Raise your hand if you too are completely enamored, horrified, and can’t get enough of #BamaRush TikTok? We’ll leave the analysis of The Machine, The Pants Store, and blacklisting to the experts, but what about what happens after all the PNM’s have their bids and true chapter life comes in? 

This week we’re catching up with our friend Megan to give you all some insight into what life is like after bid day. From entering chapter as a legacy, to finding a big sis and family line in chapter, to holding executive positions, we’re breaking down how to get the most out of your Greek life experience.  

Show Notes

  • Today, we have Angela’s sorority Big Sis, Megan as our special guest! Megan Held multiple leadership positions in our sorority, internships, jobs, and a full class load while in college, so we couldn’t think of anyone better to speak to about balancing Greek life with school and getting the most out of your collegiate experience
  • Megan held, CMT or Chapter Management Positions, every year that she was in Chapter. She was a Director of Scholarship, COB, and VP Social Standards.
  • Note: We were not hazed. All instances mentioned did not occur and were only stories sensationalized by those who did not know what was going on.
  • In sorority life everyone gets a Big Sis, and you can trace your Family Line back this way
  • Note: Megan and her Big Sis have a phenomenal relationship, but the Legacy Story is downright hilarious
  • Picking up, or agreeing to be a big sister to another girl really is a big commitment. It works differently depending upon every chapter and organizations rules, but as we did go to school in a quarter system, this process happened fairly quickly for us and can be stressful given the limited to make this decision
  • Seriously, materialism in Big/Little Week is a thing and is stressful on both the Big and the Little. If there are rules in place to make the week equitable for all, remember they are there for a reason and you can always give you little more gifts in the future. It’s so easy to spend $300 or $400 easily on a new Little and that’s just in a week
  • Jae’s Big picked up 3 Littles at once (unheard of!), and then they were 3 first-year Littles as well (overwhelming!)
  • Angela and her Twins* all mutinied when Megan considered picking up a 4th Little
  • Jae and Angela have both had Littles drop out of the New Member process and it is so hard on both sides
  • As important as it is to immerse yourself in the sorority to get the full experience, you also have to explore other interests and avenues in college as well. Joining other clubs and organizations, attending lectures, volunteering, interning, holding a job, or playing a sport help give you the most well-rounded life experience and that’s what counts most
  • You will not be best friends with everyone in your organization, but everyone is upfront about that (we’re not spilling anything scandalous!). What’s important though, is that you have people who you’ll share common experiences with – chapter events, classes, volunteer groups, etc. who have similar values and will be there for you if you need them
  • Alumni life can sometimes be difficult to manage, but just like recruitment, sometimes it’s just about finding the group you fit with!
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Big Sis: A woman in a sorority, usually a 2nd year or older, who agrees to mentor an incoming new member
  • Little Sis: An incoming new member who will be mentored by an initiated member of the organization
  • Twin/Triplet: Another sorority sister who shares the same Big Sis as you (for Example, 2 Littles sharing the same Big are Twins, 3 Littles with 1 big are Triplets, etc.)
  • Grand Big: Your Big Sis’s Big Sis (Almost like you Grandma?)
  • Family Line: The linage of tracing Big’s and Little’s. Usually, because of Twins and Triplets, there are multiple groups that make up a Family Line and they usually give themselves a name to identify their grouping
  • Chapter: The individual branch of your organization at your school
  • Rho Gamma: A member of a sorority the temporarily disaffiliates from their organization during the recruitment process to help Potential New Members if they need advice navigating the process

Jae 0:00

I pledge myself to the pod. Loyal I'll always be a p to start a D at the end, and an O sitting in between. Welcome back to an Omnia product. I'm Jae with my co host, Angela. And today and part of our Greek life series, we have a very special guest

Angela 0:21

my big, the original Wonder Woman, the Greek goddess on earth herself, Megan,

Megan 0:26

Hi, everyone.

Jae 0:29

As we can see by this, and then my, intro when, Ali was on, we have a bit of an obsession, because I said like Greek not in terms of the gods terms, but like that, too. We have quite an obsession with our lovely big cesses. I'll take it all about it.

Angela 0:44

Well, I mean, as we were thinking about what we wanted to discuss with you in terms of Greek life, like I went through, and I just made the list of everything that you did both in chapter and just in the college in general. And you really did it all like you had the like quintessential college slash Greek life experience, based off of based off of everything that you threw yourself into, like you had multiple internships, you had multiple jobs, you went to almost every single event that we had to hold positions in chapter. So listeners, that's why we've invited Meghan here today to talk to you about the good, the bad, the stressful of what life can be, and how to just make the best of it here, here.

Jae 1:25

So the first question that we asked all of our sorority sisters is what made you want to join a sorority? And then particularly what made you join the sorority? We're in?

Megan 1:35

Yes, so my sister who's two years older than me, Oh, she joined a sorority when she went to college. And so I got to hear a lot about her experiences, once joining. So I was definitely biased because of her already been in a sorority and her wanting me to join the same sorority. So I remember the summer before school started, she was teaching me all the difference or the chance already. So it was like, all right, I know all of these and the school I'm going to has this organization. So it was kind of a no brainer. For me.

Jae 2:07

I definitely think it was lucky that you and your sister were able to find your home in the same chapter because as we've discussed, a lot of times I remember when I came home from winter break after joining our sorority, someone came up to me who went to a different school though. Oh, like you're known for cocaine here. Like You I started a good cocaine parties. And I was like, Oh, no, like, they're just that like, they're just not like a national doing none. And and, and, and and like, that's not me, that's like, you know, me like, that's not what I would have gone for the thought who I was. So I think it was fortunate that you and your sister were both able to find homes that matched your values on different campuses? Because I know that's not always the case. Yeah, no, we

Megan 2:42

definitely joked about that, where I said something like, oh, what if they're, you know, really crazy, or, you know, just really like sloppy or something, which obviously not not wanting to switch him anyway. But he essentially said, Well, I guess you have to be a slug. But I was like, oh. So turns out that was that was not the case. We were very nice girls.

Angela 3:04

But of course. So because your sister was already a part of our organization that technically made you a legacy going in through recruitment. Do you feel like did you know what a legacy was beforehand?

Megan 3:18

So not really, my understanding was just that, oh, because of my sister, I kind of have like a one up, I think the wave legacy, but the term is kind of used and how that process looks today was very different from when I first joined, where it essentially it did feel like if I was interested in the organization, I basically was a shoo in, which is a very strange feeling, but also a huge ego boost. So yeah, just the whole process was interesting. And I had multiple girls trying to talk to me each day where it was kind of overwhelming, but I also really enjoyed it. So I kind of had that into even like the big little and then it trickled after that. So is I think because of that I had a very different experience when the other girls and I don't know if they're all genuine, because it was like, oh, like se but but yeah, I would say it was neat to kind of already have but inside the organization going in, so I kind of knew what to expect. So one actually example that I can think of was I remember some of the older girls in chapter would be like, Oh, you know, part of the process for you to initiate is you have to eat a beta fish. And I remember girls like in my initiation class, like oh my gosh, like No way. I was like, they can't require us to do that. Like that takes it down immediately. And I'm pretty sure I burned some bridges. But I just like, I was just so eager. Like, I know that's wrong, like I try. So I thought that was kind of funny, but

Jae 4:46

I mean, that's better than what we were told was we had to there was a large mountain near our university and we were told we had to or had to hike up at a cafe in our underwear. Yeah, they're naked. Yeah, that was our big thing. When people I don't understand why people were so concerned like of what we were told we had to wear. They look, a lot of girls were confused. Like, don't you it was like wear wear discreet undergarments is what we were told and nothing. I already had that because I own white dresses. So I'm like, what, what is this big deal, but some girls were freaking out, like, what does this mean? Like, what are they gonna do with like, I don't know, but I don't think Well,

Angela 5:19

I think it's one of those things, especially like when you think about it logically like, it kind of makes sense. And you can infer what is going to happen. But when you're in the moment, and it's very sensationalized, and you're actually leading up to set events. It's just like, Oh, my God, it matters what underwear I wear, but what's going on? What's gonna happen? Yeah,

Megan 5:38

I definitely remember some recruitments. I was always that one person like, oh, white dresses, I don't know anything white.

Jae 5:46

I remember certain years for recruitment, we were required to wear white dresses for the theme of whatever we had going on. And I remember during our recruitment prep week, you always go in, bring your dress in so we can make sure it's

Angela 5:58

like everyone's within the same color family with

Jae 6:00

as long as possible. And it's an appropriate dress for the event we're holding. And there'll be times where girls would wear dresses and they were already a little bit see through and then once you could see through what was underneath it was like, Oh, you forgot today, we were trying on those dresses. I was always prepared. Our one of our advisors always appreciated me because I always had the right undergarments. Anything I could sit on the floor, all the good things.

Megan 6:25

I'm pretty sure I borrow the slip from my big she's like, how do you not have white undergarments look like they're not cute. That is fair.

Angela 6:34

I think I said I was family. They every single recruitment. I always had to go run out the week before and buy something white or new because I'm just like, this isn't practical. It's not cute. It's not getting me anywhere. Very young thought process of past makeup. I you know, and now every time I buy new underwear, I'm like three pairs of nude

Jae 6:56


Megan 6:57

I mean, I still don't have that many. I have my cream recruitment dress in my closet. And I'm like, I still don't have anything to work with.

Angela 7:10

haven't learned since Oh my goodness. Well past the recruitment process. Once you're actually in chapter, you know, you actually you held a ton of positions within our our CMT, which is our chapter management board, which I'm not sure is a universal term. But generally, if you join an organization, there's a governing body of about 15 to 20 women who hold different positions and will help to guide chapter processes throughout the year

and big you help three

Megan 7:41

things. So I was director of scholarship on our board BP on their board. Is that what it was called?

Jae 7:46

You were on on honor board? But that was separate? And then oh, social

Megan 7:48

standards, social strike or VP social standards, was it? And then you were on a board because of that? And then I hope CLB So yeah, I guess only three

Jae 7:57

you were on on our board by way of your position. But on our board to me, I always looked at as something different because you could be on on our board without holding a position as well. Okay, grab it. Yeah, so three or four of the I guess I got it in a good way, in the best way possible.

Angela 8:14

Did you have a favorite position amongst them

Megan 8:18

1,000% I would say VP social standards, because that's basically what I do today for my job in HR. So I loved it, just every aspect, kind of being able to see the behind the scenes of chapter and then all the nitty gritty, but then being able to also solve those problems that came up. So I thought that was really fun, didn't love director of scholarship, I it just wasn't something I was passionate about. So it's like a like getting girls in trouble for like not going to the library and studying. And so it just wasn't fun for me.

Jae 8:49

And in terms that we've already spoke about in other episodes, social standards would be similar to a risk management from a fraternity perspective. So can you go into a little bit more about social standards because you dealt with a lot of or not only kind of the day to day things with girls and things such as social media, but then when it came to liquor licenses and contracts for our bigger events as well,

Megan 9:10

I think that was more whoever held the position of putting all of love socialists together. Yeah, so I didn't actually deal with contracts but a lot of my day to day in the position was being that liaison between our chapter and then executive offices. So I was taking a lot of like meeting notes on and going over like everything that happened in on our board making sure that everything we did and all of our suggestions were kosher so like setting all of that over getting the approval that it was appropriate, like resolution to whatever came up so a lot of documenting the incidents good

Angela 9:44

times, like you must have just had like all the secrets.

Jae 9:48

I love to hairs full of secrets.

Megan 9:53

No, I love like having the in and I joke about this a lot with like friends from high school like I was always The last person to find out anything going on or it's like, oh, there's a really big secret I have about so and so. But I can't tell you it's like, that's fine. I'll find out in a week when everyone else knows like. So I think deep down because I was repressed. And that way of not knowing secrets, I'm like, give me all of the secrets You can't hide from me now.

Jae 10:18

Yeah, I know one of the things when holding a position such as social standards, because our friend style who was on as well held that, and it was a bit at times for her I know a bit isolating from some of the sisters because it was being more You are so stirred, but you also do have responsibility to executive offices, and then the chapter and then the region. Also, did you experience any of that when you held it?

Megan 10:42

Honestly, if I did, I was oblivious. I was so in my own worlds, but I didn't pay attention. And I think I hung out with my family and Greek life a lot. So I never felt that from any of them. So if it was the other girls and chapter kind of shying away from me, I didn't think twice. So I guess that was kind of their own thing. But I can definitely see how it is I've actually experienced that kind of in the adult world more than in college, which was crazy weird. There was this individual that is fairly close with at my first company, I had started in customer service and moved to HR. And so when I was going through that process, they told me Oh, because you're moving into this position, I can no longer talk to you because you'll know too much. That's like, You're joking, right? But then they stopped talking to me, I was like, This makes absolutely no sense. Oh, I'm still a person, you can separate who I am as Megan and then my, you know, my career. So I thought that was a very strange, you know, I it still baffles me today.

Angela 11:38

Like, I know that definitely, when you're out in the world working particularly in certain industries, like it does make sense to have a bit of a separation between like who your co workers are and who your friends are. But like, if you've already started out in a position where you're friends, you have to be able to differentiate between, okay, this is the time when I'm talking to my friend, and this is the time when I'm talking to someone who I work with, right, and you can have both of those things exist within one person.

Megan 12:05

Right? Absolutely. And at the end of the day, my Kevin probative, you know, I haven't had to thank goodness, but play someone else, or someone like I know, plenty of people who've been in that situation like, you know, it's a business decision. I couldn't say the right decision. You know, it's it's not me firing you. It's, you know, the business doing this. And unfortunately, like, you're stuck with that, that role of having to let someone go. So I know people who have had to let their friends go and things like that, but it hasn't ruined the relationship, and which I think is fantastic. I don't think it should, like it's not a personal attack,

Jae 12:37

it shouldn't be viewed that way. And for those who do I know what my friends and family who run companies or who are higher up and companies, when something like that has happened to the person says something that is definitely an HR violation, it's like they're like person who makes the error of judgment to say they have an obligation to report or to write up or to say this because it's not about your incident or your life anymore, because it has to do with your position in this company and what it can affect everyone else, right? You told anyone else it still would have had to happen. You just happen to tell me because you felt more comfortable. But that's the line you just shouldn't have crossed period at work, right. But you did mention you like to spend a lot of time with your family line. We haven't fully elaborated on this, frankly, because I think both of us would rant on and on too much. I think he could do this much more succinctly. Can you believe explain a family line how it comes about kind of the different pieces. I know when I used to use the term grand and big for a while people would look at me really funny.

Megan 13:34

Yeah, so similar to you know, a typical family line, you have your I guess mom, dad, brother, sister, so on and so forth. Your immediate family, secondary family, and so obviously, there's no mom and dad in the situation. But from the sisterhood aspect. It's like the family line was you would just pick up so you'd have your big which is I guess essentially like the parental figure and then it would go down to plans if there was multiple in line or like your little and then grand littles great grand little so on and so forth. And then up the scale to so great, grand, big, grand, big, whatever else, essentially, that's a family line. But I remember ours, we were the rural family, and we were massive. There are too many of us

Angela 14:15

think we were like like order of chapter well.

Megan 14:17

Yeah. Yeah. So I remember my first year we would always do family dinners, and they'd be huge and so much fun. But then I think we just grew too much that we didn't really do it after that. And then it moved into like the immediate family and so those were some of the gatherings going forward but Oh, it was a great time and

Angela 14:37

I mean if you think about it to our immediate family was still about 12 people. Yeah, so you're a triplet which means that your baby has three littles I'm a triplet because you had one before me and then you actually with along with me, you picked up my twin at the same time

Jae 14:54

so we call both your twin

Angela 14:56

Yeah, both twins because triplet is a mouthful. We let's be real.

Megan 14:59

Yeah, but I mean if you all were in the same grade two so

Angela 15:03

well it's actually it's really funny in our in our first Greek Life Episode I talk about how I met your first little my twin and she really tried to sell me on but also just wanted to like leave me the space to find my place and another organization if possible but I apparently like just liked what she presented to me so much I just moved in and you know stole her life Oh my gosh, well, mission accomplished.

Jae 15:30

But I think it's to show that you didn't really know I will set our waters it's really hard. Do you want this whole series was my fault of wanting to talk about Greek life but the Muslim not naming anything relevant to our particular organization flew a lot I think that shows like we always say from the members out of the process of fall in love with the people and then you fall in love with the organization because you really like this girl not to cripple evil like you are but you really liked her and her values and where she who she was as a person then you're like, oh, when you meet those people that's how I felt the day I met my big alley because we can say her name I don't know all other 100 girls in this room but if they like her and I like her I will find my people within this group.

Megan 16:12

Yeah, no, absolutely during rush in our shorties room, I felt most comfortable and I mean maybe it was because of all the tension but it was like I felt like I had the most genuine conversations where I remember there is service one room it started to become like faith based and I was like I never said I was religious like this. Oh Is it for me? And was it felt but which house was it? Oh, interesting. Yeah, that's like this is weird.

Angela 16:40

I do actually remember a lot of their members going to church together. Oh, okay.

Jae 16:47

Oh, did Oh wow. did not have that experience with them. I knew them. Like I know that. I think depending on the year Wait, this is a slight sidetrack. I don't remember how to start making How did you meet your big was it during recruitment

Megan 16:59

When did you kind of she kind of sought you out and if I was in person sought me out like after I was her big I don't even know it's like a weird maybe we're having like a heart to heart or I don't know maybe the argument something but she she she basically told me she's like oh yeah, I only wanted you as a little because you were legacy I was like damn obviously we have a fantastic relationship like like that's wild like things but out

Angela 17:28

I mean it truly is crazy when you think about it because particularly at our school based off of our quarter system we go from new member bid day to big little reveal relationship reveal and very quickly I think they've got three more weeks they have extended it the past some years they have gone to Florida

Jae 17:48

it's either between weeks four to six which is still in an ideal situation not all end up like this more. Your big is your mentor through your years left in college and ideally beyond college. That's a lot of come I'm not gonna pick a husband and three to four weeks Why am I picking this like it's also you're picking let's try Bachelorette. That's true. Yeah, but it's like picking someone it's like if graduate I met Ali one day and I was like her like I don't know I want to be whatever kind of friends whatever with her and fortunately it's worked out and continues to but and they tell also they tell you don't do what I did. Like I would also tell new members of that like I hated it because we give the full spiel of like meet everyone find your person like even if they have littles Don't worry about it. Like we give this big spiel and then they're like, Jay How? Like No, don't ask me because I doesn't mean you're not supposed to do like I picked my chapter because I wanted to be friends with her like don't do what I did. I'm a bad example. So

Angela 18:42

I actually went back the year after I graduated and was there when the new members were picking their bigs and so usually they invite some alum back to talk about what the process is like to help put everyone at ease and I think I definitely freaked them out a little bit more and I meant to calm them down because I was telling them yeah, like I met my bag maybe four days before I was supposed to pay like she was my blue says and we didn't have a lot a lot of time to hang out so we did that but then there were also two other girls that I really liked just as much as her and then I didn't end up putting her as number one so my big was my number three choice and they all panicked and their faces were terrified. I'm like no I'm like your number three isn't bad and like anyone who you're putting on your big list is someone who you should be over the moon to have I was like if I could I would have ranked all five of these people number one it just so happened that my big was number three and I'm like and that's okay,

Megan 19:37

I don't think I realized I met you four days before

Angela 19:40

Yeah, cuz like we'd heard about each other. But we hadn't we hadn't actually met yet. Okay, fully know if that's

Jae 19:47

true. It make it I think you might have been like the first or second person I talked to and I remember your hair was just so curly. It was during recruitment, because your hair was so curly. And I was like oh my goodness. The scroll here so bouncy that I didn't No, like the whole, you come it out. So I always loved

Angela 20:05

I've seen the photos you were definitely rocking like a young Taylor Swift my with like the you

Jae 20:12

can call it, you definitely can pull it off. I just remember seeing it. I was like, Oh, this girl really likes like the tight curl on the curl I knew how to do. had no other options. I know my big also I had a similar thing I could cry during big little choosing because I couldn't decide my number one and number two, it was terrible. And then it was a thing of realizing that I'm picking for girls who I like and also like you're also choosing this based off a week of knowing someone for three weeks, and then there's supposed to lead you through college. Yeah. And

Angela 20:42

then it's like I feel where it gets really complex as well as because with that heightened sense of urgency, you feel like oh no, if I don't pick this person, they're not going to be in my life. No, by being in the same organization. They're going to continue to be in your life and you're going to have a bond and you're going to be able to seek them out to do other things together anytime you want

Megan 21:03

to say yes or no, I mean, maybe this is but I definitely obviously the people on your on your list are fantastic options. But I'd honestly think about it you know who's going to be in your life, if not your big and it's like could you see that from both sides?

Jae 21:18

I definitely think that part of the list it was like hard ranking and knowing how calls went and I think that for me I mean I've talked about without like making you all know like I knew people picked up twin no one at the time. I don't know Megan before because you're a few years older if anyone had picked up triplets in your collegiate time until my big had who I honestly don't think so. I mean, I think especially later on big little became a little more doable with more but I remember my first second year it was basically you know the the more things that you could provide to them like better kind of it was a very materialistic mind frame.

Megan 22:00

I think that was also just kind of unfortunate because I knew some girls who if they felt like they couldn't afford it because it was so expensive, they would just pop out because it was a financial burden and I know girls would drop hundreds and it was like this isn't sustainable for anyone we're all in college so that's when they started having the guidelines of a you know, here's the five things that are required and then you can maybe have you know three or whatever more but I think they also started providing like a price on this for each day

Angela 22:28

right because for reveal they started doing the like crate and basket checks.

Jae 22:34

Well yeah, I remember particularly I'm sure we'll all know someone who will remain nameless always made sure to emphasize you stuff more under the blanket.

Megan 22:42

Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah. So which is very nice. But you know, you want all girls to feel special and feel the same. So because

Jae 22:49

of what used to be the financial corner no one had picked up triplets were unheard of. There were multiple girls but there were two in particular there was it was kind of like a triangle because one of them knew I really liked her and didn't tell me I knew another girl who liked her. So the three of us were kind of there were a few girls who the three of us were kind of circulating but like we all really wanted Allie and it was a thing of their no one had been some people have multiple littles but they'd been picked up different years like a twins and then picked up one more or as a senior picked up another senior but we were all first year is at the time so picking up three first years had not been a thing and going back to kind of Angeles thing of joining as a second year I think joining as a second year you might know more girls and chapter you might have a better decision. This is all the three of us knew in our first few weeks of college even this was a very heavy decision like who is going to be this mentor who walks me through college and it's like shit like I have to pick correctly and then not only that as trust the process they also have to pick you back and that was like a very daunting thing moving away from home at 17 to no it was at the time. I just turned 18 at this time I was like so precious and scary fortunately I think things worked out Alli being the masochist and lovely superhuman that she has picked up three littles and made it work and then that year herbig so my grandbaby also picked up three littles and ended up with four littles total so they kind of really kind of reintroduced to the world of how to expand a family so much of the our family line actually broke off from the family they were a part of because we could self sustain.

Angela 24:17

Which brings us back to the lovely story about how we met on vid day and you not big day, Big Little Big how we met at Big Little reveal. And you absolutely insisted that my family line was breaking off and going to be

Jae 24:34

I was a teenager. I was young in 18.

Angela 24:38

So you get the 18 card pass.

Jae 24:40

As long as you get the concussion card pass I get the 18 Pass.

Angela 24:44

We may have to look into this because it seems like the concussion pass might be real thing.

Jae 24:49

Yes. I mean, fortunately as we've had now, both of our bigs on Angela and I are still friends, we're still friends with a lot of the girls. We're fortunate that our situations worked out in our favor and we still are loved Have these connections and get to see each other and get to still work on those relationships. But Megan, what would you say to someone who is not as fortunate and realize something like realize someone again, like also, because of this world, we're all putting our representatives forward, we're all putting our best foot forward the new members, because we're just joined and then the app just because you won't want to, we all want to multiply, we all want to procreate and the Greek sense of like, yeah, we all want to have little, everyone wants a little like, it's a fear that you don't. It's the thing similar with life, how we judge people without kids. So people without littles, like were looked at differently in chapter

Megan 25:34

it was a very, like you're not wanted almost It was like a very strange

Jae 25:38

Yeah. And so because of that, everyone's putting their best foot forward. But sometimes once the best foot comes away, like once the relationship can go through ebbs and flows, or sometimes they're like, oh, you're not who I thought you were, what would you say to a girl who realizes who is more estranged from her big or someone in a fraternity who might have realized they picked the wrong bank, or just kind of when that really isn't what they want to do how to still, I think, show courtesy to that person, but also build the relationships that they really want to get out of that organization.

Megan 26:04

Yeah, absolutely. That's a good question. I would say ultimately, I mean, these are still girls in college. Honestly, I've never babysat. I've never been like that role model to anyone before, for picking up my first little, like, I had no idea what I was getting into. And she idolized me like, She's so precious. And I'm like, I made a lot of mistakes. And like, some I still, gosh, you know, like, and it did change our relationship. I don't think it was necessarily Oh, my God, like, we're still great friends. But I think we do have a different relationship because of that. And then when I picked up my other two levels, obviously, I I kind of have that foundation now. So I would just say like, you're all young, yes, it's a mentor. But at the end of the day, they're still human too. So I mean, you know, if you are looking for something very specific, have those conversations, you know, have those boundaries set or like if something you know, goes wrong, like absolutely talk through it. So I know it's kind of hard when you're 1819. And you're just like, Oh my gosh, I get antsy you talk to everyone else, except that person, like, obviously, I've done that too. But it's just, you know, trying to humanize them a little bit versus like, you know, it's the end of the world and severing those ties, you know,

Angela 27:17

like with Jay and I aren't particularly great at that, because we put you and ollie on a pedestal very high.

Jae 27:25

We talked about in like Ali's episode, I want it I picked her on day two when I met her and I was like I want eg because I want Alia is my bag. And then throughout my first year, she and her a student senator, and she was our representative and a thing. So it's like she was held up not only for me, but then my fourth chapter in a sense, and then I'm an only child, so not having any sort of older sister starting college when I was 17. moving to a different part of say all of these things, I was looking for something that wasn't fair of any person within who is only two years older me to provide. But that's what I needed and what I wanted. And I think that again, going back to the year you join, I think Angela still loves and had a bit of a god complex for her big but it might have not been as much because she had other tethers to other people to other organizations, other things, I only had our sorority and then that I only wanted her to be my bag, like I had a list. But it was that was what I wanted. And if I could that hadn't happened, I don't know what my experience been like. And I think a lot of girls go in thinking like me and wanting that, but don't get anyone on their list or everyone's gonna you're gonna get a big but you're not or doesn't have the opportunity to pick up but we were both fortunately able to all three of us were able to do as well. And I think that it's hard because we want to create all this excitement about getting your big and finding that mentor and guiding you through. But at the same time, maybe we overdo it a bit. Because we're expecting too much from girls. I mean, Max, the seniors like 2425. And that's if they don't start right out of high school, mostly 21 to 23. And then the freshmen are like 17 and 18. And then everything in between. It's like none of us are fully competent or qualified to do what title of a big sis is supposed to be right. And yet it's required and it's glorified within our organization. I think it has its place and I think it's meant to happen, but I think we need to reframe everyone's expectations because there have been big boys who have gone and be like, Oh my god, I love my little and they're like, Whoa, like they feel a bit smothered. And they don't know how to talk to their big about it because they're like or bigs and littles who didn't pick each other and are now a parent. It's like, I don't know what to do. Because you know, like, I know, you weren't on my list. You know, I was on your list. We're sisters, but it's not like once that relationship is set as a chapter, we do much to foster that. Yeah,

Megan 29:43

I think it would have been a really great idea to have kind of like a seminar. I'm also interested in picking up Come join us and here's kind of the do's and don'ts and kind of level setting those expectations. And I mean, even something like that for new hires too, because it really is you get all relevant And then, you know, unfortunately, not everyone has those fantastic connections or it wasn't their first choice. And so they're super bottomed. And they're like, Well, why am I even in chapter anymore? No, and it just spiraled. So I think really level setting and trying to get both sides on board like I think that would have probably helped a lot of experiences.

Jae 30:18

One more before we transition to something else I realize that's also really tough is that big little is before initiation. And as Andrew and I have discussed, there's a bit of pretty big, hefty financial commitment to make it to initiation which is a privilege to have a big little as before that so I know it's happened before where girls are so excited to pick up and pick up and put their heart and soul into their crops into their baskets. No matter what monetary value it is and then the girl drops and it's a thing of like, I would be heartbroken if like you do all of that and I know friends who that happened to if they don't make it in some girls you can kind of tell when they're on the offense of initiating or not like I'm your big I don't want to not spoil you but if we're not going to see this through it's hard. Yeah, it's

Megan 31:00

a it's a relationship. You're like alright, I want to see you make it but like also Hey, I know wined and dined.

Angela 31:10

Yeah like think so that actually happened to me and still had everything left over and some of it I did reuse for my little the next year but I made this with the intent of it going to someone else it feels disingenuous to give Yeah, so I was like some of it I was like I can't give this to you like this needs to go to someone else and they can give it was like just because it doesn't feel like it has the right intent behind it including

Jae 31:34

the supplies you need to craft along with the things you buy and the letters. I don't know anyone who spent less than $400 without an external craft supplies or a big who pass things down. If you're starting from scratch, I don't know anyone who spent less than 400

Angela 31:48

That sounds about right

Megan 31:49

like letters to x, you'd have to buy the matching set one for yourself and one for your little that would easily be 120 bucks there but everything else on top of that and then the cap and then the paddle crafting paddles at least like 4050 bucks.

Angela 32:03

So if you don't have any crafting supplies yourself and like you need to buy like a glue gun or paint brushes paper all of the little like knickknacks that might go on to it or if you want to do it all by hand like that's acrylic paints or something like that which gets really expensive

Jae 32:17

Angela I don't know if you had this experience during our paddle exchange but I remember that me and my triplet coordinated high with our grand between the three of us seeing her but then also Allie going over there because obviously we can see what Ali was doing. So we need to coordinate using that apartment complex with like, like noted is like Alice coming over so you can't be here or today's like let's go shopping for Ali's paddle or sorry I'm with grace right now to her so it's like migraine and a lot of coordination that weekend and I remember seeing your grant doing her craft as well following family suit. Our grand bigs lived together for three years of college where they dorm I don't know if they were dorm people but they are they dorm together. But then obviously Allie and Megan dorm. You two were in the same Hall at first, right? Yeah, they lived together all four years of college and then Angela and I only lived together her senior year basically moved in with me her third year because my roommate was a ghost when the weirdest thing would not come out of her room for more than 48 hours at a time. So I don't know how the bathroom situation was working

Angela 33:15

hyper. I'm pretty sure she was climbing in and out of the window if

Jae 33:17

she honestly it was the weirdest thing if anyone was over people would be like, they're very good at it. You're sure. I don't even know her like she and people thought at first I was being a little bit like harsh. But then Angela would see she did not come out of the room ever. Kitchen. She's the bathroom. If I left Angela there. Well, I went to class.

Angela 33:37

I think she came out maybe once when you were gone. And then she saw me and like yelped and ran into the bathroom and then stayed there for an hour. And then I like went outside and closed the door. And then I could hear her leave and go back to her room because I was like I want her to like be able to like feel comfortable like moving around if she needs to, like the wind. I also don't know where to go. That's insane. I think was oh goodness. I feel like we've talked a lot about big and little and frankly we can just keep going on and on about it. But what else did you really like about your time and chapter like sisterhood, socials, the volunteer aspect,

Megan 34:16

I would say and I love it. I love staying busy and I think the sorority really helps me with that. It's a really great way obviously to meet people and build those relationships and on the volunteering aspect like obviously that sprinkled in so it was always fun to get together. I remember we do the like activities with all different sisters. I had a really fantastic time. Obviously there's aspects of things I would change, no going back, but I mean ultimately, I had a great time. I feel like as most people do, at some point during the duration of being in chapter like I did have a little bit of a falling out my senior year. I just feel like I had so much going on that I put the organization on the wayside, and I did that with kind of some relationships too, unfortunately, but save maybe like a race a little bit of senior year and Like fourth quarter. But other than that, I think it was a really great experience.

Jae 35:05

I think that's important though, because Megan, you joined as a first year as well. And so kind of the organization can kind of be your whole college experience. And like Angela said, you had internships and I feel like your senior year like just kind of seeing you, you were kind of exploring things outside of it on campus dealt with because you had jobs and internships, but you were kind of first the first time like, maybe being on campus, but not being doing things with the organization. Like how is doing that? Yeah, so

Megan 35:29

that was my first year without having a position as well. So I think that was also really weird for me, because it's like, I have so much time now. But it's not with the sorority, I had two jobs for a month, I have three jobs and did real fast. And then I think I had like two or three internships just during the duration of the year. So like, I was juggling a lot, like I was just so overwhelmed. I remember at one point, I had stopped the third job because I was actually trying to transition I had worked at yogurtland for like my entire college career. And I was like, I can't work here anymore. I'm losing my mind. It just was not cool, friendly, working eight hour shifts. So yeah, like they had no care. There's a bunch of college students working there. The other job I had, I was like, I can't do this. So I see that you were laying in bed at the gym as well. I remember, like having a breakdown, I think I called my parents and I was like, I don't know what to do anymore. It's like, I think it was the first time I had gotten a D on a history essay. And I was like, I've never received this poor labor grade ever. And so I just like I lost it. I was like, I'm so close to finishing, like I can't fail classes now. And so it was just like SAS my life essentially. Or then I think around that time, I had a lot of weird relationships with boys too. So I think it was just the whole whole mix of craziness going on. So I definitely was in my own world a little

Angela 36:46

bit. Now, do you feel like you might have benefited if you took like a little bit of a step back from Greek life earlier to find more of a balance.

Megan 36:56

And I think the weird thing is, you know, chapters so different when you start from when you end. So I think my fourth year, I didn't really I didn't know any of the new girls, I wasn't really close with I think by Jay your class, like I was close with you. But like, I didn't really know that many other people. So it started to feel like I didn't know chapter anymore. And I think that felt really weird to me. And so I think that's also kind of I disassociated myself a little bit. So it's like I'm just present, like, but I'm not active. So I think that was also a very weird thing for me. So I think I had stayed engaged things may have been a little different. I think it's also, you know, with life and and going from that, I think la talked about it like, you know, college to the real world. Like that's a very messy transition. So I think I was kind of just figuring all of that.

Angela 37:44

Is there anything you really miss about your time and chapter that you wish you would have done more of

Megan 37:49

I wish that I hung out with girls more like, I know that I hung out with people but like my like, had Brandon, like, what are you doing and come over? Like, I mean, I feel like I didn't do that enough. And so I think that's something that I if I could go back, I would 100% just like yeah, just hang out with more girls, I

Jae 38:04

feel like one of the things that happens is, so everyone's there lots of phases throughout every year and like every year you do it, you're a little more custom. So everyone gets really close for recruitment, because we're all working to the same thing of getting some great new members, then we go into big little. And then after big little, it can get a little messy because a lot of very passionate feelings are involved. Everyone kind of like goes is either forming their big little relationships or dealing with their feelings of not having that or having not what they wanted. And so kind of winner that's kind of and then initiation and then kind of the end of winter, everyone kind of separates, no one really does anything. And then spring we have retreat and all of this great morale is put into everyone and we do some great traditions and culty things to agree unite us together. And it's really great. And going to spring is when our philanthropy is so we're all getting really on board for it. There's a lack of group resilience after that big little period, to continue to seek out because I know I talked to you and I talked to my big like, I want to talk to girls, I want to reach out to people but it's a thing of people who were on that big little list to your Do they still want to talk to me Do they like me? I feel like there were a few girls and chapter who I really wanted to get to know me until I picked my big and then they gave me dirty looks and didn't want to see me anymore. It's like that

Megan 39:21

was a big thing. I experienced that too. So which is unfortunate, right? Like you pick these people because you want those lasting bonds with them. But I feel like it got a little caddy at

Jae 39:30

times. And it was definitely a thing of like that kind of as a new member when lovely recruitment sisterhood energy ends of like, Oh, you don't really still want to get to know me or hang out or do thing right. There are a few sisters who would always be really nice when I saw them at events, but if I didn't see them at events like we didn't really hang out like there were a few sisters. One of the things I remember I met Allie fell in love pictures my life guru. And then there was another girl I met who I was friends with. I think pink cysts are kind of one of my pre bags as I called them and she loved One Direction. And then we bonded over that. And because of that, she introduced me to her friends who also loved one direction. And like, whenever I'd see them, we would still bond over that. But we weren't really forming things outside of that group. And I was fortunate. I feel like I had, obviously our group. But like, if certain things happened, I felt like I could reach out to other sisters and got a decent response. Some of the time, I don't know, if I'm glorifying my experience. Looking back,

Angela 40:24

I feel like for the most part, you got a better reception than most people did. For those that weren't necessarily looking to build a lot of bonds. Like there are some groups within our sorority that they were very much not to call them cliques. But like, they had their core people and they weren't really looking to make expand friendships outside of that. Yeah, I think for the most part, you were pretty well received by everyone.

Jae 40:46

Thank you. I'm not objective. Cuz I know there were certain people who you got like weird vibes from who I'm like, but they were always so nice to me, like, What do you mean? And then, and that shocks me, because

Megan 40:55

you're the sweetest thing. And so it's like, how do people like what you tell me like these outlandish stories? And it's like, this makes no sense.

Jae 41:02

There's some people who like didn't like Angela. But there are also people who Angela just didn't. It was it wasn't Mr. Pickle, but some people Angela put boundaries up against

Angela 41:13

Yes, there were some there were some boundaries intuited for me, and then there was myself. And I feel like that makes me sound incredibly problematic. But I'm just one of the things that I didn't like, particularly during the recruitment period is when everyone would talk. So we were what 100 girls 100. Plus, they're like, everyone needs to love on everyone posts all over social media on campus, if there's a girl wearing the same shirt as you within 50 yards, run up to her and start talking and be best friends. Like, no, because that's not what it's actually like. Like Jay said, after the big little period, when we get into winter, like right before like chapter retreat, everyone kind of retreats into their own groups. And it feels very disingenuous to then walk up to someone doesn't talk to me if I walk by them on campus, and then have conversations with them. Like we're best friends, I was very vocal about not wanting to do that and saying that, you know, I will, I will be friendly and courteous I was like, but I'm not gonna walk up to you and have a fake conversation and hug you and hang on to you was like, that's just, that's not who I am. That's when you spot them and walk the other way. I'm happy to like wave to you. And like say like, hey, like how's it going like and have a real conversation. But there are some times when girls would just run up to me. And like, their voice would have all of the happy inflections, and they'd be gesturing and like holding my hand, but their eyes would be dead. I was like, so you literally don't care about this conversation that we're having at all. And as soon as you're going to forget everything about it. But I'm also the kind of person who, when you ask me a question, I'm a pretty open book. So I will tell you how things are going, I will tell you about something I'm excited about in my life, or what I'm going to do next weekend, if you ask and I'll reciprocate and all that and I will care and I will invest it. And I will remember that. And when we have a conversation later and talk about it, I will make a point to bring that up to show you that I was actively listening, and that I want to have that relationship with you. But then when six weeks later, I run into that same person. I'm like, Oh, hey, how was your biotest? And they're like, What? You remember that like yeah, you said you were really worried about it. So I'm so I care how it went for you. And so it's just I just I can't do that all the time.

Jae 43:31

I mean, I also have the distance problem of someone more than three feet ahead of me I can mix up so like that. Was it a good situation? I mean, like I like couldn't find our letters half the time, I guess like the quad, the courtyard whatever you want to call it that I remember Angela telling me that one of the experiences with one of these girls who always I mean, either she was a really good actress or had a soft spot for me or I don't know what it was Angela was front of like the Greek Student Life Center. And like this girl right up to her like basically has a full conversation smiling of we're in front of the Greek center. It's CLB recruitment time, we need to talk

Angela 44:04

and I was just like, Okay, then actually talk to me don't have this fake conversation and tell me that we need to stand here for three minutes and look like we're having a really fun animated conversation. Because these girls are walking up to sign up for recruitment then just actually have the fun animated conversation with me. Yeah, yeah, no, at one point, she was actually like, She's like, okay, laugh. Ha,

Jae 44:22

ha ha, ha. No. Because I don't recall any of them. I think this was no because her senior year it was the recruitment of your senior year. Okay, so I just didn't

Megan 44:35

know I was a rho gamma. Yeah.

Jae 44:38

What's the row gamma Megan. So

Megan 44:40

if I remember, it's someone who helps walk all the potential new, the cold. I must have new hires.

Angela 44:53

Tell me that you're out of college without telling me you're out of college.

Megan 45:00

In the potential new hires to the different rooms, this is somewhat different rooms to like to see the different organizations on campus. So this is someone who they disassociate from their organization for like the week or two however long recruitment is and they're supposed to help provide guidance to help you make a choice. That's again one bias to

Jae 45:20

Megan's near your she was one and it was to your angelyn I live together and so our school there's like a big concert multiple times a year after said concert, we were all gonna go back to my apartment, but because Megan was disaffiliated, she couldn't hang out with us. So what ended up happening is I think she walked 20 feet behind us because like they were pretty, they were pretty clear. COVID days they would tell you like Angela couldn't talk to Megan on campus because we had to wear shirts that said our affiliation because girls all volunteer to disaffiliate from their organization is to help the new members. They don't know like, oh, Megan's and Iota Kappa theta, and she only going to be wanting me to join that organization. So they kind of don't know. Yeah,

Angela 45:59

so I think the way that it went is that you couldn't speak to us but you couldn't really speak to anyone else and other Greek organizations as well. Because like if you were seeing speaking with anyone, they might think like you're affiliated here, you're affiliated there. But I will say the one thing that really gave all real Gamble's away is that a lot of them did have tattoos of their organizations. Although I listed my year, my first year, there were three row gammas. And all of them had tattoos of their org symbol. So I'm like, either like on an ankle or like inside of their arm places that weren't really covered. don't gotta put makeup on or something like I don't care, like but if you're truly supposed to, like be presenting like an unbiased opinion, every time you kick your leg out to like, cross your legs, like I'm seeing this symbol for being really sad about his like,

Jae 46:49

I had an obsession with Tiffany keys as like a kid I loved he's and I also love Florida Lee's which are a sorority symbol. Yeah. And it was weird because like, I like to wear them and I just like, did it. But then after joining an organization, not that one, it was a weird thing to like wear because even though for me, I had this personal Association, like on campus or in roughly in the way I could be perceived, it could seem like an affiliation that I was in trying to portray, right? That makes sense. I do

Angela 47:17

get that really funny too, because the second you graduate, and then I don't know about you guys, but my family would start sending me articles like all the things you shouldn't do after you graduate college and number one was like ditch your sorority symbol or your sorority letters or your sorority t shirts.

Jae 47:32

I paid a lot for those letters. I will not be ditching them anytime soon. I wear them I also don't wear sweatshirts regularly like I've just like I like jackets and more. So the few times I need sweatshirts, my letters are the only set I have. And people told me I look 18 anyway, so it works.

Angela 47:49

It goes against all the rules. It's like but I still wear mine when I work out your sweatshirts or your shirts, shirts. If it's really cold, like it's the only sweatshirt that I have right now that has like a good size pocket.

Jae 48:05

I'm thinking to report you to the alum group. That's right. What's that? That's,

Angela 48:09

that's like, that's actually a good transition for us for alumni life. What's it like joining an alum group still seeing those relationships after college from your little and your family and other people in chapter?

Megan 48:22

Yeah. So when I first moved to Chicago, I was going to some alumni events around here. But like I like hanging out with girls here and there. But it wasn't anything like a lasting relationship. But what's funny because my sister is in the organization, I still hang out with a ton of year. So I like that just worked out the concert we went to last night we were actually with another sorority sister. Ah, yeah. So that's been pretty funny. But I mean, obviously, distance aside, like in your relationship, you have to make it a point to still reach out and, you know, be in there in people's lives. So I mean, I would say obviously, it's a little challenging at time, and everyone has their own things going on. One of my littles, I told her that you and I have, but we haven't been as great about it, but like the weekly like fun conversations. And she's like, Oh, yeah, let's try that. And so it happened for like, maybe like three or four times. And then on the phone, she was like, you know, like, I can talk to people, like, you know, like once in a blue moon and be totally cool that was like that. If you don't want to talk all the time, I get it your feelings, but like, I just thought it was hysterical. I like knowing about your life, but like, it's cool. If you don't want to talk all the time. So I mean, it's just you have to respect you know, everyone's different and, you know, some people wanted to know everything that's going on, and then that way so it's like, we can talk once every six months. I'm cool with that. You know, I

Angela 49:49

feel like that's part of the great thing about continuing these relationships after college is because like in college like we saw each other fairly frequently, but then You moved to Chicago and I'm still in California. So we don't see each other very often. And I'm not a great texter. And I'm not great on social media. So like, this is how we keep up with each other's lives. Yeah, no, totally. But at the same time, I also am one of those people who's like, I need breaks, like, I can't talk to everyone all the time. So it's like, I know, we're not texting and like keeping up on social media every day. But it's like once a week or every other week, like we talk on the phone and we catch up on FaceTime. Oh, yeah, I as everyone knows, I hate FaceTime refused to do that. So the calls are my old man, what's the word? I'm preference, but I don't think that's the word you're looking for. It's also a C word communication, no compromise compromise, that is the one with the C, concussion or evey. When you were first considering joining an alarm group, what went into that decision? Because I know I've looked into it. And I think there are three in my area, but I'm not really sure if I'm ready to take the plunge. Like I've been to one alumni event. And I had a lot of fun. And I actually went with another co worker of mine who was also a part of our organization, and we've become good friends. And like we both agreed we had a great time. But at the same time, we also felt a little bit outside of it, because all of the girls who we were with had gone to the same school. Yeah,

Megan 51:23

that makes sense. I would say that's a hard question to kind of answer. I mean, I've done alumna things, but I wouldn't say I'm, like actively a part of an alumni chapter. And what's interesting is, yeah, I've gone to a few events here in Chicago, but I've also done alumni events for our school in our area, where it's like, technically, I'm nowhere in that region anymore. So I think it's fun to just kind of sit in kind of going back, like how we kind of took a step back my senior year. So I wasn't really involved. I think like I needed some time away from chapter and then it was kind of like, Oh, I miss it, like, what's going on. So it's been nice. And you know, we've had other girls, we know, like one of my littles and Brandon, they were actively involved in like our, our colleges alumni group. So that was also a big reason to go back psycho like, you know, to hang out with them more and you know, to see them so half on some of those calls, even though it wasn't close by and with the pandemic, it was like everyone's heard about anyway. So like, it's been fun to kind of revisit that part of my life. I think it's different for everyone on obviously, their level of commitment on how actively want to be an alumni group, it's really obviously not that much work. If you wanted to get into a position there. They're not really like the positions in college, were there a lot of time commitment release, or kind of a little more spaced out and not as daunting. I

Jae 52:44

also think a few guys hit on this book, my mom brought this out to me the other day, I was coming to stay with me and Allie and her husband are coming to stay with me always weird today, for a few days. And it's a thing of at this point this year, I believe for me marks are as many years out of Greek life as I was in Greek life. I believe this is my ball. 13. So 1721 Yeah, I think so this is the year that marks like I've been in it as long as I've been out of it. And at this point relationships that I have from it, we have those good times as we have you and we've had alikum talk about our time in college, but we've also had enough outside of it, you too are like continental travel buddies going everywhere. And then I was fortunate that I got to be in my Vegas wedding. And then there are so many relationships that are formed outside of things that we met there. But at this point, you're not friends because you're so big and little or you're not friends because you were sorority sisters, your friends, because that was a way to facilitate a great meeting of the friendship that could have occurred naturally was easier to find because of the concentration of females you were surrounding yourself with, which is pro in the con at the same time.

Megan 53:51

No, absolutely. I would say a majority of my friends were from the sorority. I mean, I think I have a handful from like working at the gym but I'd say my core group was was from a sorority completely

Angela 54:03

off topic question but Megan Did you also encounter the thing where it was difficult to make friends within your major? Really in person or no? I agree. Well, not just like within like your academic.

Megan 54:15

Oh, okay. Yeah, I would say I saw the film major and I feel like I didn't really like fit in with like the typical film major like those stereotypes like

Angela 54:25

him like me with the English department. I feel like it was so hard to make friends and people really do angsty for you like a little bit. And it's really funny too, because it's like I feel like the same things that I maybe necessarily didn't enjoy about interacting with those in my classes are probably things that I don't like about myself.

Jae 54:48

Okay, so what was one of the things very dramatic? Oh, yeah. Mir

Angela 54:56

no shade to anyone because I did meet some very Very lovely people. It was just a magnification mirror. I know right? It was just like everything just felt like so highly charged and like great big emotions. And yes, that is me. I'm very much like a feelings and person. But yeah, just like couldn't couldn't see that at the time that'll have trouble

Jae 55:19

following people around campus. didn't ring any bells send any players connected me synapses.

Angela 55:26

That's actually going to be really great in my dating update episode, because I did have the conversation with him when he was talking with me about what my dating style is like, and what past relationships have been like, and I'm not a stalker, but I do put quite a bit of effort into meeting people.

Jae 55:45

Yeah, oh my gosh, it's fine. I almost said the thing where, oh, gosh, I went on a date on Friday. And he was asking about the podcast to find the podcast. He's like, it's not that hard. I was like, and I was gonna ensure what I found your Instagram in about five minutes. Like, it's not that hard to find on the internet. We're not there yet. So I like held it back. But I it's really not though. No, it's so easy.

Angela 56:10

Yeah, it's not we might actually try that out later today when we try to find a boys Venmo who stood me up two boys, two saris.

Jae 56:18

Yeah. I just wanted, I want to, I want to double our odds of getting money. Oh, my God, I need to hear more about this. We will

Angela 56:25

definitely talk about this in a little bit. The one question we forgot to ask you, which we were supposed to start off with. And so we'll now end with is what is your favorite college memory of either myself, J or both of us together? I

Jae 56:40

will start with one of my favorite stories of you. So you have some time. It was one of the first date auctions I ever went to I don't know where Angela was, but it was you and then the twin that you picked up with Angela, and you're coming up from the dorms and I didn't fully know what your car looked like. And as I've already referenced, I had bad eyesight. You're coming up to go to the pre party. I fell on gotten into someone else's car like luckily it was like it was other girls. I was like oh my God, this isn't my friend. So I had to get home I was like oh my gosh, I don't know who they were i don't i they're waiting for someone but like the door was unlocked too, which was kind of the weird part. Yeah, I remember that happened and I fully got into someone's car and then we went to the pre party and then you guys took Beatles today at auction it was at like one of the clubs not in the house this first year. Okay, I don't remember this at all. It was a fate auction.

Do you remember the boy who Serena tried to sleep with in my bigs bed?

Megan 57:34

Fucking I guess a piece of shit. No heat. No, it was my bed. But alley alley in the room. That no I hated him so much. Like if anyone could like fall into a man hole or something. It would be like it till this day.

Jae 57:50

This was the night we met him as well at this pre party. Okay.

Megan 57:54

I think that that rings a bell just because I despise him so much. Like, let us only reason why I remember.

Angela 58:02

My favorite stories is when we were still pretty new to each other. And we were going to throw a birthday party for one of my twins and I was driving in the car with you. And that's when I found out that you make very lovely sound effects while driving. And instead of honking you would be like beep beep or if you'd go to turn go click click click Oh, no.

Jae 58:25

Tonight, we also saw that piece of shit. I haven't driven I'm like, you know,

Angela 58:37

behind the wheel. Like, are you gonna be like breaking now? Whoosh. It's like an onomatopoeia. Well, Megan, what was it like going to college with a sibling and then having that sibling join Greek life. So

Megan 58:54

I convinced him to join Greek life. So my boyfriend at the time was actually in the fraternity. I encouraged him to join. I also think it was just very fitting for him. I couldn't really see him in a different one. But it was really weird because he's my older brother by five years and but like I was like, no grade wise above him. And so I would obviously invite him to all of our family events because he didn't really know anyone. But then once he started, you know, in Greek life and kind of having his own thing going on. I was kind of like a mute point. Like he didn't invite me to anything. That's like, remember when I used the things he was like, Oh, I'm with my family. It's like bitch, I am your family.

Like I get it, you know, he wanted to do his own thing, but I was like, wow, I'm so glad I invited you invited you to all of these things and like just know love and return. So it was fun, but a lot of people would always be like, oh so your your Joshua says They're like, No, I was here first. So that got really frustrating. Like, no, like he's older, but I am great was hear me roar. So it was interesting, but ultimately it's a good time.

Angela 1:00:17

Okay, but no big you actually have to answer because it also has just dawned on me that no one else has actually answered this question.

Megan 1:00:23

See, I wish that you would actually put that in here because, you know, my brain is and so because I wouldn't say it's my favorite memory, but it's like one of my most memorable like me yelling at you and your twin.

Jae 1:00:38

I'm sure. for which reason I'm sure there were plenty was there a particular incident

Megan 1:00:43

It was after finals I was I was taking her twin to like one of the Greyhound buses so she could get home for the holidays. And I had Angela and her twin in my car. And I think Angela was one who's supposed to give me directions. I didn't have a smartphone at the time. Oh, so I was literally like one of those people like here's my my printed out MapQuest. So if I made one wrong turn, heaven forbid, I was like, Okay, give me directions. And I had asked, I was like, so where is this place? Had I just didn't know. So carry on out. If you have details, my twin

Angela 1:01:14

was using my phone to map it. And so it seemed like it was okay. But she didn't put in the full address. So that was one thing. And then also, at one point, my phone disconnected or went through a bad service area. So the directions stopped updating. So we weren't getting the notifications, like you need to get off here and merge onto this freeway. So Megan had been driving for a while. And she's like, I feel like we're very close to it's like we've been driving for a while now. And there hasn't been anything like what's going on? Yeah. So then I opened my phone, and then all of a sudden, it's like refreshing and oh, no, we passed it by like 20 miles. And so we had to turn around really quick. And at that point, I think it was like 20 minutes. And my twins bus left.

Megan 1:02:03

We were so afraid of bumper traffic, who I will live it because I think after that, you're like, Oh, it's in Hollywood. And I was like, oh, given me context. I know exactly where this was. Because I I went to Hollywood, like all the time that year. And I was like, you have to be kidding me. So I I was so mean, I felt really bad. But I think that's why I remember because I was such a jerk to you guys.

Jae 1:02:26

So you went from Camp from the city where we were schooling to Hollywood. Yeah, but we passed it by 20 miles until. But still like that's a destroyer

Megan 1:02:36

left around like two or three because we're trying to like Miss traffic. And so by the time we realized that we were in the wrong direction, we were stuck in that funk. Yeah. And I'm like, no. And so we got there when the Greyhound bus was pulling out of the driveway. And so she's sitting there like, chasing down the bus. And it's like you're luckier as you made it. Because I think in my mind, if you miss this bus, which one you're going to take tomorrow and who's going to get you there.

Like I just like I lost like I might have like tuned that part out. But I hadn't imagined

Oh, and I was already just like a wreck when driving. I like that person who's like death gripping the steering wheel and so like it is very high strung

Angela 1:03:26

and then you can all imagine we had a really great ride back to the city where it was in all of this

it was maybe another two hours and

Megan 1:03:40

I got blacked out by now.

Going back into big little I remember you almost didn't make it and I was like panicking. I was like I don't know I don't know if you were late or like you weren't feeling well but like there was something like no one could give me updates on where you were

Angela 1:03:58

Oh see I feel like that ended up being so much more dramatic than it needed to leave those I wasn't feeling that great and I was coming like I let everyone know like I am coming I was like I'm just gonna get to the event maybe like 1015 minutes late because that's when I lived really far away from campus okay, but not not even really far We lived on the absolute opposite end of campus and where I needed to it was like I was already like 2025 minute walk so I was like yeah, I was like I don't feel great I'm not moving quickly right

Jae 1:04:29

now but it wasn't even at reveal was after like the seminar thing we had to sit through you wouldn't evenly

Angela 1:04:35

Yeah, so I wouldn't even miss that at all. I feel like they freaked you out for no reason.

Megan 1:04:40

Well because your twin the year before she was like actually very sick and so she didn't show up to reveal it was like oh my god so my big as lovely as she is she was like okay, we're gonna drive to her house surprise her. And so they put I like to know where the hell they found this box but they put me on like a massive box inside. I'm just like sitting in there. And then I just like unveiled the door. And so I was like, Oh my god, like, I don't have to bust like a part to like.

Like, we put that but

Angela 1:05:12

we did almost have to do that because so we went through our reveal and then it was either later that night or the next day that evening where me said Little new little was also sick and unable to make it to retreat. And we all had to go to her house. She said, Oh, yeah, well, this this was Amanda, everyone who got sick and didn't make it to reveal that year as well. So we all had to go to her house. It was really funny because half of our family was new at that point as well. Yeah, they're like, yeah, we're

Jae 1:05:42

gonna go welcome, Amanda. And we're like, we don't even know

Angela 1:05:46

that because Amanda had bear Amanda was also a new member at the time, but she'd barely been to any events. So I was like, Yeah, oh, no clue who this girl is. But Yay, family. Oh my gosh. I mean, that's hilarious at times. I know. So think on that note, thank you for listening to today's episode of in Omnia paratus. And a big thank you to our special guest, Megan, for joining us. Yeah. Very, very happy to chat with you both. Should we have her on the next time we have Allie on I wasn't saying no like that. But what

Jae 1:06:14

Megan, Megan has Angela invited you on? What I want to be a big little in Vegas trip yet? No, but I'm down. Yay. Whoo. Okay. Awesome. She spurred it on Allie without me knowing so I thought I would return the favor.

Angela 1:06:28

like you'd already told Ali Well,

Megan 1:06:30

I know I'm down. You'll have to just give me a month so apparently I'm already been booked. So

Jae 1:06:37

yes, it's probably going to be in spring frankly because I won pool so I want day clubs. Okay, cool. Because I will be in Disneyworld in February. Oh fun. Whoo

Angela 1:06:47

till we think like April 2022. And after this break, grab your coffee bowls and don't forget to rate download and follow on Apple Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts as always where you lead will follow so head on over to app in Omnia pod on Instagram and let us know what you'd like to hear about in the comments.


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