Flight 123, service from your house to anywhere but here, now boarding! We’re both fully vaccinated and we took off to the first locations we could after spending over a year inside! 

Jae took a week and went down to live the life of an Influencer in the wild in Los Angeles; Friends, brunches, wine tours, and sunkissed photo shoots filled her days for an exhilaratingly blissful visit. 

Angela took off to explore a new city and met a friend in Denver for a girls trip. The craft breweries, ice cream parlor speakeasy, ghost tour, and Schitt’s Creek themed burlesque show made for a truly unique weekend – but snow almost derailed the whole trip! 

Show Notes

  • Fact Check 1: White in your nails – your zinc deficient
  • Yep, it’s seriously taken Angela about a year to remember that the calendar in Captivate starts on a Monday and not a Sunday (Our episodes accidentally get scheduled for Tuesdays a lot)
  • We get asked a ton if we’re white or how we’re white because we don’t sound like we’re *ethnic* (we’ll speak more on this in season 2)
  • You can watch the HBO QAnon documentary here:
  • PSA: Shout out to Jae for getting Angela her Covid-19 vaccination appointment!
  • If you want to try making *Slutty* Brownies like Angela, we’ll post her recipe on the website
  • We’re (finally) fully vaccinated and we’re taking advantage of and traveling for the first time in over a year in May 2021
  • Jae’s super taste (hypersensitivity) could be a trauma response – Does anyone else have this?
  • Fact Check 1: Supertasters are not the only ones who can taste Umami. Umami is defined my 5 core tastes and you can read more about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Umami
  • Jae went to LA for just about 2 weeks for her first vaccinated trip, and Angela went to Denver
  • You can see the Erehwon smoothie list here: https://www.erewhonmarket.com/tonic-menu/
  • You can see the Denver Clocktower Cabaret showing here: https://www.clocktowercabaret.com/
  • You can visit Retrograde Through Frozen Matter here: https://www.retrogradednvr.com/about
  • The almond champagne Jae’s Big recommends is from:
  • TSA Pre-Check is baffling the way its set up sometimes and we’ll just leave it at that
  • The packing cubes that Jae likes are compression based and you can find them here:
  • Be a good traveler, especially going through the TSA security check
  • Have your boarding pass and ID out and accessible
  • Grab multiple trays at once for your bags and electronics
  • Take off all your jewelry or belts before, or don’t even wear them
  • Carry all your stuff (shoes, jackets, bags, etc.) over to a bench and then repack your bag and make yourself presentable
  • We’ve literally been trying to go to Greece for 6 years at this point, so hopefully we can make this happen in 2022!
  • Jae and Angela are both super planners when it comes to travel and most events are planned 3 months to a year in advance
  • One of the things have learned in traveling together is that we need a very comprehensive schedule to accommodate both our traveler styles
  • Jae and Angela are on opposite sides of the macaron debate:
  • Jae is Team Pierre Herme: https://www.pierreherme.com/macarons.html?___from_store=french&___store=english
  • Angela is Team Laduree: https://www.laduree.us/macarons
  • Biggest take away from today: Don’t compare your trip to anyone else’s! Go where you want to and do what you want there. It should be what makes you happy, not just what looks good on Instagram

Jae 0:00

I pledge myself to the pod loyal I'll always be appear to start a d at the end and an O sitting in between. Come back to an Omnia Paratus. I'm Jae like the letter

Angela 0:17

and I'm Angela, also known as AVO,

Jae 0:20

My finger hurts. Oh, like, I don't know what I slammed it against. But I was trying to get a bandaid No, but I didn't learn on tick tock not a reliable source that apparently if you see like whites in your nails, like it means you're zinc deficient. Again, this is not actual medical or scientific advice just some dietitian or nutritionist or someone said it. I have actually

Angela 0:43

heard that before. Outside of tech, all her videos are like,

Jae 0:46

are we having a lag? Are you just talking over?

Angela 0:48

I think I'm talking over you. Sorry.

Jae 0:50

No, it's fine. I just wanted to check if we were already on like 123 cha cha cha kind of continue all the videos I'm saying are like, Are you sleepy? That means you're deficient in vitamins ABCD LMP. And then do you get P too much? Not fun fact. Very annoying fact. I recently learned that you're not actually supposed to pee clear, which was I was told from middle school until like three days ago. It means you're actually taking all of your electrolytes out and Hmm, it's supposed to be like a light tan. Translucent but not clear.

Angela 1:30

Mm hmm. Yeah,

Jae 1:31

I did not know this. Really? No, because they tell you clear as a child and it might be one of those things where trying to explain shades of yellow or green or whatever color. Oh my god. The first time I had beats and I peed pink. I like thought I was bleeding from the inside. Not fun.

Angela 1:47

Oh, that's terrifying.

Jae 1:49

Well, have you ever eaten meat?

Angela 1:50

I have. I don't think that's happened to me. i What's happened to me? Maybe I've eaten just enough of something else to like, dilute the concentration. But I would be terrified.

Jae 1:59

I don't know why if it's the color spectrum, because you're a kid. They're just trying to make sure you're hydrated. I thought the goal was clear. But it's not.

Angela 2:06

Nope. If it's clear, stop drinking water for a little bit. You need that little bit of yellow. And that's that's your sweet healthy sparking

Jae 2:15

of information. I recently learned this was from one of my godfathers uncle's one of our biggest fans. Honestly, he's the one who always reminds me when you get the date wrong on Captivate, cuz I get it's like, shouldn't be an episode. It's fine. We love the accountability. But we were talking about the episode that was released this past Monday, which was Gatsby, we were having conversation similarly to how like on Gatsby work, who would be at the insurrection? Right? Like, which characters and stuff? And we were talking about that. And you're talking about like wanting to make sure we stay safe, right? His leg? If we're speaking about more controversial, political, human rights, kind of issues. We want to make sure we're as protected as we can be correct? Yes. So we were talking about how like, if someone were to stumble upon our thoughts on the current administration, or policies getting passed, or things we would like to happen, we wouldn't want like a bunch of q1 on people coming onto the podcast and like hearing us and our thoughts. Probably not, probably not. Okay, so then he was like, Well, as soon as he saw y'all his picture, or as soon as they see y'all picture like they're gonna cut it is like to quote unquote, this is where Casta comment like to immigrants, the conspiracy is probably not even their voices. They're just facing for two white girls.

Angela 3:36

Oh, my god. That's so great.

Jae 3:41

I know. And then when you want to process and like fully get into things you talk about, and just the way things are, I wouldn't be flattered. But like, that's really funny.

Angela 3:50

Oh, see, this just brings me back to a multitude of conversations that I had, particularly in my teenage years when I would meet new people because I went to Catholic school like third grade through 12th grade. So I was with the same people forever. So anytime I met someone new, there would generally be some form of the conversation of so why don't you have an accent? You don't speak like you're Mexican? How do you how do you sound like that?

Jae 4:16

I was straight up just ask aren't you white? Oh, love that in person. This was an over a phone call, like this person saw me. So like, how are you white? Oh, we're gonna get into the whole like, what are you? Where are you from? nationality, ethnicity, racism, all that fun stuff in another episode, but there are some strong opinions palatable ones because we're putting this on a public internet. But thoughts.

Angela 4:39

Thank you for taking the boomer cap this morning for a public internet.

Jae 4:44

Don't worry, you'll get there. Awesome.

Angela 4:46

I absolutely love that. I think that this is a great form of protection for us. Because if anything, people would more likely come back and say, Oh, the whatever liberal agenda is trying to play itself into the foreground of conversations by using images that are not related to the people who are hosting this podcast. So we probably get a ton of attention. I don't know, then we'd go viral, then we'd get signed, then we would no longer be self financed. I could quit my job. Those are all options. Yeah. I don't know. Maybe Maybe Q anon would do us a favor.

Jae 5:22

Let's not go that far. Okay. I do want to watch the HBO documentary though. Oh,

Angela 5:26

I'm so interested because that's the one where they say oh, Q outs himself during the documentary. Of course, it's uh, he he she I don't know, I'm just kind of assuming at this point. All I know is that Q outs themself but I'm very interested in the way that documentaries are made and how laws and things are not only present when that's happening because the people involved in the documentaries know so many things and they just have to keep it quiet for years. How could you sit on information like that? I couldn't like I would tell everyone

Jae 5:57

I mean, you probably couldn't make it through a season of The Bachelor fewer on it.

Angela 6:00

I couldn't oh my god, they'd have to dismiss me. No, seriously, the only way I'd make it through is if it's not having my phone or anything like that. But I would be talking everybody in the house like oh my god this just happened yeah, I also probably I could never be the bachelorette because yeah, what Katie's just been sitting on this information for three months now

Jae 6:19

Matt season ended in March did net so like bachelor cycles are shorter than a quarter of quarter system in college? It's six weeks and rumor has it Katie kind of short.

Angela 6:31

Ah. Okay, I'm loving all my sound effects this morning. Good job. Thank you.

Jae 6:36

Y'all don't know this. But we've taken a little hiatus break vacation behind the scenes because obviously we need vocal rest. We're friends with a lot of singers. So we know that we need to rest our vote. Or

Angela 6:51

I have a honey lemon tea concoction to soothe my throat this morning.

Jae 6:56

We wouldn't want Angela to get nodes like Brittany snow in Pitch Perfect.

Angela 7:01

Yeah, somehow I don't think I'd pull off that like cute low frog voice as well as she did. So we're protecting the vocal cords.

Jae 7:08

Even though listeners will not be hearing this still in the future. Yeah, honestly, we just work in the Marvel universe now in terms of timeframes very confused.

Angela 7:18

It's great. This will be your introduction to Doctor Who and the whole concept of time as wibbly wobbly timey why me?

Jae 7:26

That sounds like baby talk.

Angela 7:28

It does. And yet somehow it very much works.

Jae 7:31

We're not there yet. However, since we are now back for us. Still a month ish out for you. Do we want to do two updates for the class?

Angela 7:40

Sure. Um,

Jae 7:43

I'll go first since I'm springing this on you. Number one, I set up my retirement account. Oh, good job. Go me. Thank you. I had to watch multiple YouTube videos and I made sure they were step by step ones that has a screen recording so I clicked on the right things. And number two, with my years of One Direction Hamilton theater concert tickets of all sorts coveted limited edition items. I got Angela her vaccine appointment.

Angela 8:08

That is true in a early April, Jay joined me in the fight to get one of those like coveted apparently like 12 spots a day to get your vaccination and she got through before me. So go, Jay, we are now both fully vaccinated and two weeks. Yes, we are which should be implied and fully vaccinated. However, when the government says people are fully vaccinated, but the 90 percenter they don't include the two week Whoa, it's very important that everyone knows that full vaccination is j&j plus two to four weeks, I've

Jae 8:38

heard some dispute over that. So I'm not gonna say either way, or Pfizer. Maderna plus two weeks.

Angela 8:45

So everyone, just err on the side of caution and wait for six weeks after you get your last vaccination dose. Stay inside? Yes.

Jae 8:53

Okay, what are your important things?

Angela 8:55

Um, let's see, I decided that I was going to get project manager certified. So I bought the prep book, and I'm studying for that

Jae 9:05

nice. I've been looking into project management, because I need a job. And and I realized project management personally, I think you'd be better at this than I was, is everything I don't want to do in a in a manager and would drive me and I found out from taking I've watched multiple courses and I've taken and I've looked into things it's everything I don't want I think you you'd be much better at it than me because I thought well, I'll say the reasons why it's not good for Okay, and then you can go what are you doing the PIP one or you doing the Google are different one no,

Angela 9:37

the PIP it's it's si, si, si Pam.

Jae 9:41

Oh, yeah. Something like that. That's the like associate one of the pit. Yeah, from what I remember. I think so. Because for the PIP I think it was for us, like six years of experience, which, if I'm already in four to six years of cancer, why am I going back for certification? NRL I get it. But the reason is one I didn't realize as a project manager You were in charge of your team members, not we're not necessarily your direct reports for feedback and for draw performance and for that stuff. So you're having to do a lot of intermingling with their actual manager to make sure your projects can get done. Which also means when the stakeholders want updates, you're kind of just lunch monitor slash monitor, I thought it was like, Okay, we have a project. And number two, which yes, this won't surprise anyone. I didn't realize I wouldn't get to make everyone schedule for the project. It's more me just updating and checking their progress at the way that they see fit. And I don't have much faith in humanity on competence and time management and punctuality, so it's a big no for me.

Angela 10:45

Yes. So all of those things are true. And there's, I feel like it also depends on the scale of the company that you're working for. Oh, no, because I feel like that will directly influence a lot of that. But generally, most of it is just interfacing with a lot of different areas of your company of other companies involved, various vendors, things like that. And that's everything that kind of drives me crazy about my current job where I feel like I don't have the overall we'll call it authority, the the, in the know, like, whatever it is, I feel like I just don't have that right now. But hopefully, this is something that will get me there. So I can, I can see over the wall into what is going on behind the scenes, so I can accurately understand where all of our projects sit. And like regardless of a current company, future company, whatever. I think that that would just help drive a lot of the progress that we're looking for. Because and I know everyone just laughs at me when I describe it this way. But I feel like most of the projects that I've worked on since I started working so it's like five years now three different companies. They've all been run like crash sees like a crash see section in a hospital bed, Warren slicing open the mother with the clipboard, like little clip. That's what I feel like it's all just coming together, like really rushed at the last minute, and I don't want it to be that way anymore.

Jae 12:09

That's very good and healthy. I'm really disappointed not in you. But in project management. Because it's always for like, do you like throwing events? Are you good at budgeting? Are you good at these things? Like, I'm mostly good, I was gonna say great. 2021, I'm really good at those things. And I'm really good at balancing multiple different things, just for me, being a manager in retail. And knowing kind of what I didn't like about that, it seems a lot of project management roles are just that side of it, rather than the parts I liked about it. Like I love doing payroll, I don't know if that's an unpopular opinion, I loved making the schedule for payroll, it was very fun for me, I was always very good at it. Because if you are shoot, you know, you don't play the game, you play the person. So like, I knew each of our girls would I knew who was going to come to their shift, I knew who was going to call out for their shift, I knew who would tell us. So I knew how to double books. So not only were we never over hours, we also always had people on staff. So the management team could do what we had to do when we were under zoned. However, in project management, that kind of fun work that I like to do is distributed and I just follow up with people to make sure that they've gotten down. And that's not enough autonomy for me in a position I would want and yes, every project management job would be different. So it really depends on it just with that general understanding of that's what I could be doing. Mm hmm. We're looking towards only fans feet pics for

Angela 13:37

the win. Okay, yeah, but that's exciting. Yeah, because I figured why not?

Jae 13:43

You should do it to talk Instagram series through it or an IG TV like lessens your warning or you do flog or whatever. I'm always more entertained by video, but each their

Angela 13:53

own I might well we'll see like I literally like this is this is a very recent update within the last week that I've decided to do this. Is your company paying for it? They don't know yet actually. So we'll see God Yeah, but I have I have my prep prep books arriving tomorrow. So we'll see if this is going to be a quick journey or if this is something that's going to happen later in the year. Yeah. Okay, so that's one update. Second update. I finally made slutty brownies. They are so good. I think I overbaked them and they were still so good. What did you put in your introduction? So made like the cookie mix myself. Amazing. actually ended up using almond flour because we didn't have regular flour a whole new level of regular chocolate chocolate chip cookie. Then I put in the Double Stuf Oreos. That's where I say I think I overbaked it because they actually came out a little bit crystallized but it was still delicious. And then had to use boxed brownie batter on top of that because we didn't have regular the regular flour and couldn't find cocoa powder but they were fantastic. I highly recommend it to anyone who's looking to up their brownie game, I was just going to do like turtle brownies way better.

Jae 15:07

I feel that if I were to try making those, I would do the opposite of what you did, which was do a homemade brownie and a storebought. Cookie and Oreo because I've had storebought cookie mix or cookie dough, and I've had store bought cookies or brownies. And I feel like brownies, I taste a bigger quality difference than I would in a chocolate chip cookie. And I'm more lenient with what I want in a chocolate chip cookie than I am in a brownie. Okay. See, I

Angela 15:34

don't know that I've ever made brownies completely from scratching, like I've done cake and cookies, but never brownies. So I'd be interested to try that in reverse as well. But for the most part, just like how this turned out for the first time, it's completely worth the hype. Go make your slutty brownies turducken dessert. Yeah, so I guess those are those are our general updates. And then our big update for everyone is since we have now been vaccinated, we were not together not together, but still vacation. So Jay, how was your vacation? We haven't talked about it. Also, this is the first time that we've really had a full conversation in what, three weeks?

Jae 16:16

Um, I was gonna go with like 10 days, but sure. Oh, right.

Angela 16:19

Okay, I didn't I did call you that one time. Okay.

Jae 16:22

I know not talking to me for 10 days can like three weeks, but it wasn't that long. But we haven't had a conversation just to catch up in a while because you had a lot of work stuff, huh? For your TV debut. What was that in your office going on with the monitor? Oh, and the green screen.

Angela 16:38

So we had our general annual finance meeting. But because of COVID restrictions and whatnot. We couldn't actually do it in person. So we did a live broadcast.

Jae 16:51

Oh, like Kalyan her. Not her Jackson Avery award. Her

Angela 16:54

TED talk. Yeah, it was it was kind of like that. So we got to like go into the studio preview a bunch of things like set up their format go through some dry runs. And then we actually like did everything from the studio live. Very scary. I loved it though. Because I had the you weren't taught. I know. I had the easiest job. I just had to monitor how many people were viewing it. It was fantastic. And eat dessert and eat dessert. Yeah, I demolished craft service you guys. It was awesome.

Jae 17:25

It's now referred to as crafty by people in the industry. Oh crafty.

Angela 17:28

Oh, no. First day did not show up in time for the crafty. So the next day that I was there. I made sure I got my full helpings of strudel. Oh, very

Jae 17:38

nice. I tried bread pudding for the first time last week. Oh, what did you think it was very good. It's where I was dog sitting. Oh, but yes, before the dog sending these second. One of my friends who lives in LA texted me she was going to be fully vaccinated on Sunday. At the end of April. I literally coordinated a flight to make it the day I landed was his two weeks. And her two weeks was like, a few days after mine. But I coordinated this trip right before I would have stayed longer, but because I had already agreed to dogs it. I couldn't. But I booked the flight and the second I had a friend who wasn't in the area who is fully vaccinated. I'm going I'm leaving goodbye, right?

Angela 18:21

Because we spent 365 days indoors.

Jae 18:24

Um, 300 or 400 days, it was like 1718 months. 16 months. I don't know, too long. Way too long. First month, I spent 30 days inside straight. Hmm, like not going for walks not leaving my house not going to my backyard and literally not leaving the physical house.

Angela 18:44

Well, because we were told we should just be staying inside sheltering in place not going out unless absolutely necessary. And I know

Jae 18:51

but like, people weren't so grocery shopping or going on walks like I was like, Uh huh. And just wearing a mask at the beginning wearing a mask, dude. Wearing a mask does not physically make breathing harder. What it does do though, is psychologically you feel like you're breathing more shallow, and it doesn't feel as comfortable. And for me, I'm a mouth breather. So like my masks get soggy if I wear them too long, so I would always have to bring double um,

Angela 19:23

I've actually see in like videos and articles on this. And apparently, I don't know, Jay, if anyone ever did this to you when you were a kid, but it triggers a response where if either your nose or mouth sorry, as I'm doing this, I realize I'm covering it so you can't properly hear me. If your nose or mouth is covered. It triggers a psychological response that like goes back to like your primal fear base. And so it's like you want to breathe heavier harder because you think that you're not going to be able to get air anymore.

Jae 19:53

Again psychological not physical. You can your oxygen levels are fine under a 234 Double masking.

Angela 20:01

Also for women, I don't know if any of you ever went through this. But as a young child and teenager, my family would actually come up behind me and just like, cover my mouth and nose, because it's like, they wanted to get that fear out of my head not bring you well, they wanted to get the fear out of my head. They're like, if someone ever does that to you, like your immediate instinct is to panic and to think that you can't breathe. And so then you'll actually stop breathing and you you can't scream like you'll start to shut down. Or like, you have to keep fighting through it. So for years, people did this to me. So when it came time for masking, I was like, okay, just remember, nothing's going to happen to you.

Jae 20:42

I don't know if this is good for survivor or DHS should have been.

Angela 20:48

Oh, it's, it's it's a good thing. Like, it wasn't like, oh, like we're grabbing you and taking you. It's just like, like, very lightly like handover my face, you can still breathe. Like most of the times when someone tries to grab you. They're not actually going to have a full grab on your face. So you can still scream you can still breathe. Yeah, no,

Jae 21:09

but of the same nose, mouth variety. Fun fact, I learned in therapy, which is not necessarily true for everyone. But you know how I pride myself on kind of being a super taster. Yeah, and like really, that could be because of trauma. Not everyone with trauma has that. But certain traumas trigger hyper arousal, which is one of the reasons why I can be very sensitive to smells and tastes. Oh, yeah. Which was kind of disappointing. And then I asked her like, if we heal my trauma can I still have no, you can have it just your trigger. I give the example. There's one perfume Angela used to wear and another girl works to it. And I hated the smell of it. It just it does not work, in my opinion with anyone's body chemistry at all. And it made me sick, not because it was bad on just Andele like anytime anyone worn I even put it on my wrist to try. It was not for me. And it made me sick and her old things will just make you more able to be in a rooms with scents that were unpleasant rather than having such visceral reactions to certain things. Like for me cheese's as a child, I could not be in a room with anyone needing blue cheese like I would get physically nauseous from it. Hmm. I don't think it would help with the fact that the Febreeze like makes me get hives, but I probably would help with like scents and other things

Angela 22:25

testing. Because they talked about that in Psych class, right? I had like the really fun name umami, or something. Like that's your seventh sense. Like your super taster.

Jae 22:36

I mean, mommy's a flavor. I

Angela 22:38

know. That's why I remember that. Because in America's Next Top Model, I think when they were in Japan, they did some sort of it was was it a soup commercial or something like that? And they there one line, they had to say it was umami. But what does that have to do with this? Well, I think that they labeled super tasters as having an umami sense, because it's it like an indescribable flavor taste that like well could only be experienced by some. But yeah,

Jae 23:03

good to know. Even my superpowers go back to traumatic events. That's always fun.

Angela 23:08

Well, isn't that how it goes for most superheroes, they go through their traumatic event as a child, and then it grows as they mature. Oh, my

Jae 23:17

God, that's really deep when thinking about superhero movies. I mean, you could say the same for Disney princesses. Yeah. controversial opinion. Shouldn't be but probably would be a Disney. We're not going to talk about Snow White. We're not I went to LA for a week and it was really nice. I asked not only say with my friend and her husband from high school, I got to see my big and her husband and her new house. And our other friends. Well, I was down there. They drove up from Anaheim, and then I got to hang out with them for a brunch. I went to vegan brunch. Be proud of me. Oh,

Angela 23:48

how was it? I had cheese seed, French toast and sangria. Okay, and what's the verdict? I'm not a huge chia seed person, so I usually

Jae 23:57

eat chia seeds. It kind of was a healthy tree hugger version of the Captain Crunch french toast. Okay, it wasn't bad. It was it was pretty good. The vegan butter I'd never tried to weaken butter. So I just declined. I thought I tried it and like it does not taste like butter. But like consistently, consistency wise, I get why this could trick you. Mm hmm.

Angela 24:17

Is it? Was it sunflower butter? Or

Jae 24:20

I have no clue. Okay. I just know it was dairy free. Okay, and I think I might have run into some influencers that Zara, I think,

Angela 24:28

oh, like what would I know them? Or,

Jae 24:31

um, you probably you probably wouldn't, but Alicia Marie older sister and her friend, her roommate, their other roommate.

Angela 24:39

Oh, is that the one who podcasts they do podcasts as well?

Jae 24:42

Yes. Ah, okay. It was weird because Zara was like, No, people can change in here but the Urban Outfitters next door we were allowed to change in so it's kind of a Okay, so I was holding things in one of the mirrors just trying to get a sizing thing right. I got everything in the right size, thankfully. Okay. I didn't want to return anything but I heard the voices and because it's influencers Do you recognize the voices and I turn really quickly, I just turned my head and I realized I was away from the mic. It looks like it could have been them but I don't have the greatest I don't have farsighted vision like seven feet away from me so it kind of just like was there general finger so like, I think it's them but they were determinately walking out of his RF and I'm not gonna stop them. What am I gonna say? I have nothing to say. So I was like, it's not gonna happen but I'm pretty sure it happened and I was like jittery for the next five minutes

Angela 25:29

influencer in the wild citing Oh, that's my other goal. The

Jae 25:32

next time I go to LA is to get put on one of the influencers in the wild pages night. I don't know what kind of obnoxious thing I'm going to try. But that's the next time. But my LA trip was great. We went to Malibu and I got to go, we went all over Silverlake. Let's feel it. I got to go to Pasadena. And century city isn't passive. And yeah, it was we were only there for a little bit. But it was a nice

Angela 25:56

No, I'm glad sounds like a 10 for 10 trip. Did you? Is there anything you still want to do in the area? Do you want to go back? Was there anything that like shocked you? Because I know that there's been this like huge disparity between what NorCal looks like open and what SoCal looks like, open.

Jae 26:13

I'm the one thing airport was fine. Oh, my God flying down. Someone, like a mother and daughter sat next to me. They were fully grown. And obviously the mother was but the daughter was two and grid. And I understand I was closer to the front of the plane. But you don't sit next to someone when they're empty rows. And yes, I know that the middle seats are open, but like that's more of a capitalist thing rather than a polite thing.

Angela 26:36

Get your own damn row. Yeah, it. Wait. So you had middle seats open?

Jae 26:41

No, we didn't. But I was in the window seat. And a mother and daughter choses it next to me when I know there were empty rows towards the back on the plane. Yeah, it's

Angela 26:49

always hard. Because some airlines especially with open seating, it's like literally just sit wherever you want. Like they prefer that you just like take the first open seat that you see. But also at the same time just in terms of like your overall level of comfort. Like sometimes you don't immediately want to be seated next to people.

Jae 27:09

No, it's just like if you go into a bathroom and you take the stall next to someone who's using the restroom, it's just human common sense and decency. Okay, that one I get to me same thing on a plane, especially as we're ending or not ending but clearing a phase of the pandemic. We'll see. Did you have a full flight? No. Well, I

Angela 27:26

don't know. I don't know. Well, yeah. If you if you had a full flight, then like they were just like, Oh, we're taking like the to like first seats that we can see.

Jae 27:35

No. Okay. But yes, the trip was overall the trip was very fun, very needed to socialize with peers and get to hang out with people and just get some distance between my mother and I, which kudos to us for making it this long. Kudos to any two humans who had to interact for this amount of period for this long without a break from each other. y'all deserve some kind of trophy or another stimulus check. Oh,

Angela 28:03

oh my God, those stimulus checks. Okay, I just did my taxes. Um, yeah, so I actually don't know how or when but at some point, they started getting direct deposited for me, so I thought I didn't get the last two. So luckily, my taxes caught that for me. Otherwise, I would have committed tax fraud because I was about

Jae 28:22

insert surprise reaction here.

Angela 28:25

I know right? I'm just waiting for the day that I like really mess up my taxes and the government comes for me on stuff. Oh, yeah.

Okay, no, but all all your la pictures look, she's super cute and very fun. And it made me very anxious for my trip. So I'm really glad.

Jae 28:43

And then you are in charge of the Instagram this month. Thank God we're posting from

Angela 28:50

Denver. So I so I actually went and met my bag in Denver. She currently lives in Chicago. So this was actually a really great halfway meeting point for us because I think the flight was just a little over two hours for both of us to get there. And we were able to time our flights out perfectly. So we arrived within like 30 minutes of each other and I think left within an hour of each other so that was great, but I just I'm just gonna start this off with I would like to speak to the manager of May who I believe is Justin Timberlake. And what the heck is up with this weather? It's snowed while we were there. It was thermal I've degrees one day and it snowed Oh, I

Jae 29:30

was gonna say the weather's been great like LA was great. And then when I when I was dog sitting in a different part of the Bay Area sunshine I was tanning it was like 80 degrees or something.

Angela 29:41

Oh my god no like looking out my window right now. It's so overcast. I had to theater all

Jae 29:47

morning. Yeah, today's foggy but the beginning the end of April early may wish good for me. Great. Oh 10 out of 10

Angela 29:55

the SEC the second we got there it was 70 degrees. And then by that night I I think it was 40 and then it didn't get above 50 degrees the rest of the trip.

Jae 30:05

Oh wait, sorry one other really important thing that I need to mention about my trip. We drove by Nobu Malibu which Kaia Gerber and Jacob LRT. Frequent. Oh, and I got to go to an Erawan Wait, it's uh Oh God, I don't know the name of it. You watch the show you right? Yeah, the Bougie wood market. It's based on Erawan which is nowhere spelled backwards. If you need any kind of idea for what kind of La restaurant this is everything or supermarket everything is they have paleo gluten free vegan. Everything's in a mason jar. They offer a $20 smoothie. And I've been telling everyone this would you let you know what's in a $20 smoothie? Dear Lord, yes. Okay, let

Angela 30:43

me so I can mock it mercilessly Who on earth needs to buy a $20 smoothie? What is worth $20 in a smoothie?

Jae 30:52

I'll get there scroll, scroll, scroll. Okay, here we go. This is the the strawberry probiotic, raw almond milk, strawberries, Togo's probiotics, coconut, Kieffer collagen, vanilla stevia and xylitol.

Angela 31:09

No, I don't. I don't think I'd want to pay anyone for that. And if

Jae 31:13

you wanted it in an ice cream form, it is $22. No, thank

Angela 31:17

you. I'll stick with my supplements at home. But yes,

Jae 31:20

shout out to Erawan. Continue.

Angela 31:25

Okay, let's see, I did not go to Erawan. We had to adjust some of our expectations because of the weather. So I think our first night we went on a ghost tour that was supposed to be walking through downtown Denver, but it's stormed those thunderstorms. So it actually helped set the mood. But we didn't go to as many places but while on the tour, we were actually there with a Denver native and she pointed out to us like ODC that clocktower. They actually have burlesque shows in their basement. So we just looked online and they had tickets. So we went to a shits Creek themed comedy burlesque show, which was pretty great. The Girl Who Played Alexis performed to a little bit of Lexis, we are our big highlight, which we were super excited for was the Botanic Gardens, but it stormed again while we were there. So we have no pictures or anything. It was very pretty, but very wet.

Jae 32:18

So you didn't do your winter wonderland photoshoot in May.

Angela 32:21

Oh my god. Okay. I tried. So okay. You know how I've been really trying to like up my photo game. I've been following all the tutorials and everything that everyone says like, oh, tilt your phone this way, like use this setting. do this do that. I've been trying really hard. Yes. I've learned I tried to teach my bag, and she almost dropped to the phone five times. So that's like we're done with five.

Jae 32:45

Wait, did my photo taking advice do any good?

Angela 32:49

No, we have we have cute photos. We have cute photos, but nothing that now currently packs the impact of what Instagram is today. Therefore, I will not be returning to Instagram. In case anyone was in case anyone was wondering where we're still waiting on that. And my therapist is going to be so happy because she's just like, well, you just post on the damn app already. Because

Jae 33:14

a therapist wants you to post on Instagram. Oh, yeah.

Angela 33:16

Because as a perfectionist, some of my deepest anxiety lives in sharing anything on social media that is not well received. And she just wants me to get over that. She's like, I want you to post one thing a week until you don't care anymore. Oh, shit. Yeah. She's like, it's not me having to say it. So yeah, she's like, do it. She's like, you post anything and everything. She's like, just do it once a week. And I'm like, okay, but no, I need like three really good photos. So that way it like works out. All right. And she's like, No, I don't care what you post, just post.

Jae 33:52

Oh, yeah, I made sure I had enough photos in LA that could take me through the year.

Angela 33:55

Yeah. Sadly, Denver was not like that. It was so cute. I think we overall we liked it. There was some really fun places, which you guys will see on our podcast Instagram shortly as they start making reels and everything. We actually found out Denver has a ton of speakeasies, and one of the coolest ones was called retro grade. It's in the back of an ice cream shop literally like the owners just had a dream of owning an ice cream shop with a little speakeasy in the back. And so you walk in flip a switch next to a big freezer door. Someone comes out takes your name, we'll come out and grab you and then you go into the back and it's this cool little 70s like decorated bar and their drinks are all phenomenal. Yeah, I don't drink and I have three of them.

Jae 34:42

Were they alcoholic? Or alcoholic? Oh, good for you. Yeah or not. We respect everyone's right to drink as much as they feel. For example, I drank like a fish over that time. I think I drank more than I did in all of 2020 in 2019 excluding my friend's wedding to each their own I will be building my tolerance back for 2021. And then severely losing it in 2022 is my goal. I had multiple really good drinks, my big told me about from this particular winery which I figured out you can order online and almond champagne. Oh, which is like Aman, I don't know if it's extract or what infuse. I see we can order it online she sent me the vineyard or I will find one and try because she made us on really good. But I want that. That sounds awesome.

Angela 35:28

I would try that. No, I really prepped ahead of time to like, even have one drink. So yeah, so it was good. I have a question. As far as I saw only one oops. Yeah. Well, okay. I don't know, this kind of goes into a little bit of like a heavier topic. But while we were getting ready for this trip, both of our families actually asked us what kind of place are you going to? Is it safe for you to go there? Because obviously we neither of us look fully white. So we were under the impression like oh, yeah, like Denver's progressive, Colorado, very progressive state. We think it'll be fine. And we met very, very lovely people there. We just did run into a couple instances where no one said anything direct. No one said anything directly to us. But we could hear views being shared, amongst others at tables next to us in restaurants that oh, what's what's happening? Really? Yeah, I was surprised.

Jae 36:24

Yeah, I wouldn't think necessarily because Denver's the Denver is the Austin of California. Yeah, I think that's a perfect way to describe that.

Angela 36:36

Yeah, kind of. So it. So like that was, that was a little surprising. But I mean, for the most part, like we felt great. We had a great time, all of the Denver locals that we spoke to were so amazing and welcoming. That's

Jae 36:51

good. I wouldn't have thought that. I mean, I didn't have that. But the one thing was I really wanted Korean food. And the best Korean food is in Korea Town. So we did end up going I didn't tell my family until I got back just because I wanted them to know I would say rather than try to talk me out of it because I really want to Korean food. Unfortunately, the place we went one food was amazing. But to you valet parked within the little complex. So think of you know, when called where the movie theater was, yeah, imagine valet parking to go to like the Starbucks there. So it was a very close proximity. We didn't have to walk. We didn't do much. And so I felt comfortable enough doing it. But before when we planned this trip, because was the month before right after Atlanta and things. I was like thinking about should we even go get Asian food period, which was really nice. Unfortunately, everything went well. But wow, I didn't I wouldn't expect that. I would err that Yeah. Rising. Are you and you're big. We're not fashioned to be racist against?

Angela 37:45

Yeah, well, I don't know. Like I said, like, nothing was said directly towards us. But it was just like, overall views that were being expressed that made us

Jae 37:54

I know, but that's still shocking. Yeah, I know. So many people. I know so many people who went to school in Denver, or who are people of color in Denver, and I'm surprised hmm, yeah. Okay.

Angela 38:04

Okay. And, Jay, I'm really curious. How did you pack because I'm super, I'm super proud of the way that I packed but you're like the master Packer. I am a

Jae 38:15

master of packing. And the airport. I'm assuming other people don't do the airport? Well, I just think I do it better. And now that I have TSA PreCheck it's even better than that.

Angela 38:27

Okay, I think TSA PreCheck is the biggest scam available. Because my dad and I think two of my cousins were literally just waiting at the airport to pick people up and they were approached and given their whole precheck clearance and interview in 20 minutes. Like what is the current area for that? Um, they

Jae 38:45

do a background check. You get your fingerprints done,

Angela 38:48

they ask you where you've traveled before? Okay, but just like for just approaching people who are just like standing in an airport like, oh, yeah, I

Jae 38:55

want to give you TSA PreCheck I don't know just alone because I have global entry to so I don't know if any different. You and Olivia had to wait like an hour for customs. I just was standing there. Yes. That's the benefit of Global Entry.

Angela 39:08

Well, no, I totally get the benefits of it. But I don't understand that the way that it's just as far as TSA PreCheck goes, they seem to just be giving it away like my mom has never applied and she always gets it on every flight that she takes really sorry mom if you don't get it after we air this episode, but yeah, but it's just always given to her and then someone just walked up to my dad and was like, oh, yeah, let's get you signed up for Jacko.

Jae 39:32

Is that two years ago? Maybe what was popular then maybe people weren't much at that airport

Angela 39:36

Maybe? Who knows. But yeah, so both of them they look at me they're like why don't you have precheck Angela has it's not that easy to get?

Jae 39:44

Well it's the thing for me which is the weirdest part is so if you and I fly and I booked the seats, you get pre check automatically. Yeah. So one person in a family or in a group has it then everyone always gets it? But then everyone's not getting checked. So I think a little bit like so you're just assuming because I'm on file everyone I associated is also okay, right? It's anywhere. I am a queen of the airport, a queen of packing everything packing cubes and all I have the best packing cubes, I think ever and the best suitcases I did a lot of research into them my suitcase I love because they're the hard plastic shell ones, but they're expandable ones in the medium and the travel size. And then my packing cubes are fabric, but they're also compression packing cubes, so you can still get them very flat and very thin. This trip was a little bit different than I normally would have packed because I was a little more high maintenance and what I brought in terms of clothing because I knew we'd be taking photos and I'd need photos to pump out on social media for the next seven months. So I brought a lot of I brought like extra dresses. I brought two outfits today. It really depends where I'm going. For example, if I was going pick it pick a place for me to go and I can work through my logic. New York, okay, we'll say New York right now. So I were to go to New York right now and I were to see some friends and do some things. New York to me is always relatively put together and black, so I wouldn't need to bring that many pairs of jeans, I would bring a few dresses. I always start out with what I would wear least to most. So if I know we're going through a Broadway show or I know we're going to a fancy dinner or we're doing tea at the Plaza. All things I love to do New York the one time I went but will like to replicate as soon as I can go back I plan those first because I want to make sure I'm not bringing too much one off pieces and then I go into bottoms and tarps and typically some people say to plant outfits which I half agree with but I also think it's really good if you just bring like black and white or neutral colors that can all mix and match together. And then I normally bring I try to keep it under two jackets and then I have like a Uniqlo puffer that gets into like that compresses into it's a little bag and I always bring that in case it rains or in case the weather's more than I expected my worst thing and I'm fully aware of this are my toiletries and My Shoes Shoes are just heavy and I also want multiple options and I can never narrow down my toiletries ever because I have such sensitive skin. That's the cost of me to use the little toiletries you're used to hotels, toiletries and then react is not worth my trip. So toiletries I have such a big toiletry bag and that's not including makeup or haircare that's just like a shower like bathroom and facewash I have so much stuff I bring because also my skin Angela can attest this throughout our Paris trip was phenomenal. It wasn't perfect, but I had great skin in Paris even for other flights I had been on for other flights before that you did have really good travel skin and that's really hard to do. Because recycled air and I was exposed to COVID probably

Angela 42:41

other word I know definitely for this trip because like masks were involved every day for some portion I had the worst mask me on my chin that wouldn't leave and then the second I got home and didn't have to wear the mask for 24 hours it left.

Jae 42:57

Yeah, that was something I also completely forgot to account for till right the day before or not the day before, but we would have bought a few more masks. I realized I'm vaccinated. So I was like oh, barnacle mask or who like I still need to wear masks in public every day. So I brought a bunch down with me. But yeah, I'm a master Packer. I think it just kind of goes with the logical process the project management side of my brain that is very equipment efficient at this point. I can't really pinpoint it but if anyone has any packing like questions, feel free to text DM us and I can try to answer them because I can't explain how I do it. It just works out well. The one thing I will like to go through a quick little rundown of is going through TSA how to do it to be a good global citizen. Step one while in line, make sure ticket boarding pass and or passport, if necessary, are in hand or in pocket that are not hard to get easily accessible at all times. Step number two, while in line, if wine typically there is a line, start taking off things that you can, for example, untie your shoes under your belt, put your rings into a zipped pocket, start to take things out, make sure your laptop and your liquids are easily accessible to take out as you're approaching the line by the time they are checking your boarding pass. That was the other thing I was not prepared for having to take my mask off for them to check my ID it makes sense it just didn't occur to me that you do have to take your mask off for that. When you get to the bins, put your laptop in one because it needs to be by itself and then the other one you can do liquid shoes jackets and then whatever bags you have to go through take the bins take more than one bin at a time because you are going to need multiple bins so you can make sure your stuff gets through and keep the line moving. Put your shoes on or slip whenever you can so you can carry your stuff to a bench then rewrote put your belt wedding ring stuff and then put your ID back in your wallet and all the things once you are a way from the conveyor belt.

Angela 44:57

I seriously don't understand what is so difficult about This for people, okay, like what you're saying about like jewelry belts and stuff like that maybe don't even wear it on the plane in the first place, because you know, you have to take it off to go through security, and then you have to put it back on. I'm super minimal when I go through TSA like the only thing, because I also get chosen a lot for extra screening. So I already have know that I'm gonna have to repack my bag. So I try not to carry too much with B laptop, iPad, anything like that all is in like one large like carry all sleeve that I just pull out and then can be redistributed, then everything else goes wherever the only thing that I will acknowledge I sometimes take up time with is when I'm flying to from a warm climate, I generally have sandals on. So then I'm putting socks on as well to them walk through the airport with my stuff to then repack it before I can put my shoes back on.

Jae 45:55

But still you walk around looking like an idiot and not clogging up the line through people going through TSA.

Angela 46:00

Exactly. And I also know that if my bag if I can still see my bag back there, before it gets going through the X ray machine, I'm not standing immediately at the mouth of the conveyor belt. And also, I don't know what it's called the X ray machine,

Jae 46:16

the mouth like is that what it's called? Or did you just call it that?

Angela 46:18

Oh, I think I just called it that. But it makes sense. Yeah, it does. Yeah, but also, I think what a lot of people have forgotten, and what TSA seems to have forgotten as well. Or maybe they changed the rules, I don't know. But I was raised on you do not go through X ray, metal detectors, whatever, until you have seen your bag go through, you do not leave your bag, that's a bag unattended, which can then be pulled out and then just not screened.

Jae 46:48

Okay, wait. So walk me through this. I'm next in line to go through the machine, you are

Angela 46:53

not next in line, you are four people back but you decide that you're just going to walk away from your bag, get in line get to be like second in line to go through, then you're on the other side, and your bag is still back on like the little rollers to get to the X ray. That's not TSA is job to push that through for you. That's your job. But

Jae 47:13

what if it's already in the process of moving itself,

Angela 47:15

it's already in the process of moving itself, that's fine. But for airports that don't have that. You need to stay with your bag, you're supposed to stay with your bag until it's moving on its own, like on its way into the X ray. Like I've seen TSA, like pull bags before. And people were like I don't understand. And it's like, well, you're waiting on the other side for your bag and you left it like 10 bags behind.

Jae 47:39

Hmm, maybe I just haven't seen it. Possibly. But yeah, that's my

Angela 47:42

thing for being a good human going through security. Don't leave your bag unattended.

Jae 47:46

Yeah. For me, by the time you get to the conveyor belt, everything that needs to be off and out should be off and out. Not when you get there start to do it. And then in terms of getting to the airport, you're flying from Oakland to La Okay, your flight leaves at 11 boards at 1030. What time are you getting to the airport?

Angela 48:08

Oh, I'm actually really bad at this because I'm one of those people especially if I'm just taking a carry on. I will literally show up like not even an hour before go through security and walk on the plane. Like I don't be an Angela. Yeah, don't be a me like i Okay, I'm also the well actually no, you could be a little bit like me. I'm one of those people. I do not care about my boarding position. Like I know some people who are like, Oh, I have to be in the a group or it's not worth it. I'll die like Meo or people who then like people then who check their number compared to everyone else's. And they're like, Well, I'm a 50 and you're a fish. You need to get behind me. Like,

Jae 48:50

oh, I don't do that. I don't kick people behind me. But if I can tell I'm in front of someone, I will stand in front of them.

Angela 48:56

Oh, yeah, totally. Like if you're, if you're a 20 or that doesn't, I don't think that makes sense. Cuz I think that's like a list boarding for some airlines.

Jae 49:04

That's 115. Okay,

Angela 49:06

if you're, if you're a 50. If you're a 30. And you see an A 50 in front of you ask if you can get in front of them. But I don't know, I will quibble over one or two numbers. If you're within your like five to 10. I don't care.

Jae 49:23

I don't quibble. But if you're supposed to be behind me, and I see your number, I will stand in front of you. Like I'm not gonna make a big deal out of it. But I'm gonna make sure my butt's in front of yours enough that I can board the plane first. And if you bring it up, I'll tell you. Oh, sorry, I saw that your number was this minus this. Oh, yeah, I don't care at all. Then you should always just take the middle seat for people like me who refuse

Angela 49:44

actually are short for short flights. I'm generally a middle cedar god, no. Well, also because for me that just goes back to the whole thing of like, if I'm seated at the back of the plane, and then everybody's like standing up and like trying to like climb on top of other people. Like go around like that annoys me so much like just exit row by row Everyone calm down.

Jae 50:07

I do agree with that

Angela 50:08

if you have like such a tight layover or such a tight timeline that you need to get off the plane, like really quickly sit at the front, take the middle seat, take the ILC if you're if the thing that matters most is that you can get off the plane within five or 10. People just do that. I agree

Jae 50:27

with that part. How do you do on long flights. I've even tried correctly drugging myself and I can never sleep on flight. Oh, I

Angela 50:36

have a horrible time sleeping on flights. But a friend actually brought this up to me recently, because she had a question. So she has ADHD. And so one of the things that she found on this like ADHD forum was that those who have it actually are able to block out sounds around them a little better in terms of like mechanical noise. And she has like no issues like sleeping on flights. But it drives me insane. And so like we were going through this checklist for like ADHD versus non ADHD, and I one of them was airplane noise and little things like that drives me insane. Like because I just fixate on it, and I can't sleep.

Jae 51:21

Oh, for me just the physical uncomfortability with the angle of my body. Oh, it's gonna sound good headphones, and I'm fine. I have noise cancelling headphones. And that's not the issue is like my body can't get comfortable enough on the plane.

Angela 51:34

I think it kind of depends. I usually don't have an issue getting comfortable. Like I bring my little neck pillow for really long flights.

Jae 51:41

I don't have to cease I can't fall asleep. Oh, another tip, which I firmly agree with is always go with the timezone you're going to so if you're going from California to Ireland, sleep in the Ireland timezone and be awake during the Ireland timezone as soon as you're the flight. I do agree with that.

Angela 52:01

No, I think I think that's really good. Like the only time I would say like, maybe doesn't matter is if like your like on a specific Night Flight. Because it's like, generally when you're arriving, it's in the daytime, it's early enough that like no matter how much you sleep, it's not going to impact you that much.

Jae 52:17

I think it depends on the time zone. There was a flight I was looking into Portugal and it was a 24 hour thing. I think you stopped in Germany and then Zurich. like, Ah, nope, I will pay for the nonstop. It's ridiculous right now. Southwest I have a complaint. I haven't complained to the manager of Southwest. Why are they only doing one to two nonstop flights from major cities a day and the restaurant stopping? Like there's no reason I should have to stop in Vegas to get to Los Angeles, from Northern California. And take like an 18 hour flight. Right? It's so ridiculous.

Angela 52:51

I was looking for Seattle. It's like Oh, stop in Phoenix. Like, why am I going to Phoenix?

Jae 52:58

I agree. Okay, so now the fun part, the bantery part, the bickering part that you all be you're always always waiting for Angela and I are going to fictitiously plan a trip or coordinate a group trip and see how well we can do. Okay,

Angela 53:14

where are we going? International domestic.

Jae 53:18

What let's do realistic. We're going to Greece, we're planning on going to Greece within the next, I want to say this year, but realistically, it's probably going to be next year unless someone can get their act together. Well, also too. Can

Angela 53:28

you just imagine how crowded it's going to be?

Jae 53:32

Fine. But someone needs to take me somewhere to the country this year? Fair. I want to go to Cuba or Puerto Rico. What about a suggestion? Are you paying sugar daddy?

Angela 53:42

Well, we'll see how expensive it is. Yeah,

Jae 53:44

I'll go to Australia, if I'm not paying for it. Sure why the heck not all seven continents by 30 is the goal. So you do need start saving up for Antarctica? Because that's like 10 grand. But penguins penguins. Okay. So we're planning a trip to Greece, I think the first thing to establish, and we might or should be doing here is you need to establish everyone's wants and expectations for the trip, I think is a very important first step. Yes. And understand what kind of traveler everyone is. Yes, this will be no surprise. I am someone who when going abroad likes to make the most of their time and money and scheduling. So I like to start by making a list of all of the places I want to hit all of the restaurants, and then put them all on a map and then coordinate by location. Yes, my big one. And you're actually talking about this on our trip in Denver. We were like we could make so much money if we could create an app that everyone could just list where they want it to go. And then the app would automatically like route things into specific days and tell you like all of these things are near each other. All of these are near each other. Oh, and then I also check for free museum days. Those for free things but Angele What is your what do you think the first step is?

Angela 54:55

I think that the first step is actually establishing the time when you want to Go.

Jae 55:00

Oh, yeah, I thought that was a given. But yes, I agree. Oh, God, I

Angela 55:05

know. So okay, I'm actually trying to play on the Seattle trip. And I'm like, Okay, what about like, these days, we can stay like here leave on this

Jae 55:12

way. We'll just Seattle with. I thought I got Seattle. Yeah,

Angela 55:17

you get Seattle, but like I was trying to work it out with someone else who I thought might like Seattle and might like to come. We were talking about it and they were like, Okay, that's great. That's like 30 That's too far away though. I can't say that I'm accurately gonna know what I'm doing with my time, then you're traveling.

Jae 55:33

I feel traveling to the one. You plan yours. I plan like a year in advance to travel. Right? Not Not, not nationally, but months out for now. Like, at least me going to LA was like a sporadic thing. But like COVID COVID aside, I normally plan my trips. National, I want to say if it's with if it's on the West Coast, two ish months in advance, and if it's to the East Coast, seven to eight months in advance. Yeah, I buy concert tickets like a year in advance. Yeah, I don't know what. So I don't get

Angela 56:05

that. Yeah, no. So we were just going through it. I'm like, Okay, what are you doing in August? And this person was like, Oh, well, I don't really know yet. Like, so how can you say that you don't know what you're doing? Because this could be the thing that you're doing?

Jae 56:18

That's like your brunch philosophy on like, times 10? Yes.

Angela 56:23

So like, it was agreed that it was something that could be revisited closer. So you and I will do the majority of the planning for this

Jae 56:31

and less picky on national trips than I have on international ones. But like here, I have a very pointed question for you. Okay. I felt overall, when we went to Paris, you thought things were too laid out and not enough room for spontaneity. Is that accurate?

Angela 56:48

No, I think that we did. I think we did pretty well in Paris. If anything, I felt that we we were a little bit too regimented. Just because we were so laid out. We were like, so focused on the destination. We didn't take time, just stop at little places along the way. Oh, I'm not a fan of that. We'll see. Like, there are some things that I wanted to do that I didn't think necessarily, like, needed to go on a schedule, because they wouldn't take up like a huge amount of time. It's like, oh, 10 minutes here. 30 minutes there, like we pass it on this street on the way to x location. But

Jae 57:31

we will absolutely not. If it matters enough to do it. He goes on the Skype. Okay,

Angela 57:35

well, I know this now. Okay.

Jae 57:39

So my thing is everything that really want that you need to happen goes on the schedule. And then like if there's time, like I like to have a day. I mean, this is really hard internationally, but I think planning 12 hours, like the morning of your last day to kind of revisit and do those little things I like to do okay, but they're not built into my trip, our trip the trip. If it's not in there, I don't.

Angela 58:04

Okay, so yeah, in terms of the little things, I think that's something that we know about traveling together, I now know anything and everything that I want to consider doing or seeing should go onto the list. And then we factor in from there.

Jae 58:18

Yes, I'm flexible in Oh, okay. This is a project when I take my project management course, my intro to it, you'll know. So there's agile planning. And then there's waterfall planning, yes. which I had never heard these terms before. But I am a waterfall planner through and through. Meaning for those of you who don't know, or maybe it's just me, I don't know how behind I am in terms of adulting agile planning leaves a little bit more flexibility to change at each step. So if you have to go back, you don't need to redo everything, you just need to redo the previous step. Versus waterfall planning is all very systematic. So if you have to change anything, you really have to start back at the beginning because they factor in a lot of pre planning into each iteration of the project. Without a decent explanation. Yes, see, I'm an agile planner, very, I'm such a pre planner, I'm like, Okay, give me everything you could possibly want to do from walking down this street to do this. So then we can really factor it in and make sure we can get time so all of our needs can get met. And then hypothetically, the other thing was, somehow I feel really ashamed. I was unaware of we went during fashion week, which was a dream for me getting to see all of the stages and see where things were set up and getting to watch the footage after and see what shows were aware. But that also didn't factor into our trip going to certain places like when the loop was closed or when certain streets would be closed off. So it's like when you have personally when I have such a strong pre plan, I'm able to factor in those other things because we already know what our plans B and C are because according to what we already have accounted for.

Angela 59:53

I'm definitely more of an agile planner because I'm I'm flexible like I'm open to like flip flopping days. It's like, oh, everything that we planned for Tuesday, we can swap that with Thursday if the things on Thursday are now going to reflect Fashion Week type things. Whereas I know other people that I've gone on trips with, they're like, Wait, like, we can't just swap a day because we planned this for Thursday so that we have nothing on Thursday. It's like, no, Tuesday is now Thursday.

Jae 1:00:19

I'm fine doing that. I can do that. I just can't. I can't decide when we're going between the Louvre notre Dom, you wanted to stop at a cafe when I booked the tickets for 1230 and two, respectively knowing how much time I assumed we wanted each place.

Angela 1:00:36

Well, no. And now I know that I'm more of a rolling ticket person. I'm like, Okay, this is gonna happen here at this time was like, if we're going here for x amount of time, we need to factor in a lunch. So

Jae 1:00:48

that's the one thing I don't factor i will say i don't really factor in food, which is, that's the one area I'm actually a lot more flexible on like, whatever neighborhood we have to be in. We'll find something to eat. Unless it's like an Instagram place. Or like I would have never gone to cafe before because I didn't know the history of it without you do certain things like I my favorite macarons on the planet are in Paris, and I think they're exclusively in Paris. Pier array. Most colors macarons on the planet. There's only one place in California that I know comes close. I'm sorry, all the watery people. They are fine, but I like other ones better.

Angela 1:01:27

It's alright lottery people. I got you. They're the best.

Jae 1:01:30

They're just not. They are.

Angela 1:01:33

I've had both now. And I'm sticking with what Ray?

Jae 1:01:38

I know. And you're just wrong. But it's okay. We can still be friends. Anyway, certain things like those desert spots I make sure to include but in terms of like general meals and less like if you have a restaurant you're super passionate about like pulling it but I don't. Yeah, I don't plan and mealtimes

Angela 1:01:51

Oh, I totally plan in meal times, even if it is just like, Oh, we're stopping at whatever is the first place we see after this because we're starving between one and like three. I need to make sure that I've eaten Yeah,

Jae 1:02:04

I just most places when traveling particularly through Europe, because that's my main travel experience. You're going to museums and things that always have a cafe so worse comes to worse. Like you get a cup of coffee and a croissant or coffee and a pastry and I'm fine till dinner. That's always how I would look at it or you stop at like the European version of like a bodega and I get a bag of chips that are foreign that we don't have in America. And I'm like cool. I'm fine for now. European chips. Yeah. Oh my god. Yeah, I don't plan for meals. You should know this. Because every night we ended up eating on the street right outside of our Airbnb because, well, not just me, but we didn't plan for dinner.

Angela 1:02:41

I know. We'll also again, I think that was a weird thing that we ran into with weather. So we didn't want to be out like every night but it was raining. Yeah. Oh,

Jae 1:02:51

very important. Wrap up question for this. We'll do a kind of a summary but very important wrap a question. Similarly to Paris in Denver. How's your knee?

Angela 1:03:00

Oh my god. Okay. My knees. Okay. That is the good thing. It's okay. But as some of you may know, my first night in Paris, I was walking in sandals right after it rained I slipped on a great fell and dislocated my kneecap. My first night in Denver. I did something similar walking around in sandals right after it rained. I didn't slip on a great I actually stepped into this like totally weird divot in the sidewalk. But I fell like on the same knee. I'm just like, Oh God, it's happening. I'm going to disclose Mr. Neal first like did your sandal get caught in something? Yeah, so like my It's okay. Like there. They weren't heels. It was like a to like barely a two inch block heel for the sandal. And the he should just stop wearing heels. I know. And so that was like stuck and maybe like this like six it like went into like the six inch deep hole. So like I sunk in wobbled and then went down. Yikes. Yeah. But I'm okay. It was it was a little bruised, but it's fine.

Jae 1:04:08

Well, that's good to hear. Yeah. She always recovers. Ladies and gentlemen. Traveling, we love to travel. We realize that there is a privilege to getting to travel particularly internationally. However, I was looking for flights to Hawaii, and we are in California. And I can get to Europe for cheaper than I can get to Hawaii. Oh, really? Look, look at flights use Hopper Skyscanner, there are a bunch of tools out there. And if you plan far enough in advance international flights really don't have to be that expensive. hostels are a great option. And I am of the privileged position to say I don't like going to Europe and only going to one country because it is so expensive to go over there. But going somewhere will still be an amazing experience and perspective change if that is what you're able to do. Right and just your own real review.

Angela 1:04:55

Don't compare your trip to someone else's trip. Like just because you can't go To Paris and stay in like this five star hotel, and then go I've never done that. Let's not okay. We have not done that. Well, actually, I know. We have gotten. So I don't queens, we have you done that I have done that my mom found

Jae 1:05:18

y'all. We all can't be like Angela, who goes to Paris and stays and has Emily in Paris his life and goes becomes an influencer overnight, like my boss, okay, that we all

Angela 1:05:29

feel like a really, really great deal. So much so that when we were checking in and they were checking the rate, they were like, Are you absolutely sure this is for our hotel? Have you got it at a legit site? Like she just found the most amazing deal? Yeah. So you can do for things like that. I believe you can do round trip to Europe and say somewhere for under $1,000.

Jae 1:05:50

I think it is possible. I don't think you can do every country and your friend are 1000. But I think you could fly from California to somewhere and you're a safe part of Europe for four days to a week for under $1,000. And yes, I'm aware. $1,000 is a lot of money. But I don't think it's as unattainable as people would think when they think of going to Europe for a week.

Angela 1:06:15

Great. And if you were around for financial literacy month last month, Jay's got some tips for you. And we're also going to be pulling out more travel tips on the podcast, Instagram.

Jae 1:06:26

Also, I've only been to Asia for my adoption and on a free trip. But I also do know flights to Asia can be more expensive, but actually traveling amongst Asia can be cheap and affordable too. So don't knock it till you do the research or if you want DMS we like to do the research. If there's a trip you want to do and you think it's unattainable, we're more than happy to play travel agent. Oh yeah, travel accessibility for all. And on that note,

Angela 1:06:53

thank you for listening to this episode of In Omnia paratus grab your coffee bowl and don't forget to rate download and subscribe on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. Apple Apple.

Jae 1:07:06

Oh all sorts follow now Oh, grab because subscribing is now a paid thing. I've talked to you about

Angela 1:07:11

all of them. Okay, grab your coffee bowl. And don't forget to rate download and follow on Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts as always where you lead will follow. So head on over to at @inomniapod on Instagram and let us know more about what you'd like to hear about bye

Jae 1:07:28

Pack safe travel safe Fly safe all of the above

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