Do you know what DCOM stands for? Disney Channel Original Movie – Don’t worry, Angela didn’t know either! But if you did…Welcome fellow Disney fan! Today we’re playing with a March Madness-esque bracket of 64 of Disney Channels original movies, reliving our childhood at its best. We’re debating the merits of Gotta Kick It Up! verses Quints, and Cadet Kelly verses A Ring of Endless Light. There were some tough choices, a few abstentions, and some that even we couldn’t remember until we ended up with our one final victorious movie. Grab your snacks and kick back for this trip down memory lane with us!

Show Notes

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I pledge myself to the pod loyal I'll always be a p to start a D at the end and an O sitting in between.

Or how do we be inclusive though? Well, I mean, I feel like you know, it's

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like maybe we break the fourth wall. What do you think?

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Got it ? Well, welcome back to in Omnia paratus. I'm Jae like the letter.

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And I'm Angela, also known as AVO.

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And as you may or may not know, depending on how this goes, we're recording this with video with visual

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It's weird. I feel like yeah, now that it's happening, I feel like I'm fixated instead.

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And under what tab

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no shade, but it's okay.

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No shade and once their show notes get caught up.

Angela 1:56

Okay, so today we're going to be talking about Disney Channel on DCOM the best of the best as we call it and we're going to battle it out over which movie show shows and you know what DCOM stands for?

Jae 2:09

You know it's an acronym right? DCOM Yeah, I don't know what it stands for. But I know it's an acronym Disney Channel, original movie. Oh, okay,

Angela 2:19

that makes so much more sense. Today we are going to be talking about our favorite Disney Channel Original movies

Jae 2:24

BAM thanks to the internet we have a ultimate DCOM bracket which I will post here for you all so you can follow along with us as we decide wait do i do i get one or do you just get it well can we are we not doing this together? It's not a team activity.

Angela 2:39

Oh I thought we were like constructing our own or building it to get oh I've got you

Jae 2:44

would you like to take the time to make 64 Dcoms to break down right now

Angela 2:49

probably not know that I feel like that would be on par with like the march madness of it all. And we that was enough for me.

Jae 2:56

But you did win March Madness.

Angela 2:57

I did. Go Baylor they won.

Jae 2:59

I know I did tell you where Baylor was. All right back to deaqon our first movies to battle it out XZenon Girl of the 21st century versus Dadnapped with Emily Osman. Oh, Zenon. Yeah, that's a lot of questions you know, Zenon, okay. Put this here but I don't like having to like look down every time either struggles give a stand but I don't want this I'm trying to professional YesI number two up up in a way versus the princess Protection Program up up in a way

Angela 3:28

see agreed but I also don't think that those two should really belong in like a matchup like that because up up in a way is like a superhero movie and Princess Protection Program falls into princesses slash girl is empowerment pick it up with the manager rip girls versus can of worms I

Jae 3:46

personally have not seen can of worms. So I go with Camila Bell x of Joe Jonas and girls rip girls all the way stepsister from planet weird versus cowbells cowbells stepsister from planet weird. Okay, defend. Defend to me to the people. Okay, are we forth balling it? I know they do that a lot of stepsister planet where they do break the fourth wall often not as much in cowbell but in kalba

Angela 4:11

them alright okay go ahead got start start with cowbells elbows

Jae 4:14

we get the lovely introduction to werewolf Tyler from Vampire Diaries we get Ally and AJ in grade 2000 now that we get their song One of my favorites on the ride and the scene where Holly is so tired from work she falls asleep on poor Tyler and then just go back later to birth the baby calf and AJ and then AJ with the Frenchman. And we get Jane From Degrassi we get Suzy crabgrass from it's declassified, also known as Selena when? Salinas last name citta Nia Selena Keaton neon Netflix. Oh, there's another role she plays that I can't remember but those Ned's Declassified foliot are the two I go with. Okay, and dresses I took to heart one day if I Ever had a sister to define my clothes like Ollie and he did so respectfully of colors and seasons, it's the only fair way to do things.

Angela 5:08

Alright, and then on the other hand, we have stepsister from planet weird, which brings us our first introduction to aliens as children and not just like run of the mill like aliens that like popped up in a spaceship. They turn into a liquid form and they hang out in their bathtub. And they're all bubbly and pearlescent and everything. And we got those chase scenes. Okay, granted, I wasn't super into the stepdad idea just because I'm not personally into the stepdad idea

Jae 5:35

like having a stepdad

Angela 5:36

Yeah, like that. That just wouldn't work for me and

Jae 5:38

you're more of a step sibling kind of life you're more step brother kind of girl.

Angela 5:45

Was that a? Was that one of those like, Oh no, that's the step father with Penn Badgley that like slasher movie when all the slasher movies started coming out but I have to go step sister from planet weird because of aliens.

Jae 5:58

So do we rock paper scissor? Cuz like the answer is cowbells your shoe fine cowbells I think others have visual element the ultimate Christmas present featuring Brenda song and some other actress I don't know. And now you see it with Jackson from exhibit Jackson or his real name is Jackson from flight 29 down. We again get Ali machaca we get other actors whose names are gone from the moment but they are in that movie. They go to a magic house.

Angela 6:29

No now you see it? Sure.

Jae 6:32

Next bracket Halloween Town versus Minutemen Halloween Town I agree Minutemen was better than I remember though. I actually watched it last year and it's better than I remembered it one of our introductions to Chelsea Kane also known as Chelsea stop also known as Chelsea something else the girl who like Joe Jonas on Jonas she also was in that movie kind of like the virtual somebody here with Drew Seeley don't really love napt love strap love Star think it's lovestruck sure um we next have mom's got a date with the Vampire versus under wrapped under wraps did have like a really nice emotional scene but I gotta go with them all has to do with a vampire. We get the father from the nanny. We get on Zelda from Sabrina the Teenage Witch and then some kids.

Angela 7:15

Definitely mom's got a date with a vampire. That's just like a quintessential kids like Halloween movie

Jae 7:20

like you.

Angela 7:21

You can't pass that up

Jae 7:22

because they're Hello movies I used to get mom's got a date with a vampire and fanpop the megabloks confused

Angela 7:27

Oh yeah.

Jae 7:28

Next we have the luck of the Irish versus hounded. I've never seen hounded and I'm a big I'm a Ryan Merriman person. So look at the

Angela 7:35

Irish I've never seen him to do their

Jae 7:37

High School Musical versus life is rough.

Angela 7:38

This shouldn't be a JD it's High School Musical. Definitely. But I just again I feel like poor life is rough. Like shouldn't be in that category. I feel like there are other dog movies that could have been put against you take it up with them

Jae 7:49

Andrew Okay, Phantom of the megaplex versus don't look under the bed.

Angela 7:52

Don't look under the bed.

Jae 7:53

I've never seen that one just by title and it scared me.

Angela 7:56

I think that's why I have to go with it. It's like the first taste of a scary movie Phantom of the megaplex has the Phantom and I thought the girl was really pretty. See I think I also was under like a similar thing of Phantom of the megaplex. And is it the same mom? Is it with the vampire? Or are they both the same actors? I don't know. But I routinely got them confused. So I don't think I watched Phantom of the megaplex a lot because I was like, Oh, I just saw mom's got a date with a vampire.

Jae 8:22

Well, ladies and gentlemen, and he is 2021 I can be more giving as well. And we'll have this one and then we'll roll it out for with High School Musical next camper off versus read it and we Ooh, this is a toughy for them. This is a toughy if we're going if we take the music out of Camp Rock, it's read it and weep for me because I love the idea of the tablet and the drawing and the thing but if you keep the music in Kevin's birdhouse and cool for you and Alyson stoner like fake DJing Oh my god. Yes. I don't know. I feel like I would still go to Camp Rock. I do have read it and weep though. This has been my hardest bracket so far internally, right?

Angela 8:59

That's both panabaker sisters right?

Jae 9:01

Ha see fourthwall What do you think?

Angela 9:04

I think we might have to go Camp Rock just for the nostalgia feel.

Jae 9:07

Oh Gotta kick it up versus Quinn's that I love both of these. I thought I could get up with my favorite movie for the longest time. This was my favorite phase of Disney where they were doing movies based off real life thing this double teamed not motorcross right on track with Larson and Beverly Mitchell like this phase of Disney was one of my favorites. I have to give it to Gotta Kick It Up. That was like one of my like tried and true childhood movies. Love Daisy.

Angela 9:31

I know I'm just so sad that both of them can't continue it's got to kick it up but I really want I really want to sequence more

Jae 9:39

quince always had me sad when she goes and rips up all of her art.

Angela 9:42

No I do not agree with that. You cannot put those two together you will not make me choose well I will not choose between pixel perfect and twitches

Jae 9:49

that is our next pocket pendo pixel perfect wins. If you had just lost like I'm just like pixel perfect ones. I love twitches the pixel perfect wins.

Angela 9:55

That is unacceptable. That is an acceptable matchup.

Jae 9:57

I have the album still in my nostalgia playlist So listen to the song from pixel perfect Johnny tsunami and the genie project I've never seen I've never seen the genie project I love Johnny tsunami Kim Possible so the drama and Tiger cruise Tiger cruise I really liked

Angela 10:12

Why yes, Tiger cruise I feel like Kim pop.

Jae 10:16

Tiger Christmas is like a very intense movie for it

Angela 10:19

is it's um

Jae 10:21

it's Hayden pan here and I think her biological little brother play to army brats on a ship. And one of the girls from got to pick it up is also in this movie. She's like the very type alien Michelle me personality kind of girl. But I remember the little boy and could get ice cream for breakfast from the they call it something I don't remember it's called. They don't call it soft serve. They call it something else but to get ice cream for breakfast. And it's on this army cruise with all of the parents or Navy and the family members get to visit but it's like right during 911 Yeah, I really like that one.

Angela 10:53

I know. It's so moving at the end to what happens when they have to like because of 911 and everything they have to end the tiger cruise. But like their last thing that they do is they like bring out the flag and then they like bring out all the kids and everything. And so it's like one last time with their parents because like they have to get them off the ship.

Jae 11:11

American exceptionalism. Ladies and gentlemen, it's q

Angela 11:15

they're saying, family

Jae 11:16

I love the movie. I remember I loved I don't know whether it was a son or a brother the I think two black brothers or was it a brother and a sister or him and his mother.

Angela 11:26

I don't remember their familial relationship.

Jae 11:28

But when you're talking about I really liked their storyline. I think it was a brother because he hated that his brother kept believing him and the last one for the side. And then Angela takes over the Cheetah Girls versus the poof point. Oh, I didn't see the proof point I did. It's kind of 17 again, vibe. So the parents continuously age younger until they're toddlers it's a very similar thing to 17 again, where the parents are scientists, they've left kids the kids get involved the parents go to the machine bla bla bla bla bla Okay, I go treat girls I go to the girls Yeah, one of our sisters is a cheater. And for our second site, Angela, do I need to make it quicker for you? Okay,

Angela 12:03

yes, thank you for me and my Boomer eyes

Jae 12:05

all right our first matchup over here we have break and ready to run I've never seen ready to run but I also didn't love Brink because at the end of break like during the big skate off someone gets injured and bloody and it scared Oh yeah

bring had AJ from Even Stevens or that that was you wish was he also wouldn't bring or my or was was from poor desires.

Angela 12:28

That's often present. Yeah, Jocelyn Princess Diaries. Yeah, we're gonna go with break because I haven't seen ready to run and our second one going to the mat and Twas the Night

Jae 12:37

I didn't see either of those. Okay,

Angela 12:39

well, I am going with going to the mat because I go sporty. Next up, we have motocross and horse sets.

Jae 12:46

I don't understand why we didn't do a lot about the Matthews brother. Shoot. I'm gonna get there. It's Matt. It's Matt and then Sean's older jack from not even see with jack from Boy Meets World and Joey from a lesson to the Lawrence brothers. I don't know why we didn't do Star Wars brothers I go motocross It was like move on but in real life.

Angela 13:07

Yeah, we're gonna go motocross then there's the Even Stevens movie and you wish

Jae 13:11

Oh, they finally have two actors going against the same actor because you wish with AJ Tron? I believe in Stevens movie. I love the whole reality thing. precursive the Kardashians during the pumped era. I saw you wish AJ Tron wishes. I think his younger brother was never born. Oh, and then it's like it's a wonderful life like you go through and oh my god, it was my brother's so sad. I have a big bone to pick with a wonder it's a wonderful life when it comes to Christmas time.

Angela 13:39

Oh, yeah, it's a horrible movie. Don't watch it.

Jae 13:42

Watch it for the first time with my mom. And like my biggest critique of it was it's not a Christmas movie because it's it's only last five minutes. And to eat the whole thing when people aren't we reference we talk about It's a Wonderful Life we're on giving an ode to it is all that whole? Like, what if my life had never happened thing, which is a very common trope, but it's always was It's wonderful. I've really thought original for starting that trope because I feel like in my entire life, I've been hearing versions of that I didn't always have to take you back to a wonderful life. Like this isn't new when it was from the 20s. So maybe

Angela 14:12

well Exactly. It's like it doesn't necessarily have to be that original if it is the original

Jae 14:16

not a Christmas movie take out the last 10 minutes and it's not a Christmas movie. Oh, okay.

Angela 14:21

Next up we have the 13th year and the color of friendship the color of friendship.

Jae 14:25

You're really voting I know I wrote it against the

Angela 14:28

pie and vote against the color of friendship but I don't want the 13th year to not to not proceed like that. Oh, I'm

Jae 14:34

offended by the next one. Oh, no. Oh no, I'm offended by the next one so much. Oh, no, this hurts me this hurts me so much. This hurts me so much. Oh my god. Okay, so the next two are two of my favorite movies. So get a clue which is with Lindsay Lohan and Brenda song. Yeah, their Upper East Side kids in New York, whose teacher goes missing and they go old spy equipment and they're in fun pants. They use the song If keep it head to heart. Would you later hear Selena Gomez fake singing and Hannah Montana You get the beep in which is worth millions and billions of dollars. You again get the father from the nanny who apparently had a three movie DCOM contract. Ah, and then we have right on track again Beverly Mitchell Brie Larson. That's what girls do by no secrets. A classic early 2000s Bob. We should get facials with these lovely noises I'm making the I don't want to pick if I have to pick I know what I'm picking but I don't want to pick what do you pick? And if you pick wrong that's how I know I what I really want.

Angela 15:32

I'm going with get a clue.

Jae 15:34

Okay. No, that's what I would go to but it's hard. I love right on track so much. It was a precursor to Captain Marvel.

Angela 15:40

Like Okay, next up miracle and Lane two and the proud family movie

Jae 15:45

Proud Family movie. Really? I've never seen Michael annoying to

Angela 15:49

um, what's his face from the Lawrence kid

Jae 15:53

isn't about Lawrence again? Oh, forgive me. Yeah, there

Angela 15:56

you go. It's Frankie Muna and

Jae 15:58

it's not street racing. It's like the go kart like make your own so

Angela 16:01

bollocks kart racing that

Jae 16:03

I prefer the little rascals. Okay. But are you going to get the proud family? I mean, I

Angela 16:08

just I didn't love their movie. I liked the show a lot. Well, I felt like they could have done more with the movie. The peanut.


Jae 16:17

I love the peanuts

Angela 16:18

if they could they could have done more heavy rock paper scissors yeah

right Proud Family

Jae 16:25

next up alleycats strike and the other me i don't know if i remember either of these Alley Cat strikes about bullying. The other me is when Matt Lawrence clones himself. So I go with cloning. Okay, I don't like this matchup, but like I have an answer.

Angela 16:39

Okay. All right. Next up smart house and buffalo dreams. Smart

Jae 16:43

house. Smart house. Buffalo dreams is a great movie if you haven't used it, especially if you're one of the people who have access to my Disney Plus account. I highly recommend you watch it. Oh, okay.

Angela 16:53

Eddie's million dollar cookoff and Jeff Jackson, the movie jet Jackson, the movie.

Jae 17:04

I actually really used to like the jet Jackson show. I don't think I watched it. I wrote a TV show. It was right before in a heartbeat, which was like the show I was probably young for it was like, Grey's Anatomy Jr. Okay, but I was like four or five.

Angela 17:17

All right. I didn't like Eddie's million dollar cookoff. So I'll go with Joe

Jae 17:21

Jackson. That is million dollar cookoff.

Angela 17:23

Alright, next up geniuses and True Confessions.

Jae 17:27

I love true confession. Now I can understand why this movie might not be an ideal film. But at its time, I really liked it.

Angela 17:36

What is true confession?

Jae 17:37

Do you know geniuses? Yes. I know. What?

Angela 17:40

geniuses I think this is the one about the kids that sorry. I just saw the last pocket continue. No, no. Okay. All right. geniuses, I think is the one about the kids that are going through like the Academic Decathlon

Jae 17:53

who's in it. I don't remember never seen a True Confessions is some girl and Shiloh bluffin. Shiloh buff is an autistic is her younger autistic brother who she's making a documentary about. Okay, looking back and learning more about everything. I understand why especially for the autistic community and the disabled community why this is not a good move anymore. I loved it as a child because like I always was extra nice to the special needs teachers and to the kids, I would sit with them I would play them I would try to always be nice to them. And so like watching a movie as like a kid I really related like this one scene which I understand why it's very problematic. Now Shiloh buff has a he loses his sternal library and he's like a big meltdown. It's very problematic because you shouldn't be faking what someone going through autism would react in that way because the GUI very triggering very inaccurate very wrong as a child I really liked because the older sister really had to like learn how her younger brother moved through the world and doing this documentary like I connected to but I can understand why it's problematic No, it's still wins for me All right,

Angela 18:55

next up full court miracle and Wendy Wu homecoming warrior

Jae 18:59

I never saw full miracle It was about basketball.

Angela 19:03

Oh my god okay, I mean I'm gonna go with Wendy will homecoming warrior but you should watch full court miracle alright next up jump in and you lucky dog see giant Why is why is the What did I do? Okay,

Jae 19:15

why is life Stop touching it you're gonna you're gonna live life with Ross not against Yes.

Angela 19:20

Because open jump in Corbin blue

Jae 19:23

Kiki Palmer

Angela 19:24

Yep, all right, double teamed versus go figure

Jae 19:27

Oh, stabbed through the heart but double teamed wins really stabbed through the heart but double team wins.

Angela 19:33

I'm going to go figure I like basketball more but go figure appealed to my pretty side.

Jae 19:40

See I love double team because I love all of the duality I love like this theater sister who turned a basketball who is pretty cool off to go to the party with Louise from Gilmore Girls. I love theater. I love the theater and the basketball. Like it really impacted me the scene when she's playing with one of the scissors playing with the hot guy. Like breaks her ankle and like to me like double team is such like a better store I love go figure like I really did love go figure but I feel like double team was like wall it more than go Faker excuse me,

Angela 20:11

she learned how to play hockey and became really really good at hockey also that she could then just become as equally good at figure skating to go to the Olympics. She probably could have gone to the Olympics for both by

Jae 20:24

the end of that, but we know the girls and double team actually made it to the W MBA. Yes,

Angela 20:29

we do. We love their true story. Rock paper scissors.

Jae 20:36

Dang it. Okay,

Angela 20:38

next up stuck in the suburbs and the scream team stuck in the suburbs. Second suburbs.

Jae 20:44

This last one hurts me. Oh, yeah. Yeah, read it.

Angela 20:48

cadet Kelly versus a ring of endless light.

Jae 20:51

Yeah, that hurts. That hurts a lot. That hurts a lot. Are we going me today or me as a kid? Cuz I think I'd have two different answers. I guess he was a kid than cadet Kelly would wouldn't for me I love talking to dolphins I love dolphins in general. They're one of my favorite animals. I love this movie so much but like I would watch that over and over and over I think actually recently I watched content Kelly I'm going to read them endless light I do love over you. It's not that I don't like it but like cadet Kelly with the dancing with the rainbow hair with

Angela 21:18

Brad feet that didn't appeal to me as much as a kid like to me to go off of a earlier episode from this I found that really unrelatable so I had a hard time getting into it versus I don't know why I found a ring of endless light and talking to dolphins more relatable especially considering I don't do the ocean or swim

Jae 21:36

but for me it's because I loved Hilary Duff and I loved even see with and Hazel From Degrassi isn't it?

Angela 21:43

I don't know it's all really great things but it just it was too far removed. I had trouble getting into it.

Jae 21:50

Oh my god, I love that's hard. So why do you have such a big reaction then? Because they're both really

Angela 21:54

great movies and I don't like again, I don't think that they're two movies that should be put up against each other like that. I think that this is something that should happen farther down the line. I think that there are a lot in here that like should have been like really easy like I still want to be Kelly.

Jae 22:12

Okay, round two. So in round two we start off with Zenon versus up up and away Zenon rip girls versus cowbells rip girls. Fine. Oh, I don't do it. Oh, you see me versus Halloween? Whoo. Magic versus magic. Halloween Town became a brand so it's hard for me to like take out just the first movie versus now you see me because it was a standalone.

Angela 22:35

Okay, so you just have to factor in you only have young Marnie early which Calabar Calabar well, so you have for younger siblings, so there's that

Jae 22:45

oh, this is hard I go halloweentown though because like how we turn is like a brand it's like a childhood staple

Angela 22:50

for you just said you had to factor it out of the brand for the first time I

Jae 22:54

know. You do you do but like thinking about it as a child Halloween Tomic I waited to watch halloweentown and they never played now you see it okay, but now you see it frankly I don't know why they didn't play it more it could have I really liked it It could

Angela 23:08

have taken now you see it to theaters like it was no it was that good. I think it had really great quality it could have gone to theaters as like a PG kids movie.

Jae 23:21

Yes. We now have mom got a date with a vampire versus luck of the Irish Oh,

Angela 23:27

that's an interesting one.

Jae 23:28

I saw look of the Irish more but I think I would put mom sorry date with vampire

Angela 23:32

I think so too. Like there was I don't know. Did you ever just get the vibe that luck of the Irish was just a little bit mean

Jae 23:38

I'm sorry. What are you saying about detective loss?

Angela 23:41

It was just there was so much like trickery and everything going on it just it felt it.

I don't know. It just felt a little mean sometimes.

Jae 23:48

No they end the movie singing the Flanders yourleave It's beautiful unifying the girl whose Asian or Hispanic gets to do the internship she wants to who's also much darker than her father so she could refer more of the mother but yeah, okay High School is one of my two of my favorite movies are not on this list. I mean multiple are okay, we'll come back to that High School Musical versus you don't want her to the High School Musical High School Musical gamper offers has got to kick it up. Oh,

Angela 24:16

I think we're going gotta kick it up.

Jae 24:17

Yeah, pixel perfect vs Jordi. Tsunami

Angela 24:19

pixel perfect Johnny tsunami pixel perfect Johnny's tsunami perfect Johnny tsunami

Jae 24:25

oh this also might be a really unpopular opinion. I actually like the second Johnny tsunami more. What with the with a longboarding just in Hawaii,

Johnny tsunami.

I want to say the Big Kahuna, but I'm not trying to be racist. I don't think it's rude. But it door back on board. Johnnny Tsunami back on board is what they completely forgot. I know. Keep looking at Yeah, pixel perfect holograms.

Angela 24:52

This was before to POC snowboarding pics. I'm not even into snow and I found it really cool. pixel perfect. Oh, you have you Part of a class warfare the skiers versus versus the snowboarders pixel perfect.

Jae 25:05

They had to race for the metal Ricky Ullman the girl in go figure the other girl and many other Disney movies. Oh yeah Blondie. No not Blondie. Blondie was on episode that's the raven but the brunette one the one who had the who wanted to be the lead singer who was holding up the talent enough Oh, okay. She's been in the band. I look I really want

Angela 25:24

Johnny tsunami is just as good.

Jae 25:27

Hey, you got one Tiger crews versus the Cheetah Girls. Oh, I got Tiger groups. I love the treat girl. I love the two two girls but I thought I treated girls two was better. Oh, that's a hot take it is so do we go

Angela 25:41

yeah, I'm not able to factor them out of their entire brand.

Jae 25:44

But we have Brink versus going to the mat. I never saw going to Okay, so I go Brink but if you're struggling I

Angela 25:52

you can have this one break. And then there's motocross versus the Even Stevens movie. I go motocross Yeah, super loved Even Stevens movie The color of friendship versus get a

Jae 26:04

clue. Get a clue. I love the color friendship. And I feel really bad because like as a child, I didn't fully get what it was, like I got about I understood the subtle racism. But I didn't understand that it was like South Africa because I thought I talked about this the other day about the South African apartheid and all of these things. Oh, wow. This is like really problematic movie. I mean, I don't remember how they handle it. Is it problematic? Or is it how problematic the blonde girl was not like Oh, I think I don't know I don't know what people would say about the movie today I haven't watched recently but like her behavior was very problematic like someone remember that when she got there? She didn't realize that in America black people could hold political office if she had like a panic attack and walked herself in the room and was extremely rude to her host family because this family thought they were assumed from South Africa they were going to get someone black and this white girl assume because the only people who are politicians enough power because she's in South Africa during the apartheid are white

Angela 27:02

well I don't think she knows that she did she have the panic attack because he was holding a political position or did she have a panic attack because she didn't realize she was going to be living with

Jae 27:10

a black family? I think both I don't fully remember I'm going with someone Tick Tock So the whole point was neither group expected the situation and then through the thing colors the friendship blend. I go get a clue though. I loved all the spy gadgets I love I know

Angela 27:24

get a clue was like my intro into detective world.

Jae 27:27

Yeah, no clue.

Angela 27:28

But the the color of friendship makes me cry. So there has to be something for like to be

Jae 27:33

said about the movie that makes me cry. Get a clue with all the neon fun glasses and the outfits and the leather pants and the flare pants and the jackets okay again Yeah, you're

Angela 27:42

the outfit person. It has no appeal to me get a clip off vintage Lindsay Lohan.

Jae 27:48


Angela 27:48

next up we have Proud Family movie versus the other mean I liked the movie The other one was fine. Okay, then we have Mark house versus Jackson our house smart house CES CES, lovey, I love their party scene. And we have True Confessions versus Wendy Wu homecoming warrior. I'm going to go and then we have jump in vs double team.

Jae 28:16

I go double team double team hurts then Kelly versus back in the suburbs. This one hurts. Oh, this one hurts me. This one hurts a lot. Actually. I'm really stuck in the suburbs. I love the music of stuck in the suburbs. I thought it was a lot like cadet Kelly like hits like deep childhood like you're a young young youth like you're came out you like on the suburbs come out a little bit later. But then you got the phone mixed up. And I love the idea of having cell phone and we get Taryn killam being a pop star but cadet Kelly has Christy Carlson Rhonda with the rainbow hair and Hilary Duff and the dance off and the ribbons this one really hurts. Kelly. On three or after three

Angela 28:58

after three on 3123123

we are widdling it down here people Zenon versus rip girls. Oh, Zena Zenon. Now you see it versus mom's got to date with the Vampire on the internet with a vampire. Wait, did we not do that one? Always in a different moment. It was a vampire versus now you see me? Oh,

okay. Now you see it. I say my

Jae 29:21

high school musical versus gotta kick it up. Oh, that hurts that hurts deep.

Angela 29:28

Okay, if we're doing it based off of how we viewed it in childhood, I would go gotta kick it up because I was not a High School Musical person until college

Jae 29:38

that's embarrassing for you. No, it's not that's embarrassing. Oh my god. That's hard because like gotta kick it up was like my favorite movie until High School Musical like I was piqued demographic for both of these movies. High School Musical came out when I was in fifth grade January 5 grade 2009 got to pick it up was a few years for I was like to say this

Angela 29:57

like I wasn't peak demographic. I'm one Great older than you,

Jae 30:01

but you can get into in college so you were not peak demographic in college for High School Musical.

Angela 30:05

Okay? Yes, but I was around as part of its peak demographic and it did not appeal to me I

Jae 30:09

know but it did appeal to me as peak demographics and when it appeals to you in the height of its fame like when you're in the fandom at the height of its fandom, it's different so for me I was in the height of both fandoms of these things interesting versus like if I started reading Harry Potter now which I won't be it wouldn't compare to how you felt going and getting the books at midnight in store or watching the movies at that time. No,

Angela 30:32

what do we know why cuz I think the first time was the first time but I think it also stupid where your capacity and where you are at in your life? Because I think like well, it's like, then Wouldn't it say? Wouldn't it mean that everything that I felt for it back then was like not necessarily at peak capacity because as a person who's grown like my capacity for entertainment and pleasure has grown as well.

Jae 30:53

But there's just something so special about things that happened at that point of your life now, do you not have feel but I felt certain like certain things like I remember watching High School Musical the night it came out and printing the lyrics and bringing them to school and hiding them in my cubby because I was in elementary school so I still had a cubby like there are certain things I remember about

Angela 31:09

I completely forgot about cubbies

Jae 31:11

like there are certain things that like are in their era like gotta kick it up is one of the movies where my uncle put it for me on VHS tape because that's how we record existed before TiVo before DVR is like there are certain things that are like they're not trapped but like they're you like it's at their core memories from those points. So it's hard for me because like those were two of my peak movies Okay,

Angela 31:29

that I can understand core

Jae 31:31

memories. I will say gotta kick it up because it's a better movie but High School Musical brand will always win everything Disney but gotta kick it up with a better movie. Okay, Pitch Perfect versus Tiger Cruz. Ooh, Pitch Perfect. Tiger is not pitch craft one.

Angela 31:47

Okay, your turn Brink versus motocross motocross.

Jae 31:52

Yeah, the hard figuring get a clue versus the proud family movie. Okay, all right. Get a clue.

Angela 31:58

Get a clue. I think I know how this is gonna end up and will be interesting. Okay, um, smart house versus Wendy Wu homecoming warrior.

Jae 32:08

I'm sorry to my fellow Asian smart house wins win news. Have you watched it recently? No, it's kind of appropriative and apparently Okay, this is allegedly I haven't gone back and proven this for myself but during the scene where all of the teachers are embodied with spirits of helping Wendy Yeah, the African American teacher the stunt double is white because you can see like his shirt gapping so they blackface that potentially allegedly I have not seen this but someone put a tick tock of this up so I keep forgetting to go back we stand writing a song and we stand what Disney was trying to do. But like it was a little appropriative Smart house

Angela 32:40

Okay, and then double teamed versus stuck in the suburbs.

Jae 32:45

There's like I feel like this is like two parts of my personality like double team which is like I love real life I love the plot I love the movie and then second the musical me being like feel I never really understood or anything like want to get out of a small town I love the phone while we have movie I go double team memory I guess I could the suburbs fourth wall Any thoughts?

Angela 33:05

I think I'm going double team Okay, I'm good with that. Okay, go and double team I don't have I think it's gonna end up where you're gonna end up

Jae 33:11

but let's just take a quick intermission movies that are not on this list that I love model behavior with Maggie law Yes. Where you get hello world the person who sings the same song she sings that another song that I like and I think smart house or something where she plays Justin Timberlake is in this movie and then some other commercially attractive Ken Chad Brad kind of character and then my first date with the presence honor because I was going to a PC production with Wilfred L and some blonde girl who ended up in this like day with this like pinkish holographic key chromatic dress and she's like a bright blonde love that. There was another movie I thought that I couldn't remember. Like, obviously they didn't do the sequels of High School Musical camera twitches to actually roll it which is to help both switches but feel Do you have any other honorable mentions? Oh, Susie Q is actually a little bit older than us. But that was actually a really good movie. It's a girl who I don't remember. And she definitely prom night and like half the people who are now living in her house because like the guy's a girl shine. That was a really good one Tower of Terror was also a good Disney movie. Yep, it scared me as a child. But any other ones think tower terror was the only one that I thought of. I can't think of any more. Feel free to text her DMS if you think of any more D counter for getting off this list. I think I see where this ends up. But I'm here. I don't want to say until we're there. I know. Right? But I think I see where it ends up and I don't know I'll say I don't know. So now Zenon versus mom's got a date with a vampire. Yes, I think so. I believe cuz I voted night see me out. Okay, so Zenon versus mom's got today the vampire Zenon Zenon gotta kick it up versus pixel perfect. Oh, not her gotta kick it up Woods but that hurts. Got to pick it up.

Angela 34:45

We have motocross and get clue get a clue. Get a smart house and double team double team. Oh, interesting.

Jae 34:53

Yeah, see, I don't know if I like smart house more because it was played more because smart house was paid a lot more than

Angela 34:58

we were like right at the end. have like double teamed when they started phasing out their like real life movies smart house lives in my head run free remember the party scene and the song then like the parents come home and they find the sweater over the planet that's like the one thing the house can clean up.

Jae 35:15

Isn't that is that the sister from Au Pair? Is that the same actress? I don't think so. Okay, well look sorry. This is a toughy See, I've seen smart house more than I've seen double team well double team always really hits me when I do watch it. And then you see the sisters at the end boiler or at the W NBA like playing on opposite teams. So great. I don't know I feel like I'm going double team. I do a smart house though.

Angela 35:36

I might be going with smart house.

Jae 35:38

So now we have Zenon versus Gotta Kick it Up

Angela 35:39

I hate this. I'm trying really hard to factor out the entire brand of Zenon.

Jae 35:43

I might be going Zenon, though. I for me gotta kick it up beats because I love that movie so much.

Angela 35:50

And we got to kick it up with zero and saved an entire space station and she got the boy and she beat Marnie was her name Marnie, Marnie from halloweentown Marina Morty. Who are you trying to think of her like her like Nemesis? Her friend of me that comes in lives on the space station?

Jae 36:06

Oh, shoot. I feel like it's Marnie. No, it's not Kim tell you it's not Marina no

Angela 36:11

fourthwall anything

Jae 36:13

kind of channel my understanding of like, what her name is think it's more? It's not.

Do you want to make a bet?

Angela 36:18

No, I do. Oh my god. It's

Jae 36:21

not Marty Dyson, IMDb. Zenon does equal because he's more featured in that one. Hold please. Margie. I was close. I was close. I go out and pick it up the cheer uniforms the dancing the carwash scene like I love gotta kick it up

Angela 36:38

so I was in America for and got it up.

Jae 36:40

This doesn't mean we don't love Zenon.

Just because

Angela 36:46

principles are by law they make their you Oh, well they make their uniforms. Okay, got to pick it up.

Jae 36:51

Get a clue versus smart house get a clue. Yeah, this is this is where I saw it. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 36:56

did you see this? Xena I yeah, I saw that you know and I

Jae 36:58

get a clue. I really don't like decision I'm physically uncomfortable with this decision guys. Oh. Deep calming breaths

Angela 37:11

on the one hand we have true grit and on that on the other hand, we have true detectives Okay,

Jae 37:16

I have my winner but before I do I feel so got to kick it up. I like the plot of it more but I think get a clue was better executed like I think if you got both on paper gotta kick it up sounds like a better movie but get a clue the acting was elevated and like it felt very a precursor to Gossip Girl

Angela 37:38

is the act nope we're not even gonna go there

Jae 37:42

is the acting white yeah we're gonna go with is the acting better like they did they put

Angela 37:46

more effort into it because they had a white cast versus the minority team that they're trying to elevate

Jae 37:54

true but Lindsay Lohan and Arjuna Parent Trap so even that Lindsey whoa hands budget alone would be more than the entire gotta kick it up budget right I did we've got to pick it up I feel like for me get a clue when I do love Gotta Kick It Up anyone in my life who knew me when I was like a child could could attest to the spot but I think get a clue wins between the spy equipment between the mystery the meaning of the hotel the spying on the teacher as like the other teacher comes over gay through the window with Brenda song The younger sister the journalism aspect get a clue as a precursor to Gossip Girl It was a precursor to like a lot of things

Angela 38:33

so there you have it ladies and gentlemen get a clue has won the in on the apprentice ultimate DCOM bracket. That was tough. That was really hard

Jae 38:41

I'm surprised we were as aligned as we were I feel like I thought we'd have more like battle I felt like we have more battles like internally than against each other like

Angela 38:50

I think so

Jae 38:51

my god that Kelly versus bringing battle site was like a really tough one for me. That one hurt hurt a lot I don't like where did they put twitches I think against High School Musical no Johnny tsunami

Angela 39:00

oh yeah that was ridiculously difficult oh no twitches was was pixel perfect.

Jae 39:05

Oh yeah,

Angela 39:05

see like of the two I like twitches more because of the magic aspect but pixel perfect is also like Joe's

Jae 39:12

rightly ranked this was a very hard challenge. If you do your own brackets, we'll post ours and if you feel like sharing or if you don't just post the winner we don't need to see your entire logic unless you would like us to we're totally open to either this was hard I'm trying to think are there any other movies I forgot read it and weep versus Camp Rock was hard for me too and I love the whole tablet concept of like tablet to laptop and the drawing on it and that was huge random the two Hannah Baker sisters

Angela 39:37

I know and then the entire storybook world that she created that was that like Camp Rock Anthem you see honestly at Camp Rock out of the entire thing I didn't the movie as a whole but I really liked the final showcase showdown, polishing paste, nevermind then that just elevates it above the rest. But yeah,

Jae 39:55

it's very hard.

Angela 39:56

We tend to return recommend but also we did eat brunch before have a mimosa and then go at it

Jae 40:03

or just watch all of the movies and then drink as you go take the bracket and like watch them pare down there you go. Yeah I'm like I think they got most of them right on oh right on track and get a quote was hard because right on track I love to Oh yeah.

Angela 40:16

I love the little story of Erica Enders if you guys don't know,

Jae 40:19

right, I like that I wanted one of the things so I don't know what it was. It was like kind of a video game. But it was for their reflexes for racing. So it kind of looked like a Oh like the like a mechanic. It's called the starting something. Yeah, sure. But you basically like it's for your reflexes for how fast you can like start your car because this wasn't so box. This was like racecar racecar or no, it's not like a NASCAR car.

Angela 40:44

It's not drag racing. They have a longer front of this is gonna bother me this called, I don't know,

Jae 40:50

hurt my soul and stressed me out honestly. derbies but the horse. So it's enough. Did you just type in Eric Anders? Oh, it is drag

Angela 40:57

racing. There you have it

Jae 40:58

folks up. Yes, it was Eric Anders and her younger sister Brie Larson. I remember when they're Beverly motril has to take French so the guys like trying to help her with French in the library. Oh my god. Yeah. And then Oh, he like wishes her luck before like her race. And then she's like, merci beaucoup. And then there's a scene in the car, which is another reason why this is such a great movie. Where the two big like volleyball girls who think they're better than NERICA need their cool need help with their car because Erica knows car she's able to help them. Right.

Angela 41:27

Okay. Also, she was super pretty and she drove cars. How was she not super popular? She wasn't tall blonde. Ridiculous.

Jae 41:35

It wasn't relatable for a girl to drive cars. Angela,

Angela 41:39

where was this plot set to it? Was it in Texas or Oklahoma? Like I thought it was somewhere like Southern Midwestern.

Jae 41:46

Oh, so where's Erica Enders from? Houston, Texas, Houston, Texas.

Angela 41:56

And there we are. That's our decom bracket. Thanks for joining us today guys. We have an outro And on that note, thank you for joining us for today's live video recording type episode. In Omnia Paratus. Grab your coffee bowls and don't forget to rate download and follow on Apple Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts as always where you lead will follow. So head on over to @inomniapod on Instagram and let

us know what you want to hear about.

Jae 42:25


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