“Mr. Vice President, I’m Speaking.” is turning into “Excuse me, Madam Vice President.” This episode is one we have saved since November because we were very excited to have the first real-life example of a woman in the White House. We talk about what this means for us and for future children growing up around the world.

Show Notes

January 6th Statement: 

Hello Everyone – We know that this has been a difficult past few days for those throughout the country in the wake of the attack on the Capitol. Our hearts are with those in living in the ongoing effects of the violence and we are in deep admiration of those with the courage to protect our democracy. 

Hi Everyone! As you’ll hear later in the episode, we recorded this back in November, right after the popular vote was officially projected. We wanted to capture our feelings in the moment – the excitement, awe, shock, and even a few tears as we put this together. It took a few tries, but we hope you enjoy Madam Vice President!

  • This was recorded on November 8th, right after President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were declared the projected winners of the 2020 Presidential race
  • Correction #1: I apologize, it is Senator Kamala Harris! There were a lot of feelings, and this was our 3rd take so we went with it. 
  • Fact Check #1: The total number of votes counted for the Popular Vote: 158,394,605
  • Fact Check #2: The winner of  the 1908 Presidential election was William H. Taft
  • We’re nerds here and we enjoy doing our research into the different propositions, legislatures, and officials that will affect our state, and we think you would enjoy it too!
  • Jae and I have vastly different stickers, and here is an article that links to some of the different stickers that were presented for different states this election cycle: https://cnn.it/3qbUlrh 
  • Update: Jae has not yet found the manager in charge of stickers, but she has started some sticker designs for the podcast mailing list!
  • Did you ever consider being the President or Vice President as a child? 
  • Joe Biden actually had a cameo on Parks and Recreation in 2012 while he was Vice President: https://nyti.ms/2LbxoFS
  • Fact Check #3: Parks and Recreation did not have a female Vice President, but they did have an implied female President at the show’s finale. We haven’t seen Parks and Recreation, but we hear Leslie Knope is a GOAT. 
  • Whether we use inserts or PDF’s to get updated information to students, we can all agree that we need better resources for students.
  • Fact Check #4: Kamala Harris’ husband will officially be known as the Second Gentlemen 
  • We STAN AOC and the stereotypes that she is trying to break down for women in all areas of life. In this article, she actually references her own inspiration, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor who was advised to tone down her appearance: https://bit.ly/39jxS4D 
  • Brene Brown, author of Daring Greatly: 
  • Women in power, help other women! Say it once, say it again, and keep saying it. 
  • I’m shattered that we cannot go to the inauguration this year! I had a whole plan set out to convince Jae that this is the one that we should attend, but I do understand that it is not safe right now. 
  • Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers “I Won’t Back Down” was used for Joe Biden’s victory speech: https://bit.ly/35sB392
  • Congrats to Mindy Kaling on the birth of her 2nd child, and thank you for giving us this reminder that representation matters when we sometimes take it for granted: https://www.instagram.com/p/CHTC2b-FxZ_/?hl=en
  • Correct #2: We will actually design our perfect cabinet slate next week instead of inauguration bingo, and it’s just as entertaining if not more!

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Jae 0:00

Hello pod squad listeners. Future Jae coming in to just give a little intro to this episode. Angela and I wanted to put this here as a lot has happened since this recording was done back in November. This was the day after the popular vote and respected electors had been declared on January 6 as Congress was in the process of ratifying the votes of electors to confirm Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the 46. President and Vice President of the United States, a violent mob breeched the Capitol Building. They used force aggression, came armed breaking windows and doors destroying offices graffitinggraffiting portraits, and carried weapons for threats against many, including the current vice president. As of today, countless people were injured and five pronounced dead. We are greatly saddened and frustrated for the blatant lack of action taken to protect our democracy and that contributed to the ease of this attack. Our hearts are with the people of DC and BIB across the nation who have suffered the violence of this mob and others like it, please enjoy today's episode. Madam Vice President.

I pledge myself to the pod loyal I'll always be A P to start at D at the end, and an O sitting in between. Hello, and welcome back to an Omnia product. I'm Jae like the letter

Angela 1:24

and I'm Angela sometimes AVO.

Jae 1:27

We are two Gilmore stans diving into our past present, evaluating if we were ever truly ready for anything. We discuss all things from problematic school dances to what no one prepares you for after college. Listen as we tell tales of elusive college boys and co workers more high strung than pair scholar.

Angela 1:44

Welcome back, everyone.

Jae 1:46

So today that we're recording, this is November 8. And some pretty big news for our country came in yesterday. We now have a new president and vice president elect

Angela 2:00

cue the roaring crowd.

Jae 2:02

cool things to know about them is this is the first presidential ticket since 1984. to not have an Ivy League grad. It will be the first adopted foster dog in the White House.

Angela 2:18


Jae 2:19

and we have our first female HBCU grad, African American South Asian Bay Area native sorority affiliated vice president

Angela 2:30

Miss Kamala D. Harris, new vice president elect, and we are so excited to have her This is

Jae 2:38

the highest election turnout rate ever 145 million and counting ballots have been submitted.

Angela 2:46

I know that the United States has one of the highest populations in the world. But it's still crazy to think that we have that many people. Like when you hear about the votes cast.

Jae 2:58

I just pulled this up from the washington post on November 4, updated November 8 at 1:36pm. Eastern Standard Time. Oh, no. It doesn't say I'm assuming Eastern time. So far. 62.3% of eligible voters voted. And 66.3 is what's projected after everything comes in. This looks like the highest turnout rate since 1908. And that was 65.7. Don't ask me who the President was then? I don't know. It was like right around the time of the First World War. But that's all I can give you a push has been a few years.

Angela 3:35

Wow. Okay, so that's 66% of 100% of people who are registered to vote who are eligible who are eligible. Okay. Very interesting. You know, if you are by chance part of the 40%, who is not registered to vote, might we encourage you to register to vote completely nonpartisan,

Jae 3:57

all our entire population 66.3 are projected to have voted, but that other 37% they could be we don't know if they're registered, or if they're not registered or rate. But continue your PSA.

Angela 4:16

Yes, just to wrap up by PSA, if you're by chance not registered to vote, please consider voting. Please consider registering to vote because it's pretty fun. I know it sounds like a lot of work. But when you get into it and you have your ballot and you do your research, it's pretty fun to think that you have a say in the way that your City County state country is run.

Jae 4:44

It's not just about what's on the highest office, what's on the federal level. It's what's going on locally that really will make an impact in our everyday lives. We're in California. So our voter booklets always very large I know

Angela 4:59

it really is I've never thought about that before. But it's like you're getting your own little magazine.

Jae 5:06

I didn't know that not all states did that until Tech Talk. So I have a question.

Angela 5:12

Let's hear it

Jae 5:13

who designs the stickers? And how do they decide what sticker you get? Because I feel like mine have looked the same for the past four years. But this year, a whole bunch of other states had some really cute ones. But even people who live in the same part of California, as I do had different stickers than I did. So who's the manager I can complain to?

Angela 5:35

That's actually a really good question. I was gonna say, I think it's very city dependent. But that's completely a guess.

Jae 5:42

Either way. 2022. Because although another presidential election will not be till 2024. There are midterms every few years. So hopefully by 2022 we get new stickers. I get a new sticker. I think your sticker was cuter than mine.

Angela 5:59

So I got the official, I have the official sticker that came with my mail in ballot. So I thought everyo ne got that.

Jae 6:06

What does it look like?

Angela 6:08

It's a circular I voted sticker I think it has. I think it says a vote in white with some white stars and a wavy blue, white and red background. I really think if anything, it was just the paper that it came on was very nice. It was a nice coral color with white script on it, encouraging me to post on social media and share with my friends that I had voted and show off my sticker.

Jae 6:38

See, that's so different per County, I realized my sticker says where I am, but I can show you but this is this is the sticker I got when I went to drop off my ballot. And it's the same one that came in my absentee ballot.

Angela 6:54

Oh, interesting. Yours looks very serious it

Jae 6:58

is. And I don't live in a very serious place. I mean, I do and I don't

Angela 7:03

know the way you look at it, you would expect to have a more fun sticker,

Jae 7:07

I don't know, I'll find the manager and hopefully for 2022 I can get a better sticker.

Angela 7:11

I'll design it. I have friends who can design it better than I could maybe you should write into City Hall and ask if they're looking for new stickers and make yourself available.

Jae 7:21

So with this incredibly historical news. What are you most excited about?

Angela 7:28

I think the most exciting thing for me is that all of the little girls who are thinking about what they want to be when they grow up, they will now consider president and vice president even more because they can actually see a female vice president. Can you imagine that? Like I don't know when you were little Did you ever want to be president?

Jae 7:50

I wanted to be anything where I could be in charge. So yes, President would fall into that category.

Angela 7:57

I don't know. For me, it was never a big deal of whether or not I could see myself in that role as a child because I know that like oh, I'm going to grow up and do this. So I never really thought about it in terms of President or vice president because obviously that's something you think about much much later in our life. Now I feel like little girls are gonna think about it even sooner.

Jae 8:17

That and YouTube influencer will now be their top two things of what they want to be when they grow up. Or tik tok the answer.

Angela 8:24



wait, is that okay? You're gonna have to explain tik tok dancer to me a little bit because I really don't get how people are making tik tok dancing careers. It looks very fun. But how is this done? We can talk about that another day.

Jae 8:41

CPM cost per 1000 views. They get like a few cents per interaction. And watch. Oh, interesting.

Angela 8:50

So like my mindlessly scrolling?

Jae 8:52

I'm paying them. Some of them. Yes. And then the longer you watch. I think I'm assuming there's a watch time on involved. But yeah,

Angela 9:00

okay. Some something we'll discover more later. Okay,

Jae 9:04

I don't watch many, if any political shows. But I do know that. In scandal, and the politician, and I'm pretty sure V in parks and rec. And all of these shows have already put women in the highest office. I've gotten used to hearing Madam President, Madam Vice President, a lot through socialization of media. But I feel like now it will, as the kids say, hit differently. Because it's in history. It is really happened. It's not something that a writer or a producer or a showrunner or director came up with, and like, Whoa, what would this be like?

Angela 9:52

We'll see now what it's like to have a woman in the second highest office in the country. I'm actually really excited for what We have kids, and they take social studies. And they'll have this for homework. And we'll get to see it in textbooks. I Loki, I'm going to steal my child's textbook and read the entire section on Kamala Harris to see what they say.

Jae 10:15

Well, hopefully by the time we have kids, their schools have the funding to have textbooks that go up that far. I know some schools have textbooks that go to 2008. And congratulations, we just had our first black president. And that's where the books end.

Angela 10:34

Yeah, I mean, I do understand that it's very difficult when your textbook is not up to date. And I think that we should do everything that we can to put more funding into that so that schools have the adequate resources that they need to get the most accurate information in students hands. But it is a little bit hard when you talk about the presidency, because you can't release an edition of like a government textbook every year. And then just like it would take four different books to cover everything on one president. I think it's better when you get the story of someone's entire term in office, rather than just a portion of it.

Jae 11:15

I know from my modern world class, I believe that ended with Obama getting elected. So that was current because I took modern world in ninth grade, which would have been 2009 2009 to 2000. Nope, no, 2009 No. 2009 to 2010. Sorry, then when I took AP US history, it hadn't been but i think i think textbooks should get written kind of in cycles with the presidential cycles, because that's when the changes normally happen.

Angela 11:51

Agreed. a four year update would be great.

Jae 11:53

And to save trees, they could just do inserts, like what happened to the last four years? Oh, that's true sustainability. We're fans.

Angela 12:02

Or even better, we can just introduce these kids to college early. And they have to read the PDF online.

Jae 12:08

Oh, you know, some you can and some you can't like highlight sentences with you can only highlight like, the entire thing. It depends on the format of the PDF, right? It's very annoying. I'm a fan. I just think in the middle and high school, at least, when I was going, there was a big battle between technology versus not technology, and we don't allow technology in the classroom, but then we can't expect them to have the technology at home to do this as well.

Angela 12:36

Now, that is true. And I did go to a smaller school, where it was like technology was available. But there also wasn't that many people that needed to be distributed to throughout the day. Was there a word for that? For a small school or for technological distribution? Both

Jae 12:54

they're under the same umbrella begins with a P.

Angela 12:58

I believe you're looking for private school.

Jae 13:01

Oh, it goes along with that a little bit more general.

Angela 13:04

Are you trying to hit privilege? There we go. Okay. Yes, that is my that is my privilege check for the day. Thank you, Jay.

Jae 13:11

I mean, to be fair, I went to a very good public school I'm very fortunate to have had the opportunity to go to the public school I did. I went to office hours more in high school than I did in college because I really liked my teachers and I felt like they really wanted us to learn so I did not have obstructions that other public school people did have to go through just to give a more fair picture of where their privilege checks coming from

Angela 13:38

we can do a whole school comparison. She's like, Oh my God,

Jae 13:41

my drama department Adrian over department. I was like, Oh my god, I hated my drama department too. Let's be friends. That's so funny.

Angela 13:49

Oh my God,

Jae 13:49

my drama kids are the worst.

Angela 13:52

Oh my God, if you went to school, you'd be so snobby. Like no just because like her school like was like one of the clunkiest snobby us places around back to our Madam Vice President. Wait really fast here. Have they decided Kamel Harris's husband? Will he be the second husband?

Jae 14:13

They haven't come up with the term. Okay, I'm going with second dude. Second, lad, are both options I think would be cool. I think they're going with probably a second gentleman is what I've heard.

Angela 14:26

Oh, I like that. I like Sokka, gentlemen, because you like everything very proper. I do. It's my favorite way to address multiple males in emails. Gentlemen.

Jae 14:40

Last night, when Madam Vice President Elect walked out on stage, she was wearing all white and I was watching the speech with my mom and she had to give me a little history lesson on the significance of that. Oh, Do tell. So wearing all white is a homage or a novel to women's suffrage, they always were all white. It's why AFC were white to her swearing in when the Cavanaugh hearings were all of the Democratic senators wore all white in solidarity. Oh, I remember that. It's a nod to the woman who came before her and the woman who will come after her. And all of that shattered glass.

Angela 15:18

I really like that.

Jae 15:20

Similarly, I love how AOC wore red lipstick and hoops. So that anyone who comes after her who wears hoops, whatever connotation comes with that and wearing bright lipstick is a Congresswoman wore this. It's not just something that society can look down upon or make critiques on or judgments based off that alone.

Angela 15:42

I will say when a OC did that, I like I pulled out all of my hoop earrings that I've never worn before, because I really don't wear earrings that often anymore. Should Well okay, so a little backstory on that I actually had a just like an interesting interaction in high school. I used to love to accessorize earrings, were my favorite.

Jae 16:12

Did someone tell you that you couldn't wear your white gold hoops anymore,

Angela 16:15

close, close. No loved color, loved big designs, just as they were something to have fun with. And I was wearing my particular favorite pair, they had these like little green, like marbles in them. And then it they were like, rigged with like two silver hoops. And I guess where I was sitting in the classroom, it was catching the light. And it was reflecting and a teacher was in the middle of a lecture and like he saw it. And then he just yelled out all of a sudden. And he's like, you all better be paying attention. He's like, unlike Angela,

Jae 16:57

that sounds traumatized

Angela 16:58

to busy accessorizing. And apparently that's the only place she wants to put her time and effort in. And that really hurt because I actually like pride myself on being a pretty good student. I like to learn I like to put in the effort there. But all that he was focusing on was my earrings. And you know, maybe he met sarcastically maybe not. But after that, I put away the big earrings. And it was not good. It was definitely very embarrassing in the moment. And I was always very self conscious going back into his class when a OC light came out and made her statement about why she was accessorizing the way that she was. I mean, it reminded me of that moment, and I pulled out my big earrings again, I haven't put them on yet. I haven't quite been that brave. But ever since I saw that was like there is no reason why I shouldn't wear these. There's no reason why I shouldn't have more. And if anyone wants to say anything, I actually have a picture of her quote on my phone and I am prepared to pull that out. When I get there, still not there yet working on it though.

Jae 18:19

I'm currently reading Rene Browns book daring greatly. She's the only human on this planet that I've started a call I would be the first to join. She is amazing. She's very insightful, very helpful. It's not at all it's definitely a mean it probably be in the self help category, but it's more self awareness and self compassion. But something she mentioned that one of the big shame categories for women is body issues and like aesthetics and like how much we have to put into that. And I think non partisan non politically as women, we all know what that's like. We all know, the joke of girls getting together hours before prom, and boys, Washington water on their face spray and some more of that lovely Axe body spray and putting their tax on and getting ready to go.

Angela 19:12

Oh God,

Jae 19:13

we put so much time into our appearance and some of it is by desire. Some of it is because we want to it makes us feel better. The root of it started because it was the way we were told we had to learn the bare minimum we could do is make ourselves presentable. jameela, Jamil spoke at something. I love The Good Place the show and I think she's an amazing activist and I think she's a very open activist. She I think she calls herself like a feminist and progress because she's always continually learning and trying to better and educate herself. But I was listening to her talk and something she said imagine all that women could accomplish if we weren't so worried about our appearance. Think of how early you get up for class or for work and how much time you You spend towards your parents. And if you don't put that time towards your parents, because you're a busy mom, because you have an 8am class, for whatever reason, you don't put the time in how you feel about yourself and how you feel you're looked upon by everyone else.

Angela 20:13

And I mean, I think even the strongest of us, we think about that a lot. And there's always that little bit of doubt in your head. Even if you're very confident about how you look, and you don't believe that looks come first. No matter who you are. I think as a woman, it's just something that always sits in the back of your mind. And it's a little hard to let go of, but now we have a

new female

role model to look at. And I mean, who knows, maybe she won't be super into having all of her outfits, replicated, and whatnot. But like, we have this new woman in power, who will redefine the way that other women in power in business in the workplace

Jae 20:56

dress themselves. Definitely that and I think something else that is just always great when you put a woman in a position of power is that she helps other women as much as there's the portrayal of the catty girls and girls can't get along. And groups of girls are always going to be fights and things that pit women against each other. Women really do want to and strive to uplift each other against all of that negativity and stereotypes and cattiness I'm reading, and I'm very late on the train, and I'm very late to the game. I'm reading Michelle Obama's book, she's talking about her staffers and wanting to make sure she has a diverse staff, as did Barack Obama when he was president, as Joe Biden has stated they wanted their cabinets and the people they surround themselves to look like the country we live in by uplifting, one woman. You're there uplifting, all of those powerful, strong, smart women she surrounds herself with and then we all get better from that. Exactly.

Angela 21:56

Like it'll be very interesting to see how their cabinet is made up. And I don't know, did you ever posh It was a girls magazine. I don't even know if it's still in publication. I can't remember the name of it. But every year a new president was installed. They did a feature on the interns, specifically like the female interns. I know. I'm gonna have to look, I'm gonna have to look for it. I feel like I might still have a few copies. Yeah, I remember the ones from Barack Obama's first year. And it was so great to see the diverse staff that he brought in and the diverse interns under them and all that they

Jae 22:39

were doing. I think we should do an episode. I'm guessing the cabinet. I don't know when that gets released. But I have like, like a fantasy cabinet situation.

Angela 22:47

Oh, interesting.

I like it.

And we can do an inauguration episode or we can just go to the inauguration Coronavirus. True, but that would be a fantastic inauguration.

Jae 22:59

It would be

I want to know who's gonna perform, even from what we saw last night. Okay, this is gonna be my one political comment. It's not even really political. It's because I'm a really petty person that this is getting brought up. One of the songs during the firework show was I don't know the name. It's the Tom Petty song. My one reference point. It's a song that Ruthie sang to the soldier's family in an episode of seventh heaven. Oh, stand my ground don't back down. I don't know what it's called. But I'm sorry. Everyone knows the song. You know, the song I'm talking about? Yes, the current occupant who was running for reelection tried to use that song back in June. And the petty family had declined, and half that song to not be used again at a rally. So it was very satisfying to see it used last night. For the pomp and circumstance of it all.

Angela 23:56

I mean, honestly, I think they'll have their pick of people to perform. They had so many endorsements from bands and artists.

Jae 24:04

Did you hear just from the firework show, they started with a Coldplay song. It was Bo's favorite song. And then you see President Elect Joe Biden just like looking up the drones and thinking it's so cool. And he marveled at them just like a little kid would, but they use his son's haritaki to start the whole thing off. Coldplay even came to play at the at the funeral, I believe. Oh,

Angela 24:29

I think that's one of the things I'm going to enjoy the most about 46 is that he has a great sense of wonder, and he loves ice cream and loves ice cream. Yes. I was just gonna say on fireworks. Did you hear that? In the UK? They actually set off fireworks last night when the projections and the bells in Paris.

Jae 24:52

Yeah, I saw I saw those and then the Prime Minister of Canada also released a lovely statement.

Angela 24:59

Yep, very nice of him,

Jae 25:00

the whole world was waiting on this decision. On a more personal note quickly, I was so excited. I felt like honestly, Christmas day I woke my mom up when I saw it. I was doing my morning kind of morning routine. And I was like, I'm not even going to track it to Saturday, as much as we would like everyone who work the whole thing. It's government. So governments have like, they don't normal work weekends. Like I'll probably won't do anything till Monday. And I am going through Instagram stories. And it says one minute ago, and it's kurama Brown from queer I yelling at the screen and it CNN and CNN this whole time has been more conservative with our projections than any other new station because I've been following the AP and that's I know what Fox was using. And then msnbc had a different one. It was very confusing following the lectores. But cnn posted it. So then I go check the AP, and I go check a few sources. Because back checking is important. multiple sources are important. validating things is what makes them a fact. Anywho.

Angela 25:56

And it doesn't take that long.

Jae 25:58

Yes, Google. We love Google. Google Scholar is better for stuff like this, but Google is a great start. Anyway, karamo had posted on Instagram, Like what? Like no, and that's like, Oh, my God. Yes, I start like going to my mom through like Christmas, and I would wake her up in the morning chick, what am I we know how it happened. It happened. And then all of our family starts to call it everyone's like really excited. And I just, I felt like there is a weight lifted off my shoulders. And I was just so happy. And one of the things that made me so happy. We'll go more into this closer to the inauguration of reasons why Joe Biden deserves this. And although on policy, I think there are things that I would want a little bit differently. He is such a decent and honorable man, whether he was president or not, and deserves the utmost respect from every single American, but moving on to his VP, so many people so many women are posting so many different photos. And the one that really got to me was the photo that he news posted of Mindy Caleb's quote, and just so I say it correctly, I'm going to pull up my Instagram, Angela insert any music you would like, while I find this? Non copyrighted or trade.

Angela 27:11

I was definitely more like that girl that forgot her anniversary. Like I think I found out around like 11am like, I was so confused. I was like, what what's going on? Like I opened Instagram was going through stories.


oh my god, wait, this happened. This happened hours ago. Because I also assumed we'd have to wait until Monday. Mindy Kayla, it's

Jae 27:33

a photo of her holding her older daughter, by the way, who knew she had that second baby like slipped out onto the rug. I know. It's a photo of her holding her daughter and says crying and holding my daughter. And in quotes says look, baby, she looks like us. And I just love that. Not only did people of color get them elected, but also I think it's a great unifying moment for the I mean, obviously the African American and South Asian community to get together but also just people of color spoke people of color spoke for this pair. And for someone who's not why I'm, I'm Chinese, even though it's not like oh, this exact I don't look like camo I can't see direct, direct like facial feature comparison. knowing someone who has a similar story, to me who has had similar experiences has similar cultural relations is something I've never had and something I would have never thought that I needed. Until it happened. A similar thing happened to me when the movie crazy rich Asians was released. I was overwhelmed by a lot of feelings, and I couldn't quite figure it out. And there's the scene when they first get onto the plane. And they're in their beds, and they're the silk pajamas and they're rolling over to say good night, after she finds out he's loaded and they start making out and that's not like it's not Ooh, they're kissing you cooties. I don't believe outside of like a K drama or Japanese drama. I don't believe I've ever seen two Asian actors do a makeout scene and my entire life. I've seen Asian people make out i don't think i've seen two Asians on a blockbuster movie nor TV show had that represented to me. And it's a small thing. It's very small. But it's something that hasn't been portrayed ever. And it reminded me why representation matters that although I've seen myself and other characters and their personality and seeing yourself, especially for kids seeing themselves at such a young age represented in such a position of power does matter and will impact people going forward.

Angela 29:46

Like there is now going to be an entire generation of people who will grow up knowing a woman as vice president. It's absolutely amazing. And it's still something that I feel like hasn't quite settled in for me yet, because, of course, women are fully qualified to do any job that they want. And this is something that has been very provocative and controversial for this country. As of yesterday, that idea has completely been shattered. And it will never be the same again.

Jae 30:22

As Jeff Probst says on survivor, the votes are in.

Angela 30:29

I know the Mindy picture really did get to me too, when you sent it to me, because it's something that I've never really thought about. And when I had to consider why I didn't think about that, it's because I think deep down, I really doubted that it would ever happen. And I've never been so happy in my life to have been wrong.

Jae 30:52

Our generation and the ones after us are really questioning some of these things like why have we never had this? Why can't this be possible? I remember, I saw this really cute. It was a photo, Justin Baldoni posted it on Instagram. And he said as a joke. During the second presidential debate, they asked their daughter, who do you want to be like, which do you want to be like? And her answer was the moderator. I wish I could remember her name, but it was not Chris Wallace. It was the female moderator. Well, her name is Kristen Welker. She's the second black woman to moderate a presidential debate. Go Kristen Walker.

But just the idea that I think just hold on his honor. I think she's like five or six. She's still young, saw the two people debating for the highest office of the land. And she wanted to be the moderator. That's who she wanted to be, is something that I don't think people would have considered or even it shows the hope in kids and the progression and the growth now all of these kids like you said, Bolton, it won't be like, Well, can a woman president can someone of color be president? It's? Yes, it's happened. And it'll continue to happen. Because being the first is hard. The first is the hardest, but it opens the doors. That's why glass shattered yesterday. I hope Ernie stays on Tech Talk. Mina Harris. On Tech Talk is one of my favorites. Oh, I thought I assumed they were related because that she was verified on like, How

are you related to Camila? Like, oh, you're her niece. She's the one who posted that. She posted like all phones with her dancing.

Angela 32:32

I have it pinned in my browser. I need to watch the video of the speech that Camila gave her niece before election. I they call it a speech but I think it's just like a 32nd clip of like her talking to her about

Jae 32:45

the little one. The young one. Yeah, probably that's her grand niece, or her niece once removed her Camilla Harris and her niece. So it's the daughter of Mina Harris.

Angela 32:55

Okay, I was just gonna say really quick. I feel like that's another episode topic for us. The way that you label herself within families

Jae 33:02

are getting technical, once removed, is when you're on a different generational level. Versus second is when you're on the same generation level. Oh, interesting. I'm going to try to make this simple. Without a visual. My mom has a cousin. They're on the same generation level. So that's her cousin. That's my cousin once removed, because we're on different generations. His daughter is my second cousin. Because we're on the same our parents are cousins. So we were second cousins. Please don't ask any follow up questions.

Angela 33:36

I think about it.

Jae 33:38

Yay for women.

Yay. For progress. I can't wait to watch the inauguration

Angela 33:44

ditto. But really, I know we sound kind of subdued. But we're really excited.

Jae 33:50

We're also reiterating recording this on November 8, so we have a bit of time to go. We'll give you some updates. Next week's can bear inauguration like bingo game. In a few weeks, we'll go back to our regularly scheduled Gilmore and anecdote programs. But with something that's significant in this historical we thought it would be something to catalogue not only on the interwebs forever. Before ourselves,

Angela 34:15

we do understand if this isn't your regular cup of tea. We'll put a little disclaimer out there as well that this is what we're talking about. And regularly scheduled programming will return but we hope you join us. Technically, this

Jae 34:30

is a cup of tea. This would be tea or Diet Coke, because it was the Gilmore's would be coffee. Oh,

Angela 34:36

yeah. I'm gonna go with tea because I feel like this would be like a Taylor thing.

Jae 34:41

Thank you everyone for listening. We'll be back next week

Angela 34:45

with inauguration Bingo. Thank you for listening to this episode of in Omnia paratus grab your coffee bowl and don't forget to rate download and subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts

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