Welcome to our Quarantine Anniversary episode! We’ve spent the past year at home baking, Netflix binging, napping, job searching, doing our own hair cutting, and brunching in various states of isolation. Listen in for the highs, the lows, and catch up on the weird year of 2020 (and also 2021).

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Jae 0:00

I pledge myself to the pod loyal I'll always be a P to start a D at the end, and an O sitting in between.

Welcome back to Omnia Paratus. I'm Jae like the letter

Angela 0:16

and I'm Angela also known as AVO.

Jae 0:18

We are two friends diving into our past and present evaluating if we were ever truly ready for anything, we discuss all things from the definition of dating to all the things school didn't prepare us for listen as we talk about career changes, and give plenty of unsolicited opinions and work on becoming the people we want to see in the world.

Angela 0:35

Welcome back, everyone. Thanks for joining us. I know usually it's a good morning happy to have you here and everything but but you're not today. Well, I just don't know if that's exactly the right sentiment to go for here. You know, am I supposed to say like happy quarantine everyone.


We're looking back on the year we spent inside I just that that just doesn't seem exactly right.

Jae 1:00

I mean, yeah, the topics not great. But like we're happy to let people listen.

Angela 1:03

No, yes. No, very happy to have you here. Wish we were talking to you under different circumstances today.

Jae 1:09

If you really are a California person. How so? The Yes, No. Yes. No. Yeah, no. Oh,

Angela 1:15

oh my god. No. Yeah,

Jae 1:16

the amount I edit.

Angela 1:17

I know. And frankly, I can't believe that anyone I know really wants to spend an extended amount of time speaking with me because nobody has been surprised by this revelation. They're all just like yeah, you kind of do that. No wonder people and they're

Jae 1:31

getting the edited version. I know. So I'm looking for things to talk about this month. I googled What are important holidays in March like there's always a like International Women's month very important groundhog some other things. I have some pretty important days to tell you as well. We have national peanut butter lovers day large is Kidney Cancer Awareness Month, national pig day, St. David's day, and the most important one, the number one what holidays are in March, Justin Bieber's birthday. Oh, wow. So not even St. Patrick's Day, not on my list.

Angela 2:03

Whoa. Also, it was a very humbling moment when I realized that I'm actually older than Justin Bieber.

Just by a few months. Still terrifying.

Oh, I was gonna make your birthdays in December but the other way.

Jae 2:24

Thanks for that.

Angela 2:26

You're welcome. Hope that brightened up your day. I think Haley be rejected.

Oh, knife to the heart again.

Jae 2:31

Oh, yeah. November 22 1986.

Angela 2:34

Oh, okay.

Jae 2:35

Why anyone else's birthday? you'd like me to check? Nope. That's

okay. I think we're good there.

I mean, like a general one is like you are older than most of the girls on The Bachelor this season. Especially since they filmed in like July. Oh, because most of those girls were 24 and I was like, I would have been the correct demographic if I had gone on this season.

Angela 2:54

Oh my god, I'm outside of the median age of a bachelor contestant. Yeah. Wow. Remember, they're looking for seniors now. Also terrifying. Is this going to be like one of those Listen to your heart things that happened earlier this year? Also, how often do those happen?

Jae 3:09

Listen to your heart during quarantine? Yes. Um, normally they do paradise. So I feel like listen to your heart. I mean, they throw those in so over the series of you can look this up. They did this thing like the bachelor Winter Games bachelor pad, there was another competition Taiwan at some point, and then kind of the one that stuck and that people really liked was bachelor in Paradise, which is where old contestants try to pair up in Mexico, which was been the most successful version of one of the franchises.

Angela 3:39

Okay, I'm gonna I'm gonna have to look into this because, as we'll talk about in a little bit, this is my first year with bachelor nation

Jae 3:46

and what a great year to join.

Angela 3:47

I know Peter Clare taisha Matt James only Tayisha.

Jae 3:52

Okay, so we're talking about Groundhog Day, better known as everything that has gone on since March and we're in March still seems like some time would have passed. But no, I made it. I'll go into coffee yesterday because, you know, reminiscence of the old times thought about putting Tiger King back on love is blind was during that time did the masked singer start during quarantine? Or did everyone just start to care about it during quarantine? The masked singer has been on for like

two years.

Angela 4:18

Oh, okay. All right. I'm going with the second part of my I think they have three letters

Jae 4:23

t pain. Jesse McCartney was on a different season. Yeah, I think they have three seasons now. Donny Osmond. Yeah, I think two or three seasons at this before the pandemic

Angela 4:33

started. Oh, wow. Okay, scratch my mask, singer comment.

Jae 4:38

So we thought the best way to do this was to kind of be like the highlights of every month because every day feels the same still today. But there were certain anchoring factors throughout the last weekend. long weekend as I will be calling it that we have to point out

Angela 4:52

Jae, would you like to start us off?

Jae 4:54

Why did you why did why did your voice changed? Why did the audio would you do I just spoke softer. That was weird more softly it's not doctor Okay. I will never do that again harsh brash abrasive all the way Hey,

that's the people want apparently

Angela 5:09

apparently they like a spicier new particular way. I don't think anyone was surprised but my opinions

I know I found

I really do get very Miss America like when we start talking I would have been an excellent press secretary, depending on the topic. Fair point.

Fair point. Okay.

Jae 5:24

You're kind of like Kirk at the bracebridge dinner when Laurel I've tried to make him crack on I Love Lucy like you're really good tool point.

But like you'll crack then

Angela 5:32

I get to be like Joe Biden saying Will you shut up, man? Alright, Jae, start us off.

Jae 5:38

My highlight of last March other than work shutting down everyone starting to get a little bit worried about joining to our master network clubs. Like what's going to happen? I've been stripped twice or what I thought was stripped price which Yeah, because you were antibiotic resistance. So who knows? Was I you were does that? Is

that what that?

Is that what it means? Because I got twice that I was antibiotic resistant.

Angela 5:59

Yeah. You didn't really clear it the first time you said you started feeling better. But then you still had the sore throat. And then you got the fever again. Got it. Clap someone's on top of my medical history.

Mm hmm. I got you.

Jae 6:12

Yeah. So I thought what I had a stroke twice, I got diagnosed, I did the zoom doctor thing. They saw the white spots. I saw the white spots in my throat. I was like, Oh, I have strep later to find out in about yesterday, of this pandemic. strep symptoms were one of the ways of is now one of the symptoms of being COVID positive as well as that my mother had she lost her taste of smell and taste. Oh, no. Back in March, and she had a slight fever. But back, you know, back last March, two days ago, they had some very strict symptoms of whether you could or could not get a test. So her fever my favorite both did not seem test nor did my strep symptoms, or her loss of taste and smell were not severe enough that they tested. Right? Like I feel like but when we swing around to this December, we'll see all the counts of the times we think we could have slash work suppose prior to shut down. But that's in March, December, not march, march.

Angela 7:08

I think I might have to look this up because I always butcher it every time I try to say it. But Stephen Colbert had a really great way of phrasing it. 30 days have September. Oh, Okay, nevermind. Scratch that. I've even rolled June and November. No, no, no, it's 30 days have September. Is it still March? I can't remember. And the answer would be yes. Yep. So we actually had very similar marches. I also got really sick, but I got sick back in February, and it took about a month for me to recover. I had similar strep like symptoms that pulled me into the doctor's office for tests, but they can't all came back negative. But you didn't get tested for Corona. Right. I didn't get tested for COVID. I didn't get tested for COVID. I just had two strep tests, and they were like, Oh, no, you're fine. You don't have any of the symptoms. This is in COVID. You're fine to go about your day. And this is a very busy time at work for us. We had our biggest event of the year, which was going on in the first in the second week of March. And you also were coughing right? Yes, but they said it but they said it wasn't COVID they were like no, like even if you're coughing, you're presenting a lot more like strep. They're like you just have a really you didn't get

Jae 8:15

a COVID test.

Angela 8:17

They wouldn't give me one they said that there was no way

Jae 8:19

I know that's the point.

Angela 8:20

Yeah, we don't really know. Work cleared me to come in. They're like we absolutely need you for this event. No masks at this point. No gloves. No, we were we were all washing our hands a ton and I was self sequestering myself at my desk and trying to stay away from people just because I didn't want to get anyone at work sick before this event. But yeah, that was wild. We had the event and it was held in a hotel so actually spent two days inside of the hotel I didn't leave and when I came out it was a very surreal experience because noticeably on my way home The streets were so empty. Yeah. And then the next day after that we got our notice that said hey, like everybody stay home. We don't know what's going on. And then that weekend, everything shut down. So that was March Yeah. Then we enter April which everyone other than me and a few other selective more pessimistic people prising Lee we were still shut down in April to a lot of people's shock dismay, surprise, our two week Spring Break vacation that everyone was so looking forward to was still going I don't know how anyone could have been surprised because No, nobody really stayed home during that time. It was really treated like spring break. Well, except for me. I was working from home and my company had never done work from home before. So I was like on the phone with everyone acting like tech support for about the first month.

Jae 9:44

Yeah, they gave definitive days like I can't remember them all but it was like yeah, we shut down March 15 officially, I believe March 15 or 16th. And yeah, it was like April 7 everyone got the notice April 7 like it's gonna happen and in my head. I was like, what what has changed between now and April 7. Everyone's really confident Everyone's Uh, yeah, April 7, and back at this point, I placed my racing bet on August. That was my timeline of when I thought and everyone was like, okay, like you're you're being a little bit too pessimistic here like it's not going to be till August I want to request was that I got a birthday but spoiler alert Nope. No, I think I think we thought similarly there. I think mine was September, October and then we would shut down again, mid November, which I think was about right. Definitely.

Angela 10:27

Alright, so we were still home in April Jae downloaded tik tok sent me about 50 videos a day on top of our other friends. So then, I think over 1000 tech talks last year. Oh my god, that seems accurate, then yeah,

Jae 10:40

I had to put a self timer on tech talk because I would waste hours. It's the reason I waited a whole three weeks in the pandemic to download it because everyone was sending them to me and I'm like, I'm not gonna download it. I'm not gonna do it. Because based on that, the whatever and told me about their algorithms and how accurate they were, I was like, This isn't gonna be good for me. And I was crap. But then I got everyone else to do it too. So everyone else wastes their time. I got that first night I had it. I slipped into like a five hours of scrolling. Yep. The next thing I knew it was it was 1am and I was like, What What have I done with my night? Nothing. Absolutely. No, you

did absolutely nothing.

Angela 11:14

All I really remember about April is that I downloaded tik tok. Someone said something about my not being able to learn a tick tock dance. So I spent four hours learning the Beyonce countdown version. Let's be honest, multiple

Jae 11:27

people said something.

Angela 11:28

Okay, fair. multiple people said things and I had to prove them wrong. So I sat I saw I stood in my kitchen and I watched that video over and over again and attempted to work through it. I think it took three days total for me to like actually get it but I got it. And then I went through like five other versions of the countdown dance.

Jae 11:46

Let's see we've no proof of this. So did you really get it until we have something to post for the people for the pod listeners for the pod squad for the paddles? Did it really happen?

Angela 11:56

You know it did because you had me FaceTime you and prove it. I mean, we can we can negotiate something for the TIC Tock

Jae 12:06

but just to wait till we do.

Angela 12:08

Oh god.

Just wait till we do our swapping tic toc challenges I recently came up with I know this is gonna seem like nothing after the swap that Yeah, no, I did the countdown. Then I moved on to savage walk say so still can't run again. I think that one's definitely beyond me. But that's okay. I'll leave that to the children. Now. We're in May. So are you more you more on Tick Tock? Oh, no, I was just gonna say that's also when I started my baking challenges, and I did my how to how to make your own cheesecake.

Jae 12:37

What was the challenge I'm confused?

Angela 12:40

Oh, no. So I so I love cheesecake. But I always have to use a recipe. So I decided that I was going to create my own recipe from scratch using all using everything that I liked about it and getting rid of the things that I didn't. So I now have my own perfected in my eyes recipes for original Oreo, mango, and lime cheesecake. So I think I think April was a good month honestly,

Jae 13:05

glad someone did.

Angela 13:06

Alright, let's talk about May

Jae 13:08

May is when I finally started to nest feeling like this is going to be for a while I painted my room, got some new furniture organized, kind of redid my setup in my room, Marie Kondo would clear my closet, did a lot of that stuff, because I did a lot of the organization and the purging in my first Spring Break two weeks because I was like, I don't know how long this is going to be. I want to do some of the projects, I never thought I would get to like putting all of my photos onto hard drives. Like I first took full advantage and made this like a working period of time because what are we ever going to get two weeks off again, you were incredibly personally productive. Thank you. I think every day when you gave me like the hard drive update, all of 2018 photos have been categorized and labeled properly. The next day is like all of 2019 I had all my photos on two hard drives. So I had to get all the photos from three different laptops onto them, then the two hard drives on a one hard drive. And I'd found a way to categorize them. And there's no you need to be able to like sub categorize and tag by multiple things. The way I thought best to do it was chronologically by time period or by event like some photos like concerts have a cropped out so they get their own folder. But the issue is I can't find I mean the Vegas issue is when I started on dating apps, I couldn't find any photos because I had not on my phone I took all the photos off from 2020 starting December of 2019 off my phone. So I had no obviously good photos because who has good photos in 2020 but yes, I was incredibly productive during my first two weeks because when in life on this toxic not positivity there is too there was too much toxic positivity, but toxic productivity train of quarantine or are we ever would we get a two week pause with oral just stops? And just to do everything

Angela 14:56

which I think it's shown us that it's slightly beneficial. to ourselves and to the planet if we have more of these pauses, so maybe we should just have global Spring Break In Memoriam every March. I don't want global spring break because then everyone's on vacation. I'd like us to do it in cycles. Oh, no, no, everyone has to stay home. The likes that like staycation I've staycation now, for almost 365 days, I'd rather be in Greece or Hawaii, or frankly, just your backyard at this point. As you can see, Jay is not a fan of staying home. I've kind of loved it. Right. Love, love might be a bit of an exaggeration. I don't hate it. And it's actually been very nice for my anxiety.

Jae 15:39

So it's not that I might and I took great advantage of my two weeks. And if I could just take two weeks off a year to just stay home. And we all did it like yeah, point is, we all do it, which is kind of my big contention point over the last again, long weekend. My big point have we all do it for the first two weeks, it felt like people were relatively compliant and willing to not only be safe for themselves, but for other than for their families. Suddenly, when the facts were in about certain protocols such as wearing masks things expeed that's when everything started to go like crazy people will not only not only just say how much they were doing, but then they had felt the need to rebel and prove they would go out and do break protocols and break things. So I'm fine when as High School Musical, a staple of my childhood. We're all in this together. The amount of ways people were trying to remind people how to wash their hands for 30 seconds from the song or like put your favorite song and they'll tell you how long thing the fact that we do reteach adults 30 seconds of hand washing, very embarrassing. I know it's like what has been going on graduate. I know we all don't wash our hands. 3040 seconds. We don't all frickin scrub like a surgeon every time we wash our hands but especially in public restroom because it's kind of a double edged sword with the amount of bacteria and things growing in them like you're washing it and then you're in the air and then you're using the dryer or you're using paper towels like you're touching a lot of things so I get in public restrooms, but just the reminder, like wash your hands everywhere. It's like the fact that like there were so many signs up because people weren't or weren't considering it was very alarming. This I cringe just thinking about it. Also the hand sanitizer gouging. That was absolutely ridiculous. price gouging.


Angela 17:23

like at one point for an eight ounce bottle of PRL. I think it was almost $50 I've been trying to buy new sets of dumbbells. So the set that's two three and five is $23 on a retailer, guess how much the same set but in the five 812? It costs 4999 $130 what? Yeah, okay, no, this is absolutely ridiculous.

Jae 17:44

dumbbells are sold out everywhere in price gouging. Our this happened to me with electronics to Amazon was no longer the lowest price because of all the people freaking buying and reselling our mics were I think us for like 98% we couldn't get the US homes that were sold out. By the time we got these. When I went on Amazon. I could not find one for under 202 to $300. Right. When we went on I we got ours from staples. And I think I got it for 130 Yeah, like 125 130 like somewhere but that was that was like the actual retail price of it. As opposed to that. My mom and I got a new england printer during the pandemic and it was not the one we wanted on Amazon. We could not get for under 400. We got it off another site. And it did take months to get here half the price like 200

Angela 18:32

Okay, so I went through that too, in sometime over the summer. And I was cringing because like what are what are you going to do? Like I absolutely needed to get a printer. It was $80 the prices fell dramatically. At the end of the summer. It was crazy.

Jae 18:47

Oh yeah. All the work from home setups all of like the laptop stands and smaller TV trays and desks.

Angela 18:55

Oh, yeah. Which were like 40 to $50 over the summer. And then as soon as kids went to zoom school suddenly desks were $200.

Jae 19:03

Yeah, ridiculous. I could go on about this, but it's not about this. Okay. How was your March, June, March.

Angela 19:10

June was a very, very difficult month. For me personally, I know, for a lot of us and for much of this country, because we were all learning about what happened with George Floyd.

Jae 19:24

black square month. I say very ironically, don't don't try to know. I'm saying very ironically. No, it. I wonder how everyone's listening and learning and unlearning have been going this whole time

Angela 19:39

the amount of love and shaming that I saw in June from people who were like, I posted more than you for Black Lives Matter. So I care more and I'm astounded that you don't I don't know if I want to be your friend was mind blowing. Okay, we're going to get in more to these kinds of things and other things. I The difference of that message is that from one non PLC to another non PLC valid from a PLC to from a non PLC to a PLC check your privilege. This is an insanely complex conversation and for the sake of time, we're not getting too much into this today, but oh my lord, yeah, I unfollowed a lot of people who were like so you, you only posted one thing and then like today Yeah, but I had a busy day like not all of what I do needs to go onto social media throughout our quarantine. I've been working from home I have various like busy periods. I've had things going on with a family and our health and yes, I'm listening and learning and doing the work but when somebody feels that that are you own learning? Oh, yeah, yeah, there's been some unlearning going on too. Which we'll get there.

Jae 20:54

Yeah, I'm just being sarcastic because remember, we can't just learn we all have to unlearn we have to relearn and then we're just not remember, you're not just not racist, you have to be anti racist and an ally and just a quick thing before I think we need to move on or this is going to be the whole episode. If you are not an LGBTQ member, if you are not a PRC you are not a bipc you do not get to name yourself an ally for that group and just not even in that whole group like I am not I don't get to deem myself an ally of the black community someone in the black community it's their not their job but it's their choice of whether they consider the work I'm doing what I'm trying to help and stand with and stand up for as ally ship same thing for the LGBTQ community all these people are like I'm an ally it's like you're

Angela 21:41

you think you're an ally Have you actually done anything that helps this community help someone directly have they been able to see it and benefit from it or have you like just made sort of any like impact big or small for them that will make this better move progress forward?

Jae 21:57

Exactly. And

the other thing is what I've been saying is like you're not just not racist you have to be anti racist ally ship is like in the tear of things you can do is like the third one I think, oh God, not a constituent not up for I'm like the word like you're someone in the dirt with people on the struggle. It's not contingent can conspirator I think it is. I'll have Angela factor.

I think it's like being a conspirator, like being on the ground listening and fighting the fight with them. I think it's a conspirator. coconspirator coats better. sounds better. I think that's what it is.

Angela 22:29

Sorry, I'm just laughing because I've never heard conspirator used in that way before. And I don't know either. So you may totally be right. But to me, it just, it sounds so funny. Like, we're coconspirators Okay, so that was June, there was a lot of listening, a lot of learning. Frankly, I had a lot of really open conversations with friends and family that I've never had before. Because I think that for us, it wasn't necessarily something that we felt that we needed to talk about. But then when like we hit that boiling point, it was it. We found that it was something that we needed to so i'm i'm glad that those conversations started and that they're still happening.

Jae 23:04

Okay, great. I just looked up like I just typed in coconspirator there but two articles. You can look up I'm not crazy. Whoa,

Angela 23:10

great. Okay, cool. I love the repurposing of the word. I've used words, let's change the connotations. coconspirators good thing, but again, that's a higher level of Alisha. It's not like you go from a four ally ship and then you again a plus for Mingo coconspirator. coconspirator is what we all strive or should want to strive to be and then we get deemed by those communities when we show up for them and elevate and keep showing up

past June

but we didn't even have June it's still March. So none of this really counts until next June.

Jae 23:42

We're being we're kidding.

Angela 23:43

We're totally kidding. We're very sorry. If you feel offended, please move on to July July one of my highlight months one of the ones the first month

Jae 23:50

I felt the need to star because it was one of the most impactful moments of my quarantine this last whatever here we're in the kissing go to movie came out. And what I explained this is is because we're living in eternal March, Groundhog Day, whatever you want to call it. In your normal situations, you're only accessing a certain amount and types of emotion unless I mean, I personally am I must speak for everyone but there's only so many kind of emotions you get to run through because you're not seeing other people you're not really interacting or you shouldn't have been during this time. So in watching this movie, every ounce of every sort of like giddy exciting every sort of like emotion that like 12 year old me watching no high school high school when I was like nine every on 12 year old me watching like The Princess Diaries too. And knowing girls was any kind of like inner child watching a rom com like feeling like flooded through me during the dance scene. I like knew what was gonna happen. And the whole time I was a yelling at my TV at 1030. And I was like, What are you watching? Like, I know what's going to happen. I know what's going to happen, and I'm not happy and I knew he was in the audience. And like I was just going through it and I was really afraid about the ending the ending turned out fine. The third one better not disappoint me. But like every emotion was like running through me. And it was, frankly, it was really exhilarating. Just because you don't really get to feel you get to choose how you feel. But there aren't as many opportunities for like concentrated amounts of joy and laughter and excitement and quarantine unless you figure out a way to make them for yourself. And this movie was one of those moments so much so that Angela eventually like I told her there was like an ultimatum on like when I had to stop watching it every day. I only made it I think, I think it was like six days in a row and then another week, but there was a break. Yeah, we'll go with that.

Angela 25:34

Yeah, we're gonna go with that because I don't really remember exactly where we landed there. Because I think at that time, so kV one and KB two were in rotation, and then the Sabrina Carpenter movie as well work it so I think that's when Yeah, that's that's when things started to loosen up a little bit more. But yeah, I actually when we were going through making our lists I couldn't remember much for July, so I was just like, throw away a month. But you watched KB two, so do you know what this one was? For me? The birth of the arrangement?

Jae 26:06

Talk about conspiracies.

Angela 26:09

So for those of you who are not in our close friend, close friend group, I didn't share this with many people because I sounded absolutely insane. But Jay was having so much fun with it. You're also people who were over the age of 12 we'll go to 15 Okay, all right. If you were over the age of 15 the kissing booth series is a very popular movie on Netflix. There's a book trilogy coming out there are two novellas attached to it as well. Similarly to 50 shades it came off like a fanfic not a fanfic This came off a wattpad story but the point is hold the first one was pulled from that and then she is a 15 year old English girl who yeah so this the kissing booth one was written when she was 15. So before everyone like goes ham and hard on it like she was the age of the demographic so if it's a little young for you, and you're of legal drinking age, consider don't don't write it off. Just Just hold that in mind. Watch it and go along for the ride. It's amazing. It's it has Joey King and Jacob Lrd in it as L and Noah and they actually used to date while they were filming the first movie since then they have now broken up they've now dated other people you might know Jacob Lrd from euphoria now where he may have data's and data and he now may or may not be dating Kaia Gerber, but see a pattern and don't forget Joey King got nominated for an Emmy. And then Zendaya got nominated for an Emmy and one and both of them won. No way. We can't get to Joe. Joe it Okay. Then day one, Joey King really should have one, we should give her an honorable mention me here. Here. She needs to have something for her performance in the act. I really liked it. But yeah, they used to date while they were filming the kissing booth movies, they're now broken up. But first one, not the second. The third, I really liked the idea of them together. They were so cute. Jay went through a phase where she sent me old photos of Jacob and Joey every day of like them in their relationship. And then we found out that some of the photos that they use in the kissing booth to where they were looking at pictures of each other on their phones were actually their personal pictures from way back when so that just made it even more adorable. So the arrangement theory was born, where I said that Jacob and Joey had broken up for the cameras, but they were still living on their relationship in secret, because and that they had gotten their idea to do this from the plotline of the movie, because they had to keep their relationship secret there as well. So So I spun this around for all of July and then j kept throwing logic and reality at me. So I just kept adding on to it. Because why not? It was pretty fun. And sadly I have had so this lasted till about November. Yeah. Sadly, I have since dissolved the arrangement because you know, Joey is proclaiming that the person who she is currently dating for I can't remember his name is the love of her life. So out of respect for them. I can give this up. She says publicly, yes. I publicly dissolve the arrangement. Very sad for me. I was very, very proud of it.

Jae 29:14

Yeah, so that was July than August comes out with work it which is a Sabrina carpenter, Jordan Fisher movie.

Angela 29:20

They are great together. By the way. I would love to see a work at two

Jae 29:23

would see it.

Angela 29:24

It's like work at two, four years later. Now. She's trying to get into grad school and she has to dance again. Great. I'll call Netflix up right now with that plot. Thank you see if they can fit it into their 52 and 52. There What? How this year they're releasing one movie a week. So 52 movies in 52 weeks for the whole year.

Jae 29:45

Why? I feel like I've seen so many new things.

Angela 29:48

Mm hmm.

Have you seen RICH IN LOVE? No. Okay, well, well, we'll get there. Okay, Jay, back to August. Um,

Jae 29:55

I didn't get to go outside with

him. That's kind of what our list was basically, at least we still have For tickets, though, and the other thing on August is New York and most other countries were doing a lot better at this point, and we're out of their first big shutdown. So I'm still claiming that my timeline was right. had people had their shit together because it was proven around the world. August was when everyone kind of had a huge dip before the winter, which we all knew would get a second spike. Did you bet anything on this? Do we have to get you something? No, he just told me another hot chocolate though from something. Oh, from the dygraf I guessing I do. I should have brought that to

Angela 30:33

you the other day.

Jae 30:35

I was gonna ask for donuts, but I didn't know how close you were.

Angela 30:37

Oh, okay. See, if I had done my errands in reverse. I was around the corner from the from the place with the donuts the size of your head. I wouldn't have gotten you one of those because that's a lot to eat. Because I think they really only lasted a day. But they do make a doughnut. That's not the area I picture you in. No, me neither. But that's where I ended up right? Yeah. So August for me. That's when I took my first virtual mixology class. So it was for a friend's birthday. And that was actually really cool. Like the bartender was awesome. And I learned a ton. So I actually didn't mix them in the conventional way with alcohol. I did substitutions but they turned out really great. And I made those for the rest of the summer. Yeah, I did a similar class for a different friend's birthday. And we got the nice bartender, which was more kind of a Minute to Win It kind of game show here and of the day, oh my god. So she actually ended up subbing in for someone for my work virtual holiday party. So we were split up until two different zooms and people started texting me from the other room like we're finished already. What

are you guys coming back?

I was like, we haven't even made our first drink. Sorry. Have fun. Yeah, no, she's very nice, though. Very, very, very efficient. Anything that was hard is on the one I was on. Most people were in couples are not uncoupled. Um, so yeah, not only was I reminded like everyone was in a couple, but also they had to make double the drinks. Oh, no, it was that did they have like two sets of shakers and things? Like was it like one person made one drink? And then one person made the other drink? Well, no, because they only had one shaker. So one person had to make the drink for both of them to try and then they had to go to the next one.

Jae 32:08

So that's the one perk of me. Maybe this is what we should send to all of our friends who are coupled up another shaker set, but they don't need it unless you're in a Minute to Win it's virtual cocktail class there. Okay, so I think it could be helpful though September I redownload. A dating apps and we have a whole episode on how that went on called datathon 2020. Otherwise known as j in the seven suitors check it out. And from what I see on your side of the our lovely, there should have been no judgment or criticism around the kissing booth. As someone watched a movie 12 times in the week. Yes. Which was once upon a time in Hollywood. The only thing I really know it's Brad Pitt, Leo, Margot Robbie and people I saw an interview or someone was asking Margot Robbie if she basically felt like her role, and this movie took the feminism move movement back like decades. Oh my god. And she responded very well. But like, goodness gracious, like, that's a loaded question. Really, though. I've since found out that many people just believe that Quentin Tarantino is anti feminists and hates women. And all of these articles started popping up once I wanted to know more about the movie, but I went into this blind actually. So the first time I saw it was early in the quarantine. I didn't know what it was going to be about. I just knew that it had been nominated for awards. And people were very taken aback by the ending and had this super surprise ending. It was three hours long, but just like you have to watch all the way through until you get to the end. I've never seen a guarantee no wailing. Really, no. We might have to fix that. I might need to find you the right one. But I think we should fix that we can do another marathon but I want to do them in all of the ones that Finn's birthday party. Oh, okay. All right. Again, I don't know if you've necessarily Oh, well, yeah, we can do it the way you did it one a day, because because they're all pretty long. But we can start out with the three again and then go from there.

Angela 34:03

Okay, fair enough. So I'm not going to recommend this to anyone because I don't believe that Quentin Tarantino is really right for everyone. And that's, that's totally okay. But basically, we had a free week of stars or HBO or something on cable. And all they did was play this movie on a loop and I was not feeling so great. In September, I was having a lot of I was having a ton of migraines. So I was working from bed a lot. So I just had my TV on. So that's how I ended up watching this 12 times all the way through. I think at one point it got to be where I could even say the dialogue along with them. But just for you, Jay, once upon a time in Hollywood is a reimagined version of what could have happened if the Manson girls had not gotten to Sharon Tate. I don't even know what that means. Really. No. I've heard these in reference, but I don't know What this means, you know about the Manson family

Jae 35:02

, Marilyn Manson?

Angela 35:03

No, um, I know I keep wanting to say Marilyn Manson, too. It's not hold on. Okay. So Charles Manson and his Oh, I have heard that name, have no contact. But I've heard. I have heard it. Okay. Charles Manson had his Manson Family of merry followers who like fans kind of essentially, they kind of functioned like a cult got it. And in August of 1969, they actually broke into the house of Sharon Tate and her husband, Roman Polanski, where they targeted they were targeted because Manson wanted to do some sort of work with Roman Polanski. And then he said, No. Okay. So I believe they were they were sort of developing some sort of relationship and then Polanski ended it and then Manson took that very hard, targeted them sent in his followers to murder them. So they killed Sharon Tate, and I think three of their friends. So this movie sort of imagines what happened, what would have happened if instead of that night finding Sharon Tate, they went next door, and met Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt's characters. Also, just to clarify, were all of his fans female or all of these cult members female cuz you said the Manson girls. Oh, no. mainly women. There were some men. That's terrible for them. Yeah, really complex movie.

Um, I

Jae 36:24

feel like we should get your head examined now for watching that 12 times in a row.

Angela 36:27

Kind of Yeah, I think that definitely speak something up to my mental state in September where I wasn't feeling so great. And that that seems to have been a product of it. Yeah. Well, thank God, you and the whole world felt better in the next month. Why? Because it was my birth mom. Yes. Starting in 2015 2016. I started claiming birth month because some of my friends were in college somewhere out of college. And it was just it. It just wasn't right to force them all to only celebrate me on one day at one time. So I just took the month over. Yes. Jae had to have multiple parties going on at all times. Yes, I'm kidding.

Jae 37:04

I mean, I always appreciated the more parties I'm much I'm similar to Luke Dane's in that egg to extend the experience of my birthday say with Chris the moment x Shepherd, actually they say it's their birthday until it isn't anymore or until someone else's hits and they're, well what does that entail? And they're well, when it's someone's birthday? Do they get to pick what's on the TV? They get to pick what's on the radio, they get those kinds of decisions? Oh my god, which wouldn't really be fair for us because your worth is only two months after mine. So I can only birth month it for two months and you could bring them on there for 10 or 10.

Speaking of birthdays, no. You don't get it. You can't pick it up. Is it someone's birthday today that I forgot about

know what happened on Wednesday. What the people have been waiting and harassing me and asking me about.

Angela 37:49

Oh, okay. Oh my gosh, you guys. I finally got my combined birthday slash Christmas present. Hold on. Hold on.

Jae 37:56

Hold on. Okay,

you finally picked up. I've had this since November.

Angela 38:00

Yes. I finally picked up well, when we get to December we'll talk about my COVID quarantine and that definitely delayed things. But yes, I finally picked up my combined Christmas slash birthday present from J. And oh my god, it was literally everything that I've been waiting for. It is not a lightsaber. But it is better. It is a it's a book and of Diagon Alley, like it's probably maybe about like what five inches wide. And then about 12 inches deep. And inside of it. It's cuz it's constructed a whole little diorama of what Diagon Alley would look like from Harry Potter. It's beautiful.

Jae 38:36

Yeah, so I learned about these on a podcast in January. And I was like, Oh, this is gonna be perfect. And then I saw they had nerd ones. I was like, Oh, this we've more perfect. So they're a little book ends. The one I got androids up, they don't all light up. But they're little 3d printed alleyways. So when you put them on a bookshelf, it kind of there's always a mirror in the back. So kind of click this endless thing on a bookshelf. So I hit everything from the core because Angela is now a 30 year old woman who's fully working to redecorate her house, it has seven let's be clear. Harry Potter, which she's still very much loves to this day, and then books which just like she loves in general. So I hit like every side of her personality perfectly, which is why this is the gift that I said forgives all my sins ever until now. We can restart now that like she has it all my sins from prior to 2021 have to be forgiven. And we'll just like wait another seven years of friendship and she'll get another gift this great, but I hold her don't hold her breath.

Angela 39:32

It literally is the perfect gift. It's beautiful.

And I I'll have to take a picture and I'll post it on the Instagram. Yeah, all of our friends along enjoyed it. Oh my god. I really I wouldn't have thought of this. I know like I seriously had no idea. You could have given me 1000 hints and I wouldn't have thought this. It's perfect. It's literally perfect.

Jae 39:53

That's why I didn't tell you about this particular podcast in case because when I was trying to get you to listen to them earlier I was like I can't say this one. Cuz when she hears it not that you would connect it that way but you'd have more of a sense of like what something could be in the comment below or Texas since we're sold out enough listeners that don't have our phone numbers. If you will have gotten your partner friend, family member, child, grandparent given anyone as good of like a gift for like who that person is, as I did, we might buy you brunch if you have as you know from another episode bridges, high esteem for us very much.

Oh no.

Angela 40:30

Plus, you'll give us all of the really great gift ideas for other people in our lives. So thank you for that true Did you ever watch the big bang theory? I've seen episodes I haven't watched like a full season.

Jae 40:41

Okay, because my one of my favorite scenes ever is when Penny tell Sheldon she got him a gift for a holiday and he hates gift giving he hates gift giving and gift receiving because of things like well then I owe you something in the ship. No you don't I'm like no but I do because Sheldon the show. So what ends up happening is the gift is so he goes to basically a not real but like similar sort of bath and Bodyworks and buys for like 7 million gift sets because I don't know what level to get. I don't know what to do. And I'll just return the others. So he has like 7 million baskets behind him assuming this gift exchange should acts like a knock it out of her pocket. Oh, it's either signed by someone from Star Trek or Stanley the comic man. I don't remember which one. It's someone really nerdy. All I know is like, all I know is she hands him this napkin. And he like is she freezes and he's like oh my god like he hands one of the baskets and chick Oh, thank you and the way it's done if an answer all of the baskets and he's like oh no, it's like still not a good enough gift. Because it's like, oh my god, like it wasn't even that he signed the napkin but it's that he used the napkin. So he now has this person's DNA. And he like he's no, it's tall enough. And so he gives her like, it's so endearing because he tries to give her like he's a gets on and off. So he like gives her a hug. But like, if you know who Sheldon is, you know, giving a hug would entail and would look like and it's just hilarious. So I feel like I gave you that level of gift kind of Yeah. Oh my god. Yeah, no, it's positively beautiful. And I can't I so I don't have my new bookshelf set up yet, but it's going to look amazing on the new one because I think it's actually going to blend in a little with the wood. So it's really going to look like Diagon Alley just popped up in the middle of it. I just sent you the link because the Big Bang series scenes you can watch it after. Okay, birth month came and went Angela and our friends did a great job of not only throwing me a great socially distance birthday, but also channeling their inner tic Tock selves and made me some balloon letters. If you know, you know,

Angela 42:38

oh my god, those were so difficult pay all of the money for the balloon letters and numbers we made we've in the smallest versions possible. And it was a ton of work. Yeah. So November I think I was gonna say I think it took I did a movie night with some friends. And we watched we watched the new Bora it literally took me the entire movie to make the number two. Yep.

Yeah, just constructing the frame and then took another two hours to make the five. It was ridiculous. Yep. And it's fine. I

Jae 43:10

'm turning 25 again this year, so Oh, exactly. So we can reuse them. Exactly. November. I got the opportunity that some of them Nevermind. That was October. November. Okay, because I actually have another bone to pick with October. Oh,

Angela 43:25

what? No,

Jae 43:26

no, say your thing that I'll say mine. Oh, no, I was gonna just say I had some friends come down. I thought that was an I put it in November. But I think it was October when I got to see friends or I guess they came up from Southern California. And that was just a nice thing because you don't really get to see people very much in these times. I know a lot of road trips have been happening in the last year to money if you asked me to pet depends on how you're doing it. True. But give me a percentage of how many people you think are doing it responsibly.

Angela 43:53

2%. I stand by that answer. Carry on. Okay, so my bone to pick with October Halloween. This is the one year I have actually successfully convinced Jay that we should dress up and do Halloween costumes. But then we couldn't get any traction on what sort of costume we should have. So I think we went through we went through a ton we went through Spice Girls we went through euphoria characters because that was shortly after you saw euphoria for the first time. We talked about like all the different dynamic duo's we finally settled on the forbidden fjords, but then we couldn't find a third fjord or get the wakes are sparkly dresses or coordinate colors.

Yeah, I know we all wanted the same color. It was very difficult. And then the one area that we sort of settled on in substitution for the forbidden fjords was Disney villains, but we didn't have enough time to get those costumes together properly. So hence my bone to pick with October because now this October, everyone in their mother is going to be Cruella de Vil after the krewella preview. Movie thingy whatever drops before after. Oh, interesting. I think I think you're wrong. Really? Yeah and I stone as Cruella de Vil in all Scarlet Witch version one or two from one division or Agatha it was Agatha all alone Well, I hold that

in at all times that

song lives rent free in my head and I now finally understand that phrase. Um, well no, I don't mean like all of her iterations I mean like her from her and like the Avenger movies and then her and her new costume with the horns like not her and eat I mean some people I'm sure would do the arrows but like Scarlet Witch Wanda character would the two, huh? Yeah, but I bet we'll see more of those the Corolla develops. I think it could be a toss up. I think I think that even though Marvel's a part of the Disney family now I think there's like a very clear distinction still between the Disney like princess fantasy realm and the Disney Marvel realm. I think there's a difference equally large fan bases, but I think Scarlet Witch's costume can be sluttier I'm sure new Cruella de Vil could be do. I don't know.

Jae 46:05

We'll make we'll place our bets. Now.

Angela 46:07

I will most likely be both. And be the super basic of Halloween this year. Yeah. I'm really sad because I had the Cruella de Vil idea last year and it was gonna be amazing. Live, laugh, learn and move on to November.

Jae 46:21

I had a virtual Thanksgiving. What disappointed in Trader Joe's is cranberry Moscato. Oh, yeah. I

Angela 46:27

think we had that too. I don't know if I tried it though. So I had an in person Thanksgiving. It was seven people. I'm very sorry, CDC, we broke your rule by one. God, you're

Jae 46:35

just as bad as Newsome.

Angela 46:37

I know, right? might as well have gone to French Laundry. But no, I've, I've been doing like so I did Thanksgiving prep with my aunt the day before. And I've been doing that since I was really young since basically since I can remember. So that was really nice that we got to keep that this year. We just agreed that I would quarantine a little before. And then based on how like we both did in terms of actually quarantining, we would wear masks and gloves while we cooked. But luckily, we were both good with that. So we didn't have to. And it was my first year making biscuits from scratching. And the little science nerd in me had way too much fun playing with the yeast and getting that to work out properly. And then actually watching the dough rise. I've never seen that happen before in real life was so exciting. Interesting. Yeah, no at one point it we put it in this bowl, because it said just let it sit in the refrigerator for an hour. And then when we pulled it out, it had completely overflowed and popped the saran wrap off. It sounds like nothing y'all but it was very thrilling for the time ready for December. What happened in December? What do I start, we

launched a podcast,

Jae 47:44

we did launch a podcast. Thank you to all of us. Thank you to all of us. Right now. Thank you to everyone who's continued to listen, and or at least lie to us about it. Thanks for sticking it out.

Angela 47:57

Thanks for supporting us even if you're just pressing play for 30 seconds. We really appreciate it right now

Jae 48:02

ideally, the whole minute so we get the unique listener but like, whatever Okay, yeah, there's

Angela 48:08

the whole minute or even you know, just just tap download. Just keep tapping download

Jae 48:13

does that. I don't think that does anything, but it goes towards our download count. Know the download count of how many listened past a minute. Wait, it's called download but yeah, but it's deceiving. Yeah. Oh,

Angela 48:22

okay. Well, then officially, we have almost 600 people who have listened to us. No, no, the 600 with 600 listeners in between.

Jae 48:32

Not 600 listener. 600. listens. So like if you play every episode you You're now 15 listen of that. 600 Oh, it's fine. I might need to scale back our celebration decorations then.

Angela 48:46

Oh my god.

Jae 48:48

Oh, geez. It's fine.

Angela 48:50

We'll save them. It's fine. We're not even halfway through to the 100 per episode for Angela to do the GoPro guys. We can still get there. We're only three months in. I feel I feel like by June, we could probably get there and thank the heavens because in June, most likely we'll be able to do more because we'll be vaccinated not just because we're tired, emotionally drained. can't take it anymore. Shouldn't our mental health for every other reason?

Jae 49:18

Anyway, back to December, we launched a podcast we had our first pod mess. We had our first podcast where we posted a lot. And now we're posting more than we did then. Yes, we launched a podcast talking all about Christmas movies or holiday movies, holiday traditions, did things and then was supposed to come the great reveal of Angela's birthday gift. Angela's birthday party, everything. What happened? A few days right before Christmas.

Angela 49:44

My mom dad and I were actually exposed to COVID. So we went in Yeah, that was December. Yeah. So just a couple days before Christmas. My mom dad and I were exposed to COVID and luckily we found out very soon after exposure So it happened. And a couple hours later, we all went into isolation. But yeah, that was just very weird way to end out the year because weavings were just popping up like the vaccines were ready, they were going to be rolled out starting sometime in 2021. We made it all the way through. And then we got the exposure, notice guaranteed exposure notice,

guaranteed exposure notice, so we actually ended up canceling our Christmas celebrations. And we spent two weeks in separate areas from each other. Like, every morning, I woke up and I put on a mask to leave my room and like move around the house like to go to the bathroom to get food. And then I go back to my room.

Jae 50:43

And the reason I clarify the known exposure is just numbers. Also, when Angela and I calculated back from our our slash our French trips in Europe last November, December, October and other possible exposures through before the shutdown. And I think we each had four or five relatively confident possibilities that we had been exposed and or gotten it prior to first March. Y

Angela 51:08

eah, it's it's it's so wild to think about. Yeah, crazy.

Jae 51:12

So January 2021. For some reason, everyone, I think thought we would be done in 2021. But no, instead we had insurrection inauguration investment problems. I was trying to stick with the AI versus saying Robin Hood. Hmm, yeah, the Game Stop incident. That's about as much as we can speak on that but GameStop infinite, the GameStop incident, and I went caffeine free or I went coffee free and and well, what instead of Oh, I've kind of gone with that inauguration insurrection, Instagram, but it's alright,

you're still living and learning? Of course. And yeah, so that's January, February, which feels like yesterday, but this whole year felt like yesterday so what really is time anymore? And also now since I've watched all the Marvel movies of what really is time and time travel and universes and parallel universes. Oh my god, I tried to explain the multiverse and reason that through with Jay last night and she kept attempting to poke holes through

I succeeded

Angela 52:14

through the analogies given but the hole Okay, yes, I couldn't find the right analogy. But essentially, the whole point of the multiverse also is that like there are holes being poked through the universe, and that beings things objects, realities are coming through when they aren't supposed to do that's a much better explanation than all the analogies you tried last night. Oh my god. I mean, I just poked through the analogies because it was fun. But needless to say, we're very excited for Dr. Strange in the multiverse of madness. And now that Jay understands the multiverse maybe I shouldn't maybe I could get her to watch something else with that sort of dimensional plot to it. Doctor Who exactly

Jae 52:54

I tried doctor who I really did. I think you just need to find your doctor. I watched like the first three seasons or your companion rose. That's the name of the lawn one. Yes. Rose is one of the companions.

I tried. Like, I tried like three episodes, and I just couldn't I got bored. How could you get bored? Yeah, you and all the other love actual people come at me. See, I

Angela 53:14

really think you'd either like Matt Smith or Peter Capaldi. I think Matt Smith, you'd go for the banter. Peter Capaldi. I think you'd really like his time with Clara.

Jae 53:24

Why does that name sound familiar? Clara Clara as well. No, no, no, Peter Peter Capaldi,

Angela 53:30

distant cousin to Lewis Capaldi. Okay, so actually, super funny story there. Peter Capaldi took his mother to a Lewis Capaldi concert. They didn't know each other while in the audience, Peter and his mother was like, yep, while in the audience, Peter, Peter, Peter and his mother who didn't know each other. Peter Capaldi and Lewis Capaldi know each other. Continue. Okay, Peter Capaldi took his mother to a Lewis Capaldi concert. Peter and Louis have never met before. While in the audience, he asks his mom. Oh, like do you think like do you want us to try to go backstage? Because you can meet him she was having a really great time. She's like, Oh, yeah, totally. She's like by the way I think you guys might be related they get backstage they start going through their family line and they find out they're like third cousins or something well world huh? Yeah. Also in February final to all the boys movie came out. I think it was better than the second worse than the first fair and I agree with her hair definitely got better in the third movie. It was the same fucking order from the second week was I don't know how you see that. But they styled it better. It didn't look as choppy. Very true. I really want to go to South Korea. I mean, I wanted to for a while but after watching that I definitely did. And I'm glad we didn't focus on the side character. Hmm. Yeah, I'm glad we didn't hopefully I characters with much Who? Sam Shay Jen. Sabrina? No, Jen's cousin. I can never remember her name. Carrie. Becca, no, no, my name is Chris, Chris Christie. And there you go. Right. Yeah, okay, that's February and now it's March again, or March still, whatever where you want to look at it. I think we're going with still March because I think that this means maybe we get some sort of some sort of time travel credit. Okay, maybe I think I think that's what I'm going with

Jae 55:18

though. I think the only fair way to end this off What's something you lived something you love, something you learned and something you unlearned to end this episode off? Well,

Angela 55:29

let's see. I lived through the pandemic of no more specifically, I, I lived in loungewear. I bought seven different loungewear sets throughout the throughout the course of last year because I don't like wearing outside clothes inside of the house. I think it's ridiculous to lay on your couch and jeans. That's just me. I don't hate people who do but like, I'm not going to do that. I lived in loungewear. I loved all of the binge watching that I did. We didn't talk about this, but may was my Outlander month and I watched all five seasons twice and completely fell in love with Jamie Frazier. I learned that you can put too much whipped cream into a cheesecake. It didn't think that was possible, but apparently you can. It gives it a really nice texture, but it completely dilutes the flavor. And I unlearned What did I unlearn? Oh point of this year, Angela? I I know I'm supposed to unlearn things. Okay. Oh, my mom is going to love this. I unlearned how to put my coffee mugs into the sink after I use them. I leave them on the coffee table. So you're supposed to live them on the coffee table? No, you're supposed to put them into the sink. Somehow during the course of all of this, I stopped putting my coffee mugs into the sink after use and I just left I just leave them on the coffee table and then don't bring them into the kitchen until the next day. And that's my mom's biggest pet peeve right now. So you're unlearning totally of them on the coffee table? No, I was more referring to the fact that I had that I had Oh, I learned to bring them into the kitchen. I'm now relearning how to bring them in. Got it. Oh, yeah, we caught me for not returning. Sorry, guys. Okay, but what about you?

Jae 57:10

I live through a terrible weekend of super high anxiety over Nevada counting votes and people giving a shit about Alaska. There are three votes even though they were counting 10 votes a week. Um, I love the work I was able to do in therapy and the emotional growth and things. Angela now has a thing where she calls me therapy j when I give her responses that may or may not be to her liking, because I'm trying to work on those kinds of things. And I think also what I heard a lot of jokes right. Claire's clearly been in therapy, when you hear the way she does her confessionals on The Bachelor like the thing she says to herself and speaks but I think this year sped up some self awareness, self learning, self affirming, self compassionate things I've been avoiding hiding or things that just I needed to see that were in myself that may or may not be useful anymore from childhood, from past trauma from all those kind of fun things. So love that that process sped up quite a bit having to be alone for a year not really deal with social things. And having told internally, as I'm a very extroverted person, most of the time lived, loved learned. I learned that doing things because they're good for you is enough of a reason to do them. So one of the things I started doing and which I never thought I would do is I started reading books. I've never been a book person, or at least I thought I know I still don't consider myself like a book person. But I definitely had some chips on my shoulder from childhood about that. And so I kind of set small goals and then through that kind of was able to push myself in that area. Same thing with fitness. As we said in our fitness episode working out for 10 minutes is better than not doing it at all. So doing things is worth more than doing them perfectly. And then we then we finally got to talk about crazy rich Asians and that unlearning I think for unlearning. It's about it's a reminder slash unlearning that things are not nearly as personal as we make them like I remember a big thing is like when Angela wouldn't text me in college for 30 minutes I would be like oh my god, I whatever like the lol I said was like I the caps the caps didn't work out like she's now like really mad. Or like, Oh my god, like I used thing or like she just said hi instead of this it's like or she was in class or walking or ran into someone. It had nothing to do with me. So I think unlearning and put putting less in myself and then of course we both did even though it wasn't in this little fun segment have both been educating ourselves on the struggles and strife of black and indigenous communities also exploring our own POC experience and trying to empower and not an enlightened voices. What's the word? uplift voices up love those who have been marginalized for too long. Sorry, you should have gone first I've ended on a downer.

Angela 59:57

No, I think yours is way better than mine. Like I'm over. forgetting to put coffee cups in the sink. Like that's the biggest thing I had to deal with in quarantine. I've been in therapy longer it's it's not. It's not guys I promise I'm just I'm really sugared up this morning.

Jae 1:00:13

Want to take us out and it Yeah.

Angela 1:00:16

And on that note Thank you for listening to today's episode of In Omnia Paratus grab your coffee bowls. Don't forget to rate download and subscribe on Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts as always where you leave will follow. So head on over to @inomniapod on Instagram and let us know what you want to hear about in the comments.


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