Listeners, you’re familiar with The Blip and The Snap, but today we’re bringing you The Smack(down). Angela wanted to introduce Jae to the MCU through a few of its most talked about characters, which led to a full on movie marathon spiral that has not only brought Jae fully into the comic conversation, but also crowns her the queen of this weeks debate. As recognition of her efforts, this show description serves as an official degree in Phases, 1, 2, and 3, even if she refuses to watch TGOTG.

Show Notes

  • It happened! Angela finally got Jae to watch a Marvel movie! (And as we find out, movie turned into movies)
  • Marvel isn’t just about the flash, bang, and (Hulk) smash of the fight scenes. There’s a great deal of world building, history, and character development in the comics that the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) doesn’t always capture. But more or that later…
  • Fact Check 1: Agent Coulson did die in The Avengers, but was resurrected in the Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D series :
  • Captain Marvel is the first female led movie in the MCU
  • Fact Check 2: Mark Ruffalo does not have a stand-alone Hulk movie, but Eric Bana and Edward Norton do. Norton’s film is recognized by the MCU cannon
  • If you’re interested in the history and origins of comics and our modern-day superheroes, check out Episode 2, Higher, Further, Faster of Marvel’s 616 that touches on the beginnings of the industry and particularly highlights the female contributors to the genre
  • Ta-Nehisi Coates is further updating the perspective of superheroes, giving Captain America an update:
  • Correction: Men alone were not enough to keep comics afloat, but men who favored the power of men first
  • Captain Marvel is a storyline told by Marvel in the Captain Marvel movie is the 2012 ret-con written by Kelly Sue DeConnick, that places Carol Danvers at the forefront of the story. The original Captain Marvel comic was debuted in 1967 and actually featured several other female characters to carry the mantel other than Danvers. In The Marvels, this *oversite* will be rectified
  • Fact Check 3: While not a side-by-side comparison, this should help give you an idea of how overseas viewers contribute to Marvel:
  • Do you think Hugh Jackman and Jude Law look alike?
  • We’re not trying to do a lot of Wandavision spoilers here as the series is active, but we hope you’re watching!
  • Note: We totally forgot to mention that Monica Rambeau was a character to carry the mantel of Captain Marvel! If you want to know more ahead of her Wandavision storyline, you can read here:
  • The results of our Marvel personality Buzzfeed quizzes:
  • Jae is Captain America
  • Angela is Spider-Man
  • Note: Jae is watching The Avengers: Age of Ultron as an intro to Wanda and Vision without spoilers to their storyline
  • Please consider this Jae’s official petition to see Chris Hemsworth as Santa Claus!
  • Fact Check 4: Valkyrie is not non-binary, but is bisexual in the source material
  • Angela will come for your if you try to say, “I love you 3,000,” to your loved one – it means goodbye. Nothing more. The end. And do not get her started on the use of, “we did it Mr. Stark!”.
  • Chris Evans did play Johnny Storm (Human Torch) in the Fantastic Four, before he was Captain America
  • Fact Check 5: We touched on it in the episode, but if you want to read the full story on why Terrance Howard was replaced in Iron Man 2 and on you can read here:


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Jae 0:00

I pledge myself to the pod loyal I'll always be a P to start a D at the end, and an O sitting in between. Welcome back to In Omnia Paratus I'm Jae like the letter

and I'm Angela also known as avo

we're two friends diving into our past and present evaluating if we were ever truly ready for anything, we discuss all things from the definition of dating to all the things school didn't prepare us for the lesson as we talked about career changers. give plenty of unsolicited opinions and work on becoming the people we want to see in the world.

Angela 0:34

Hi, everyone.

Welcome back. Jae. How's

it going?

Jae 0:37

It's good. And I have a surprise for you once we get into today's topic.

Angela 0:41



I'm excited and slightly nervous. But I don't know. Have you seen any good movies lately?

Jae 0:47

How would you define good?

Angela 0:49

Have you seen anything that has captured your interest?

Jae 0:53

Yeah, we can say that.

Angela 0:55

So for everyone, today, J actually is not very into the MCU, otherwise known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and

I am.

So I'm positively thrilled that she's agreed to start her journey in in the name of the podcast. And frankly, this has just showed me that we should have started a podcast years ago, because it's been far easier to get her to open up to some things in the name of podcast awareness. Jae, do you have a rebuttal?

Jae 1:23

Just wait till I get to pick the event for the month.

Angela 1:26

Okay, this this was at least kind of fun. You have to admit, Yes, I will. But it's not that I think we both are fun people. And what we want to do is fun, just they tick certain boxes for us in different ways.

Jae 1:39

And these activities are typically more in one's wheelhouse than the other such as I've tried to get Angela to watch our vlog since we met in 2014. And she gets bored. After the introduction. They spend three minutes asking you to like, comment, and subscribe. Well, now you know how it feels when people don't. So you see why they focus on it.

Angela 2:01

Okay, I do. But I think that also when you give that to me, maybe in the middle or more towards the end, I'm more likely to do it. If you hit me with your topic. Initially, I'm more likely to become more engaged consumer behavior, everyone, we're a regular study in it now. So everyone, I've been into the movies that Marvel has given us for a while x men fantastic for Spider Man with Tobey Maguire, those were a big part of my childhood. And before that, it was Star Wars and the Lord of the Rings. So I think I've always had an attraction to the big epic storylines. But it wasn't really until college that I got into Marvel. And that is all thanks to my English classes, ironically, and a really great ta that I had. So in my classes that focused on technology and culture, this is an exploration into a new genre that gives us all these different avenues to look outside of traditional books and evaluate study dissect introspect upon different stories. And some of those are comics. And I had a really great TA, who taught me all about the history of graphic novels, comics, and what goes into them. So I come at this from a very analytical and academic and just plain nerdy perspective. But Jay approaches this basically, as an outsider, like, you know a lot about celebrity gossip and the red carpet and press interviews, but you didn't know much about this world going into it. So I'm really excited to hear what you have to say. And hopefully all of you guys are as well. And of course, don't worry, we're going to talk about the good and the bad within the franchise because some of our listeners have talked about this before. And of course, we're going to bring you some extra knowledge that is sure to help out with bar trivia and and press any of those Silicon Valley Tech boys out there you.

Jae 3:42

ewwww Silicon Valley type boys.

Angela 3:44

Well, well, yeah, that's that's that's the joke. No,

Jae 3:47

it's a joke, because we don't want to impress them. Well, I

Angela 3:49

think it's just more of a joke that we think you think in general that you can impress them because aren't they generally unimpressive?

I don't think too much about them. Honestly, I might just my mic plugged in. I should have probably figured this out sooner. But I can't hear anything.

Oh, God.

Jae 4:04

No, we're good.

Angela 4:06


Jae 4:06

The Christina, Mike's not doing much favors with the one ear

Angela 4:09

Oh, no,

Jae 4:10

it's fine. You can hear me if you can hear me, that means it's working. Yes. Maybe switching ears? Do you think I'm deaf in one ear? Well, no, I

Angela 4:19

think maybe you might be getting input from one ear over the other, like within your headphones.

Jae 4:26

Um, no, no, I like it in my left ear better. Okay. All right.

Angela 4:29

So Jae, start us off.

Jae 4:30

Okay. So before we do, here's the little part which you'll surprise including the ones I'd already seen and buy ones sorry, let me rephrase them. This is from Black Panther, which I'd already seen Angela, sign me to watch three movies and the first four episodes of long division. There are now six out I think yes. So on top of those. I ended up watching 12 movies, plus one division. So there are three you don't know that I

Angela 4:56

watched. Oh my god. Oh my

Jae 4:58

god. It'll be a little They'll be a little game for you. I was like, if I say anything, and you'll see like which movie you can try to guess that'll be your game during this to see which additional three that I watched

Angela 5:08

you did all of this in a week.

Jae 5:10

Yeah, I watched one a night. Oh my Lord and WandaVision

during the day and then two and a half did on Saturday, because I watched I started on Friday and I finished Oh, no, Thursday to Friday, Thursday to Friday. I did like one and a half and then I finished it on Saturday, and then I did the other on Saturday. Wow. Okay, so

Angela 5:26

you you

went on a deep dive here.

Jae 5:28

I watched 11 which is still obviously more than days of the week, but I had already seen Black Panther. So I didn't go back and re watch that one. So 11 movies plus one division. Okay. Still, yes, it's a lot.

Angela 5:43

Okay, so I asked you to watch Iron Man three, Captain Marvel and Avengers Age of Ultron.

Jae 5:50

Yes. And then we added to that list when I finished. There's two reasons I continued washing them afterward. One once I started to understand kind of the connections, the movies, I was interested in that and to one of my goals personally, is to drink a lot of water. Specifically, I'm one of those gallon water bottle people now. And my problem was I ended up leaving a lot of water at night, which is not ideal. I do not recommend. So my logic was I'm gonna stay up anyway. I might as well watch another movie. So I was timing it to my water drinking schedule.

Angela 6:19

Oh my god.

Yeah. Okay. Very, very nice. Very nice. Very productive.

Jae 6:24

Thank you. I'm the one who sets up all of our Google Analytic tables. Oh, yeah. I don't have the patience for the schedules. Or Yes, so the original three were Captain Marvel and then Iron Man three and then electron are the order I watched them in and then I started one division.

Angela 6:37

Okay. All right. So going into this I actually thought that you would like Iron Man three the best out of them.

Jae 6:43

You did?

Angela 6:44

I did. But you did not like it at all

correct. I'm, I'm so okay. Granted, I didn't necessarily think you would like Iron Man. But I thought that the combination of Jarvis and like the techie components, the cute little child with snappy banter that would be enough to like sell you on Iron Man's portion of the universe.

Jae 7:04

So I'm mixing up timelines and things the universe has my head all in a spin. But I watched Captain Marvel first then I watched agent ultra Hmm, I hated Robert Downey Jr. and Age of Ultron. Also, I'm sure this is a big foe pop. Going back to the back. I'm introduced to this and I know these people more as actors than characters. So I will be going back and forth with the version of their names I use, which in my defense should be completely fine as when you're trying to watch Age of Ultron for the first time and have no reference. Everyone has four names, and they go back and forth and the captions don't match up with who's on the frickin screen. So I for the first 20 minutes didn't know who was who and like spoiler alert for when we get to Age of Ultron I didn't know Mark Ruffalo was a hero until an hour into the movie. Which is not gonna happen but yes, me going between character names and real names will be happening and if that's going to drive you nuts I understand skim through this episode or read Angela show notes I'm sure she'll refer to every one in the correct way they should be respected.

Angela 8:09

Oh also our general spoiler disclaimer as well if you haven't seen any of these movies and spoilers upset you will will let you know when you can listen back in

Jae 8:17

know that we tried that with the princess switch. We're just going to spoil all the movies. Okay, or or that so after Captain Marvel I watched Asian Ultron in which Robert Downey Jr. made me want to strangle him and I didn't understand why he was being paid millions and millions of dollars to be in this franchise, when he contributed almost absolutely nothing. There's a fine line in general with people between cocky witty, cheeky, super intelligent with or without the substance and an Ultron I felt no substance no connection to him, except he was like a madman trying to take over the universe and create these robots to like save the world, but first created one that wanted to take over and destroy the world. And because Ultron was part snark, at least programmed that was kind of his thing. And then when it didn't work, he made vision which like he just seemed just kind of like a mad scientist who would had to get his way had to get what he wanted and didn't really want to help the cause he created the cause that needed to be held.

Angela 9:12

Very interesting. Okay, so

you said wait, I'm a little confused that you said that he first created robots that then needed to be fixed. And then he created the one that made it even worse.

Well, tron, the villain robot was created and brought to life. Yes, then vision. But dark was the one who programmed Ultron technically, yes, and technically No, it's part of the programming but I think that what we're supposed to take from there is that ultimately, its sentience and free thinking then gave way to its villainy from the mind stone that was purposely playing havoc in a lot of different areas. In that movie. I thought when did Ultron have the mind stone?

So Ultron did not have so Ultron did Have the mind stone. But you know, and Thor takes his little journey away. And he has his I don't know, I guess we'll call his spiritual moment where he's trying to figure out what's going on because he thinks there's a deeper cause to all of this. And he comes back and he lets them know it's all because of the mind stone.

Jae 10:15

Mm hmm.

Angela 10:16

So like, I don't necessarily think that like Tony, he contributed to the creation of Ultron. But like, he's

not the Oh, he's

not the only factor responsible there. But once he done fucked up with all Tron, he was trying to make vision. Yes. And that definitely does go into the mad scientist territory. And I get that one, but I don't think he can necessarily be super accountable for the first part of it.

Jae 10:36

Let's just go over some of my notes I have here. Okay, um, is the blue thing from Captain Marvel? That's the octocat eight. Yes. And the correct answer is yes. It was the Tesseract.

Angela 10:47

Yes. Good job,

which is I believe the space stone Yes. Now, can you give me the proper name for the octocat? No. Oh, because an age right. Okay. Now, it's a florican.

Jae 10:57

Oh, yeah.

Angela 10:58

I just think that's such a cute name.

Jae 10:59

Um, the first scene of H altarum. I notice very video game in terms of the CGI, and it felt like all of the actors were phoning it in. Oh, no. A bow and arrows coming at me. What should I do Hulk? Do you have an idea? Where is cap? I'm flying into the headquarters. I'm I'm like, You are all like Award nominated actors. I've seen you and other things do better. Okay, in the I know, this franchise fuels all your independent movies, but like, still give a shit. Okay, so

Angela 11:26

in the movies that came after Age of Ultron where you saw the Avengers together again? Do you think there was better acting?

Jae 11:31

Yes, but I also think the paychecks were higher, and the end was coming.

Angela 11:37


Jae 11:37

was it you or was a tick tock that told me that like Robert Downey Jr. wanted to leave after the second movie. Oh, that was me. Yeah. Robert Downey Jr. Wanted to be done with Iron Man after Iron Man three. And he they basically had to keep paying him more to get him to come back. Another great note I have from this movie is why the fuck is Scarlett Johansson bartending. This is the scene where they're all like talking in the headquarters before they're all trying to lift Thor's hammer that none of them successfully can do Scarlette Johnson was bartending and I'm like I'm already feeling the major, like misogynistic vibes here. Why is she doing this?

Unknown Speaker 12:11

Fair point? very fair point. I'm pretty sure that's why she's getting her own standalone movie to like make up for everything that's gone on in the past ones

Angela 12:19

Yeah, we're gonna get there. We're gonna get there okay. And we vision we meet Scarlet Witch Wanda and Pietro and I know Petra is going to die because obviously Wanda vision is about Wanda and vision, and no mention of a brother. So I didn't know when but I knew he was going to die at some point. And the robots are having an identity crisis, aka they're all controlled by Ultron. Well, no. Ultron was having the identity crisis. It was when he was like back right after they killed the Hydra guy. yeller school everywhere. skulker I have his name somewhere striker maybe. Okay. Ah, this proved my point in another movie wash was Am I supposed to believe no one died in Sylvania. When they got on the frickin boat? Yes, she'll come in and saved everyone. But in the process of all of all transfer watts, and all of the Avengers there. I was supposed to flip and believe it and no one died because they don't mention it. You see Chris Hemsworth. You saw Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans go to save the people on the bridge whose cars are going over? You see them flying around, trying to protect own thing, but like, no one's like, they're all acting like No, they're not losing people in the process of this too big of a stretch for your imagination. Robert Downey Jr. Gets schooled at the elevator because I was right.

Is that a quote that I'm supposed to use? No. Because you were right. Yes. But he's a mad scientist guy know that. I

Jae 13:41

was right that people must have died in Sokovia. And they just like didn't decide to gloss over it in the movie, because they act like they got everyone on the ship and everyone was saved. Everything was fine. And clearly, they couldn't have been with how many robots and superheroes that were fighting things?

Angela 13:55

Yes, correct. Yes.

Jae 13:56

And my point is, I saw Robert Downey Jr. Get Schooled for it.

Angela 14:00

Did you watch Captain America Civil War?

Jae 14:02

Ding ding ding. We found number one,

two more to go.

Angela 14:05

Okay. All right. So you had a lot of questions about the infighting? What did you think it made a lot more sense? And it said a lot of things up for endgame. That would confuse me during infinity wars. Mm hmm. All right. Now, whose side would you be on? I'd probably be a Black Widow in that situation.


What about you know, Peter Parker? Well, you know, obviously, according to my BuzzFeed quizzes, always Peter Parker.

I don't know. I

think that I Oh, that's really hard. Because I don't know now that you've seen it, and you can you understand why they're fighting. It's really hard to take aside there. Henceforth, why your Black Widow? Yeah, I'd probably I'd probably take a Nick Fury and just sit that one out. Yeah, I was like, was he in that moment?

I don't think so.

I was getting all these confused because I've seen the background, which is the movie where Colson dies. first Avengers, but he doesn't really die. Are you sure? Yes, according to what? They faked his death, to give them something to rally around and become a team thought they just fake the baseball card scene. Yeah, on like his body. He's not actually dead is not confirmed.

I think so yeah,

I thought Nick Fury just put the cards in him. He meant like the card scene didn't happen not like the character didn't die.

Jae 15:16

Like the whole story about the cards and stuff was what he took to rally them together. Again, I'm not I'm not standing ground on this. I just thought I thought it was different. I thought he's actually dead. We'll have to look into this because I'm pretty sure he's alive. But I also might be thinking of something not in the current MCU do what's his first name? I don't know. I just always look up Colson is closed ended may 2024. Okay, see, this is another bone I have to pick. He's alive. He was resurrected on Marvel's Agents of SHIELD the TV show on ABC. Yes, but wouldn't that be an important thing for people who like didn't watch like every single ounce of this to No, no. Okay, glad we're on different pages. Okay, the last comment I'm going to make from Age of Ultron was like, Is this like a Degrassi next generation thing, because you see them all and like looking over on the grass of the Avengers headquarter or whatever they're bringing in the recruits. So I'm like, always is like, Degrassi where it's like one class graduates and then bring in an ethics class and they just like keep trading them.

Angela 16:17

Um, kind of, they're always adding to the Avengers, basically. So what you what you've seen so far is, well, I actually don't know exactly what you've seen so far. But they're started with phase one, and they're all the way through to phase four. And now they're moving into the next phase. Got it?

Jae 16:35

Okay, I have one question, which is going to like kind of run through this. Okay. Is hydro the same thing as shield or? No?

Angela 16:42

No, Hydra is that? Yes. The their marbles answer to Nazis.

Hmm. Okay. Because in endgame, they made a reference to like, Oh, these in when they went back to the first Avengers, like, these were Hydra people pretending to be shield but like, a lot of times people don't like shields from like, Is it the same thing on Disney? I didn't hear that come out. Okay, cool. That's about all of my notes on Ultron. I mean, I don't think I spoil that much. If you watch, I think so

for that one.

Okay, well, you know, we'll just we're just gonna move on past Iron Man. And let's talk about Captain Marvel, the first female led standalone film and the MCU I need

Jae 17:23

which I want vengeance for Scarlett Johansen for that fact.

Oh, the other thing is, Oh, wait, hold on. We have to go back to Ultron for a moment. Okay. She was locked in a cage for when do I just not remember this? Who was locked in a cage? Scarlette Johanson when she walked in the cage and Ultron she Yeah, like in a cell for what though? When they were trying to steal ultrasonic Vibranium body she got stuck in the cargo crate hold thingy. And so she was taken to Slovenia, and then ultra and found her and locked her up. Hmm, I don't remember that. But I was taking like furious notes during the whole thing. The Justice for Scarlett Johansson and Ultron she was pregnant, which is kind of one of the reasons why people are like, you can't blame her for not doing as much it wasn't a sexist because like she was pregnant at the time. But it's also like you still could have done more with her than you did. And the fact that Oh no. And just the fact that Brie Larson got a movie before she did. She wasn't pregnant for all those years between old Tron and the end so she could have had a movie in between there or had something before Captain Marvel see.

Angela 18:27

Okay, here's my hot take. I'm actually not a huge black widow fan. Like I became more invested as things went on, but it really took until about Ultron for me to really get into her character. My thing is just purely on principle. Captain America has three movies Thor has three movies Iron Man has three movies Hulk only has one movie Well yeah, cuz it's not ruffle. Oh, no. There's a Mark Ruffalo Hulk movie is that their Sony do that wasn't on Disney. Plus, I would have watched it. It might be.

Jae 18:55

The point is every other hero plus new heroes got movies before Scarlett Johansson got a standalone and for me whether you like her character or you don't and I understand like the character as part of the whole nerd universe and whatever but but principle like she should have gotten a movie before now. And according to my godfather, who's also in this superhero realm and stuff. Black Widow has like a big fan base like a lot of people like her. You might not but like unliked

Angela 19:22

Oh, yeah, no, I I completely don't doubt that. I think frankly, I think that Disney should have just gone ahead and released her movie last May like they were going to because it actually looks really interesting and probably would have helped bolster awareness for her. I would have watched that one if I had the option. Really Yes. Because like before this or just on its own, um,

Jae 19:43

during this for sure. But if I I might have watched it on his own. Okay, one of the things which Angela explained to me which was interesting, my perspective of superheroes came from memory and this is might not be completely factually accurate was when I was Learning about superheroes and their relation to the Cold War, I believe kind of all of the comic propaganda around that which is very Captain America, like very pro America patriotic things, which to me felt very centered in the old world and strong patriotism that we now can see taken too far. So I went into watching superhero movies kind of these are to reinforce older values. And then Angela gave me a perspective and or truth and or nugget that made me go into watching the movies after that differently. Is it time for the nugget? I don't know, is it?

Angela 20:37

I think it is. All right, everybody. A little bit of history here for you. Comics in the United States were born in the 1930s and really started to gain popularity right before World War Two. So during the 1940s, and World War Two, there was a huge surge in comic popularity. And at that time, all the men were gone. It was the women who were holding down the homefront here, and their stories made it into these comics, a lot of them were female driven, incredibly progressive, pushing out new ideas and perspectives for the people and everyone loves them. At the height of their popularity, comics had a 5050 readership divide. So 50%, male and 50% female, there was literally a comic for everyone. It wasn't split up, oh, this is only for boys, or there's only one character that girls can relate to, there was so much going on. But post war in the 1950s, our lovely government decided to wage a war on comic books and declared that they were damaging to the health of society, aka progress and perspective, were damaging to the health of society. So they held a literal congressional hearing, and created all of these restrictions for publishers that forced most of them out of business. So to stay afloat, a lot of them started to push their resources behind the narratives that they thought would keep a continued fan base that they could depend upon, aka males. And that's where we get a lot of our standard hero stories today. And then again, in the 1970s, we started to see a progressive push again for more storylines. And that's where we start getting a lot more female superheroes and superheroes of color that are actually they're very much a part of this world today. It's just that in films, they've chosen very specific ones that they want to portray. But even so like the characters that they're giving us now, they're not giving us the full character, a lot of these guys are meant to be a lot more inclusive than they've been presented in the movies. Okay, so that was just like a really quick mash up of everything that I know about this. And actually, if you would like a little bit more of an authority on it, Marvel 616 on Disney plus does incorporate this into one of their episodes, I think it's Episode Two higher, further, faster, if you'd like a little bit more history. But yeah, so on screen, we're only given like a quarter of the story. And I've always been the kind of person where I have no problem filling it in on my own. But for a lot of people who don't know this, sometimes it's really hard to see these things, and they get it.

Jae 23:14

The other thing, which my uncle told me about, which helped me understand some things a little bit more is these have such a wide age and dedicated fan base who know all these stories back and forth, even the ones they've rewritten over and over and over again, they know every iteration of it, which I still can't understand. Because like, that's not how my brain works. But they I'm not speaking, I'm speaking I'm repeating what I was told, which is there doesn't really need to be a lot of character and acting development and plot development because these characters are already fully formed in fans minds. So they want to just kind of see them on the big screen and come to life and see these things in action things aliens, humans, insert genetically modified human beings come to life. Yep, which is now that I've seen 12 movies in one series. I understand a lot more. But there are still gaps of time between movies or between things that I don't understand that I'm sure I could look up on forums or fans or like Angela, or someone who read the comics could fill in. But I think it's interesting how, because of such dedication with the fans, they're able to make these movies and not have to worry about those factors.

Angela 24:23

Well, yes and no, a lot of it is fan driven. And they like to appeal to the people but at the same time, they're also trying to appeal to the foreign markets because that's where they make the majority of the money on these films. So in Europe and Asia, yeah, in Europe and Asia. Their filmmaking budgets are nowhere near this. They're not making films like this. They're not making high action big explosion type movies all the time. Gee, would you say America's going over the top of it? Yeah, but also just I really like I really enjoy seeing that too. But there's there's a huge appetite for it and other countries where they don't Do anything like that at all? So that's why when domestically like they may make like a decent amount of money, but they're making huge money overseas, Captain Marvel do we want to go like, what I knew going in or what I thought while watching it. I would like a brief description Give me three thoughts and then who you would recommend this to? Um, wait that didn't answer my question.

Okay, yeah, give give give me your Give me your thoughts about the film going into it.

Jae 25:28

Okay, going into it. I was just really confused because it felt like no one wanted this film to be made, or no one really at first, I was like, no one liked the action, and no one liked the character. But then I was really confused because people didn't like her the second she was cast. So I'm like, how do you already not like the movie? And then also, it didn't do too poorly if I'm not mistaken. No, it didn't. It did very well. Yeah, but it seems like the the loudest voices are very pleased. And we're very displeased and like to make like hate montages of her, especially can interviews with the other vendors. Oh my gosh, right. So I didn't really know the beef with it going into it. And also my my aunt was a studio teacher and ally and used to teach Brie Larson, like back before the sleep over days. Yes, Brie Larson was asleep over and was trying to be a pop star for a hot minute back in like 2003 for whenever she has one single and I have a signed copy of it way back in the day. So I always liked her because of that. And then she was an Oscar winning actress. So I was like, Where is all of this coming from? And then going into the movie? Because that was my first one. I had a lot of questions starting off with blue snot. And then what the heck year is it? Where is this? What is Cree? Do people age? Is this like the Santa Claus? Why are the people blue? And why does no one care? Can magic be thrust upon people? Or are they born with it? Are people born? Scroll? What's a squirrel? Can aliens die? I'm pretty sure they're only free for like 20 minutes. So

Angela 26:55

you have a lot of questions. This

Jae 26:57

wasn't the first scene. Yes, I was confused. Okay, okay, continue a Korean tour for like friends like neighbors like the EU, or is it how the United States owns Puerto Rico? Um, the first fight scene when they go in to like, get the scrolls and the guy knows thing the big fight scene. I was like, This is worse than how dark Abercrombie and the Vampire Diaries is shot. I can't even see what's going on. And, of course, there were some things about these movies which are just really funny. I know what my superpower is, which is calling small dick energy from like the get go. So the second I saw, as I call him, the knockoff Hugh Jackman. I was like you give me small dick vibes. And turns out, I was right. I've been right in every one of these movies that I've called Small Duke Energy. Oh my god. Okay. These are also very predictable terms of some parts of them. like of course the techs going to go out of course, these aliens and GMO humans and all of these things have all of these resources but at the time of need, of course they stop working. Or of course they didn't plan the planet this far. Of course, they ran out of gas. Or in this one. Why didn't Brie Larson re cloak the the lab when she landed? I don't know. But she should have because clearly small dick Hugh Jackman got onto the ship.

Angela 28:13

We're really gonna have to put together a side by side of Jude Law and Hugh Jackman and see if people agree with you. I'm incredibly curious.

Jae 28:20

Yeah, that's who I'm referring. Okay, all right. So as as you went through the movie, it was like, do you feel like more of your questions have been answered? Or do we have some things to discuss here? Most of them are answered as I got one through them on here. I also have a Scarlett Johansson The only one without a franchise and the answer would be yes. Um, Hawkeye also did not have a franchise or Robin Hood doesn't do shit. Um, I haven't here for Ronan. I'm like, is dude evil? No one has a name. Yes, Ronan is evil. And then when you find out the green people are like refugees when you feel sad for the aliens. And then I also found Gemma Chan apparently was one of the Korean people and I recognized her I know which line she had, but I didn't recognize her face. I mean, I also didn't recognize Idris Elba. So that was another issue. He's like, usually like, I also thought Aegis Elba or not at all, but I wasn't sure if he was the guy in Dr. Strange or no, no, no, no, no, no. The gun No, no, the guy and Dr. Strange. Oh, he was the one who mortar I wasn't sure if he was the one who died at the beginning of infinity wars because like there aren't that many black characters. And he was like to be fair, it was almost like dying laying down in the dark. So I couldn't really see hitch height, which would have been my main. Oh, but I really liked Captain Marvel. If I were to go back and rewatch all the movies I've seen. I think I would have done it in a different order. Because I like that I didn't have Marvel verse because it helped me understand a few things. But I think it also would have been really satisfying knowing what the stones were or knowing like what the Tesseract was and then going back and seeing like Asian fury, becoming what he became Hey man how he started this would have been like more satisfying, like, deeper into the franchise.

Angela 30:05

Very interesting.

Jae 30:06

Oh, and then the other the last complaint I have for this one is really she's Captain Marvel because the Cray one was a Marvel, like that was really the reason is that I was in the comics, like really the whole MCU is named because of this like one creepy person.

Angela 30:20

Yes, no. Well, okay, so technically, yes, in the comics, it is also Captain Marvel, and it was Marvel, but Marvel was a man. Oh, yeah, I don't think that's exactly where Marvel gets its name from though. I think it's that Marvel lent its name to Captain Marvel,

Jae 30:37

which is another reason why I'm like, she's the name of your dang franchise. Like, why are we Why are we hating so much, Angela? Well, I mean, frankly, in a lot of the articles that I read about people who are dissatisfied with Captain Marvel, they were talking about like, oh, bad acting, horrible storyline, like thin plot, but people already hated it prior to the movie coming


Angela 30:58

Exactly. Which is why I think that they had an issue with a female lead movie. Like I don't I don't actually think it had anything to do with the storyline, like this storyline has been around for decades. This is not new. It's not something that they just trumped up. They took an adapted storyline to give her more agency and actually made her into Captain Marvel in comics for decades. She was only Miss Marvel. And Carol Danvers was actually the love interest of the original Captain Marvel. And after he died, she took up the mantle and his honor this way, they gave her a retcon and re outlined her history to make her into a standalone character with great power. And I think that's more what people have an issue with, but they really don't want to say that. So they say that there's bad acting involved, because I didn't think it was that bad. I thought it was a lot better than some of the other movies. It was a lot more acting than a lot of the other movies as well. Mm hmm. Um, we will get into Iran three because I think I have some great questions here.

Oh, my God, I really should have looked at this outline. Cuz like all over the place. Um,

Jae 32:10

one of my favorite ones is Oh, shit, he pulled an old one, which is not funny. If you watch Grey's Anatomy, like you can dm us if you know, you know, Angela knew the second I sent her that text what I was referring to

Angela 32:20

Yeah, that was truly scary. Like, could you imagine like, I'm pretty sure that's why I'll never date someone who works with robotics.

And then the only other point I'll make in this one because a lot of my other questions were answered. I really liked the actor they hired Angela got really confused when I was like telling her about the scene. She when she before she rewatched it Trevor Slater Trevor sablan Trevor Slattery.

Jae 32:44


great acting tennis.

I had completely forgotten about him.

My last question on this which I think is just a great question to end on for Ironman through which is, is this a Christmas movie?

Angela 32:54

It is as close as you get to a Christmas movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Well, actually, no, because they don't actually get to the celebrating of Christmas which I think is necessary in a Christmas movie isn't the VP celebrating Christmas with his paraplegic daughter? Oh, that's true. Do it Do we think that counts enough though? I mean, they play like Christmas music in the background. I know there's like a Christmas tree and every scene almost

Jae 33:18

Okay, moving on.

Angela 33:19

So those were the initial three Angela had asked me to watch Yeah, let me let me know what you thought about one division because that's why I really wanted you to watch one of the Avengers I was going with infinity wars but then we were suggested Age of Ultron which as long as it gives you a base or Wanda and vision I'm happy with it

Jae 33:34

I like wandavision more I mean I like it but I like it more because of like the piece of television it is more than I like like the superhero elements of it like before I even before Angelo proposed this challenge experiment thing to me for the podcast I wanted to watch it because all of this comes they were gonna go through and just like kind of learn how that was because that really interested me just because I like it's a solid trick to watch like those old sitcoms and things and like now watching it how they do a different one each one it's a complete turnover. It's insane. It is production value on this

Angela 34:09

so I did look it up it's estimated at about $25 million per episode.

Jae 34:14

Holy shit.

Angela 34:15

Yeah, each one they do there they do a commercial from that time they have a new theme song. The wardrobe everything it's insane. I know like the hair the makeup getting three different versions of the twins now.

Jae 34:26

Yeah, my favorite comment I made to Angela was it's a lot it's kind of sad seeing with the old twins look like if they were still acting.

Angela 34:34

Oh my god. What is it? That's that's been made into a meme now, right? Like the scene where she's like, I was a twin or like I'm a twin or I had a twin or something. And it's like quotes that didn't age. Well. You mean the one where she's with? I'm thinking gardenia, but that's not her name when she was Monaco when she was when she goes into the universe. Geraldine like I said, I'm good with names not with these names. Oh,

my God. Yes. Geraldine. And I don't know should should we talk about Monica rambeau here because I think she's pretty cool.

Jae 35:01

I think she's cool. And here's the verse theory because apparently my tech talk now knows I'm watching Marvel content, which is how she's becoming a mutant which apparently they haven't introduced, which is mind boggling with all of the creatures and things I've had to witness over the past week that mutants apparently were left out How rude. They just had Cree people and people from the planet of Asgard. Wherever the frick Loki is from and blue people, the Cree people and the scrolls, but no, those aren't mutants. mutants are different. Yes, mutants are different mutants have the mutant x g, which has not been introduced yet into this universe. So I think that's entirely why they retcon the whole x men series, which is insane to think about because I think that's like seven or eight movies in itself. Sure. Nuts. Okay. So your your fan theory, Monica is turning into a mutant they're going to introduce the Fantastic Four x men, Wanda's father, those are all the fan theories. I

Angela 35:59

see. Okay.

All right. So my fan theories that I've been looking at are Monica is a mutant and her exposure to the radioactive energy has unlocked the mutant x gene. And that's happening to all of the people who are also in Westview. And they're going to be the first mutants, and then again, small dick energy, what's up with the head of I don't know whether he's the head of FBI or a sword, the old white man. So he Howard Hayward, not Howard Stark, Hayward. Hey, worse. All you know is Howard Stark is Tony's dad. He was fortunately he was killed by Bucky vs. Blake, Blaine. Bucky?

Yeah, no,

I don't know either. He's terrible though. So hey, worth Howard. Whoever he is. small dick energy, or infinity wars. I thought I could just go to my ranking and like you could stop me when you have questions. Okay. Top to bottom or bottom top. Top to bottom or no bottom to top it bombed top. You're sure yes. bottom to top bomb Pratt. I know why. One arm one arm. Bucky? Oh, okay. Some draft draft draft. Rabbit Ah, Bradley Cooper. That's Bradley Cooper. Yeah. Why is he so low on the list? He's awesome. He didn't really add much for me. Oh,

okay. Oh, okay. Okay,

Jae 37:19


Angela 37:20

so vision is under Hulk.

Yes. Really? For infinity wars. Yes. Okay. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 37:25

Gomorrah. Hmm, the Wakanda army. I felt they deserved a mention in here. Okay. Yes. Black Widow. Okay, ball guy Mantis. Sure. Okay, Chadwick. boseman. Sister Shuri then group then Black Panther. Okay,

Jae 37:38

cap. Okay,

Wanda. Hmm Robert Downey Jr. mm Falcon. I do like him Spider Man dr. strange and then Thor's at the top very nice. I tried really hard to make sure I didn't forget anyone that does a very respectable top three. Okay, if you could be a part of anybody's franchise whose movie would you be in? Do you mean like Captain America Iron Man Thor or like like any one of them? Because they're they're all gonna have their own movies now. I mean, currently, I don't want to be in one division looks fun. Oh, yeah, but I control super awesome. Um, the outfits um, but if I was going with like the franchise's that are already established, probably Thor, but they've been through a lot of there. It would be fun to be as guardian though. It would be fun to be as guardian. So wait, did you watch Thor Ragnarok?

Did I did you? I don't know.

Angela 38:24

I told you to watch dark world which I did. Natalie Portman.

Jae 38:28

The eather which took me a while to connect is one of the stones because they don't always call them Infinity Stones. Sometimes they call it the Tesseract or the ether. And you just have to know that inside of insert thing here is the stone.

Angela 38:42

Okay, well, you also refused on principle to watch the movie that actually introduces the concept of infinity stones and puts all of that together.

Jae 38:50

Maybe if every one of the frickin universe in their real life didn't come together the rally behind this one just because he was getting a few bad comments online and no one stood up for Tessa Thompson Zoe Saldana or Brie Larson maybe I'd have something better to say about the franchise

Angela 39:07

real life SDE

Jae 39:08

but I do like in infinity wars. That he has to make some joke like and I wonder how uncomfortable that made him. I think it was infinity worse. Whoa. Oh my gosh. See if we can find an interview on that. But yeah, don't worry, you don't miss the dancing because that's the scene they go back to an end game.

Angela 39:25

Which is so awkward without the music. Oh my god. And if there's more of that I'm okay with not watching.

Jae 39:31

I mean, he's singing

Angela 39:32

I know, but just okay. Like I know that most of the time all of the time basically when they're making these movies like there's no sound like it's completely silent. So that's just

Jae 39:42

all of the Bridgerton ball scenes stress me out when I watch those on b-roll?

Angela 39:46

Oh, yeah, no.

Jae 39:47

So I know I completely destroyed your outline as we shouldn't be surprised.

Angela 39:51

Oh, wait, give me give me the results of your BuzzFeed quiz. Who are you in the MCU?

Is that the first one you had me take? Yes, that's the one with the slide. scale. Okay, what do you guys?

I'm going with, huh? I think I'm gonna go with Are you Jane? Natalie Portman?

Jae 40:08


Angela 40:09

Are you a hero? Yes. Okay, are you Gomorrah? No,

Jae 40:12

you got one more guests and then I'll give you a hint.

Angela 40:14

Are you dr. strange?

Jae 40:15

No, I'm the most basic bitch you can find.

Angela 40:18

Are you Hawkeye?


Are you Chris Pratt?

You're calling Captain America basic?

Jae 40:24


Angela 40:25

Oh my God,

why are you insulting my future husband like this?

Jae 40:29

I mean, you're just like Captain America himself. Steve Rogers, you're brave, bold and never back down from a challenge. When you set your mind to something. There's no stopping you. You're truly a good down to earth person who does their very best to make the world around them a better place.

Angela 40:41

Oh, okay. So wait. So so you're queens, and I'm Brooklyn.

You got Peter Parker?

Yeah. You're a pretty complex person on the outside, you come across and build confidence like Spider Man. On the inside.

Jae 40:56

You're more introverted. That's not that's not Leo.

Angela 41:01

But on the inside, you're more introverted and shy like Peter, you've got a creative mind and a wild imagination that's capable of conjuring up all kinds of new and brilliant ideas. You put 110% into everything you do, and never give up without a fight.

Okay, what about your second one?

Okay, my second one for who I am on the inside versus who I am on the outside? I am Captain Marvel on the inside. And Peter Parker on the outside. Who are you?

I'm black panther on the inside and Iron Man on the outside. Oh, okay. You have to admit it would be pretty fun to have a Jarvis or a Friday and I think I can commend him for stopping building weapons but I can't really applaud him for their for taking away his anonymity and publicly becoming Iron Man. Wait, it cut out for a second. Did you say taking away his anonymity? Yes. Oh, interesting.

How so? Because doing the good thing, but still needing credit. Well, did he need credit? Or was he just tired of wait? Did you watch any of the other cat up? Not Captain America's Iron Man boo.

Jae 42:05

I don't know.

Angela 42:05

Did you watch Iron Man to know Okay, so I think in Iron Man two, it's that he's Oh, okay. It's been a while since I've seen Iron Man two. I think that's the one where he reveals that he's Iron Man, but it's because the US government is trying to charge him as a vigilante. I have not seen Iron Man too. But I can say he does reveal it at the end of Iron Man. One Two a press conference.

Wait, really?

Jae 42:30

Yes. Unless I unless Disney played me Iron Man two when I watched Iron Man one. And I'd like to point out at the timestamp of six minutes and 20 seconds I called ob with St. Louis and was right. Someone's always salty, salty people are always the bad guys. True that man. I think with your perspective, I might have to go back and watch Iron Man again. I will say after watching Iron Man one I had a lot more respect for him and Iron Man three and the rest of the trilogy. Still think he was a dick and old Tron. But I think by infinity wars and endgame he had substance which I felt locked in Ultron especially for that big my introduction. he lacked substance and caring about people which made it so I couldn't really connect or want to root for him. That's kind of fair. Ultron is a highly AI based film and in those you don't really need substance. You're just focused on the robots when you could see he clearly had a relationship with Peter Parker and he like felt he felt period I don't need to go there. I don't need to go with an adjective he felt I cared more about how he did because I knew he cared about how other people did. I will say the end scene though. And Iron Man three with all the robots was really cool. Yes. Score one for out and enjoy. Do you know it was so sad? Um, um, I don't know what his name is. The bad guy who's working with the small dick energy guy. Oh, be the I don't want to the Middle Eastern. Are they in the Middle East? The general guy. Oh, you don't? I know. I know who you're talking about. Yeah, he was Isaac on Grey's Anatomy. Oh, which made me really sad. I'm like, you had the spine surgery. And Derek Shepherd saved your life. And now you're he went? Yes. I was very disappointed.

Angela 44:07

Well, I don't know. Send us out on a good note. What is something? What's something you look forward to and the next phase of the MCU now that I think we're gonna have like six new films or series to look forward to. Okay, hold on. No, no, no, we haven't talked about endgame yet. Um, the first thing I have to say, Have you watched endgame with captions? No. So when you watch a game with captions, they all say smart Hulk. Oh, wait, wait, I have seen that. And I was like, Oh, that's funny. Um, Chris Hemsworth needs to play a Santa Claus in some movie. Like after watching this like, Oh my god, Chris. Hemsworth limit to the Hemsworth I'm thinking in my head. Did I say Chris Pratt? I

Jae 44:44

met Chris. I'm sorry. You said Hemsworth.

Okay. Yes, Chris Hemsworth would be a great Santa Claus.

Angela 44:50

Oh my God truly like okay, I need pictures or something of him doing this for his kids. Like I imagined him like super jolly and awesome. Definitely.

Jae 44:58

He was coming Golden this movie um Oh, why was old Robin Hood also known as Clint also known as Barton also known as Hawkeye The one who had the glove for like a good 30 minutes in that fight he's the least qualified he retired early then was all like killing people then like you give him the one with no powers except arrows that can't really do much during this huge battle. He has the glove.

Angela 45:26

Well yeah cuz he found it in the initial explosion no one gave it to him. I don't think they would have let him keep it if they knew before.

But he's like, Can someone come get it someone else also was brainwashed to not in the movie because they didn't want to pay her or they didn't like her very much because she could have been so much more useful and I expect to see what she was off doing and the other planets to make her neglect this big battle until like the last second and then come and crush everything. That's exactly why so they couldn't have her in because like she's the most powerful one like she could have completely defeated banjos and like, I have a lot to say the same thing like that's why they disappeared Wanda because Wanda could have also defeated Thantos like in infinity wars if vision was not in danger.

Jae 46:10

No, no. You know what could have happened in infinity wars. Chris Pratt could have let Peter Parker and Tony Stark get the dang glove off. That's what could have happened in infinity wars. They were so close. Bug girl was hoping they almost had the glove. You could see it slipping out of his hand. He was in the dang trance. I know he will never live that down ever. Okay, go back to how Wanda was trying to say vision and what could have happened.

Angela 46:35

Oh no Wanda's Wanda is just so powerful that she she could have defeated Thanos on her own too and so that's that's kind of why you have these intricacies in the story. Like captain marvel that thing was almost over as soon as she got there like it's any fight with her is basically never an even playing field which is ridiculous

but also the way that the MCU created it because they said they wanted to make her the strongest Avenger and the most powerful

Jae 47:01

then here's my other only call will mention. Okay, all right, just lay him out. lay him out. Why does Falcon need to be the new Captain America?

Falcon was much more useful at least in all the battle scenes I saw think Captain America wasn't a lot of them find a new person?

Angela 47:18

Well, I don't think it's necessarily that he has to be the new Captain America but it's that he's taking up that symbol for the people like carry the shield be your person but Okay, and then also how did he do all of that in the time go back to the stones and then what he do so he would get old and die. Oh, so what they okay so I don't think we're going to get a movie out of that but basically so you know, have when they did their first little time travel thing, they have the Pym Particles and that's how they're moving through space and time. So he had enough for all of those journeys. But instead of returning to the watch, call it so you know how when he and Tony instead of going back to where they needed to be they went to 1970 to visit his father and his girlfriend. Yeah, yeah, so he did the same thing instead of returning back to the present time he altered the time and he went back and stayed with Peggy Carter for the years and then came back old well no it's not that he came back it's that he stayed there and he moved through that time and then he went back to that spot and met them so it's like he left that spot but then he also was already in that spot waiting to leave that spot

Jae 48:32

Yeah. Oh my gosh remark buffalo is exploiting time travel if you'd have tried wrote the quote down because it confused me so much. If you travel to the past that past becomes your future and your former present becomes your past, which can now be changed to your future. I still don't fully understand how that works. And that hurts my god frankly all frankly all of the different ways that different movies and series describe time travel is astonishing for joining the boyband the as guardians of the galaxy, your frickin Thor. Why? Because he's rediscovering himself and we will see that new self in Thor love and thunder, which I still think sounds like a strip show in Vegas. Tessa Thompson the whole non binary thing but like she's a Valkyrie and Valkyrie are women. So how are she non binary slash lesbian? Or did I miss something?

Angela 49:25

I don't know dude, I think we're gonna have to research that because you're like someone who was the first non binary character and I was like how she non binary if she literally was in the army of women. I mean, she could have decided after well just because you're in the army of women doesn't mean you have to conform to being a woman but

Jae 49:40

but like Thor was like I was gonna be a Valkyrie and then I was like it's for women, but not that I have anything against him because women are cool, but like no,

Angela 49:47

I'm gonna have to look that one up. l Silva haven't made my mind up about loki or not yet whether I like him or not. Okay,

Jae 49:53

he has some of the better comedic timing of the cast. I will say that Oh, completely. Um, now my favorite part because I'm probably To get roasted and so many comments about my takes on these, Angela, what's your problem with people using the phrase I love you 3000 you seem to have a bit of an ish when the movie came out build up like it to this day what's the ish

Angela 50:12

Tony Stark and his daughter shared a very nice moment in which she told him she loves him 3000 and then he used that phrase back to her in his farewell message in case something happened and went wrong in the war against the pianos and I have an issue with people who decide they want to use that with their significant others or friends No Do not corrupt this very nice cute pure phrase between father and daughter if you want to use it parents use it to children children use it to parents do not use this with your friends or romantic partners. I don't like it. That is my hot tip. Well, that is my first hot take my second is that I have a huge issue with all the people who used we did it Mr. Stark for their graduation captions on Instagram. Why he Peter Parker says this to Tony as he's dying it's a phrase of comfort and ending not to be used like in celebration like oh, we did it Mr. Stark. No,

you do not. Oh my god. No, you

do not get it. My passion for the day ladies and gentlemen. Got it. very passionate about that. Yeah, I've been holding those in for what? Two years? Three years. Oh, also, I like Ant Man. Paul runs good. Man is really cool.

Oh my god. Right.

Phil looks like the creepy stepbrother and clueless. Oh, I have I have such a joke, but I can't make it. Oh, I was like I was hoping it would. Now I have to hand it off.

Jae 51:43

What's the significance of cat being able to hold Thor's hammer he's deserving of oh my gosh, yes,

Angela 51:50

he is worthy. He's worthy. It's a huge deal. If you can pick up the hammer it means that you're worthy of the power that you it's basically an indicator of good morals like absolute purity. Like if you want to test like if you're a good person or not try to pick up the hammer. Oh no wonder none of them could do it an old Tron. Mm hmm.

Yeah, so that's why when you see it, like move a little bit, and or freaks out, like Yeah, got it.

Jae 52:19

Yeah, I wish Captain Marvel. I feel like some of the more powerful people I feel like could have done a lot more in a game. Like they didn't need all the armies from the universe. Like I get it was a great reunion. And I wish they had spent more time with their path selves. Like I loved watching Chris Evans fight Chris Evans. Like and I wish there was more of that.

Angela 52:36

Oh, that was really great.

I found loafie that's like, Oh, no. And then I love Mark Ruffalo. Like as the Hulk is just great, because he's just like a big dumb

Jae 52:46

green monster. Oh my god. Okay, so did you like him better in endgame than you did? And Ultron

his face looks more familiar and then than it did.

Angela 52:55

Oh my god,

Jae 52:57

but I was more referring to the movie which I call spy games. x The Hunger Games, which when he was fighting sore,

Angela 53:06

you did watch Thor Ragnarok Wait, you said Valkyrie earlier? You watched Thor? Ragnarok boy Okay, why did you think i think it was Spy Kids x The

Jae 53:15

Hunger Games?

Angela 53:16

I can't do that like weird like getting the I loved the like the leisure jet. That was really funny. Cate Blanchett is like a badass and like whatever movie she's in.

Oh my god, right? hella is probably the best villain that they've given us so far.

She was great. I liked Thor Loki didn't apparently die obviously at the end of Thor two like which is one of the reasons why I wanted to watch Thor three because I'm like, but you died. You Really? Oh my God when they had when Loki brought them back so that like they would do the play of the scene. which frankly like porno love real acting for me. Oh my god. Did you do in that scene? I didn't know this. I didn't realize this initially. I found out afterwards. That's Matt Damon. Who's playing Loki as an actor honey in the little play. Yeah, not so funny. Yes, the three after I watched war, Civil War Ragnarok. And the will. Those were the two and then I watched Iron Man one today. So of the ones I'm willing to watch. I have two Captain America's one Iron Man one Thor and two ant men. Very nice.

All right. I have never seen the first Ant Man. I've only seen Ant Man and The Wasp. So

Jae 54:33

is his girl. Is his girlfriend, the mother of his daughter or no, no, it's really creepy because his daughter looks like it could be his girlfriend because he does not ah.

Angela 54:41

Oh my god.

Jae 54:42

Any final questions? Any thoughts? Any things you'd like to ask me about? quiz me about to see if I actually watched the movies? Oh, no, trust me. I

Angela 54:49

believe you. I think that you've actually remembered some of this a little better than I do at this point. So I'll probably need to watch some movies over the weekend.

Jae 54:57

I like these movies. In effect. I will see them and now Understanding kind of the fan base and kind of understanding things more around it. I feel like it's weird when you kind of dip your toe into a arena and interest a hobby of fandom that you're not a part of because you're coming at it from such a different perspective. It'd be like if I explained to Angela as opposed to one of our to my high school friends or one of our other college friends what it was like in 2013 to have a one direction tumbler like I'm sure that would be like beyond you.

Angela 55:26

Oh my god complete like the fanfic and things and it's interesting to like, dip your toe into a world in which some people have so much passion around. And I think I like the movies. I like it more now than I understand kind of the initial goals of superhero movies. The actors are good, I think, Oh my god, sorry.

Jae 55:41


Please tell me they're bringing Scarlett Johansson back that was that they did her so dirty at the end of that like the fuck like I know she's getting a movie but like she says, Don't an end game. I'm most likely Yes. But all the men get to keep going forward. Because also I saw a fan theory that they're gonna bring. I also saw fan theory that they're bringing Chris Evans back to play the new Captain America based on some scene at a funeral. I don't really remember the context of that Tech Talk. And I didn't really care at the time.

Angela 56:08

I haven't seen that one. I don't think it's true. I hope it's not true because then that completely undercuts the whole scene of him giving away his shield and passing on the mantle.

Jae 56:18

But the thing they killed him off is Captain America to bring him back as a mutant.

Angela 56:22

So I think that they killed him off as Captain America to bring him back as what is are the fast are the fantastic for not mutants. No the fat fantastic for our mutants, but I was thinking that they would actually bring him back as I think it's us agent who is a villain and Captain America's arc who's basically like the evil twin almost got it? Yeah, so so that's what I was thinking is

Jae 56:50

he played someone in the Fantastic Four movies? He did he played I don't remember the name but he played the brother that had the firepower. Sure. Cuz I'm like that would make sense. If they Scarlett Johansson. They were just like, everyone else just wanted me and I guess like Robert Downey Jr. dies, but like Hulk is just like Hulk his Hulk is just alone now with all like the second tier Avengers. I think so. Well, it'll be kind of interesting to see because

Angela 57:19

Okay, so at this point now in one division, you know, visions dead, right. Okay. In Wanda storyline, she brings vision back to life by magic in some of the comics. So it would actually be interesting to see if like her magic would also work for Black Widow or Gomorrah. Carlo Johansen back. Welcome back. Technically, no. Well, no, that's Gamora from another timeline, but like she can still really fall in love with someone if she so chooses to

Jae 57:50

fall in love with him again. I mean, I

don't know why she would. But she could.

Angela 57:54

I mean, maybe it's, I mean, technically, yes. Because it's not as if she's from a completely different timeline. She's just Gamora from the past. She hasn't gone through everything that gets her to a place where she's ready to me Chris Pratt, character Star Lord timelord. Overlord, Star Lord Star Lord quail? Yes. Or squircle. quail? Oh, I

usually go with 10 But yeah, well, no. Okay, speaking of passions, my final question for you is if you had to cause play,

who would you dress up at? like Disney paid so I could like really look like someone or like I like yes. Like, like throwing it up, right? Like you would work with a designer or someone who's like into this area. Maybe not necessarily a designer, but like someone who's does their own cosplay, and you had to dress up? Who would you be?

Jae 58:44

Um, I'd want to be Iron Man with a working suit. Or a large ant.

Angela 58:49


I wonder how far you could travel as large Ant Man. I don't know. But he crushed a plane. So pretty far. Yeah. Who would you dress up as I don't want anyone in a tight outfit. And most of them were tight outfits. Like America's but like, too tight.


I know. That is a problem. I think I would either be Captain Marvel. Or you could be cool with that short hair with the short leg goofed up hair. Oh, yeah, I know that that actually might happen any day. Now. I'm really getting over having to do things with my hair and not actually go outside. You know, because as long as no one sees me it really doesn't matter right now. And watch the second I cut my hair. They're gonna lift all restrictions or something. Yeah. Oh, we were supposed to video this one. Whoops. Oh,

Jae 59:31

I forgot. Sorry for the next one. Yeah, I think I would either do Captain Marvel or Peter Parker.

Angela 59:36

Yeah, I just don't want to be in like a tight suit. And I feel like Friday could have like insulate and like give me internal cooling in that suit. Oh, that would be very nice for Wanda. She doesn't I don't want any I don't want to you to target and most of the heroes were unit tardes Oh, I forgot. I have another question. Do you know because I remember hearing about this, but I don't really remember the whole thing. The drama with Terrence Howard in the first Iron Man because he plays a character that placed by Don Cheadle unless they have two characters named Rhodes in the series.

Oh yeah,

I actually don't know anything behind that, but I remember they replaced him. I feel like it might have been a race thing. Wait really real reason parents Howard was fired from Iron Man to onset conflicts nasty financial battles he was difficult to work with. Hot head has to be in control. This is one article, but I'm sure you can find more for the show notes. I like Don Cheadle in the role, but he was also my introduction to the character so I think that might also be why i think i think he makes a good roadie.

Jae 1:00:39

Mm hmm. All right. Yeah,

I will definitely look this up for the show notes and sent you a link to Alright, do you feel like that's the end? I don't know

Angela 1:00:47

our episodes probably almost as long as a movie. So if you want to to like finish out when we we have a little bit to go. Okay. And on that note, thank you for listening to this episode of In Omnia Paratus Grab your coffee bowl and don't forget to rate download and subscribe on Apple Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. As always where you lead will follow so head on over to @Inomniapod on Instagram and let us know what you want to hear about in the comments. Bye

Jae 1:01:15

Wakanda forever.