This week Jae is joined by a special guest, her oldest friend Laura! They’re talking about a unique set of rom-com’s: The Twilight Saga. Listen in as they discuss the movie viewing order, Kristen Stewart’s wig, various What Would You Do? scenarios, and their preferred vampire abilities. 

Show Notes

  • Jae and Laura have been friends since the 6th Grade
  • Laura’s perspective on Adulting in 1 word: Self-Responsible 
  • For those of you unfamiliar with Vanguard, they are an American investment firm 
  • Ummmm who else would kill to see a picture of Jae in a Twilight shirt? 
  • All 3 of us are Twilight Saga obsessed and I’m so sad to miss this episode!
  • Laura’s Twilight description is pretty spot on
    • First movie: New girl in town discovers some attractive, incestusous family members, who she figures out are vampires, and then almost dies
    • Second Movie: Hot Vampire boyfriend decides to leave her to save her from the danger around him, she starts hanging out with a childhood friend who turns out to be a werewolf. Eventually she has to save the vampire and they get back together
    • Third Movie: The Vampires and Werewolves team up to save her from a bad Vampire from the first movie
    • Fourth Movie: She’s super in love with the Vampire and they get married. Then it’s all about them having sex, getting pregnant, and then they need to turn her into a Vampire to save her
    • Fifth Movie: There’s now a baby 
  • What do you think of Edward and Jacob? 
    • Jae thinks Edward is toxic and makes decisions for other people when he has no right to 
    • Laura thinks Jacob is toxic and doesn’t understand that no means no, and cant take a hint and respect boundaries
    • Hit us up in the DM’s to let us know what you think!
  • Oxford English Dictionary Definition of Romantic Comedies: A movie or play that deals with love in a light humorous way. 
  • Laura defines Romantic Comedies using a sliding scale, and defines Twilight as more of a romantic movie, with comedic elements: 80-85% Romantic and 15-20% Comedic 
  • Jae really, really has a thing against Hollywood and bad wigs. She’s taking them to task. 
  • Fact Check #1: Twilight was directed by Catherine Hardwicke
  • The Twilight soundtrack is absolutely amazing, and you can find it here: 
  • Fun Fact: I once went to a Halloween party where a guy showed up in regular clothes and had just doused his face in silver glitter. His costume? Edward Cullen. 
  • Fact Check #2: Bella and Jessica encounter the bikers in Port Angeles, WA which is about an hour away from Forks 
  • Do you think Bella loved Jacob? DM us and let us know!
  • Fact Check #3: Taylor Lautner is of Austrian, German, English, Dutch, Irish, Swiss, and Native American descent 
  • Fact Check #4: Yes, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 came out before Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1
  • Fact Check #5: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 had a production budget of $120,000,000.00~
  • Fact Check #6: Renesmee Cullen was played by Mackenzie Foy
  • Angela Interjection: I wish they had talked about imprinting more in the series! They glossed over it so much until it came to Renesmee and Jacob! Also, a huge deviation from the book in the movies, because the wolf is supposed to be whatever the person needs. 
  • Laura’s vampire power would be telepathy, what’s yours? 
  • Fact Check # 7: Booboo Stewert is 26 years old and has Scottish, Russian, Native American, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese Ancestry 
  • Fact Check #8: Booboo plays Jay, the son of Jafar, in the Descendents trilogy
  • For everything I needed to know about the Zoey 101 reboot, of course I went to Seventeen:

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Jae 0:00

I pledge myself to the pod loyal I'll always be. A P to start a D at the end, and an O sitting in between. pod people. J like the letter here. Thank you for tuning into today's episode of an omni pratas. This week you get to meet one of my oldest, not an age but longest friends physically and metaphorically. Laura, we met in the sixth grade. When I told her she reminded me of Emma Roberts circa her and fabulous days. Listen as we discuss Laura's spectrum of romantic comedies and how she's able to see past Kristen Stewart's bad wigs enjoy the episode. So Laura, my fellow responsible grad school going personal finance exploring friend, how would you define adulting?

Laura 0:50

I think it is a it's not like a like a noun. You know, like, I don't think there's like just an adult and a child, I think it's more of a process. So I suppose maybe some words for it would be like self responsible, or not childish, like a child would be impulsive or not greedy and like a negative sense, but like self fulfilling, and I think adult would be more of the transition of responsible and making decisions long term instead of like immediate gratification. Does that make sense? Very much. Thank you. Thank you. Was that an adult response? Or what?

Jae 1:25

It was a very adult response. So as the adult you are, what's the most recent adult activity or purchase you've made?

Laura 1:33

I don't feel like I've done any activities in any sense for quite a while. I think I suppose investing. I've gotten into investing this past year. Whoa, I made a Vanguard account. Like I had someone I had someone helped me make

it count.

Don't count. It was my money that when it so your

Jae 1:52

social security number?

Laura 1:53

Yeah, I have that memorized. I've had that memorized, since I was like, 14, because my boss yelled at me when I was a kid. And they yelled at all the older kids, but I heard the lesson and I went home and learned it at 14. Yeah, I guess investing. I think that I'm not I don't know anything about it. I like put my money somewhere. And like it started to grow a little bit. So that's like the extent of my knowledge of it. But like that counts. Definitely.

Jae 2:17

I know, I started investing, too. And then also, similarly, I know you have a high yield savings account, which I feel is like the biggest mystery on the market. Mm hmm. I mean, now during pandemic times, it's not great, but like not pandemic, you know, the percentage has dropped. Apparently, the savings rate in Florida is 7%. for everybody. What, what, what

Laura 2:42

so like me, and my brothers money has always been sitting in Wells Fargo for since we were kids. And this past like year or two, I realized that it's idiotic to be sitting and like, like, if you have like $1,000, it's making like point 007 cents a year. So then I moved it all into ally, which at the time was at like a 2% interest rate. But this year has dropped down to point 5%. So it's still more than it was making but like it dropped so much, it dropped so much. And my brother was really upset because he got into it when he had already gone down to like 1.5. And then it's progressively dropped more and more all year.

Jae 3:17

At some point, it'll go up, though. But if you haven't yet looked into high yield savings account, then you're you're literally just getting money for not doing anything. In my first month, I was able to get a month worth of Starbucks. I didn't take it out. But that's how much ish I made. I

Laura 3:33

think, I think adulting means not buying the Starbucks and knowing and knowing that you're not supposed to buy it like that's it and then not the act of not buying a Starbucks that is the definition of an adult new level.

Jae 3:47

Where do you put saving the money and not getting the non dairy option? Oh, I

Laura 3:51

always have to get the non dairy option.

It's worth $1 25

Jae 3:57

I don't know where I went. But almond milk was $1 I'll pay $1 for oat milk. But like almond milk, no more than like 6050 cents? Absolutely not.

Laura 4:05

It I don't understand where they get that it's pretty much just like $1 extra for any kind of milk substitution. But then the second to think about the fact that a carton of almond milk costs like $3 and you could pour that into like 85 cups of coffee. Why are we paying $1 I do it every time I pay $1 every

Jae 4:23

time that is the question for young millennial adults is millennials the generation coming up to ask? Make your own coffee at home to notch out. So now we've talked about being an adult. Now let's take it back to one of the early years of our friendships. 2009 we are I believe standing at the century theatre with some of our other friends all in quoted and or photo starts from let's say people the first Twilight movie,

Laura 4:55

I guarantee I was wearing skinny jeans and like Converse or no van I was in a vans phase,

Jae 5:02

or this lovely Valentine's month filled February episode. You want to defend Twilight as the best rom com or your favorite rom com? Both either all of the above? Yeah,

Laura 5:13

I recently rewatched it because my brother and I were going through all sorts of movies like series like we did all of Harry Potter. I think Angelo would be devastated to hear that I hadn't seen it prior. But then we watch Twilight and I think my brother's face at the big shocking scene in the final Twilight movie really like encapsulate all my my feelings of how passionate I am about Twilight, like, I didn't even realize it until rewatching it and re watching with him that I was like, well, this is one of the greatest series of our time. Iconic.

Jae 5:43

So for those who have been living under a rock, do you have a favorite movie? And we can focus on that one? And you can just summarize that one? I'm assuming most of these listeners still being my 510 friends have seen them. But for those who haven't, do you have a favorite and then go into a little summary about that specific one?

Laura 6:00

Okay, I think I could summarize the whole series frankly, like so quick go for, okay, girl, girl moves to live with her dad in a town. And she quickly stumbles upon some very good looking slash incestuous family members out of high school. And

am I wrong? I'm not wrong. She takes

she takes a liking to one of them. And she's a very smart girl and quickly realizes that he is in fact, a vampire. And him being a vampire causes some some drama. So first movie, there's some action and she kind of almost gets hurt. second movie, vampire boyfriend realizes, you know, this poor girl is going to face a lot of struggles in her life with me being there because I'm a vampire. So he leaves and she spends that movie getting closer with a friend that she knew as a child who ends up becoming a werewolf. Then there's more drama with the vampires, she has to go back to the vampire boyfriend to save him. And they get back together move into the third movie. This is where the vampires and the werewolves really have to come together because of bad vampire from the first movie comes back. So they have to join teams, the vampires and the werewolves to fight more vampires the end, she is happy with the boyfriend and they decide to get married, which takes us into the next movie, where they get married. And the rest of the movie is essentially about her having sex and becoming pregnant. And this baby is we don't know if it's a vampire. We don't know if it's a person. It's a it's a sketchy baby, and it's killing her. So the whole movie is dedicated to her pregnancy, which she survives, but has to come become a vampire for her to save herself. And then in the final movie, The Vampire government finds out that there's some sort of child and it's like Who the heck is this vampire baby child. You're not allowed to turn children into vampires. So the government is coming to the vampire family to say you're in trouble and kill them all. And the final movie concludes with a battle but it all ends happily.

For the Bella

the Edward kind of the Jacob. All the characters happy ending.

Jae 8:08


Laura 8:09

I practiced.

Jae 8:11

Very nice.

Laura 8:12

I think my favorite movie would be Eclipse.

Jae 8:14

That's the one that is the worst one. What? That was the worst one

Laura 8:20

that one has the most it has the most action but also like the most characters. I feel like this is the movie that solidified that I don't like Jacob. Oh, hot take i think i think i It was hot. A hot take a couple years ago but Abby having rewatched it as a as an adult cycling it. I'm an adult now. I realized that Jacob was an absolute No, he didn't know that. No means no. He kept trying and he couldn't get it straight. And I think he was bad. I like genuinely don't think I like him at all.

Jae 8:45

Oh, but can you acknowledge how Edward is also toxic?

Laura 8:48

A little bit? Yes, I do think that for for any sort of rom com In general, the like, the love all happens. And it doesn't totally make sense. And you're kind of like, Oh, I feel like they've known each other for 35 minutes, but like whatever. Okay, they're in love. So I think that whole storyline between the two of them between Bella and Edward is a little bit of a like a plot hole. Like how exactly did they fall in love? And I do think that he was a little bit. I mean, I guess the most toxic thing. Maybe you have an opinion on that would be that he really pushed wanting to get married, I guess but like, I don't think that's a bad thing.

Jae 9:22

See, I see his toxicity going all the way back to the second. I mean, a little on the first one. Definitely the first one he left her Yes. Because you don't get to control my decisions. You don't get to say I'm bad for you. Therefore, I'm gonna leave. That's not your decision to make.

Laura 9:41

I think that if it's taking it in simpler terms of not not leaving, like physically leaving the country. But if there's a relationship between two people, and one person decides that they don't they they don't think that it's the best decision and it's physically like let's say it's you and me j dating and i think that i i think I, I'm in sketchy crowds, and I'm in I'm in the mafia. And I think that that's gonna hurt you, me being in the mafia. So I do have the right to be like, yeah, you don't see how I'm trouble for you. So I'm going to leave like I think I don't think that's I don't think it's toxic. Maybe it's a little bit selfish. And I do see that aspect of deciding that it's unsafe for her. But she's a 17 year old girl and doesn't know how the vampire world works. So I don't know j,

I don't know.

Jae 10:26

I can see that. But for me, it's like, I'm taking it like, I'm gonna give like a smaller scenario. Laura, you're dating someone named Paul, Paul's friend who is dating your ex is on a party. And Paul decides to say, hey, Laura, like I made the decision on behalf of us to not go to this party, even though you and your ex are fine. It's one thing if you don't want to date me anymore, if you don't want to date me anymore, fine. break up with me. But if you're like, I'm doing this to protect you, I know what's best for you. I think that can easily become kind of controlling and taking away Bella's autonomy. She doesn't know the vampire world. Yes, he wants to protect her. Yes, he thinks he can't resist. But that's all his problem. He can't resist to not suck her blood or screw her. So that's something he needs to work out. And he either needs to break up say, I'm not ready for this relationship. Not I think I'm not good for you. Okay,

Laura 11:17

there are definitely need needed to be a lot more communication here, obviously. Yeah, I do. I do see how it was making a decision for her in that sense. But I think that it wasn't a scale of Oh, I don't want to see your ex boyfriend as a party. It was a I'm a vampire and you're a human and all of my friends and family want to kill you. So it was a little bit of an extreme situation. Therefore,

Jae 11:38

only Jasper wanted to kill her. Yeah. Okay.

Laura 11:40

But then, but then all the cousins, all the cousins, and the volturi the whole everyone else the Victoria got main whole character. Like, I think that he yes made the decision for her. But she made an educated decision.

Jae 11:54

But he could have just turned her if she wanted to be turned anyway.

Laura 11:57

Okay, yes. But, but that took a whole to two more books to get there when it was time to turn her because then that gets into the whole thing of like, do you want to be a vampire? Do you want immortal life? Edward never liked the fact that he was a vampire and that he everyone around him had to die. And like he he went on being a vampire. So why would his conclusion would never be to just turn her into a vampire. That was his last option. So leaving her was a better solution than turning her into a vampire. Because he felt like that was worse. He felt like she's a person a human. She will she'll get over it in two to three years.

Jae 12:28

I don't know. Audience, commenters, friends, text us. Tell us how you see this. Another thing that was interesting is you put Twilight as a romantic comedy, which is not necessarily where I would have put it in terms of demographics. According to the Oxford English Dictionary. And Google romantic comedy is defined as a movie or play that deals with love in a light, humorous way. I feel like after a whole kind of discussion of like, life and death, people wanting to eat kind of comedy parts a little lacking. Mm hmm. So let's hear why is it a romantic comedy? Okay,

Laura 13:06

so I'm looking at romantic comedy. As a scale, as you know, like, sexuality is is fluid j no one is smack in the center. Okay, so visualizing romantic comedy I'm looking at I'm thinking a line. Half of it is romantic, and half of it is comedy. And I'm thinking, Twilight leans definitely on the romantic side. But again, having rewatched it I think the comedy aspect comes in and how outrageously ridiculous the whole thing is like it you can't help but giggle I don't think there's a particular comedic element. I think maybe like an Emmett character. He had some funny lines, but for the most part, I don't think that leans towards comedy. The fact that they're vampires going to high school and and every every line that Jacob says in the first movie with his long his long wig and when he calls her, you know, that line the loca when he goes quick.

Oh, is that not a comedy? Um,

so looking at it as a scale, I'd say it is a romantic comedy in the sense that it is 80 to 85% romantic is a whole the whole theme itself, of vampires and werewolves battling for the 17 year old girl is comedic.

Jae 14:20

Fair enough. I guess he didn't she turned 18 when she got turned.

Laura 14:23

Yes. But again, that is that is for movies in

Jae 14:27

the fourth movie was

Laura 14:28

my favorite fourth a fourth part A or Part B? Part B. Okay, though, the grand finale. That one was really good. Well,

Jae 14:34

I mean, I'm superficial. I liked pretty Kristen Stewart.

Laura 14:37

She didn't look significantly better.

Jae 14:40

I can't the first one. She looks paler than Edward. The second one. Her hair's too brown and they kind of make her look a little jaundice. The third one don't get me freakin started on that terrible wig. And the fourth one she's amazing at the whole time. She didn't even look that good on her wedding. Oh,

Laura 14:56

I think she looked nice at the wedding. The makeup effects that they did. Especially for the first movie, they went hard with it like their outfits, like just everything about them was was a little bit ridiculous. They didn't get it together until like the last movie. But we also have to backtrack and think about the fact that this was 2009. Like, what was I wearing at the premiere in 2009? I looked hideous. So did all those characters and it was a very 2009

Jae 15:20

Well, the thing is, I've heard from Katherine insert director here his last name. I don't remember something wick. Hardwick No, I think it's just maybe, maybe it's just Katherine wick. We fact check these similar to Dr. Roberts. We fact check all of our episodes after lovely. While I was supposed to be like an indie movie, they hadn't indie budget Twilight was an indie movie, which how they thought they could get away with making it an indie movie. I do not understand. I

Laura 15:44

mean, I mean, should we talk about the soundtrack? Because that was an indie soundtrack. And that was a damn good soundtrack for everyone.

Jae 15:53

They didn't have good soundtracks. superbe

Laura 15:55

like not just like in a romantic comedy sense. Like just been like a cinematic sense. I genuinely think that there is such good movies.

Jae 16:05

The only quality I can think of from the person right now like the iconic one is like the baseball scene.

Laura 16:09

Iconic, iconic, the the music going on. That was that was an indie movie. Like a fight with me on that scene right there. The background music The the sepia ish tones of the filming incredible. The glitter

Jae 16:23

on the face?

Laura 16:24

Yeah. Okay, that and that j is where we got to comedy. Oh my god. Think about that. A glittery face comedy comedy gold comedy silver sparkles may really been dazzled his face. Yeah, they

Jae 16:36

did. How do you feel about someone watching you sleep? To me? It's one of the most horrifying things I can imagine. Because the more like when you're super drunk. You don't really you're not in control. You're not really thinking. But it's worse than being drunk. Because at least when I'm drunk, I'm awake. when I'm asleep. I have no control over what happens. I've tended to kick I roll frequently. I like I don't really talk my sleep. But people have said in the past half of it. Like to me they just want to watching me sleep is terrifying. Mm hmm.

Laura 17:06

Yeah, I would say I would say that's probably that's a no, that's probably gonna fall under like toxic traits. I think the worst The worst part is that he let himself in uninvited at the beginning. You know, like, that's another thing. We're missing communication there. Yeah, I'd say that's not great. And then that also falls under just like a standard rom com plot hole of like, again, they've known each other for 28 minutes, and he is so infatuated with her that he wants to break into her house to observe her while she sleeps for seven to eight hours. Sketch off. Not not right there. Not

Jae 17:44

a lot. I know you're a very creative, imaginative person. You're very good at storytelling. So I'm gonna give you a few scenes and like, give you a character perspective. And like, tell me how you would behave as that character. So for example, you're walking to the parking lot, your big orange pickup truck, and like someone's gonna run into you. And someone physically stops it and like pushes it in a way so you get safe. What would your thoughts be in that situation?

Laura 18:10

Yeah, so I think I would instantly go supernatural route. 100% I'd be like, I totally saw that. Don't try and tell me I'm crazy. I know what I saw. And you I wouldn't jump to vampire i don't think i don't think that'd be my first thought. But I definitely be like there's some there's some steroids going on here or something like that was that was on unreal. I don't think I'd be like alarmed by him. I wouldn't be afraid. I in fact, would think I'd be like, obsessed with him and I'd follow him around school being like, Hey, what's your secret? You got to tell me now.

Jae 18:39

See, that's the other thing. Edwards spent that first like 45 minutes gaslighting Bella,

Laura 18:44

because he was a vampire and he was hiding an extremely life 100 year old secret jay he can't just go blabbing around being like oh, shoot, you know my secret. Okay, let me tell you. This is it's not gas. It's different. If, if Bella had overseen some text messages, and he was trying to hide them, that'd be gaslighting. But Bella just found out a life long secret that he is a vampire. He needs to kiss a boss to take that secret with him to the grave that he's never going to okay. knockout slightly different. It's it's situational, circumstantial movie to

Jae 19:17

New Moon. Would you like to explain how we saw New Moon? Do you remember the first?

Laura 19:22

Um, it was it from your shopping tickets?

Jae 19:24

Yes. So Nordstrom did this promo with the second Twilight movie where if you spent X amount of money you got one ticket. Nordstrom is my favorite place for clothes. My mom ended up getting two tickets and wars birthdays around mine. So we went to the new moon were not the midnight premiere, but they did a 9pm one before the midnight, which is how we saw New Moon at the mall.

Laura 19:44

I believe that we saw we saw all of them together. And I think we saw them all at midnight premieres.

Jae 19:51

I think you're giving us too much credit.

Laura 19:53

I'm feel maybe not the last movie or two. But we definitely saw them all ASAP. Like I remember leaving school on like a Thursday and like going with with one of our friends. Like after school like we totally went saw them like ASAP.

Jae 20:08

Good time. Okay, New Moon what scene do I want to put you in New Moon?

Laura 20:12

Frankly, none of them that was my least favorite movie. Oh, back to the indie film j is that scene where she's looking out the window and the months are passing by and the camera is spinning around her head. indie film if I've ever seen one.

Jae 20:26

That's also such a waste of time. She could have built us hide business, she could have become an influencer learning to skate.

Laura 20:32

She was emotional.

Jae 20:34

So are you and you work?

Laura 20:35

I don't know. I've never fallen in love with a vampire. So maybe it's different level of emotion.

Jae 20:40

When it's extraterrestrial, Supernatural,

Laura 20:43

the love is out of this world.

Jae 20:44

Oh, motorcycle. Would you have gotten on the motorcycle just to see Yeah, your love. Just to see what you think is him projecting?

Laura 20:53

Oh, okay. Okay. I know it seemed right. Okay. Yeah. So Jacob has been fixing up this bike for her because Bella's high key suicidal. And so every time he puts herself in a dangerous situation, she says, Edwards hops on this. I jumped on the board and said yes to that originally, because I thought we were just talking about like, riding Jacob's motorcycle, but now I realized we're talking about that. I was on the motorcycle so I'm gonna say no now change my original answer. But I think No, I think I would have the one she first like wanders down that alley towards those the gang members have a ton of fork forks. Like, whatever kind of level of gang they have there. I might have done that, like wandered in that alley. But I don't think I would have done the the motorcycle ride now. A little do a little to email. What would you have done to see your love tell you to stay safe?

Jae 21:43

What would you have done?

Laura 21:45

I'm not really sure. I think I might just like have sat in that chair in the window for a couple extra months. I don't think I think I'm more of a silent painful, more nervous than like a crazy action kind of person. Like thinking, real life kind of situation. You know,

Jae 21:58

I make sense. Oh, my God, I had such a good point for the third movie. And then I completely blanked out for the third movie.

Laura 22:05

We talked about when Jacob kisses her without permission for I mean, that's that's the whole that's the whole thing. I think that's reading the books. I was Team Edward, watching the movies, I was teen checkup but I think I was Team Jacob because he was like, more good looking to me at the time.

Jae 22:18

Wait, are you going when they're on the mountain? And like he forces her to say to kiss them? Or? No, no, I'm

Laura 22:23

thinking the first time when she punches him. God. Belt. Okay, so I think this is a whole a whole question in itself. Did Bella like Jacob or not? Hmm. J Do you think yes or no,

Jae 22:34

I think it's one of those things that's harder to understand till you're maybe past the age of 17 of like, I don't think she was in love with Jacob. But I think she did love deeply for Jacob, like almost soul kind of like level. But she was not in love with Jacob, which is the key phrase to want to kiss and build her future with someone.

Laura 22:56

I also didn't read the book. So I'm only going off the moon. I'm nodding that deeply to that. So I think that there is definitely positive feelings towards Jacob and they had a great friendship and he was very, very, very much there for her in her time of need. Thinking in a situation where you and your boyfriend had just broken up and you're in mourning, you replace them. That's 100% true. So she was there. And she replaced she replaced Edward with Jacob. And maybe some genuine feelings did grow there. But their whole foundation of love was founded on her wanting Edward and having to take the second option which was Jacob i think that i think Bella's whole side the feelings for Jacob not like real feelings but not not in love that feelings. Definitely love and you are there for me. And I appreciate you. But you're my number two, you're my backup.

Jae 23:57

I also feel like a big part of it. Because like I know huge fan base for the books. I know you read the books, all our friends and middle one high score the book and then the movies. I think they did such a disservice making Edward and Jacob I think Edward significantly less attractive. But Italy they're not even if you find both of the men attractive. They're not the same type of attractive.

Laura 24:19

Mm hmm.

Jae 24:20

So it's hard to compare like, to me, I didn't hear anyone who's like, Oh my god, Edward. disguise is a vampire that's hot, sparkly, pale vampire. Robert Pattinson. That's never where anyone's head. What? Like, I feel there are so many other male pale actors. They could have chosen to make it clear because I feel like half the reason ever missed him. Jacob was cuz Taylor Warner was hotter. But now I think he's upsetting. Oh, I

Laura 24:48

didn't even know that. Yeah, I think that like physical. I mean, it could go as simple as like, do you like white guys or not? Well, I mean, Taylor Lautner is white technically, isn't he? I think so. He gives me kind of like A Filipino wish, like a some descent of Asian I don't trust anyone after learning Miranda Cosgrove is fully white.

Jae 25:07

I never like I. I always try cuz like, no one stopped me in my core.

Laura 25:13

Yeah, but I think that it's their physical appearance and i think i think that i don't know look now looking back on it I think that Robert Pattinson is attractive like not like he's not like my number one dream celebrity but like I think he was good looking. I think they're equally good looking just in like very different different realms. And I think that Jacobs route was to take your shirt off route, like he takes a shirt off like the first scene in the third movie, or the second movie like that is interesting,

Jae 25:36

thank goodness. And then he runs through the rain when the invitation comes in.

Laura 25:40

Right, right right now that's the fourth movie. Yeah, but like all of his Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that's what I'm thinking of. I'm thinking of that fourth movie. Interesting. But yeah, I think that I think that my whole appeal to him for a minute when the movies came out originally in high school, was that I was like, Oh, yeah, he's more attractive like who would Team Jacob and I less looked at his or character to judge

Jae 26:01

fair. Okay, we're gonna skip over Eclipse because I have a great like activity for you for Eclipse and we're gonna move on to the to the wedding. Breaking Dawn Part One, which Okay, you will know this better than I did. Did Harry Potter do the whole last book two movies thing first? I believe they did. They did. Twilight did Hunger Games did probably divergent.

Laura 26:22

I mean, like, Don't quote me on it. But I do believe that Harry Potter did it first. And I think that all of the big movies have followed suit. Yes. divergent Hunger Games. Yeah,

Jae 26:33

I am happy that Twilight did it. Because I like the second one. I think the last movie was my favorite movie.

Laura 26:39

And I think that was a proper split. Like it was two very different vibes for both of us. It

Jae 26:43

was a good idea splitting that okay, Breaking Dawn, part one. What scene do I want you to put you in? Whoa, this is a fun one. Because we're adults, the one where Edward won't sleep with her. How would you deal with such a honeymoon?

Laura 26:57

Okay. Um, first off, I watched this, this whole series again with my brother who's 22. And when that scene when that whole scene started to begin, I was like, all right, time for my skincare routine.

I think

Yeah, I don't know. I don't know, I guess. Is it bad to be like, I'd

be pissed. I'd

be like, what the hell, like you said that we had to get married like the Divas done like, let's do it.


Jae 27:23

See, this is again of the like, whole, I bruised you and hurt you a little. Therefore, I'm gonna stop sleeping with you. Which is ironic, because what came out of Twilight and the kind of vampire sex 50 Shades of Grey, which is all about bondage. Uh huh. Edward didn't need to care so much, because we got 50 shades out of it.

Laura 27:48

He didn't have to care because we were into it. Um, that was a trick. Again, this goes to this goes to this is an extreme situation. Like if it was a situation between two people, consensually and someone got a little scuffed up but they were into it like then the person doesn't have a right to be like oh, we have to abstain because I don't want to hurt you again. But this is a vampire situation. Now you have to understand that these are extreme conditions and the possibility for danger was high. So I think again, a lot of lack of communication. They don't just have to jump right into it there's so many steps that they could have been working on and working forward exam with and I do think that him just being like I'm gonna tire her out to just avoid this whole thing was a poor like there needed to be communication looking at long term relationship. They're lacking communication

Jae 28:43

Most definitely. And all the lingerie she brought like it best when you want to make sure that your underwear and your bra matches and then nothing happens. waist waist, Alice she'd be pissed. Alice wouldn't be pissed. Breaking Dawn Part Two. And before we get into where I would place you, we can't not talk about the horrific CGI. That is resume. Oh, yeah, they had such a large budget. I don't know how many hundreds of millions I believe Lionsgate could have given them and did give them for the whole directors. I feel like the director did a cop out and he was like we really wanted to be the actor McKenzie, whatever her name was. We really wanted her face throughout the child. So we really want to make it look like her. All babies look alike. Oh, toddlers, you could have found someone somewhere. They've been doing it for hundreds of years putting her face on it literally looked weird. And it took the value of that movie and like for how much money it went and made it not worthless, but pretty dang close for how bad that CGI budget was. Chris Jordan even though it's hurting you ever been cycled after a steward even though it's going into your home a vampire cast with hot as fuck in this movie and y'all got them well, and then you have all these young kids with the weird face. doesn't even want to know when they talk. It's like the whole video is lagging. I'm very passionate about that terrible CGI.

Laura 30:07

Uh huh. Well, I I do I do agree, maybe the only solution or justification I can give is that perhaps the thought was that because the baby was aging so quickly that maybe the fresh born baby wasn't a newborn. It was already like a four month old. Uh huh. But I do I do agree. I thought that all the rest of the CGI had drastically improved throughout the movies and like the whole Bella transformation into a vampire at the end. I love that scene like wonder like, ribs crack backup. Like I thought that whole thing was great. But yeah, there that baby was inexcusable.

Jae 30:40

Okay, Laura, you and your life partner. Have a Baby and adorable little girl. someone tells you they imprint on your child. Yeah. What do you do? How do you interpret imprinting? How do you define imprinting? interpret it based on your knowledge of the books, movies? And what you do if you heard Oh, God, a young man and printed on your baby.

Laura 31:01

Yeah. So I'm not

I don't condone violence, but I have always had this feeling of like, if anything happened to like one of my children i'd killed i'd killed the person like 1,000% like i'd murder them. Like not even not even joking. Jay, if I find out that Someone touched my daughter killing them, they're dead. So I feel I feel very angry if if I were in the scenario, and my newborn baby while I was asleep while I was resting for three days. You had the audacity to name her as as your own while I was asleep, I'd be pissed. I think imprinting so it's hard. I can understand the idea of like, like a man's best friend is his dog. A dog is a man's best friend, because Jacob has a job in and his ancestral line as a werewolf. So in that sense, I can see imprinting as like, just like, like, like a bond, a connection, like a true a true platonic love like a family love a like the love you feel for any family member or a sibling Anyone have like, just the utmost love and care for them. But then it does get weird when it switches to then when she's of age at then becomes a romantic relationship, because I don't understand how you can justify that when they are a little girl. It wasn't romantic. And the second she's 18 it now is romantic, like Blurred Lines there don't like that don't

Jae 32:33

like that. So you see him printing as starting out as like a protective older sibling kind of thing. And then as soon as puberty ends, like they it switches.

Laura 32:42

But you see, I think it's a big plot hole because that isn't that isn't that enough in my books?

Jae 32:48

Mm hmm. So that's number one. And number two, what is your vampire power? And how would you do during the battle scene? What would you do?

Laura 32:55

Oh my god. Okay. Oh, I have to I'm taking this so seriously, what's my vampire power? I have always said that. I do like the ability to read minds. I think that would come in handy in so many situations. I kind of like being invisible. I feel like that's kind of like reading people's minds. So because then you can spy on people.


yeah, it's funny because being a vampire already comes with so many perks like you don't need super strength. You already got it? Yeah, maybe I would go with like a mind reading. Gorn invisible something that's going to let me like get an edge on people.

Jae 33:24

Oh, okay.

Laura 33:25

Then I'm in the battle scene. I don't do well with like the physical altercation. I don't think. I mean, it depends on like, if I were like Bella, you know, like where I am in this situation, but I'm thinking like, I'm like, one of the people that they like, found and brought to stand with them. So I'm going to stand in the back. I think

Jae 33:44

you're gonna stand back

Laura 33:45

and I'm gonna listen to everyone's thoughts. See how things are playing out and try to stay out of it. Fair enough.

Jae 33:52

I was such a big Seth Clearwater was out there. Last name. booboo Stewart.

Laura 33:57

Yes. Clearwater.

Jae 33:59

Yes. Big fan thought he was so cute. And then I saw him recently in the descendents movies and I'm like, Oh my god, you're way too old for that franchise. And like you look the way you did in the twilight movies, which was like a decade ago, which is all the kinds of uncomfortable

Laura 34:14

I remember when he was like added to the movie and everyone was obsessed with him and I to this day, here we are. 10 years later, I still don't know who that kid is. I don't know. I remember everyone being like, Oh my god, boo boo, isn't it I'm like who the H E double hockey sticks is this boo boo like I don't know. And I frankly don't care. But I can't imagine that he looks exactly the same now. He's like, is he is he full Asian? He looks full Asian.

Jae 34:37

I don't know.

Laura 34:37

I'm sure he looks the same.

Jae 34:39

But similarly, he has long hair and the London's like Toronto did in the first Twilight he's I believe Corolla develops

Laura 34:46

kid. I can I can envision and I can picture his face with some long hair where your favorite clips which

Jae 34:51

I really don't know if I'm going to rank them. It goes for B or A Hogan 231.

Laura 34:59

I think go backwards from least favorite I'm putting two oh my god you put number one is last

Jae 35:05

a hate the first one.

Laura 35:06

Wow I think the first one is kind of like maybe it's full of nostalgia but like I think I like that one I think I'm going New Moon bottom number two bottom and then the the whole pregnancy one for a then number one probably for B and then Eclipse being my favorite but I could switch places with those top two because I think that the the big cliffhanger shocking scene during the battle in the last movie is cinematic magic.

Jae 35:32

Now that we're back at Eclipse, I would like you to give your best version of the graduation speech that one of my favorite actresses Anna Kendrick gave as the graduating class of 2010 were on their merry way out of school and becoming their adult selves. You can be a human or a vampire while you pick Do you

Laura 35:54

want me to do what you want me to read you her speech?

Jae 35:56

I want you to give like a little like Bonjour, bonjour. Wow

Laura 35:59

Bon voyage like the graduating class of twila in the sense that you want me to put myself and and Anna Kendrick's position. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Well give me three seconds to Google generic overused, but also repeated time and time again, because as cheesy as it is, it will always be applicable senior speech. Um, yeah, it everything every good senior speech starts off with a Hello class. Hey, class, some some of you I know. Well, some of you I wish I could have gotten to know better. It's been a, it's been a long four years ups and downs, but we all can't conquered it together, insert a couple examples of difficult times, and then insert a couple of examples of good times nailed it, then and then we need some sort of like going into the future. Moving forward, leaving the nest some sort of as we as we open this next chapter of our lives, then something about going going with the lessons we've learned here at school these four years together, and then something about I hope that we all stay in touch, which everyone knows is a lie. And then some sort of like to the to the best class, the greatest class the school has ever had. And then I'll lead us all in tipping tipping the hats. Did that remind you of the senior speech? Because I'm pretty sure I copied that whoever did the speech. I'm pretty sure I just said there's

Jae 37:25

no runs me of every speech I've ever heard. I thought you were gonna just start quoting the vitamin C song.

Laura 37:30

What's the vitamin C song?

Jae 37:31

The graduation song?

Laura 37:32

Oh, the one that plays Yeah, yeah, yeah, no, I'm not I'm not trying to sing I know. That's a that'll be a regret.

Jae 37:39

Okay, now you've told me why do you like eclipse?

Laura 37:42

It has a lot of action a lot of excitement. I think it has that includes the most the most characters we got a good look at it. There's a good chunk of Edward there's a good chunk of Jacob good chunk of Bella. There is more of the colons that are included. We get to know so many more characters, so I enjoyed that. They do defeat Victoria, do they not? Yes, they do. So it has a happy ending. I think it was the most solidifying it was it was it wasn't the last movie but it was essentially the end of the triangle of the love triangle because she even though she picked Jacob there, she had picked Edward the whole time. But Jacob sort of kind of finally got the message Ella, I think she's shown as a very strong character in this whole movie, especially with the way she speaks to both of them. She's very direct Jacob. She's honest. And she stands up to Edward. I think that she was a very strong character in that in that third movie, and the the graphics have finally gotten better. I don't remember. Is this the wig where it looks like she's wearing a headband? Yes. Yeah, yeah. Okay, that's pretty bad. I'm not gonna say anything about the looks then in this movie. I feel like Charlie, did you have a good role in this movie? I guess he had more of a role in the second movies when he finally started to see his character. Yeah, I think overall, it was just the most excitement and it was the most drama in regards to the triangle.

Jae 38:54

Charlie always reminded me of your dad.

Laura 38:55

Charlie reminds me of my dad too. I see.

Jae 39:00

You guys your family sort of dressed up as Twilight. The Twilight gas.

Laura 39:03

Oh my gosh, Christopher. I think he looks the most like a Jasper but he's very tall. I'm Bella, obviously. Of course. Who's my mom? I guess she just has to be a

Jae 39:13

she could be male. Or your brother should be. Carlyle. Oh, yeah. I

Laura 39:17

see that. I see that. Yeah, yeah. Interesting. Well, think about it for for this 2021 Halloween, maybe we can all go out together.

Jae 39:24

There we go. Your whole family is Twilight. Mm. Or let's just be your Christmas card.

Laura 39:29

Except if we don't like it, fill in all the other characters. It's just gonna click the four of us addressed. It's not gonna make any sense. We need name tags or something. And to do the background, again, in D with forests,

Jae 39:41

you can Photoshop and you posted your first tech talk like I'm sure by October your skills will be better. I could

Laura 39:48

Photoshop us onto our set characters. Exactly. Very good. Yeah. Okay, writing this down

Jae 39:54

your last two Twilight related questions. And you can learn as much or as little explanation As you would like, of course we have to end with fuck marry kill but similar to Twilight being an end, I picked some of the I didn't pick the main ones because oh my dog fun. So your first round Dr. Carr while Emmett and Jasper

Laura 40:13

Okay, I'm going to oh this I think this is pretty easy. I'm gonna marry Carlisle fuck I'm it and I'll kill Jasper.

Jae 40:18

Oh okay, well you also turn into a vampire or we stay human

Laura 40:21

in every situation. I'm becoming a vampire.

Jae 40:24

Okay, and then Dakota Fanning's character whose name I can't remember Allison Bella. Her she's she's in the Valtteri the folder Yeah, yeah,

Laura 40:32

I can't think of her name out. It's not Alice that's gonna drive me nuts. Okay, yeah, whatever Dakota Fanning Alice or who are Bella? And this is a fuck, marry kill. Um, okay, well kill Dakota Fanning. I'm gonna marry Alice. So all Christians you were

Jae 40:49

okay. That was easy.

Laura 40:50

Yeah, I feel confident my answers.

Jae 40:53

Okay. Her name is Jane.

Laura 40:55

Jane. You know?

Jae 40:58

Some basically, you didn't want to read eyes.

Laura 41:00

I can get those myself if I drink human blood. Oh, that's

Jae 41:03

why never dies.

Laura 41:04

Yeah, colons have not gone clearly as I highly recommend you dedicate the next nine hours of your day to read watching all of them. Got it? I'll

Jae 41:14

see if I have the time. You know? How was your first podcast experience?

Laura 41:18

I feel it went swimmingly?

Jae 41:20

Do you like the audio recording? Like what do you think of it compared to like a zoom call? You're a TA right now. So you get to like, see your students on zoom regularly?

Laura 41:28

Well, it just feels more like a phone conversation. And it's it's I think it's a lot easier when when you are responding a post Jeff, I just had to speak to no one.

Jae 41:38

I think I'd have a hard time I did a solo Episode A few weeks ago that I recorded. And like that was rough. Because Yeah, you're really just talking to yourself,

Laura 41:46

which I do often. But I think I don't know if it would low as well.

Jae 41:50

Yeah, it's definitely harder to do. But just in general, if you're trying to talk to yourself, I mean, I talk to myself regularly as I know you do as well. But when you're trying to have an extended conversation with yourself, it's not the same.

Laura 42:00

I think that would almost have to be done in a presentation form. Like you should have made yourself a PowerPoint because then when you're talking and like no one's responding, you click to your next PowerPoint and then you're like, Ah, now moving on to the next slide. I know what we're talking about here. And every pause just means Okay, I got to get to that next slide.

Jae 42:17

Oh, that's smart.

Laura 42:18

Mm hmm. I'm a teacher. Now. I'm an educator. Oh, of course.

Jae 42:23

Hopefully that pushes you from the vaccine.

Laura 42:24

I think that'd be dirty to call myself like a first responder or teacher but we might do it we'll see

Jae 42:31

heard all about violence. Do you have any ROM coms you would like to cross off your list and you haven't seen any that you'd like to see the last two all the boys is coming out this month? I believe.

Laura 42:39

Oh my gosh, I feel like I haven't seen that many wrong. Rom coms. Frankly, there's just so many of them and or maybe I have seen a lot of them, you know, and they just kind of have slipped my mind. You know, not not memorable enough to stay but then if I go to watch it again, I'm

Jae 42:54

like, I think I have seen this. Have you seen how to lose a guy in 10 days?

Laura 42:58

That's what like a kind of skinny dorky brown haired guy,

Jae 43:01

Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson.

Laura 43:02

Oh, yes, yes, I have seen that one and not the guy was thinking about all thinking of something. I don't even know what I'm thinking of. But yes, I have seen that one.

Jae 43:09

When you describe that I'm thinking of Freddie Prinze Jr. So it's either

Laura 43:12

not him. He's good looking. This is the guy I'm thinking of a little bit scrawny, or I don't know. Like she's all that like that whole that whole movie is the definition of like, plot whole the whole movie subplot.

Jae 43:21

Honestly, like the fact that they're doing a revival from a tick tock star like I can't I really can't

Laura 43:26

Oh my god, I can't believe that's happening that's gonna flop

Jae 43:29

well I like this Oh, we want a one revival which I was so looking forward to when I heard was happening. And then I saw I was like, JoJo See you on a bunch of like tech talkers? Oh,

Laura 43:37

no. Is that a thing? Yes. Coming to television. Like they're making a Zoey one. One reboot?

Jae 43:42

They weren't. Yeah, but like with chick talkers. It's ridiculous. Like,

Laura 43:46

are these two chapter ticket talkers being actors? Or is this like, yeah, how did a Ratatouille musical on Tick tock,

Jae 43:52

okay. No, I think like, they're actually in the show, like, no backticks you know, millio like, like, I think putting them like Josie were like actors in the show, which like, doesn't make sense. And they're still having the original cast. So I'm like, was ever gonna be a frickin teacher and come back and like teacher PCA? And like, all these tech talks are going to be students.

Laura 44:09

I get that like, tick tock is where the money's at right now. And that I like the idea of companies having these tech talkers advertise for them. But I think trying to make these dancing kids acting working professionals is a terrible idea. I think they're also untalented and unqualified,

Jae 44:24

all the companies are doing is trying to make fetch happen and fetch can't happen. You cannot take an influencer and make them in two people with skill sets. And the thing that's just so frustrating is like I am not an actor, singer dancer, but like people train for so many years on these kinds of things. And then like, I just had to like shake my butt a little on Tick Tock say I didn't think 100 million subscribers or followers enough and then I get like $7 million. The the craziest thing is to there. They're not even like the good Tick Tock dancers. Like I don't have any. I don't have any of those children on my for you page. I

Laura 44:59

know Literally, I've never seen one of their videos pop up. But every once in a while I will get a dance video popping up. And some people are so incredibly talented and like the people that are actually like coming up with these dances, they're all so talented, and none of them will ever get the fame and riches and fortune that these handful of kids have gotten.

Jae 45:15

Like, it's so crazy. Like once one or two people are selected from the many. Those are just like those are the popular one.

Laura 45:23

Yeah, they are the face and there's no room for another face.

Jae 45:26

I was I think Charlie chameleon because I have seen her nose. I think she's a good dancer. I think she's a good dancer. By the way, all the girls and Dance Moms were good dancers. But he the only good dancer? And should she be doing more to uplift other dancers with that platform? Yes, absolutely. When you're 100 million followers, you should absolutely be doing more to help out others. like God, if I had 100 million followers, if everyone donated $1 of 100 million people like God, that's $100 million. So now we know what our goal is for 2021 will each get 50 million followers to donate us $1?

Laura 45:59

I mean, why don't

Jae 46:00

I wonder what taxes would be like on that? Oh, I don't even know cuz it's a bunch of small donations. Because it's all like someone who wrote you a check. Cuz I know those big checks have a lot of problems with them. But like 50 million people individually donated you at all. I wonder what the taxes on that would be?

Laura 46:14

I don't know. And she's only 17 years old. So she doesn't know how taxes work. Oh, my God wild. upsetting and I think it just gives the I think that it's great that like YouTube has become a media source and that these creators are being able to make a living off this. But then I also think that we've got all these young kids and all they want to do is be a YouTuber, and one in a million people become famous on YouTube. And I think that the kids attentions, yes, like, it's great to like focus on like creativity and like art as like an outlet. But like, there's only going to be five famous artists like we still need people still need to be doctors, people still need to be teachers. People still need to be accountants, people still need to be construction workers. Like there's so many like

Jae 47:03

spoiler alert people, Laura and I, along with some other friends. We're on those bandbox of people who tried to become YouTube famous. It's not always as easy as it seems. For all of those who are not the James Charles of the world, or vlog

Laura 47:17

families. It's this whole whole new generation that's coming in like, it is not it is not what it seems to be. I think our generation was more kids like seeing, like, audition at your local mall to be the next gen star. And you know, the only kid they found in the neighborhood was Debbie Ryan, she came out of one of those things, and she is the only one. Yes, I clearly remember that she was like, like a scouted kind of thing. Because I remember her whole intro into the sweet life

Jae 47:45

world. Remember when I met Rosalie for the naked Brothers Band at the mall? I'm gonna be honest, I think I threw her her signature away. Wow, fake fan over here.

Laura 47:56

I wonder what she's up to?

Jae 47:57

I think the boys are singing again. I don't know. The

Laura 48:01

the older one is, like acting like actively acting.

Jae 48:05

That show always confused me. I'm like, is this a reality show? Or are you acting?

Laura 48:10

I remember when it first came out. I was like, is this a band that everyone knows and I just have never heard of.

Jae 48:16

That's like Big Time Rush. I mean, I keep telling myself I need to go back and rewatch Big Time Rush. But it's not. It wasn't on any streaming service. Last time I checked, and I was sad. Well, thank you for joining me this week. Laura. I'm excited for you. I don't know if you want to hear it. You can hear it. If not.

Laura 48:30

I don't want to hear my own voice but I kind of do want to hear it. But I don't know. I don't know. Have a great rest of your Saturday. All right. Thanks for thanks for this Jay. Thanks

Jae 48:37

for trusting me course we're hoping that we'll have you back and I would say oh if we get to season two, but we're self financed so I will get as many seasons as I want to.

Laura 48:46

I I'm available for all the seasons I'm free every day. Perfect.

Jae 48:52

Thank you for listening to today's episode of insomnia pratas I hope you enjoyed hearing from me and our first guest warra grab your coffee will and don't forget to rate download and subscribe on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts as always where you lead will follow so head on over to @inomniapod on Instagram and what us know your heart takes on the Twilight Saga. Bye