Welcome to our first episode! Get to know a little about us, how we became friends, and how Gilmore Girls inspired us to reflect on our lives and think about if we are ever really ready for anything. 

Show Notes

Welcome to the first episode of In Omnia Paratus! We’re so happy you’re joining us here, at the beginning. We’re still pretty new at this, literally and metaphorically in Season 1 of our journey, and we’re so excited to see where it goes. Settle in for a short intro, where we talk a little about us, our hopes for the show, and of course, about Gilmore Girls. 

  • My first podcast experience: really awkward! I sat on the couch, twiddled my thumbs, and kept looking at my phone as if something would happen. Jae considered my podcast experience akin to listening to radio for me, and I agree. I also really do like radio. 
  • Yes, you heard correctly, I will wear the GoPro when we get to 100 followers. It’s actually a little scary to think about, because there will be real documented evidence of how many times a day I trip. 
  • Starting a podcast/YouTube channel is something that we thought more and more about over the last year and with our sudden new free time, we figured why wait? After a few different show ideas, Jae called one night with the best – A Gilmore Girl’s inspired show where we talk about life, love, family, friends, career, and what we’ve learned from it all. 
  • Fun Fact: Since college Jae has wanted me to do “Story Time” on YouTube, where I recount all the embarrassing things I get myself into, and I told her she should start a career as a beauty influencer on any and every platform.
  • Jae and I met in college during the new member period in our sorority. We had 2 of the most awkward exchanges imaginable, then ended up bonding over a mutual fascination with Sam Claflin after seeing the Hunger Games: Catching Fire with some other sisters. Sorry, but I’m saving the full story for our how we met episode!  
  • Jae’s Big/Little shirt is fantastic and puts all others to shame!
  • Fact Check #1: Jae did post on Facebook and there was very little real response other than “Likes.” But there were also 2 other groups of girls that organized separate gifts for the New Member Moms that were at the meeting that night. 
  • I was sick at the time we made the poster cards/picture frames, and I remember telling myself I’d only go help out for about an hour.
  • A small pause for our pitch on therapy. We’ve both done CBT and highly recommend it. 
  • We love Gilmore Girl’s! If it was possible, we’d take annual vacations to Stars Hollow, and probably move there if we could convince our favorite brunch spot to franchise and open a location close by. But alas, we settle for visiting the set at the Universal Studios tour (Peep Jae’s intro photo on Instagram). 
  • We were definitely too young to understand all the references when we first started watching, but even without it, the dialogue, relationships, and colorful character were intoxicating. As we grew and continued watching, it just gave us a new level of appreciation for the characters and writers. 
  • We were 7 and 8 respectively when we first started watching episodes on DVD and syndicate. 
  • Fun Fact: Jae and I also grew up with single moms, so we find the Lorelai/Rory relatable. 
  • Fact Check #2: Jae is 1 year, 9 months, and a few odd days younger than me. 
  • Fact Check #3: Yes, you can become addicted to steroid use. Thank you Google and the FDA website. 
  • Our podcast name comes from the catch phrase of The Life and Death Brigade – A fictional secret society whom Rory Gilmore encounters at Yale University. Translated from Latin, it means “Ready for Anything”. 
  • If you were in a secret society AND can cook well, go ahead and slide into my DM’s. If you’re an unattached Phi Delta Theta alumnus, head over to Jae’s! 
  • One of Jae’s favorite episodes: S5 E7 You Jump, I Jump, Jack. Logan invites Rory to participate in their “Big Stunt” and jump off an 8-story scaffolding (wearing a harness). If you haven’t seen this episode, think bungee jumping, without the bounce, and more of a slowed descent in the last 100 feet. 
  • Shout out to Stephanie, or the girl in the red dress, who gave Rory her in and the inspiration for my 7th grade Halloween costume!
  • Jae and I have a lot of big conversations about how we see life going, the lessons we’ve learned, and even the things we’re not sure we completely understand yet. 
  • “You are always simultaneously ready and not ready for most things” – Jae 
  • Head over to @inomniapod on Instagram and learn a little more about us in our intro posts. 
  • Who else is super excited to hear about the Justice for Paris Gheller League?
  • The Pizza Show (2016-2018), hosted by Frankie Pinello. Seriously, check out the recipes and thank me later. 
  • Fun Fact: I’m horrible at get-to-know-you games or describing myself to new people, so I keep a list of likes in my phone to combat the anxiety. 
  • Thanks for listening and thanks for reading! Jae’s a natural and I’m naturally nervous, but we had a good time and hope you did too! Be sure to drop a comment here on things you like, things you found funny, or if you have anything you would like to hear us talk about in later episodes.