We all have our guilty pleasures and today we’re laying it all out for you in the form of our favorite reality (or just plan scandalous fictional) tv shows. We’re covering everything from vintage MTV & VH1 shows like Teen Mom, Laguna Beach, My Super Sweet Sixteen, Silent Library, Flavor of Love, and I Wanna Work For Diddy. Shows and seasons were debated and bets made, and you can follow along on @inomniapod on Instagram to see the final pay up. 

Show Notes

Jae 0:00

I pledge myself to the pod loyal I'll always be a P to start a D at the end and an O sitting in between. Welcome back to In Omnia Paratus. Angela, what do you think happens when people stop being polite and start getting real?

Angela 0:20

Oh, this is gonna bug me What?

Jae 0:21

Oh no What show is this? See? I

don't even know if you're a boomer like you might be back in Biden's generation with that one.

Angela 0:29

Is this from the real world?

Jae 0:31

Yes. Okay. The tagline of the real world.

Angela 0:35

Well, okay, so I've never seen the real world and I need it. Okay, I know. I know. But if you think about it, I looked it up. I think it started in 1992 1990 91 some very earlier. Oh my Lord. Yes. I just popped out of the womb watching the real world. I mean, it's not impossible. So wait, if we've never seen it, we don't know the answer to this. What does it happen?

Jae 0:59

Have you not seen a trailer like I've never seen the show? I've seen it in trode before after what I was watching a different show but I've never real world was like the one I respected my mom putting her foot down for Okay, so I never I heard the intro but I never watched it. But I watched the Road Rules and the challenge which was what the same people

Angela 1:18

Oh, okay. I combined that in my head just now and I was trying to think real world road challenge Boomer. I've never seen it My only reference point for it is that there's a suite in Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas that I think it's like the real world suite and there's a bowling alley and some sort of like crazy pool.

Jae 1:39

Well, since you're going to be in Vegas after this episode airs.

Angela 1:42

I expect you to take a selfie with this sweet you you need me to talk my way into the real world sweet. I think it's like $20,000 a night Can't you take a picture with like the plaque like can you not even go up to the floor? Well generally you need a key card to get to the floor

Jae 1:57

you like to break in places

Angela 1:59

I do

Jae 2:00

you and your twin oaks give me a heart attack trying to break into that pool and not Santa Cruz somewhere.

Angela 2:05

Okay, if you had just played it cool. We would have gotten in it was closed for the conference. It was close. He also looked genuinely terrified and super squirrely cuz

Jae 2:17

I didn't want to break the rules.

Angela 2:19

Okay, in the grand scheme of the rules that you could break though, that's a pretty tiny one.

Jae 2:24

So therefore, you should have no problem getting me a picture of the selfie for our podcast listeners of the real world suite.

Angela 2:30

I will see what I can do transitive property. You believe it? You can achieve it? Sure. I mean, I know I did better in geometry, but that still doesn't mean I remember much from it. Carry on. All I know is that Drake told me that I got to work them angles. Bonus points. Jay, if you can name the song that's from I don't know it was an undergrad it? Is that. Is that your final answer? It wasn't on Degrassi. Yes. But Mr. Roberts was in the music video. Nope. Okay. Nice for what anyone out there didn't know the answer already. Okay, but back to the real world.

Jae 2:58

You want us here?

Angela 2:59

I know. I know. The real world was a very popular show on MTV from the 90s through the early 2010s.

Jae 3:07

I think it's still going on.

Angela 3:08

Oh, are they rebooted? I don't know. Wow. I mean, good for MTV. Most of the shows that we're going to talk about today. You can even find them on paramount. Plus, right now.

Jae 3:19

I'm not sponsored. Anyone sponsor us Paramount if you want to. I will watch all of your content, particularly the Nickelodeon. But like, I'll watch all this Platinum TV shows too. I have the idea for this podcast after doing a workout to old 2000s music and it had me reminiscing over TRL, which I didn't really understand I kind of watch. But then all of these super iconic MTV shows, I think more just for the quality of content, people would be really surprised to know how invested I was in a lot of these shows

Angela 3:49

as well. When you think about the quality of the content that's being put out. we've now moved on to tick tock as our main source of like viewing at the moment that Tick Tock is the definition of low budget entertainment.

Jae 4:01

I know but me particularly loving Disney Channel and being I don't want to say young but being aloof is the only word kind of coming to mind. But being very pink and girly. And Elle Woods, the fact that I watched this much and had this much of an interest in this crappy television, I feel like is a little off brand. But again, so are the shows. So it's so off brand. It's on brand, I guess is what I'll go with. Well, I

Angela 4:26

mean, even Blair Waldorf had a dark side.

Jae 4:28

I don't think it was a dark side. I think it was a trash side.

Angela 4:32

I'll take that. So as we've covered before, I think in spring break, I had parental locks on my cable and I set the parental locks on my TV. So Jay is really going to be carrying this episode and walking me through some of these but I do I do have a few call outs.

Jae 4:47

Let's do your top three and then you can start asking questions. Okay, we'll go We'll go three to one. So number three, that

Angela 4:53

would be my super sweet 16. Okay,

Jae 4:56

what are your memories of this show?

Angela 4:57

I remember like they're really bad. Like oh, opening theme music and like glitter

Jae 5:03

oh my god that was Hilary Duff.

Angela 5:06

Wait seriously,

Jae 5:07

I cannot believe you just said that. That is on Hilary Duff's first album metamorphosis I love that song. I couldn't wait to be succeed because of that song.

Angela 5:16

I listened to metamorphosis all the time that was not on there.

Jae 5:19

I will bet like a cartier fucking bracelet on this.

Angela 5:23

We are we are going to look at this right now. We're not waiting for a fact check.

Jae 5:26

What is the most expensive thing I can have? If I am right? Oh, I

Angela 5:29

really wanted to make a no cap joke, but we're not going there because you you would really take it that way. Okay, do you remember that if lost return to that Tiffany one Yeah, you want to bet that? I'm assuming that might be the cheapest thing on the list? That can't be more than like what? 200

Jae 5:48

Okay, if I'm wrong, I'll buy it for you. Okay, I want to say a track seven or eight but I can't be sure.

Angela 5:53

Okay. All right. I'm googling right now.

Jae 5:57

I'm dying. Alright,

Angela 5:58

so track seven or eight.

Jae 6:00

Okay, I we didn't I didn't have to be worried about what the track number

Angela 6:03

was. No, I know. But that's why I'm scrolling too right now. Okay, seven is


Jae 6:10

y'all we can just on the episode here I have a Tiffany bracelet coming my way.

Angela 6:15

Zero memory of this zero memory Why did this happen? This she added this in this is like a bonus rerelease thing that I'm looking at right here it has to be

Jae 6:27

I literally have my CD Do you want me to like get out my CD player for you?

Angela 6:31

I have my CD too. Let's go get it. Well, mines mines in the basement. That's a long way away right now.

Jae 6:38

Do you really want me to get the CD out? Can we do this after?

Angela 6:42

I mean I guess we can do this after but I have zero memory of this song. I remember every other song here except for this one.

Jae 6:50

That's really unfortunate for you then isn't it?

Angela 6:53

Did I skip it? Well here all I have to say is that whoever had her record that song like they did her dirty just like Gossip Girl did

Jae 6:59

I mean MTV tweaked it a little bit like they didn't do like an EDM remix. But like they did like verb or something. I don't know. My super sweet 16 was one of my favorite shows. I idolize these people I wanted to be one I wanted to have one so much so that this was also the period in my life coincidentally my mom that I really should get into volunteer work. I don't don't know the correlation. But somehow me wanting a white Mercedes. I never wanted the Mercedes I wanted the BMW but wanting like a white BMW getting excited to pass out invitations in an extravagant way. But making sure I could also do it publicly and take them away from people somehow didn't mesh well with like the values My family is trying to instill.

Angela 7:42

Oh my Lord, I completely forgot about that. I did always like how at the end, they always got a car even if their 16th birthday was like still three weeks away and then they drove off in it because you know that they just had to have got out of the car like 100 feet away or something horse.

Jae 7:58

My favorite. I was going over some of these my favorite ones. One my uncle knew the parent of the triplets from the first season who came out like can candles but my favorite memory that I had of these two girls it was their 18th birthday, it was Sex in the City theme they were making virgin mocktails with drag queens they wanted three six mafia to perform. And I remember this distinctly I was thinking about things that wouldn't fly in 2021 so they're going to the studio and three six mafia these two girls is like okay, if you can wrap these lyrics. So you see them take these two white girls into the booth to wrap their song and just imagining what that would look like. Now when I was younger I thought it was the coolest like oh my god, they're getting these rappers they're doing this cool party and thinking about now watching them have to wrap this verse. Oh my lord, we've written free in my head if I find the clip, which is why I'm finding the clip. I will find it further. I can tell you the exact episode it was to I found these crawlspaces my favorite I think her name was Amanda. She was in Florida. She went on to then go on to the exiled series. I believe she had to go to Africa and belt her out of cowtown see or performed at her birthday. Okay, what is exiled? That's the show. That's the sweet 16 were the girls who needed a bit of a reality check went to foreign countries and perform American savior ism. I think white savior ism, but I don't think it was all white contestants

Angela 9:21

got it. Okay, so is this a thing of like, oh, congratulations, you just have this awesome party and the next day they're shipped off to another country,

Jae 9:29

or it was either later or a few years later.

Angela 9:31

Okay, interesting.

Jae 9:33

Do you have more to say? Should

we go to your second pick? I know that has a lot for the first for your third one as much dramatic.

Angela 9:38

That's all right. Okay. My second pick from this list would be America's Next Top Model. Okay, that wasn't our honorable mentions and

Jae 9:45

our CW section because there were four shows that I couldn't resist. I got into it with my godfather. He actually started watching before we he wasn't the little devil on my shoulder, but he definitely encouraged the my super sweet 16 much more than my mom And my mom wanted to keep me more grounded morally sound, which we appreciate kindness, empathy, great skills. I godfather also did those things but he also had a love of superficial catty drama and bitchiness that just fed my soul, which is where we get the first season I saw live who was season eight. I believe jasleen was the first winner. I watched her live, but I did see one through seven. I think I could name up to a higher level of like season 15 winners, but I stopped like right when Oh, again didn't age Well, Mark cazes designer and join a cast.

Angela 10:40

See, I don't know if I can give you that much detail. But I know I actually watched all of this on syndicate through the oxygen channel. Oh, yes. Yeah. So I'd watch on like Saturday or Sunday when they showed all the episodes. Who was your favorite? That was there are wrong answers.

Jae 10:56

I'm still on Team justice for Melrose. From season seven season seven, I think is one of my favorites. Oh, I

Angela 11:02

remember Melrose okay. She was cool. I don't know if I can give you a favorite winner. But there was this one girl with like absolutely gigantic eyes and her whole thing. Well, yes, Alison. Her whole thing was working with a deer in the headlights look

Jae 11:17

literally with all of this knowledge I have on this list from this episode. I could have three PhDs and probably win like the MacArthur grant,

Angela 11:26

but instead I can remember who the Big Eyed girl was on America's Next Top Model and all the lyrics to every High School Musical song see it but you're doing a such a great service right now in the podcast. So thank you for being here

Jae 11:36

today. Or in general.

Angela 11:38

We'll see. I didn't know if I should leave the today in there.

Jae 11:41

Got it. What's your number one? Your favorite one on this list?

Angela 11:44

My favorite one is teen moms specifically teen mom two.

Jae 11:49

Oh, no, I've only I only watched OG because then I watched 16 and pregnant and then once the first cast got their shares I know I've never watched teen mom two

Angela 11:58

okay. 16 and pregnant freaked me out.

Jae 12:00

You could add your own shows on here. Like I'm surprised you didn't say jersey shore cuz I get into jersey shore but I know you're a big GTL girl.

Angela 12:07

Oh, but I thought this was vintage MTV.

Jae 12:09

I mean awkward zone here awkward to my most recent one.

Angela 12:13

Oh, I didn't even see awkward on here. Okay,

Jae 12:15

well, awkward wasn't reality, but like what started in 2011. So anything prior to 2011 I said was her game.

Angela 12:21

Oh, okay. All right. Well, I watched the Jersey Shore at someone's sweet 16 because it got rained out. So we were all crammed in a family room for six hours of Vinny Pauly D the situation hours. Six hours of Jersey shore and ice cream cake. Oh, I loved it. Huh? What was the theme supposed to be? We were supposed to go to great America like Great America during the day and then out to dinner at night. Okay, yeah, so yeah, it wasn't like it wasn't like a big dance party kind of thing. It was a more casual.

Jae 12:53

There's someone named Maria right. She had twins that was teen mom two. Yes. That's all I can tell you about teen mom two why teen mom two why is that your holy girl

Angela 13:01

wins actually was Macy. I believe Leah had one trial or no did she have to to think elliana was her AC was season one with the red hair. Oh my god. I'm totally missing these people up. Now.

Jae 13:13

I don't want to make you any more bets for this episode. I think we've done enough. But I know I think Well, yeah.

Angela 13:19

Okay. I'm just gonna ask did I like did you know that this Tiffany's bracelet is gonna be way more expensive than I think it is. I have no clue how much the bracelet costs. Okay. All right. I think you're in the ballpark. Okay. All right. You are right, because Leah's daughter was Eliana and aliannah was the twin with muscular dystrophy, I think. Oh, aliana and Aaliyah. Yeah, I really I really like him to her daughter Aaliyah,

Jae 13:45

and her name was Leah.


I shouldn't be surprised but I am. Okay. teen mom to your attention. Yeah.

Angela 13:51

Do you mind do I think t mom too also had Farah and

Jae 13:54

she was team emoji the porn star classic. This is why I was a teen mom fan. lassic Farrah Macy so then Wham do

Angela 14:01

I actually like me and mom and not teen mom two

Jae 14:05

gay mom. One is Amber whose daughter's name is Leah. Then we have Caitlin and boyfriend now husband who gave their daughter for adoption. Then we had Macy and Ryan Farah and Derek who had passed. I think that's it. I think those are the four.

Angela 14:19

Okay, I don't think I could tell you which one I liked better. But I know I like to Leah and I liked Farah.

Jae 14:24

I looked for two teen and pregnant and then she got to heidi montag for me. Would you will get that reference at some point because you are watching the hell's

Angela 14:33

Well, I mean, okay. Yeah. Like I know who she is in general, but you don't understand her. That is true. She did marry Spencer though, right?

Jae 14:40

Yes, they're still married. And now they have a crystal business. What? Yes, I want to say it's like crystal daddy or something like that.

Angela 14:47

Okay. They were the ones that got married on the Santa Monica Pier, right?

Jae 14:52

No, they got married on the show in a church.

Angela 14:54

Oh, and this is why you carry this episode. So those were your favorites. Yeah, those are my favorites, but jersey shore Trumps all of them

Jae 15:01

for me looking at the list I made number three see the things like this list like I have such pros and cons to everything some honorable mentions because I can't Legally Blonde search for the next Elle Woods with Haley Duff they basically one of the scenes they have them singing one of those auction musical on spin bikes like very la but it was like to practice their stamina on the Ashley sensen show another classic

Angela 15:25

this Ashley Simpson when she was with Evan Ross, or before

Jae 15:29

this was like autobiography days. Was she ever with Ryan Cabrera if she was this was like way back when before SNL. I guess that's the point that was brought me. This was before the lip synching incident on SNL. Ah,

Angela 15:42

okay. You have much knowledge.

Jae 15:44

Yes. Thank you gotta put it to you somewhere. Number three. I think we're gonna go solidly with making the band I think I joined Oh, yeah, I really got into it. End of the season where Andrea and Aubrey got pushed to the next season because he's like, we like you too. But I don't like anyone else but you can't be a band. So that's when I really got into it. Love making the band. This is tough. Number two, and this is kind of the direction we're gonna be heading with the show. I don't know what the full title is. But like charm school, Monique tried to reform the ladies of flavor of love that had a significant impact on me that whole franchise that ended up being like what I think wanted to try to be the MTV Bachelorette couldn't be number one who I want to say for me it's probably a tie between my super sweet 16 and the hills both had a significant impact on me by supersuit 16 for the sparkles, the wind, Enos, the extravagance the hill for discovering Pinkberry and going for my fashion knowledge they have like Lady Gaga kim k was on the show before she was famous. What a good cameos on the hills. But prior to reality TV like Laguna Beach, and the hills and Paris Hilton's show like walked further the Kardashians to run interesting.

Angela 17:07

I've never seen any of those, so I can't tell you anything about them. Well, you're gonna be watching the hills for an episode. So that is true. I can I can inform on this later on the

Jae 17:17

subject seasons there

Angela 17:19

six seasons?

Jae 17:20


Angela 17:21

How many episodes per season?

Jae 17:22

I mean, it's old school TV, so probably 22 to 26.

Angela 17:26

Okay, Jersey Shore only has like 10 to 14.

Jae 17:29

You told me I get a third door.

Angela 17:31

I'm gonna make sure it's a good door. So that sounded a little dirty a third door.

Jae 17:36

It wasn't until you said that. Okay, where are your questions? What do you want to know about this list? And I can start to educate. Okay, notes everyone

Angela 17:45

engaged and under age. Is that legal? Are both parties under age? And if so, how can they get married?

Jae 17:52

I think depending on the seats, it's 16. Again, thankful you're a fact checker. It just meant like young people.

Okay, and I feel

like it also would look very similar to kind of the siblings or nating looking back on who would be on this show but it was you fall away that was a shovel. No, that's an Instagram account but the couple's look, oh, we could kind of be synonymous basically, you follow this young couple leading up to their wedding, the bachelor and bachelorette parties were typically drug strippers, things were involved and like a lot of fighting, but it was wedding related.

Angela 18:23

Were there any sort of like parental or family interventions where they tried to sit either of them down and discourage them from getting married?

Jae 18:30

Yes. See, I'm

Angela 18:31

kind of imagining something a little bit along the lines of My Big Fat Gypsy wedding where like a family might kidnap another person to keep them away like the dresses are like gigantic like 20 feet

Jae 18:43

why want a gypsy dress? No not at all. They weren't that that they did try to stop them like you're a little young some of them I think were military couples but they tried to do was kind of more of a no we don't think this is right than a like forceful of we will cut you off. We don't want to communicate with you like strong claims.

Angela 19:03

Okay, so nothing like what happened on parental control. I didn't watch a lot of that because I didn't understand what it was. But the few episodes that I did really stuck with me just because of the idea of how kids and their significant others then argue with their families. What kind of great impression is that that will then lead on to like you're having a great relationship that your family respects Well, my thing with

Jae 19:26

that show was always parents always like the suitor who was the best kiss ass and the things that parents didn't like about the significant other were the traits you could see in them while they bicker at a wall. The girl was on the date if I didn't like my significant others parents that much. I wouldn't want to sit with them hours and watch my significant other go on dates with other people.

Angela 19:48

Oh, yeah, completely. But just like the entire premise of it as a whole is mind boggling. Like how much money do you think they were paid? Do you think they were paid money at all?

Jae 19:56

I would say probably not.

Angela 19:58

Wow. See, and back then. There were no endorsement deals for random people they're like what is the true incentive here other than the fact that you're going to sit with people you may or may not like or until you may or may not want to like you and just argue for hours i mean when you're on tv remember no matter how bad you're doing in life remember

Jae 20:18

there somewhere in your high school trying to become a rapper channel that energy into all of these mtv castings

Angela 20:24

got it okay

Jae 20:25

what is made a classic so these are basically people who wanted to become models make the cheer squad make the football team but they were kind of went the ugly duckling so a more professional person like ex nfl cheerleader or minor league baseball player would come for i don't know how long i want to say like six weeks and like help them get to the point of trying out for whatever it was they wanted to try out for so

Angela 20:47

i'm assuming that this is more like a boot camp kind of thing then like gentle mentoring

Jae 20:53

um it depended on the thing was the model in one was harsher than like the step team but typically it also depends on the skill level of most of the angela wanted to join i hope you get a point of reference the ucla women's gymnastics team i'm sure you've seen some of the routines online yes like if you were a you want to do that as you are today and they brought in a coach for you for six weeks like an extra bonus and they trained you to to try out for the team

Angela 21:15

oh okay

Jae 21:17

i think someone more like frivolous look i want to be prom queen or i want to do this but most for audition related very interesting okay so speaking of prom what is once upon a prom so the most iconic person known to go on the show was taylor swift basically it's with these big promposals that got people to ask celebrities and then the celebrities would take this photo prom

Angela 21:39

wait seriously

Jae 21:40

yeah if you google once upon a prom like all i found were pictures of taylor swift at this kid's prom

Angela 21:44

wow that's pretty cool

Jae 21:45

as before paparazzi and everyone had a phone and everyone could just ruin the moment

Angela 21:50

oh life okay that would that one sounds pretty cool i would watch some old episodes of that what is a show on this list that you didn't understand but were weirdly intrigued by

Jae 22:01

yo mama was kind of hard for me to grasp the concept of like i understood the goal was to like insult someone but like the jokes never sat correctly they the delivery wasn't great but like all like the guys cruise where i was like oh damn like oh you got like i don't get it

Angela 22:22

okay have you seen does does mtv still do wild and out

with nick cannon yeah i've seen episodes of it i don't know maybe okay did did you like that better

or worse

Jae 22:35

same caliber

Angela 22:36

okay very interesting i'm gonna go with maybe maybe let us expand your education a little bit to see so i have more appreciation for yo mama jokes perhaps perhaps goals for the year okay let's see what about oh what is exposed i see lie detector software here

Jae 22:57

angela you would love this so you and me i get set up with someone random look back to our style i go on a date with him okay okay no one's actually wearing lie detector software so i don't exactly understand how they would track this but i would be on the date and you would be in my ear and i'd asked him like oh like when did your last relationship end and he would answer and in the van you could tell me whether he was telling the truth or not because do you have oh

Angela 23:21

oh my god

Jae 23:22

yes and then at the end of the data to reveal my friend was in the van or listening to us this whole time and you did this this and this and then like whether you did or didn't want to go on another day it was like a 30 minute show kind of like next let's bring this back

Angela 23:35

like i don't even care if the whole point of it is just to get really catty at the end i want to see this in action see more freedom for you to get paramount plus

well actually it's really funny when i saw this earlier i was reading this whole thing on how to be a human lie detector

Jae 23:51

oh de niro in meet the parents

Angela 23:55

yes got one yeah so it was this whole thing about i think you take the other person's pulse from their wrist with one hand and then your i forget what you're supposed to put your other hand but it also goes on their body and and you thought three doors was dirty maybe maybe we just don't continue down that line but it was a pretty interesting article and it all stemmed off of whether or not police shows and things like that like occasionally like they'll just like grab the person who they're interrogating and be like i know you're lying because your pulse is racing and whether or not you could actually do that in your everyday life huh yeah so just went through like various ways spencer didn't need to touch anyone that is very true he was just a very keen observer and there's

Jae 24:38

a book on how to like shawn spencer in real life ooh

Angela 24:41

maybe we should try that

Jae 24:42

okay what's next oh i have a question for you okay we're not going to like do anything dumb like risk i don't know a designer item again which show was lady gaga as stephanie

Angela 24:53

on her legal name stephanie

german nada

Jae 24:56

sure which one of those did she appear on this list i don't even know if she was named to be fair but it's her you can recognize her on this show i don't know if she was planted or it was a coincidence

Angela 25:06

so is it the mtv list or is it all of them what is it is it just the mtv list

Jae 25:12

or thought any of the cw ones

Angela 25:15

and not vh one

Jae 25:16


Angela 25:16

not that one not that one

Jae 25:19

tell the people what that one means

Angela 25:21

okay i'm going with not bromance not silent library not empty vs the 70s house not run house sit the city i'm going with the city

Jae 25:35


Angela 25:36

no okay now the city we're going with the city

Jae 25:38

okay so the city was whitney port spin off from the hills

Angela 25:42

dang it

Jae 25:43

so she goes to new york lead lady gaga had been on the show yes because it was fashion fashion week she might have been featured in one of the clips but not as stephanie german on the show that stefani germanotta appeared in again coincidentally you're on quiz and it was boy it was a show where basically it's kind of the opposite of a karen they would have a super either rude dismissive customer service person at like at a liquor store and per minute you stayed there and interacted with this terrible person you want money for it oh i think if you made it to like 10 or 15 minutes maybe you want like more money like 100 bucks thanks for really low you really didn't have to give much away for people to do these kinds of games wow the x effect though is a show i think you would love for each trashiness so for an example angela pick a celebrity

Angela 26:36

i'm ryan reynolds

Jae 26:37

okay you are with ryan reynolds i am with chris evans okay okay i used to date ryan reynolds okay

oh my god the two couples go to a hotel for a weekend i don't even know who nominates who or how you got on the show but me and ryan reynolds again i'm currently dating chris evans and you're dating ryan reynolds me and ryan reynolds get swept away to our own room to stay together and you and chris evans go to another room during these neither certain challenges and things one thing is me and ryan reynolds both get bracelets that when touching a sort of diffuser lava lamp and you're in chris evans room goes off you also have little trackers on us to see where in the room hotel we are together so whether anything standing green candle whether there's any feelings left over uh y'all are seeing this happen live me and ryan reynolds go to dinner chat it up and then like you've seen when they're in a bed together and there are certain things where they can challenge to get like on at some points that you can get either video or audio of like in the room of when what they're talking about you get to hear their conversations and at the end all four members once the nights over you go back to your partner and then you're each given an x or an o so then you and ryan reynolds and me and chris evans would have our talk separately and then the x couple would talk together so ryan reynolds with angela like yes i know like we slept in the bed together or first up hey i saw you two touching all night with this fucking lamb going off on our room like what happened and then he would either say like yeah like it was fine rekindle but then he has the o which is for the new relationship and then you get to pick whether you hold up like the o and reciprocate or not and then after that the two exes do it and obviously the two x's both have an x they get back together

Angela 28:21

wow okay wait so if ryan reynolds has an o and i have an o does that mean that i want to get with chris evans no are the supportive of ryan reynolds dating you

Jae 28:32

know you're still with ryan reynolds that means you want to stay together no option for you and chris evans to get together you're together to see if your partner's want to cheat on youtube this isn't like a swinger situation

Angela 28:44

okay then i'm a little bit confused so okay so we need an x an au pair we're not looking for like letters to hang out together two

Jae 28:52


Angela 28:53


Jae 28:54

and one a member each of those couples used to date and their partners are fishy that they're not over each other

Angela 29:00


Jae 29:01

so the x couple go and hang out and then the other two people observe for that 24 hour period yes at the end of that when you go back to your current partner you have an x or an o to tell your current partner whether you'd like to stay with them or leave them where are we confused

Angela 29:20

well which one signifies that i want to stay or leave with you is it like if we're both holding up o's it's like i or is it like i love you like x oh like exit oh like we're gonna be together like

Jae 29:31

x means they want to get back with their ex

Angela 29:33

oh okay no so okay i get that but then at the same time couldn't the two people who are suspicious that the people that they are dating secretly still want to be with each other couldn't they win and flip the script and then get together i mean in theory like i feel like that should have been another element of this show because then it's like oh maybe i do want this other person maybe well exactly but that's like the Add an element of like oh if I'm not with this person will I even have a person to go back to when this 24 hour period is finished and when you're not wrong so I think we call this the x effect you I feel like maybe probably one or two did but again spoiler alert a lot of these are scripted so so I think that we should call this the XX effect because this is how the female mind works. See, I'm

Jae 30:23

surprised you don't want to go like EXO because of the Beyonce song.

Angela 30:27

I already made that reference. Sorry, I

Jae 30:29

wanted to reinforce you liked Beyonce. I will make sure to cut that out. You just know love the beehive so many times I was trying to affirm your good graces.

Angela 30:39

Does this count as another insult to the beehive?

Jae 30:42

I don't know is saying to people referencing her is too many an offense to the beehive.

Angela 30:48

I mean, I certainly hope not carry on well Alright, you know what let's let's go with the echo effect beehive don't come for me All right, next show that I'm curious about I see that Hogan knows best is on here and I didn't watch I didn't really watch it I've only seen like a couple episodes but was he a wrestler?

Jae 31:06

I think so. I

Angela 31:06

didn't watch that was everyone in his family? Because I remember they all super mostly

Jae 31:12

I want to say yes I didn't watch that one as religiously but if it like on in between like I Love New York's or flavor of love or a show I want to watch I would like leave it on in the background. Okay, the big thing with that was like his older his oldest daughter I think Brooke dating was kind of the whole plotline I watched for

Angela 31:29

got it. Okay, I remember they used to wear like a lot of highlighter colors like a lot of hot pink and orange neon green.

Jae 31:37

I think they were a big Tom Hardy family. Do you remember tamari?

Angela 31:40


Jae 31:41

Oh god Am I getting? Oh shoot is that Ed Hardy? Oh, okay. Yes, I corrected myself It's fine.

Angela 31:47

The with this with the skulls and the flowers and the rhinestones? Yes.

Jae 31:52

You get sound like they're making. Oh, shoot. I don't know what they're called. The D day was more toasts elevate us, huh? Yes.

Angela 32:00

COVID uS Coronavirus I should know this word. It's one of those two going with COVID Okay, but okay. No was when I saw Hogan knows best that made me think to get the osbornes used to have a show. Yeah. Was that MTV? Or was it another channel feels

Jae 32:14

that was he or Bravo or not?

Angela 32:17

No, definitely not one of those because those

Jae 32:20

were? I don't know. I didn't watch it.

Angela 32:22

I actually recently found out that they have another daughter who doesn't agree with the family's place in the spotlight. So she lives completely under the radar for her. I think she's the oldest child too. But yeah, did you did you watch punked

Jae 32:36

it right under high school stories, scandals, springs and controversy. Of course, I watched one of my favorites is the fake cancer patient Ashley Tisdale was singing to who was like I'm just trying to get a test. I told her my mom she was told this kid is doing something like make a wish was in a coma for years.

Angela 32:54

Oh my god.

Jae 32:55

She's singing kiss the girl. And like the kids like okay, like I just like don't want to get this test. I don't know what we have. And then she's like, freaking out. I know. Justin Timberlake is another one that it's known for. I don't know if it was like cockroaches or something with his house.

Angela 33:08

Oh, God.

Jae 33:10

I did love poems. That's like Kodak Chopra. God has sorry. I heard armchair expert when he and Ashton were talking.

Angela 33:16

Oh my god.

Jae 33:16

The guys have hired as an actor for the scenes.

Angela 33:20

Oh, I love that. Yeah, punk was great, though. pumped was really good. Oh,

Jae 33:25

I remember drake and earthquake or something.

Was it an earthquake? I

thought it was an earthquake.

Angela 33:30

Oh, I don't think I've seen that one.

Jae 33:31

I know that Drake made a statement. I'd never get pumped. So Ashton made sure to get them.

Angela 33:37

No, I was watching old Keeping Up With The Kardashians interviews the other day. And one of the clips came up on YouTube and it was when they were punking. Kim is that she was at the gas station with Courtney's baby daddy Scott disick. And this they have this guy come up to her and like ask like to take a picture. He says he's a fan. Like he just talked to Scott and took a picture with him. So she takes a picture with him. And then he like Scott pretends that he's stolen something out of the car while she wasn't looking. And then he drives away and they pretend to blow up the gas pump. And the cops come and arrest him and oh my god, it's so crazy because it's just like a standard like a very standard like Kardashian reaction when something like this happens on their show. She immediately calls her sister and she's laughing and telling her like, Oh my god, You'll never believe what Scott did. He just got arrested for accusing some guys stealing his wallet not trying to help him or work anything out. She's literally just sitting there.

Jae 34:33

I'm glad I have a strong family brand, right? Yeah, we'll get down to page one. So let me run through MTV real quick. High School stories, scandals, pranks and controversies a cast of people would recreate people submissions for senior pranks. One of my favorite ones I listed was high schools who would do the beach in their hallway or table the furniture upside down switch classrooms that kind of thing. Similarly on on fabulous the whole thing of cows can go upstairs but can't go down on the one serious ones that I remember. and now being an adult i realize how serious that was they like laxative doughnuts or something for their teacher which i didn't know back then on pip my ride exhibit and the cool cars i like never love the outside but i always like the way they would like deck off the inside if you think parental control was weird date my mom a guy would go on three dates with these mothers in anticipation of the daughters and it was really funny when like the mom was the pretty one even though they all kind of looked like karen's karen's and or padron slash dance moms too sometimes it was really pretty and sometimes like oof oh that is so creepy but the teen would be going on a date with the mother and like laguna beach classic again you'll be watching that miss 17 lasted one season and it was to be the cover girl for 17 magazine the girls will have the house together very kind of america's next top model style what i loved was the theme song was from the click and it was just the girl that was the theme song that's why i love the show so watch my super nice teen next similar to boiling point however long he lasts on a date before the guy would tell you next it's kind of the modern day jubilee live tinder but like i thought these girls were so pretty and welcome back mike wow they were such trash um my own had you heard of that one

Angela 36:18

i don't think so

Jae 36:18

so it was basically guys i want to date beyonce so they bring in like eight girls who not even resembled honestly like could ish give you a beyonce vibe so first to eliminate like four off of looks and then he would like get to know them each patrick style with a few questions and the top three would each learn choreography and record a track from the artists they did this with hilary duff pink with beyonce and then the girl would get all made up and perform part of the music video and then he would pick my own britney spears my own beyonce

Angela 36:51

oh okay this is kind of giving me like flirty dancing vibes

Jae 36:54

no not at all okay all right no continue try to find your episode on youtube disaster date my cousin came in clutch for this one because i could not remember the name of the show for the life of me basically you are blind first dates more we money involved and you didn't know this but your date was going to be terrible trash and if you made it the full hour you could either get double the cash or a second date with the person not the fake actor newport harbor what they tried to recreate with laguna beach but they weren't not able to the x effect which we now want to do the x or the x x affect mtv cribs was a classic i always loved the pools and the outdoor spaces oh yeah the giant beds yes cheyenne she was a country singer her big song i mean i would go with maybe to her big song is one original thing it is in the aquamarine movie in the scene where they are shopping and she also has a song i believe that miley cyrus i don't know who wrote it if either one of these artists wrote it or someone else heard and gave it to both of them these four walls it is on hannah montana slash miley cyrus or hannah and hannah meets miley cyrus at volume two album on the miley side of the album

very nice runs house

i love that the two daughters like created a sneaker line based on like candy and desserts that sounds awesome mtv says 70 houses a reality show where they went back to the 70s kind of like that 70 show oh no i

Angela 38:16

was gonna say they've been doing that a lot recently like i think cores light bonsor an entire house for their influencers in which they put in like all 70s decorations and everyone had to dress like they were from the 70s

Jae 38:28

hmm i don't know what's so fun about the 70s i don't know okay a shout out love with tila tequila i wasn't a big fan of this one but like i kind of watched it kept my mind

Angela 38:37

is you i feel like i've heard i've heard that so much through my childhood but i don't know who she wants

Jae 38:43

to say porn star but i don't know i don't want to be wrong she's a stage name gain recognition for on social networking sites oh my space girl

Angela 38:53


Jae 38:54

all i know she was bisexual and that was like the interesting part of that show but something that i realized i wasn't a big fan of the show was why no one else on the show hooked up if they were bisexual because then she had guys and girls who could all hook up with each other hmm bromances brody jenner ish spin off after the hills oh okay silent library i know you had

Angela 39:15

a story about so i had no idea what silent library was i mean kind of do now but in high school people were talking about wanting to go like do the silent library challenge and i was like oh cool like i'll come

i love the library and you like being silent

yeah love being silent i can totally do it really well the librarian never has to tell me to be quiet

Jae 39:36

Angela we're gonna go play like the quiet game that parents try to do so their kids will give them a moment of silence in the library and see who can be quiet the longest my

Angela 39:44

god loki honestly my favorite game because every once in a while it's just nice not to have to talk talk here but ya know we ended up sitting in a restaurant and they all put like giant things of what was sabi and tabasco and like other like other they're like super like spicy things in their mouth and then proceeded to not scream or attempt not to yell out

Jae 40:06

yeah so basically the point of silent library is you're in a space typically meant to be quiet and you're given challenges of pain and durance and things and you win money at the end based on how quiet you were able to do the activities now we're on to vh one mtv sister network which is always really confusing because i thought some of the shows were on mtv but these are actually each one shows my fare brady bringing two worlds colliding america's next top model

Angela 40:32

and the brady bunch i'm so confused the first

Jae 40:36

season winner of microsoft's top model adrian was married to gear brady one of the brady's and it was their love story or not really love story because there was a lot of drama and then i think they went on dr drew's helped me we need a divorce show

Angela 40:51

oh my god okay

Jae 40:52

yeah so that lasted a season or two watch that and then we have

Angela 40:56

jays favorite show

Jae 40:58

we don't want to say my mom's ashamed of me for these oh like i was making a joke to her even though we were speaking about these and she couldn't even like last through my own describing it so i started off with i live in new york has like flavor of love i didn't know about so i started with new york and then i went back and fell flavor of love the funniest part that like i was remembering when i was going over this and like talking to family that were doing this was the way they came up with the names for everyone everyone had a different name like new york's name isn't new york it's tiffany but like it was so dumb of like how they're like you're small so i'm gonna call you shorty on a red dress so we're gonna call you like mama sita or something some of the i'm sure it's these weren't pc names whatsoever oh my god but like they were just such governors these were these were dating shows but they were so trashy mud wrestling and i can't even remember what the competition's would be but they were such just trashy people

Angela 42:00

and yet somehow are so does that mean that the bachelor is like higher class because instead of mud they make them box i mean

Jae 42:07

the only thing i can compare these shows to is i think i watched like one episode of like honey booboo and they went to georgia and they wouldn't talk a mud festival like that was their spring break that's what i kind of would compare the shows to

Angela 42:24

oh okay i've never heard that one before

Jae 42:27

these words are such trash a show like there was a lot of hating and spitting and like i don't even know did you ever watch any of these i feel like these would be right up your alley

Angela 42:37

no i've never seen i've only seen a couple episodes of i want to work for dt

Jae 42:42

i feel like tomorrow or this weekend you need to watch like just google like an episode of flavor of love and i love new york it really doesn't matter what episode you pick just watch an episode of both because i feel like the shows are right up your alley think of it like really funny like jersey shore huh

Angela 42:59

okay so it's actually really funny that you bring that up because my mom a few weeks ago was saying something about like oh like remember like blah blah blah like when flavor flavor used to have his show and this happened she's like that's kind of what it was like watching this old movie and this one scene and i was like well i wouldn't know mom you put parental locks on she's like oh i don't even remember that was like gee thanks

Jae 43:22

and then we had bret michaels rock of love similar vibe similar trash got bail was super problematic and again he was one of the ones kind of like the holden's when it was between other shows i had to watch it but like super problematic and he's super conservative my q and on now so we'll move past him real chance of love was a spin off of two of the contestants i believe they were brothers on new york season and then we now get again i wouldn't say highbrow but like these shows are definitely a little bit more wholesome than beauty in the geek was one of my favorite shows so okay i did watch beauty in the geek one of my favorite was my 17th birthday was themed after it seriously yes because i love him so much because it was cute because like you will break smart or you just cute um high school reunion and i got like free episode students basically people they pick high school classes where they never go out of their high school personality and i had them reunite whoa high society was tinsley mortimer who's a socialite but she was also on an episode of gossip girl which is probably why she got her own show or vice versa pussycat dolls present was great they had two versions of this they had one to fill a member of the pussycat dolls and the winner of that was asia and then they had one where they made their own band similar to making the band oh i oh okay were they created a girl group oh shoot ah there's the blonde oh no oh crap i know the name of the song but i don't know the name of the group girl alicia that was their thing their group name their ria thing oh and crowned was with i believe carson kressley or someone else who did pageants the south beauty queen sparkles me again more on brand than some of these other shows and then the show i left off because similar go back to dating shows farmer wants a wife i've never heard of that one they only had a few seasons great theme song and he's basically the bachelor but on a farm like this is like a real farmer or do we say made him seem like a real farmer

Angela 45:22

is that where farmers only.com comes from

Jae 45:25

i don't know what came first again for your show notes

Angela 45:28

so okay so for farmer wants a wife are they bringing in other girls who live on farm

Jae 45:33

oh okay Heart of dixie

Angela 45:35

oh okay

Jae 45:36

do i have to cancel heart of dixie why lemon southern culture no

Angela 45:43

yes no i'm gonna go with i'm going with no i've seen it three times and there's nothing immediately that jumps to me that i have question the show is not on the list and i can't remember what channel it came from so we're gonna have to wait until jay comes back to see if she can put a name to it for me one where these rappers or some sort of musician type people took about 12 kids in and put them through music school and tried to make them into little performers and i remember they gave them their own stage names and they had to write their own verses and battle with each other and then at one point they put them through these makeovers and they were all pretty young i want to say they were like 13 and under and it's really gonna bother me that i can't remember the name of this right now so i don't know i guess we're gonna turn this into a little bit of a show and tell guests and see wait for it kind of thing and right now while we're waiting for jay go ahead and take your best guesses listeners

Jae 46:44

what are we guessing

Angela 46:45

there's a show i can't remember the name of they took these young kids probably 13 and under put them through some music school with rappers and they had to write their own verses battle each other get stage names it was like a making the next like kid rapper kind of thing but i can't remember the name of it or what station it was on

Jae 47:05

ooh i can't help you there i do know they did one with boy bands and then i know that some of the honorable mention shows which are not of this while mtv quality that i wanted to bring up that i remember watch a kid nation was where they took a bunch of kids ages like eight to 18 like drop them in a town where the fly style and have them create their own society

Angela 47:26

oh no

Jae 47:27

there was a show i think called the baby borrowers were young ish again teen couples who thought they were capable of having children every few days but rotate out like parents fortunately would lend children to the show and they would take care of a baby a newborn and then a toddler and stuff all the way up to like i think 12 year olds to see if these teens could be parents

Angela 47:46

nope i say surrendering your kid to something like that is a form of child abuse no yes

Jae 47:51

i'm just gonna let you hang with that one but

Angela 47:53

it i don't know it just it seems really strange that you're you would hand a newborn over to bull who i'm assuming the whole reason they are on this show is to prove to them how not ready they are to be parents and actually care for a newborn like i'm imagining a lot of potential accidents

Jae 48:12

but they were watching on cameras and no one was too far away not saying we condone it but it wasn't there were no supervisions over these tiny humans

Angela 48:21

okay i still call questionable

Jae 48:23

now angela after your very long lesson today what have we learned what are we going to go back and watch

Angela 48:29

well it has already been pre determined that i will be watching the hills and laguna beach now that i know a little bit more about this i'm guessing i should probably watch a little bit of newport harbor and bromance

Jae 48:41

no watch this city

okay don't need newport beach newport harbor has nothing to do with the cast

Angela 48:47

oh okay it's it's completely own thing got it okay so the city maybe a little bit of bromance we'll see the city is optional

Jae 48:53

because whitney's got a whole different story whole different plot whole different everything got


Angela 48:58

okay i will watch flavor love i love new york i can't wait for you to report back on this i'm definitely going to watch the x effect and expose and i don't know maybe i'll watch some real world just so i have a metric for that

Jae 49:15

yeah i was afraid of the challenge i love i think when i was dm she was the woman who had cancer on the show and she passed but like oh she was in one of the first seasons i

watched that so sad

Angela 49:26

i think this has been a good lesson thank you for my socio cultural

Jae 49:30

update always that's not even a radio voice boy going through puberty i thought to go us out i would play the sweet 16 theme song but i just typed in sweet 16 and do the timing of when we're recording this i just got a shit ton of march madness clips

Angela 49:45

oh my god

Jae 49:46

yeah i love that we have the my super sweet 16 intro and then right below it who would you know the hilary duff metamorphosis soundtrack

Angela 49:53

i swear i have never heard before in my entire life this is a plant Is this the show version or Hillary Depp's?

Okay this is not how I remember it sounding

Jae 50:12

Oh the show intro Invitational. Okay, I know it's a rose I can turn the volume way down because the mic is right fucking here.


That was the intro

Angela 50:26

pink glitter everywhere.

Well, all right, Jae, congratulations.

If you ever get lost, you're gonna get returned to me.

Jae 50:33

Okay, but rather than doing the phone number I feel like we should do a saying or something. I think you can put whatever you want in those bracelets now.

Angela 50:40


Jae 50:41

We'll work on it. It'll be like when we made sorority letters. Letters. I never got a set. But it's fine.

Angela 50:47

We work on it at my at this point. I

Jae 50:49

don't want to send a sorority letters. I'm good.

Angela 50:51

Well, yeah, now you just get bracelets.

Jae 50:53

Or I still need the thingy thing for my badge. Oh, yeah. But apparently we were told I have to send my badge away. I don't want to risk sending that through the mail.

Angela 51:02

I mean, it wasn't that expensive, but like I've had it for years. I don't want to have to ship it out just so I can place it myself. So I think what one of our sisters did is she actually ordered like a completely new badge to go which he ordered like the cheapest one but got the nice guard but she lost her badge. Oh, I could see other people doing that though.

Jae 51:22

I mean, I would do it but I'd like to give it to someone who doesn't have a badge yet does your little have a badge is my badge

Angela 51:29

these are all good questions I want to say hopefully yes because they are no your little didn't initiate someone

no she did when she initiated to kidding. Hopefully they both have badges but if not, I will gladly buy one of them a new one. Because I'd rather give someone else a badge because I don't need another one. And on that note, thank

you for listening to this episode of in Omnia paratus grab your coffee bowl. And don't forget to rate download and subscribe on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts

Jae 51:56


Angela 51:57

on Apple Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts as always where you lead will follow so head on over to @inomniapod on Instagram and let us know more about what you'd like to hear about bye I'm just waiting for you to go flavor flavor.

Jae 52:12

Yeah, no,

Angela 52:14

no, no no, I have to be like Tyra and be like so you want to be on top

wait too dirty. Never.

Jae 52:19


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