Happy day after Valentine’s listeners! This episode we’re still talking rom-com’s, and we’re joined by another one of our friends, Amanda! We’re coving everything from The Kissing Booth to Nicholas Spark’s films, and we even construct our own rom-com plot lines.

Show Notes

  • Today we have another guest! Our friend Amanda from college is here with us today to talk about even more rom-coms, reminisce about college, and generally regale us with her awesome Brow Queen presence. 
  • To this day, I think this is the only time Jae has actually taken us through a drive-thru because she doesn’t like having to order herself
  • Also, to be perfectly clear, Jae was driving because she was the sober friend that day. After 2 shots and a Mike’s Hard Lemonade, I twirled in a leftover balloon wreath and declared myself DNA. Can you tell who is the responsible one? 
  • Fun Fact: We did this episode with FaceTime as well so there were great facial expressions and reenactments to accompany most of the things we said today
  • My baking has improved greatly, but vegan baking really is no joke when it comes to finding the right balance of ingredients 
  • Princess Sophia – How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
  • How we define romantic comedies 
    • Amanda: Romance and comedy are needed in some measure
    • Angela: Needs 2 people to be happy together at the end
    • Jae: Likes to see character development and funny situations
  • Amanda’s top 3 Romantic Comedies are: A Cinderella Story, She’s The Man, and How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days
  • Fact Check #1: Jae watched The Kissing Booth, The Kissing Booth 2, and work it for 6 weeks straight according to our text messages 
  • Is anyone else feeling emotionally unfulfilled because they haven’t felt a full range of emotions in quarantine? 
  • Are you Team Kissing Booth or Team To All the Boys?
  • Normal People – If you’ve watched or read, DM us!
  • Wow this took such a turn lol! In my defense, I wasn’t serious about a contract, but I do like things to be very straightforward
  • Disclaimer: I am not advocating 365 Days to anyone. I was recommended this and didn’t know what it was, and I now have such feelings having watched it related to the ending 
  • Amanda’s Idea for the Romantic Comedy of our lives:
    • We’re in a Buddy Film, an ensemble cast set in New York and we have awesome jobs where we’re Boss Babes
    • Angela: Has to find the perfect date to a gala event and has very set expectations of who her perfect guy; but she also has a guy best friend who is in love with her and everyone knows it
    • Jae: Also, has similar expectations of the guy she wants to be with, but falls in love with a single father who values the simple life and isn’t sure if their lives are compatible
  • The Rom-Com’s Jae thinks everyone should see are: The Ugly Truth and The Proposal 
  • The Rom-Com Angela thinks everyone should see is: My Best Friend’s Wedding
  • Here is everything you need to know about the Bridgerton musical from TikTok:
  • How we put Amanda in a Rom-Com:
    • While going to present a pitch for an original pilot, Amanda, and her love interest are distracted and bump into each other, fall down, paper and coffee go everywhere
    • The studio loves the pitch and gives her a week to set it up, and assign her the frazzled PA
    • They begrudgingly work together and slowly fall into a friendship, and she learns that he has good ideas and really has been trying to help her and her pilot be successful through notes and things he’s left for her
    • The day of the pitch comes and she’s locked in a closet by her competitor, and the PA finds her and rushes her to the meeting, and they get to take it to series
  • Fact Check #2: Kevin Zegers does star in It’s a Boy Girl Thing 
  • Double texting, triple texting, any number of texts does not mean girls are in love with you! *insert hand clap emoji*
  • Nicholas Sparks Movies – We have a lot of feelings here so please enjoy lol 
  • Fact Check #3: The Last Song is a Nicholas Sparks book
  • Fact Check #4: Will was not responsible for Steve’s death, but he did let the town believe that he burned down the church when he knew the truth 
  • Fact Check #5: Amanda did The Longest Ride in theaters with me, so technically nothing has been spoiled for her
  • Fact Check #6: World War II was in the 1930s-40s, specifically 1939-1945
  • Fact Check #7: The Longest Ride takes place in North Carolina, and can take a location tour 

Transcribed by

Jae 0:00

I pledge myself to the pod loyal I'll always be a p to start a D at the end and an O sitting in between. Hello everyone and welcome back to an Omnia product. I'm Jae like the letter

Angela 0:17

and I'm Angela also known as AVO

Jae 0:19

and you will be getting another special guest lucky you lovely listeners. One of our friends Amanda will be coming on the pod to discuss her favorite ROM coms. She is the queen of the genre. She introduced us both to How To Lose a Guy in 10 days one of I think our favorites, but we'll find out we're just going to jump straight into the episode as to not bore her with this intro. So yeah,get excited.

Dance building. So you you were like okay, just get jumped in the front seat. Just drive around the parking lot. So that way I don't get a ticket. And of course, like I don't have a license. Are you sure you want me to do this? You're like, yeah, it's fine. It's just a parking lot. You just have to move the car just a little bit every once in a while so that I don't get a ticket. So you were gone for like 30 minutes. Today the circle the parking lot like three or four times

where the flagpole is?

Yeah. Where the flagpole is the parking lot across from there.

Amanda 1:18

Oh, yeah, a lot. No, not lot. 35 Yeah.

Angela 1:23


Jae 1:27

What are we calling lottery numbers now?

Amanda 1:29

I think we are 48

Angela 1:31

number two.

Amanda 1:33

Oh my gosh. Yeah. Oh, my God. I like that sounds me That sounds like me. That sounds accurate. But like I don't have no recollection of this ever. And I don't remember Jay, when did you drive my car? I feel like everybody drove my car. Oh, yeah. It's

Jae 1:48

the only time I ever drove in the city. We went to school. It was after one of our large concerts. Everyone really would like some food after kind of to detoxify their system after the fun time we all had. So you and our other friend we're taking the socially responsible thing to let us take your car to go get some snacks. And on the way Andrew and I were walking to your car we I was trying to see like how to open it with the button. And there were people across the street when I hit it got really scared when the lights went blinking to unlock your car. They thought there was like a ghost around. And they were because they weren't

next to your car at this moment. And they were probably intoxicated as well. And they jumped back and we're like,

oh my god, what's happening? Well, the only thing I'm terrible with cars just like I am with dog breeds, I'll ask polite like, oh, like what kind of car did you get? What kind of dog do you have? not really knowing all I know is your car is white? I think Yeah. And then so I was trying to go up to the different white cars and like unlocking it. And I just happened to do it get close enough when these people were walking by and they got really scared.

Amanda 2:56

Oh, like they thought the car was reacting to like their presence or something. Yeah, that's hilarious. Oh my god. I guess I remembered this instance. Now. You guys want to go get like jacket.

Jae 3:08

I also realized once we got there, I never ordered my own food. I typically delegate that task as often as I can. So I realized when we pulled up with Angela, oh my god, I had to have her do it. Because I was like, Oh my god, wait, we

have to say something. But I don't normally order the food other people order the food. So Jay had to give me her order. And then I had to remember your orders. And I like leaned across her and was shouting into the little box. Like

Angela 3:37

Can I have some chicken nuggets and curly fries.

Amanda 3:45

Oh my god. It's all coming back to me now. Yes. Wow. I don't know why I forgot those. But yeah.

Jae 3:53

And so for those of you who weren't particularly involved in that one story and have recognized that there's a third voice amongst us today. This is actually our friend from college and fellow sorority sister romantic comedy movie. extraordinare. Amanda God

and brown queen.

Amanda 4:13

Oh my gosh, thank you. Hello, people of the internet.

Jae 4:18

Thanks for joining us.

Amanda 4:19

Thank you guys for having me. Oh my god. Can you tell I'm nervous.

Jae 4:25

You're good.

Angela 4:26

It's okay. You're Margaret.

Jae 4:27

Your mango Rita's working

on my glorieta

Amanda 4:32

Yes, I do.

Jae 4:33

Almost made myself a lie Merida, but I went for the Moscow Mule instead. And I really wish I'd gone for the library Rita.

I saw one of my favorite YouTube influencers is currently pregnant Angela.

Amanda 4:48

Mm hmm.

Jae 4:48

He was gifted a like a mom cocktail book. Oh, and I thought you would like it because obviously it's all mocktail. So like her husband made her What a cosmic Instead of like a Cosmo. Oh, that was pretty good. So even though you're not a mother, you don't like alcohol so it'd be something a cute book to try it. It's all mocktails good. I'm

gonna have to look for this on Amazon.

I'm drinking a press hard seltzer, which is very fancy. It's lime, lemon grass, premium alcohol seltzer with natural flavors.

Amanda 5:25

Ooh, mine's just basic mango.

Jae 5:29

I love each other drinks.

Amanda 5:31

I wish I was fancy. Like, Angela just like stirred my own drink. But I literally just got this at like food.

Jae 5:37

I don't have time for that.

Amanda 5:40

Angeles fancy.

Jae 5:41

I've gotten really bored and quarantine guys. It just it was bound to happen. You know? It

Amanda 5:46

makes sense. Angela, do we mix drinks? I could see it. Really? Yeah. No. Is that just me? Like not because she likes alcohol just because like it's like a cool little thing. She could do kind of like oh, you wanna freakin White Russian I got you into

Jae 6:07

Oh my god, guys what I just heard and you've all heard this now too, is that I'm cool. See, when I imagined Angela making drinks. I kind of imagined a bunch of like colorful things around her and being like, Oh, these two colors go well together and like not knowing what substance she's putting in the cup. And then like having people drink it

Angela 6:25


Amanda 6:27

Angela is a wizard

Jae 6:28

Loki when I bake brownies. I actually pretend that I'm making a potion. But that harkens back to my fifth grade brownie making days.

nerd. Oh, yeah, by

Angela 6:40

the way.

Amanda 6:41

I mean, at least you could bake. I like I can. Like really basic recipe. Yeah, no, I don't know what it is. I just like

Jae 6:48

after years of living with your big Oh.

Amanda 6:54

I mean, I guess that's kind of contributes to it Jay though, cuz like she baked everything. So I just kind of sat back and ate it. There. I enjoyed the fruits of her labor.

And David tell Angela was with you?

Angela 7:05

Yeah. Oh, yeah.

Jae 7:08

I mean, the one that my favorite story of Angela baking, and me throwing it on the floor, and it like bouncing back or did it crack.

It might have bounced and cracked, which doesn't sound like it should be possible. Okay, for in my defense. I believe I attempted to make a vegan recipe because a person that I was interested in at the time was into vegan recipes. Just as like a general thing in the world. He wasn't actually vegan, but it interested him. So I attempted to make this little vegan cake. And it did not turn out. Well.

Amanda 7:49

Why did you end up giving it to him? Oh, yeah. Yeah,

I did. And I'm pretty sure he threw it up.

When he threw it out or he threw it

Jae 7:58

up like there there was an there was a gag reflex gag reflex was induced. Oh, he very polite fully excused himself, but I'm 99% sure that's what happened. Did he swallow at first?

Amanda 8:14

I think he

Angela 8:15

ate like half of it.

Jae 8:17

Oh, dear.

Amanda 8:18

Yeah. Very

good. He swallow it.

Angela 8:28

Oh my God

Jae 8:28

looks like it could have just been like, he chewed it and then like, like, what the marzipan? How people couldn't finish it. So they didn't even get it down. Okay.

Amanda 8:39

really dirty minded person if

Angela 8:43

you're good.

Jae 8:44

I haven't I got in the last episode we recorded. I was the last time Angela was talking about doing something so low and I just like fully took it there.

Amanda 8:53

I love it.

Jae 8:54

Speaking of actually, now that I think of it having dirty minds, because this is just now playing on my mind. Can I just say one thing? No.

Amanda 9:03

I'm afraid.

Jae 9:04

Go ahead, Princess. Sophia. Oh, Jay, you're really gonna have to edit out the Disney there.

Amanda 9:13

Oh, my God, as she named it. Princess Sophia

Jae 9:18

is just like a porn reference you guys have?

Amanda 9:23

It kind of sounds like Oh, my God. Do I

Angela 9:26

know this reference? You do. Amanda, would you like to lead us in?

Amanda 9:31

Yes, it's from the movie, How to Lose a Guy in 10 days. There's a scene where Andy Anderson, who's this columnist right for this like fashion, super high end fashion magazine. And she's dating this guy named Benjamin Berry. But the point that are her tasks that she's assigned by her boss is to like, write an article on How To Lose a Guy in 10 days. And so there's this Where she, like, you know, she's trying to drive him away. And so she ends up like naming his penis like Princess Sophia. And it's just like this whole thing. And like, it's just it's, I don't know, it's it's funnier. I feel like I'm not explaining it as well as it is, but it's pretty great.

Jae 10:18

I had never seen how to lose a guy in 10 days until you showed it to us in college. Say, I mean, we Angela and I were having this little point of contention. We finished the movie, right? We finished watching it. I showed it to you guys. You did? You did? No.

Amanda 10:31

Did I really? Yeah. Yeah. Oh, my God, what is with me forgetting all these things that happened? It's like I blacked out throughout my entire college career. Oh, my God. I mean, I feel like Yeah, we did.

Jae 10:45

See I don't think we did. Because I don't remember anything after the love Fern. No, we made it to the end. Because I told you we get to where they sing. Let's call the whole thing off to each other. And then the end.

I didn't remember that at all. Like, I just watched this movie earlier today to refresh myself. And I did not remember that.

Did you like dip out halfway through?

I could have I could have been distracted. We're like, if we were eating, maybe I got really into what like what the food was and the later half of the movie.

Amanda 11:20

Let's be honest, we were always eating. There's always food. And we were hanging out and it was great. That's why hanging

Jae 11:25

out with you was so fun. Oh, thanks. Yes,

Amanda 11:31

I can bring out your inner I don't know, food loving kindness.

Jae 11:34

So Amanda, I know you. Angela told me you've been doing a little in introspection research, what defines a romantic comedy to you? How do you categorize them? How do you how do you clarify, define?

Amanda 11:46

Here's the thing. So when I first started thinking about like, all like the romantic comedies that I watched, I just feel like there's so many like, they're all under like one big umbrella because you think about like the teen movies. And then you're like, you know, don't even get me started on the hallmark movies. You know, it's just like, there's so many overlap. There's so much overlap. But like, I guess for me, which sounds kind of stupid, but like, there has to be romance. And there has to be comedy. And I feel it doesn't necessarily have to like focus entirely on two people's relationships. But the central arc, I guess, is kind of its intertwined with how the relationship grows, or how it like falls apart and it comes back together. What have you. But yeah, I don't know. It's a little tricky. I think I don't know what you guys think.

Jae 12:33

Well, for me for a romantic comedy. I think that at the end, there has to be some couple that's together. Maybe it's not the couple you want. Maybe it's not the couple that they've been pushing for the first like three quarters of the movie, but there is some measure of a happy couple at the end, huh?

Amanda 12:50

Yes. I want to say yes. Yeah, I agree. I would agree with that statement.

Jae 12:55

I feel like for me, the two kind of markers are some characters self development that they learned through the relationships throughout the plot. And then typically funny things. It's funny just because I think stumbling through relationships, life is just funny. And I think they just emphasize those points a little more.

Amanda 13:19

I agree. Also very well,

Jae 13:22

thank you. We've had practice. We've thought about this a lot. Andrew and I were thinking of doing a rom com battle. And we were picking different decades and picking different movies, and there's just so many do you have a favorite one? Do you have a static one that interests you go back to and

Amanda 13:38

yes, I feel like you guys already know. And it's not just one. It's two very specific movies. And I feel like everybody who knows me knows because I'm constantly quoting them. I know one of them. D okay. He's the man. Uh huh.

Jae 13:56


I was going for she's the man and How to Lose a Guy in 10 days,

Amanda 14:00

huh? both good guesses? Definitely. All in my top two. And I say top two because the first number one slot is like tied between she's the man and a Cinderella story.

Jae 14:11

Oh, I would not have pegged you for a Cinderella story. Not that. I don't know any person of our generation that didn't love that movie. I just wouldn't think with how film centric you Angela. Your grand is. You would put that in the same level with some of the more like adult oriented romantic comedies. Hmm. Like how

Amanda 14:33

Yeah, like How to Lose a Guy in 10 days. I think that was my first rom com that I can remember. But like I'm a sucker for that teen shit like no other like to all the boys I love before instantly fell in love with it. I'm like 26 years old and I was like, Oh my God, this movie just like trailer for the third one. Here's the thing, Jay. Well, first of all, no. Number two One of those people that was upset how the second movie played. I think it's like,

Jae 15:06

oh my gosh, I watched the second one together and she yelled at the TV the whole time and I laughed at her yelling at the TV the whole time. I agreed, but it was really funny to watch.

I feel like there were a lot of things about Laurie Gina and her processes and the way she looks at relationships and dating. I'm like, her kind of like, okay, where are like, what are the rules? How are you doing things very similar to me. So watching a character execute that poorly just made me upset because it means the way I would like to pursue and work on dating is not gonna work. So I do like self of all. And also I'd like Jordan Fisher for myself, so I'm fine with it.

Amanda 15:44

I don't blame you. That man's voice is just like, orgasmic.

Jae 15:49

I've loved him since like Liv and Maddie teen beach days. So like before everyone knew him. From to all the boys Dancing with the Stars. Not stuff.

Amanda 15:59

I knew him from Greece live his limo. Yeah,

Angela 16:02

that yo. Oh, that was so good.

Amanda 16:05

I think we saw it together. Right? The night it came out, Angela? No,

Jae 16:09

I don't think we did. But we definitely bonded over the soundtrack of because there was the it was it the Jonas Brothers that saying Hey, guys, go for it. Yeah.

Amanda 16:21

I sent it to you. I was like, Oh my God, your song. Oh my god.

Jae 16:25

Yeah. tallboy. So Angela and I are like, not like in debate. But we unpopular opinions are also equally as fan of like the kissing booth trilogy on Netflix.

Amanda 16:36

Sorry, I just need to take a deep breath. I had a feeling this is gonna get brought up. And I have very strong opinions about that movie.

Jae 16:43

It's verified. I'm ready to fight. Amanda. I'm ready.

Amanda 16:47

Oh, you love it.

Jae 16:48

Oh my god. I love it. I mean, I watched the second one. Pretty much like the month straight. It came out.

Angela 16:55

Like two months.

Jae 16:57

No, only a month I caught myself at the first week of watching it every day. And then I learned the TIC Tock dance for him. I'm ready to like fight you on these movies.

Amanda 17:05

This is the hill Jays.

Jae 17:08

The second one? I'm ready. Angela, you can moderate this. Go. Let me hear that. My God.

Amanda 17:14

I think I wasn't really prepared for this. But

Jae 17:17

okay, round one. Fight.

Amanda 17:21

Okay. No, I feel like it's only fair j because here's the thing, I'm seeing it through the perspective through the lens of like, a mature adult. Right? These are

Jae 17:34

fighting words have been thrown out.

Amanda 17:36

No, like not like not that you can't be mature at that age. But it's just feelings can sometimes be so like, extreme. Like, you just feel things very deeply at that age. Like, I mean, I remember like being that age and just like, I'm not trying to invalidate people's feelings who are going through this or like, or at that point in their life. But like, you really feel like things are the end of the world. And it's totally valid. That's totally bad. Because that is your world at that time. So for me, and I argued with my sister because she is more open to this movie. Like I like after watching the second movie. I was like, this was a waste of my like, two hours of my life. Like I can't believe I watched this. I am so upset. My sister told me like well, but this is like that's like real life people like love makes you do dumb shit fucking What's his name? Noah, right is that the boyfriend's just the dumb shit he was doing? I was just like, just like I need to be triggered and just like I said, I you know, they were long distance. They're each other's like first serious. Like, you know, I i understand. I guess it's just one of those movies where I just can't get into the romance because I'm just so like, blocked by all like the freakin red flags that were popping up.

Jae 18:56

Okay, I I can your feelings are valid, but like, here's where my main question comes in before I'm going to defend this movie to the death. It's the exact same plot as to all the boys the second movie, like if you strip them apart, it's the same movie.

Amanda 19:12

Yeah, and I also hate that movie. I Okay, second movie. Okay,

Jae 19:18

here's my thought. I think the first two all the boys was better. But I think the second kissing Booth was better than the second to all the boys. I wanted to strangle larger and by the end of that, plus her bad wig just annoyed me to no end. I hate when Hollywood skimp on the hair. And clearly the hairstyles on all these sets are not PLCs because they know how to work baby hairs. And clearly these people did not.

Amanda 19:41

Hmm. I'm like, I'm trying to digest what you just said. Like outweighing my hate. I'm just kidding. hates a strong word. Try to see. I definitely had stronger feelings in kissing booth. Like more feelings were stirred for me. So I guess in a way I agree with your statement that kissing people was better than the second. Two other boys I love before. I will give you that one, Jay.

Jae 20:05

Thank you. So the thing for me, like, I guess, here's the context for why the kissing booth hit me so hard. Some of what I realized is in quarantine in isolation, as we all should be trying to do as much as you can, socially responsibly, you're only kind of accessing a few of your basic emotions and kind of feelings a day, because you're not really changing your routine, and it kind of gets monotonous when a moving like the kissing booth two comes out, you can channel back to your 1516 year old self in the scenes, it elicits all kinds of emotions that you haven't gotten to access in the past year, because nothing's really been going on. For me. I was literally screaming at my TV during the dance scene when I knew she was gonna frickin kiss Marco. I knew it. I was screaming at my TV because none of my friends rightfully so have any dating drama or anything to kind of really be discussing because we're all being socially responsible. So getting kind of that anger frustration of like, No, don't do the wrong thing. I just got really passionate over and I also really think the kids and booth movies have really good soundtracks. I really liked the soundtrack to both of those movies. And Noah centineo and Taylor's a car pres can get it.

Amanda 21:21

Question for you, Jay. Do you think because I thought this for like a hot minute. Right?

Jae 21:28

They look exactly the same. No, no, I'm

Amanda 21:30

not. I'm not. Sorry. So you know, back in like early 2000s. The i guess i candy guy for everyone was Chad Michael Murray. Like he never saw it. Really. But he was I feel like he was. He was portion of people.

Jae 21:47

Oh, he definitely was I never saw it.

Amanda 21:49

Hmm. Okay. Well, do you think that Noah centineo is this generation's Chad Michael Murray.

Jae 21:55

I feel like I'm not qualified to answer that because I stopped watching The Fosters when he got on it. And I feel like Chad Michael Murray really built up his fan base from One Tree Hill and kind of the ups and downs of that show to make him the heartthrob. He wasn't like a Cinderella story. So without his background on that I don't feel confident enough to answer that. I feel like Noah centineo would be I put him more on a Zac Efron path because I feel he had a glow up more than Chad Michael Murray kind of consistent throughout all of his work. I feel like I found had the 17 again glow up. Which pisses me off because I liked him when he had the gap teeth on summer land in like 2003 before High School Musical before he got super hot. He was like my first crush. We love a j who supports pre glow of Zac Efron.

Amanda 22:41

Levy J. Oh my gosh,

Jae 22:44

see my big thing with the kissing booth is they picked someone who looked almost identical to the Noah character and added like a touch of diversity. A sprinkle.

Amanda 22:56

You know what? Yeah,

Jae 22:58

same jawline. They're not the same height but like similar bone structure. They both do a decent arm day but could do better. Every other leg day. Similar proportions both word chains Angela really like got invested in like Ben wearing necklaces this summer. Okay.

Every single movie and TV show that was released. Everyone was wearing a chain Connell and normal people chain Taylor's a car Perez

Amanda 23:29

Oh my god.

Jae 23:30

Holy shit. God. Okay.

All right. Can we talk about this? Amanda, did you watch normal people on Hulu know?

Oh, okay.

He didn't like it and then I would be happier.

But yeah, I loved it. I was completely obsessed. I went on the roller coaster with them. I cried a lot. I

recommended it to Jay because communication issues frickin communicate if you want him to stay for the summer, or you want to stay with her for the summer ask her.

Yes, communication issues but at the same time you're watching this young couple in their late teens through their early 20s try to figure out or second years in college

if you had no place to stay for the summer and we're going to be homeless you couldn't have asked your boyfriend to stay within.

Jay when you were a second year in college. Do you think you could have asked your boyfriend if you could have stayed with him? But if you

had no place to go I can't imagine having no place to go so give me a few minutes Okay. All right.

Amanda 24:27

Well while y'all had communication issues, l and Noah you know

Jae 24:32

why largely didn't have any communication issues because she wouldn't communicate with anyone.

Amanda 24:36

I agree. Yeah, she also had communication issues. I just wanted to point it out Elena definitely fall under that category.

Jae 24:46

Can we also just note for the second to all the boys too. It really bothered me that the I still love you referred to what's her face mean? Girl? Peters ex girlfriend. Yes, Jenna. No, it did. It did because when they talk about like the types of love that they have for each other, it's like, we no longer like mean this to each other right now it's like, but I still love you and like, that's what it refers to.

If you're just get together.

Just maybe that'll be the big plot twist and three besides that. Well, I don't want to spoil it for you, Amanda, because you haven't watched the trailer. But there's another thing just going into the third movie from the trailer. That really bothers me because I don't think it makes sense for the plotline.

I don't want to I want them to break up.

Amanda 25:31

Yeah. Well, you know, I'd

Jae 25:31

be okay with that. Because I actually like when the couples don't end up together.

Amanda 25:36

Yeah. I mean, it happens. But realistically, it doesn't work out sometimes, you know, more times than not more times than not.

Jae 25:45

Yeah. Like everyone has, every person in their life has three relationships. And the third one stuck. That means 67% of your dating didn't work. Yeah, sorry, enjoy. I

know you don't like math. It's alright. You did it all for me. So that's okay.

Amanda 26:01

Yeah, I don't like math either. So I'm like, Yeah, I

Jae 26:02

think that when it comes down to the way that relationships are played out in film and television right now, like we're really given an unrealistic expectation that every one is going to work out and that they're all going to end and a happily ever after. And it's only been in the last few years that we've had a more normalized to look into the real complexities of relationships, you want

to know what kind of image I grew up wanting. I wanted a relationship where my boyfriend would go flirt with girls on a bar to almost hooking up and then I would go and stop it and thought that was healthy. circa season two or three Episode One of Gossip Girl, when they go with Chuck is at the bar flirting with a woman clearly older and like Blair stopped is like, no, what are you doing? What am I? And then they go make out. Like that's, that's what I wanted. That's what I was taught to think is like, that's the goal. That's what you want out of your boyfriend. That's how you know it's real.

Amanda 27:00

Oh my god. That's a real thing, though. That's a real kink people have is like seeing it is but Blair.

Jae 27:05

They didn't. But they didn't have it as a kink.

They just don't know what it was actually that's what they did before.

Amanda 27:14

Yeah, to spice up thing Yeah.

Jae 27:17

Their life and then go have sex. Like that's how it works. So I'm told I have a

Amanda 27:25

nice a banjo. Angela. So I'm told from firsthand experience.

Jae 27:32

I could totally see Angela doing that though. Because the way I see with Angela, it's a way to let out her crazy. But for him to think that's just playing a role. Like this is a game we've made up.

Amanda 27:45

Oh my god.

Jae 27:48

Am I wrong?

Well, I mean, I think definitely as Jay you're gonna love this in my late 20s I've really just pulled back from the crazy and the ups and the downs. And I've just wanted something very straightforward. Frankly, at this point, we can just like Nate, like, come up with like a contract and just like spell everything out. Like maybe include a few addendums or like we revisit this in a few years. But like if these are set parameters, and I just know everything. Cool, let's go. Hmm, I can see your face in your face. Amanda, you're thinking like 50 Shades of Grey.

Amanda 28:27

Oh my god. Yes.

Jae 28:28

We all know that. You want to read your manual. There's no shame in it.

I did. Oh, no, this is gonna bother me. I'm I think a movie that I just watched. It's a maybe it's a foreign film. Maybe it's not a foreign film, but I think they are. Oh, maybe it was 365 days. I

thought they had a Red Room. But it's the new It's the new 50 shades. I haven't seen it but I saw it on Tech Talk. Amanda. I

Amanda 28:55

haven't seen it. No, I haven't seen it. But I've heard things. And my conclusion is it's trash.

Jae 29:01

Sex things.

Angela 29:03

Oh my god.

Jae 29:04

I okay, I need someone to watch this so I can talk about the ending. Finally, I have so many feelings about the ending.

I don't even know the plot. I just know it's dirty like 50 shades.

Okay, so it starts out there's an Italian Mafia boss. He's standing on a rooftop watching a woman on a beach. He gets shot almost dies. The last thing he remembers is her face. He then obsesses over her for five years and believes that she is the one for him. She saved him that they are meant to be together and meant to be in love. Flash forward five years. This woman comes back to Italy. He runs into her by chance, again, then kidnaps her and tells her that he will hold her for 365 days so that she can fall in love with him. And at the end of that if she doesn't love him, he'll let her go.

That feels like Phantom of the Opera, but like more toxic.

Amanda 29:57

Mm hmm.

Jae 29:58

I mean, it's Phantom of the Opera with like, Actual ending because the Phantom was just gonna keep her forever.

I don't know how I feel about that. Yeah,

Amanda 30:05

yeah. Like I said, so little obviously realistically, that's toxic as fuck.

Angela 30:12

Oh yeah,

Amanda 30:12

it may be kind of a fantasy of some people Sure. I will give them that here's the thing oh my god I'm like putting my foot in my mouth but like, I don't know what it is I think I'm just going through something where I'm just kind of like, like no like I'm tired of like these toxic relationships being shown on like films and TVs and like people thinking this is normal because even the movies that I love the movies that I just said, you know, she's the man is a Cinderella story. I wouldn't say they're like toxic, extreme toxic, you know, relationships but there's definitely aspects of certain characters where I'm like, Huh, I like and you know, these are geared towards teenage girls and so I remember being you know, when I was watching these back in like, fifth grade sixth grade I don't even remember how long ago now I don't even remember when they came out. But like just thinking like, Oh my god, like I want a relationship like that. Oh, mine was Cory and Topanga Oh, they're like

they're beautiful.

Jae 31:14

Amanda, I completely just remember this. You being the amazing TV writer, human film person you are. Angela has now become really into like manifestation crystals, astrology kind of birth charts anything at this.

Amanda 31:33

Why does Angeles No.

Jae 31:37

attraction, rain men? I'm here I'm single. I'm ready.

So basically what I just said,

Amanda 31:45

Oh my God.

Jae 31:48

I just heard my words regurgitated back to me. Dear Lord. If you were to put Angela and I in a rom com that you think is like healthy, as non problematic as possible, like, give us our plotlines. I always imagine someone taking my cab, but like, whatever you envision for us, like I want to hear it.

Oh, yeah, I totally see myself falling down. Not with each other.

Amanda 32:14

Okay, um, well, my first thought and hear me out on this. And I guess not really a plot twist, which is kind of like the the the core of this thing is that you to your your friendship, your love for each other. It's the main relationship if that makes sense. Kind of like a buddy.

Jae 32:37

shoe. You're like frozen in us.

So for like a good time call.

Amanda 32:42

I don't know. I don't know that movie. Wait, oh my god. I don't know. Like, I mean, guys do it. Like, there's movies with like two bros who do it like, you know what I mean? Like, where guys are like, they're after a girl or something? Or like they're trying to do something. It's like a buddy film kind of. So that'd be kind of like the twist. But obviously, here, hold on, give me a second to think about this. Because I could definitely see you too in a rom com that

Jae 33:11

you think Andrew and I can ramble on for a little bit. You You take your time? Yes. Just tell us when you're ready.

Okay, all right. Jay, I want you to tell me the one rom com you think people need to see well, other than the kissing move to obviously. Oh, gosh,

there are so many good ones. I get torn between the ugly truth. And I think the proposal is always good. Betty White, Betty White just turned 99 I think she did. Like that's always a solid one. But I feel like ugly truth is one of my favorites. You've never seen it right?

I haven't. That's Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler. Right?

Okay. Basically, she's an uptight prick a job and he is not like a relationship coach. But he's, he's he works with couples and kind of he's very, your stereotypical misogynistic kind of guy. And Katherine Heigl trying to date her younger sister just got engaged. And what I like about it is it's very patriarchal, misogynistic, but I think it always kind of gives me at least a little reminder of what you see is what you get men and I think humans are simpler than we give them credit for. If he's not calling you. He doesn't want to call you and although we all don't want to play games don't want to have to manipulate do a bunch of things. I think some of it, we need to care more about what we're looking for than what other people are going to see in us. And that's the message I always get from that movie. And the proposal. You get Betty White singing get low buy the ying yang twins.

Angela 34:43

It's I think it is it's it's the yin yang twins and a little john and a couple others, I think, but good job.

Jae 34:51

Thank you. What about you, Angela, what's yours?

I think for me, the happy ending. Oh, so this is actually Julia Roberts in my best friend's wedding, it's the story of a food critic and travelling sports writer who are best friends. And at one point, he expressed interest. I don't Okay, I don't remember his name. But he expressed interest in Julia Roberts, whose character is actually also named Jules. But she kind of like turns him down and says, like, oh, we're just friends, but at the same time, always expects him to be there. So flash forward X amount of years, and he calls her to let her know that he's actually going to be getting married, and he wants her to come to the wedding. And she instantly freaks out and goes to the wedding with the intent of derailing it and expressing her feelings and make and having her best friend realize that he's still in love with her and that they're meant to be together. So she does all of these crazy things, but never actually tells him that she wants to be with Him until his wedding day. And of course, his fiance play by Cameron Diaz finds out. And there's this huge chase scene. And the big takeaway from that for me was, so Jules calls up her best friend and explains the situation to him while she's frantically chained chasing her other best friend who is chasing his fiance. And the guy on the phone tells her like, wait, Jules, if she's running away, and he's chasing her who's chasing you. He's like, you're not winning in this situation. Like, I need to back off,

then. That's deep.

Yeah. So I think that if anything, like that's the big takeaway that I really love from the rom com, it's that not just because you really want to be with someone and you really think that you're the best match for someone, it doesn't mean that it goes both ways. And sometimes love is just learning when to let go and accept that it will never be a romantic love. But it's a familiar it's a familial love out.

Amanda 36:53

Speaking of familial love, I finally have the kind of messed up messed up in the sense that it's like everywhere, but like the flower right? Here, just the way it was a little difficult for me to like, it's not like one of us like the side chick friend, like, no, both of you are the fucking star of this movie.

Jae 37:10

We are an ensemble. We

Amanda 37:12

love Yes, there's no person who's like the main character or the other is both of you. I have my notes. Really proud of this out, like

Jae 37:21

a screenshot of that.

Amanda 37:22

It's like, yes, it's kind of everywhere, but this is how my mind works. Okay, so basically, so Angela and Jay. He's the kind of world setting I guess we're kind of, I guess, would be New York, you know, very Sex in the City. Like you guys have like awesome jobs. Angela would be super well known columnist, Carrie Bradshaw vibes, Jay would like be like a high end fashion designer or something like that. Or a celebrity chef. I don't know. Basically, you guys have awesome jobs get lost?

Jae 37:50

No, I love my audience.

Amanda 37:53

And basically, the I guess, the premise, so Angela has to cover her story. She has to cover a fancy charity ball fundraiser. And so she's trying to find the perfect date, kind of How to Lose a Guy in 10 days vibes. Right. And but in the background, both Jay and Angela have this guy friend, who Jay has known has, like, been in love with Angela for so fucking long. And I think he's been pretty clear to Angela. But Angela being Angela was like, No, like, we're just good as friends. You know, just kind of

Jae 38:30

same page. You may have the same page.

Amanda 38:35

Like Angela, like, you know, Angela has aspirations and like, I mean, she does love this friend. But the thing is, is that, you know, he he's so you know, average, I guess.

I sound like I'm terrible. No, no, no, no,

Jae 38:53

no. isn't like it's like Steve, like Charlotte. Steve. Right? That's not Charlotte. Miranda. Steve. Right?

Amanda 39:01

Yes, like she's like a badass like, she's, like, very quirky and just knows how to like

Jae 39:09

you know, she's not at the five I guess vibe or words.

Amanda 39:13

But she's also really cool. She's lovable Angela. Okay, don't don't get me wrong, this characters lovable, but like you just have the perfect guy in your head. And for lack of a better person, Steve, isn't it for you, you know, but you love him in a familiar way. Anyway, so you've been like going you know trying to find the perfect day you're dating all these guys. Jay is kind of fed up because she's like bros, he's in love with you. Like Get your shit together. Like Like, I know you're you think he's gonna you know you're looking for someone to give you like marble halls and all this crap, but he loves you man. So this is like a string of tension between them. Right? And obviously this is like a really important event. So like obviously Angela wants to also take some That's gonna like impress her bosses really kind of make a name for herself. Like, this is her big break, which is also why it's kind of a big deal. Like, it just isn't, it doesn't just have to do with the fact she wants a hot guy. Like she needs somebody impressionable, like she thinks this is really gonna like help her break through and make a name for herself more than she already has. Anyways, jumping into j storyline, so Miss j high and fashion designers celebrity chef, basically she a bad bitch. She is very similar to Angela kind of, in the sense where she has certain aspirations for the men or the man she wants. The man the man she wants in her life, she ends up falling in love with the dad with the heart of goals. And he owns like his own little business. And like he just really kind of like you know, cuz Jays used to this like high end clothes this like life in the fast lane, and this guy just really slows her down. And she's very resistant to it at first. And Angela is also kind of like Jay open your fucking eyes and J's like a fucking hypocrite. And like, obviously, there's other shit going on. I don't know what was going on with their friendship. And so there's a lot of tension with it ends up in this big fight, right? Where you kind of, you know, in terms of like a film, it kind of reaches that like climax point where like, they just have huge fight. It's like, they're both at their lowest low, it doesn't look like Angela might not even go to the fundraiser, all this crap they make up. You know, their friendship is just so strong. They're really there for each other. And they both get together with the right men, aka dad with heart of gold. And Steve, the end.

Jae 41:45

Oh, I love that. I only have one question.

Amanda 41:47


Jae 41:48

How do I meet this father?

Angela 41:50

And how old is the child,

Amanda 41:52

the child has to be old enough to like interact with J because I feel like that's part of the charm that j also falls in love with the child. You know what I mean? And maybe,

Jae 42:01

I wonder maybe

Amanda 42:02

the child like kind of reminds j of a younger version of herself. You know, oh my god. I don't know. Like maybe he owns his maybe he owns a little restaurant. And they kind of relate in that way. You know, but it's not like a big fancy luxury restaurant that, you know, Jay Z's to managing and running or whatever. Like this, this guy's just like does like home style meals. And he's very humble with heart of goal. Anyways, yeah, that's it. That's what I came up in like five minutes. That was really cute.

Jae 42:35

I want this to go into production. Gotcha. Maybe you should become a tech talker. And just like put, like not all your ideas, but you should like say TV shows you want to come to fruition and get them to blow up like the Ratatouille musical or the bridgerton musical, like us reading

Amanda 42:49

a musical.

Jae 42:51

On Tick Tock. They're working on it. What?

Okay, can I also say too, I went into Barnes and Noble today, and literally the girl at the help desk, rolled her eyes. I walked up and I was like, I'm so sorry. I'm going to ask your least favorite question. Do you have any more copies of the Duke and I she rolled her eyes and walked away and asked another woman to help me?

Amanda 43:16


Jae 43:18

no, funny. I don't know. I gauge her at like maybe her early 30s. But like, I get it. I'm sure everyone is coming in and asking for that book. Party. They were completely out as well. But that's okay.

They're all for free. Well, we can get them through our library for free audiobooks. The whole series. Oh,

Angela 43:40

I'm gonna have to look into that.

Jae 43:42

Amanda, that was great. I love it. I see it. I'm ready for it to happen. Angela, we apparently have to move to New York.

Angela 43:49

And I have to start wearing ball gowns.

Amanda 43:51

Yeah, you do. Just going to all these fancy stuff like leaving a trail of broken hearts. Wherever you go.

Jae 44:01

Oh, dear Lord,

Amanda 44:02

called out.

I think it'd be great. Obviously. Yes, I definitely want your guys's friendship to really be a central point of it would have to be cuz that's just you guys. You guys his friend. Giving you guys have been friends already for a long time. I can't do math. A lot of time.

Jae 44:22

Six years. Seven years? Yeah. 620 14 Oh, no, we're in 2021. My bad. Sorry. I skipped over last year, seven years. I just kind of skipped over. I just kind of skip it over.

Amanda 44:35

It's okay. Jay. I think we all do.

Jae 44:38

I was great. Yeah, Angela, let's put Amanda in a rom com.

Amanda 44:42

Oh, God. Oh,

Jae 44:44

I see her as like a hard working like Internet like some kind of writing room and being really frazzled all the time. Having like a PA spill coffee on her first day. And her getting like super like annoyed when she's going to me Like to pitch your ideas.

Oh my god, yes, I see Amanda walking into a studio for like one of the streaming platforms like Hulu or Netflix. And she's like rushing around like trying to get herself prepared like putting on her blazer like changing the heels. And as she's coming around the corner not paying attention, and there's a frazzled pa and then they slam into each other and everything was everywhere.

Coffee spells, everything.

Papers fly everywhere. And then you go into your pitch, and they love it. But they say like they want, they want it to go to pilots super quick, you have a week and a half to get everything together. And then they assign you the PA that slammed into you earlier and you're already sort of upset with him because he made you look unprofessional. Like you're I imagine you wearing something light colored and now you have coffee stains on it. And you had to hand over some like coffee soaked pages to the people who were going to read your script. So you're very annoyed, you don't really trust him. He's like, very green trying to like work his way up. And so he's trying to like, be very people pleasing towards you. But at the same time, like you're not giving in and so eventually, like

you guys have it out. Yes, go ahead. Okay, so in kind of your whole frazzled thing of trying to get this and he's like trying to help and give ideas. I'm like, you're just like, No, well, you will not take his ideas like he's trying to help be helpful and do what he can. But you're like, you're not helping, like, did you even read this? Like you're not helping me at all. And then like, what you find out one night after you've been up all night, pulling an all nighter falling asleep at your desk like with all these papers crumbled and toss out. You see like a copy he left for you with notes and like some really good ideas, but like you don't want to admit that like he had the good ideas. But you also don't want to take his credit. slowly start to like kind of come in. This is probably where a montage happens of YouTube slowly getting together and like working together becoming more buddy buddy friends and stuff. And then comes day of the big pitch. your competitor locks you in a closet sloshes your tires for some reason, you can't get to the pitch. And then who do you call who finds you in that closet, the PA and he rushes you in a little golf cart across the lot so that you can make it there in time. And then you pitch together?

Yes. And then you let them know that he's actually a co creator. They love it. They want to take you to series for 11 episodes and see what happens. And then the next montage we get is you guys working together over the next year developing it flash forward to your red carpet debut. And there in front of all the reporters he declares that he's super happy to have met you and then you guys kissed

Amanda 47:49

Wow. I mean, you guys got me spot on the

Jae 47:53

light. You see, I like knowing if you guys actually end up together after the kiss. I feel like that's very Amanda.

intrigue like you're you're very private when it comes to your personal life. Like you're not one to make a big deal out of it. So I could see you very much like maybe you had less like big PDA moment, but then after that, no one like none of the paparazzi knows what's happening on DTR.

Amanda 48:25

Okay, I could see that, okay.

Jae 48:29

Or the sequel, where maybe in the first 10 minutes, we're kind of left thinking that you two aren't an item and then all of a sudden we see you going to dinner and who do you meet at the restaurant? frazzled pa guy.

That's like new girls or like the seventh season beginner we're just as with like, the gay guy. Oh, my God. What the heck like no.

Amanda 48:53

All right, all right. I'm down for it. Angela write it.

Angela 48:58

I'll see what I can do.

Amanda 49:00

Oh my gosh, that was great. You guys. Wow. You guys just did on the spot. I had to like think and like move things around in my brain. There were two of us. That's true in both of you. You're kind of like one complete hole. Makes sense. Makes sense.

Jae 49:17

That's why Angela wants to make a dating app profile together. Okay,

Angela 49:21

so Jays, way, way, way way like

Amanda 49:23

a Franken person, like a Franken profile. Both of you in this dating profile? No. Okay, why?

Jae 49:35

There are two separate options here. So one in the past, I've literally like opened my dating profile, but I only use pictures of myself and Jay. And I was like, hey, best friends. Swiping for a best friend didn't get a lot of hits on it. But on Tick Tock now, this is a trend. People know more about it. They feel a little better about it allegedly, as I'm told through these Tick Tock videos. So I think we could either do that option now and swipe for each other. Or someone was telling me that there's a dating app for friends or friend groups where you create a profile of like two or more people together. And you say like, hey, like where to like best friends like looking for two other friends to go on a double date with

Amanda 50:23

so you want to force them? That's what I'm hearing.

Jae 50:26

Oh, dear God.

Amanda 50:30

Hey, we're two best friends looking for are the third Musketeer.

Jae 50:38

We're gonna pass on that. We're just looking for like safety and numbers and to not have to meet strangers on the internet. Like

I learned threesomes from Gossip Girl. You never have sex with one of your friends. And a threesome messes things up.

Amanda 50:55

Oh my god. Yes.

Jae 50:58

The Dan. Vanessa. Olivia trying. Oh my god.

I forgot her name was Olivia on lotro Have you seen the ugly truth?

Amanda 51:07

I have. Oh,

Jae 51:09

what are your thoughts?

Amanda 51:10

I have mixed feelings. J okay. There's a part of me and here's the thing. This is where like I said earlier like I'm putting my foot in my mouth because I know. There's a lot of ROM coms that like, have like problematic things, but I still love them nonetheless. I don't know don't like I don't think I even understand why my dislike for kissing booth to and to all the boys I love before too so strong. I don't know. Maybe I'm just some like salty bitch. I don't know. Anyways, point is ugly truth. I love the dynamic between the two characters. I think they have a really good chemistry. I think the idea of like, how they fall in love, you know, intriguing, and it's different. But like, Oh my god, I don't even remember his name Gerard Butler's character, though. Oh, and like, just like the things that they do, like, all the stereotypes they play into about both men and woman. And it's just sometimes it's cringy. Yeah, but I also kind of like the that like, battle of the sexes type of thing. Like I don't I don't know if you seen the movie. It's a boy girl thing?

Jae 52:25

No. Who's in it?

Amanda 52:27

Uh, what's his name? The guy who played Alec in the Mortal Instruments movie with Lily Collins.

Jae 52:35

Alexandra? No,

Amanda 52:37

no. What's his name? Oh my god. I think it's Kevin. Kevin. I might butcher this Kevin Zegers.

Jae 52:46

I don't know who that is by name, but it'll come up.

Amanda 52:48

Okay, well, similar premise of like, battle of the sexes. It's like intriguing. But I just feel like with those kind of movies, you tend to get a lot of like that kind of sexist things, you know, problematic statement.

Jae 53:02

Oh, definitely. I feel like the thing though, that we do need to remember, in kind of those very stereotypical, leaning misogynistic movies, is I don't feel like you can take a lot of way. But I do think some of the points he makes about like, how are we going, Oh, well, what if he will actually keep he, he if he wanted to call you to call you and I feel like girls always make excuses and overthink and try to justify it. So I like some of those messages. Like if he wanted to make time for you, he would have made time for you. As much as like, I'm someone who's like, I hate playing the texting game. If he responded in two hours, I'm gonna wait two hours and five minutes like I don't have time for that. I'll talk to you when I text you if I'd happens to if I, God forbid, happen to double text you like, it doesn't mean I'm in love with you and want to make your babies it just means I had more to say and I forgot to say my first message. And that kind of stuff. I feel like some of those more misogynistic kind of defining gender roles are true. There are parts of that movie that are true, which is why it resonates but I don't think the overall message I think the overall message is definitely paid. Not patriotic, patriarchal.

Amanda 54:10

Well said Jay, yes, thank you. And you tell them like bitch just cuz I double text you don't mean I want to marry you. Like, don't like Don't think too highly of yourself, man. Like, I'm a hot commodity.

Jae 54:25

Exactly. I think a big thing. Also, one of the hosts my therapist said Maya Angelou that she said, Oprah soulcycle or thought soulcycle Gosh, darn it was what it's like when people show you who they are, believe them. Don't make up the story in your head about people that you want to play out and make excuses for them because they're their own independent human with autonomy and can choose what they want to do. And if they're choosing to not spend their time with you. They're choosing to not spend their time with you and you can move on or you can communicate.

Amanda 54:57

Wow, Jay, you're officially My relationship therapist starting now. Thank

Jae 55:02

you. I appreciate that. Anytime.

Amanda 55:06

Solid advice people listen to Jay. Thank you. By the Way, ANGELA, we were talking about the ugly truth.

Jae 55:13

Okay. Like what movie is this? Now, these aren't romantic comedies, but I feel like it's a myth to go a whole month and talk about romantic movies. In the episode with my other friend we talked, we go through the Twilight Saga, all these, but I feel like it would be amiss to not talk about the father of romance novels, not like romance, like dirty novels, but like, romantic movies. Nicholas Sparks Hmm.

Amanda 55:42

I here's the thing. I feel like his movies are more romance than anything. Yes,

Jae 55:47


Amanda 55:48

But I mean, yeah, I mean, as soon as you said Nicholas Sparks the first movie that came into my head was freaking A Walk to Remember that day. At movies, my shit.

Jae 56:00

Like I thought Angela said she'd never seen a Nicholas Sparks movie. So I put it on the first beat of the song. I was on a walk to remember. And I'm like, I thought you told me you didn't watch Nicolas. She's like, Oh, I don't anymore. I gave it up. It's like, Oh, okay. Well, I put

Angela 56:20


Jae 56:20

because A Walk to Remember and a few other very sad Nicholas Sparks movies were played a lot during my childhood. And they they were traumatizing, honestly. Okay,

so Nicholas Sparks has a ton of money. Well, he has a ton of money, but he also has movies. So I'm gonna quickly like run through the list and just like you can either give your opinion a one minute summary. How are you feel? Are you guys ready? to skip? Are you ready? Okay. Yes. Ready? the lucky one? podcasting?

Amanda 56:53

Never seen it.

Jae 56:54

Okay, Piper from Orange is the New Black with Zac Efron. Just imagine that. That's the movie. Yeah, podcasting.

The reason it was such poor casting is because Zac Efron always played younger. And I believe it's Taylor Schilling always played older. So even though in this context, they are around the same age it could work. It didn't make sense because it looked like a cougar situation. I was about to say I'm picturing a cooler situation right now to say not because of the way their careers have gone. Hmm. Safe Haven. Robin Trotsky and two adorable kids.

Angela 57:32

I haven't seen that one.

Amanda 57:34

Is that the one with

Jae 57:36

Julianne Hough. Joshua Dumel,

Amanda 57:39

by movies intense. Yeah.

Joshua Dumel. I have I have mixed feelings about this guy because he's in the number of ROM coms.

Jae 57:47

I feel. The only one I know him in his life as we know it.

Angela 57:50

And when in Rome When in Rome and always even though

Amanda 57:56

I don't know. I feel like he tends to play the same character.

Jae 58:02

Just play himself. He doesn't play again. Yeah, he plays.

Who does Kristen Bell end up wasn't When in Rome.

Angela 58:11

I think Joshua Bell?

Jae 58:13

Yeah. Huh. Hello, duck. Shepherd. Isn't that Oh, yeah. That's how that's how Kristin and Dax met. Oh, that's good. Cuz doc Shepherd made a promise to the like, pa or to the director, whatever. He's, I promise, we will not break up until this movie's over. And he wanted to break up but he'd made the commitment. So that's why they stuck it out. And now they're married with kids. Oh, my lord. Angela, one of my favorites, the best of me with James Marston and Michelle Monaghan. No, absolutely not.

You do not get to leave a romantic voicemail telling the love of your life that she is the best of you, and you can't wait to be with her and how great your life is going to be after all of these years apart, then get jumped and murdered by

Amanda 59:01


Jae 59:02

ignorant people of your town and have your heart

Amanda 59:07


Jae 59:08

to the love of your life, son,

Warren, those his brother's

still ignorant people of the town.

Amanda 59:16

Wow, that sounds fucking intense.

Jae 59:19

One of my favorites because what I love so much about it is it. You see them meet as younger kids. And then for some reason, he goes to prison and then you kind of jump to them as adults. And as they fall back and I love the letter, he reached the end it crushes me every time and I made Angela watch it. And she

Angela 59:37

highlighted how we had to pause the movie and I think I sobbed for 30 minutes. Like hook big

Jae 59:44

dogs. The first part of the movie I just I don't know why you like to be I don't get it in the very last scene, which is my favorite where you hear the voicemail. He leaves for her and gets Angela and she's like, and then when she sees the part about the heart spoiler alert, she just gets so angry.

Oh cuz you can Not only that you worked all of that out and now his heart is in her son's body.

Okay, dear john, they don't end up together. That's my review.

Amanda 1:00:11

I feel.

I've seen the movie, but it was a while ago. And I was kind of half interested. I don't know about you guys, but I felt like Channing Tatum and Amanda cipher didn't really have like a strong chemistry.

Jae 1:00:26

But around that time, it's when also the Val came out with Rachel McAdams and people kept making the meme and none for Gretchen wieners.

I fell overall, they weren't that great together, but I liked the way they carried out their story, but I didn't like who she ended up with

at the end. Oh, yeah. knighten rodano. That's an old people when I didn't see that one.

Amanda 1:00:52

That's the one with Richard Gere. Right. Haven't seen that. I know which one it is, but I haven't seen it. for similar reasons that Jay just stated.

Jae 1:01:03

Well, actually, this other thing is that came out after a long term or and the notebook and it was about more senior people to us, so I didn't care as much.

Amanda 1:01:13

Yeah. Okay. Angela, did

Jae 1:01:15

you see it? I did not. Thank you. Next, the notebook. Classic. Classic. That's the only thing it's the other notebook. And Vanessa, Brian has that blue dress? Those are my two facts.

Amanda 1:01:29

Oh, fairy. Yeah, just all the fields that the ending scene never fails to make me sob. Like, I literally like I can't see the movie because of all the tears that are coming out of my eyes.

Jae 1:01:43

Oh, yeah. 100% like everything about it is wonderful. Except for maybe those last 10 minutes that get you and just the tears that don't end message in a bottle. Again, more senior people I have not watched it, say a long term number. This the the scene where she straddles the two states and he's like, it's so you can be in two places at once. My heart. I just want a boy to take me. I mean, I prefer to be at kind of the part in the Alps where it's Switzerland, Italy and France. But like still like the concept is there?

Amanda 1:02:17

Yes. Just like many more to it's just, she's perfect. And freaking. I don't know Shane West. Oh my god. They had a great chemistry. I feel Yeah, they just I don't know. They were just like, It's cute. It's a cute movie. And it has a great soundtrack. I feel it does.

Jae 1:02:39

Really great movie cancer element. Really traumatizing as a child though.

Mandy Moore also like had a crush on Shane was she's one of those characters where because she was so young. Like she felt her care.

Amanda 1:02:51

That makes sense. It makes sense. Why you like feel that cat. You know, she likes him.

Jae 1:02:57

Then why? The last is the last one. Not a Nicholas Sparks book. I thought it was a Nicholas Sparks book. It's not in this list.

Angela 1:03:07

I think it is.

Amanda 1:03:08

Yeah, I think it is to

Jae 1:03:10

um, rip Milam/ Liley. I don't know what their ship name was. I can't watch that movie though. Liam and Miley have gone through so much. It just hurts.

Amanda 1:03:23


Jae 1:03:24

I actually think the last song is my second favorite Nicholas Sparks movie.

Amanda 1:03:30


Jae 1:03:32

I haven't read any of the books. So I can always speak to the movies right

Angela 1:03:34

now. Same.

Amanda 1:03:36

Yeah, I think the only Nicholas spark book I've read is a walk to remember. And it's actually completely different than the movie. way different. But um, what movie? We just had him on

Jae 1:03:48

the last song, the last

Amanda 1:03:49

song? Oh, yeah. Come on. You could definitely feel the chemistry there. Holy shit. When they get I felt that. I felt the electricity.

Jae 1:03:58

And that beautiful scene when she goes to the wedding. And that great dress is her pajamas.

Amanda 1:04:04

Oh my god. And I'm just remembering the plot and then her when she learns that he was one of the people that was like responsible for her father's death. Oh, my God. That was great. Was that it? Was that the list day?

Jae 1:04:18

No, there's more. I'm just I'm just remembering that movie. Oh, there's more. Sorry. We'll have to fact check you but that's okay. There's two more. Then we have the choice which is one of the newer ones. I love this one. Angela didn't get the fields as much as she I thought she would but maybe again, there's a hospital element. So maybe that was that one. I think Wait.

Amanda 1:04:39

Is this the one with like the guy that's like a vet? veterinarian? Yes. And his neighbor. I couldn't get into that one. I haven't finished it.

Jae 1:04:49

Okay, I really like to just because I really love the actress Teresa, whatever her name is she was in that like zombie movie with Nicolas Holt, warm bodies. Getting Yes, thank you. Yes, she was in that movie with him. And I just liked that one I love like the South Carolina accents, and I loved how he'd always call her lady. It's like a southern accent.

Amanda 1:05:14

Take notes, fellas. Jay loves to be called lady.

Jae 1:05:18

Well, no, I like the accent more than the words. And then there's one more. One. I'm sure Angela has been waiting for this whole time. The longest ride my movie. To me that one. I liked the soundtrack off that one the best. That's my favorite soundtrack of the Nicholas Sparks. That was just perfect. Except Clint Eastwood, some Trump supporter, so I'm afraid his son's a Trump supporter. And then that just makes me sad.

I hope not. Scott Eastwood is perfect. Like, if you look at his face, it's perfect. Oh my gosh,

I actually haven't seen that Robertson in a sorority. You didn't see the longest ride. And that was a great story.


So the longest ride it's a great story. So Britt Robertson, the sorority girl she's like learning to be an art collector. And Scott Eastwood's a bowl writer, and he gets injured. Did you guys freeze? Or did you just stop talking? I can't tell.

Amanda 1:06:14

We don't know. I was listening.

Jae 1:06:17

Okay, cuz he was you were both looking at him. Like, am I wrong? Like No, no, no.

Amanda 1:06:21

Proceed. Proceed.

Jae 1:06:23

Oh, and then it's a rainy night. And they see a car pulled over on the side of the road,

Angela 1:06:28

right? Yes.

Jae 1:06:30

Okay. Then. It's this older gentleman who they take to the hospital, who has a bunch of letters from his wife, that Britt Robertson starts to read to him. And so then you start paralleling, and following that love story from like, World War One. So the 1930s 40s. Yes. That story along with the story of this, this committed bull writer who frankly needs to give up his career because he keeps getting too injured. And this art collector who wants to go will move to New York and be like, all fancy schmancy but is now falling in love with this like, country guy

who has an established life in South Carolina?

No, that was that was the choice? I don't think No, I don't think they're farther south. Are they all in South Carolina? They call we thought Carolina cuz I think safe haven also takes place in South Carolina. I think Nicholas Sparks might be from one of the Carolinas.

I'm not sure. Okay. Yeah. So it's basically like them needing to like, figure out like their choices? And do they want their careers more and the ideas of what they think that their life should be? Or do they want to be with each other?

Amanda 1:07:43


Angela 1:07:44

And in the end, Amanda?

Jae 1:07:47

They Okay, he does, yes, well, I am I'm going to spoil it because I've spoiled so many other things, this episodes that we're going for it. So in the end, he gives up bull riding, and goes after her and so spoiler the unfortunately the old man passed away. And he had an extensive art collection. And so Britt Robertson's character goes to just to see it and view it because like, she would love to have these things and work with things like it. And there are a lot of other art collectors there. So it's a great way for her to network as well as honor his memory. Scott Eastwood shows up right as the auction is beginning. And the first item is this child's drawing that nobody bids on. But because it's part of this guy's famous collection, he thinks that it's something. It's something good to give Britt Robertson, so he gives all of it he like, I think he got like, it's a picture of his wife. Yeah, it's a child's drawing picture of his wife. He like took like his prize money. I think it's like $5,000 or something. He's like $5,000. And he bids on it. He's the only one he gets it. And immediately, they call the auction off. And they let everyone know that they can go home because there's a stipulation in the auction contract from the from the donator that says, No. Drawing automatically gets the entire connection. The entire

Angela 1:09:17


Jae 1:09:19

is the most important and treasured piece between him and his wife. So the person who sees the value here should have everything. So Oh,

get the art collection is worth millions.

And she gets to open her own gallery right there and be with him but still have her career and like everything that she'd hoped for.

Amanda 1:09:44

Wow. That's so cute. All right. definitely gonna watch this. Maybe tonight. We'll see. Ah, that one's nice. So

Jae 1:09:55

we went through Nicholas Sparks. We went through romantic comedies. Amanda wrote us a lovely romance. into comedy, which I'm excited to help produce and market in any way possible. You have a platform to advertise when it's ready. I can't wait to play us.

Amanda 1:10:09

I'm trying to think I have no idea. You guys can decide who plays you. I feel it's only fair.

Jae 1:10:15

Huh? See being what Hollywood needs a little bit more diversity. My main choices are Constance Wu, Ali Wong or want a condor. So I think we'd probably have to go with an unknown role for mine.

Amanda 1:10:25

Hmm. I love that. Jay. I love that for you. Yes.

Jae 1:10:29

Thank you, Sam. Because I

can't picture anybody who looks like me right now saying because nobody's

Amanda 1:10:34

at my level. is what I just heard Angela.

Jae 1:10:42

Latinx actresses,

but I can't I can't think of any that.

Amanda 1:10:50

Because of her hair, but she's already kind of older and we need somebody.

Jae 1:10:55

She's an MLM, too. She sells essential oils. Guys. hate to break it to you. Oh,

Amanda 1:10:59

no. J This is like earth shattering News.

Jae 1:11:03

I'm sorry.

Amanda 1:11:06

I take it back. I take it back. No. Okay, good.

Jae 1:11:08

I can see because of my hair. But yeah, well think of someone new.

Amanda 1:11:12

You know what, I like that. And actually, that kind of works for me. Because I'm a big, I feel like I would want fresh faces, you know? And like anything I produce or right. Let's get more faces out there.

Jae 1:11:24

Here here, obviously in my comment.

Because we already did the intro and outro so how do we even call this usually I segue into the

outro. I mean, I mean, I don't know. Would you like to maybe thank our guests show some courtesy. Oh, gosh. Yeah, I

mean, I guess. Amanda? Oh, wait, are you frozen? No, no. Okay.

Amanda 1:11:45

I guess I'm just enjoying the show that's happening right here.

Jae 1:11:50

Real time when we got Amanda, thank you very much for joining us today. Like we're so happy that we could have you and talk about movies with you. And please come back anytime that you want.

Amanda 1:12:03

Thank you guys. I had a fun time.

Jae 1:12:05

You guys are the best Thank you.

Thank you. You are till we miss you a lot. Really though.

Can we get food?

Amanda 1:12:13

Yeah, I'm literally just going to go up just to get some of Jays baked goods. Please do because I just feel like I'm constantly hearing Jay talking about like, all the baked goods. She's like making or like the project she wants to work on. And I'm like, over here in my little corner. Like, I want some of that.

Jae 1:12:33

What happens when you're unemployed? You have a lot more time for projects. Oh,

Amanda 1:12:38

who knows? But you don't

Jae 1:12:40

even get half of the baked goods that like Angela has to hear about like weekly, or every few weeks. Oh my gosh, yes.

And then I don't even get any Thank you for listening to this episode of in Omnia paratus Join us next week. But for now, grab your coffee bowl and don't forget to rate download and subscribe on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. As always where you lead will follow so head on over to @inomniapod on Instagram and let us know what you thought about today's episode. Bye


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