With travel slowly starting to open up, today we’re reminiscing about Spring Break. We’ve got the McFlurries, the snack debates, international destinations, Jae out’s Angela’s true best friends, and more. And by more we mean, first touring our alma mater, fraternity formals, parental control locks, and finance bros living their best lake life.

Show Notes

Fact Check 1: The hazelnut, blue star candy is Baci: https://www.amazon.com/Perugina-Chocolate-Chopped-Hazelnuts-Original/dp/B002U224LY/ref=asc_df_B002U224LY/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312193679191&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=10351855351085040688&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9031999&hvtargid=pla-572033126617&psc=1
Do you have a preferred way to meet a Franco brother?
Fact Check 2: The story of how Alison Brie and James Franco met can be found here: https://www.thelist.com/355054/this-is-how-alison-brie-and-dave-franco-really-met/#:~:text=The%20actors%20had%20an%20adorable%20meet%2Dcute%20moment&text=The%20GLOW%20star%20and%20her,%2C%20%22Yes%2C%20please.%22
Note: Angela’s perfect spring break is being alone in the house, lounging, eating, and watching movies
Further Note: Angela’s high school was very academically inclined and their early days should not be taken a reflection of a substandard education (Can you tell Angela has a chip on her shoulder about not being thought of as *smart*?)
Jae’s spring breaks were far more interesting – She and her friends planned an LA weekend, complete with a Venice Beach stay
Raise your hand if you would also like to be able to rent an island for spring break!
Fact Check 3: The average person actually can eat/swallow up to 8 spiders a year, and average about 52 spiders in a lifetime
If you need to take a train anywhere, Jae’s got you covered on logistics
PSA: If you want to join Jae’s Lake Life panel, hit us up for season 2!

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Jae 0:00

I pledge myself to the pod loyal I'll always be a p to start a D at the end, and an O sitting in between.

Welcome back to and Omnia products. I'm Jae like the letter

Angela 0:17

and I'm Angela also known as AVo.

Jae 0:20

were two friends that are having to our past and present evaluating if we were ever truly ready for anything we discuss all things from the definition of dating to all the things school didn't prepare us for Listen, as we talk about career changes, give plenty of unsolicited opinions and work on becoming the type of people we want to see in the world.

Angela 0:36

Good evening, Jae.

Jae 0:37

First, you told me brunches, not at 1030. And now 445 where they can still be serving brunch is evening.

Angela 0:44

It's still technically late afternoon. But I think that five o'clock is the cutoff for evening.

Jae 0:51

So your mornings are from like six to four and then you go from four to five being afternoon and then five on being evening. Yes,

Angela 1:01

my mornings are from 6am to around I okay, I don't exactly say four. I say 2pm. And then evening starts at five. So I have a three hour afternoon. It's how it's how I make it through the day. I'm more productive in the morning. So the longer that I can extend my morning experience, the more that I can get done. In other words, lie to yourself Exactly. Whatever you need to tell yourself.

Jae 1:24

Does daylight savings help or hurt that?

Angela 1:26

Oh, okay. So far, it seems like it's hurting it because

Jae 1:32

I'm sorry. You mean the last 24 hours?

Angela 1:34

Yes, within the last 24 hours, things have not gone very well. Granted, there have been some extenuating circumstances here where the actions of other people that are outside of my control have contributed to this day. However, it was very hard to get up this morning. It was very difficult to go to bed last night I don't think actually fell asleep until around 2am and then yesterday morning when I woke up I was completely thrown off because I had plans at 1130 but then I had completely forgotten about daylight saving so I hadn't changed my clocks before I went to bed so by the time I had to be at said plans I was just starting to get ready for them pay boom or you know your

Jae 2:13

iPhone alarm automatically changes right who uses

Angela 2:16

their iPhone alarm?

Jae 2:17

I have no problem pulling our friends I'm like putting a wager on this.

Angela 2:21

Okay, fine. Probably a lot of people use their iPhone alarms I do not do that. I have a regular well no I don't I don't have a regular alarm clock. I have a radio alarm clock because I like to wake up to music and I like there to be variety that I don't have to necessarily pre select. But something that I also know will be a little bit consistent. You're the millennial

Jae 2:40

who never grew out of the 90 so now you're back in fashion got to cut that middle part down that's

Angela 2:45

that's a really good way to put that. Oh, I don't look good with a middle part. I don't think so. Curly is one thing straight. It doesn't frame my face properly. Alright, so afternoon or evening. How's it going? I hear some snackage Yes,

Jae 2:59

I'm hungry. I haven't eaten much today.

Angela 3:02

I had a bagel and then I just had some extra popcorn popcorn really is a great multi versatile snack. You know where it's actually really great

Jae 3:10

a carnival the Degrassi Carnival

Angela 3:13

well that's that's one place yes it is really great there but I was gonna say car rides because it oh I highly disagree Really? See I think that it doesn't leave your finger super greasy and it's filling just enough has a little bit of crunch may or may not have some flavor. See I think this is where you and I like yin yang it you're more about how you get dirty. I'm

Jae 3:35

more about how my space gets dirty. So like popcorn snack that's guaranteed to like get left behind the car and little pieces get everywhere when the car jolts like an I don't like a dirty space like I can always wash my hands it getting out of the car to wash it in between car rides distract would like

Angela 3:54

drive me insane. Interesting. So like how are you imagining eating this popcorn? Because I'm imagining some I'm imagining some sort of like with my hand throwing contest involved for popcorn to get everywhere.

Jae 4:05

Well no, we all didn't go to etiquette classes like you and eat one kernel at a time and then true for 2436 bytes of running you're supposed to

Angela 4:13

I think it's 36 and I've never been able to do that does that does that just give him good etiquette class? I know it gives me a little bit of anxiety that you can't

Jae 4:21

get to 36

Angela 4:22

well no that just counting to the 36 because you forget no I think just like the time that it takes.

Jae 4:29

No for car rides. I'm much more of like a protein bar like a double insulated pup with Starbucks or a coffee of your choice. Iced Tea. If you're in a foreign country obviously foreign candy make flurries mcflurry is work well.

Angela 4:44

flurries are really good.

Jae 4:45

I had one in Italy it was the candy the hazelnut and chocolate candies, the white ones with the blue stars all over it.

Angela 4:53

Oh okay. I don't know the name but I do know what you're talking about.

Jae 4:56

My floor is 10 out of 10 right?

Angela 4:58

I don't have mcflurry Often but I do remember I had them quite a bit they were like a very they were a very regular staple Spring Break food. Like there was just something about going to the beach and like either on the way there on the way back you stop at McDonald's, you get your fries, and you get your mcflurry

Jae 5:17

are these real memories you had? Are you trying to transition? Both? You seem to really be forcing a memory there. So I wasn't sure how long you were gonna go?

Angela 5:27

Well, it's not exactly specific to spring break. It's just sort of spring in general but it has happened on spring break.

Jae 5:34

Today we will be speaking about Spring Break the good the bad. The James Franco. I've still never seen that movie.

Angela 5:41

Oh my God. That is James Franco. I've seen half of it.

Jae 5:44

I just remember listening to all the interviews how he really got in character, wasn't he a drug dealer? How he got really in character would only like method act on set.

Angela 5:53

I feel like that would just scar me if I met James Franco while he was method acting.

Jae 5:58

I mean, Your other option is high but like that's also how it seems he is normally as well. True. They Franco's surprisingly boring unfortunately. or fortunately

Angela 6:09

but he's married to Alison Brie. Like that's that's that's his personality trait being married Dallas and Bree. No, what's his fucking personality trait is that he and Alison Brie on their first night together meeting for Mardi Gras dropped acid or like did coke together? Oh, okay. Yeah, score score one for the the Franco Bri team.


so Spring Break j I'm assuming that you've never had one with James Franco, like drug dealer or have you? Will this be taking a turn?

Jae 6:35

I mean, I was always compared to the Selena Gomez character who I heard leaves like 15 minutes into the movie. So I feel like that's a pretty accurate depiction of the way I've been viewed by people.

Angela 6:46

Okay, so maybe in this episode, we'll find out what does the Selena Gomez type character do when she leaves spring break?

Jae 6:53

Yeah, but you were a Catholic schoolgirl, so we know. You must have had fun spring breaks.

Angela 6:57

I did. I had the best spring breaks ever.

Jae 7:01

Did you spring break with friends?

Angela 7:03

Oh, okay. Wait, do you just want me to tell you about my best spring break?

Jae 7:06

Does it respond to the question? Do you do spring break with Fred? Yes. Then go for it.

Angela 7:11

Okay, best Spring Break ever. I stayed home for 11 days had the house to myself while my parents were at work. I laid around in my pajamas. I watched movies, I got to eat whatever I wanted. I got to like scroll through all the TV channels because I was the kid who had the parental control locks until she was like 20 so I got to like go to the TV in my mom's room where there weren't like parental controls and like watch things like Gilmore Girls and charmed and then usually my dad would take me to lunch or bring me lunch and I got to blast the stereo and dance around and that was the best Spring Break ever.

Jae 7:53

So what

Angela 7:57

are a few things I got from that ball like the star one is like super safe your ferrets were

Jae 8:01

your best friend. Tony wrong with that. But like, like is this a response to my question? And then you say yes. And then you talk about your parents?

Angela 8:14

Yeah, because did I spring break with friends? No, I stayed away from everyone and holed up in my house and took a much needed mental break. In college. I went out those those spring breaks were different, but like growing up through high school, Spring Break was all about rest and relaxation. And I can totally relate to that right now because I've never wanted anything more from an adult spring break.

Jae 8:40


Angela 8:41

Hold on. Okay,

Jae 8:42

so you basically lorilynn Emily at the spa for 11 days. Why 11 days. Oh, did you get the ski we presidents we Memorial Day Groundhog Day insert other reason for you to pay for a private education that you just get to take off vacation day? No. So

Angela 8:59

my the school that I went to didn't actually start doing that until after I graduated and I was very upset. But our spring break usually started on a Wednesday. So we had Wednesday, like either all either fully off for a half day. Then Thursday, Friday off and then the full next week off. Hmm, interesting.

Jae 9:18

It was delightful. Sounds like I always like getting out in the middle of the week. I was always a fun thing or to get a middle of the week day off.

Angela 9:25

Wait, did your high school do the thing where you had one day during the week where you ended earlier than the others? No?

Jae 9:31

Oh, absolutely not. Most people chose to take extra classes at my school and it was asked for the extra day of class. No interesting.

Angela 9:39

Okay, but yeah, that was my best Spring Break ever. What about yours?

Jae 9:42

I would probably say the best was the one my friends and I took my senior year of high school where our parents trusted us to go down to LA for the whole week for three or four days. Maybe the whole week. I don't know by ourselves for the last day or two of the trip to save money and then also to be clear To the beach. I have family down there. So we stayed with them. But before that we stayed in a hotel. And I believe that was kind of, oh god, I'm gonna get this wrong. I know the hotel I think was like on Sunset, but literally, I understand Sunset Boulevard. It's like, that's not a point. I'm very aware. That's not a point of reference. Well, that's the only point I currently have of it. I'll give Andrew all the location for the show notes. But then we ended up going to Venice Beach for the second part of it. We trained down on Amtrak, which was about a 13 hour ride in my Chrome and it wasn't an Amtrak train. It was a bus. Yeah, that was an experience. One of my friends knows why we did that. And she still is making up for a till this day. Oh, no, the three of us who participated on this trip, bring this story up, whatever, we get the chance to all of our new friends when the four of us hang out with a new person and explain the story. So I guess we'll go and do it here. We were planning to take a trip three other high school best friends, we're going to go to LA and there was a bit of a money discrepancy for the flights. I believe it was 30 or $40 for one of our friends who couldn't make it, which is completely fine. So we all agreed to take the train as soon as the three of us book our train tickets because we're going to train there and then fly back. Okay, this friend tells us she can no longer make it right after the three of us all by these 13 hour train ticket. Oh

Angela 11:13

no non refundable.

Jae 11:14

I don't even think we looked into that. Oh, God. I think we were i think i think planning your first kind of like adult spring break away from your parents everything kind of making sure all the sets parents were on board understanding kind of it took a lot to get to that point. So I don't even know if refunds were available are we looked into it, but we just did it and slept horribly for the whole trip down then walked around la I'm trying to think we went thrifting we went obviously to the beach. We went to Brentwood and tried to walk around to UCLA and we went to Didi Reese which was like the ice cream thing near there. Oh

Angela 11:48

their cookies are so good. Yeah, so

Jae 11:49

we did that. I'm sure we did a lot of other things too that I can't remember but like that train ride just was so traumatizing kind of blocked out a lot of those events. Yeah, so we did that our senior year and that was really fun because it was kind of us getting to fly a little out of the coop but then also not too much because like I had family down there and I think everyone else had had people within like a few hours. So that's probably my best friend Greg typically in college I would just come home for my spring breaks because Angela you know this we were on quarter system most of my friends were on semester system so it always never lined up and

Angela 12:23

we got I feel like our breaks were always two weeks off from everyone else's

Jae 12:27

It was either one or the other either. We were one week later one week early. It was never I don't know exact two weeks but I always feel goes one week earlier one week later and I feel like a lot of my friends or a lot of people I've met who say the opposite they were semester and all of their friends recorder so I feel like it really just it's kind of like when you're from so cow ever when you think is from Norco and from more California you meet everyone you think so he got the point. So my spring break in college consisted not of me getting arrested. But me just coming home seeing my mom because typically she got the Samsung break. So I'd come home see my family. One of the great traditions that we started in college that I'm fortunate that unfortunately I think only started my third or second or third year before going to the airport. I would go to dim sum with my family every time I flew back so I always like flew down with them some for the next day. It was delightful. Delicious. And something I very much Miss. Oh,

Angela 13:21

that sounds really great. You should you should bring it back when we can fly again. Anytime you get on a plane dimsum first Yeah,

Jae 13:27

like everyone needs snacks. Yeah, but like going back to the popcorn like you can't really eat them some like I mean, we wouldn't necessarily cheat on the plate, I guess. I don't

Angela 13:36

know. I'll think about it. What's a spring break location? You always wish you'd visited

Jae 13:41

Miami. Isn't that where everyone goes? Miami isn't isn't like Florida like these Spring Break location.

Angela 13:46

See, I think I think it depends on it. Isn't

Jae 13:48

that what that picture in the 90s was always like everyone would go to Florida?

Angela 13:52

Oh, that's right. See, I always thought that it depended on where you were from.

Jae 13:56

Speaking of that, though, I have a friend who went to an Ivy League school and this is one of the fate my favorite things I'll never forget asking her like, oh, live lives on the east coast. Oh, are people going down to Miami for spring break? Because like it's much closer you're already there sunshine. Oh, well, like some people do but typically like because this is an Ivy League families like rent out their own islands in the Dominican Republic. I'm like, oh, wow, that's that kind of money. That's the Gossip Girl kinda

Angela 14:19

Oh my god. new goal. Find a friend who can rent an island. I'm sure it'll be the same place you find your sugar daddy or sell your feet back. Oh, Lord. But

Jae 14:29

yeah, Florida is the place that I think that's really Gilmore Girls when they

Angela 14:32

went to Florida. That's true. They did but they're they're on the east coast. Like they're not going to they're not going to go to LA for spring break. Like that's that's way too far to drive.

Jae 14:40

I mean, I guess the West Coast equivalent would be San Diego.

Angela 14:43

I guess. Maybe I always thought it was Mexico.

Jae 14:47

Mexico, Mexico. Yeah, we have a whole other country to go. Yeah, it was really odd. I'd never heard of this till college but like students were like brand reps for like Rosarito. I didn't understand how that worked, or exactly how that like went down, but like People got like tickets or memberships or something. I don't know maybe you'll maybe you understand this more to like be ambassadors for like their friends to go to Rosarito every year.

Angela 15:10

I mean, I think it's something very similar that went to what happens when people become like good friends with promoters and Vegas. I don't know. I don't know what that means, oh, well, like suddenly this random person, you know, it's like, Hey, I'm friends with so and so and they can get us into this club. And then we'll have our own table and bottle service and we can go into the DJ booth and like, we'll be featured here and our sweetest comp then

Jae 15:35

that but isn't that hard if every person in every Greek organization was part of this Rosarito thing, if everyone's breath doesn't really matter?

Angela 15:44

That is a very great and philosophical question. And I don't know if we'll ever truly know the answer, because neither of us were reps.

Jae 15:51

That was a choice or a drill.

Angela 15:53

Now, I think my college spring breaks. I did one at home, one in Hawaii, and then two in Vegas.

Jae 16:00

Did you do with your best friends aka your parents?

Angela 16:03

Yes. parents and friends.

Jae 16:06

I think this new personality trait where

Angela 16:09

it is best for best friends or my parents? Oh my god. No, I think so. The Hawaii one I did. So it was with my family. So it was my mom, a couple of my cousins I think one of my aunts and then in Vegas. My mom really wanted to do something for my 21st birthday. Obviously that's kind of ridiculous because it's New Year's Eve. So then she pushed it out to spring break. So she took me to my cousin's got there as well. I can't remember but I had I had friends on both Vegas trips as well. Just as as the bank rollers. My parents came and they hang out they hung out and they did their own thing.

Jae 16:45

I still haven't done Vegas since turning 21

Angela 16:48

it is honestly a little bit of a letdown.

Jae 16:50

I just like the fact Tuesdays like those are good we walk and shop and have a Fat Tuesday and my bus all I need. Those are really good. I

Angela 16:57

always I like to layer the cherry and the peach.

Jae 17:01

good mix. Does it have a name? Like I think one of them was named Captain America. I don't know why that's popping out at me. I could have completely offered it was like red, white and blue.

Angela 17:09

Oh, I mean, that would make sense. No, I don't remember I always like a built build your own

Jae 17:14

Yeah, I've been to Vegas once it wasn't spring break. It was right around spring break. My I don't know Angela Tony my junior my senior year all the girls went No, my junior year. Yeah, my junior year a bunch of the girls decided to go to Vegas after formal some shit had been stirred. I don't know why but it's like our formal was in Oh, this isn't spring break. But this is spring quarter. always happen. spring quarter. Every Greek organization throws every event every week, we only have 10 weeks in a quarter. There is one big event a week whether it is a formal, a date party, a fraternity, formal a philanthropy event, everyone has to do something in the last 10 weeks of school, which are also the last 10 weeks leading up to graduation every year. So we have to just do all the things. So typically, when seven sororities and eight to 10 fraternities, I think there were 10 Yeah, okay, we'll go with 10. And these are just Panhellenic nifc. Traditional, like the social organizations, I was gonna go pre civil war, but Oh, okay. There you go. Yeah, just those organizations, they, if they're 17 out no annual. I know, you're not the best at math here. But like, let me give you a little equation. Okay. If there are 17 organization who all throw one event within 10 weeks, what does that mean?

Angela 18:33

Okay. 17 divided by hand tie. No, wait. Okay. There are 17 events and there are 10 Okay, Okay, wait, there are there are 20 there are 20 days, because there are 10 weekends, and there are 17 events. So you have there you most likely you're going to two events a week. Oh, yeah, you're right.

Jae 18:54

I did. I did. I do want the equations on your right. I did. Yeah. So 20 events, 17 organizations, your basically your weekends are booked and typically completely once are already planned something they don't really take into account the other sororities, which can make sometimes the sororities a little mad and what makes the sororities even more mad because of our internal authority of being in a Greek organization is when a sorority formal happens to interfere with a fraternity formal people just didn't appreciate that. And what are the fraternities do for their formal which frankly, were like a mini spring break.

Angela 19:24

Typically the fraternities at our school would hold their formals in Vegas. So we were about what we were about a three hour drive away from Vegas not not that big of a stretch, but they would leave Friday mornings and then come back Sunday afternoons or Mondays.

Jae 19:41

Yeah, depending depending upon how things went. And remember ladies, why spend a night kind of like let's recreate a prom with our sisters and something cool we did ours on a boat but not ever onto a boat. So I understand that might be a little bit of a letdown when we can go to Vegas for free for the weekend. Most people would choose Vegas and there People would get very frustrated when their formals cross paths with the fraternity. formals. So for whatever reason this year our sorority hell are formal on a we're going to go with us Friday night. A Saturday. No, we held we held it on a god. Yeah, we hold it on a Saturday night because I know I drove up to Vegas with our sisters at like, 3pm on a Sunday. And then I swear we drove back at like, 4am on a Monday.

Angela 20:27

Oh, yeah, cuz everyone had to be back in time for Monday classes.

Jae 20:30

I had a presentation that Yep, I made it. But that was the only time I've ever been to Vegas. And I got to be with all of the freshmen and sophomores because my birthday is in October.

Angela 20:42

Okay. See just a little note on the whole drama between sorority formal and fraternity, formal Why did nobody ever just get together and create a summit to work out a calendar so that all of these things would work out and nobody needed to get upset? Well, sweetie, when multiple sorority people think they're bringing the same date to their formulas, they're going to their form all those kind of details can't be planned out ahead of time. Oh, okay. Oh my god. Do you remember the year that Okay, let's see if you can get this that one guy from that one fraternity that likes to call themselves true gentleman. Yeah, yeah, true gentlemen. Three though, was dating one girl but then asked another girl to that girl's formal because he didn't realize that they were sisters.

Jae 21:25

Oh, I love right. Was this ours are a different This was ours. The Justin Bieber Okay, like no. Am I in the wrong true rent? Okay, do you? No, no, no,

Angela 21:33

you're you're in the right. true gentleman. Just I wasn't thinking of that guy. This was another one

Jae 21:37

in the fraternity. I took someone to Yes. Okay. I'm in the right. I mean, the right organization. God, can I have? Can I have like a description of the guy or the sister? Um, was he a bigger a little I? Oh, I

Angela 21:50

don't know. Actually. All okay. I don't know how to describe her without completely giving it away.

Jae 21:55

Okay, what family is she in? You're the one dating them. Or the one at

Angela 22:00

the one asked,

Jae 22:02

Well, this person was dating someone else? Yep. What I know the guy if you said his name.

Angela 22:07

Okay. I can't remember his name. I can remember his face though. It's okay. We're gonna have to cut this whole thing out.

Jae 22:13


Angela 22:13

Well, can we leave it?

Jae 22:15

I mean, I think you'd have to know a lot about like my Greek family to figure that out.

Angela 22:19

Probably. I don't know. Well, we'll see how it goes. No, but that just jumped out at me when as soon as you said that. Okay, so

Jae 22:26

we're about 20 minutes of actual recording. And you said you had a lot for this episode, because you wanted to keep it in? What's next?

Angela 22:33

How do you feel about the concept of establishing adult spring break, like completely separate from that of from that of the children like its own week that work would need to accommodate for you to take a set amount of time off?

Jae 22:49

I think you just want all the time off the quarantine episode. You want a week off to stay home. Now you want a week off to do vacation grow. You live in America.

Angela 22:58

Yes. And we should embrace the idea of time off because after this whole quarantine thing, it's showed us that we can't do this like work to the bone thing anymore. It's also

Jae 23:09

starting May 14 Greece's opening for vaccinated people and with negative tests, or who've had COVID already, which I think is an interesting mix of qualification. Interesting.

Angela 23:20

So does this mean we start our planning? I mean, we can once you get your date? Well, according to the breaking news bulletin I got right as we were starting recording may 8. Any day except may 8 ninth 10th, or 11th. There's that's gonna be your only choice. either go one of those days or don't you just don't get to get back because I'm going to be so upset. No, it's fine. I'm going to find a date in April and I will get vaccinated. That's the spirit in April, not May, April, May. So that come July, we can go to Greece.

Jae 23:54

Everyone's going to go to Greece in July.

Angela 23:56

Okay, but it's been what six years now that we've been planning this trip to Greece and haven't been can we do more with August

Jae 24:03

or Europe siestas in August meaning it's quieter

Angela 24:07

Okay, it's also going to be really hot in August

Jae 24:10

it'll be less hot in July I'm allergic to the sun. So that's another factor and when I plan on traveling well

Angela 24:15

potentially so it's gonna be really cold on into July and August. June or so. On.

Jae 24:22

Ah, thank you. I have a photosensitivity which means I can get hives easily from the sun which will also mean I'll have great skin when I'm older because I am relatively religious about sunscreen we went to school in Southern California I don't understand like why even though like I would tell people oh I'm allergic to the sun so x y&z they would be like, you know, you go to school in Southern California, right? It's like no, that didn't occur to me when choosing where to give six figures of money a downpayment worth that it might be a little hot and I might have to like take precautions for that didn't factor into my decision whatsoever. Okay,

Angela 24:56

two things. One was our school. Really that expensive and to Frankly To me it just explained why you spent so much time inside

Jae 25:03

I mean if you include housing not if you exclude housing all that's true housing is such a ripoff why you chose to stay in like the expensive a kid dorms for two years I

Angela 25:12

will not understand three years and it's because it was paid for three Yeah, because yeah so when Jay says the expensive bid big kid dorms It was my on campus apartment but it just happens to be located closer to the dorms than any other campus apartment structure yours cuz?

Jae 25:30

No because it for sure you were at the colo Yeah. So that you're in there and then you and I live together in like regular regular apartment housing.

Angela 25:39

No. Okay, so it it was two years but it was it was fully paid for no cap on air conditioning. I had a cleaning service. My building actually had recycling not that I'm sure anyone really know knew how to use it. But there was there was a been marked recycling. Plus after seeing like, where some of the other apartments were. And like the potential bug problems that I could run into that was really scary. Like remember bigs apartment? They

Jae 26:04

had so many spiders. Tell me your high maintenance without telling me your high main.

Angela 26:10

You don't do spiders. Oh my god, there was actually one in my bed the other day. I was so upset. Like I was getting ready to sleep. I was laying down and then I was like, No, I'm going to remake the bed because it It feels weird. I pulled back the dubay and there was a spider just chill in there sounds about right. Not down.

Jae 26:27

Did you know you eat 10 spiders in a lifetime or something like that in your sweet hasn't gone up?

Angela 26:32

I thought it was for I thought it was a

Jae 26:35

you'll fact check it but yeah, adult spring break I like because this other concept that I realized there should also be parents spring break, I think like one week a year intersectionally. I mean, I don't want to completely intersectionally because then like I wouldn't get to do it with a you or any of our other friends. But like one, there's enough there are 52 weeks in a year, every group could like take a week, parents could take a week off. I don't know exactly the way we would do it. So we could do it all fairly. But like there's a way to do it that everyone can get one week off a year.

Angela 27:04

Now I agree. I think that I think that we need something like that.

Jae 27:07

Because like parents I heard it's like, when you take a vacation with kids. It's not really a vacation for you. And I love my vacations. So realizing for me to get a vacation. I'm going to need to take my kids somewhere and then go somewhere myself personally, I am childless. So this is not a firm stance. But I also don't i don't agree personally with Well, my kids won't necessarily remember it. So I'm not going to take them anywhere when they're super young. I'm not a big fan of that. But again, I'm childless. We'll see if that changes when I have kids. I'm not saying take them around the world in 80 days, but I also don't think you should always leave them home.

Angela 27:41

Oh, yeah, I agree. Do you have the earliest memory of your first vacation? Like mine was Disneyland and I think I was three. I remember Winnie the Pooh engulfing me and worrying that I would suffocate that I lived. Did you go with your best friend? Yes. Oh my god. I did. It was great. I think we were there for about a week. And we may have stayed in the Disneyland hotel.

Jae 28:04

That's fine. I used to have I don't know if I still have it. I had the autograph book for my first time at Disneyland.

Angela 28:09

Oh, yeah, me too.

Jae 28:11

Kudos to those characters for signing with like those massive gloves on Oh my god, right.

Angela 28:15

I actually I The last time I was at Disneyland, I really wanted Cruella de villes autograph. But okay, so the actor playing her she was fantastic. She was an amazing character. But when she got I'm sorry, are you ruining Disney? The magic of Disney for all of the children who listen to this?

I am I'm very What is this actress she's flying. I'm Lord pression hopes in

2020 it's going to be really awful when I have kids. Like I don't know how I'm going to do this. Cruella was sick that day kids so they had to have someone to fill in for her. I left that part out. Did I save it?

Jae 28:51


Angela 28:52

but continue. So Corolla was amazing. But by the time that she got to me, she didn't want to give me her autograph. We took the picture. But she's like, absolutely not. She's

Jae 29:02

like, I have no time for you.

Angela 29:04

Just like swatted the book away. Oh, God, I just got rejected by Corolla. DeVille.

Jae 29:08

Is that something you're going to be stressing out? They're

Angela 29:10

probably that and the neverending hug from Winnie the Pooh

Jae 29:14

starts in childhood and

Angela 29:15

I actually I did my senior year spring break at Disneyland too. So that was like that combined with one of my friends from high school. So it was a combined what you in your senior year of college or your senior year of high school?

Jae 29:29

Oh, I thought I might. I was like your senior year of college. I don't remember you go to Disneyland. No, that was Vegas. Of course. That was your second home kind of though.

Angela 29:37

So yeah, we went to Disneyland I think for three or four days. And then we also went and visited our college as my Congratulations, you now go here explore the campus trip, which wasn't the absolute worst time to visit because I think it was early April. So it was already in the 90s

Jae 29:56

where the country's out. I think I did mine in March. And I did like a When I did like a 12 hour thing, my uncle flew down with me. So we flew down in the morning, did the tour and then flew back

Angela 30:05

the same day. Oh, see, I would have preferred that we so Okay, so we did Disneyland in the morning. Then we drove there in the afternoon got caught in the horrible traffic. Then I did the walking tour. Then I ended up the dorms tour, and then I did an English department tour. And yeah, so my friend came with me but then she ended up getting super dehydrated and passed out on the tour. Yeah, so they had to carry her back and hold her in the body call it's not it wasn't it wasn't an infirmary area. They were holding her somewhere in the student center like health and wellness. No, not helping. One was like literally in the Student Center. Yeah, they had they had a special place for people who came who weren't prepared.

Jae 30:49

Yeah. Okay, so when I took that tour, we parked in the lot near the business school. Oh, we didn't know where to park. Oh, no. And then so obviously you have to find the students the money center. Where's the tours or check the door? We also say take the dorm Tour, which means you go up the big hills then we need to get back to the car.

Angela 31:07

Oh my god,

Jae 31:08

that was the most terrible Walk of my life. Oh,

Angela 31:12

yeah. No, the only good thing about that day was because my friend passed out they then carted me around in the golf cart. What Yeah, cuz they were like we just we just we want you to see it really fast. So I did that. See, but it gave me a realistic first all the boys and give you free food. But it gave me an unrealistic expectation of where I ultimately ended up living because I was like, Oh, this isn't so bad at all. It's not actually that far from campus. And that I had to do that gigantic Hill every single day multiple times a day and you still don't get a buck from it. Well, I've heard that for some people genetically it's just impossible. Is that what you're telling yourself? It's my justification for my future. bbl Yes, you're what Brazilian butt lift?

Jae 31:55

Is that where they take that from one place and put it in another? Yes,

Angela 31:57

that is also my justification for why I can eat whatever I want because I'm hoping to have it done by the end of quarantine.

Jae 32:04

Oh shit.

Angela 32:04

I also didn't realize the end of quarantine was coming so quickly. I honestly thought we'd be home another year. But we've we've spoken this far too much into existence now.

Jae 32:14

Yes. Have we spoken or are we just showing the the universe we understand how your world works to be more cooperative in the future? No to be one with the universe we rage against the universe and how's that doing? Its how is that? It's not going down like this? See what's worse getting COVID and then having to wait the three months or Hey, isn't Sophie one of your nicknames?

Angela 32:36

Oh Ha ha ha and yes, I think it might be although I don't know Sophie. I don't remember. Oh yeah, there we go. Your s necklace that you bought yourself. It helps sell the story like can't wait to hear how that works on Okay, well when you give people a fake name Do they ever question you on it? People normally

Jae 32:52

don't get my name right so

Angela 32:54

I always give a fake name. Okay, but do you give some sort of like iteration of

Jae 32:57

your name? No, I say j and their Jen and I'm like if they're if they're not if they're not worth me wanting to remember them I

Angela 33:04

just say yes. Okay, that that actually works see but my name isn't as easy to confuse that's why

Jae 33:10

I say j like the letter if I want you to know what my name is henceforth the start of our podcast

Angela 33:14

Well yeah, but all of the all of the names that sound like Angela I don't like as much and frankly we know I don't even like Angela that much

so and Angie.


Jae 33:28

never we will commit after you're vaccinated on to go on a trip and make up fake personas and try these out Savannah

Angela 33:35

and Svetlana,

Jae 33:37

I want to be Savannah fair,

Angela 33:38

you have the most Blake Lively ish hair.

Jae 33:40

Well, I think it also would be funny with you being named Svetlana, trying to figure that out.

Angela 33:46

That would be a hard one to sell Savannah,

Jae 33:48

Georgia. That was not a southern accent whatsoever. I don't know what I was going for there.

Angela 33:52

It's okay. It's like It's like the time and I went to that like 20s prohibition themed party but she kept speaking in a Western accent trying to get the slang down.

Jae 34:03

Oh my god, did you listen to my voice memo that I sent you? I did a leaking of back going back to spring break. I'm a genius. So I need ideally a husband but if not, we'll at least go for like a solid boyfriend that could ideally lead to husband because I would like children sooner rather than later. I'd also like a job a nice house. I'm carmelized bacon and someone who can sing I'll get as you print. Moving on, I figured out the best way to get hot guys because apparently hot guys in my eyes are in the Midwest or from the Midwest. And typically, if they're moving out to the west coast, they're either in finance or tech. The best way to get to meet them and try to interact with them and get them on this podcast is to ask them what it's like to spring break out a lake because I've never been to a lake. I don't know what it's like to wakeboard, or to the to jet ski or anything. And this was all brought upon by me watching one of the lowest rated movies on Rotten Tomatoes, which truly offends me because Steve Martin, you Jeanne lovey Harmon Electra lemon from heart of Dixie Clark Kent from Smallville in one Coyote Ugly sexy hair pushback from mean girls with like a 4% on Rotten Tomatoes I am offended I watched cheaper by the dozen to a few nights ago and I was like oh my god I want to know what it's like to live in a lake and oh my gosh in the midst of also trying to find hot men who seem to match my aesthetic and what I want probably know what it's like to live in a lake

Angela 35:28

you want to Lake lifer?

Jae 35:30

I mean I'll take it but it's more I want that's a way for me to get to meet these people. I have a podcast and I'm really curious what it's like to grow up around a lake Okay,

Angela 35:37

about how many of these fake interviews Do you anticipate us holding? Well you try

Jae 35:42

they're not fake Why do they have to be fake because

Angela 35:45

the How many times do you think that we can have a podcast episode about what it's like to enjoy hashtag Lake life

Jae 35:52

you do it in a panel? How big is this panel? How many Sooners Do you think I need to find the right way? You

Angela 35:58

did the seven last time so it should be double it

Jae 36:01

will no 14 is like a little much we would need to do that. But like we saw no, we do half on a lake life and half on seasons particularly snow. Oh, okay. I've

Angela 36:13

also heard them talk about corn mazes. I've only seen that on the Vampire Diaries.

Jae 36:19

I've been in cornmeal really where I don't know every Halloween My friends and I would go during high school and thankfully I always talked about doing the haunted one because I almost cried during the regular Okay, I so we did the entrepreneur.

Angela 36:31

I can't imagine you leaving San Francisco to go to a corn maze. I mean I haven't drive this is a very baffling image

Jae 36:37

there are a picture there fugly picture sell more my friends look lovely I

Angela 36:40

look fugly Jays friends can use a barrel Hey,

Jae 36:44

there's pictures of us something barrels of Hey,

Angela 36:46

oh my lord. We

Jae 36:47

did this for three years to three years I want to say three out now because we ended the first year because that was the first trivia game friends with the friend who would go three years two or three years we went

Angela 36:58

Yeah, I'm really gonna need to see these pictures.

Jae 37:00

But yes, spring break. What was it like to go to away anyone who has any information and ideally is above six foot can dress well doesn't wear too much. athleisure can ideally cook self hygiene is pro choice. okay with me being adopted in Jewish DMS below.

Angela 37:18

We're so excited to have you join our panel.

Jae 37:21

Yes, and I promise this has nothing to do with the dream of all of my friends finding people at a club to give them piggyback rides, but no one given me a piggyback ride completely isolated incident.

Angela 37:31

Okay, I really need to know in this dream. Why were we dressed like What did you say? We were dressed like Hooters Hooters girls,

Jae 37:37

I mean, not really. But everyone was in like tank tops and like booty shorts. Okay, got it. And it will kind of tell you we're working on like a roller rink, but like Hooters was like the quicker way to get the image. Got it? I don't know, for some reason it was you, me, Laura. Because I concerned because you're in the market and two other girls were in a sorority and like, I don't know why we were going here. But everyone as soon as everyone can everyone found a boy and I couldn't find a boy. And then everyone was leaving with a boy. And Laura was the only one to leave her boy to help me get my Uber because I didn't want to be with you guys anymore. And one of the boys pointed it out and you didn't say anything. And unlike you, I don't hold her is that Vince about? Oh my god. Angela has had multiple dreams of me either dating people. She's currently in relationships with Oh my god, crushes and like, I've had the wrath the next day. It's like Angela and I are in a relationship, like the amount of frustration that gets thrown

Angela 38:27

out. Okay, they are just so real. Like, honestly, it takes a little bit to like, come back from that and realize that it didn't actually happen. Like one of them

Jae 38:37

was when you were in a relationship with someone correct. I feel like hey, like you don't like my boyfriend, do you? It's like, no. Oh, yeah, I

Angela 38:45

remember waking up and texting.

Jae 38:48

Like, No, I'm good. Thank you. The only thing I really liked, especially took out date glasses. Like it kind of went downhill from there real fast.

Angela 38:55

Oh, my God.

Jae 38:57

Do you have hobbies?

Angela 38:58

Does anyone have hobbies?

Jae 39:00

I mean, you do and I think a lot of people do. The only thing I knew he wanted was to like, get cloud. I think our Oh, my prediction right now. He'd want to be big on tech talk right

Angela 39:09

now. Oh, I could see that.

Jae 39:11

Like that. That would be the personality trait like the millennial on Tick Tock like trying to still be relevant.

Angela 39:16

Oh, yeah, I can see that. I mean, frankly, I can see that for a lot of them.

Jae 39:19

Like tell me you were bullied in elementary school without telling me you were bullied in elementary school. I love those kinds of things. We don't condone bullying at all. Bullying is bad. That's a whole I mean, I'm not gonna open that can of worms. I'm saying we don't condone bullying. However, the way all of our childhood trauma shows through in various ways, such as childhood bullying, daddy issues, mommy issues, you can kind of tell what the person went through. Tell me your your best friend through your parents without telling parents until you were 20

Angela 39:52

Oh my god. Okay, I had the parental locks on the TV until I was 20. I just didn't know clarify. At that point,

Jae 40:00

I mean, I did too, but like I learned the passwords real fast, and then I changed them. So like they were on but like mom didn't know. And I think I did some uncle's house too. They didn't know I knew the passwords and or change them to what I needed them to be.

Angela 40:13

Oh my god, no, now I know what they are. And I'm like, wow, that was so simple. I totally should have figured that out. But I also had a really extensive DVD collection. So it was all right. I think I will. I'm sorry. You figured it? Did you figure it out? Like during quarantine? No, this was years ago. Okay. Alright, so back to adults spring break. I'm a huge proponent of it. And another friend of mine actually had a really great idea the other day, she was trying to work out whether or not it would be feasible to incorporate some sort of like medeor. breaker everyone. And when are we defining mid year so she was actually going from the end of June to beginning of July and she was trying to make it work for the US based on pride day to Fourth of July. So I know that depending on break, right? So I know that depending upon where you are pride celebrations, like they fluctuate a little bit, but is there I didn't look is there like,

Jae 41:09

I think a week, okay, they're all very close. It's Pride Month is June. So they're all within. I also have a bone to pick that hotel prices and Airbnb zz are already going up in price. Oh, yeah. I was looking today. I'm very annoyed. Yep, I

Angela 41:21

know. Are they're all going back to being non refundable. Oh, I didn't see that. Damn, yeah. No, I was looking for me and the reputation of white. Yeah, they've slowly started to go up and they're Can you get it in the place? You're going? I mean, I don't think I'd want to because I don't want to take a vaccine away from someone they're true. Like I would I would get it. I would only want to get it locally. And then okay. I also have a really big issue with this as well, because earlier, I was speaking with some people, and they were talking about how they could give their vaccination like appointment sites to people who lived out of the area almost 100 miles out of the area for them to kind of come get their vaccines. Yeah, not the greatest, really not.

Jae 42:03

But next year, we'll be vaccinated, we can do adult Spring Break somewhere. I don't know Angela, this all the funds that he's with her other friends. So I don't know where we would go.

Angela 42:12

Okay. There are plenty of places that we could go. Just whenever I ask. You always either say No, you haven't planned with someone else. Or you're waiting to go there with X number of people because apparently I am not enough.

Jae 42:25

Yes, some days you're shorter than me. And if someone's coming to mug me, and it's a day where you're shorter than me, you're not of much help. Where do you think we're going that we're

Angela 42:33

going to get mugged? Anywhere,

Jae 42:35

everywhere. The world is dangerous. The world is dangerous,

Angela 42:39

but that's why we're smart.

Jae 42:41

Again, like boys DMS like to go on any future vacation. Like dude's versus snow bros?

Angela 42:50

What about the river bros?

Jae 42:52

I would throw them in with late Okay, if there's a big distinction I apologize and I am more than happy to add contenders to my list of mates.

See if people

are really gonna regret not getting to the end of this episode. Because it gets fun here as well. If

Angela 43:06

you don't make it to the end, it's just like another throw away. See,

Jae 43:10

I thought was a throwaway. Everyone loved it. So I thought it was a throwaway but like was one where we were just chatting. Continue Well no, I

Angela 43:18

just I was gonna say that I hadn't realized that you really were that serious about your commitment to the finance bros?

Jae 43:25

I'm not but when I look at currently the most ideal person I would like to date and they're in Texas forcing like a dizzy Prince and they are from the Midwest. I have to throw that factor in there. I mean, if you happen to be in tech, so tech finance, same thing.

Angela 43:40

Definitely not same thing, but I consider them adjacent.

Jae 43:43

Yeah, you need to listen to the episode of wild oh nine where Jeremy tells this whole story from getting his DUI to becoming fraternity president to being on an acapella show.

Angela 43:51

We I thought I was forbidden from wild till nine because it was gonna make me sad

Jae 43:55

it is you have just wanted one story to see why any male you adored in college would be crushed by this guy

Angela 44:02

got it out. Oh, I heard the worst story about someone I used to adore in college.

Jae 44:07

The one with the fetish? Uh huh. so uncomfortable. You really don't think like someone who you think is very physically attractive can be torn down so easily by a shitty personality. But like just say that and like that too. Mm hmm. Well, I'm sorry. Didn't take me again. Back to Angela not taking me to things I didn't get asked to go back to the finger party social

Angela 44:29

because I'm pretty sure you were hanging out with a fight. Y'all had better things to do than go hang out with the fraternity that got kicked out and was busy like licking their wounds. I in no way expected that that day was going to turn out the way that it did.

Jae 44:44

Yeah. Anyway, when she comes on the podcast, I will be asking about the story like hey, there's there's been this. There's a particular story Angeles like told me about and I'd love to get it from your software.

Angela 44:54

I will say though in the interest of what we have learned recently from bachelor nation, we should not be lineside people with these questions

Jae 45:02

No, but I can do it subtly will be like, Oh my god, I'm really good at this game you are fairly deleting they're called leading questions. I think we should wrap this up. Give your best because I'm sure you have this memorized. I'm sure you're the only person who would thoroughly look through the picture books. People tell you the safety protocols on the plane. Give us your best, like, buckle up, sign out, go. I'll even pull up a script if you need to. But I think you probably have it memorized and could wing it. Oh my god, even better.

Do it in your British accent.

Angela 45:34

Oh my god, no, we are not appropriating

Jae 45:36

seriously. Is it appropriating? If punching up, it's not even punching up. You have a relatively good British accent that I haven't gotten to here since like my junior year of college.

Angela 45:47

Here. It's alright, we'll plan A storytime around it. I'll read something from a British author or something that's over something that takes place in the UK.

Jae 45:55

Okay, go go go sign us out.

Angela 45:57

Ladies and gentlemen, we'll be taking off momentarily so please make sure to carry. I got this ladies and gentlemen we'll be taking off momentarily, so please make sure your carry on baggage is stowed securely, either in an overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you mobile phones and others small electronic devices should be turned off. There are six exits on this plane three doors on each sides. All exits are clearly marked with an exit sign. Please take the time to find the nearest exit to you. If you're seated in an exit row. Please review the responsibilities for an emergency exit seating on the back of the safety information card which is in your seat back pocket. If you are unable or prefer not to do this, please let us know and we'll be happy to find you another seat. If there is a loss of cabin pressure and the panels above your seat will open. The oxygen masks will drop down. If this happens. Place the mask over your nose and mouth and adjust it as necessary. Be sure to adjust your own mask before helping others in the event of a water landing life fests are under your seat whenever the seatbelt sign is on. Please make sure that your seatbelt is fastened.

And on that note, thank you for listening to this episode of In Omnia Paratus. Join us next week. And on that note, thank you for listening to this episode of in Omnia paratus. Join us next week GMA,

Jae 47:12

for not it's fine, we don't need wissens downloads,

Angela 47:16

grab your coffee bowl and don't forget to rate download and subscribe on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts as always where you lead will follow. So head on over to @ inOmniapod on Instagram and let us know more of what you'd like to hear about


Jae 47:32

Happy trails.