We survived another Outside Lands festival – During Halloween weekend no less! After the fog, earplugs, and hair glitter have left, we spent the Monday after the festival recording while it was fresh in our heads. We’re recapping our 3-day shenanigans with our friend Brain, including filming a TikTok with Lizzo, eating Roy Choi ramen, and learning some new artist names and music (Spoiler: Angela got many artists confused this weekend).

Show Notes

Brian is back for this episode!

Jae 0:00

I pledge myself to the pod loyal I'll always be appear to start a d at the end, and an O sitting in between

Angela 0:14

when he calls like from the dragonfly, and she's like, Oh, I thought you were my mom, but she doesn't speak in a residence basso for food. No. And he's like, what? And she's like, nevermind.

Jae 0:23

So for the rest of you who don't get that. Welcome back to it on me promise. I'm one of your co hosts, Jae.

Angela 0:29

And I'm Angela. And today sitting in with us, we also have a special guest.

Brian 0:35

Hi, I'm Brian. You guys gonna introduce me?

Jae 0:39

I mean whatever,

Angela 0:41

we're going with it.

Jae 0:42

So today live not for you guys, obviously. But for us. We are 24 hours post. The Outside Lands festival 2021

Brian 0:54


hours ago, not even.

Jae 0:57

It's 3:07pm. And it ended at 9:35pm. So 15

Brian 1:03

hours? Sure. 1514 hours. 14.

Jae 1:07

I'll go with it. Yeah, we

Angela 1:08

are some space of time past the last artists that we saw.

Jae 1:15

Like we can tell who the humanities major was.

Angela 1:19


Jae 1:20

So 50 million steps aren't nearly enough calories and a handle later. Here we are. We survived to vitamin waters for me a thing of PD light for Brian. So brand Jolla.

Angela 1:34

I was doing pretty well. Not well. No sober two days, Angela Saturday, Saturday, it was a little hard

Jae 1:41

to stay sober. Or to not or to not be sober.

Angela 1:46

More like the recovery period because I drank a lot in the morning. And then by that evening, I had a really bad headache. So I was chugging water.

Jae 1:55

Oh no. Let's see how well our aging memories work. Friday. Day one Jinx?

Angela 2:01

I've got coke right here. If you want some Coca Cola.

Jae 2:05

Clear Coca Cola? Yes. We have no judgment for those who like to partake recreationally. But I do know, I think I learned cocaine isn't upper as it would be called. Yeah.

Angela 2:18

Brian is nodding yes.

Jae 2:22

Yeah. So like, if I stay low energy, like people might assume you're talking about a festival.

Angela 2:28

I did actually learn because I had to go into work this morning of some of my co workers were sitting on a blanket at the main stage on day one. And a girl literally dove onto them. They thought it was me because she was small wearing a white shirt with dark hair. And then like once once she started talking, they figured out she wasn't because she was offering them a bump of coke. Like she was like, You

Jae 2:52

guys seem really tired here. Do you want to bump Do you want to bump is a bump a quantity?

Angela 2:56

I don't know. They just kept saying bump.

Jae 2:59

Okay, because you put your finger out. So I'm like, are you what are we measuring?

Angela 3:03

I have not encountered this. I only know this from books. But I've heard it referenced many a time and a Stephen King novel. But they said she had a coke nail

Brian 3:12

like the people in front of us. Who was Arizona who were in all white. Yes, like midsummer? Yeah, they were all they're all doing coke dirty little bumps.

Jae 3:20

Oh, intro that

Angela 3:22

explains why I have a photo

Brian 3:23

I actually asked me took it. I'll try to take a picture of the stage.

Jae 3:28

I love that guy. Got it. We will not be posting this photo on the podcast.

Brian 3:33

This is literally like his noses like That's funny. Oh my.

Jae 3:40

So the three stages at this concert are Twin Peaks, Land's End, and Sutro like Sutro Baths, which are three I don't wanna say iconic, but three well known landmarks in the city of San Francisco, which this concert is held. That is Yeah.

Angela 3:57

Yeah, so when we, when we when we talk about lands and we mean the main stage, that's the really big one that is in the gigantic polo fields that a lot of people will tag on Instagram, the Twin Peaks stage that a little farther away, but also gave us the best views of the weekend. And then Sutro is a very underrated stage that has good artists but not good placement. So not a lot of people visit there. Generally,

Jae 4:22

it's very interesting. It's down in like a pit. So if you're not close, you really actually can't even hear the music going on there.

Angela 4:29

They don't have many speakers. The

Brian 4:31

sound doesn't really really like reverb back. It stays within that like little small area.

Jae 4:36

Part of the construction. This episode needs to be recorded. We want to do it today so we don't have to worry about it. It's all recovery. Okay, day one. So raffia Friday,

Angela 4:48

we we ended up there at the same time, which was pretty good timing for us.

Jae 4:52

Yes, Angela had to go do some work things. So she met up with me, Brian and two of our other friends once getting into To the festival. Oh, for the festival you did need some proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test right and I were fortunate that we got our boosters in time but everyone else was well in their six month window and took the precautions accordingly because the city of San Francisco does have very strong mandates as all sedation Okay, so we got an on Friday and we saw lots of animals but did we start there? Gotcha, Moses, six, five. We but we got there like two we

Angela 5:25

took pictures. We saw some people beforehand. Oh, that like Robin ah,

Brian 5:30

oh, yeah. Yeah, something okay. I remember now that he was different from Houston, Houston. Yeah. But they were right before glass animals.

Jae 5:37

So we didn't see anyone until five ish before that.

Angela 5:41

We were bouncing around a lot.

Brian 5:43

Yeah, we did the photos. And then the line for the restrooms was really long.

Jae 5:48

After Okay, so there's this big we've referenced it for the big Ranger Dave statue, which is where you kind of I try to congregate everyone should do our bit group photos so that anyone does choose to run away listening. If you know who you are, and she's turned away. We at least get the photos first. Who ish one two ish.

Angela 6:05

We all got in a little bit after two and then it would be bounced around between some stages. You guys went back to the mainstage at one point and then I went for ice cream tacos. And then I remember we all met up back at Twin Peaks because that's where we made the spin art and Jay stole my record

Jae 6:22

that was day two those

Angela 6:26

karma Wait, no, no, no,

Jae 6:28

the records were day two because we made your second one day three. But you're Oh, you're waiting for day one topless for day one. Okay, I'm going through my photos right now because I'm sure we saw someone before then. I just don't know where Oh, no. Oh, we got a food. We didn't get food. We partook in something legal in the state of California.

Angela 6:47

Oh, grasslands. There we go. That's why it wasn't with you guys. Yeah, yes. That's when you were getting your taco Morphett smores taco was not necessarily sure about the ice cream taco, but smores was great.

Jae 6:59

Wait, so we just walked over to the twins stage to walk over there.

Angela 7:04

Yeah. Oh, yeah. Cuz you guys want to grasslands and then I went for food. And then I met up back with you guys at the main stage again. And that's when we saw crew. Miana crabbing. Ah, Brett Kavanaugh. Oh, no,

Brian 7:18

that's a result. I don't know if I'm pronouncing them

Angela 7:20

correctly. But KHRUANG B I N pronounced that how you will or look up their website. Instagram will tag it for you guys. They were pretty good.

Jae 7:32

Yeah. And then we saw glass animals. It was one of the first couple Brian wanted to see

Brian 7:36

exam review. They were they're great. They were, you know, at least recognize half of their song so

Angela 7:42

Wow, you're really selling them there.

Brian 7:45

But I mean, I think that's one of the fun things about festivals you know, even if it's like with glass animals I really didn't start listening to them until like the last couple years but they've been around longer than that. So the songs I recognize from them were for the more recent ones it was cool to hear like other stuff from them and even the band that we saw before and the kurang been ever never had heard of them before until now and till that moment, and I actually enjoyed them quite a bit. So one of those one of those cool things about music festivals, yeah, you get to see artists discover some new music glass animals.

Jae 8:14

It was so packed being the fun size short legged human I am I couldn't even see the huge screens on the sides, let alone see the stage. Fortunately, having tall friends is great, because I just hand my phone over and with the new iPhone 13 Pro I can just zoom far back and then I can see everything and then I have the memories as if I actually could see everything.

Brian 8:37

Just kind of like an apple.

Jae 8:39

Pay Apple if you want to sponsor me. I mean, I think we would all appreciate if I got sponsored by Apple. Oh

Angela 8:45

absolutely. I think glass animals was great. I actually I don't know the name of one of their songs but I think I have a new favorite song to add into my rotation now something about space ghosts. Oh dear. No, no one remembers that. I remember like Space Ghost was part of the lyric.

Brian 9:03

Yeah, the song. Yeah,

Jae 9:04

I'm ashamed to know. I only know the one song heatwave that I heard popularized on Tik Tok but I didn't know one of their songs which was like okay, I get this. And I'm only bringing this point up because you did say and I think it'd be good to find the clip you did manifest be able to bring someone outside lands and our podcast episode with Heather.

Angela 9:22

I did. Yes. That's right. Yeah. So Friday My boyfriend actually got to come with us as well because I had an extra work ticket and that was really fun. I know boyfriend makes me cringe too. I'm not into that word.

Brian 9:35

By the way that sounds called a Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Angela 9:38

stay Oh coast to coast there we go. Cool. Okay,

Jae 9:41

so glass animals then

Brian 9:43

John gap in between.

Jae 9:44

What did we do? What did we do? Did we go get food?

Angela 9:48

I thought we just went to the bathroom. That's where

Jae 9:50

we got the chicken wings and you got ripped

Angela 9:52

off? Oh, yeah. got ripped off was no no, you guys got food before glass animals? No, it was after most animals. No because last animals our videos were almost in the dark. You guys were still eating one it was laid out.

Brian 10:05

Oh, she might have a point. Maybe that was the thing maybe after grasslands, grasslands, which would make sense. Yeah.

Jae 10:12

I mean, then I got I got really good they were Cambodian style fried chicken wings and they were exalt really salty and peppery on top. They also want to start fried noodle dish. And then Brian got the combo. But I lucked out because I got like nine wings and he got three. So I

Brian 10:25

paid for almost the full price. And the wings got a half portion. It would have been better for me just for me to order them separately.

Jae 10:34

Yeah, I offered everyone to eat some of the chicken ones. And everyone said no,

Angela 10:37

they did look really good. And they were just devoured ice cream tacos, sweet and salty. And then I had the

Brian 10:42

sushi burrito. The sushi burrito?

Jae 10:45

Yes. From the Oh, where we also want avocado fries. Yes. And then we ended our gap at Twin Peaks with Tyler. I'm going through I'm going through the videos, I promise. We were very conscious Cognizant during the things just three days back to back to back. You're kind of in the haze of what happened which day as Angela thought I didn't feel her record but she got after a whole rant we had to explain to her that was the wrong day. Things are just a little bit fresh and blurry. But it's great. It's fine.

Brian 11:19

I think it's what happens when you know it's a three day festival. It's an all the same area just bouncing back between the three same major stages.

Jae 11:27

Do you have anything that changes or outfit?

Brian 11:29

That's true, but I feel like you're always on the go just constantly moving. So it's just packing so much stuff in one day. So it's just easier to you know, give us everything.

Angela 11:37

Like did we even get that much sleep? I don't think we got more than six hours a night.

Jae 11:41

I got like seven I got a summary. I know it was great for my own benefit. On day one. I went with a 90s inspired outfit. I had a lot of little cute crop top with some like mom jeans that had a little bit of fringe at the end. And then I wore some butterfly accessories and necklace and a headband and I took my waiver and I ran it through my hair. I went light on the makeup knowing that I might be putting a mask on depending on how COVID was looking. And also I get very pink since I was already pink. I didn't want to like overdo the face makeup and like look like tomato

Angela 12:12

always fair tie with creator had never heard one of his songs before. Like seriously, I thought it was gonna be one of those moments where I was like, oh, yeah, I've totally heard a few songs. Absolutely nothing.

Jae 12:23

Well, for how much I've heard his name. I assumed I would have known something until before I got set to feel the songs like I've never heard any of these my whole life. You liked him before. Right? Right?

Brian 12:32

Um, yeah, I've actually seen him at Coachella before but when I did see my Coachella I don't think he was as big as he was now because he got a headlining spot here and at Coachella you know those headlights spots are always like the last act of the night or towards towards the end of the night it was I think middle of the day or something like that like like a four 3pm Sun was still out and during those acts two productions always like lower because they're not gonna you know invest in a bunch of lights and fireworks and stuff like that if the sun's out and the stuff second really show up. So yeah, it's just interesting to see it's like evolution and you know, performance how he would he went from like, maybe like a bit of a not a small but like a smaller act to someone who had like, headlined an event like this. He had a boat on stage.

Angela 13:15

That was pretty cool. I was very impressed with how he kept his balance on that. There were a few times where it got precarious.

Brian 13:22

Oh, yeah, he slipped a couple times and the camera was zoomed in. And then like right when he like that, like the camera would like move to something else because just in case he fell or something.

Angela 13:32

Yeah, because if any of you are unaware, we're in San Francisco Outside Lands. This is San Francisco based festival fog rolls in over here. Everything gets really wet. Oh wait around all the condensation, like four or 5pm So they had to have people come out and continuously mop his stage because he kept almost slipping. Oh,

Jae 13:52

it's not it's because he was sweating. No.

Angela 13:55

No, it was all the moisture in the air

Brian 13:57

cuz it's all smooth right?

Angela 14:00

But he was adorable. He when he first got out maybe after the second song. He was like San Francisco. This is so cute. Look at all this fog all these trees. This is incredible.

Jae 14:11

I know it was really funny when I think everyone in the crowd as he was ahead wider had been having a lot of fun throughout the day and he made a comment about it raining like oh my god, it's raining and I think everyone kind of looked around like Is it raining? Am I

Angela 14:22

unaware that it's raining right now? It's like and it was the fog. A lot of people who encounter fog for the first time here think that it's starting to rain. It

Brian 14:30

also could have been closer to them because when he was shooting off the fire will have hams with a fire and then like the cold air and stuff they can actually cause a bit of rain to come down. I've had that happen to me at a Lollapalooza they were shooting a fires into like the sky and after a while like it started raining for a bit and then it was off. Yeah, because like the heat and the coal and the arc and like

Jae 14:48

our festival expert here.

Angela 14:50

Science major everyone that I mean either or

Jae 14:54

both all the above day one Friday, we make the mistake of walking home right at the end of the festival from Twin Peaks, which is the far the stage and unfortunately to get out of it, you have to loop back around past it just on the outside of the street side of the park. The festival is held in Golden Gate Park, which is very annoying because there is an emergency exit, which lets you exit right where you want to exit. But instead you have to walk all the way past the other two stages to get out. It took an extra 30 minutes just to exit the festival. So we did not make that mistake Sunday two and three.

Angela 15:28

No, I think that's just the hardest thing about that stage because I think it's my favorite overall because you can get the best view from that hill. But getting out you either have to loop all the way around or you have to take the stairs that go straight up and then back over the ridge down to the main exit and then you have all the people who've looped around who are now there in front

Jae 15:48

of you. Yeah, not recommending just wait 10 minutes 15 Five, seven.

Brian 15:53

Yeah, I think it's especially difficult for this festival because I feel like it's the amount of space you have is very like it's small compared a lot of other festival places. It feels more blocked off a festival like Coachella or Coachella just like a giant open space.

Jae 16:08

All the trees the woods the woods. Yeah, day two. We met up with some other friends that we knew from college that was really violence but they were lucky enough to get VIP tickets which very fun for them and we came over and hung out and then we went to the festival where we started seeing Rico nasty that was the 303

Brian 16:29

Arizona Arizona

Jae 16:32

the first oh right because now he was day three

Brian 16:34

no he was day three

Angela 16:35

Yeah cuz Rico nasty was cooking with Roy day to

Jae 16:38

depth after we saw yeah to walk into the Arizona are they really named after the tea? Yeah, that's why he

Brian 16:44

told me yeah, they are named after the tea don't quote me on it but it happened something along the lines of they were like on a video call or something like that. And one of the guys was just drinking in Arizona iced tea and then they just decided to name their band Arizona but that's also why one of the stage is Halloween costume was Arizona iced tea outfit.

Jae 17:01

So you have to be able to see the stage to know that

Brian 17:03

that's Yeah, that's true.

Jae 17:06

We had some really good lemonade. There were companies that made a strawberry and blueberry lemonade, which I'd never tried before. Oh really

Angela 17:12

done. Oh good.

Jae 17:14

It was in the crowd very refreshing. Absolutely. Then Rico nasty performed Angela and I did not go to Rico nasty with our other friends. We went to get

Angela 17:23

salt like five minutes of Rico nasty. We we got there like right as she was starting and then we went somewhere else.

Jae 17:30

We went to go get food? Yes.

Angela 17:32

And then we made the record.

Jae 17:35

Okay, would you explain how this record situation what you do? What kind

Angela 17:41

so essentially, along the sides of the festival towards the back of the stages, there are different vendor booths like at every festival where they have different either attractions or awareness, things that you can do particularly because we're in San Francisco, there are a lot of different eco friendly nonprofits that have sustainability talks that are given but the one that we were at with Twin Peaks, there are a lot of major art installations that go on around there. And there are some live art ones as well. So connected to one of them was a participation booth where you could take a vintage record, they'd put it on the record player, spin it really fast. And then you could choose your paint colors and they would do one of those like spin art tie dye things for you.

Jae 18:24

I wouldn't go with tie dye but yeah, spit art. Okay, thinner. Yeah. So so they're asking both of us like for colors and like we're giving we're like saying those and then like when it comes out we both like in the Nordic Wait, I thought I said the first color is pink. So I was like, Oh yeah, it's implied that it's pink. I get it. I was like, Well, I thought I got it.

Angela 18:41

See when we were walking over there. I thought you said do you want to make a record? And I was like,

Jae 18:47

Oh yeah, I

Angela 18:48

want one. And I thought I'll tell you like we you should use pink and so I was like okay, I'll use but you don't like pink? I like pink.

Jae 18:58

I don't like a lot of people you wouldn't do pink as decor

Angela 19:01

I wouldn't do pink as decor okay not not all decor like I wouldn't have like pink walls pink couch

Jae 19:07

Yeah, but the amount of times we speak in the first second and third person and switch between UI us and me meaning any of those that are changeable

Angela 19:16

it's okay we should have just known we had to make two from the beginning Yeah,

Jae 19:19

so we went back there was a really cool mural I had Brian take a picture of me in front of but him being tall angles are a little bit different. So I'd have Angela go back and like do a few more but the thing is when she went back she didn't realize that the mural said risk in the back because she when I showed her the photos I took for her she's like, Oh no, you have too much of the trees. It's too tall. Like I want it like a little bit more narrow. And I'm like, No, that's fine. I get that but like you cut out the word on mine so it looks like

Angela 19:45

I legitimately did not realize that there was a word there. I thought it was just fun swirls. I really wasn't paying attention. I was just like, Oh, cool. And then once I actually saw your photos, the next thing oh, this Sara's leaving here. And then

Jae 20:02

back at the food run Brian got a pretty well known food truck in San Francisco SR ceasing Yeah. Which is a Filipino fusion or just Filipino Filipino Mexican okay Filipino Mexican food truck that was very good for the wine felt so good.

Brian 20:18

I mean, I think I'm here like twice I went twice uh compared to the other food trucks around it was like a little bit longer like one and a half times the size maybe but yeah, I opted in for pork shoulder burrito and pork shoulder play it

Angela 20:35

was absolutely plenty out of time recommend us

Brian 20:38

up Yeah, I mean, to be honest, I'm if given like my meat options I rarely ever choose pork but I'm glad that they're over the chicken.

Angela 20:46

I also think you did really well there because since they're an established food truck, they know how to deal with long lines make their food really quickly they probably have a better prep situation than some of the restaurants that have booths there that maybe aren't necessarily used to working in that short of a time frame because the chicken tenders that was on July

Jae 21:04

there was like a spicy not buffalo like a hot chicken tender place that had some really good crinkle cut fries I wanted we tried two days and nothing

Angela 21:14

there line did not move I stood there for 20 minutes in the exact same spot and like no one was cutting in front of me no big groups were joining at the last minute the line just wasn't moving.

Jae 21:27

It's fine. Eating Less essential

Brian 21:31

sarva a recommendation recommendation say

Jae 21:33

with hydrating we our group is very good. We're very on top of water bottle and hydration and some people have Camelback so fortunately you are allowed to bring an empty water bottles to the festival and they have a bunch of refill stations which is nice.

Brian 21:45

Yeah, I will say compared to a lot of the other music festivals I've been to the hydration centers were very efficient I mean I've been on other festivals or work for where you're waiting maybe 10 minutes to get your water bottle water pack refilled or something because the lines are ridiculous but this space was

Angela 22:02

quiet now they have really good attendance there that if you're maybe a little too intoxicated or just like having too much fun talking with your friends they will literally like take not like take them grab them from you but they will offer to help you refill and because like they do this like they've been trained on it they can do it a little faster than you can like I know when I was filling up your collapsible water bottle I was having issues so the guy took it for me and he did it in like do you find it to blow it just the sensor wasn't reading it? Yes it

Jae 22:33

yeah, that happened to be the first day so I blew into it and I gave it to the people our campus did a good job too when our college campus would do concerts and had stations they were always really fast oh yeah like there because those were the manual ones you can squeeze it really fast yeah hydration important sunscreen, Advil Tylenol emergency kits, all that bandits when peaks Rico nasty led us to we went to Roy Choi yes my two festivals I've been to I went to outside well it's 2019 and outlet 21 The way I stay on personal brand is I go to the cooking segments. So before we all decided to cancel because I don't remember what his last name is. But Adam report Adam whatever his name is from Bon Appetit the editor in chief like decided to be all racist. Before that happened the boat of a tea when they were on all peak YouTube virality did a cooking segment outside ones I really wanted to go to so I went and watched Andy cook with one of the drag queens I don't remember her name. Unfortunately right now I went to that one and then this year I saw that Roy was cooking with Rico nasty. So that was the one segment I really wanted to go to. So all my friends are like sending me their schedules and they're like who do you want to go see what do you want to do? I'm like I have a cooking segment on the stage for 20 minutes I'll meet you guys later but I just like I think it's cool that they have the chefs here like as someone who grew up cooking and likes to cook especially Roy I'm pretty sure he's known for the food trucks in LA like the Korean sushi the Korean fusion ones as well curious soon it's gonna make and then he cooked with Rico nasty and they made a ramen with American cheese on top and fried dumpling stuff that threw him to the audience.

Angela 24:06

Oh my god. I couldn't believe it when he started throwing food in the audience. How did people actually catch those dumplings? It looks like they came straight out of the oil and then just into the crowd, maybe the fog off and he also threw out some cheese slices and some cabbage Oh, I just got handfuls of cabbage into the crowd. After

Jae 24:27

the cooking segment though they had so much food. I had to quickly enter the restroom because I was trying to beat the crowd. Angela got a really good spot in front and apparently almost stole us a bowl of ramen from the poor worker.

Angela 24:39

Well, no. Okay, it wasn't that bad. But I was thinking because Jay was in the restroom. I was like if Jay was here, she would probably try to get food so am I doing my best duty if I don't attempt to get it for her. So luckily a lot of people as soon as it was over just started to leave some spaces were clearing out and those who were In the front, they were giving out the ramen to them so I ran up God aside spot and you kind of had to Michelle Gerard the prices right fam girl it up jump up and down scream for Roy Choi and Rico nasty like say how she wanted the ramen. So I did that. And someone came over and she was like about to give it to me. And then she swerved me and was like, Oops, and then gave it to the person next to me was like, okay, like, you're funny, but I really need this ramen. So when you come back, I'm just gonna take one very politely. I'm gonna take

Jae 25:37

and I appreciated it. Fortunately, I was able to eat around the cheese and the noodles were really good. It was a little bit spicy. Nice for the foggy day.

Angela 25:44

I thought he put in like nine spice packets, like some crazy high number like that. Oh, I

Jae 25:50

didn't taste that.

Angela 25:52

Maybe they diluted it afterward. But I just was like ripping open packet after packet.

Jae 25:58

Interesting. It's very good, though. And it was fun getting to see the cooking segment. 36 anyone?

Brian 26:08

You know, you didn't meet up with us?

Jae 26:10

Where did you guys go?

Brian 26:12

We went to the artist Shiva song.

Jae 26:15

Yes. Because we went to Vampire Weekend. Yes.

Angela 26:17

Right. She but you knew she was

Jae 26:20

calling it because I was like, she's she but well, I also want to confuse with she's in which is the vegan so if she plays she likes like she should. And you guys what did you think? Are he she? He he? He is a DJ?

Brian 26:36

Yeah, like, like an EDM artists? Yeah.

Jae 26:38

What's the differences on a DJ?

Brian 26:40

I mean, yeah, you have a DJ? Like,

Angela 26:43

is it more respectful to call them an EDM artist?

Jae 26:47

Does it have to do with what they actually like live mix and stuff? No,

Brian 26:50

no, I wouldn't. I wouldn't say if there's, I mean, let me put it this way. I would say when you you're when someone says DJ, that person typically is playing can be playing other people's music remixes, like if you think like if you buy like a DJ, like if you hire a DJ for a wedding or something like that DJ is gonna be putting down like, whatever, like popular music there is out there or your request was when you see EDM artists, it's more like they're playing their own stuff that they wrote, the more you know, I mean, I wouldn't say there's like a definitive like answer, but I would say that that's like a good, like guideline or explanation.

Jae 27:27

Okay, so how was Shiva he knew

Brian 27:30

he was, he was good. We actually didn't stay for too long. We stay for about 1015 minutes, because we were planning on checking out the soma tab, which it's not a mainstage like the three that we talked about earlier, but like kind of like a mini stage. It's a tent that's actually set up kind of near Twin Peaks. And inside is lasers lights, a DJ fog machines, it looks like a nightclub in the middle of the park in the middle of the forest. And the problem is so many people are trying to go in like there was no actual line. It was just like a crowd of people. And every now and then they've just let a couple people through. We kind of gave up on it. Okay.

Jae 28:08

Where was she was saw she was on Twin Peaks. Is this

God, sorry.

Angela 28:25

Recording going on here. Oh, man.

Jae 28:28

He just likes to read off the lasers. Goodness gracious.

Angela 28:33

So essentially, the soma 10 is new to the festival this year and it's kind of the equivalent to what the Heineken would be. And what Heineken house used to be here at Outside Lands. So I don't know.

Jae 28:47

I think we went to the Heineken house day too. Yeah.

Angela 28:51

It didn't hit off the same way.

Brian 28:52

Yeah, it's it's an outdoor thing now. So it's the there's no roof on it, just the roof matter? Well, I mean, it used to be a closed off. So it used to be what the soma tent was. So like,

Angela 29:02

dark or so darker. You had the same thing like generally disco ball, lasers, different lights, and the tent helps with the sound as well. So you're not getting any of the outside interference.

Jae 29:15

Got it? Okay. Yeah, so

Angela 29:16

those stomata I feel like is one of those places you would have had to have staked out particularly because it's so new, like if you wanted to get in later, go in early and then hang out, but they are devoting a whole day there.

Brian 29:29

I think that I think especially the soma tent, for my understanding, there's a lot of techno artists who are playing there. And the I think the techno scene in San Francisco is a pretty large one. And it's definitely like grown even more than last couple years. So I have a lot of friends who are no very like techno savvy, they love techno music. And on Friday, I think they just went to the soma and just stay there the entire day.

Jae 29:54

That's commitment.

Angela 29:55

That's a lot of time in the dark. Yeah,

Jae 29:57

yeah. Vampire Weekend. mainstage. We fortunately like them and don't ever cool but had no passion so we got to sit back at the picnic tables. And then I came up for the close of headliner Angela and I wanted to go see was lizard that night what I thought was a genius plan which was to go as deep as we could in between Vampire Weekend and Lizzo and then slowly inching your way out, as it got closer to the time where the mob would be running after us and like leaving. No, it

Angela 30:23

worked really well.

Jae 30:24

Yeah, we got really close to the speaker. Really good view. And then we were with some very tall people next to us who Angela got into squabble quarrels with scuffle scuffles.

Angela 30:36

We almost got a little tiful

Jae 30:39

Angela was getting ready to stop. She took her earrings off put her hair. Oh my god.

Angela 30:43

No, when I say there were six or seven 511 Easy girls who got in front of me, but just in front of me. And then one girl kept kicking my ankle trying to do one of those soccer moves when you like take someone down when they're running? Well, 511 playing soccer

Jae 31:02

makes sense. Yeah, yeah,

Brian 31:03

tackle of some sort.

Angela 31:04

What Yeah, like how I showed you earlier, like one of those like, really like tricky things to like, put you off balance. So it succeeded. And she knocked me out of my spot. And what I thought was crazy was that there was just so much room around them. And I was very determined to hold my spot, because you could kind of tell that these were the sort of people who were just a little used to getting what they wanted, because it's like, obviously, there were so much room to move around. But they had to have that one spot

Jae 31:31

PSA, if you really need to stay in with your significant other behind you or to the side of you, that is a personal choice, and therefore you both don't get to get accommodated. Individually, you do need to accommodate as one unit. We're going to get into a lot more PSAs towards the end of this Clavel upset but this one just fits right in the soul section.

Angela 31:53

Exactly. No. And I just I thought it was really dirty. Like really, you're trying to take out my ankle so you can stand next to your friend. She could have just said like hey, do you mind moving? I totally would have moved what was the fact that she felt like she needed to like subtly heard me that I was like, No way this isn't happening. I'm

Brian 32:13

almost worried like I wasn't there to see this but you know barlines almost bully you into Yeah,

Angela 32:19


Brian 32:20

Moving or something. Yeah. And their hands just

Angela 32:22

flying everywhere. Oh my god, right. And they kept shouting like, I feel so empowered. I'm gonna do anything and like whack their hands around. Yes, you you can at this moment do anything because you're the bigger person here. Maybe try to control your space a little bit though.

Jae 32:37

Here here. Lizzo was really fun. The energy was great. It was amazing. It was like a little bit funny though, at the beginning to see like this crowd full of girls and there were some guys there too. But all of this crossing around like oh my god, like Yes. Like we don't need no man voice

Angela 32:54

holding their boyfriends hand. Yeah,

Jae 32:56

all of the things I think were genuine feelings. But like they were like pushing into a more but I think it was really funny all over the couples like when she said Why men great till they got to be great. And like all these girls are saying it to their boyfriends like no, that's not quite what's that weird man. But like, good try. He did a great little costume change where she came out as the red light green light girl from squid games and her band DJ backup people put on the guard masks, but I think the best part though, was his Lizzo it will pose and things are gonna get a little weird like prepared and then it's Angelyn are slow back now I'm like, was like Okay, it's time and she wants to film a tech talk. She's gonna polish. We're gonna talk right now. And it was great because she knew what to do because she knew that for those of you who are not on tick tock obsessively. There's a countdown to when the song starts, but she knew that no one could hear it. So she had one of her BACKUP SINGERS give it to the person recording so we could all hear so we get time kinda Oh yeah, she's like, put your microphone right here. Yeah, it was great. We were in Tik Tok with Alyssa which will probably be the name of this episode. Oh my god. Yes. And well we were at was oh, the three EDM people were at Zoo.

Brian 34:02

Yeah, zoo, so I did not know this actually. But apparently that's not how you pronounce his name. I I've always called them Zhu. Everyone. I know. Oh, it's actually pronounced Zhu Zhu or something like that. Oh,

Jae 34:13

that's even worse, because you're Asian. Yeah, I

Brian 34:15

know. But

Angela 34:17

I totally say I wanted to correct you guys on that when I saw how it was spelled like not because I knew but because I've seen it like as a character's name in a book before and they like had a scene where they went over the pronunciation of it. So it was like, Are you sure you're saying it?

Jae 34:32

Right? No. Asian people though. What's that last name? Who pronounce

Angela 34:35

Yeah, so I thought like maybe that's just the way he pronounced it.

Brian 34:38

Yeah, so I mean, that's how I first heard his name. So it says to me, so I just took it as that I also thought it could have been his last name. I didn't realize he was Asian till like more recently cuz he actually never showed his face or anything. He'd always be like a shadow. Oh, yeah. So um, and then when I thought it was interesting, oh, man, that's his last name. I have friends who like have that last name but then apparently not. He It's named after. It's not his last name. It's not his last name. He's, it's it's some that he is Asian. He is Asian. It's he there's a different reason why he picked it up.

Jae 35:09

So how do you pronounce it correctly?

Brian 35:11

Not 100%? Sure. Zhu. Yeah, something like that. But he's from San Francisco, which is also why he has a huge,

Jae 35:18

that must have been huge, because that was the Twin Peaks.

Brian 35:21

Yes, it was. So BAFTA everywhere like

Angela 35:24

just that makes more sense now, because the Sutro and Land's End stages were not as crowded as I thought they would have been.

Brian 35:30

Yeah, no, he's he's really big. I think when an artist like comes from the area and returns there to play, I think that's always like a big thing. Especially with like, I feel like the Bay Area, San Francisco has a really big, like, EDM music scene too. So all that together.

Jae 35:45

That's very interesting, because I didn't even really, I don't know if it's like, just the time where it was getting like, just trend you're all around. But that wasn't big for like me growing up in the bay area until I went to SoCal. And everyone was going to raves and everyone was doing that. Like that's when I started even hearing what EDM

Angela 36:00

was oh, in like high school when waste could start getting into the 18 and over clubs was all EDM and that everyone that I knew got really into it.

Jae 36:09

Well, silly. I didn't turn 18 Till I went to college. So I don't know. I get to experience such things such Joys.

Brian 36:18

But ya know, he shows great, lots of lights, lots of productions, typical, you can barely see him on stage, you can always kind of see a shadowy like figure the crowd was so backed up even more than Tyler the Creator. It was that area that we stood at the front was everyone was like sardines, and we were all the way up the hill, almost near the porta potties. We couldn't get any deeper in.

Jae 36:40

What I was gonna say is I feel like Tyler compared to what we saw net three at J Balvin. And then what they describe and see like Tyler was the most space that night that we had at that stage.

Angela 36:52

I think it's because a lot of people skip Friday, or they don't stay as late because they prepare more for Saturday. Yeah.

Jae 37:01

We didn't need to prepare. We just did all

Brian 37:04

to be fair on the app, it will tell you how many people like bookmarks or nervous artists that was playing at the same time as Tyler was the strokes and there were more people that bookmark the strokes entirely. Yeah. Which is which is interesting to me. Because you know, like that crowds pretty young and the strokes I think came around what 9697 Yeah.

Jae 37:25

I thought they were much older. Yet. Same.

Brian 37:27

Yeah. So I feel like Gen Z and everything. Now I feel like a lot of these like rock bands are getting like a resurgence. I

Angela 37:35

heard a lot of people talking about them. They're like, Oh my God, did you hear that? They broke up. But now they're back together. And they're here and like, I thought they got back together like a while ago. But well, it

Jae 37:45

was nice getting through. But Tyler while we had it. Day two, we came back we passed out trying to think of anything else often Oh day to a mole Brian and our friends were at another show. They made some friends for a bit while they wait for Uber to be a little bit easier to

Angela 38:02

get. Yeah. All right. I do have to admit I'm not gonna lie. As soon as I heard, oh, we're bringing some people back my inner guard dog panicked. I was like, Who are these people? What do you know about them? What do they know about us do like, are they taking advantage of a situation what's going on here? They seemed really

Jae 38:20

nice. I thought they were fine. My only thing was Are they vaccinated but as soon as they came in, not that this is a complete indicator of what but there was a reference made to race in the on the correct viewpoint and a reference made to President Obama in a good way. I'm like, Okay, y'all are fine. That was really my concern over everything. Because like if they're about to like let's have anti vaxxers coming at us, like I don't care how good a time y'all had at wild lands. If you are an anti Vaxxer like you are not I know coming into my space,

Angela 38:48

it did trigger my inner germaphobe too, because like they came in they took their shoes off. I thought that was good. Yeah, like better than better than the people who

Brian 38:55

stayed I dragged up the stairs. I vacuumed I came back nice and early on. There's chunks of dirt around my shoes I probably should I'll take these shoes upstairs.

Jae 39:08

Yeah, they were very respectful shoes off very nice. Very fun. They seem very high and I'm sure you guys had a lot of fun spending we talked to them they were our replacement Sandra.

Brian 39:19

Yeah, there were a couple we had two small kids kind of like their day and night out kind of little break from their kids.

Jae 39:24

Everyone needs once in a while. Yeah, we wouldn't know that.

Angela 39:27

I'm sure you do what we could assume they

Brian 39:29

were very fun very giving they bought me or two other friends around have drinks around wine

Jae 39:35

who are all over age above 21 they're underage

Brian 39:44

I like how there was a concern to clarify that we were talking about drugs at the beginning of

Jae 39:49

Well, those are still legal all around so like it's like the purge. No, no rules.

Angela 39:55

Like we have to include the references so that we know them from books

Jae 39:59

for how Wake up and we did it all again.

Brian 40:01

Actually, you can ask us something about that chair about detail. Yeah. So you both have been a couple music festival so far.

Jae 40:08

This was my second

Angela 40:09

you've been to a couple this was my fifth

Brian 40:12

Have you have you had experiences with just meeting people from different groups just like I think it's for me I actually find that like to be a very fun part of music festivals, just meeting just different people and connecting with them whether on my things you like or just the music,

Jae 40:27

the moment like I've like waiting for the bathroom or waiting for food, but like I have never like translated any like stranger interaction into like continually hanging out.

Angela 40:37

Okay, Sam, I like I don't want to say I think it's weird. You know, you're saying but I say I do think it's, it feels weird. Like, I know that it shouldn't be because it's just the same as meeting a new person. But for me, I think when I go out, particularly in festivals, I'm always a little bit guarded. And generally, this year is the most time that we've all spent together that I've spent with any group at a festival. I'm usually on my own. So whenever new people approached me, why are you approaching me? I'm a lone wolf. And so I'm like, I don't have a pack to protect me. I think if it was all of us, and we met people, I'd be a little bit more open.

Jae 41:16

Yeah, I think the thing for me is like being just someone raised very much like worst case scenario, like take your safety precautions. Know your exits, like is your phone charge where people like, When are you meeting up? Like all of those things? I'm very much like going through the checklist of my head of those things. So like, when someone approaches me like, when takes me out of it? Well, I think if we were in a group like I was with you guys, I have no problem like meeting new people. And I like meeting new people just like when I'm, I'm not the most like receptive to like making the introduction when I'm more concerned with like, how many people are in their group? What do they seem like? What do they believe in? What are they doing here? Like,

Angela 41:52

yeah, I'm a little bit more like a one off interaction. Like if we're standing next to each other in the crowd food line sitting next to each other on a bench, like that's good, but I've never met someone and joined their group or invited them to join my group.

Brian 42:06

Okay. Yeah, I'm, I'm a little different. I guess. I love meeting people. So you're,

Angela 42:11

you're a man in your college. So less safety things to think

Brian 42:15

Yeah, well, I don't really go through safety checklists and that stuff. I mean, I just kind of feel the vibe of it I'm probably just gonna edit them then in there but if you know connect them because I mean, I did that the last mini music festival I went to I can't even get

Jae 42:32

to the vibe check because I'm like, Do you have a weapon on you? Do you do are you putting something in my drink? Do you have a drink?

Angela 42:38

See, every time I decide like I'm going to open myself up we're going to try it I get someone trying to minister to me someone trying to like religious Yeah, like, from whatever their religion

Jae 42:50

is. This is the vibe you're giving off. Are you ready to be ministered? Yeah,

Angela 42:55

apparently they just see sinner and go in for me, but that happens a lot. And actually Oh my God, I've decided I have the best comeback for the next time someone asks me have you you know our Lord and Savior? And I'll say yes, the Lord Scott Disick. Have a great day. Goodbye. Oh, dear.

Brian 43:13

But that's that's pretty neat. Sometimes that's pretty amusing to me. I feel the need to prepare prepare something means that this

Angela 43:20

is how Austin's so often like it one time even happened in a previous workplace where I think like it was like four or five women on their lunch break all sat down next to my desk and decided to share their Oh, I forget what they call them. It's not their worship story. But there's a specific name for your Catholic too. Yeah, they were Christian is this Eid? Oh, I'm really sorry, guys. I don't mean to offend anyone. I just can't remember what it's called. But I know there are a few like sects of Christianity that this is part of their fellowship. And so these women all went to the same church or similar churches, and they were all ministering to me literally in the middle of my workday. Yeah, I was like, thank you very much. I appreciate it. I appreciate your religion. I'm Catholic. We're good. We're on the same page on Jesus. Or we're in the same book. We're not on the same page, but we're in the same book.

Jae 44:19

There you go. Any other questions? Brian?

Brian 44:21

No, no, that's just I was just wondering on how you're taking for something that because there's there's people that go to a music festival and they're like, I just want to spend time with like my group. That's all I really don't care about anything else. And there's some people just enjoy just meeting lots of different people and interact with different people. So I was just I was just wondering what your take on it was,

Angela 44:40

yeah, no,

Jae 44:41

I always would if I don't think I would do if I was alone. I definitely wouldn't do it and I don't think I would necessarily be the one to initiate it. But like if someone someone I met in the bathroom I like like really want to see someone who I wanted to see and everyone else was going there. I have no problem tagging along with them, particularly if they are female. I think that's makes it easier. kind of just less of a worry, but I know she can have in that way too. But I don't think just because of like, how ingrained like safety and like my surroundings that I would ever read with was like hey, do you want to come with me to do something because I feel like if I'm leading I can also be thinking of a getaway plan.

Angela 45:16

Well, I mean you could because you can lead them to your nearest escape you just really have to know your routes. Yeah, it's

Jae 45:23

not good for a new place. Yeah, but here's the thing I've never been outside land twice I've frequented Golden Gate Park growing up in the Bay Area and still couldn't get most places by myself probably around the US home and I think I could but I have a thing with navigation where if I know I have to navigate someplace I can do it and I can do it well and I can call someone and like to walk them through how to do it but if I know there are people who like really like to navigate I don't know right from left at that point, because I know if someone else has happened under the control totally fair.

Angela 45:54

I don't know I'm definitely open to it. Not no new friends but new friends in certain situations.

Jae 46:00

New friends pass the security check. Exactly friends after a background check. But kind of day three Halloween yesterday

Angela 46:07

I honestly almost forgot it was Halloween just because there had been so many costumes already around. It just felt like one it felt legitimately like hollow weekend. Yeah,

Brian 46:16

people dressed all three days actually a lot of people dressed Yeah, three days.

Jae 46:20

I did not want to do that.

Brian 46:21

That sounded fun to me. I just didn't think people are gonna do that though. That's gonna be hopefully

Angela 46:25

I was gonna do that all three days. Yeah, communication friends

Jae 46:28

use it to work. So for our group, everyone I mean I didn't actually have a group costume on I kind of just took everyone's group costumes and had them rank it and I organized it and our group ended up dressing up as because of the space Galaxy theme Andrew overall want to do shag in the game, which apparently everyone and their mother did this year I saw so many new groups. So like we wouldn't blended in either way for our space exhibition kind of thing. Angela was a

Angela 46:57

black hole. That's that's what we're going with. I was going for supernova, but the glitter didn't translate on me got it? Because I don't know when you look at the photos. I caked on a ton of glitter yesterday and none of it showed up. Yeah. So it's like you you couldn't tell what I was other than the fact that I was wearing black. So I'm a black hole.

Jae 47:16

There you go. Brian.

Brian 47:17

I was an astronaut. All the other people at all three days. Yeah, all three days. So many astronauts.

Jae 47:23

We couldn't we couldn't use your spacesuit to figure out who you were. On day one. Brian wore a black fedora, which we thought would kind of signal something but apparently when our other friends lost him there. There were so many people in fedora. That was our one side and we couldn't find the fedora. And we can come to the wrong girl.

Angela 47:39

Yeah. And it was literally just Friday to Friday was the day everyone was just had Fedora Friday.

Brian 47:46

I love it. I feel like that's the door is like a very common Music Festival. It's almost like uccelli so I guess yeah, probably not the best way to find somebody. Yeah, and then I

Jae 47:56

dressed like Ariana Grande in her brain music video I had a DIY tin foil and Boston metal up with a lavender skirt and some old white boots that top was the death of me but Angela got me in enough that there are some great photos on my Instagram it'll more will go onto our podcast Instagram which is all the real point of it is because did you go to a festival if you did not do at least two to three rounds of Instagram photos? No you did not. We saw we started with Nelly which was very interesting when I heard his venture into country because I had heard him on country songs but I didn't think it was like the same person who did like the other song he kept making a point of like who's like an OG fans like okay we get it Do you want your real fans here but like

Brian 48:39

who's been with me since day one? Yeah every at the end of every song in between every song those who have been rocking with me since day one like

Angela 48:49

Bay Area West Coast only who's been with me day one do you want to leave now like

Jae 48:54

do want to stick it out you're at the main stage so like I don't really think you have a choice and then Natalie we went oh gosh, there was a break Yeah,

Brian 49:02

we did the little break in between

Angela 49:04

they went to Heineken house and we went to the mushroom there we go and what did you think? Okay, so the mushrooms are not drugs we partner Yes, the mushrooms are part of instead not are part of an exhibit installation for the bubble tea area. They call it the bubble tea party. So they have maybe like three giant mushrooms along with these like little ones all around. They spread out this like extra fake moss to look to make it look insanely green and then all the little food stands around there are bubble themed and also shaped like mushrooms and they have all these vintage couches, lounges chairs for people to hang out and drink their tea in and they also have a bubble artist out there who's using the giant hoops and strings to create bubbles to float around you. Well all of this is going on

Jae 49:55

it's very cute and I'm happy I did it in costume.

Angela 49:58

Your your photos look really good there. Thank you I think I don't know what they did this year maybe they gave them a refresh or they used some different colors but the mushrooms themselves looked extra vibrant yes

Jae 50:08

they're very nice and the lighting was good because of the fog made it to weed pretty avoiding so mushrooms and then we went to Twin Peaks to get Angela her record and then we made one for our other friends who wanted one as well

Angela 50:19

yes try it again to get the spicy chicken

Jae 50:22

that was the one time Sunday everyone got on my level in terms of planning and at this particular stage was at 540 or bus to be back here go out or what line you're in. Right You're getting beat here.

Brian 50:34

Yeah, I mean to be fair like that's like when I go to music festivals that's how we usually do it just because service. So spotty, just have a meeting point a time or like several meeting points in times if people miss the first meeting point meet us at the second meeting point in time.

Jae 50:47

I know I don't mind doing it that way. Just we didn't we weren't as no one was taking it as seriously as day three because the performance we and everyone else at the festival was trying to get to was

Angela 50:57

Rufus to soul. Oh my god. Okay, so honestly, like, I think I told you Well, I told you both while we were in the crowd, no idea who Rufus disolved was thought he was Portugal The man

Jae 51:09

did not tell.

Angela 51:10

I did not understand. I was so confused. Like whenever anyone would talk about Rufus just Oh, like, Oh my god. So amazing. So great, like iconic and like, really? And then, you know, we get there and I see them on screen. I'm like, oh, there are three people up there. There were three. Yeah.

Brian 51:31

Okay, Australian. I think it's one of those things where they just released an album about a week and a half ago, maybe just in may just a week ago. So they began their new your new tour. So that's everyone's go to see like, that's everyone. Everyone wants to see them. Yeah, no,

Angela 51:46

Rufus. disolved. Way better than I thought they were.

Jae 51:49

I liked everything. I heard they were the one artist that like Brian and a few of our other friends have played song right. Oh, I like that. Like this is cool. I kind of like we're stuck behind a pool again. But like you take what you can get into concert because it is about the music. But like when they have cool lights like our friend had some cool like glasses that were kind of Kaleidoscope be that she let us borrow and it was a trickle. Yeah. And after. So this was the evening where we kept busting missions from stage to stage was Sophie Tucker they because there are two of them? Yes, though. They wait, what? Do you have them? See, but she has a body double?

Brian 52:23

Yeah, no, no, it's literally two names. It's Sophie. And then there's Tucker it's two people. The guy's name is Tucker. Sophie.

Jae 52:35

Oh my god. All the educating episode. Seriously,

Angela 52:39

I learned so much.

Brian 52:42

The French tail.

Jae 52:43

Oh, cool. Oh, that their costumes looks cool. I saw them on Instagram. Yeah, they're

Brian 52:47

actually I would say the compass a lot of very like Burning Man vibes with Burning Man is also a very big bay area thing.

Jae 52:54

I'm saying big French thing. I'm like, oh.

Brian 52:58

But um, yeah, there's a huge like Burning Man community. Like there's a lot of people from San Francisco, just the Bay Area that attend Burning Man. I think that's why a lot of people tend to gravitate towards Sophie Tucker. Oh, they're all about like weirdness one of the songs but like she purple had Cheeto print or something like that? Yeah, I heard. Yeah. So like people will come in like purple hats and

Jae 53:20

I heard one or two of their songs from our friends. Then we have our three final headliners,

Angela 53:26

J Balvin, Kailani. And Tame Impala also had no idea who Tame Impala was and was really confused when I got to that stage. So I thought he was a rapper.

Jae 53:39

So Brian and friends just wanted to go to Tame Impala. Yeah, so they got there and got pretty close.

Brian 53:44

Yeah, we got pretty we got to like the nearest the closest sound booth. This sound sticking the ground giant pole thing? Speaker Speaker Yeah, let's see. The first row Caesars

Jae 53:56

got it. Okay, so that's pretty good. And then Angela and I wanted to try and do the impossible the would not recommend of going to all three headliners. So we started at J Balvin. Really good performance really good lights and fires and smoke

Angela 54:12

honestly probably the most dynamic performance I saw because it's very good very fun.

Jae 54:17

It was really really good. It was really crowded like it was so crowded like the center like it went back really really far no sewer back and then once we went there a little bit I abandoned Angela to go to the main stage because I needed to sit at the benches while she went to go see Kailani who she was really excited to see Yeah, and

Angela 54:34

I got there just in time for one of my favorite songs ring so that was really cool. But I didn't end up staying at the Kailani stage too long because everyone there was just having a little bit too much fun. There were people like falling down crashing into other people not because crowd was necessarily really rowdy just certain people had had a little too much fun. So after I got like crashed into for the fifth time, I was like okay, I'm out. So

Jae 54:59

for 10 I'm Paul when Andrew I walk over there I'm sitting at the benches and like we said we had some friends who were in VIP who allegedly magically somehow able to make it so few of us could get a similar view,

Angela 55:11

which I would pay for honestly, it was really one day cabanas

Jae 55:15

chairs benches bought a really good view of the sage. I could zoom in and I saw five people on stage. Well, it's one person will attain. Yes. tainment. Yes, other people, instruments

Angela 55:28

and other people on stage. Yeah, literally was so confused when I got there. I seriously thought he was a rapper.

Jae 55:33

What did you think of someone who likes the art?

Brian 55:36

I'm actually not a huge team Impala. But I've I've seen him Coachella. This was Coachella 2019 wasn't a headliner there either. But yeah, it was good. I actually liked him here more than at Coachella.

Jae 55:50

I just real confused. I want on the outside land, Instagram paid. And I saw that he did something from the wiggles. That was like, wow, he

Brian 55:56

brought the wiggles onstage.

Jae 55:57

Do you have original ones? Like,

Brian 55:59

I'm not totally sure I couldn't really see. Okay, but like close enough to really tell. I can see like the little like colors. But

Angela 56:05

does he have like a close and personal connection?

Brian 56:09

I'm not sure. But he played. He performed part of a meme song. You know that island boy song. On stage. Yeah,

Jae 56:17

it's interesting.

Brian 56:19

I think that's fun. I think some of these artists have taken it into humor. Like I've seen artists play like meme songs like joke songs, like in the middle of their performance, or like DJ like bowling incorporate, like something like that. Like some funny thing. It's a little saw

Jae 56:32

Melissa did the into the thick of it from the backyard. Yes. So yeah, it's very interesting.

Angela 56:38

Okay, can we just talk about Lyza for a moment, though, because she came on stage and was like, I'm gonna tell y'all a secret. You know how I was baby Yoda last night. Oh, it was I thought you were getting to the punch line. Like my ass. It's still green. And then she starts talking and see her ass is literally still green. But like Lizzo amazing.

Jae 57:00

Who is everyone's favorite from? Yes. From from all three days. 72 hours. Oh, one from each day if you need to, or just one.

Angela 57:08

Tyler the Creator Lizzo and J Balvin. One from

Jae 57:12

each day, Tyler had a really good performance, not my dial or type of music. I

Angela 57:17

mean, I might go back and listen to some songs like to hear what it's like not in like live form. But like the performance is really cool. And like he's an amazing performer. The pen works really good. Yeah, like I'd never heard anything before. But he has gained a new fan. And then

Jae 57:30

I liked Arizona I like whenever I get I don't want to get dragged. But whenever I follow by friends who like more EDM style music typically I ended up really liking it like last year or two years ago and kind of performed. Our other friend really, really loves Cago. So we ended up going I had a good time.

Angela 57:46

George O'Malley, not

Jae 57:48

someone from Grey's Anatomy. It's irrelevant.

Brian 57:50

Who we who are we talking about? Geico. But who dragged me? No. Oh,

Jae 57:54

well, everyone else because Angela didn't go that day. So it was I wasn't gonna like go anywhere. I mean, I didn't want to see anyone else. I don't know this is probably a very unpopular and like privileged places. Like I don't go to the festivals because I love any of the artists particularly I'm someone who I love an artist. I'm going to go to their concert. But I like the festival environment. I like go with my friends. And I typically always end up walking away liking new artists like, I'm going to listen to more of a soul. I liked Arizona.

Angela 58:18

Iced Tea was really good. Yeah. Then they would be great road trip five. Yeah. And

Jae 58:22

then Lisa was fun. I knew a lot of her songs, but I'm excited and she brought her flute out and then yeah, and then now he was just like a good throwback, even though we weren't there since day one.

Angela 58:31

Like we saw Kelly in college. So it was already

Jae 58:35

I was still in high school. You know, getting into the 18 and over clubs.

Brian 58:39

I mean, I grew up on Nellies music and stuff so that was very nostalgic. Obviously his new stuff. I had no idea I haven't listened to him since you know 2004 I think but to wrap

Jae 58:49

up this concert filled, dehydrated episode, can we all give one PSA for those planning on wanting to go to a festival? I will start PSA porta potties are for in and out do your business and get out and go on one at a time. There are people who want to see artists who don't need you to take 30 minutes to do your business seriously

Angela 59:12

suck hunted what I saw a girl take out her phone and like started FaceTiming from the Porta Potty. You like dude, and I think she was just using it as like a soundproof area to be on FaceTime, you write my PSA would be please eat and keep hydrated. You need to keep your energy up, particularly if you're bouncing from stage to stage and if you start fading, then other people have to stay back with you and obviously they're your friends. They love you. They want to make sure that you're safe. But also, if you're short like me, it's really hard to carry someone who's taller.

Jae 59:49

Do as Angela says not as we do.

Angela 59:52

I was really surprised because keeping on festival brand for me I usually eat from three to four stalls per De because that's my big thing because there's so many different items from good restaurants in one place and I think I only went to one food vendor per day and it was just whoever had the shortest line

Jae 1:00:13

and do as you say not as we did. Brian

Brian 1:00:16

not maybe not so much a PSA as like a tip maybe a lesson I've learned from goodness a life hack Yeah, there we go. Don't care so much about having the perfect festival experience instead have an enjoyable one just make make the most of what you have be a little bit open minded to different events be okay with sometimes changing your schedule just calendar new things have new experiences and I think you won't regret your experience your festival experience that way.

Angela 1:00:43

Yes, I see your pointed staring in my defense this year. I got a lot of work emails. They were killing the vibe

Jae 1:00:51

fair portion. Oh,

Angela 1:00:52

you're already friends with Brian. I already had this lesson for the podcast.

Jae 1:00:59

No, I meant like if you had met him as a stranger your vibe would have been much stranger friend follow

Angela 1:01:05

meaning Exactly.

Brian 1:01:09

From both of your your outside experience, well, what what do you take away like this year in

Jae 1:01:14


Brian 1:01:15

Um, you know, like, this year, like, what would you say made the experience what it what it was like, what was the defining moments or what really like encapsulated the experience for you,

Jae 1:01:26

god damn right. I mean, I think not to go like Miss Congeniality, world peace. But I think just like being able to go to a concert, going to a three day festival again, I think after 2020 and being at home for so long, and happy. Thank you. Having all of these tickets get cancelled and shows get postponed and everything get pushed back, I think just the ability that we were able to because we were vaccinated, go back to doing something that's so fun. And even though we are exhausted and dehydrated, and all the things like getting to have that experience and like be with friends and just like be in that environment, again, for me is like a nice reminder of like what we can do when we all like, do it. And then particularly like I being a small person, very safety concern would never go to a festival by myself. Like I'm like Angela, who was a lone wolf fit. I like can't do that. So being able to like have a group of friends to go with is always just really nice from because I wouldn't go to these things. Otherwise, did I pass?

Brian 1:02:24

Oh, no, absolutely. I was very excited to be back in a festival environment after that entire year. Now

Jae 1:02:30

I feel like you and I are the most of like, I'm not trying to throw shade here. But of the younger generation people like you and I are on the more extroverted of the group versus like everyone else was like, I don't know about you. But for me like COVID I get hard good not being able to see anyone been I know a lot of friends like thrive for that year. Yeah,

Angela 1:02:46

I was amazing. It was fantastic. It was the best year of my life. Your turn. Okay, I think overall, festival wise, what I liked the best was that I got to spend extended time with you all and then with our other friends who came up and then our surprise guest friends who joined us. We all talk a lot even though you know I disbanded our group chat. Weeks, months, has been months already. It's been months. Oh, okay. Well, it's kind of been re established. And you can I don't know if there is a there is a group chat with just the three of us, and it can still be in use if some people can still remember to speak to us individually.

Brian 1:03:29

So not an Jayla?

Jae 1:03:32


Angela 1:03:33

It's nice to spend extended time with you all and then getting to know our other friend Where's putting her out there. My grand big from our sorority who I didn't really get to know in Korean big cheesy grin. Sorry, sorry, grand big, my double G vague my Bubby I didn't really get to spend a lot of time with her in college or even post college. This is the most time I've ever spent with her. And I modified Yeah, a lot of fun. I need to spend a lot more time with her. Yeah, so that was really cool. That made my festival experience. And on that note, thank you for listening to this episode of insomnia parada grab your coffee bowls, and don't forget to rate download and follow on Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts as always where you lead will follow. So head on over to add in Omnia pod on Instagram and let us know what you'd like to hear about in the comments. And thank you, Brian.

Brian 1:04:24

Thanks for having me.

Jae 1:04:25


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