“Mr. Vice President, I’m Speaking.” is turning into “Excuse me, Madam Vice President.” This episode is one we have saved since November because we were very excited to have the first real-life example of a woman in the White House. We talk about what this means for us and for future children growing up around the world.

Show Notes

January 6th Statement: 

Hello Everyone – We know that this has been a difficult past few days for those throughout the country in the wake of the attack on the Capitol. Our hearts are with those in living in the ongoing effects of the violence and we are in deep admiration of those with the courage to protect our democracy. 

Hi Everyone! As you’ll hear later in the episode, we recorded this back in November, right after the popular vote was officially projected. We wanted to capture our feelings in the moment – the excitement, awe, shock, and even a few tears as we put this together. It took a few tries, but we hope you enjoy Madam Vice President!

  • This was recorded on November 8th, right after President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were declared the projected winners of the 2020 Presidential race
  • Correction #1: I apologize, it is Senator Kamala Harris! There were a lot of feelings, and this was our 3rd take so we went with it. 
  • Fact Check #1: The total number of votes counted for the Popular Vote: 158,394,605
  • Fact Check #2: The winner of  the 1908 Presidential election was William H. Taft
  • We’re nerds here and we enjoy doing our research into the different propositions, legislatures, and officials that will affect our state, and we think you would enjoy it too!
  • Jae and I have vastly different stickers, and here is an article that links to some of the different stickers that were presented for different states this election cycle: https://cnn.it/3qbUlrh 
  • Update: Jae has not yet found the manager in charge of stickers, but she has started some sticker designs for the podcast mailing list!
  • Did you ever consider being the President or Vice President as a child? 
  • Joe Biden actually had a cameo on Parks and Recreation in 2012 while he was Vice President: https://nyti.ms/2LbxoFS
  • Fact Check #3: Parks and Recreation did not have a female Vice President, but they did have an implied female President at the show’s finale. We haven’t seen Parks and Recreation, but we hear Leslie Knope is a GOAT. 
  • Whether we use inserts or PDF’s to get updated information to students, we can all agree that we need better resources for students.
  • Fact Check #4: Kamala Harris’ husband will officially be known as the Second Gentlemen 
  • We STAN AOC and the stereotypes that she is trying to break down for women in all areas of life. In this article, she actually references her own inspiration, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor who was advised to tone down her appearance: https://bit.ly/39jxS4D 
  • Brene Brown, author of Daring Greatly: 
  • Women in power, help other women! Say it once, say it again, and keep saying it. 
  • I’m shattered that we cannot go to the inauguration this year! I had a whole plan set out to convince Jae that this is the one that we should attend, but I do understand that it is not safe right now. 
  • Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers “I Won’t Back Down” was used for Joe Biden’s victory speech: https://bit.ly/35sB392
  • Congrats to Mindy Kaling on the birth of her 2nd child, and thank you for giving us this reminder that representation matters when we sometimes take it for granted: https://www.instagram.com/p/CHTC2b-FxZ_/?hl=en
  • Correct #2: We will actually design our perfect cabinet slate next week instead of inauguration bingo, and it’s just as entertaining if not more!