Hello, lovely finders of this website! My name is Jae. Hopefully, if you’re on this page you found me through my podcast, In Omnia Paratus, which I co-host with my friend Angela. I am a Bay Area native trying to figure out how being a 20 something works since it was completely mismarketed through media. By now I should be on my fourth long-term relationship, second apartment, and having time in the middle of the day to meet my Friends at a coffee shop. Spoiler alert: that’s not how it’s going. And I’m learning to accept it. 

Thank you to all who choose to join us on this journey of laughter, self-compassion, and lots of questions; I ask a lot of questions. So grateful to have this little corner of the internet. But the internet doesn’t have edges. So would a pie slice be a better analogy? I’m not sure. Angela does the fact-checking. Go to her page to find out the answer.