something that's been happening in general for a long time. And there has to be some sort of accountability or recourse there because if you're just buying tickets to resell them and the whole point of going through the process of becoming a verified fan, like doing all of that pre prep that you need had to do to get these tickets just for them to be collected by others and then resold for like 500% over their asking price that's not okay. Like there needs to be something in place so that the artists can like void their original ticket, refund it and then be able to sell it for the actual retail going price because I know I think Rihanna actually has done something like that in the past where for one of her tours, she made all of her tickets $75 Whether you were in the very front or all the way in the back, because she wanted everyone to have equal opportunity to be able to see her from wherever they wanted to. And so I think at some point, she did start voiding tickets that were being up charged,

Jae 30:43

and that's why she is a billionaire seriously as the key to Barbados, right? That's where she's from? Yes,

Angela 30:50

yes. And she may or may not be pregnant. We may not have we may have in many Rihanna on the way your first con. Okay. My first con would be trying to Christmas shop, like

Jae 31:02

inventory going in stores, people refer back to our retail therapy something Episode Episode Two of being nice to service workers. Even since early November, I've seen people given cashiers and associates a piece of their mind that they do not deserve. And pharmacy workers. Yes.

Angela 31:21

Oh, my God. And when I was on the phone with you that one day when you were at Michaels, and I could hear the woman in front of you yelling at the cashier like PSA, if somebody air pods are picking up your crude oil conversation, not okay, but dial it back. But no, it's been kind of a mix. So online inventory has been a little hit or miss. But again, shipping. I don't blame any I don't blame that on anyone like there are a lot of people at home, we're ordering so much more now than we ever were like our postal workers are seriously overwhelmed. So if you are a postal worker, whatever service you're working with, like thank you very much for what you do. Because I know like I've seen deliveries happening in my neighborhood at 10pm at night, and like they're supposed to be eight hour workers like granted, they're getting great overtime. And that's amazing, especially at this time of year when overtime really isn't a thing for a lot of people. That's fantastic. But still, like be conscious of other people's time because they have families too. So you know what, if it's gonna take an extra few days, if one day or two day shipping is not available for you, you need to wait the five to seven business days. Just take it be considerate of others. But now it's been a mix of the online shopping some inventories low, just like finding exactly what it is that I want is a little difficult. But then also when I went in stores, some of them are just so crowded and then there are others again, where there's just maybe not enough people. And again, I don't want to fault anyone for that. But it's just it's made the Christmas shopping experience a little difficult because I already have a lot of trouble shopping and picking out gifts for other people like actually found to me was that like, seriously describe my Christmas shopping personality? Like the first one is where's it? Nobody? Me? Do you want your Christmas present now three weeks early? And then secondly, I started I guess I don't know are these memes or tweets? Tweet means questions of a boomer. Oh, the second one is I start every year I start out with good intentions of buying gifts for loved ones, and then quickly backslide into buying things for myself. So I seems to trap Seriously though, so I've been thinking about it. It's like do I get overwhelmed in the process? And then I just default to things that I would like, I don't know. Okay, what's your second con,

Jae 33:35

I just feel like everyone is kind of so burned out from the last few years. Like I'm not feeling like holiday cheer and spirit. Like hotels aren't decorating this year, window displays aren't as much it just feels like it's cold. It's definitely cool and warming, but it just feels like a lot of things are trying to be the way they were before. Rather than like trying to figure out like new ways of doing things and experience Christmas and stuff. I feel like we're all just like, okay, like, we can go back to the way we did things like 2019 and have it be fun and have it be pretty. And then it's like, but like we are the same people that we were back then. So like figuring out ways to do new and interactive experiences cool. Like, I'm surprised places like the Museum of ice cream, like aren't doing like some really cool experiences and some other places. Yeah,

Angela 34:18

I definitely agree. I think that overall, I've seen more than I did last year. And I feel like there are more people out trying to enjoy things. But there's just like things aren't open as long. There aren't as many accessible locations like there are definitely things that you can find, but it's just not really available to everyone. It seems to be very area specific. Yeah, I feel like everyone's just very cautious. I have seen some really amazing home decoration displays though and that makes me really happy. Like there's a there's a place near where I live. It's called Christmas tree Lane and I'm going to be going there in a couple days for fun. Yeah, and I hope that they're going to do it but usually they have hot chocolate carts and they have Santa says, and usually they'll partner with a charity or two and you can drop off toys to be delivered on Christmas Day to Kids Fun. That's really nice.

Jae 35:09

Are you going with your best friends?

Angela 35:10

I am. Yes, they kind of want to do a drive thru but I want to walk so we'll have to see they might have to drop me off and pick me up.

Jae 35:17

What's your next con

Angela 35:18

um, my next con would be starting a new job remotely

Jae 35:22

Welcome to like the planet.

Angela 35:25

I know it's okay i I've on boarded people I've on boarded plenty of people remotely in the past year and a half. But actually being the person on boarded remotely is lightly terrifying because I don't know what is like an issue on my end versus an issue on like the setup end. So I'm like totally afraid to ask some questions. And I'm trying to figure it out. But hopefully by the end of today, it's all going to be fixed.

Jae 35:51

Yay. Last pro Brene. Brown came out with a new book called Atlas of the heart.

Angela 35:55

It really does look like a textbook. I'm looking around for it cuz I can't see it anymore. Oh, as a few listeners can see it, we'll have to do a J University episode.

Jae 36:03

I don't know, annual doesn't like Brene. Brown.

Angela 36:04

I started one of her books. And I was not I don't want to say it wasn't impressed. I wasn't down 2022 Angela coming in strong. That's not the right sentiment, I just I wasn't necessarily that intrigued. So I might have to try a different book and then see where I stand or maybe just listen to her podcast first. So then I understand her a little more.

Jae 36:27

She came up with a new book, I'm trying to like really like soak it in and take my way like reading through it. Because there's like a textbook, I don't want to read it really fast. Like oh, shoot, like, it's so great. So basically, this book breaks down at seven emotions or states or thoughts around emotions, and just really breaks it down. And she talks about how like she got like 1000s of participants and then brought psychologists in to help like categorize and break them up and really help kind of narrow it down and help us all get a language because I think the first example she gives in the book is about the difference between being stressed and being overwhelmed. And she worked in a she was a bartender kitchen staffer, again, people, we appreciate it and should be tipping very well during these times. She did that for years. And she was saying when you would go as a waiter, or a person, you go into the kitchen, say that two phrases in the weeds and being blown. When you were in the weeds. It was kind of like, Hey, I'm in the weeds. Can you go check on table two, four and six? These needs more bread, these need some water? Like can you help with that. And so other people would help pick up your slot. But if you said you were blown another way to go to the host, get your tables and Vera you do and you would go to the bathroom or go to the Fraser juicing for 10 minutes, and you would do nothing. And she kind of explained the difference of like what you need in those situations and how often in language you hear things interchangeably, like envious and jealous and anxiety and excitement are another two that present the same way in your body even though it's about the mental state of it. And so I think this book is so valuable, and I encourage everyone to read it and to get it is because when we have the most universal ability to communicate what we're feeling to others, not only do we know what we need, we know what we need, we can communicate our needs better. And same with other people. Because if Angela's like I'm stressed, and I'm trying to help her and like she just in Bearnaise terms is overwhelmed. Nothing I can do can help her and in that situation I can no just like okay, back off or don't do anything or vice versa. Or when you're jealous or envious or any of the other emotions though she breaks it down. It's so nice because it's helping all of us kind of come to a research based universal language for our feelings, which are really not taught like most people, when you say what are your emotions? Happy, sad, angry, what goes back to Inside Out and there are so many more colors and shades that we experienced and that we can relate to people on and connect with than we have been. You're still focusing on the blown part, aren't you?

Angela 38:42

No, no, I know what's you said inside out, I started thinking of the big bomb audio that's trending. But I totally was from inside out.

All of that is very good. And I like that that is being presented points for Brene Brown in my book. Is there a bug? No. No, just because I'm like, I'm not like completely sold on her. But I don't want to say like oh, yeah, like I think she's amazing. Because of that. I think that is amazing. I think it's just something that's really helpful all around because frankly, with anxiety class right now I'm learning a bunch of new terms, like what so there's your type of anxiety and then there's your anxiety language, which is so your type of anxiety is how it presents like within you like perfectionism, the others that I can't think of right now because mine is perfectionism. And then there's how you translate your perfectionism like how you physically speak it to others. It's like do you notice key phrases that you're saying when your anxiety is triggered? And so it's like can you recognize them and then work to pull yourself back to a grounded state.

Jae 39:47

What's your last pro

Angela 39:48

my final Pro is Christmas dinner. We are having tamales this year. As you guys know we talked about last year was a little unsure of whether or not we were going to have tamales but this year it has been confirmed. We will be making them they will be available to everyone for Christmas. So I am super excited. Are you bringing me some this year? I can. Yeah. It'll be interesting though, because it's different on who's going to be making them. So I've never had her tamales before, but I'm sure they're going to be really good. She's an amazing cook, Baroness.

Jae 40:17

And to wrap up, since this will be our last episode. So this is what surprised before season two, anything to say as you finish your 27th 28th

Angela 40:28

I'm so confused my 28th rotation as you're finishing your 28th rotation. Yes. I kind of miss 2020

Jae 40:36

Oh, get away. We'll go back to remote recording with attitudes like that. No, thank you.

Angela 40:42

Okay, not as in I missed, like kind of the pandemic we can't see each other must stay six feet away from each other. None of that. I just, I miss all the downtime that I had. Sorry. You

Jae 40:54

had a glow up in 2021. Boyfriend and started going out and seeing people again.

Angela 41:02

Yes, I know what was me. I we had this conversation on Thanksgiving. My cousins were like, wow, it must suck to be you because I was explaining to them how I felt like I didn't have enough time to myself. And they're like, but aren't you doing things that you really enjoy? Well, yeah, they're like, Oh, wow. Sucks to have your life.

Jae 41:19

This isn't me invalidating Angela's feelings because her feelings are valid. It's more a thing of like, everything added is like a choice and something she said she wanted in 2020.

Angela 41:30

I know.

Jae 41:31

And I got it. And now I'm like, What was I thinking? You were also trying to make more friends last night you were emailing like the alum group trying to make more

Angela 41:39

friends. I know it's true. I'm a masochist. What is going to be your 2022

Jae 41:43

Moto manifestation source energy goal, whatever you want to go with,

Angela 41:48

relax and enjoy your life. It is it's super chewy, but I need to relax. Like I've been we talked about this. I've been in my anxiety loop for like the past like two, three weeks now that I just haven't been able to pull myself out of I feel like I'm three days away from cutting my own bangs, which is not a good place to be. But I know that I'm there. So I'm not going to cut my own bangs, if that makes sense. Yes, yeah. So I need to relax. Because a lot of the things that currently are running around in my mind as the end of the world are not actually the end of the world and they're not actually difficult things to do. But like Glennon Doyle says we can do hard things and a lot of things because of someone who also xiety are self imposed. Like I can't do this because of this like, but that's not a barrier and you're choosing that to be a barrier it's very good. Yeah, so I just I just need to relax and I need to let myself enjoy things because just because I am having been doing something when I know that I've got like three other tasks that also need to be finished like does not invalidate like the fun and enjoyment happiness that I am currently experiencing. Like I can let myself have that and then move on to the next things on my to do list so it was relaxing. What relax and enjoy your life

Jae 43:07

just so when we get the tattoos we can make sure our things are correct. Oh, yeah, we can we can go to Michael's to get me one of those like sleep boards, like choc chocolate. For me, mine is a lot shorter and has a lot of like different meanings to it. Which are my 2022 goal kind of quote that I thought for myself is say less and do less. So first going with say less in the literal sense of I need to hold more opinions to myself, I need to talk less I need to insert and interject myself less like I physically need to say less except on this podcast because I created this so I could say whatever I want. And also in the Gen Z term as well. Do you remember what it means? Let's go exactly do more say yes. shondo Shonda Rhimes, his guests two things just like they left like just like don't think just like say say less and do more. And then also with my do less, I need to be more conscious and aware and thoughtful with my time and what I am choosing to do what I'm choosing to stress over what I'm choosing is a barrier for me like, oh, well, I want to do this, which means I can't do this, it's like or you don't really need to do either. So do what you want to do and move on say less, do less 2022

Angela 44:18

And on that note, thank you for listening to this bonus holiday episode of In Omnia Paratus. Grab your coffee bowls. And don't forget to rate download and follow on Apple Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts as always where you lead will follow. So head on over to @inomniapod on Instagram, and let us know what you'd like to hear about in the comments. And be sure to catch us in 2022 for our season two and we'll post more about that on Instagram as well. Oh, the old old greeting kind of true compliments of the season.

Jae 44:49

Sure that

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