Asking for a friend…Is day drinking *cheugy*? This week Angela and Jae are diving into day drinking, from the casual brunch cocktail, to frat party daygers, to day clubs in Vegas, come re-visit the cringe moments we may or may not trade for one more mimosa. Also, this weeks hot take is the word cheugy, which we’ve personally decided we won’t honor, but will catalogue the growing list of so-called banned likes to see how far this spiral goes. 

Show Notes

  • In Jae’s phone, Angela’s name is Grouchy McBitter (And it’s now Angela’s name on a lot of accounts)
  • In case you’ve forgotten, we get the podcast name, In Omnia Paratus, from Gilmore Girls which was a bonding moment for us early in our friendship
  • Jae particularly is a huge proponent of day drinking vs. night drinking, while Angela probably only drinks 3-5 times a year
  • Fact Check 1: The concept of state-dependent drinking is something that has been widely explored in terms of then applying the altered state of mind to learning, exercising, memory, etc., but not a ton on how drinking at a certain time of day will affect your energy level
  • Relatability – So problematic and we have a whole episode devoted to it here:
  • PSA: Always have someone to watch your stuff in day clubs, and keep an designated rotation schedule so that everyone has time to sit and have fun
  • Particularly now, while there are strict time limits on tables at bars and restaurants, maybe impose a drink limit so that you aren’t then pushing inebriated people out onto the street
  • If you’re interested in visiting the Neon Museum in Las Vegas:
  • If we hit 75 downloads in the first week of this episode release, we’ll do a Seth Meyer’s Day Drinking video!
  • The Olivia Roderigo “Good 4 U” music video is the one that alludes to The Princess Diaries:
  • If you care about what Cheugy is, here you go:
  • Note: Angela got 9 different messages from friends calling her cheugy before this recording and was so confused and fights the cheugy label because everyone has insisted that they aren’t cheugy, but she is

Jae 0:00

I pledge myself to the pod loyal I'll always be a P to start a D at the end, and an O sitting in between. Welcome back to and Omnia paratus. I'm Jae like the letter.

Angela 0:18

And I'm Angela, also known as AVO

Jae 0:20

two points. And

at this point, this will be a throwback, because we didn't get to the original reason I asked you, I don't know on what episode it was. But I asked you what my name was in your phone, and we go through it in the emojis. But the whole reason I asked is I wanted to get to what your name is in my.

Angela 0:38

But we pivoted, we did, you may now share, because I know you're very proud of this.

Jae 0:43

I'm not proud of this. You decided this.

Angela 0:46

I said it in jest and you were like, okay, let's name everything that

Jae 0:51

no, you said. So this was I believe, December of 2019. Someone wasn't really feeling in the Christmas spirit. And it was a little scroogie I was so she instructed me to call her grouchy with bitters. So that's what I changed her name to on my

Angela 1:08

phone. And then I got used to looking her up under g so I refuse to change it back. So I will now be forever grouchy, and it has since migrated into the Disney Plus account and has it Yeah, I think I'm grouchy. MC better there as well.

Jae 1:25

I didn't do that though. You guys all made your own profile. Oh, wait, really?

Angela 1:29

Yeah. Oh, everyone. Stay tuned as I delve into the recesses of my mind in December 2019 to figure out if I made the accountant or if jaded I definitely didn't because I let everyone else name their own. Hmm, maybe I just wanted something like yours with cooler per Stephanie.

Jae 1:51

Although that again was an autocorrect on your own typos. Oh, also, you know how yesterday you texted to our group chat yo busy? Yes, I believe because your phone autocorrects so frequently, That one wasn't the misinterpretations fault of the person who responded to it. I think that's because your typing is so off as they assumed you were asking Are you busy?

Angela 2:18

Got it. Okay. So I should find a way to be a little bit more clear there.

Jae 2:22

I had a feeling that's what you meant to type. But also once the other person responded, I definitely could see for how non interpretive they are of texts and things. They genuinely thought you were asking. I don't think it was trying to be like an asshole about it. I think with your risk, interpretation and spelling of


It was just taken as you forgot a letter.

Angela 2:47

Yeah, I fuck. Okay, so I was showering. And so the texts kept like interrupting the audio that was playing. So I was like, Oh, my perfect opportunity to test this out. And then I

Jae 2:59

was playing on audio playing like Boomer

What were you listening to?

Angela 3:04

I was listening to Netflix. Okay,

Jae 3:07

I there's no shame in that. Just saying like, the audio is just like, what do you listen to like murder trials porn, like, no, but you guys know weird

Angela 3:14

about my using my phone while I'm in the shower. So I just kept it generic since when I always bring my phone near the show. But anytime I ever text you from the shower, you're like, stop texting in the shower,

Jae 3:26

because you don't need to use your hands to watch Netflix or to listen to Spotify or a podcast. You need your hands to text.

Angela 3:32

Okay. All right. Well, that's fair. Yes. So I was listening to Netflix. So it kept like I could see it flashing, and that annoys me. So it's like, oh, this is the perfect opportunity to test out this new this new found out superpower that I've discovered for the group messages that for those of you that don't know, annoy me incessantly, and then I got that response. And I was like you facetious jackass to this person who I love very much.

Jae 3:57

Yeah, I think they genuinely thought you forgot the you okay?

Angela 4:01

All right to person who was incessantly texting. Um, I apologize for thinking your way you were a facetious jackass.

Jae 4:08

Also, by the time you texted that we had stopped talking. Oh, seriously. Yeah. So they were the reason you were getting so much is because you weren't checking them. So every time you don't check a text for the rest of you boomers, you don't know your phone notifies you I believe one, if not more times, until you check it. Yeah. So if there were five texts you didn't read, you would get 10 dings total. So annoying. notification,

Angela 4:34

notifications in general just really bother me. So I try to have as many of them on Do Not Disturb as possible. I just have my notifications off. See, I think I should do that. Again. When this was also functioning as a work phone. I had to turn them back on. But now that I have that separation, hopefully hopefully that will help.

Jae 4:52

I mean, mine was just a proven theory that I checked my phone enough that I wouldn't miss anything. And if I did, I would turn the back on and I don't miss things, fair enough. In the podcast that we get our name coffee addiction banter. I feel like I've seen Gomer rolls hundreds of times, there was a time where you could pull any one second clip and I could tell you the name of the episode The season and what happened with every season. This was before a year and a life you're in the life. So I feel very versed in a lot of things. But there's this new conspiracy slash interpretation I've been hearing and I can't get out of my mind. I send this to you and our other Gilmore friend and other viewer responded, so I'm bringing it to my podcast.

Angela 5:33

Okay, fair, I have not looked at any of the tech talks in three weeks,

Jae 5:39

and you send them to me, so I think you're a big hypocrite I am. Okay, so here's the theory. And there are multiple parts to it. But I'm sure as I say, we can just go off of what it is that Logan is actually Lorelei and Rory is Chris.

Angela 5:52

Oh, okay. So in in the whole scheme of Lorelei and Christopher Oh, wait, I can see this. Because there's Laurel, well,

Jae 6:03

this is a podcast, we think out loud.

Angela 6:05

What event sparked the change within Logan? Would that be his accident, which change? So Laura and Christopher started out kind of like on the same plane, where they were both hell raising children. And then Laura Lee got pregnant. And as soon as like, she had to be a mom, that kind of like, changed her whole behavior. And she sort of grew away from Christopher and into this constant person. And then Christopher went out and had to do years and years of soul searching and go through all of this trial and error and good times and bad times tattooed times,

Jae 6:41

I would say, losing his father's money, okay, because that's when he broke off Gotha job with the avocado tree in San Francisco, Palo Alto, San Francisco. Logan would have made a bunch of money in the real world for those of you who are not gomore fanatics, which I know most of you are not at the end of it. Logan huntzberger also named him has Matt cruden. Ski krisan ski Zhu. Zhu creme also on the show Mad Men or more recently, the resident on

Angela 7:11

Fox Wait, he was in Mad Men to Oh, no. Shoot The Good Wife, the lawyer. Well, okay. Yeah. All right. Was all dealt with admin, right? Yeah.

Jae 7:18

Got it. Sorry, the good way he ends the show taking a job in Palo Alto, working on marketing digital gaming accessory. So think of the equipment on fortnight or the outfits or any of that kind of thing. And this was in 2007. He'd be like a Zuckerberg right now. But I would say that would be his catalyst. Okay. But they gave some particular examples. So when Ruri wanted to drop out the conversation she had with Lorelei versus the conversation she had with Logan after Jessa left about more or less and will stay at Yale you have all of your doors open to you like pick something and then she's like, no, Rory, I didn't have the opportunity. And then on the other side with Brian Logan, it was like Rory is telling Logan, you have so many options that I didn't have. I have one option one door and I'm being pushed through it. And Rory is the one in both situations who is having this freedom due to her privilege and fragility very interesting. And they also did. Another clip I saw was when Lorelei and Logan both go see Rory for the first time as she's living with Paris. It's a very similar interaction. Do you need me to give you a few of the line? No, I

Angela 8:30

think I get it. It's so in. In this scenario, or from this perspective. Rory has all of this freedom and autonomy, but she's choosing to she's choosing to frame herself as an underdog and take the harder path. Like that's kind of how I see Christopher's life like he had multiple opportunities open to him. And rather than just taking one to see what would happen to set himself up to try other things. He was always throwing things away and saying like, No, I'm going to do this. I'm going to do that without your help, but never really having any kind of follow through on it. And I can definitely see that within Rory like she tried out a lot of different things. But the second things got difficult. She would just kind of cut and run not kind of like literally like she did with the Naomi Shropshire book. She was like, Yeah, you're difficult by keep your whale in mouse.

Jae 9:29

Yeah, I think it was a very interesting comparison. When I heard it. I'm like, Oh, I can see this. I understand. And then especially when you go to a year in the life how she's still sleeping with Logan, who's in the committed relationship. How that's very Chris coming in and out when she needs the support. Oof. Rory Gilmore did not age. Well. I know Laurel, I didn't either. That's true. Everyone's becoming team Emily.

Angela 9:53

I know I really do relate to all of those memes. The older I get, the more I agree with Emily

Jae 9:59

especially no one She had to deal with grams,

Angela 10:01

right? And then at the very end or tricks, tricks, and then at the very end when she just like tosses it all away, it's like I feel like we will then even more relate to Emily as we get older,

Jae 10:13

if only I can control a Bloomingdale's like that.

Angela 10:16

But speaking of Rory Gilmore, and the life that she lived, and the experience that gives us the lovely name of this podcast, do you know where I'm going? Not at all? Neither do I was really hoping you pick it up? No, I was.

I know,

I know where we need to get. But it's just it's not happening today. Because Ladies and gentlemen, I have come from late brunch today. There was some day drinking involved. That's what we're talking about. But my mind a little fuzzy. So there we are. We're here we made it day. Everyone got

Jae 10:52

me you day drink whatever. And but me you travel with anyone with me. One could say I'm the problem. But since I won't be saying that.

Angela 11:01

Okay. Honestly, in all fairness, I i've I'm practicing for a certain event that's coming up. I kind of regret it. I have a stomach ache right now. But yeah,

Jae 11:12

yes, I have a very unpopular opinion amongst most of my friends who I have pulled. I strongly prefer de drinking to drinking at night. I will say my premises. I've had good experiences with both and I've had bad experiences with both. And my thing is if I had my ideal day, it would be day drinking overnight drinking.

Angela 11:32

I agree. I agree. That's that's the end of that statement. We're done here. Just kidding. Just kidding. No, I agree. I think that day drinks are a little bit more fun, a little more versatile in terms of the mix ins and things that you get. And also from a personal perspective, about an hour after I drink, I get insanely hungry. So I like that there are more food options available to me during the day. And then the evening that day drinking leads into the other

Jae 12:00

thing is people always complain. And granted, I said, This is my best day on my best day I want to drink tonight drink. On my worst day drinking is the worst because I've come out of being very drunk. So drunk, my face ended up in the dirt, but we'll get to that story. It's not a fun feeling. But the thing is, when you Daydream correctly, you get to dinner and you're still drinking and then you go to sleep, and you only feel the remnants of the morning drinks, and you can fall asleep very nice and easy. For me, one of the problems I have with drinking at night is the short time span. Because and I just don't have the vibe. I'll go through my top three reasons. One, I already typically have stopped eating for the day, but because we don't go out at least in college, I don't really go out anymore. But just in general, you don't go out till like nine or 10 meaning you need something in your stomach and the dinner I had at six or seven will not cover it so I have to eat something. Then if I'm drunk, I want fast food and then I'm drunk the next morning. So something needs to absorb myself. Like Angela mentioned, if you drink during the day, you're already incorporating food throughout your day because you're eating. That's my first Pro. My second Pro is brunch. What goes great with brunch, mimosas? bellinis bottomless beverages of any sort.

Angela 13:18

See, okay, I have a differing opinion there. So as a mainly sober spectator to brunch for the past few years. Most restaurants serve crappy alcohol in that bottom list stuff. How does it taste? Good. How do you drink like eight? Eight mimosas?

Jae 13:36

I don't drink eight mimosas. And to the acidity cuts from the very rich breakfast I'm

Angela 13:43

typically eating interesting.

Jae 13:45

Well, yeah, that's why you drink orange juice when you eat bacon or when you eat me. I don't know the exact This is a very quick thing I was told years ago, but we have a friend who's an epidemiologist. And she said whenever you eat bacon or like turkey bacon or white cured meat not cured nitrated meat whether it's added nitrates or just the natural nitrates, eating or drinking vitamin C helps to break that up afterward.

Angela 14:07

Oh, okay. See, but even that I've seen like some really like cheap mixins used and generally because I'm ordering some sort of juice, I then get that and it doesn't taste that great. That's why you mask it with the champagne. That champagne also doesn't taste really great. So you just have like two gross things that are mixed in together and you're told Hey, this is worth $25 it means we're 25 when you have five of them see I feel like once you do an in depth analysis of the bottomless brunch like you can't ever buy into bottomless again but that's just me Yeah, that's

Jae 14:39

definitely a huge thing. All right,

Angela 14:40

continue um,

Jae 14:42

the difference in day and night beverages. I like lighter beverages in terms of color in terms of flavor. I will never get a Manhattan someone ordered me a Manhattan ones. I don't know why it was a family member at an event and I took it like a shot and there you know, it's just as I'm like, I know but I hate Manhattan. down and like tease it. grow. I tried and I tried a Negroni at my friend's wedding in Italy. I wanted to vomit. I think I had a sip of someone else's thankfully so I didn't have to finish it but holy shit was that crap but terrible. See, and I'm not an alcohol connoisseur. I don't want to take a flight of alcohol or have like bourbon or whiskey or whatever other brown liquor there is. So I'm still getting the same drinks. I had one during the day at night and they're not as fun at night because it's a dark bar or club and the drink is pretty and freshen vibrant, typically citrusy for me, or minty,

Angela 15:34

and I actually had a really fun one today it had cucumber in it could not taste the alcohol at all would definitely drink it again. And I mean, honestly, whatever you want to drink whenever you want to drink it totally fine. But it just seems like there are some drinks that really are geared more towards nighttime, like a martini.

Jae 15:50

I've never had one.

Angela 15:51

I've never heard of a breakfast Martini. And like the same thing, like you said about the Manhattan I accidentally ordered one at brunch one time because it sounded really fun. It was called a cherry max that made me immediately think of keg Max, like awesome. I'm ordering this, it was a Manhattan.

Jae 16:07

Did you not read what was in it?

Angela 16:09


Jae 16:10

that sounds like a you probe. Okay, but

Angela 16:13

when you say when you gear it as like something cherry based or cherry centric or cherry specific. I don't think of a Manhattan. I think of the cherry as the least important part of the Manhattan because it's usually dumped in and you can't find it in all of the brown swirly stuff. You know that that's what Manhattan's are to me.

Jae 16:32

Yeah, no, um, and then yeah, just I paced myself more during the day, I feel like it's a marathon versus a sprint, and I do better with the marathon. Also, I consider myself a state dependent drug. I don't know if this is an actual psychological term. I know this applies to certain psychological principles. Like hypothetically, if you listen to jazz while studying for a test, and you listen to jazz while playing that, there's a higher chance that you would remember more because you're in the same state someday angele will start coming back with our fact checks. But until then, here's another one for you. Yeah, I

Angela 17:06

don't even know that one off the top of my head. I will fact check that when when I get to it, but I actually used to do that in college, I'd pick like three songs like one for each class. And I literally just loop it on repeat as I studied for finals or midterms. Drake. Yes. Drink. Love drink.

Jae 17:26

Yeah. Anyway, yeah. So I'm a state dependent drunk. So typically, at night, I am tired. So if I go to out tired, the alcohol will just make me more tired, whether it's wine, whether it's a cocktail, whatever it is, I will be more tired versus in the day, I'm up. I'm peppy and perky. I've had coffee after 2020, I've probably worked out already, like I'm ready for my day, I'm ready to conquer my day and have a day ahead of me. So I paced myself knowing we're going to get some more food, there's going to be other things, I feel like at night, there's a scarcity thing, like you're only going to be out for a certain amount of hours, and then the bar is gonna close and you're gonna have to go home. So you drink as much as you can in that time, so that you still won't be too much so you can leave during the day, you can pace yourself out? Well,

Angela 18:08

I feel like particularly to what we've encountered is that a lot of the times we go out or the people we go out with, they would like to go to multiple bars during the day. So it doesn't make sense to have like four drinks at one bar and then go to another one. Yes, it's a lot easier to pace that way.

Jae 18:24

You also can hit the happy hours because you don't really hear people go I mean, I don't at least going from like happy hour to dinner to bars. I don't know that might just be isn't that more adult do know we go to brunch, to bar to happy hour to dinner to bar.

Angela 18:41

Why don't we do that again?

Jae 18:42

When was the last time we did? Well, it

Angela 18:45

would definitely be early 2020 if not 2019.

Jae 18:48

The last time that happened, I believe is when we had the bad squid with Olivia. So it's been owed. She was in college, then two I believe so 22. I seem to you know, that's when I graduated sweetie.

Angela 19:02

So 2018

Jae 19:03

probably okay. It's been a while.

Angela 19:06

I mean, do you plan about most of this? Because I'm generally not drinking during any of it. Correct. I did actually find a new way of expressing that I'm not drinking that has been working pretty well. You're pregnant? No, I'll see that. That would be a good that would be a really good one. But I feel like there's also some sort of like, karmic energy attached to that, that I don't I don't want to mess with. Okay. Yeah. So I've started telling people that I'm the designated donor. And so generally people get a little confused

Jae 19:38

like my sister's keeper.

Angela 19:40

Kind of Yeah, so I tell them yeah, I'm the designated donor. They look at me a little confused. I'm like, Oh, yeah, if anyone needs like a piece of liver I've got them and then they laugh and they're like oh, haha You're so funny and then no one questions that

Jae 19:53

so you're like friends here Raisa?

Angela 19:55

Well, are you okay with being Selena Gomez. Her whole

Jae 19:57

thing was that Jesus three years but For her told her to stop drinking and things and get healthy and at the time when they were on good terms she believed it was because Selena Gomez like well, not she believes who

was who's going to be something

in the future, but when it came time and she matched, she felt like God, Jesus was preparing her for this.

Angela 20:18

Got it. Okay,

Jae 20:20

I don't have to be silly. Someone else can need your lover Thank you. I'm sure there are multiple friends who have who would be in a line before me too neat. Okay,

Angela 20:27

well I certainly hope so. I hope none of you ever need a piece of my liver but just within the grand scheme of trying to find a way to express to people that are out with me out in the world etc who then feel the need to comment on the proximity of an alcoholic beverage to my person. This has been the best way that I've found to express to them that I am not drinking

Jae 20:51

got it but now that I know you've been drinking with multiple people who are not me you do Omi and so I will be taking advantage of that. Yes, I do. Other people can't do that. But I get to yes, I agree.

Angela 21:03

I do owe you I okay, so everyone as we I can't remember whether or not we've discussed this on the podcast or not. But I have IBS stands for irritable.

Jae 21:14

This was literally our first episode literally the first step a quick rundown of the seventh episode.

Angela 21:20

quick recap for anyone who did not listen to the first or seventh episode. I have IBS. It stands for irritable bowel syndrome. Sometimes there are things that make my stomach really upset. So I avoid them because I'm not a big fan of being doubled over in pain. One of those is alcohol. However, it's a little difficult to go out sometimes with new people or just be around people in general in bars without finding a good way to express that. So this is the one that I found that has been working recently. Another thing that I've been working on in relation to this is trying to find an alcohol that doesn't upset my stomach too much. So I've been experimenting the past month or so to see what's going on. I think I owe I think I found two. I think I overdid it today because I have a little bit of a stomach ache. But yeah, Jay, I owe you We can do this. Maybe give me like two ish weeks to recover. We'll see how well I do this week and then go from there. Oh, yeah, no, I

Jae 22:15

save these things like coupon. Okay, awesome. Save it up rainy day. Well, one of the greatest day drinking experiences that I have never gotten to as a day club. So Angela, I would like you to take our listeners now through it from danger frat to day club Vegas. similarities, differences pro cons, the evolution of one to the next TED Talk. Oh, okay.

Angela 22:39

So in college, we were lucky enough to attend a school where fraternities had ample access to pools. So dangers were a really big Saturday event for US House pools pool

Jae 22:51

not public one.

Angela 22:52

Yes. Overall, pretty great. Probably some of the best parties that we've ever been to because the weather's great. The drinks are really fun. There are cute boys running around everywhere. 10 for 10 would recommend if you're in college, go to pool parties. They're amazing and 21 and 21. Yes, well, you can still go to the pool party.

Jae 23:12

But you know, make sure you get the correct wristband or Sharpie Mark

Angela 23:15

Exactly. I

Jae 23:16

remember I was really salty at one time you were getting your hand Mark if you were 21 versus if you weren't and I was like, why am I being punished that I can drink? Aren't you supposed to mark all the people who can't drink? hmm yeah,

Angela 23:29

I don't know. That's a weird one. Overall, I think they're great. I would say don't get in the water waters pretty iffy I Oh, I don't think I was actually at this one

Jae 23:38

being water near intoxication is not good. Period, not just pool parties. Right? I

Angela 23:44

think that's probably the similarity that day clubs and frat pool parties have in common maybe don't get in the water at either one. It's generally pretty gross.

Jae 23:56

What I recommend as an alternative is going somewhere with an isolutions I saw one of these on TVs and it was one of the best things ever when I got to try one in person because I didn't think I yeah surprise surprise I was in a sorority for four years very Greek as much as I could be within my still relatively basic modest but like

Angela 24:16

I was my very good west coast

Jae 24:18

on the more timid conservative not politically but socially side of thing. I never even went to a toga party. Wait, Siri just know you never took me? Well, I

Angela 24:29

mean, frankly, I don't know if I went to one while I was Greek.

Jae 24:32

Anyway, I never went to a toga party. So and ice blues was the second best thing I could have experienced during my college days. But those of you who don't know what an ice lusia is basically a big block of ice where they carve two lanes down and they pour out call down it and you drink it at the end. And by the time it gets your mouth, it's miraculously cold 10 out of 10 recommend very wonderful.

Angela 24:52

I would say that's the Oh, have I ever been to a day club with an ice luge? I don't think so.

Jae 24:56

Oh, no. You've been to the mall.

Angela 24:59

I think clubs have better music, better sound system, the drinks aren't as good fraternities get way more creative

Jae 25:06

creativity is not necessarily a plus. Also, again, day versus night during the day, it's typically warmer. So you got a lot of more drinks that are frozen with ice, like a Fat Tuesday or a frozen a very or things that are cold, and you want colder drinks when it's warm out. Like I don't want a cold Moscow Mule when it's freezing, and it's frickin foggy outside. Very true.

Angela 25:28

I don't know. I think the one I've never done the like nightclubs with pools that I've always been really interested in. But frankly, I get anxiety enough thinking about what it is that I'm supposed to wear on the walk from the hotel to the day club. Isn't the day club in the hotel? Well, not all Vegas hotels have one Seriously? Yeah. Or you might not want to go to the one in your hotel, huh? Yeah. Cuz then when you think about it, when you're there, you have to like, either take off your clothes, I don't know, drop your sarong or whatever. And you have to remember where you leave it where you're at? Are you in a group? Is there someone watching the stuff? It's just it's it's a lot to think about. That's the one nice thing about fraternity parties generally, like we had to drive or Uber to them. So it's like, you could just leave your stuff in the DDS car or you just left her stuff at home and just Uber straight back.

Jae 26:17

And one of my unfortunate incidents we're not going to go full detail in because I am still unemployed by the grace of God, this one particular Pool Party, I always have my phone on me. So I have enough dirt of anyone in my life or to run for office to like, make sure I could be a secretary or someone high in the cabinet. We'll just phrase it that way. At this point, though, so is the internet because of clouds, the cloud very true. All those cloud but this one particular time, there have only been a few times in my life where I've been less than redeemable. No one had their phone at this one except me because it was a pool party. So everyone else had had their phone in the car. Like I said, by the grace of God.

Angela 26:54

Oh, seriously, if I have one regret in my life, it's that I didn't have my phone on that day. And I know that makes me sound mean everyone. But if you knew the amount of pictures that Jay has Give me the incriminating evidence.

Jae 27:08

Yep, I have a great series we can do one. Oh god once for both employed by the podcast. I

Angela 27:13

have a great series we can do one day maybe once we're maybe once depending upon which one of us this is happening for most likely me. Maybe,


let me be married to like, I don't think there's anything that's that bad that would have someone question their choice and me, but Justin,

Jae 27:30

I think it would make you have more fun. Really? Yes, we are gonna have a whole podcast coming on. But Angela, I think you would make you seem a little more relatable or quick Asterix I was gonna save this for a relatable episode. But I want to say now because it's just really funny. So I had will get this is a very circular story. But I've been being told I need to be more relatable in life. And we're going to go on the whole reason of why that's kind of problematic, frankly, probably next week, because I'm talking about a lot here. But one of the things were as we were going through photos for me to use on dating apps. And whenever he's like, do you have a photo with like, your cat on your head? Like something funny that shows your personality? I'm like, Who do you think I am? Know when I take pictures. I brought double outfits to LA because I knew that would be my photo catalog for the curated year. Ideally, I would like some more of it in case I didn't have like 10 outfits locked down. I think I might have a few more. I don't know I actually can't point being additionally to that I have style. I need to be prouder to say it. But I have style when I feel like I have a very strong sense of the way I like to dress. And unfortunately, because of that I've been told it can seem a little high maintenance, unattainable. unrelatable aloof, you name it. I've been described as it. So when I was dog sitting for my cousin the other day, I had never picked up dog poop before. Here's a 90 something pound like golden doodle or knuckle. Maybe golden. So I told him like I'd never picked up dog poop before. So he's like, Okay, well, let's do it before we go, and we're gonna toss everything in as I was doing. He's like, do we take a picture of you for your Instagram? And I said no. And I was like, Oh, wait, actually, I was told I need to see more relatable. So like, maybe we should. And then my other friend was like you should hold and make see I'm just like you.

Angela 29:10

Oh my god. I feel like there's way too much subtext that could then be put onto a picture like that, that I know you wouldn't actually put on the internet in any form.

Jae 29:21

I wouldn't actually do that. It was just a funny. It was it was just a funny thing. These The thing is I don't want to say I'm more relatable than people think because it's not my job to decide what other people think of me but I consider my I get one more line of this magic code. Okay, I consider myself a a self imposed high maintenance person. Meaning if Angela decides Jay I want to have breakfast with you at 9am if I want to look good for the breakfast in case a hot guy walks in for his morning coffee. I will get up at 7am to get ready. I will not tell Angela we need to meet later. I will not be late because of my own choices. I will range my choices around it. And if Angela happens to oversleep her alarm and not be ready, and I look and I'm like prepared, that's not because of me disregarding her initial wish to meet at a certain time I don't impose. That's just how I will carry my heavy suitcase myself. I will plan my appearance for the event fitting to what the plan is I will not rearrange everything around what I need. That was an end of a sentence. I know where it didn't stop.

Angela 30:28

Like when that was that was a really long final statement. But

Jae 30:31

I mean, here here, go j there were 20 breaths. So it counts as one sentence.

Angela 30:36


Jae 30:38

Do you have a response? And then we'll move on. Um, yeah, I

Angela 30:41

think of the two of us. J is the least high maintenance. I will I will admit to that. Apparently,

Jae 30:47

my photos don't represent that. Okay.

Angela 30:49

It's not it's not necessarily.

Jae 30:52

We're doing. We're doing a whole episode. Okay.

Angela 30:55

All right. Hi,

Jae 30:56

I'm just I have

Angela 30:57

a lot of thoughts. They're not just for you, for me to for the world. But your photos are great. I just think everyone can use more variety and I will leave it at that

Jae 31:07

here here. Okay, so tell us more about Vegas day clubs. The scene the ridiculous price during I feel like someone told me once I had like $38 or something.

Angela 31:16

Oh God,

Jae 31:17

I don't know. I've never been to a nightclub personally.

Angela 31:20

I think day clubs are great. Definitely worth it. I think that there are some things that make it way more comfortable like a cabana or the lounge chairs and I know that yes, those are like can or they can get really expensive and everything so they're not for everyone.

Jae 31:35

They're not accessible for everyone. I'm sure if everyone was offered a free cabana. Those people would say yes, they

Angela 31:42

are they I understand that they're not accessible to everyone. I'm really sorry. I don't have general admission non accessible options at the ready. Oh, there's

Jae 31:53

a I'm sorry. I don't have experience doing general admission. I can only tell you what it's like from inside of the cabanas.

Angela 31:59

Oh, gosh. No, I think it's more whenever we've gone and we haven't had a cabana we actually don't end up staying that long. Or like we just danced the entire time. So we don't have to worry about the fact that we have nowhere to sit or put our things.

Jae 32:12

How does the cement What do you need to wear?

Angela 32:14

I would wear shoes, wear shoes?

Jae 32:16

Oh, broken glass. I feel like I heard the story of someone getting glasses. Oh my gosh.

Angela 32:21

Anytime I've ever gone to a Vegas day club, nightclub, whatever. We've spent most of our time on the dance floor. The only thing I can say is tall people. Please know where you're moving your body and your space. Like the amount of times I've been elbowed in like the shoulder or like a random hand has like swatted me in the head. Because six foot five guys are like dancing and just like waving their limbs everywhere. Please stop. I'm tiny. I can't really like no

Jae 32:49

no, no no silly that happens everywhere. Don't blame that on day and night clubs. That happens to you everywhere you walk. Okay,

Angela 32:56

it does. It really does just general PSA to tell people please look out for the short people we're not trying to get in your way. It just

Jae 33:04

This is why you need to work on your shoulders and in skills and not shake like a chihuahua going through a seer.

Angela 33:12

Did you say a seizure or a cedar See? Okay, I didn't know if that was some sort of like outward reference, like a like a cedar chest as a cedar doorway. I don't know. I was trying to figure it out.

Jae 33:24

So walk us through. I want to go to a day club do's and don'ts.

Angela 33:27

Go do wear comfortable shoes. Don't wear like five inch platforms. Can you wear like your foot flops into the water?

Jae 33:35

I don't think so. Obviously, like you don't swim, but like no one's swimming. Everyone's dancing. So can you wear like flip flops? Like the Old Navy? Well, I

Angela 33:44

don't think you can take your flip flops in the water. Have a designated person to watch your things or like set up a rotation schedule.

Jae 33:52

Yes. And also people need to be this is a double statement. Everyone needs to be clear that the rotation schedule should happen. And everyone should also be accountable to keep that rotation schedule moving. I haven't personally had that experience in this regard. But I've had it and others were just to be

Angela 34:10

fair. Exactly. Also, if you decide like hey, you don't want to dance anymore. You just want to sit like volunteer and like be that person. Like help out. Keep the person company who's watching the stuff maybe? Yeah, I don't know. For day clubs. I really think it's just all about the little things. Like you're going to have a great time dance, laugh drink have fun, just like keep it light keep it fun when it's time to go Don't be hard to find if you want to leave your group set up like a designated like checkpoint. Time to check in a place where you're going to meet later. So that way nobody has to go tracking you down

Jae 34:47

here here. Oh my god. Don't be a runner. If you are drunk, don't I hate runners?

Angela 34:53

Oh yeah, I've never had to deal with a runner. But it's it's honestly it's my biggest fear. Because as as the General silver spectator, I usually end up handling everything at the end of the day. And if you're a runner, I'm sorry, I'm gonna lose you.

Jae 35:08

I'm not coordinated enough to run after you. I'm not a runner, but I'm small so hypothetically, if like a crowd was moving, I could get sucked in

Angela 35:15

but I don't run away. That is good. I think honestly, I think that's everything I house because every day club is also so different. I will say though, okay, I said don't get in the water.

Jae 35:23

But like pool floaties are fun way way the cost of that. Can you be in the pool floaty as like people are dancing in the DJs? Are there? Yeah. Hmm. I feel like it would get popped or people would

step on you.

Angela 35:34

Well, I mean, it's like generally like the waters kind of like high enough. Like, I think on me, at most places. It's like, it's above my waist. Under Golden Rule.

Jae 35:42

I say day club, frat party, nightclub anywhere, eat a piece of bread, eat two rice cakes, or a few saltines going into an empty stomach. Rarely Are you going to win. Oh,

Angela 35:53

yeah. And then if you're if you're even smarter plan where you're going for food directly after. Okay, Jay, what other thoughts do you have on de drinking?

Jae 36:02

What I think I learned during the pandemic about it in general was just like, I was locked in a house and I have too many days. And I didn't like to drink over zoom branches or zoom calls my friends and a lot of people did no judgment or shame anything to that. But my whole reasoning was, I didn't want to hang out with my friends, and then realize they wanted to get off the call and that I'm drunk at home by myself in my room. Because that's weird, which is one of the reasons I think I prefer day drinking is you know, it's going to be a longer day. Or even if it's not a longer day, I can then stack plans. Versus like, if you're drinking at night, and someone decides they want to leave early and you're kind of drunk, it's like, Well, shit, I'm gonna go home and then just be drunk at home. If you can't dance it off, then for me, then I just don't feel great.

Angela 36:48

That's fair. I know me forever. The wet blanket downer. I always think of it from a safety perspective, too. I'd much rather drink during the day, because there's probably a longer amount of time that I'm going to be with people. So if I do drink, because I don't drink very often, like one drink. And I'm for hours, I just feel better about it. Because by the time I leave, I'm generally pretty sober, if not fully sober, because especially sometimes like when we go out we have generally like we move around to quite a few places. So you never really know where you're going to end up like at the end of the day night when you're trying to get home. Yeah. Which I think leads us to a very interesting topic right now with like limited access, or availability of ride share right now and racism. And that, yes, and then there are, I've noticed, like a lot of places still have time limits, but they don't actually have drink limits. So I've gone to a couple of breweries with friends. And they just keep bringing, like drink after drink after drink. But they're always constantly reminding you like you have 90 minutes you have 45 minutes, you have 20 minutes left, I'm like, Okay, well, we're in the middle of nowhere, and we drove here. So now you're just kicking us out? Like that doesn't necessarily seem very responsible

Jae 38:01

and not ideal.

Angela 38:02

Yeah. And that was a thought that I actually had about bottomless brunch as well. Because a lot of places require that the entire table purchase bottomless and then with limited availability of rideshare. Maybe you drove Are you going to make your designated driver purchase bottomless and then not drink it?

Jae 38:20

Have they done that though?

Angela 38:22

I mean, I haven't personally experienced that. But that was just a thought that I had thinking about bottomless brunch earlier today. Oh, no, I've

Jae 38:30

always had that thought we've never needed it, but I can't see them. I just can't see that being legal. I understand why they make everyone get it. Because if we went to bottomless brand with 10 friends and I ordered bottomless and I just kept passing it to my life, I understand why they do it right. But I don't think COVID not COVID anytime if someone's that they were designated driver, they would force them to get one

Angela 38:54

interesting. This may be my next social experiment and get

Jae 38:57

your license first. So you can actually DD fair. Have you ever been the DD? No, I could have

Angela 39:03

been, I've always wondered what that experience would be like,

Jae 39:07

Well, thankfully, looking forward and a few months, we're gonna have a whole bunch of people who've had experiences being DD on and other things pertaining to Greek life. We do all of us out on that experience designated drive.

Angela 39:23

I think it's a really great PSA. Because actually now that I'm thinking about it, too, in terms of like day clubs and nightclubs in Vegas and things like that, I know several people who ended up being like the unintentional designated driver, Walker, whatever, because somebody wanted to leave early. Somebody didn't feel well.

Jae 39:43

So what's the designated Walker, like a sober sister,

Angela 39:47

kind of it's like when I don't know like, say you're in Vegas and you just went to the hotel across the street. You're not Uber and back to your hotel, but you do have to walk them from that hotel down this block back to the room. Yeah. So I think they're There are plenty of situations like that where it's I've heard from people who were like, yeah, like I was like waiting to get my drink like I was gonna I was only going to drink once we got to the club to make sure that we all got there. And then someone pregame too hard got sick so that I had to walk them back to the room and then I ended up to staying.

Jae 40:18

tell your story about the neon museum and your rideshare situation.

Angela 40:23

Oh, that was terrifying. Um, so recently, I also took a trip to Las Vegas. And for those of you who don't know the neon, yes, J Yes, listeners. I did actually take this trip before I was fully vaccinated. q1 on insert. Oh my god. Okay. So for those of you that don't know, the neon museum is a outdoor museum, about 10 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip that has a lot of old restored neon signs from the original buildings in Las Vegas, and I went maybe around like 630s I was supposed to go at sunset, but there was a storm so it ended up almost being like pitch black night out there. Totally, absolutely beautiful experience. I actually wanted to turn it into a real or igtv for the podcast. But PSA, they do not allow a video in there only pictures if you get caught taking video, you will be asked to leave the premises and the tour. So that is very sad. After I take in my tour and gotten my pictures and everything I call upon a rideshare service to get back to the strip and my hotel.

Jae 41:31

Hell call them out. You

Angela 41:32

call both like multiple Okay, all right, yeah, I called an Uber and I called a Lyft. Because both were just taking forever took about 30 minutes to get one I finally got a lift within five minutes, that ride canceled. I then got back into the queue just waiting, waiting, waiting another 10 minutes go by now I have an Uber. So while I'm waiting for the Uber, all of a sudden, that cancels and the security guard notices me because I've been standing there for about an hour now. And he lets me know. Hey, just so you know, a lot of people have been having issues with rideshare services right now, because there aren't as many drivers. He's like, I've seen people wait for hours. Sometimes I've given people rides home after my shift. I was like, oh God, when does your shift end? And that's when he told me 130 in the morning, at this point, I start freaking out because I'm like, How am I supposed to get home? I don't have a car here. call a taxi service or like, oh, it may be an hour. It may be an hour and a half, maybe less, maybe more. We don't know we don't have a lot of drivers right now. I finally ended up body blocking somebody Uber that was getting dropped off at the museum begging this man to continually swipe and decline other customers until my ride popped up for him to accept

Jae 42:47

wait series. Yeah. So the

Angela 42:51

so before this, the security guard did let me know that some people were having better luck calling an Uber black, he's like it may be 80 to $100. But they're far less likely to cancel on you because they're getting a bigger fare. This ride was accepted. And they did not cancel on me. But the driver kept taking all of these wrong turns and passing the museum circling the museum, all of this stuff. So I was still waiting for a really long time. Hence, the body blocking of the Uber to get home. And even this guy wanted 10 bucks to just keep swiping and declining rides because he's like this, this hurts my score. And I'm like, I totally understand that like, but I need I need to get home. And luckily, what did you give him? I did give him the 10 bucks when he was a very nice man. It took him like 12 swipes to get me but I didn't understand because there was a continual stream of Ubers and lyfts. Dropping people off like every 10 minutes there would be one or the other arriving at the museum for people to take their tour. So I don't understand why it was so hard for me to get a car because

Jae 43:57

they were queuing. Other people were getting queued

Angela 44:00

first. Definitely a scary situation. It took about two hours to get back to the strip. And then I didn't leave again until it was time to go to the airport.

Jae 44:09

Good decision. Yeah. So ladies and gentlemen, yeah, Ubers everywhere have doubled, tripled, quadrupled. It's insane. And the thing is, no, I don't love paying extra. But if I knew it's because the drivers were getting more money, I would suck it up. But it's not just because there aren't very many drivers and the companies are making more money

Angela 44:33

now and so I've been told from like multiple drivers that a lot of people are not driving right now because it's better for them to collect unemployment like they're making more money and it's it's hard to fault them they're

Jae 44:46

the and this is why day drinking is just so much more productive because currently we're recording at this at night because Angela decided to go drinking without me and therefore now we're talking about this others baking is kind of sad if we were out in nature. If you could go to the next place or at least I could get my in between snack I'm a big proponent of getting a snack between brunch and the next meal rather than getting something full like chips and salsa not sure if it's also I can't not do Mexican food when I drink that's just like a big no no I had one parable incident that I will never ever ever have Mexican food again after drinking. But like getting some like peanuts or some almonds or something like the light for my stomach breads need to absorb what I drink at brunch for the rest of the day.

Angela 45:25

I'm always a fan of food go food and I'm trying to think do I even have a go to snack? I have cravings I have very definite cravings like today I really wanted chicken strips and fries. I will be getting those after we finish recording.

Jae 45:41

I don't like nine o'clock my craving has not been satisfied. I don't know maybe to wrap this up. If this episode gets tried to be ambitious, but not too ambitious. I'm gonna like ballpark it to be fair for our listener base. Okay, if this episode gets between 50 and 75 downloads within the first

week. What do you think? Okay,

that's like higher than what we normally get. So we'll say between 50 and 70 downloads this first week, we will do a Seth Meyers day drinking video for YouTube.

Angela 46:16

What's a Seth Meyers day drinking video.

Jae 46:18

You're kidding. You've never seen Seth Meyers day drink with Briana or Kelly Clarkson or the Jonas Brothers. Oh, oh my god, grouchy. Okay, well now because you haven't seen it. You now will be publicly going on our Instagram Live not Instagram Live or igt not HGTV you are going to watch one of them and on our ID stories. Tonight, you're going to give your review and tease this episode of the podcast that will be coming out June 15 14th 14th. You were going to watch one of them or all of them. They're all amazing videos. And then you will be going on our Instagram stories and telling the public to be excited for our June 14 episode. And if we hit our milestone, and you can put a little countdown clock in for them so they can remember, we will recreate one of these videos.

Angela 47:13

Okay, what's your assignment? I need to go to YouTube and look up Seth Meyers day drinking watch, then go to our stories I need to watch I then need to put on some makeup then I need to go to our stories. And then I need to tease this episode for our listeners and let them know that we need 50 to 75 downloads in the first week and then we will create one with a countdown clock. Oh yeah,

I got it.

Jae 47:40

I would say screen record some of your favorite bits. Okay, so you can like tease those in the Instagram story. Okay, you guys are getting like behind the scenes things but like way after the fact. So it was still pie in the sea.

Angela 47:54


Jae 47:55

Oh my god, Seth Meyers he de drink with Ayana garden like how did you not see these?

Angela 48:00

You think grouchy MC Boomer spends time on YouTube

Jae 48:03

crotchy with Boomer wants black Jeopardy, grouchy mug Boomer watches like SNL clips that aren't even that funny.

Angela 48:09

Excuse you. The

bars I'm referencing to other ones are very funny. Also, he has a residency in Vegas that is now going to open up again. But I think only for a week, which

Jae 48:22

is very sad. so short.

Angela 48:24

I know we might actually be as tall as Bruno Mars,

Jae 48:27

and Uranus are the short ones now he's all you Oh, Lord,

Angela 48:29

like you like one short person and you're labeled for life.

Jae 48:34

I know. And since everyone's been telling me I should raise my standards for people. We should go up to six six.

Angela 48:40

Okay, perfect.

Jae 48:42

I would ever I can't see. I don't wanna say never but like

Angela 48:46

as Jacob Lrd now cut is he six seven? As if he was six, five. Okay, you haven't see the P six, seven and him saying he's accepted or to sift for separate issues? Yes, all of which will be covered in our kissing booth episode in depth. Very great detail to come. But if he insists on calling himself six, five, I guess I will honor Six, five when we talk about him factually. However, in terms of the conspiracy, you cannot convince me that he is not six, seven.

Jae 49:18

I mean, you saw him come head to head with Taylor and Taylor's 511 he was not like nine inches taller than him seven but still.

Angela 49:29

The photo was edited

Jae 49:30

and Joey is much shorter than Kaia Gerber.

Angela 49:33

Yes, Joey is our height.

Jae 49:35

Joe is taller than us. But good try.

Angela 49:37

Wait even on our best day.

Jae 49:39

Yes. I told this was in another episode. I tell you she's 5455 this is not news. Unlike Bruno Mars. This is not news. Joey.

Angela 49:48

I definitely thought she was like 5354 I didn't know we I didn't know she stretched all his five, five.

Jae 49:55

I believe so. Or Alexa, how tall is Joey King

Angela 50:01

Five Four. Okay, she and Sabrina Carpenter did a tic Tock I haven't watched

it yet though.

Jae 50:06

It's like 10 seconds long her tic Tock like all tic tocs Well, yeah,

Angela 50:11

I just haven't had a chance to watch it yet.

Jae 50:13

Oh, also graduated we were High School Musical the musical the series is back now. Awesome. I have to catch up. No, you didn't watch to begin with. It's fine. I have a new I have a different friend for that show. I'm just telling you. Because it's back now. And Olivia Rodrigo has new song. You will be seeing a lot of it. Got it? Yeah, no, I like her new song. It's not deja vu. No, sweetie, that one came out. Okay, I drove to it in Malibu because they talked about Malibu in the salt. Very nice. Thank you. No this is good for you. It came out three days ago four days ago much longer but I mean spoiler alert I'm sure all of you boomers listening to this podcast either know this already because you're not boomers or if you are boomers probably don't even know who all the all the drama with Olivia Rodrigo. So let me just fill you all in on a quick point. In the music video she is wearing a cheer uniform cheer uniform is resemblance of The Princess Diaries. The one that Lorna Mandy Moore's hair wore. Angela, do you remember the name of her character boyfriend was Josh? Yes. As in people think it's a reference to Joshua Bassett, the co star from High School Musical the series who all of her other songs that are out are written about Oh, getting deep.

Angela 51:22

This is very intriguing. I wonder if this is going to go the way of the whole like Selena Gomez Justin Bieber thing where everyone thinks every song that they write ever is still about each other. Not every song, but like a lot of them. I've seen I've seen a lot. I've seen a lot of videos where people try to connect it. Oh, well. Yeah. Oh, okay. But really quick, just to like,

Jae 51:41

I don't know, well,

Angela 51:42

we'll maybe consider this our close out. But I was just informed of this today. And I feel like it kind of fits in with how many times we've had to say Boomer, do you know what shogi means?

Jae 51:54

Like, no.

I know what you mean. I know what it means.

Angela 52:00

Oh my god. You. Me?

Yeah. Excuse you.

I will cop to having some cheeky like qualities, but so do you. Oh, really? Just Just some silence there.

Jae 52:14

I'm laughing at you. Oh, okay.

Angela 52:16

I see how it is.

Jae 52:17

But it's the silent laugh. Okay.

Angela 52:19

Well, just so you know, Disney has been labeled cheeky Grey's Anatomy has been labeled chewy,

Jae 52:26

Gilmore Girls is chewy. Yes, Tory Burch flats are chewy. Okay, there was something else I thought personally victimized you that I was gonna mention, but I always say the Tory Burch flats was the one I remember though.

Angela 52:36

I was like, Okay, I just found this out today. So I don't have a lot of ammunition. But it's not just me. Well, for those of

Jae 52:44

you who don't know, as well, Boomer, would you like to explain to everyone else what chewy means? If you'd like to hear the story of how you've learned what Okay,

Angela 52:50

I don't I don't actually fully understand what it means. All I've seen are the videos in which things are labeled chiggy I know the origins apparently it started in 2013 by some girl named Melissa or Raisa or something with an ESA at the end and then Tick Tock got ahold of it. Now it's going viral. Hilary Duff made a video of herself asking if she was chewy. Yes, that's all I know. Apparently flat ironing Your hair is also chewy. I think it's kind of strange. But Okay. Um, yeah, so while we were in the car today, my friend brought it up and she asked she's like, Oh, do you know what you gave me? And so she had me Urban Dictionary it I didn't understand because apparently the most recent entry that I was looking at was talking about how the different letters of chiggy then symbolize something about being loyalty or man. She's like, no, that's not right. She's like, just look it up on Tick tock, watch a video. So that's where I came into this and it was a bunch of British people explaining chewy and American lifestyle. So I still didn't really get it. So I just had to keep swiping and that's that's where I am right now.

Jae 53:57

Okay. Oh, and

Angela 53:58

here's the thing about like, Girl boss energy and Etsy store,

Jae 54:02

girl boss and Chevron prime. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Okay, basically, channel recruitment 2013. Think of dominantly white culture from 2010 to 2013. And where those people would be now is chewy. So Chevron psls, Pinterest mug cakes. Think of all of those kinds of things that like the teachers and our wives would do now. No hate to teachers. We love teachers. But that kind of energy is what chewy is. Oh, yes. So the reason I wasn't going to go into this with you because a lot of people were saying that one no one's really heard Gen Z call millennial Shui. It's only millennial saying that Gen Z's are similar with the side part of the G in the straight leg jeans. People are saying oh Gen Z, but it's actually millennials within millennials calling for that. The other thing with chewy it's typically basic white women culture and infighting. And then there were a lot of women of color responding saying Like, why are we making fun of white women for letting them have their own culture when they're not appropriating our culture? In addition, why are white women making fun of other white women deeming something as chewy, because as soon as some group decides something is okay, another group has to demonize and put them down and in group and out group it.

Angela 55:21

Oh, interesting,

Jae 55:23

can really be a whole other episode or a whole thing. But yes, I do know who he is. I think some of them are funny. I understand that I have some of these traits. The thing is, I can laugh about it. And like I thought you would take more personal that's,

Angela 55:36

oh, no, I

thought it was really funny. Because I was like, I'm scrolling through these videos. I was like, Oh, I have that. I had that at one point. I did that at one point. And I was laughing and so we were facetiming some other people. And no, the only time that I took it as offense, they were like, Oh, yeah, you definitely are. And I was like, excuse you. I think all of us have participated in this at some point. So thank you. We are moving on.

Jae 56:00

Yeah, but like you're really chewy.

Angela 56:02

I know. Every night.

Jae 56:04

I would say yes. Well, here Here was

Angela 56:07

a woman. Yes. I have been called that before, weirdly enough. Yeah, I'm

Jae 56:11

sure you have. Okay, wait. To end. This was like I was really proud of. So I was watching station 19. I mean, yes, we can all be a little embarrassed for me. But I was really proud of my millennial really shining through. So it was an episode where people were dressing up for Halloween. And one of the firefighters goes to save this man. He's he's beating his wife in a window. So it's two gay firefighters and one's like a black sequined dress and one's in a pink dress the white cardigan in her hair them so and this was from years ago, like many years ago, and they were dressed up as characters from Rocky Horror Picture Show. But when I saw the girl in the pink star card, like, Oh, it's like 11 from stranger. And so I was really proud. My point of reference was the younger point of reference. Good job, even though after I was like, wait, I was like, Oh, no, I have I've seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show like clips I haven't watched all the way through. But when I saw I was like, Oh, it's like 11 I don't know the sequiny girl. Um, I guess he Tina Turner their day. But you have to be gay to be Tina Turner. But like, I thought maybe because I've seen a lot of gay people dress up as Tina Turner. There's whoever you want. It's Halloween, but I just was really proud of myself for going with the younger reference.

Angela 57:22

Good job. Thank you. Frankly, I would just even call it the nerdy reference. But good job.

Jae 57:27

You don't think i think the Rocky Horror Picture Show would be nerd I

Angela 57:30

think they both are.

Jae 57:31

Yeah, I know. But the point is, I went with the one that the kids would know. Ah, got it.

Angela 57:35

All right, you're ready for me to close this out. Okay, here

Jae 57:38

the today show. Just the quick Well, no, this 10 ways to know if you fit the description of cheesy cheesy hashtags and captions. Yes. 25 I'm feeling 22 Thank you. Next life's a beat wind Hi. Okay. rosae views like we're actively

Angela 57:55

using these are we have used these

Jae 57:57

you I'm assuming you have and you do

Angela 58:02

so loved you. We were in a sorority weeks that we hashtagged everything. Life's a beach.

Jae 58:07

Yes. And I have returned to Instagram. Not saying that. You have just neandertal Jean jackets. Oh yeah, I'm not gonna stop wearing Jean jackets. The Garden State soundtrack who even is that? No idea Dunder Mifflin mirch sorry. Bang Axe body spray. Millennials are saying like, did you hear this new term Gen Z. It's like I've never heard this come out of any Gen Z's mouth this term chewy and I really am sure it's someone somewhere trying to be a popular girl who was not a popular girl in this trying or it was trying to hold on to relevancy because the only people I've heard talking about this are people around our age and a little older who have you heard this new term the kids are using and I've literally never heard anyone young actually use this term having IBS is cheeky. We get it you should every 10 minutes and probably shouldn't eat cheese but still do you anyway. Stop talking about it. Okay, Valentine's Day is apparently cheery

Angela 59:07

I feel personally attacked by the IBS one all Harry Potter tattoos. Okay, we are totally doing an episode on invisible illnesses now cuz like fuck that one. The musical wicked being conventionally hot Santa cop like, yeah,

Jae 59:22

this is stupid. popsocket the state of Virginia. I wonder

Angela 59:25

if this is the word my big was trying to describe to me on our trip because she was trying to ask if I'd heard of some new word, but she couldn't remember what it was from

Jae 59:36

graduating college in 2015 if you had some sort of Hotline Bling punk on your grad cap I'm talking to you.

Angela 59:43

Oh my god

Jae 59:44

gender reveal party naming your dildo. Alrighty then. Oh, Chris Pratt. Now the month of October. Okay. Oh, sorry guys named Matt. Sorry. Oh, man.

Angela 59:57

If anything now I'm just offended by the idea. that there has been like this made up thing within chewy and it really is just infighting like That's so lame. Why start drama? Also if you're coming for IBS Do you

Jae 1:00:12

disabled placard?

Angela 1:00:13


Jae 1:00:14

no no use of me.

Angela 1:00:16

Sorry. And on that note, thank you for listening to this episode of In Omnia paratus Join us next week grab your coffee bowl and don't forget to rate download and follow on Apple Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts as always where you lead will follow so head on over to @inOmniapod on Instagram and let us know what you want to hear about in the comments.


Jae 1:00:38

live laugh love everyone

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