Go Sports! This week we’re learning, or trying to, understand college basketball and the NCAA March Madness Tournament. If you’re looking for an in depth discussion of stats and plays, this isn’t the episode for you; however, if your curious and ever had questions about how the tournament works, why it’s popular, and why family/colleagues/significant other cares – Welcome! We had similar questions and tried to find the answers.

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I pledge myself to the pod loyal I'll always be a P to start a D at the end and an O sitting in between

nope I forgot now I get it. I think I get a countdown but I will probably miss often. Welcome back to and Omnia paratus I'm Jae like the letter

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and I'm Angela also known as avo

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we are two friends diving into our past and present evaluating if we were ever truly ready for anything, we discuss all things from the definition of dating to all the things school didn't prepare us for Listen, as we talk about career changes, give plenty of unsolicited opinions and work on becoming the people we want to see in the world.

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Hey, Jae,

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I'm glad you're turning in olara. Now that was her thing similarly to like, Oh my god, Jay Z like the rapper. Hey, Jay. It rhymes. That's her thing. You might have to fight her for it.

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Well see that was more actually my intro into the next part of this but I started laughing so I had to mute myself. Okay, so hey, Jay. What team

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What team?

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I'm really surprised you never went through a basketball phase with your High School Musical slash Zac Efron obsession.

Jae 1:07

But he sings

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but intersectionality you can't have one without the other movies.

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Two and three are? Well, movie two would beg to differ. But he came back to it in three. Yeah. And apparently was good enough being like five, six to get into Stanford. I think it was Berkeley. Okay, fine. Get into Berkeley. But regardless of Zac Efron's height, we're talking about basketball today. Jay, would you like to let everyone know why we're talking about basketball?

Yeah, so Angela and I both have some controlling anxiety issues around this podcast we have different ways we like to format a different things we like to do. But we all kind of know that we can get a little serious at some point, such as our episode reflecting our identities being seen on screen such as our journey in Georgia slash Chris Harrison in the bachelor episode, or get real sassy and bakery like brunch we like to give you guys I feel like diversity is not the right word. Because it's already overused.

Angela 2:04

We're right. on your toes. Yeah, that too. So I thought, what should we talk about? And

Jae 2:11

something I heard from the lovely first black Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay INSA interview where she said, and she was telling ladies females, or just general humans who are interested in know if they're straight men than it would people who like stereotypical sis men, basketball sports, you don't need to know about the game, you don't need to know how the game is played. You need to know about the stuff that Perez Hilton wrote a report about but in the sport world. So like who gets traded, who's fighting with who? Maybe if there's a steroid scandal, kind of that kind of stuff, and then you'll be locked in. Like, that's how you get the guys you don't actually need to know how the game works so that I was like, Okay, I get this. I like gossip columns. I do that we're perfectly in time

for March Madness, which frankly, I'm sure if I had heard the term the majority of my life into college, I assumed it was kind of like the lazy crazy hazy days the summer of just like something

that happened.

Yeah, March Madness, like, what is it? Like I don't know. And then in college, which I guess it makes sense. I learned this was a sport related thing. And then it was a college sport related thing. So since we're in perfect season for this, we thought we would cover an episode on basketball from college to the NBA to what information you need to know to get a date or if you would just like to learn more about the sport I am more for the former but if you want this to be like an education for you, Thank God we have Angela here.

Angela 3:36

Alright, so I am going to be completely upfront here. I love basketball, but I don't understand everything about it, particularly when it comes to college basketball. So like how to play well no, just because I have no metric for it in my personal life. I don't understand really what pulls people in. So I'm actually curious how you learned about it in college because I don't think we went to a D one school and we didn't have that great of a basketball team. No, but that's what like Wayne therapy was named. Oh, Okay,

there we go. That That makes sense. Okay, did you

Jae 4:05

use the hashtag and all my photos? I had to create a second Instagram for this damn thing to post like 100 photos of the same people just running up and down to court. I didn't play Of course of course not. So like any good former student, I went online combed through the NCAA and ESPN websites and tried to load up on as much team info and March Madness history as I could to walk all of you through this today.

Okay, I'm gonna need to know what those acronyms stand for NCAA. Yeah, that's the National Collegiate Americ kid I wrote this down National College Athletic Association. There's no sport in the other way. What do you mean? Well, you're at National College. I don't know what you were saying before but there wasn't enough room basketball or sport

or whatever.

Angela 4:48

Well, the NCAA isn't basketball specific. It covers all collegiate sports and ESPN stands for entertainment and sports programming network. Proceed. Alright. So Jay put together a little mini outline for me. So I tried to I tried to fill it in and answer as best I could. So her first question was basketball. Why? So I interpreted that as Why do people like basketball There are three main reasons specifically for college basketball, which we're talking about today. One fans have either attended or currently attend a school with a basketball team, I say with a team because pride in one's alma mater often supersedes the team's actual talent. And there are 357 collegiate men's basketball teams in this country too. Sometimes it's a family thing, parents or your grandparents play aunt or uncle, your brother, your sister, someone goes to a school with a really good team. And then the whole family supports the team and it just keeps getting passed on from generation to generation. And sometimes it's geographical, like just based on your location. If you are near a school with a good basketball team, sometimes you support that team. It's like when you were a Stanford sweatshirt here in the Bay Area. Not everyone wearing a sweatshirt goes to Stanford just because they live within 100 miles of it.

Jae 6:01

I got a Navy sweater from Forever 21 with like a why yell on it because I thought my Gilmore girl obsession like qualified me to get it.

Angela 6:09

You love it. But

whatever you're hiring is nepotism, nepotism and narcissism. Yeah, those are those are the top three. Number four is actually having a love of the game, whether you're a player or not. But whatever your reason is for loving the game. If you're here and you're listening today, and you have a desire to learn, I think we've

Jae 6:30

got you covered a little glimpse will kind of show you how the rest of the episodes gonna go. So if you're really into sports, or you don't find this entertaining, I'd skip this one out for the 53% male audience or any females who are very into or any

Angela 6:43

non binary just if you're into basketball, and you really want a good technical explanation and you want to hear anything. That's in all that we're not at for you really sorry, but also not sorry. Okay,

Jae 6:55

so first question I have how many people from college basketball go on to the NBA 1.2% of male collegiate there? Yes, there are over 18,000 College men's college basketball players in this country. So what is that? So in terms of humans? What's that percentage? 1.2%?

Yeah, but how many humans is that?

Angela 7:19

Oh, is it seven? I think it might be 75. I didn't do that math.

Jae 7:24

Okay, how many? How many players? Did you say 18? What 18,873 or something like that at the time. And you did 1.2% and 01. Google, ladies and gentlemen. 226.47. So we'll round down to 226 players of collegiate basketball, go to the NBA jier

Angela 7:45

doesn't come from the NBA or an affiliate league. Because also within the NBA, I think there are three different places that they could go either to a professional team, the G league or so is that like on Broadway versus Off Broadway, or like JV versus varsity, we're gonna go off Broadway, because they have their own like completely separate teams and arenas, they can get called up to a professional team. And they may have like affiliate is not the right word, because they're technically associated with the team, but they're not an actual part of their regular roster. Okay, so

Jae 8:17

then where do the other trillion basketball players come from? What do you mean, what other trillion basketball players there are 550 players in the NBA? So I got 226. So that's not even half Yeah. Oh, are they scouted like teen models and actors and malls.

Angela 8:32

So kind of so usually how you enter the NBA is through the NBA Draft. To be eligible for the NBA Draft, you only have to be 19 years or older have been one year out of high school or more and never have played in the NBA. So someone who hasn't played on a college team can just graduate high school, in theory, take a year or two off, then declare themselves eligible for the draft. And if they are talented enough teams will know about them, and they will be included in that lottery.

Jae 9:00

Okay, Angela, you're six, five, a male, you're fresh out of high school or a year out of high school and ready to audition for the NBA. How does that go? Walk me through it.

Angela 9:12

So I would have to have been talented enough in high school for scouts, coaches, people within a team franchise to know who I am prior to the draft in order for me to make any sort of headway there and get on to a team. I'm not sure but I think someone from my high school actually did this. I think he or go to college, and he went to a training camp somewhere. So it was just this whole facility that was just for men and maybe even women who were trying to make it into the W NBA for them to train and make those connections to get into the

Jae 9:47

draft side. Quick question from it. Yes, the question was going to be is how much more successful is the women's MBA than the W than the regular MBA, but technically one team wins from both leagues no matter what. So that's not exactly what I was doing. Are you it was like, you know, thinking more in terms of like grand popularity or no, we all know people don't love women playing sports. But like how the women's, like the a women's Olympic soccer team always as well. But like, no one really gave a shit. Yes. Now they do. So it's like, well, my thing was I had that's marketing, I'm not getting to the place I was trying to get to

Angela 10:22

Ivy free. Frankly, in order to talk about the W MBA, I think we'd have to look at it from an entirely separate metric because they've established so many different rules in terms of how you can look at both of them that you can't do a side by side comparison. Got it?

Jae 10:38

Funny story. As a child, I got an NBA and an MBA confused very often.

Angela 10:46

Oh, that's so cute.

Jae 10:47

So like, I was really confused. And the thing that threw me off even more is the sister Sister episode, where Tia is asked by something Beverly, Beverly something to go work for the W NBA because he was the studious one. So it was to work in marketing. So it would go with an MBA to those really confused and I got them very often. So like you're getting a degree or you're playing basketball like it's ultra, you can

switch it in and out, I

Angela 11:14

think oh, I absolutely love that

Jae 11:16

college basketball, March Madness, narcissism and nepotism. Why the airtime and media because of that it has the media entertainment machine is so large around these colleges that these media platforms or conglomerates get enough eyes from screening these games from ad revenue that they do this each

Angela 11:40

year? I think so God, that is definitely a bit of a weird question. So I googled that. And the most popular answer that I got was most people in the United States have attended a college in the United States. And that college probably had a basketball team. And they probably are very proud or feel a personal attachment to that team. So that's what keeps driving it when they indifferent. I know very, very difficult question. No,

Jae 12:06

I meant like, I think I went to two basketball games for our Greek point system. And it's not like they did very well.

Angela 12:12

Yeah, that was definitely really sad coming into college and us not having a great team. Like I think my first year our team had to sit out a bunch for whatever reason, like injuries, grades, something there were always all these different rumors lying around. But in high school, my school had a really great basketball team. So that was always really exciting to like, go watch those games, and then coming into college. Oh, there's nothing happening. But I still want it. We have a football team. We had a football team at one point. And apparently we actually had a very good record while we had that team. I was just looking at this the other day, I think we had a team in the 40s and early 50s, like 15 years or less, but the team did very well. But back to basketball and March Madness. So I have a little history for you all because who would I be if I didn't give you a little historical background on right. So college basketball was founded in 1891 at Springfield college. So this has been around for a very long time. And the first NCAA tournament was held in 1939 and has been held every year except for last year because it would have started right as the world shut out. But they're back this year and adapting to the format. Usually teams travel across the country to home games and away games. They take turns hosting but they're all in Indiana Indianapolis right now, I think was that something I was expected to be able to bounce off to, you know, I'm trying to make sure I did that correctly because I was actually speaking with someone earlier and we had a whole like Indianapolis versus an Annapolis debate. And the name March Madness actually comes from a high school Men's Basketball Tournament in Illinois that grew from 10 teams to several 100 teams in the space of a few years, which took up the entire month of March practically every high school gym in the state. So one of the coaches involved in that tournament started to describe it as March Madness. It became immortalized in print and He even wrote a poem about it that got a lot of traction back in the day

Jae 14:04

and you have the poem to read for us. I do not so I have the poem. It's about eight stanzas. Kind of long. I'm ready for it very much a Charge of the Light Brigade theme I need at least like two stanzas of this. Okay, hold on. Let me pull it up. I'm ready for it. Let's hear in your best Poet Laureate voice

Angela 14:22

This poem is called the basketball Ides of March colors clash as silk suits flash and race on a shimmering floor. repressions die and partisans die in a goal of claiming roar on a championship trail toward a Holy Grail. All fans are birds of a feather. It's a fiesta night and cares ly light when the air is full of leather. Yeah,

so I'm a high school basketball coach back in like 1950 wrote this I can't wait timing got the wave Graham.

Jae 14:52

Oh my god. Like that. Also, like I'm gonna sneak

that in like wherever I can like onto your dating profiles onto the web. You're about paragraph

just having you read the poem.

Angela 15:04

People are now going to Google March Madness and see Angela audio file basketball Ides of March. Yes. Oh, Lord, okay.

Jae 15:12

Okay, so let's see how much I can get right about this. Okay, you can correct me. So they split the teams in half north, south, east west, I don't know, but it's north or south or east or west. Then two teams play each other and like in the brackets, and they get narrowed down until one team from the shears try to make a West Side Story reference, but all I can think of is Benny in the Jets. Versus he couldn't think of the sharks. So until you get the sharks and the jets and then like one of them wins. Yes. So you're right. They are technically start with 68 teams, the first four are eliminated in for some reason in something called the first four. So they actually don't even count towards the official like March Madness brackets. So it's like the bachelor have the first night they sent home like a bunch of roses at once, and then they start going one by one. Yes. I'm gonna make the best analogies. I love it. I'm ready for it. Anything that makes us receptive to an audience? Yes. Okay. All right. Great. So yeah, so when so the first four, the first four from each side, or two from the north and two from the south.

Angela 16:17

So there are four. So they're split up into four regions? north, south, east, west, so one from each region. Okay, got it. Yeah. So one from each region, and then starts first round. And then so from there we go from 64 to 32, from 32 to 16, known as the sweet 16. Then from Why just do you get something if you make it to the sweet 16? Just the glory of saying that you made it that far? That's lame.

Jae 16:43

Don't be proud of that.

Angela 16:44

Oh, Lord, right. Yeah. So there's round one round tail, which is when we get to 32 teams, round three, which is the sweet 16, round four, which is known as the Elite Eight. So you have eight from each that doesn't rhyme.

Jae 16:55

And that's not a good alliteration. Elite Eight, yes. Not a good alliteration. Great eight, but Elite Eight is, okay. It's a bad alliteration. It doesn't flow. Like the poem you read, it needs to flow together.

Angela 17:09

Okay, I'll see if I can pull that coach Otto retirement, see what he can do for the round names. From the Elite Eight, you get to the Final Four. And then from there, you go on to the championship. I think I skipped around in there. But that's okay. You just need to know the names.

Jae 17:23

And then they just play like they would in the NBA. Like the game is consistent through high school, college and the NBA like, Are

Angela 17:29

there any rules that are different? Um, not really, everything is pretty much the same. I think the only real difference that I could find is that, okay, so games are split into two halves, two quarters per half. And the timing of the quarters is different. I think in high school, it's eight minutes and then in college and the NBA quarters are 12 minutes. And then I so I've never really watched college games before, but they say that they usually run more plays the game is a little bit faster pace. And you see a little bit more diversity amongst the players, though. I believe a games are going to start tomorrow. So I will watch and I'll put that in the show notes and see if that's true. Jay is raising her hand? Yes. Jay Jay has something to say about sports, particularly PAMA, basketball. Oh, is it gonna make me sad?

Think so. Okay. All right. Let's hear it.

Jae 18:21

The whole 12 minute thing or eight minute thing or however many minutes a quarter is, is deceiving because 12 minutes is not 12 minutes when everyone can pause and do the free throws and does the cheerleading and does the breaks with the mask on? Well, minutes is like 45 minutes. But that's that's pretty fair. Basketball is a little better about this. It's not like it's not like football where you have like fifth I think it's 15 minute quarters and then you have a four hour game. Think basketball is usually about two hours. Do you know what sports are great volleyball and tennis. I've been to games of those where they've been over and 12 minutes like the entire game just ended.

Oh, yeah.

All sports should follow that model. I mean, as far as basketball goes, it's a pretty like fast paced sport. Because when you factor in like legitimate timing rules on this, but it's not really and then Okay,

Angela 19:13

okay. Okay. How

much time have you spent at a basketball game or any other sports game versus watching it on television?

Jae 19:19

I mean, I was a dancer for a year in high school. So I went to every football basketball and girls volleyball game for a year. Okay, yes. Alright, so if you had to rank them, which is the longest it's indoor outdoor, so like, the football game felt really long because I was freezing but if I feel like about of how I was sitting there bored basketball, I think felt longer, but I also didn't feel cold inside the gym.

Angela 19:43

Okay. All right. I think that we also need to get you to like a real professional game and like, see how you feel about that where you're not a part of the entertainment God because like Rory and Layne said having greasy food and watching other people run around is pretty fun.

Jae 19:59

But that's Just watching you exist in life see

Angela 20:01

what how often do you get to watch me run around with pizza and nachos in hand?

Jae 20:05

Do you really want me to answer that publicly?

Angela 20:07

Probably not. No. All right. Moving on. If you would like to know something about the technical aspects of March Madness, I'm going to give you a quick rundown here. So like we already covered it is the NCAA Division One basketball tournament held for men, women actually do have their own tournament held at this time as well. But for some reason, we never talked about that 68 teams play in single elimination rounds of seven until one is victorious and emerges as the national champion. Do they get rings in college? I don't think Oh, do they? I don't know. This is technically my first March Madness. So I can report back in about two weeks when they're finished. So there are a lot of teams here. So I was really curious about how it worked. And I couldn't really find a good explanation for it. So technically, 32 Division One teams are automatically given bids to the tournament, regardless of what their regular season statistics look like. So they could have lost every single game, and one of these teams would still have a bit, I'll list them in the show notes, what qualifies? What are the statistics they look for? For the other teams, they don't actually say they say that the selection committee, which is a group of about 10, men who served for five years, then evaluate the other teams in the division one bracket and establish that they have the correct pedigree to compete and fill the other 34 spots 36 spots. So is this like Oscar so white? Or rigged Grammys? Like I want to say yes, but then I also don't know. And it was very hard to find anything that speaks about it, because most of the most of the teams that end up in this tournament, really don't give a reason as to why they think that they're there either. So there's definitely some mystery there. I don't fully understand it. But it was kind of nice to know that I'm also not the only one who doesn't understand it.

Jae 21:55

If I'm your bar, though, like that's not a good place to be.

Angela 21:58

Oh, yeah, definitely not. So I will be taking a very good look at this. And I'll report back of these of these 68 teams, once they're selected on Selection Sunday, they're given a ranking one through 68. And then that ranking is called a pick or a seed. And that's essentially their standing going through the entire tournament. And so like the number one pick, would play, like the number or weight and I'm not explaining that, right, okay, so that's their pick, or they're standing. And then when they're split up into their different regions, they're ranked again, one through 16 with the number one pick playing the number 16 to playing the whole seed versus whatever the other term was, seed and pick are the same thing there. They allegedly are not used interchangeably, but I've seen them used interchangeably and all of this different research that I've gone through on ESPN, the n C double a website, various other sports commentators blogs,

Jae 22:55

Got it. Got it. Yeah.

Angela 22:56

Okay. So they play like number one plays number 16 to 250, and three to 14, and so on and so forth. So if you're a number one, that means that they have very high hopes that you will make it all the way to the championship game, if you're a number 16, you're what's called a Cinderella team. So if you were to win, it would be a huge upset and it would be as if your fairy godmother came and dressed you for the ball and you swept the prince away. Oh, sorry, what they straight up use the term Cinderella team. So if you're if you're a number 16 it means that they don't think you're going to make it very far. Essentially, they anticipate that you would be knocked out in the first round. So if a number 16 beats the number one because this is a single elimination tournament, then that team that was favored to potentially win is knocked out and this team who they thought would lose is then advancing into the spot that should have gone in their eyes to the number one, I'm gonna need us to pick a TV show and to use some names I understand. Okay, so imagine if Oh, okay, in Grey's Anatomy in the race for chief resident we had Meredith Christina, is he George or not George? Is he Alex? Wow, not is he? Wow. No. Is he was

Jae 24:05

no is he is he was his he was right there.

Angela 24:08

Okay. So Meredith, Christina. Is he Alex, April and Jackson all competing to be chief resident? Yes. Izzy would be like the number six pick. Well, yeah, she

just came back out of cancer. Yeah, so like she'd be number six. You wouldn't really think of her as a huge contender for chief resident Meredith would be number one. Christina would be number one. Okay, use me. Okay. Christina would be number one. So Christina and Izzy would in theory go head to head and like do a surgery together where Christina would be the lead surgeon and Izzy would be her assistant and then Christina would mess up an artery or something. Yeah. Then Izzy would jump in save the day. Christina would then move Christina would then be knocked out of the race for chief resident and his he would move up and everyone else's eyes

Jae 24:58

would she take Christina spot? She would just rise from where she was she would rise from where she was. Okay, so so they have the best team play the worst team. Yes, I feel like that Not fair tend to be the two best game the two best than the two middle and the two lowest. That's what

Angela 25:14

it would seem like but historically, there have actually been quite a few upsets in the first, second and third rounds of March Madness were like the number one contender who they thought would make it to the championship has been knocked out in their first game. So it's not clearly as much of like a gimme game as it seems. Okay. So this year, the top eight spots are going to Gonzaga who was favored to win because I think they had

Jae 25:38

already. I Whoo, so some games have already been played.

Angela 25:41

No, they're all of this happens based off of their collegiate games that have been played this year.

Jae 25:49

Oh, so the top eight that have going into March Madness. Yeah. There's these other companies that are favored

Angela 25:55

Gonzaga continue favored to win. Illinois is that Oh, East Coast. Okay, I'm googling really quick Spokane. Gonzaga is in Spokane. Spokane and Spokane are two different places I recently learned on Tick Tock. Oh, okay. Do I have this correct? Is it Spokane or Spokane? Washington? Yes, Washington. I swear they're two different places, but I wasn't really paying attention to. I always said Spokane, Washington, and I thought like maybe Spokane was somewhere in Alaska.

Y'all were American geography in it. Oh my god. Yeah, we're very sorry if we have offended anyone from either Spokane or Spokane or if I just don't understand proper pronunciation, you can take that up with my university and ask them to revoke my English degree and the certificates and certificates although I'd be really sad about those. Okay, Gonzaga, Illinois, Baylor, Michigan, Alabama, Houston, and Kansas are the top eight favorites right

Jae 26:52

now. Those all sound like they're from the south. I know they kind of do. I don't I don't believe they are though. So the top eight. I don't know where Baylor is

Texas. Okay, so

Angela 27:02

then only Michigan is not from the south and Gonzaga.

Jae 27:05

So the top eight. This is the topic for the whole week. But then you said they get re put into a different topic or into the top 16. They agree rank them once they're in their quadrant. But in this situation, since most of the top the original top eight are going to be playing the same game. That sucks for everyone who's already in that league. Kind of right.

Angela 27:23

Hi. Yeah, it's it's very complicated. Honestly, this research made my brain hurt. There are too many teams involved here. This is why I like the NBA. There are only 30 teams got it, it's a lot easier to keep straight. Those are the top eight don't really know what that means. So much. Oh, wait, actually, okay. I can tell you. There's Gonzaga they were okay. So actually, these top eight are pretty well spread out amongst the board. Because in my research for this, I actually made a March Madness bracket and joined my companies pool. How much

Jae 27:55

money did you have to put in?

Angela 27:57

20 bucks? Oh, yeah. And I found out right before we started recording, I can actually put in up to 500,000 million five brackets. So $100 Not that I plan. I want you in $100? Why would you submit five different brackets?

Jae 28:13

What does that mean? I

Angela 28:14

think it's just to play your odds. Because with this whole idea of like number one playing number 16 and potential upsets that could throw your entire bracket off, like say, for example, but like, don't you just build on the winning team? Well, no, you like every game like you're wagering your odds that your winning team will be all these other people. So for example, for my championship lineup, I have Gonzaga vers Illinois, and I have Illinois to win. So I'm betting that for Gonzaga to make it to that final game, they have to be either one of the first four teams, which is potentially getting knocked out today. So that's either Norfolk or Appalachian State, then I have them beating Oklahoma, then Ohio, then Iowa to play Illinois. Do you know their Gonzaga was going to play all of those other schools? No, your your guess you're guessing. So all I know is that they're going to play either Norfolk or Appalachian State. So I've been I'm betting that they're going to advance and then between them, they will either play Oklahoma or Missouri, depending upon who wins there. And I'm betting that Oklahoma will beat Missouri. But if Gonzaga wins, you don't win. You have to get all of the places until Gonzaga win. Aha to Yep. Oh,

Jae 29:30

yeah. Not as much fun as fantasy teams. See, that's why I said I really wanted you to try making a bracket because it's really complicated. Well, I thought a bracket and a slate were the same thing. Well, in essence, sort of, but not really already of my life. But yeah, that's, that's essentially March Madness. So we heard it here, folks. Angela needs Gonzaga to win and all those other schools to be the ones to lead them there. Yes, sir. thoughts and prayers and tweets. I know I'm actually so yeah, see I need them to get there. But then I actually once they get there, I need them to lose because I'm betting on Illinois. Oh, damn, yeah. Wow. So Gonzaga is highly favored in this, but I think I think Illinois might have what it takes. Damn. So I don't know. We'll see. My choices aren't locked in until tomorrow I might change my mind. Hmm,

Angela 30:25

time to graduate.

Yes. So, everyone now that we're moving on, we need you to remember that if you're in college or recently graduated from college, or like Jay mentioned earlier, if you are interested in someone who has interested in college sports, you may hope that this affair will fade as their graduation day comes the graduation of their favorite player, the farther away they move from their collegiate life, or if their team has a disheartening losing streak know to happen. The team is here to stay. Yep. Oh, my advice to you is pick a team like Lorelei said, and it needs you pick, pick the person who's who you're trying to impress, pick their team, pick your family's team, pick your best friend's team, or pick a completely random team, but pick a team and use that as your landing point. Because like we just told you, there are 68 teams going into this. Ideally, if you're just picking a random one, try to pick one of those 32 that automatically gets a bid. So that way, you're in this conversation, no matter what, where do I find that list of that top eight?


I'm definitely going to put it in the show notes. But do you want me to send it to you

Jae 31:31

No, just for people who might actually care? Oh, yeah, I'm gonna put it in the show notes. And you can also find it on the NCAA website. Got it. Time for the big kids sports now. The NBA? Yes. The National best. Ball Association. Yes. I don't know what that was.

Angela 31:49

All right.

So Jay mentioned earlier, player gossip is really big. And it only gets bigger. When we move into the NBA. Starting with draft every year in late June, the NBA Draft opens up to eligible players, like we said, 19 and older who've never played before. And there's a lot of there's a lot of tension, excitement, rumors that go along with this, because I've noticed in all of these basketball articles, it's never referred to as gossip. They're all NBA rumors. I'm assuming that just makes it seem a little more professional. I don't know. But within the draft, there are like I said, there are 30 teams in the NBA, the 14 teams that do not make it into the postseason playoff game automatically get the first 14 picks in the NBA Draft. So this is huge, especially for you to say that again. Okay. 30 teams in the NBA. 14 of those teams do not make it into the postseason, ie playing for a championship title or any of like their conference titles. So those 14 are just out so they don't get to draft people. No, they do get to draft people. They get the first pick in the draft because it's the they didn't do well. Yes. So socialists, Robin Hood, Hawkeye take from the rich give to the poor. Exactly. It's the way of trying to balance out the talent on every team.

Jae 33:07

Why are the Raptors in the NBA? They're Canadian. I mean, I think we also let their baseball teams into I think it's just because they have the one and so they have no one to play against. Oh, yeah, they don't they don't have their own league. So they're, they're in ours. Yeah. Okay, so so the bottom 14 get to pick first?

Angela 33:25

Yes, they get to pick first. I think it was recently expanded. So the five teams with the lowest season averages actually get the first five picks as well. So if you have like, say, does it go one per each team, or each team gets five, one per each team. So there are two rounds. So everyone gets two picks within within the draft lottery. And then from there, it's kind of a free for all. So like they in theory, I think I actually think one of these guys who's playing in March Madness is rumored to be the number one draft pick Cade Cunningham from Oklahoma State rumored to be the 2021 NBA Draft. If you're rumored to be a high pick, in theory, you don't have a lot of mobility for free agency, because a team's automatically going to pick you up. And if you're picked by a team, you can only sign with that team. If you're number 30 and above and you are not within that initial lottery. You can play out different offers from different teams, and you can decide which one you want to sign. But if a team chooses you so is it like what elephant I'm kind of for the draftees because they're going in saying that they want to be a part of the NBA, but they really don't have a lot of the higher you are in that pick, the less agency you have over where you end up. For example, this is a story that comes up a lot of Charles Barkley. He was big in the NBA, he's now a sports commentator. He was drafted and picked up by the 70 sixers and he really did not want to be on their team. And so his agent noted to him that there was a clause in his contract that said that if he was I don't know if it is Was that he was overweight, or if he was underperforming or something to that effect, that they could release him within the first 30 days. And then he could go back out and try to sign with another team. So he and his agent went to McDonald's every day for every meal got three super sized meals, and he gained like 30 pounds in two weeks to try to get dropped from his contract. It didn't work. But he really wanted out because he couldn't deny them because he was a high draft pick. And once he wants your pick to That's it, this sounds much to equalize and to be the way Americans do sport. I think that's why like basketball, the best feet, but on the other hand, there's definitely within the last few years, a lot of the player gossip and drama has revolved around where players end up where their trades go, how they're using picks and things like that, because a lot of players have actually tried to force trades, which is something that's very unheard of, and very unsportsmanlike. I think it might actually be like against part of like the NBA like code of conduct. And I tried to find that, but I couldn't before this, so I'll have to link it. But we already used Grey's Anatomy. Like Alex Krebs said to the chief after the Denny incident, it's your team. You may not like the players, you may not agree with the coach, but that's your team and you respect your team. But some players have been outright disrespectful to their teams in the past few years to try to force early trades. So like Do you remember when Anthony Davis moved to the Lakers two years ago now horse?

Jae 36:33

No. Okay,

Angela 36:34

well, basically, in order to really force his trade to go through to the Lakers, he openly disparaged the pelicans, the team that he was on and so it like really sounds like a Karen, like kind of I didn't, I didn't agree with it. Like it's one of those things that's kind of weird for both AMS, the franchise and the league, because fans get really excited because he's a good player. And he's a key player. He's been to a lot of playoffs recently, he now works very well with the Lakers. They're given take, but at the same time in terms of the league, it's like they have a really great player that brings a lot of eyes in but he's breaking their rules. So what do you do? Like do you suspend him and have fans turn against you or not trade him in which case he can just decide he doesn't want to play? Or even worse, he could do something Antonio brown like when he didn't want to play with the Raiders. So it's what I don't know what that means. Oh, did he do Okay, so this is sort of speculation, but basically, Antonio brown football player was traded to the Raiders, I believe, did not want to be there was very vocal about it. But everyone kind of told him to just suck it up and wait until he was really out of his contract. He then said he fell asleep in a cryogenic chamber and got frostbite on his feet that was so severe, he was out the whole season until his one year contract was up. And then he went to the team that he wanted to.

Jae 37:57

So as the system just sounds like a lose, lose, lose,

lose, like no one. No one's happy with this.

Because if what I'm understanding is if you're a ball mass draft pick, because you're really high, you're gonna go to one of the teams that didn't do well enough, the previous year,

Angela 38:14

right? So yeah, it's it's definitely strange, like unless you're supremely wonderful, you're usually only going in for like a limited contract, like a year, three years, something like that. But then also, every year when the draft comes around, draft picks can be traded. So you can actually trade a pic for another player could say like, Hey, I'll pick up so and so's contract. And I'll give you the number one pick. So a number one pick could actually go to a really great team, but they might get a new raw talent for one of their seasoned good players. So that's that's definitely why the draft is very spicy.

Jae 38:53

Okay, so I'm just using the three names I know in basketball, okay. So like, let's say, Houston Astros is that basketball, baseball, dammit. I don't know

Angela 39:04

basketball team. You know, the Lakers. You know, the warriors. I know. But like I'm not trying to go north house. Okay, I wanted another team. pelicans use the term pelicans.

They're a basketball team. Yes. There's calkin elephants. So the pelicans sucked, but okay. And Steph Curry is the only game I know. So Steph Curry is new in the NBA. Okay, and the Warriors really want him Do they could give away LeBron James to the pelicans to get the first draft pick if they want Steph Curry. Yes. So generally, they're not going to give away that big of a name. But yes,

Jae 39:35

it's the only name I know. I

Angela 39:37

know. I

know. It's okay. That's something that could happen. Then there's the on court off court beefs, which may or may not happen between players, players and coaches team to team or even between player and commentator or broadcaster I look the video where someone falls into john legend. Oh, I haven't seen that one. It was Ashton Kutcher.

Jae 39:57

I don't know there's some video or someone basketball player. Like falls into the lap of it's either Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis or Chris Reagan and George. I don't remember, but it was someone and he just like falls into their lap. Oh my God, that's really great. I'm actually really sad because Steph Curry fell.

Fell somewhere.

Angela 40:14

Oh, yeah. Steph Curry fell last night and injured his tailbone. I'm very sad. Okay, so when you're picking a fantasy team, there are like, we're not gonna explain how to play basketball because one, I don't really care. And too much it's going to take too long. It's okay. I'll put it in the show notes. How many different positions are there? So technically three, but also six? Because?

Jae 40:38

Well, here's my question. When

you're looking at statistics for your fantasy league, I'm assuming you're looking at different statistics depending on the position you're looking for.

Angela 40:47

Are basketball, fantasy leagues a thing. I thought all sports had them. Okay, you're right. That is a thing. I thought it was only football and baseball for some reason. Okay. So yes. So you have no hold on? Okay. All right. So there are stick to the there are five players, there are five positions, you have your point guard, your shooting guard, two forwards and a center. And then I think the forwards also have small forward power forward. Yes. Okay. So those are your five positions you're going to look at for fantasy basketball, which I didn't know existed until 30 seconds ago. And now I'm going to attempt to sound like an authority on it, you're going to handle your inner white man. I know, right? So you're going to look specifically if you want someone just in that position, you're going to look at their statistics there. But then you also want to see how great their maneuverability is, like, can they switch it up? Can they be in another place? Like if you need someone to? And I don't actually know how, if this is possible, but you know, if you have like a center and then all of a sudden you want your center to be the shooting guard, like is that possible?

Jae 41:50

I hope a listener responds to her because I'm certainly not going to. I know Yeah, please. I we have we have two we have two basketball fans. For listeners. One of you please dm us?

Yeah, like my question was,

if you're making a fantasy team, what kind of statistics are you looking for? For different roles? Yeah, that I have no clue. I have never participated in a fantasy team. Well, it's like, okay, I was gonna say for like your shooter, but like, that's not a position. I don't know. What's the point guard? That's basketball position, right? So if someone's a point guard, what are you going to look for in their numbers for them to be on your fantasy draft?

Angela 42:28

Okay, I have to admit of all the questions I expected you to ask. That was not one of them. So I had to do some furious googling here. So According to USA, basketball, National Youth League, we're going to go with youth because I'm sure that like all the skills that you learn as a kid, definitely translate to what you do later.

Jae 42:46

Like how we learned about the pilgrims on Thanksgiving. Well, aren't

Angela 42:48

we teaching kids better now? I mean, I certainly hope so. We stopped calling it Columbus Day, right? Yes, we

Jae 42:53

did get rid. Okay.

Angela 42:54

So generally, a point guard should be good on the offense, easily able to score make good assists,

Jae 43:01

but if I'm good on the offense, What number are you looking at? Like what finger?

Angela 43:05

woody? I mean, I think that's all kind of Blitz not all relative, but you would have to go into things that I do not understand. Got it. Okay, carry on. Next question. My next question is are short people like really in cable playing basketball? Like, couldn't we make the hoop proportional to a person who's like five, seven that we do for guys who are like nine feet tall?

I mean, definitely. But I think that there there are short players in the NBA right now. Yeah, but Sure. In the news, I mean, like, nobody our size, but no, they're playing their players shorter than six, three, Steph Curry is six two. Yeah. Like there have been players who are like 5958. I think it just really depends on your overall skill, not necessarily all about height. Like there are some guys who have been in the NBA who don't necessarily have the shooting skills, like they're there for the rebounds, and for the assists for the blocks. But I think what it comes down to like your overall talent size, isn't that much of a determining factor. I'm not going to say that it doesn't matter. But there are very successful players who are not six, six,

Jae 44:15

I know but like, if you're five, seven, and everyone else like five, nine, like it's what early or whatever, 6759, whatever. It's literally not the same. Oh, yeah, definitely not. But I mean, at the same time, it's it's not an exclusionary factor. I'll say it's not the largest exclusionary factor. All right, How high do you think the hoop is?

between eight and a half and 10 feet?

Angela 44:36

Okay. Yes, you're right. It's 10 feet, so like, not not ridiculously tall. But I mean, not everyone can dunk on it either. Do you get points for duck for dunking or is it a flex? It's a flex three points for field goals or beyond being beyond the three point arc two points within 1.4 free throws? Got it? Okay. Um, what other questions you said you had some like odd ones prepared. What did you have prepared? Well, I have the poem. You only had half the poem. I have the whole poem. Now. I'm not reading the whole thing though. Well, we'll end it with the last two stanzas, then. Okay. Oh, well, you did ask about it. That's what you were preparing. That's what you were preparing with your mom was the home team pages of notes here. Okay. It's a lot to flip through. I know. So what I know so what else? What else?

I was gonna ask you wanted to talk about referees. So I did a little investigating there. There was actually a huge NBA referee referee bias cheating scandal a few years ago for money for it. So yeah, his name was Tim Donaghy, and he placed bets on games that he refereed and then claimed that it was all just a coincidence that he bet on the winning team

Jae 45:53

and that wasn't illegal.

Angela 45:55

Yeah, apparently they haven't actually like passed a law on it. They haven't declared illegal so he did this for years and I believe that there were actually like some some alleged mob ties involved as well. Where he was making money a lot of other people were making money he

Jae 46:12

all mob bosses i j have no partaking and knowledge of what said other co hosts is speaking of I don't pay attention to sports. I have no involvement and or investigation in what happened.

Thank you.

Angela 46:26

Wait, wait, wait to hang in for the solidarity there. Thank you. I TB my bosses. If you are listening, I hold nothing against you for this. She just wanted the T so I found the T so what I just thought was interesting here was that he was found out he pled guilty to an FBI and NBA investigation did 15 months in prison to await his trial was then all charges were then dropped. He was released. Then he came out and said that he did nothing wrong. The NBA killed the investigation and the FBI had nowhere to go with it. So all charges were dropped. Did we find a middle lake? No, he's still alive. He's still out there claiming that he did nothing wrong. It was all a coincidence, but I think he won money off of more than 60 games. Oh, so we pulled a bridgerton

Jae 47:15

or feathering to Pardon me? Yeah.

Angela 47:17

So there's that and then I went through and I pulled NBA salaries for you. You'll be happy to know there are 131 players that are making eight figures. So if any of you live by the sweetie song and eight figures is just right for you. There are 131 men out there.

Jae 47:33

I'm sorry. Do you know the demographics of our podcast? Or do I need to pull them up for you? I don't know. It could have changed about it. Can you refresh me on the sweetie lyric you were referring to? I'm going to pass there just in case I forget to mark this explicit maybe the song title timestamp so other people could go hear it if they're invested. Got it? Well, what's the song? Oh, my type by sweetie. Oh, okay. I know the song now. I've got it. I didn't know by who the artist was. Oh, I get it. It was a slow burning joke. Apparently.

I've been away from side too long. Sorry.

That's okay.

I think that's your like, favorite song. If I'm I think it is like my for Caulker actually, Oh, she wants everyone to match one day for Outside Lands. Yeah, that's why we're wearing Grey's Anatomy, scrubs. I know you wanted to talk a little bit about player salary.

Angela 48:22

Do you still want to or Okay, so basketball players make money from the team and from advertising deals that they have on the side? Yes. Or sponsorships? whatever we're gonna go with the teams make money from ticket sales, merge food, alcohol parking like that. When? When a game is on ESPN and the ads are running.

Jae 48:47

Do those ads go to

are they paying ESPN? are they paying the teams playing? I think they're paying ESPN. Yeah. So it's like the teams are making money through

Angela 48:56

ads. Oh, and then team sponsorships teams get

Jae 48:59

sponsored as well. Right. I just remember the whole thing with Steph Curry and Nike and why he's with Adidas or Reebok or whatever. Under

Angela 49:07

Armour. Wait, what

happened with Nike? I thought it was Nike. They like reuse the same presentation from I think Kevin Durant and like didn't even change the name. Oh, I thought it was nice. That is a slap in the face. It was it was another big thing he was supposed to sign with another big sport company. And then they did that to him. So he's like, No,

Jae 49:27

I think the best way

to end this before we get to Angela's lovely two other two other stanzas of that poem and she lubricates her voice. I'm gonna look up a quiz of how to play basketball and I'll take it live. Okay, perfect basketball rules in terms quiz on pro profs comm slash quiz. Okay, school slash story start. Perfect. Question number one. Check all of the items below that are names of basketball violations.


yes, blocking foul, we'll come back to that. Grabbing elbowing, we'll come back to that field goal. Yes, no. But you said field goal but I don't know if that was allowed or not allowed, shit unsportsmanlike conduct well with how like socialists like the team begging is that sounds like a dangerous play offsides. We'll go with yes technical foul lane violation no there are blades over the limit pass interference charging tackling yellow card will tackling would be football charging all sounds like it's football yellow card i thought was soccer will cause all the fouling. Well throw grabbing dangerous play sounds fun. pass interference could make sense. I don't know what over the limit would be. We'll go with that. Okay, so unfortunately so the ones that are actually basketball violations are traveling, blocking, foul, elbowing, unsportsmanlike conduct new it technical foul lane violation and charging, what is the lane violation,

Angela 50:58

it has to do with location of like where you are on the court and how you're shooting the ball and or also blocking for the ball. It's kind of weird, but literally just like we are proximity like to the hoop and other players when taking shots and or blocking like can be a violation. I'm skipping around because

Jae 51:19

we're not going to bore you with one of the questions without that one go went how that one went. Number eight, a hand check is a a foul be intermittently or continuously using one or both hands on an opposite player or see both of the above? I want it to be continuously using one or both hands on an opposite player because that sounds funny. Oh, it's both it's also a foul. How well pick a number from one to 21 1717 the maximum number of consecutive seconds an offensive player can be in the paint 235 or 10 123 Hey, I got one right. Good job. Thank you. What does it mean to be in the paint so you know the rectangle like in front of an under the hoop that's usually in the team's colors on the court. Oh, well, isn't it yep hmm Yes, I know where that is. But okay, let's do one more or we'll do two more okay. ended on 514 one on one is a a shot worth only one point or be a free throw attempt awarded for certain violations that earns the shooter a second attempt only the first successful a one and one I thought what's a one on one one on one isn't it one just to put one two before playing each? I'm gonna go with the free throw Yay. A free throw attempt a job where to twist for certain violations. Yeah, because the shot that's only worth one point would only be the first one that and wouldn't make sense. I rank I moved up ranking in this quiz. Thank goodness. Okay, one more question. Make it 2121 Which of the following are influences on you as which of the following are influences on you as a basketball player? Is this like a fill in the blank? I feel like this is subjective. No, it's LeBron James Michael Jordan Diana Taurasi Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain, Mike Stewart and Tony. Who cares? They're old.

I feel like that's a very subjective question.

Angela 53:19


I agree. Is this gonna like help determine is this gonna like give you like your playing personality? Or no, this is like, this is like a rules and terms quiz. Very interesting. Oh, who are you going to go with? Magic Johnson? The correct answer is Who cares? They're all Oh, okay. So now we all know that today's episode kept me about where I was in terms of my knowledge. I did understand words think about brackets stay though so that was kind of interesting. That was kind of interesting. I don't know why there's pause there. But and I keep saying ended all excuse me to send us off

Jae 54:00

or your nodes lubricated?

Angela 54:02

I suppose so. Alright. You said you want the last two

Jae 54:06

Yes Right.

Angela 54:06

Well hold on a second

we're already inspire me us we okay the final two stanzas of the basketball if March basketball Ides of March yes final two stanzas since time began the instincts of man prove cave and current men kin on tournament night the sage and the white are relatives under the skin. It's festival time sins reasons or rhyme but with national wide appeal in the cyclone of hate our ship of state reds high on an even keel with war nerves tense. The final defense is the courage, strength and will in a million lives where freedom thrives and liberty lingers still. Now Eagles fly and heroes dive beneath some foreign arch let their sons tread where their hate is dead and a happy madness of March. The last one's a mouthful, right? But yes, everyone I will post the poem I will post the rules about basketball. Maybe if I can pull my bracket down, I'll post that too. And yeah, hope hopefully we've helped you in some respect. If anything, just pick a team. When in doubt, pick a team that needs you. And on that note, thank you all for listening to this episode of In Omnia Paratus. Grab your coffee bowl and don't forget to rate download and subscribe on Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts as always where you lead will follow. So head on over to @Inomniapod on Instagram and let us know more about what you'd like to hear about


Jae 55:33

go sports