Hello, lovely finders of this website! My name is Jae. Hopefully, if you’re on this page you found me through my podcast, In Omnia Paratus, which I co-host with my friend Angela. I am a Bay Area native trying to figure out how being a 20 something works since it was completely mismarketed through media. By now I should be on my fourth long-term relationship, second apartment, and having time in the middle of the day to meet my Friends at a coffee shop. Spoiler alert: that’s not how it’s going. And I’m learning to accept it. 

I love baking, fashion, and because of the pandemic TIk Tok. I cannot wait until I can travel when it is safe on all fronts, but until then I’ll just watch travel vlogs on Youtube. 

Thank you to all who choose to join us on this journey of laughter, self-compassion, and being curious about the world. So grateful to have this little corner of the internet. But the internet doesn’t have edges. So would a pie slice be a better analogy? I’m not sure. Angela does the fact-checking. Go to her page to find out the answer.