This week we wanted to talk about what it’s like to start a podcast, but we got incredibly distracted. So while we touch on it a bit, sit back and enjoy some of our everyday musings on hair products, music festivals, McDonald’s, Emily in Paris, and more!

Jump to 44:26 to hear about our experience actually starting a podcast.

Show Notes

  • Wash, Rinse, Repeat! The double wash is really helpful if in the right situations, but a large part of getting the most out of it is finding the right shampoo for your hair type because they are not one-size-fits all. For example, I have thick, coarse, 3b curly hair and I use 3 different shampoos, depending on the weather, water, and what my overall scalp health looks like 
  • Fact Check #1: The main shampoo cleaning ingredients are classified as anionic surfactants, and are more specifically found in the family of sulfates 
  • Washing your hair in Winter is terrible, particularly so when you have heavy thick hair 
  • Fact Check #2: I timed it this week and it actually took 8 minutes and 13 seconds to completely dry my hair, on the medium setting. Right now my hair is about 17 inches long, so just imagine a medium cut
  • Dyson’s Airwrap uses the Coanda Effect, which is described as a phenomena that occurs when a high-speed jet of air flows across a surface and experiences differences in pressure that influence the air flow to attach itself to the surface. For the more scientific Dyson overview, visit:
  • Overall, the Dyson is a lot quieter than any other hairdryer I’ve used in the past, and I think a lot of the volume comes from using it with the diffuser attachment 
  • Ironically, all of our friends call Jae the Squad Mom when we go out, but I usually have more supplies
  • Though Jae would like me to include, when we went to Outside Lands 2 years ago, we did split the backpack time
  • Did anyone else not know that Brittany Murphy was Tai Frasier? 
  • One Night in Miami is now available to watch on Amazon:
  • Jae’s first podcast was Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert
  • Fun fact for you all, I laugh when Jae makes faces and or freezes on Facetime 
  • Update: We have not DM’d Kensington Palace yet, but it will happen! As soon as I can convince Jae this will have us blocked on Instagram
  • Ok, this McDonald’s menu debate has landed us in some tricky territory so bare with me here: 
    • Technically, within the purview of McDonald’s national only French Fries are found on the Dollar and Snack & Side menus
    • However, depending upon the McDonald’s franchise that you visit, there are menu variations that sometimes include both Fries and Chicken Nuggets, so this seems to be subjective 
    • Ultimately though, the Dollar, Value, and Side & Snack menus are all separate entities 
  • Starting a podcast is definitely an investment, and we want to be very upfront about that. It’s been a fun experience that has shown us areas where we personally want to grow and build a platform to help others, but we were unprepared for the overall cost upfront, because none of our research really prepared us for this
  • At 44:26 we actually talk about the things needed to start a podcast! 
  • RSS Feed: RDF Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication is a web feed that allows users of many platforms to distribute their content and updates to multiple websites at once
  • We don’t really talk a lot about our setup, but this is how we split up our co-host responsibilities:
    • Jae edits our recorded podcasts, manages our website and Instagram, and built our brand kit 
    • Angela fact checks episodes and creates show notes, publishes the episodes and monitors the RSS feed, and reviews analytics
    • WE both brainstorm ideas and construct episode outlines, do pre-episode research when needed, share social media responsibilities for Instagram and Pinterest 
    • Eventually, the idea is that we will both learn the others areas and are able to fill in wherever needed
  • Building a WordPress website was a lot harder than initially presented to us, but Jae has become the coding champion 
  • Another thing we don’t talk enough about is that podcasting is also a time commitment:
    • We record between 2-5 hours per week, depending on whether we do 1 or 2 episodes
    • Once a week we have a 1-2 hour catch up to talk about things that need to happen for the week, like show notes, blog posts (upcoming), marketing content, guest setups, or ideas for future shows
  • Outsourcing social media and editing are both dreams that we have, but we’re somewhat of a long ways off from that
  • We do have a podcast contract and we encourage everyone to who wants to start a joint venture to have one as well
  • And a link to my fav Kelly Rowland song just because:
  • Fun Fact: Jae actually thought that I made up the immersive Van Gogh experience and just went with this because she thought I was confused
  • Also, we are not hating on Sacramento, we just define Bay Area location by proximity to the actual San Francisco Bay

Oops, I say Emily in Paris wrong: . I still think that Netflix could’ve pushed this a little more, and my French accent is atrocious so.

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Jae 0:00

I pledge myself to the Pod. Loyal I'll always be. A P to start, a D at the end and an O sitting in between. Hello and welcome to In Omnia Paratus. I'm Jae like the letter.

Angela 0:00

and I'm Angela sometimes AVO

Jae 0:00

We are to Gilmore girl stans diving into our own past and present seeing if we were ever truly ready for anything. We discuss all things from problematic school dances and what no one prepares you for after college. We tell tales of elusive college boys and co workers more high strung than Paris Geller.

Angela 0:37

Welcome back, everyone.

Jae 0:39

So I'm coming for your brand just a little bit though. Go with me. Okay.

Angela 0:43


Jae 0:43

I have a shower thought so I'm stealing your avo

Angela 0:45

toast for the day. Okay.

Jae 0:47

I don't think enough people with oily scalps understand the life changing. That is the wash, rinse, repeat. The repeat really helps. I always thought it was a joke made on lizardo wire. Well, yeah, it's like, how do you get your hair so soft? He's like, okay, the trick is, I don't repeat. So I always thought you shouldn't repeat until my lovely coworker slash hairstylist was recommending it. The second time to wash you use half the amount of shampoo because your hair is already wet. And it really helps get in between your hair follicles and your fibers and all those technical hairy terms. Like if you watch videos, I can't do pimple popper videos, but I can watch when people get really up close with them. Not the microphones, the microscopes on people's heads and like look before and after at those deep scalp treatments. The double wash is a game changer. I went from having to wash my hair every other every two days to every three to four without product or styling, which for me is a big deal. And I work out six days a week. So it's a super big deal. Hmm,

Angela 1:49

yeah, I feel like the double wash has become very underrated especially as we've moved into more prominence with low suds shampoos and like even like no poo products that don't have any sort of true well it's not detergent because detergent shampoo isn't supposed to have detergent, but whatever it is, that's like the main cleaning ingredient usually used is not available in those but when you can get in and have that really good double cleanse. If you have a good hair setup. You can last the entire week.

Jae 2:20

You can last the entire week. Frankly, two weeks.

Angela 2:24

I know I'm like kind of in that territory right now. Which is just the weird another realm of winter because it's so cold that I don't want to wait have to wait for my hair to dry. I also keep forgetting I now own a Dyson hairdryer so that that shouldn't be an issue.

Jae 2:41

What's so special about a Dyson. Well, Jay,

Angela 2:44

thank you for asking. The Dyson dries your hair in under five minutes, regardless of how thick it is how long it is the texture, you blast it and you're set. You don't even have to use warm air like I use the cold setting most of the time. Frankly, it's so cold right now I'm going to use the warm setting. It does wonders. I'm actually really excited to try giving myself a blowout and see what happens because my stylist told me that it should take less than 10 minutes.

Jae 3:15

So now here's the real question for you. Okay, do you want to be sponsored by Dyson or get free snacks? Oh,

Angela 3:24

both Can I have snacks while I'm using the Dyson

Jae 3:29

I don't know but they can.

Angela 3:30

I mean frankly at this point in all of the different recipes that I'm using, I will I can probably use the Dyson cold blast feature for something

Jae 3:39

or you could clean up the mess with the Dyson vacuum because yes that is the same Dyson that somehow geniusly moved into the hair vertical with their original Dyson blow dryer and then their new Dyson air wrap which is ridiculously expensive.

Angela 3:56

Is I was looking at it the other day just because I'm always very intrigued by the idea of like hair tools that manipulate your hair for you. Because to me that just sounds so dangerous. But they have so many different attachments for that it's kind of intriguing but I definitely want to watch other people use it first.

Jae 4:16

If I could have gotten that one when I got you yours I would have kept it but really have one. I don't think the wonders it would do to my hair would work on your hair. I think right now with the technology the one you have is better.

Angela 4:29

Oh yeah.

Jae 4:30

And the other big thing with a Dyson that is really nice for people especially with curly textured, frizzy hair. Not that Angela has those things but for kind of her type is it has technology so it never will overheat your hair on the heat settings. It's constantly tracking its temperature so it will never burn fry and the way the air circulates and pretty sure why it goes faster. I know with the curling attachment on the air app, it uses this thing called the kovanda effect. Which is the way the wind manipulates it to spin around itself a DIY slash kind of lazy hack that people are doing to kind of create the same effect as you cut the top of a water bottle off and stick it onto your blow dryer. You can't do this for too long because molten plastic. But when you create the same kind of tunnel funnel, and the hair will curl the same way with the air has the Dyson air app, it actually works pretty well. If you look up videos, I don't recommend it. But it's an interesting thing to see scientifically,

Angela 5:32

I might have to look into that later. I'm definitely not going to try it just because I've already between having curly textured, longer hair, it's already a bit of a challenge using a regular blow dryer, which I'm assuming I'd have to use to try to mimic this effect because I don't think sticking a water bottle through the Dyson would really do anything

Jae 5:52

correct. You need more of a traditional blow dryer.

Angela 5:56

Those were always a little bit hazardous with my hair even while using a diffuser, which also Dyson diffuser. Amazing game changer.

Jae 6:05

How's the blow dryer that you used of mine throughout college? What would you say that was a Con Air

Angela 6:10

that was really great in terms of power. So just initially, like if I needed to quickly dry my hair early if it was halfway dry, and I just needed to get it to where it needed to be. So I could continue styling it. It worked amazingly, because I could use a higher setting but I didn't need to use it for very long. So in terms of total heat damage to my hair, I felt that it sort of balanced out at the end of the styling.

Jae 6:38

Got it. I owned a blow dryer that I use maybe three times a year, but when I went off to college throwback to anyone who used to or does watch influencers Michelle Fon, so this orange kawneer was like comparable to some more expensive dryers and I was like I'm not gonna use a very often I'll just spend like 30 bucks at Target. I still have it and the few times I've needed it's been really nice.

Angela 7:00

It's a really good blow dryer.

Jae 7:02

I know for the few times I've needed it. It's been really nice. But when I get my hair styled all the stylists use Dyson's they're really nice. And they're really quiet.

Angela 7:11

Okay, that's the one thing I can't agree on. Oh, I think it's actually a little loud,

Jae 7:17

loud as a noise are loud comparable to other dryers.

Angela 7:21

I mean, in general, I think when you're using it just it's overall volume is loud. It's not as loud as other hair dryers that I've used, nor does it have that sort of shrieking noise that other ones can make. But it's not as quiet as I expected it to be.

Jae 7:37

I think it's much quieter. I mean, I don't own one. But whenever I go to get my hair done, and they use the Dyson, I can always have a conversation with a stylist as opposed to when they use the other one or any other brand. So that's my metric. But I don't know for everyday or regular use.

Angela 7:55

I think when we can be in the same place. We can take turns using it. Well we'll do a hair washing day and see what happens. Because maybe it's just me, maybe I just have a lower threshold or hairdryer sounds.

Jae 8:07

Do you think the orange one was louder or quieter? The orange one was louder. That's good. Not declining, which is a plus

Angela 8:14

overall, considering my age and all it's great that I'm not losing my hearing. As Jay would say I took

Jae 8:20

one of those tests where it's the high pitched noise and it gets higher and higher. And apparently I have the hearing of a 35 year old Oh, yeah, they should have started that whole earplugs thing that concerts years ago.

Angela 8:31

They have they did start that years ago when I didn't leave the concert I went to every concert that I've been to there's always been someone handing out the little earplug packages or there's a station inside the stadium or well maybe your artists are just more consider it beyond say,

Jae 8:48

Madonna, the High School Musical cast One Direction Ed Sheeran. Oh no. And Sharon they did all right.

Angela 8:56

I was that girl who walked around Coachella with a little baggie full of earplugs. And I was just constantly taking them in and out depending upon our proximity to a stage at the time. And that's why you can

Jae 9:07

hear your dice and so well.

Angela 9:09

Yep. Moral of the story. If we're going to a concert, I'll have earplugs for you. Outside way

Jae 9:15

and I had earplugs so you didn't offer them?

Angela 9:18

Oh my god. I totally did. I had that entire backpack full of goodies. I had the band aids and the neosporin and the earplugs. And did I have did I have snack bars? Or no? That was a different concert.

Jae 9:32

I'm sorry. You go to so many festivals. You can't recall what was supplies were brought to which one?

Angela 9:38

Oh my Lord. Well, now it's been over a year so it's a little sad.

Jae 9:43

Yeah. But looking back the idea that we were surrounded by so many people in so much proximity makes me just like cringe and feel very dirty.

Angela 9:51

Oh yeah. Especially Outside Lands. I felt like when we came out of there we recovered and a great layer of dirt and dust and you're saying that after going to coach Hello, I know I felt like camping at Coachella. I know felt like I came back from outside lands more disgusting than I did at Coachella and there's fewer people outside lands,

Jae 10:10

right? Yes. Hundreds of 1000s at Coachella and 1000s Outside Lands I think that's about right now looking forward to 2021 hopefully you know

Angela 10:19

we have our rollover tickets

Jae 10:20

we're ready I have hard seltzers champagne Marinoff ices that I will be hiding wherever we stay. I know I

Angela 10:29

feel like at least like we've had really good setups

Jae 10:32

for Outside Lands my computer's lugging Cher from clueless would say, Oh, no, you know what, Jays computer you're a virgin who can't drive. Rip Brittany Murphy. No,

Angela 10:45

I'm trying to remember which one Brittany Murphy is is Brittany Murphy. Ty?

Jae 10:49

Yes. Really? Yes, uptown girls.

Angela 10:53

Oh my gosh,

you can clearly see how familiar I am with different actors. Oh my lord

Jae 10:58

clueless just marry Eight Mile girl interrupted Sin City little block book.

Angela 11:03

That's all the same person

Jae 11:05

love and other disasters abandoned. riding in cars with boy I seriously didn't know that Rahman girl, which seems slightly appropriative

Angela 11:15

happy probably haven't seen it. Wait, she isn't happy.

Jae 11:18

According to Google, dear Lord, she plays Gloria whoever that was. I mean, I

Angela 11:24

only saw Happy Feet once. I can't I can't really speak to that

Jae 11:27

she was in a movie called The dead girl is that a made for TV movie came out in 2006 rated are premiered in hungry.

Angela 11:37

Okay, so probably James Franco was in a big following here. Oh, okay. roseburn I feel like I'm gonna need to rewatch some of these now and put it together in my head that this is all the same person.

Jae 11:50

She was on Sister Sister.

Angela 11:52

Oh my Lord. Wait, you you were rewatching Sister Sister. Have you seen her yet?

Jae 11:56

Well, one I finished that back winner at the end of August. And I was super salty that they cut out Roger singing in my life by The Beatles for stupid reasons. Yeah, like that are lame. And then they change the song. This one I didn't know as well. But it's the song that Tamara and Jordan danced to in the street where she's in the blue. And green dress is kind of like a Cinderella ebays episode. It was supposed to be some Usher song. And they changed it. Oh,

Angela 12:24

goodness. See, I really don't like when shows do that because it really throws you and then you sort of question your memories of it.

Jae 12:32

I don't think it's the show's fault, though. I feel like that's copyright things.

Angela 12:36

I mean, that's true. Do we blame Netflix? Yes. But we really can't blame Netflix because they give us so much joy. So this is a tough place to be in.

Jae 12:44

Speaking of Netflix. I was editing a different episode today. And you mentioned watching Wonder Woman 1984 on Christmas Day, but you don't have HBO max.

Angela 12:56

I know this means that I had to get HBO max. Oh, you got HBO max. Oh, yeah, I had to. I had to like I Okay, first of all, I think that when HBO max came out, they should have just automatically like given people the option with regular HBO to just bump up the service. There should have been some sort of pop up, but I didn't get that. So I just stayed with regular HBO. And that was fine. Because I still had access to all of the HBO exclusive content that I needed. I didn't necessarily need any of the extras but Oh, yeah, I got it for Wonder Woman. I was not gonna miss that. I've been waiting for that for so long. Since 1994. Exactly. before I was even born. Oh, you didn't tell me you upgraded? Oh, yeah. As as soon as I heard that it was they were going to team up with HBO max on that. No brainer.

Jae 13:45

It had to happen. And then some movie is coming to Amazon Prime. Oh, I don't know what the movies called. But Leslie Odom Jr. Plays Sammy one night in Miami, I think is what it's called. Oh, I hope that's not wrong.

Angela 13:59

That doesn't sound familiar. Who else is in it?

Jae 14:01

It's a bunch of people who play other older famous people. And it was one night they all had in Miami. One night in Miami. Okay, cool. I'm doing your job for you. In fact, checking on the night of February 25 1964. In Miami, Cassius Clay joins Jim Brown, Sam Cooke and Malcolm X, as they discussed the responsibility of being successful black men during the Civil Rights Movement. Not Sammy Davis Jr. My bad. No, I'm going to we're talking about the Rat Pack and Frank Sinatra because we're listening to Obama's book. So that's the name from

Angela 14:36

how is Obama's book going?

Jae 14:38

We are on chapter 11. We just finished It's really good. I like hearing it from his perspective. He really does go into decision making. I will tell you more later hope looking back historians and the on the international level. Give Obama more credit than he was given during his time. Okay, I

Angela 14:59

can see That I haven't read it yet. I'm still waiting for the book to arrive. But I was just curious because I ordered Barack Obama's book. And I also ordered Michelle's book. So I wanted

Jae 15:11

to start I mean, I read Michelle's first and then Brock's, but I like doing it in that order. Because there are certain nods very early on the book that you'll remember from Michelle's book if you read hers first. I mean, you could read the other way around. But Brock's book also has a lot of policy and political things as Michelle Obama's kind of more her life and her experiences that are more relatable to I don't want to say the everyday person because she's definitely not relatable to the everyday person. But for more of an emotional standpoint than his Yeah, I would read hers first because I like I love their engagement story. So cute, so much. And I love to reading it from her point of view. And then like hearing him retell it from his The other thing, which was really funny, I heard him on Stephen Colbert air, oh, my God, they also did a like trash can free throw contest. He asked Brock, who had more book sales in the first day. And bras like, I'm not trying to start trouble at home, but I think I did. But the thing is, she has more overall. And anytime someone buys my book, they're recommended by her book, she's getting more sales to now,

Angela 16:15

I remember that they're honestly the way that they interact together, it's so heartwarming, because they don't let their station really we're gonna call it their station or their platform, really impact like how they interact with each other.

Jae 16:30

Definitely. One of the parts in Michelle's book that I love is she just talks about walking with Him to lunch one day, I mean, even if they were dating at the time, but she was saying how she always walks with purpose and has somewhere to be and walks with intention. And he had what was something either called Hawaiian time, tropical time, like he was like, like walking behind her. I think this was after their first day and like, Oh my god, I am Michelle Obama. I don't know how she puts up with him being late on his first day as a summer associate at a law firm. And she had no time for this man. And I love that,

Angela 17:02

but it worked out.

Jae 17:04

It did work out.

Angela 17:05

I don't know, as you guys will learn more as we go through this. I'm just a total SAP and I love cute, neat stories like that.

Jae 17:11

I'm still waiting for someone to take my cap in New York one day or deliver your shoe back to you and the loooove Blair. Yep. I don't know why my shoe would be off in the loop picture.

Angela 17:22

Well, she did it on purpose. She purposely surrendered her shoe to create this, but

Jae 17:28

it worked out ish. Sure, we can say that.

Angela 17:31

That's one way to put it in terms of getting his attention and getting another meeting. It worked. They weren't meant to work together. But just in terms of surrendering the shoe.

Jae 17:41

That part worked. I'm getting him mixed up with the guy from season two. Who was screwing his stepmother

Angela 17:49

was that Sebastian Stan's character? No, that was the prince,

Jae 17:53

the Lord. The Lord, the Lord. I don't remember much about him. I mean, after we found out he was screwing his mom ship kind of sailed. Very true.

Angela 18:03

Okay, I can hear a little bit of something. And the experimenting and we're gonna figure it out. Because this is what it's like when you're starting a podcast. Oh, look at you. I know I'm learning you are

Jae 18:14

learning, living laughing and learning. We're gonna

Angela 18:17

go with learning right now just because I don't know what's we're in the new year, and it's been a little busy.

Jae 18:23

I had this other shower thought how weird it is that we record ahead of time how shows record so much ahead of time, Sherlock that only comes out once every like seven years, or it's films, potato potahto. It doesn't come out for so long. And it's only good for six episodes. Like we're recording now. And when this comes out, who knows? We could both be bald. Oh, God, I

Angela 18:46

hope not. And I don't think either of us would make that conscious choice to be bald. So I really hope not. Maybe

Jae 18:52

you finally pulled a Brittany at the ending stages of quarantine, we don't know, which is the bigger point that is true.

Angela 19:00

There's a lot of unknowns right

Jae 19:02


Angela 19:03

hopefully less that are related to our hair. But just in general, it's been a strange time overall. And it's kind of weird to think that in the middle of the chaos, well, we kind of found a bit of our grounding in starting a podcast. But at the same time, there was so much that we didn't know when we were getting ready to start here, here.

Jae 19:24

So let's take this journey back to 2018 2017 2017 2018 2018. For me, my mom had listened to podcasts and the radio forever and told me I would really like them. And I was like No, there's no picture. Why would I bother with this? Then the first podcast I ever heard was armchair expert, the one with jack Shepard and of course, I had to listen to his very first episode, which was with his wife, Kristen Bell, who was a little bit frustrated because she was on her way to Michael's when her husband had asked her to be a part of his podcast so you get to really listen from beginning to end. Not a big fight, but have a little marital squabble. And I just loved the vulnerability, the authenticity and how you really got to hear two people in a long form, have a conversation, what is one of the reasons I really liked the First Bridge episode of euphoria, because you got a little piece, but like a lot of detail,

Angela 20:18

I feel like I have to say, first, we absolutely love Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard getting into the way that they relate to each other on any of their platforms. But particularly in the podcast, it's really great to see, it's really great to see that they've presented this area of their lives with no filter. It's just them real and raw, and just make it just making themselves more accessible to everyone. And showing that they have perspectives that everyone else can learn from also, after that

Jae 20:50

one, I started looking into others, and then that fall, a bunch of other influencers started coming out with one. So on the influencer podcast, they had demographics that were closer to their ages as opposed to their other socials, whether it be YouTube or Instagram. So they talked about things more related to people their age, as opposed to back to school content when they're 25. So I really got into those I liked it, they talked about things, from business, to boys to just things about being in your 20s that no one really tells you and I loved again, the longer form of content you got out of a podcast. And then I started trying to convince Angela to like them, which didn't really happen until 2019,

Angela 21:34

basically until 2019. So I don't know, I feel like we've talked about it a little bit here. But I never really gotten into like different influencers and following them on different platforms. So the idea of listening to them have greater conversations with themselves or not with themselves but with other people with other influencers was a little bit strange to me, because I didn't know who they were. So I didn't quite grasp the concept of why hearing their conversations would have some sort of impact on me. But I believe there was one episode well now I'm not even going to say it was one episode it was listening to a couple different influencers, just like one off episodes, and then listening to the recommended episodes that Jay liked from other people. Dax Shepard, the Kristen Bell episode, his episode with Mila Kunis, who also absolutely adore, but that really sort of like sold me on entering the world.

Jae 22:36

Before I started listening to podcasts, I actually really got into these longer form interviews that were on variety. And I believe it was Harper's Bazaar YouTube channel, where they assembled all of the actors and actresses from the Oscars, Golden Globes on panels and someone would moderate their conversation. And I just got really interested in the way these actors were talking about their roles and about parts about how they connected and not their processes, but kind of ways they've adapted and changed throughout their careers. And then they also started a series where it was actors on actors. So it was two people, two actors talking about their specific products going on at the moment. I know, one I loved it was I think Ellen pompeyo and Taraji P. Henson did one Constance Wu did one with someone I really liked. I don't remember. But it was really interesting, just starting in the entertainment world, and then kind of from that, finding other podcasters to other things. One of my newest podcasts, obsession is Bernie Brown, she has to unlocking us, which is more her vulnerability, emotional support kind of stuff. And then she has her new one dare to lead which Barack Obama was recently on. So I need to listen to that episode soon. But I love podcasts for the reason that YouTube videos always are struggling because I always wanted to watch what I was doing. Meaning when I was cleaning, or working out or going for a walk, I obviously couldn't be watching my phone. But I could listen to a podcast while I was doing those things play and have to be right next to my device. So it opened up a whole new world where I didn't have to be silent. And that was lovely.

Angela 24:10

I mean, I don't know if I've ever seen or I guess I've never listened to either of those podcasts before.

Jae 24:16

But they're not podcasts or YouTube videos.

Angela 24:18

Oh, okay. Just kidding. See, this is where I'm at in this total journey. don't really do YouTube videos, don't follow a lot of influencers. Still not listening to a ton of podcasts. I think I have six or seven that I try to keep up with regularly. But I like the new variety. To me listening to a podcast is sort of like listening to somebody tell me a story. And that's one of my favorite pastimes. When I'm a little over talking, I'll tell everyone just tell me a story. Tell me what's going on with you what's going on in your life and all listen,

Jae 24:50

I would love to see you over a talk.

Angela 24:52

I feel like it happens a lot. Probably not here because I get really nervous. But I feel like when it's just the two of us.

Jae 24:59

I feel like it A lot here we are starting our own who gave us permission? Or why the audacity? I couldn't tell you. But if this year taught us anything, say lovey, no, not the right phrase. Oops.

Angela 25:12

I mean, frankly, I feel like we both just reached a point where we wanted to do something, but we weren't exactly sure where to put our energy. And this seems like a cool, constructive, fun outlet that could also I don't know, maybe help other people during this time, who were feeling a little bit lonely or isolated.

Jae 25:33

Not even during this time, I felt lonely and isolated since post college. And I think it's something that Fortunately, I think more people are starting to talk about. As we said, in our first episode, I really think you kind of need exit counseling. When graduating college regardless of whether you have a job lined up, you're planning for grad school, whatever is happening, because after you leave school, you really kind of lose all mentorships ways to meet people outside of your given field potential mates. Depending on what industry you work in, it just kind of all ends at once, especially if you move out of the city in which your college was in,

Angela 26:09

I kind of almost look at the period after college as a quarantine and itself. Because seriously, you're basically on your own, you have to figure out ways to then rebuild and reopen your life. I don't think I made a single new friend in the first two years out of college. And then most of the friends that I had in or near the city that I went to college in, it was a really big wake up

Jae 26:32

call all my friends who were older than me, because here's your weekly reminder that I am a Gen Z CUSP and the baby of all made jokes leading up to me leaving even some who were seniors when I started are like don't graduate. It's a trap take a fifth year and I thought they were kidding. And I thought it was all a hint, I you're being funny. We're not ready to leave. No, but I would really understand it. I understand why people take with yours. And I think for some it made sense. If our counselors did half the job they should have for the size of the engagement ring I saw on one of them. Oh, I could have graduated in probably three years, maybe even two and a half. And I'm surprised they didn't push me more. Because Angela, from what I remember you telling me about the English department, they wanted you in and out as fast as you could,

Angela 27:15

oh, yeah, we were in impacted department during the time that I went there. So first of all, when I came for my freshman orientation, I was advised to enter a new department because they thought that I wasn't a strong enough candidate to truly succeed there. But then fast forward to the end, where I go in for my fourth year counseling during our fall quarter. And one like my counselors incredibly surprised to see me and to I'm actually doing surprisingly well. And on track to graduate, I could have actually left that fall quarter. But I still needed one more quarter of language. But I digress. They want to do in and out as fast as possible. It was so hard to make friends in that department, because either they were about to graduate or they were dragging out the classes that they took so that they could stay a fifth year a sixth year to try to balance their load. Better

Jae 28:09

yet, not on the business department. I could have graduated early I came in with six AP classes, meaning I was a quarter and a half ahead. I was able to start my major classes a quarter and a half earlier. And the only reason I graduated when I did was because I wasn't ready to come home early. There was a hot second my senior year where I was like, should I come home after winter? I mean, frankly, I will fully admit do not regret. It was mainly for social reasons. My whole senior year, I had the perfect senior year of college. We're going to get back to the podcasting in a minute. I just need to explain to everyone how perfect my senior year schedule was. I got

Angela 28:44

I hated your senior year schedule.

Jae 28:45

I did not have classes on any Friday and my spring quarter. I had classes nine to noon, Monday to Thursday, and one of those was dance. Oh

Angela 28:55

my god. Do you know how annoying that is? I think my entire senior year the classes that I wanted to take were all 8am I also love 8am though,

Jae 29:05

and you can attest to this, I would take eight AM's overnight classes in a heartbeat. And I also went to is nine out of 10 of my dams too much credit 8.5 8.3 8.7 we're gonna say 8.5 Okay, I went to eight and a half out of every 10 eight dams I had no matter this date of inebriation or post any variation I guess.

Angela 29:25

Any class any braided 1pm to 6pm was my sweet spot if I could find classes that I was very interested in and that it well within we'll call it my current educational plan because I have three different certificates within my major so like if I could find anything that fit well within that I was taking those I hated AM's

Jae 29:45

after 3pm I literally like would fall asleep in class. Not actually I never fell asleep in class, but I felt like my body just was like, nope, you're done. You did enough for the day, even if the 3pm class was my first class which happened to take the coffee to class Is the C store coffee was super cheap to that was very nice. Oh my god I have another rant about the C store but we're completely off topic. I'm just gonna make this one note though because this is really going to bother me that when you're running out of money, not like literally stupid like when you're kind of over your budget of spending and a bag of chips, which is four ounces, or two ounces costs $1 50 and a protein bar trail mix that is healthy and organic is like $6 No wonder the freshman 15 lasts for years here here

Angela 30:32

or when you can get a half pound cheeseburger for half the price was that

Jae 30:38

our workers and I normally I'm very picky with my salad at not have it happened is what's on campus. Now. What was it called?

Angela 30:45


Jae 30:47

Yeah. Oh, chicken nuggets. And my child, I'm actually a child. That's one of the reasons why I felt so seen in my sorority is we went out to eat and other people ordered chicken tenders. And I was like, oh my god earlier made fun of me. But it was kind of just an established thing at a certain point. Like you stopped ordering chicken tenders on the menu. Oh, never. Yeah. Which is why I found my home and my sorority. Yeah,

Angela 31:06

I will have to say though it's a little awkward. At my company's holiday party. Last year. One of my coworkers made a comment like, wow, you you have the palate of a kindergartener because I didn't want to eat any of the main courses. I just ate the sides which I think were mac and cheese and mashed potatoes were the main courses and then I had two desserts up so it was fried chicken and said no to fried chicken. What I know right? Honestly, it's it's a self conscious thing when I'm around people that I don't really know I kind of panic about how I eat certain foods because I don't want to seem totally messy and gross.

Jae 31:40

That reminds me of when I went on like a little existential crisis as a kid wondering how the Queen of England would eat a burrito.

Angela 31:47

Oh my God, that's the cutest thought ever. Actually it doesn't Kendall doesn't Kensington Palace have an Instagram now? Can we dm them and ask if the Queen eats burritos?

Jae 31:56

I mean, the royal family has one too. Okay, great. Can

Angela 31:58

we dm both of them and let them know we're completely serious? We

Jae 32:01

just want to know

Angela 32:02

if the Queen eats burritos.

Jae 32:03

Oh my god.

Angela 32:04

So Jay, in the schema of our podcast relationship? Do you think you are the chicken nuggets? Or the french fries?

Jae 32:12

I really don't like that question.

Angela 32:14

You don't like

Jae 32:15

no the chicken nuggets are I'm gonna overthink this kind of the protein they're the sustenance and the fries I am fries. I am potatoes. Not like when people are like I'm always up here like I am potatoes. Like which is the reason I will never go keto. Fried, baked air fried. Steamed boiled potatoes are my thing. So I have to say french fries. But like I don't want to meet the side. I want to be the main

Angela 32:41

See I don't think of them in turn. And

Jae 32:43

also I don't do condiments

Angela 32:44

where they're condiments involved. I said chicken nuggets or french fries.

Jae 32:48

I know but people like their french fries with condiments who aren't me

Angela 32:51

but people also like their chicken nuggets with condiments who aren't you?

Jae 32:55

Oh boy with the poodles.

Angela 32:56

See how I think of it is that chicken nuggets and french fries, they're two halves of your main you can't have one without the other. It's not in terms of like main inside. Its main and main. But you're in order the french fries on the side menu. You can also order the chicken nuggets on the side menu

Jae 33:16

only at McDonald's.

Angela 33:18

Well, that's okay. Because it's called the value menu. They're not the side menu. Oh, that's

Jae 33:23

what the value menu is. Yeah, it sounds different from this. All right. I'm

Angela 33:27


Jae 33:28

Thank God we have a fact checker. I know. Got it. Okay. So in some kind of roundabout way, we'll get back to our topic or not so subtly. As you can see, we've been on a tangent now I don't know how long this will be in the editing process. But recording live. It's been an hour and four minutes. And now we're kind of getting to what we wanted the topic to be, which is starting a podcast you can tell we have a love for our feelings where we were in our lives. A few months ago, when the Fast and the Furious movie started recording outside my house. You should see if you can be an extra I could have been an extra in the matrix. Oh,

Angela 33:59

did I ever tell you the night that I was trying to go home and I couldn't get there because everything was blocked off for filming. I saw an overturned car and sparks very nice. Okay. That's what I have in terms of matrix spoilers

Jae 34:12

on actually starting up the podcast. What initially sparked it was we had an idea. We've had many ideas of podcasts that we would like to do things we'd like to talk and touch upon for years, but never anything we could really get behind. So the original one was sparked by me. Yeah, I believe. And I came to Angeles and like, hey, do you want to do this podcast thing? I have an idea. I have a structure to it. We could do X, Y and Z and what kind of sound like this and she was like, sure I want to do a podcast you neither of us have any other idea solid enough to kind of go through we started doing research into things and fortunately we have a friend who knows a bit about this. So I dm them asking for anything and they were very helpful sent over multiple articles told us what to buy, what not to buy and got us on a good path to start due to this During quarantine, everything had to be done remotely. So originally, we got the mics out and started practicing over zoom. The first time I got mute, and I'm confused. So my mic was off for 30 minutes, and I thought it was broken. But we did a few episodes under the old kind of presumption of the podcast, even without it named, we did this obscene recording where we had I had two laptops, one had the mic into the audio software, one on zoom with Angela, and she had her phone recording one with one set of headphones and zoom on the other with the other set of headphones.

Angela 35:34

Oh my god, I completely forgot about that.

Jae 35:37

So we did a few like that just a practice to get familiar with the mics, kind of certain things. And just to learn a bit and get familiar with this concept of doing this, then October 5, I believe rolls around, and it is the Gilmore Girls a 20th anniversary of the premiere episode, the pilot way back when in 2000, obviously weren't 2020 and I had been thinking about our podcasts, letting it ruminate listening to other podcasts kind of feeling that the other one we had planned just wasn't right wasn't a thing to pursue. It was going to be too hard, too complicated. And I wasn't passionate about continue. So I brought it up to Angela. And I was like how about we do it this way? How about we do it based in gilmoregirls? As it's one of the reasons we're friends it's one of the reasons we've made some of the friends we have. It's a great show. We relate to it for so many reasons. And my favorite episode is season five, seven you jump I jump track with the phrase in Omnia products, which means ready for anything and something that kind of I've been exploring during my quarter life crisis or not even during my quarter life crisis, starting with my golden birthday at 22 to the year 23, where nobody likes you to the year of 24 where I was trying to say yes to everything in the words of Shonda Rhimes to now 25 in my quarter life crisis being ready for anything is something I just have been exploring and a lot of ways and trying to do it and I know Angela has been too so I said how about we try doing it this way.

Angela 37:03

And so in perfect Kismet I happened to be shopping for Jay's birthday and stumbled upon a and and stumbled upon the Gilmore Girls collection of Alex and Ani bracelets. And I happened to get her the Luke steiners bracelet and also in Omnia paratus one and it was in the cart ready for me to check out and she texts me in a flurry saying, Oh my god, I have the idea that I think this is the one we should call it in Omnia paratus and think about how we're going through life and I was like sold. This is a sign I'm literally shopping about Gilmore Girls right now. I added a second and Omnia paratus bracelet to the cart. And I said yes.

Jae 37:44

And that was the initial Inception step. And then comes everything else. Everything else that I thought would be easier based on the steps I was given based on the articles I addressed based on the YouTube videos I saw. I thought, okay, it's not going to be that hard. And in true form, it doesn't need to be that hard. You really can use your Apple headphones, hook them up to a computer, make accounts on Apple, Spotify and upload them. It doesn't have to be that complicated. But being like Angela said, and quarantine, we both wanted a little bit more of a project. This was a project. And definitely we learned a lot along the way and a lot of things and we're still learning a lot of things, honestly. So is this a little bit preemptive, maybe I think it'll also be a great thing for us to look back on and obviously be able to update as our following grows, when our following grows. I'm trying to be optimistic about this and see how it's changed and what thoughts we've had as we've gone along this process. So kind of starting from the beginning. Step one, ask our friend for help who had any sense of what we needed, what to do, how to start this and we were given a few recommendations one get the Blue Yeti mic, which is what we did and I don't know a lot of other influencers and people to like this mic as a USB one. So I'm glad we got this.

Angela 39:04

I'm so glad we went with this one. The other

Jae 39:06

thing sorry I know there are so many tangents I'm apologize into my future self having to edit this but I was so frustrated because getting this mic on Amazon was $300 and it was 120 I believe on staples during this time of the pandemic things especially electronic were so much more expensive on Amazon the markup was insane. My mother and I were also buying a printer at the time and we were trying to switch to the ink bottles instead of the cartridges $400 on Amazon $200 on another website

Angela 39:38


Jae 39:38

ridiculous. And then he recommended we get the audacity software which was free and I was hoping that I like to have fun with little montages of vacations, my friends, my family that video editing software would be similar to audio software, which it is for the most part, you know, thank

Angela 39:57

God that you have experienced with this already. Because if we were just trying to figure it out, we would not have launched yet,

Jae 40:03

we probably would have, we just wouldn't have any social. So that's true.

Angela 40:06

I know, I feel like there were so many different floating parts to what we had to put together. And it's like our friend was really great at like helping us get like our setup in place. But then I feel like where we had trouble in the beginning was trying to connect everything, like we had all of these different elements. But we needed something to help us like stitch it together in an actual working format.

Jae 40:30

Yes. And here is where probably the only time in my life I will ever say this. I am very grateful for my Instagram FBI agent, I got an ad for a podcasting free one hour, do you want to start a podcast kind of seminar? I was like, Sure, it was the first one that came up. And I was like, okay, like, we'll try this out. We'll see how it goes. So I send Angela, the link, I watch it live, she watches it after. And at the end of the hour, there's a course offered to kind of help us walk through the steps a little more in depth, there are videos, there are weekly coaching calls, there's a community tab, a whole bunch of stuff. And we're like, Are we going to commit because this was not cheap, like are we going to commit?

Angela 41:08

And we said yes. Do we have the time? Do like, do we want to put the money into this? Like, are we ready to like really sign up for this journey? Because we told ourselves to like if we're going to sit there, if we're going to sit through a course, like we're going to commit to this for at least a year.

Jae 41:25

Yes, this course was not cheap, worth every penny as we're going to get into. But it wasn't cheap. And it was money that obviously, we're not making money on this podcast. Now, if ever, so it was a bunch of money we were doing to invest in this in our hobby, and our hobby that we would hope would bring us enough joy to offset the monetary costs we were going to invest

Angela 41:48

overall, I think it's pretty fun.

Jae 41:50

I agree. So we sign up for this course. And the first week, there are these weekly zoom calls. And I've been on a bunch of different kinds of zoom calls, or whether it's meetings with my friends or webinars, we have a friend who's been doing theater over zoom, I've been to zoom graduations, not a zoom wedding yet. And I don't know if we'll get to that. But I've done a bunch of things over zoom this year. So I wasn't really exactly sure the format. So I was sitting on my bed kind of ready to see what was gonna happen. And then all of a sudden, the owner of the program, and another girl popped on my screen, and they started talking and I was like, Oh, this is live. This isn't like a seminar like this is a live call where she weekly answers question catches up. And I wasn't prepared because I checked this box saying this is my first coaching call. And we had nothing to ask all we had was the name. And we'd started thinking about topics. But we hadn't even really watched the course yet when I did this, and I get on this call. And the other lovely woman in the chorus goes through her whole story, which is an amazing personal story of her after a bad breakup and kind of find herself and becoming stronger. And I just thought, oh my god, like I don't, I didn't realize what I was in for doing these. And I've gone every week since. And then the next one was a bunch of more mature women, mostly doctors who were doing it for their businesses to support the businesses they had, which is really interesting, but definitely something I wasn't expecting after the first one. But it's just so amazing how during the service, she literally weekly takes time to answer all in every question throughout the steps of the course and about the particular podcast you want to create. You

Angela 43:28

know, so Jay actually attended, has attended, like all of our coaching classes, because they're during the day when I'm at work. And I think it's really great because she gets to take both of our questions like both of our questions. And like not only does the podcast teacher evaluate them, but we also get feedback from other people who are just starting out with their podcasts. And it's great because we have this little this little almost like crowdsource community who can give us a live feedback. Does our intro look good? How is our balance of like Gilmore Girls to like normal everyday topics

Jae 44:02


Angela 44:03

I think it's something that neither of us were expecting. But it's been the greatest like little blessing in this whole experience so far.

Jae 44:11

And even with all of the amazing templates and outlines and things we've gotten in this course, there were still some things we get to work out. And here's probably the part if anyone wants to start a podcast, but you'll actually want to hear Angela, please put in a timestamp there. But I'd like to get to the actual meat and the important part of this episode. Sounds good. Here's what you really need to start a podcast. You obviously need a name, a description, a category or categories or or trailer music and a device to record and edit if you so choose you. That's all you really need bare bones. There are certain things to help you out such as a hosting platform, because to get your podcast onto all these platforms, you need something called an RSS feed, which I remember seeing all my old time mom blogs, but I never really knew what it was. We'll learn about it for podcast, it's a way to have one kind of link that all podcast sites and apps can read to play it. So you're not actually uploading the mp3 file, you're uploading the mp3 file to a hosting platform, which then distributes everything, which I did not know,

Angela 45:20

I didn't either. But it's been really fun figuring out this tool. So like, every Sunday, Jay and I sit down and we go over, like the episodes that we're going to upload and our show notes, you're giving us far too much credit, I do the actual uploading into our RSS feed, and I have Jay on the phone with me, while I do it, just to make sure that I'm not missing any steps and that we're in full agreement on our episode title, like what we want in our description. And just to make sure that like it's all going live properly.

Jae 45:52

Yep. And being that we are trying to take social distancing, stay at home precautions to the nth degree to protect us and those we love. And those we don't know, but just respect as other humans on this earth. We've been recording remotely this whole time using this lovely website called Zen caster, which our lovely podcast teacher told us about and that connects directly to a Dropbox that Angela accidentally pays for,

Angela 46:17

oh my god, I thought Dropbox was going to be easy. And I got it initially when we were using zoom to do our recordings, because I thought that would be the best way to get it to Jay. Because we would be because we were recording all of our audio separately. So in order for us to actually have real content that was not just one side of a conversation, I needed to get my site over to her. And already I have very slow internet. So I thought Dropbox would be an easier way than trying to send her the entire file. I was so wrong, I still don't really know how to use it. But thank God Jay figured out how to hook it up to Zen caster and thank heavens for Zen caster because now we have our individual audios recorded at the same time in the same place.

Jae 46:58

That is definitely the one thing about whole audio editing and podcasts that I didn't really think about or really even think to think about until I started editing. So right now, I think this is a great fair agreement. I mean for podcast host of their two people to negotiate. I'm currently unemployed as I say again and again, hopefully to manifest the perfect job. Whether I am Andy and the Devil Wears Prada. Or I love my shirt and Confessions of a shopaholic or Kirk getting an odd job around town. I have more time and also some basic editing skills under my belt. So it was easier for me to figure out. But it didn't dawn on me that the audio tracks are separate. So I'm editing them separately, but you have to edit them together. Because if you edit one track by itself, none of the spaces and or places for commentary or laughs will line up correctly, which is how I messed up our first episode because I edited one line of audio and then I almost it was only the first like two minutes and then I realized you can't just edit one at a time you have to edit them simultaneously. So it sounds like a conversation and from the feedback I've been getting whether it's from people not wanting to hurt my feelings or they genuinely mean it. People have been telling me that it sounds like we're having a conversation in real life. People have also said it's like being back in our apartment and getting to listen to us talk and Gilmore isms gray isms? What would Blair Waldorf do of sorts,

Angela 48:22

you know, all of the great banter that we had in college, I think we've actually fallen off from it a little bit.

Jae 48:27

What happens when you can't see someone for 12 months and when I get no brunch, my banter gets lessened when I don't have the power of brunch within me

Angela 48:35

that does make sense

Jae 48:36

Oh god. Other thing, which is not a necessity, but something that I felt like exploring, I have a marketing degree business degree. And certain things I've seen on job applications such as knowing how to use MailChimp or WordPress sequel or things I have no clue how to do and they were in the process of building our podcasts, I could make these websites I could sign up these things and try to learn how to use these platforms. So it was a nice way that I could learn these skills without having to pay for a course or do anything else because there's no reason for me to tell my friends and family hey I need to practice making an email list can you just like all sign up and I'll send you like messages every so often.

Angela 49:15

Good send out the J the J weekly. This is what happened. This is what happened Monday. This is the big event of the week. This is what's going to happen next week.

Jae 49:24

And if you would like to keep up with what I am doing my week you can watch pod miss next week on our Instagram in Omnia pod. Angela is wrapping up her week this week. Things included the bachelor, a walk Beth mo

Angela 49:36

about a large bevmo run for work and today was our

Jae 49:42

guest today is also going to feature ornamin making or if you're watching this when this comes out the week the second week of pod mess on Thursday, Friday, Friday.

Angela 49:55

You're good.

Jae 49:55

I think overall it's been quite an experience trying to like balance Like we've split the workload between the two of us and I was building these sites and trying to learn some of this back end stuff because it can also help me with jobs. Originally thing about the editing is the way Angela and i or i asked Andrew if she'd be okay with splitting it, which I think is a very fair deal for co hosts is one person edits, the other person does show notes. And in our case, I'm a bit of a smarty pants wanting to make sure we don't get canceled kind of person. So I also like having a fact check our negotiation right now is whoever does the editing, the other person listens and does the fact check with it. So it gets listened to twice fully before it goes out. So any notes any things that we want to edit out any other comments? It has the double check, but neither one of us has to listen to us more than once. And then I also love the fact check just to make sure we're saying accurate things spreading accurate information. No one correct actors and movies.

Angela 50:56

I know that's gonna be a big one for us. No, I think so far my funniest fact check has definitely been for our Christmas movies episode, where I think I told you that a pangolin is a bird. It's definitely not a bird. It looks more like an armadillo. And I totally knew this. And as I was listening to that episode, to go and create our show notes. I stopped and I was like, Oh my god, I can't believe I said that.

Jae 51:25

Did you end up rewatching Fargo for that other one? Yeah, I

Angela 51:29

did. Still love Fargo. Still as equally confused as the first time I watched Fargo which sort of bothers me because I thought that I had a good basis of understanding after going through it in film class, but it's it's still stumping me a little bit.

Jae 51:46

Maybe I'll give it a try. Oh,

Angela 51:48

I'm gonna say don't do that. It's a it's a little gory for you don't watch, okay. Or if you want, I can timestamp. I can timestamp that for you. And you can watch around it.

Jae 51:59

The movie or the show the movie? Yeah, I'll pass the Laurel item. I Suki. We haven't really figured out our correct pairing because we don't really look like them. Because lack of representation in media, and we don't have any personality, right that we feel like we hit perfectly. You know, I feel like we generally it was a girl girl for a hot minute, but like we're not really going to get into that we're kind of going to just look at that moment and move on.

Angela 52:21

I feel like the pairing that we go with more often than not is calling and Finn and I think that's just because we find them funny. Yes. But I don't know if I bring a milkman I might chase a cheese wheel. That's true.

Jae 52:31

partner in crime. co host. What do you think? Do you think we made any mistakes? Do you think we splurged and saved in the right areas? What do you think on the more back end side of all this between our equipment between our hosting platforms, a little oopsy Daisy made there where we decided to do work where we decided to outsource work, what is your thoughts? What are your thoughts? I can speak English sometimes.

Angela 52:53

Overall, I think that we've done pretty well with this. Because when you think about when we first started, we were thinking very much big picture like, Okay, this is the equipment that we need. This is the equipment that we need for guests, this is what we'll want to ship to them so that they can have their own microphone for good quality. And we've definitely been able to restructure ourselves and pull back from there and see what it is that like we're working with, and how we can just learn to use those tools better. So I think overall, we're doing pretty well, we definitely had some moments where we we definitely had some moments where we were a little too quick to jump into things like looking for our first hosting platform to get our RSS feed set up, we actually we were stuck between three different platforms, and we purchased a subscription to one and then it turned out that the features that we liked about that platform were actually no longer supported. So we had to pivot and find a new one overall, when I was looking through our setup the other day and how we've established it so far. I feel like we're well set and then i don't know i think that i mean we're we're so far from this point right now but in terms of the things that we'd eventually like to outsource our social media in terms of planning and keeping up with posting responding to comments and all of that I think that that would be like the best place for us to start

Jae 54:17

I mean my thing for social media which I brought up to our podcasting teacher It's not that I don't want to share and I have things I I'm very clear what I do and don't want to share on social media. It's more that right now her dear dear lovely human being friends are the only ones really driving this and supporting us which we love dearly, but they know the things we post already so I want to save and make sure we're not overwhelming things because during quarantine, no shade just backs. Everyone started a small business everyone started a podcast everyone started to become an influencer. So now I follow like six Instagram per friend and it's a little bit of whelming and I don't want to do that to our friends, because I'm just happy they listened past the first few episodes if they make it to this one, like, Mind blown,

Angela 55:09

be so exciting because I feel like we haven't told a lot of people about it yet.

Jae 55:12

I mean, I don't have a lot of people to tell, but they all know, oh, well,

Angela 55:15

I didn't tell a lot of people about it yet.

Jae 55:17

It's fine. You're waiting for our second wave. It's a marketing move. It's intentional. It's all intentional. And then here's the last part, which isn't fun. It isn't pleasant. But I think if you're unable to do this, I don't think you and a co host are ready to start a podcast,

Angela 55:32

we have a contract. Like we had to sit down and have a real conversation about like some hard topics, what it would look like if we ever wanted to dissolve the podcast,

Jae 55:43

and thankfully do to call her daddy, we

Angela 55:46

kind of knew how to have this conversation. Now we we included a cute little clause in our contract. So we're all set.

Jae 55:52

It's definitely something that you need when creating any sort of thing that potentially you would want or see growing or not just because as much as we're both putting in the grunt work the foundation for this. We don't know what happens when I become Beyonce and Angela's Kelly Rowland. Like we don't know what can happen. I'm kidding. Or when Angela goes or when Angela goes from wheelchair Jimmy to Drake. Oh my God, we don't know what's gonna happen. And we need to be prepared and as much as you can be just similarly to a prenup. It's better to plan for the bad times when

Angela 56:28

the good times are going good exactly like April and Jackson said in their breakup episode. Their prenup was written by two people who love each other breaking.

Jae 56:39


Angela 56:40

It's a beautiful episode but it's so sad. And I kind of don't like how they're portraying April off screen in this new season of Grey's

Jae 56:49

well apparently and the reason her and Arizona kicked off was because the new showrunner just didn't like them. They didn't want to leave.

Angela 56:57

Oh, that's lame.

Jae 56:58

I like them. Or maybe Angela will be the animal will be the Beyonce based on that last statement.

Angela 57:05

Bring back Arizona's like,

Jae 57:07

yes, but feel free to comment and dm us with anything. Any questions? We're still trying to figure this all out. We're doing it we're doing something and we're ready for anything that comes our way

Angela 57:18

it's happening you guys can listen to this so we're doing something

Jae 57:21

right I'm trying to be optimistic for once Give it to me. Okay,

Angela 57:24

we are ready for anything that comes our way.

Jae 57:26

Thank you.

Angela 57:27

We are kayak hear us roar. Two kayaks, one kayak,

Jae 57:30

two kayaks, two

Angela 57:31


Jae 57:32

because we're on a canoe because that's together. Since I stole your segment. Do you have a question on Anything? Anything you've been pondering, wondering about seven wonders of the world, which apparently are subjective. Oh,

Angela 57:42

I recently though,

Jae 57:43

I thought the Western Wall was a wonder of the world. And it is one of the newer ones, but there's like the historical ones, then there's the natural ones, then there are the modern ones. And they're not all the same. I feel like in that case,

Angela 57:56

you need to reestablish the names for them.

Jae 57:59

I agree.

Angela 58:00

Like the seven wonders should be the seven wonders and then you create there's the Fab Five, the Fantastic Four,

Jae 58:07

Triple Threat double travel. There we go.

Angela 58:10

I don't know. I guess if I have any question.

Jae 58:13


Angela 58:14

how do you feel about the immersive Van Gogh experience?

Jae 58:18

I think it's very cool. And I wish they put more information about tickets and how it's going. I've been seeing all of the lovely influencers doing vlogmas and going through this whole Wonderland light show Christmas lane vibe thing, and I'm happy we're getting something here. Nothing ever happens here. Even the freaking tangled a lantern show that they're like oh my gosh, is the San Francisco Bay Area. Sacramento. Not the Bay Area, not the Bay Area

Angela 58:43

close to the Bay Area, but not the Bay Area.

Jae 58:45

I'm excited.

Angela 58:47

It does especially after like I didn't really know about it after watching Emily in Paris. I thought it was something that they created just for the show

Jae 58:56

Emily and Perry Okay,

Angela 58:58

that's another thing. Everyone who is telling me that it is Emily in Perry. I have not found anything on the internet from the show creators that tells me that it is in fact called Emily in Perry.

Jae 59:11

I sent you the Lily Collins interview the other day and during the show she specifically refers to herself several times as Emily and Paris I sent you the Willie Collins article the other day or the Jimmy Fallon clip I

Angela 59:22

believe it was okay I might not have watched that because work has been really hectic the past couple days okay, but should I should I watch this Jimmy Fallon clip

Jae 59:30

live right thoughts in the show notes just like how I realized we have to fact check Chris are Christmases. Laughter

Angela 59:35

Okay. Well apparently I may be wrong about Emily and Perry but I'm still going with Emily and Paris for now. Just because when I try to say Perry it doesn't sound unnatural coming out of my mouth and sounds a little bit sarcastic. Emily in Perry

Jae 59:52

Well, it sounds so much cuter when you do it because I just watched Brenda song is London Tipton say let's hold me back from Perry ages like eight through 14 16 I don't know when Suite Life on Deck ended fantastic show

Angela 1:00:03

the height of Disney Channel

Jae 1:00:04

the height of Disney Channel was that so sweet? I hope Hannah Montana yes they're

Angela 1:00:08

all they're all encompassed. No, but

Jae 1:00:10

Suite Life on Deck was later left on deck did the Wizards of Waverly Place crossover with Hannah Montana but that's a sweet life. Oh, Hannah Montana was

Angela 1:00:18

first see I look at The Suite Life like suite. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and The Suite Life on Deck like all within the same thing because Didn't they just like run right? One after the other?

Jae 1:00:28

I never finished rewatching this week I was on Kodi till the end. So I can't tell you but I think

Angela 1:00:34

something like that. We'll look into that for the show notes too.

Jae 1:00:37

We love accuracy.

Angela 1:00:38

Are you ready for me to send this out? And on that note, thank you for listening to this episode of insomnia paratus Be sure to join us next Monday. But for now, grab your coffee bowl and don't forget to rate download and subscribe on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts as always where you lead will follow. So head on over to @inomniapod on Instagram to let us know what you thought of this week's episode. And if you have any questions about starting your own podcast, bye

Jae 1:01:07